James and the giant paycheck?

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Perch's masive payday.
Perch's masive payday.
A rather interesting revelation has surfaced regarding our new recruit, James Perch, and particularly regarding the state of play with his wages at Newcastle United.

Perch sign a four-year contract at the start of the week and on the surface it looked like a decent deal. We got a player who can play in a number of different positions for what should have been a knock price, including the salary.

That was until Nottinham Forest chief Mark Arthur revealed that Newcastle United had offered to quadruple the wages the player was earning at the City Ground, and how it would be unfair on Perch if Forest stopped him from earning a much higher salary elsewhere, although the reported £1.2 million fee would have no doubt helped incite this sudden bout of goodwill.

So is James Perch really worth a four-fold increase in his wages? I’m not so sure. Let me go on record to say that I very much doubt that he was on mega bucks at Nottingham Forest. After a bit of digging, I found out that Perch signed a new contract whilst Forest were in the midst of a fight to stay in the Championship. So on that basis it is hughly unlikely that he would be offered a Championship wage given that the club didn’t even know what league they would be playing in the next season.

Salary details are very sketchy for players in England, and as such it is harder to track down what a player is earning in England compared to looking at what sort of salary a player is earning in a foreign league, so much of this is just guesstimating.

I really can’t imagine that Perch was on a fantastic wedge at Forest, perhaps no more than £2,000 a week. So if we have quadrupled that, by my simple calculation, that makes it £8,000 a week that Perch would pick up at Newcastle. But even that sounds too high to me.

My point is that being sucked into the quadruple wage trap is easy, but relatively speaking there isn’t that much difference to what he would have been on at Nottingham Forest. It wouldn’t be like giving Joey Barton or Alan Smith a four-fold increase in their wages , that’s for sure.

On the other hand, the guy has been handed the chance of playing his football in the Premier League, and playing at a higher level should surely warrant a pay raise, shouldn’t it? I mean, if you got promoted to a higher position at work then you would expect to recompensed accordingly, wouldn’t you?

At the end of the day, and contrary to my headline, I very much doubt that the club has spent anymore than was absolutely neccesary in securing the services of Perch. Fair play to the lad if he managed to wrangle the increase himself, or if he got offered it without having to do much negotiating. I would happily accept the sort of payrise Perch has just had, so it would be hypocritical if I was to mouth off about it.

Time will tell if his rise is justified though.

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94 Responses

  1. he was on the same contact that he signed when they got promoted to the championship which would have been no more than 3k a week. of course we were going to increase it alot as it would be so unfair if a player signed for less than 5k a week and all our other players had over 20k.

    it would cause major fractions in the squad, its just the press trying to stir crap again.

  2. Toonsy I think Perch would have and should have been willing to take double his wages for the chance to play for a real team in the Prem with even a clause that his wages would be looked at again when we see how he does. even for talk sake we say he was on 2.5k a week we are willing to pay him 10k to maybe just warm the bench. To think that ye could go to any river or lake and catch yersel a bag full of Perch for the price of a tub of maggots

  3. I rock on ! His wage at Newcastle is lower than 20k/week. Maybe 4times higher than he received at Forest but because He go less than 10k there

  4. Dave – I agree to a point, but if the club offer it him why should he turn it down? It’s different for us because we see it emotionally. The players don’t, they see £££.

    I’m not saying Perch is greedy either as he is till probably on a fraction of what the likes of Smith and Barton are on.

  5. He was on about 4k a week at Forest so he must be getting 16k a week here, which is a good deal considering we are a premiership team now and most players would demand at least 20k.

  6. When you consider Yaya Toure’s earning £10k every 8 hours or it’s hardly a giant paycheck, is it?

    At least Perch hasn’t thanked his new employers by saying he’s already looking forward to returning to his old club once he’s milked us for all he can.

  7. No I dont blame him for taking the wedge if it was offered. I just cant understand why we would offer him 4x his wage when he would have accepted 2x, it would sort of make you think that the Fat Man isn’t that tight after all
    And to think that folk think Tattooist are paid a fortune ;)

  8. 48 toonsy says:
    July 10, 2010 at 1:01 pm
    Ripping DVD is an easy thing to do? I may peddle it for £5 a copy

    (Obviously I wouldn’t, it’s illegal and piracy is bad )

    sounds just like icedog jnr,crooks thiefs,bagabonds films games ect perish the thought ;)

  9. Forest have only been in the Championship for the last two/three years so I’m guessing Perch was earning League 1 or bottom Championship wages. A headline about quadrupling his wages sounds like a big story but its nothing compared to some players like Alan Smith and Joey Barton. Certainly payable for a Premiership club.

  10. lots of guessing going on……

    ‘He was on about 4k a week at Forest so he must be getting 16k a week here,’…..so if he was on £3,500 a week, he’s now getting 14k a week

    If he was on a grand a week he’s now getting 4 grand a week…..all I’m saying is that quadrupaling someones salary means relatively little until you know what he was originally on and even if we are paying him a high wage is that not good news in a sense ??

  11. Dave – na, as my point illustrates there is no comparison – Toure earns more having a kip then Perch does in a week!

  12. he was on the minimum wage at forest so he’ll be on about £22 per hour now – not bad for a donkey.

  13. Ice the thing is we arnt allways pleased with how the players have performed. With me satisfaction is guaranteed ;)
    But joking aside as I said and Billy Boy touched on this would indicate that we maybe willing to pay decent wages which isn’t a bad thing

  14. BIG DAVE we all like to debate on toon,but at the end of the day we know nowt apart what comes from some gutter rags,but hell we enjoy it (i think)m8 :)

  15. Lads, I know a few of you reckon Perch is going to be a bench warmer, but mark my words he’ll be our first choice right back this season. Simpson will be out for the start and I can’t see him taking it back from Perch who is as good, if not the better player.

  16. 15k – 20k is probably standard for a squad player in the prem. I dont think its anything ridiculous. Im assuming we have a wage strucutre where players are given a set amount depending on their squad status.

    Its Mike Ashley here, lets not assume we are throwing high wages at anyone.

    Also, there were moanings when there apparently was a wage cap, and the lack of financing of tranfers, now we sign someone, you’re saying we are paying him too much. Ridiculous.

  17. Even if its 20k its still 200k less than Toure at Man City. Now whos the one getting ripped off :D.

  18. why are most ppl on here saying perch is gonna be a squad player, he will be are first choice right back am pretty sure of that, see were linked with kelvin wilson from notts forest that would be another shrewed bit of business by ch i like were trying to get young hungry players who want to prove them selfs at the top level, if we do sign wilson that wud give us 4 good central defenders if taylor stays, perch n simpson to fight for right back and i know kadar is a central defender by trade but i wud move him across to left back to challenge jose that would give us plenty of cover and compition right across the back 4

  19. I agree with you about perch Davy, let’s at least give the lad time to prove himself, we support the team and he wants to play for it, we must get behind them all and be there for them.

  20. Hunger only guarantees you one thing – Effort. It doesn’t get you goals or create chances.

    We need quality in the middle of the park, with pace and the ability to pass the ball without needing three touches.

    We’ve got enough hard working, hungry players.

    Quality please, Chris.

  21. cannot understand the thinking,ashley doesn’t want to pay top players the money they want,yet he’s willing to pay alleged doughnuts 16 large a week.

  22. STUART79 i get sick of saying the toon need a m/f with flair and guile and “legs”you can buy all the strikers in the world but if you have not got someone to make it tick well we are lost imo m8

  23. TROJAN69 gans over my heed like,but can we belive some the shit the rags throw at us

  24. Agreed stu we need quality but we don’t even hav to buy it bcoz we hav a young 17 year old called harris vukic is the best player I’ve seen for years at that age the only question does ch have faith in him, I lik we hav been linked wit wilshere n cleverly but vukic is better than them

  25. davy says:
    July 10, 2010 at 5:17 pm

    We don’t know if he’s better than them – He hasn’t played at anywhere near the level they have.

    He has potential – That’s all we know at the moment. He might need a couple of season to come to terms with the first team.

    We don’t have that time.

    He should have had more of a go last season, I know he was injured for a while but he should still have played more. I cannot remember him playing a league game.

  26. so, lets get this straight… we dont know what he was on… we dont know what he’s on now… thats what this article states?

    very insightful writing i must admit.

    i recall when this blog was set up, and one of its principles was that it wouldnt write inane pointless articles

    i dont want to come across as disrespectful- although of course i am

    toonsy, you write some great articles and i appreciate the effort you’re putting into the site but i dare say you like the look of your own writing

    i will of course expect to get barred, or some attempt at a witless retort at the very least!

  27. DJALO agent saying toon and spurs have bid over 5mil euro for the player club want more, more crap i wonder ?

  28. Stuart tell me this did you ever consider writing articles I know its not my place really to ask but I allways wondered ?

  29. Dave – I asked Stuart as I do believe he would be good at it, as irritating as he can be at times.

    Black – I’m not banning you, why would I? Although I do notice that you omit this question which I ask in the artcle from you summisation?

    “So is James Perch really worth a four-fold increase in his wages?”

    May I ask why you left the main question of the article out of your criticism?

  30. TOONSY do you know how many players are at training camp, and if so how many of the young players are there?

  31. Dave – I don’t think I have the artistic writing skills like toonsy. It’s probably the only thing I wouldn’t be good at! Although it wouldn’t suprise me if I were to be bloody good at that too.

    toonsy – Irritating?

    Who’s this djalo character?

  32. Big Dave says:
    July 10, 2010 at 7:59 pm

    “Black you sound as if you are a reader of the blog but I dont often see your name or do you use another name ?”

    It’s Eastend Toon, Dave.

    What gets me is people complain like I force them at gunpoint to type this address into their internet browser. Ah well…

  33. Well, if Tottenham really want him then we are done for. Just a question, but do Spurs want to let anyone else sign a fecking player or what?

    I’m a little sceptical as it is his agent saying that we have put a bid in, so wouldn’t that rule us out as per Ashley’s rules of engagement?

  34. hey stu… you really godda do some articles cos if there are two blokes that hate ashley as much as i do its you and sir jase. go on mate….bang one out. At the very least it should start a blog scrap!!
    Anyway, why the hell are we maybe going to loan out Krul?? wtf

  35. Spurs do need a stronger squad if their to compete in the CL. But it’s a no brainer fir him I suppose. CL, top four club and of course they will offer him a bigger salary.

    Maybe the lure of first team football could swing it? Doubt it like…

  36. Craig – Krul needs games at the end of the day, and if he is going out on loan then I reckon it’s pretty much a cert that he will be signing a new contract first rather than going somwhere on a working job interview.

  37. and we should have been able to offer this bloke about 8 k a week to join a prem team. It is a massive jump up from ccc on 2-4 k a week. there was no need to offer quadruple… stupid fuks. they fart around getting our good players tied down on new deals and then go a spunk money away for no reason at all on this dudes wages.

  38. Craig – I might do one when he makes his next complete fck up! Shouldn’t be long now, it’s been a few week.

  39. Toonsy @ 42 I cant understand folks that have to use a different name to complain do they not have the balls to do it as themselfs . Stuart stand up you have been nominated for having balls of steel you never hide in battle

  40. dunno toonsy, jsut seems a bit mad to be loaned out when we need our best players for prem. is forester better than krul then? if so why was forester out last season and krul number 2.

  41. To be fair, you could write one now and just leave the date blank to be be filled in later!

    Thomas Mueller, 6 shots on target, 5 goal in the World Cup. Not bad economy.

  42. Big Dave – I’ll make an exception on that for Eastend as Worky banned that username after his last tirade against me. So in fairness, he had to do something different to get his little dig in.

  43. CC I think it would be good to have Stuart do a blog with an opposite view from Toonsy, “War and Peace” or “Love and Hate” type thing

  44. thats were germany came unstuck against spain,mueller was there get out ball and bit of play-ma

  45. I was contemplating writing one about us, the fans.

    Personally I think we will probably be the difference next season. If were up for our home games it will be very difficult for teams to come up here. But I get the feeling if things go pear shaped there’ll be Ashley oot and booing raising their ugly heeds.

    Although that all depends on the money Hughton has to spend this summer and the players he brings in.

  46. Big Dave –

    Submitted on 2010/06/05 at 7:23pm
    eastend toon

    oh shut up you moron.. just admit it, it was a stupid statement to make

    Submitted on 2010/06/05 at 7:17pm
    eastend toon

    sorry.. what are you on about “In less than two weeks time the new Premier League fixture list will be released, and it is at that point that we will officially become a Premier League club again”

    we officially became a premier league club when our promotion was guaranteed.

    Submitted on 2010/06/05 at 11:16am
    eastend toon

    you dont half write some tosh Toonsy

    this site is running close to being exactly what it said it wouldnt be and thats running loads of inane threads when there’s no news


  47. i read it Dave and i’m normally happy to keep my thoughts to myself because i’ve seen it happen a hell of a lot on here, and on Ed’s board that if people disagree with your thoughts and opinions then you’re insulted and abused.

    Toonsy, my post was really just to hi-light the fact that i feel the thread is all based on hear say and conjecture… we do not know what perch was on at forest, nor do we know what he’s on with us so why does it warrant a thread? i was under the belief that this blog would stick to reporting real and accurate articles regarding NUFC?

    my belief is that your question is a non starter based on what i’ve stated above… how do we know he’s received a four fold increase in his wages? have we read it in the papers? has NUFC stated that fact? has Perch?

    asking the question if he’s worth a four fold increase in his wages, in this respect, is exactly the same as asking if he’s worth a two fold increase? ie, completely pointless, because you dont know whether or not he’s received any pay increase or anything?

    i hope you can see my point and take it as what its intended as.. fundementally, writing artciles based on hearsay etc etc is exactly what the back pages of the press do every day and we ridicule them for it

    this is just my opinion,the majority of your articles are well grounded and a pleasure to read

  48. Stuart79 says:
    July 10, 2010 at 8:39 pm

    I was contemplating writing one about us, the fans.

    I think you should write it, especially as your old mate Stardust would probably disagree with all of it but he won’t be able to come on and tell us we are the ‘mob’! :)

    Although in fairness i do think the blog misses some of his comments.

  49. bid dave.. very good point…. i guess it woudl be good to have an opp view to toonsy. so we have the good – which will be toonsy (cos i hate ashley), the bad which is toonsy cos he thinks he is ok kind of, just need the ugly now……..debs? only kidding!!

  50. Instead of writing about “us, the fans” why not write about the minority of idiots you appear to be referring to?

    I’m a fan and I won’t be booing Hughton, the players or Ashley – whatever happens. I also won’t be marching through the streets and I certainly won’t be spoiling any of me mam’s bedsheets!

    I am a Geordie – I love the Toon – always have, always will.

  51. Black – Perhaps I should have put some quotes in there, but I though it was pretty widely recognised by many that Perch has recieved a four-fold payrise.

    For those that missed it, here is what Forest chief executive Mark Arthur said;

    Arthur said: “The chairman had informed Billy on three separate occasions that, should we get another offer for James Perch from Newcastle that was acceptable to the business of the club, then we would not stand in his way.

    “Newcastle had also offered to quadruple Perch’s salary and therefore, with our reluctance to offer him a new contract, it would have been wrong to stand in his way.

    “When an offer came through that was acceptable to the board I phoned Billy to tell him of the offer and his response was ‘that is the board’s decision and so be it’.”

    Hope this clarifies :)

  52. Black – What else can he write about if not rumours and conjecture? The club don’t let anyone know anything nowadays.

    If he just wrote about what we knew as fact we’d still be commenting on the fixture list thread!

    Go get a life!

    Tini – As for Stardust, I miss him. He’s a complete idiot but his views cheered me up ne end!

  53. Eastend I dont think the Forest geezer would have said it if there was no base to it, and tbh what else can Toonsy write about as there is nowt else except hearsay and rumours as the onlt time we hear owt is once or twice after we have signed anyone

  54. Im sure Stardy would be well pleased to know he is missed especially by Stuart. So a big shout out to Stardy incase he is reading this ;)

  55. toon chicken……if anyone wants to have a pop at ashely i think they are more than within their rights to do so. We can hardly say that he has been good at running our club so far can we. Even everythting else aside, such as relegation and money are we /arnt we loosing money bollox…. hardly a week has gone by without our club being dragged through the crap since ashely took over. i dont know why this is, maybe he has many enemies in fleet street, fact is though, its been one balls up after another. i dont think anyone will take a pop at CH to be honest. I think the bloke is doing a realy good job and i bet that everyone else thinks the same. He could not have done any better than he did. Everyone knows that. At the very best, ashley though, will remain a very debatable figure until he proves otherwise. Just cos your view is to support all things newcastle does not mean it is either the right view or the view everyone else should take. Its just ‘your’ view, nothing more. You certainly dont have the right to knock anyone who does not go along with ‘your’ view either. I wont knock your thoughts though and i dont expect you to slag mine off either . Ashley is a twat though lol

  56. news out on a few sites that newcastle have tabled euro 5million on sporting cp striker yjanick djalo.do we really have that kind of money to spend?and is it true?

  57. Big Dave – He does read still, and he said on Ed’s that he is glad he is banned off here as he deems these comments as inane.

  58. Arka – 5 mill euros, that’s about £4 million. I would say so as we offered more for that Erdinc apparently. It’s just agent talk at the minute anyway, which will mean that the confidentiality clause has been broken already, wouldn’t it?

  59. CRAIG C,thats your view and your right to have one,and as you say not to be slagged off or insulted,maybe some like follow the leader m8

  60. Dave – People underestimate just how many places I can be at one time ;)

    Just don’t ask me to find the fecker as it was a few weeks back and I aint trawling through all them threads :lol:

    Game of the tounament so far for me is this.

  61. toonsy – “game of the tournament so far”. That’s not saying much is it?

    Is this 3/4th play off the most pointless football match on the planet?

  62. Icedog – Sorry mate, had me hands full ;)

    As far as I know, all the first team sqaud have gone apart from Jonas and Simpson. Not sure about kids although I assume the ones who have been promoted to the forts team will be there. I know Vuckic is.

  63. Stu – I know it’s a pointless game, but it is a game that has kept me interested and has some good end to end football in it, and there hasn’t been many games like that so far.

  64. TOONSY cheers hope you know i was kidding :) well goes to show your not every where ;)

  65. like to read other peoples views,except wor lasses does my heed in knows nowt about footy,says we need another c/f like A.S. :ROLL:

  66. My mrs thinks Newcastle should sign players on looks, which may not be a good thing considering she has a weird thing for that James Corden :lol:

  67. Can’t see him being anything more than average in the premiership.
    Can we have more Junk please MA it is certainly amusing to watch.