Breaking news: Newcastle have bid accepted for James Perch.

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Perch: Caught, hook, line and sinker?
Perch: Caught, hook, line and sinker?
Breaking news regarding Newcastle United as it has been revealed that a fee has been agreed between clubs for Nottingham Forest utitlity man James Perch.

Details are sketchy at the minute although a fee of around £1 million has been mentioned for a player who will add to the numbers within our squad.

Perch impressed against Newcastle at St James’ Park back in March when Nottingham Forest came to toon, and that came after we were linked with the player back in January.

You can keep on top of the situation here as it develops and more details become available, but it certainly seems that Newcastle are starting to make moves in the transfer market.

Nothing has been confirmed and he isn’t our player as yet, but the fact a fee has been agreed between the two clubs would suggest a deal isn’t far off although surely this would go against the policy of privacy detailed in Mike Ashley’s cumbersome statement?

More to follow

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93 Responses

  1. TROJAN – It is mate. It’s on the official site and everything, subject to medical.

    Suppose it is a backup player in a number of positions at least…

  2. Where’s all the doom and gloom merchants gone?

    One signing and you’s all just crawl back under your rocks.

    Howay lads – show some commitment! ;) :)

  3. TC – I just think a lot of peoples opinion is based on one game against us where he was good. What does anyone else know about to him to say he is a good signing?

    The best I can come up with is versatile backup… and that from the mecca of positivity that is me :lol:

  4. decent full back, good cover, but is he premiership quality?? only time will tell, lets hope he turns out to be an uncut diamond!!
    lets get in another 3 or 4 now!!

  5. My opinion is James Perch is better then Danny Simpson,James Perch can defence,attack and is calm under pressure.Danny Simpson seem to struggle end of the season.

  6. toonsy – I don’t know anymore than that mate. But by the same token – what do we know that makes him a bad signing?

    All I know is that Hughton rates him, and that’s good enough for me! :)

  7. SO69 – I thought that, but then it got pointed out to me that every player that leaves Newcastle has something wrong with their game.

    Martins – Couldn’t score enough
    Milner – Couldn’t cross
    Duff – Past it
    Given – Doesn’t sommand his box

    etc etc

  8. @9 CizzaNUFC

    Simpson was playing with an injury at the end of the season, that’s why he struggled!

  9. i always read these blogs but never feel the need to comment, until now. im a newcastle fan living in nottingham and i take a keen interest in forest as a second team and go to see them occasionally. perch is one of their worst players, watch the play off semi against blackpool, nearly all 6 goals were his fault! calderwood (when forest manager) used to bang on about perch being a great proffesional (he also attempted to sign leon best quite a few times) and this is becoming his team. so well done CC and CH, this is the one transfer i can think of that actually makes our team worse. its killing me seeing this club become such a joke, im dreading work tonight and seeing all the forest fans…they have a better chance of being in the prem than us next season!

  10. So now we have actually managed to sign someone, anyone even – we have actually increased our chances of relegation!

    Ah, the balance of the universe has finally been restored! Normality resumes! :)

  11. Good point toonsy but i think the difference is we sold milner for n 12 mil, Martins for 9 mil Given for 6 mil (we were ripped off) and Duff for however much and i think we all would have been dissapointed if we didn’t get a decent price where as forrest fans are saying they would piggy back him here for 20 quid

  12. Hang about didn’t all the QPR fans bang on about Routledge & how we only signed him because the only game he was good in the season (previous to joining us) was actually at St James Park?
    Saying how he was very inconsistent and so on, similar to what the Forest fans are saying on their blogs/boards etc and if Routledge can be a revelation as he was for us this season, then surely we should give Perch a chance?
    He’s only 24 so fits in with our youth policy so could probably be sold on for more if he rises to the occasion.
    Besides as it stands he’s only gonna be used for cover, probably at right back while Simpson recovers and if he turns good then great, but if not we have a decent backup player!

  13. “”Nottingham Forest can confirm that James Perch has joined Premier League new boys Newcastle United, subject to a medical.

    Newcastle have agreed a fee for the versatile 24 year old, who is on Tyneside to complete the formalities of his switch. Mansfield-born Perch, a graduate of the acclaimed Forest Academy system, made more than 200 appearances for The Reds and also captained the side.

    Forest’s Chief Executive Mark Arthur said: “James has been a marvellous servant for Nottingham Forest.

    “He made it clear that the prospect of a move into the Premier League with Newcastle appealed to him and we couldn’t stand in his way.

    “I would like to thank him for the service he has given us and wish him all the very best with Newcastle.”

    Perch had a year left on his existing Forest contract. “”

    One issue I have here is, Hughton said he would not sign anyone on a good world cup – but could he be signing someone on a good game against us? Hope not…

  14. dont know what to make of this one only watched him play 3times twice he w as very poor once at sjp where he was canny,playing for a move maybe?,i know fans rubbish players when they move,but it seems 98% of forrest are over the moon to see him go,worrying like

  15. who cares what he played like, im only worried about the now and the future, and if the professional coaches at the club see something in him, then ill go with that.

    And anyway, Thierry Henry was awful at Juventus before he went to Arsenal :)

  16. I doubt they are going to come on here and be gracious are they?!

    I am happy to see us go for a young lad who is versatile cN challenge for places across the back four and the midfield, and may even get better, all for a nominal fee. I think we have to wait for joe coles unveiling eh?!

    On a different subject, I don’t envy the pre-season training at all. My bro is v fit and his first 3 days nearly killed him!!

  17. JJ

    “One issue I have here is, Hughton said he would not sign anyone on a good world cup – but could he be signing someone on a good game against us? Hope not…”

    Have you not heard of YouTube like, JJ? ;)

  18. he might be a canny player every one thought willimson would be a poo signing but he turned out to be of some use since he only missed 1 game from the day he signed lets hope he is as good as newcastle rate him and he turns into a solid prem defender !!!!!

  19. You’re all dead right lads. Let’s rubbish the player before he ever even kicks a ball for use.

  20. maybe hughton is getting the team ready for the 2011- 2012 12 season in the championship thats why hes buying championship players >>> good lad chris think ahead :lol:

  21. luckyfreddy says:
    July 5, 2010 at 11:45 am
    You’re all dead right lads. Let’s rubbish the player before he ever even kicks a ball for use.
    <<<<< is that u fat fred

  22. A lot of people were hoping we would sign Perch in January. Give the lad a chance, he has to be a better squad player than Butt and it’s good to have another English player in the team.

  23. RunLikeTheRoutledge says:
    July 5, 2010 at 11:50 am
    A lot of people were hoping we would sign Perch in January. Give the lad a chance, he has to be a better squad player than Butt and it’s good to have another English player in the team.

    Doesnt help that Nicky Butt didnt get a look in last season,So he couldnt be a team leader on the pitch but he was a leader off the pitch to the young lads.

  24. Fuk that RLTR – you only get a chance at the toon if you’re:

    a. A Geordie (or at least raised in the area)

    b. cost somewhere north of £9m

    if neither of the above apply you’re sh!t until proved otherwise.

    1,2,3… altogether now – Booooooooooooooo!!!!!

  25. Get behind the lad ffs…

    Routledge and Willo were signed and supported by the fans and they did well, but it is well known Best was 2nd choice after Victor Moses and the fans got on his back before he even kicked a ball.

    Give the lad a chance, lets see what he is like before you rubbish him. This could be the making of him

    We are our own worst enemy sometimes, its foolish to think that players or the youth players dont sneakily look on the blogs and stuff will filter through

    Perch will get my full support as will anyone else who wears a Toon Kit

    Now, Im prepared for the moaning and whinging, so lets be having it!

  26. We have lots of leaders in the squad (Nolan, Harper, Smith, Taylor, etc) so i don’t think we will miss that from Butt and Perch adds more to the team from a playing perspective, cover at RB and the rest of the back four and DM?

    Wonder how well he will cope with Nani in a months time?

  27. Well that has silenced me…well done Mike and Chris and all involved at the club a fantastic signing..I have never felt this good since we signed Tino Asprilla.
    I am going to rush out and buy all 3 new puma tops and get Perch on the back…zzzzzzz

    What do you reckon we have paid about the same as we did when we swooped for Leon Best?

  28. Toon Chicken you are to easily pleased mate…wetting your knickers over a player like Perch….god help us if we sign someone decent you will probably jump off a roof….fingers crossed anyway :lol:

  29. Get behind the lad ffs…

    Routledge and Willo were signed and supported by the fans and they did well, but it is well known Best was 2nd choice after Victor Moses and the fans got on his back before he even kicked a ball.

    Give the lad a chance, lets see what he is like before you rubbish him. This could be the making of him

    We are our own worst enemy sometimes, its foolish to think that players or the youth players dont sneakily look on the blogs and stuff will filter through

    Perch will get my full support as will anyone else who wears a Toon Kit

    Now, Im prepared for the moaning and whinging, so lets be having it!

    Bbm who isn’t getting behind him we are merely discussing as to whether or not he will be a good signing no one is going too boo him on his first game people will give him a a chance we are just discussing the chances of him being a good signing.

  30. I agree. Give the lad a chance. It doesn’t take a genius to work out we need to bulk up the squad for the demands of a premiership campaign. Just because it isn’t the marquee first signing many fans would have liked (we all know how those usually turn out!) it does show that Hughton is sticking to his plan of building a squad of younger players. Don’t think many could argue with his sensible approach when you look at our history of disastrous big money signings.

  31. SJT – I knew you wouldn’t let me down.

    You spend week after week dribbling the same moronic nonsense about how the only signings we will make will be kids and frees, and when we finally do make a proper signing he isn’t good enough for ya.

    Well muck fe – there’s a surprise!

    No one’s holding a gun to your head kidda (unfortunately) – there’s plenty of empty seats doon the road!

  32. I cannot believe the reaction, christ weve collectively seen this kid for about 95 minutes.

    He looked good against us maybe it was a one off but Hughton had bid well before that match so maybe he isnt so bad, I totally refuse to listen to fans on outgoing players.

    I remember zogs sale and loads on Eds blog saying how he was a good deal getting rid of a bad influence and we were getting someone who could beat the first man from a set piece and cash in exchange, Yeah that worked out well…

  33. Nice to see one in, though was hoping for a more impressive signing at RB – can he cover on the left too maybe?

    We’re not signing him based on performances against us, Calderwood clearly knows him well so must have a good gauge on his abilities – whether that proves to be a good prem utility player we’ll have to wait and see.

    Now for one of these players we hadn’t expected to be avaiable!

  34. So.
    yet another one that the press mongers knew nowt about.
    & yet another one that know one wants to succeed.

  35. Refuse to badmouth him before he’s kicked a ball for us like, after all look at the likes of Williamson. Granted, the reaction from the Forest fans isn’t the most encouraging, they seem to think they’ve robbed us if the deal is worth 1mil, but who knows, wait and see i suppose.

    Who called this on the previous thread? Has a mate working at a hotel used by the club? Fair play to whomever it was like.

  36. Thing is if you have a transfer kitty of £2M max then you stretch it as far as you can…how much did he cost £750,000 ish?

    Seems the Forest fans are gutted to see him go.

  37. S69, I appreciate that he is flexible and probably a decent utility player, but I’m just concerned this means we won’t get a clear first choice RB for which, along with striker, I felt we needed a first teamer brought in this summer.

    Heh did you all see Clarkie linked to Fulham job, now that would be interesting to see…

  38. Sorry Dave and TC (The Gang) I can’t even get slightly excited about Perch….I will try though if you promise not to gang up on me.

  39. ROSS it was richietoon who “broke” the news last night m8,see the dark side have asked about the the zog from wigan

  40. BTW I am not badmouthing the player..I just think we should be able to attract and buy better…we have had months to get good players in with proven premiership experience but we just seem to be aiming low.

  41. Cubano

    I agree with you i was just informing you that he plays in defence and midfield since you asked if he could play lb (which he can)

  42. Well richie, keep your eyes and ears open mate, haha.

    Ice-I dunno how i’d feel bout insomnia joining that lot. He looked good last season to be honest and they’ve got a canny squad these days, but I dunno if I could turn down the chance to give him grief when he returned to SJP. A pro whinger and now a mackem? too good to be true, lol.

    Just saw another reaction to Perch on that Forest board, one of their lot seemingly disgusted that they’re “giving their best players away to a nothing team like Newcastle”..aye, have fun in the Championship.

  43. The new squad rules mean we have to have 8 ‘home grown’ players in 25. We should ok there, that means that the silly money for english players will carry on, if not get worse.
    Teams will be scrambling to get them in soon.
    & probably paying well over the odds for them.

  44. The gang? Haha.

    Mate, I mean more the fact that a few people on here are never satisfied, I can understand that you’re not blown away. He’s not an amazing signing, but were no longer an amazing team. Horses for courses.

    We’ve made a move and word is there’s a few more in the pipes. Were crying out for players, were getting players in, but you’re seemingly on the verge of tears over it. Let the lad kick a ball for us before you make judgement, how many players have suprised everyone?

  45. Some forest fans are agianst him, others for him.
    Though it depends how you think when it comes to which you wanna believe.

  46. Cool S69, ta, seems like he could be a decent signing then if meant purely for cover across so many positions. Still worried about RB until we actually sign a dedicated one or STaylor signs new contract. Simpson deserves his chance but must still be our weakest link across the back 4 and RTaylor and Perch both seem to be only RB stopgaps rather than future first team regulars.

  47. CLiNT-I’m not trying to put him down at all mate, but when you look at alot of fans who are sad to see him go, its down to the fact that their squad number has decreased and/or they liked his attitude, not too many saying they’ve lost an especially valuable player. Granted, he’s purely back up for us, but if he’s playing second or maybe even third fiddle at a Championship team..
    I dunno, like i’ve said im not saying owt till i’ve seen him play for us, its hard not to notice the reaction of fans who have watched him regularly though.

  48. “A lot of people were hoping we would sign Perch in January. Give the lad a chance, he has to be a better squad player than Butt and it’s good to have another English player in the team.”

    Thats true. He is basically a squad player and IMO cannot be worse the the outgoing Nicky Butt.
    Butt went down in Birminghams midfield, then played for us and we went down… He was a terrible player.

  49. Cubano

    I have to admit i am woried about rb as 1 of our weakest areas and i don’t think that in terms of abaility he will be decent or even solid but he does add to our squad and seems to be renown for his incredible attitue which is something we will need this season considering we will be struggling and we will need people to be positive , determined and professional. So he isn’t all bad.

  50. hey news that danny simpson got mugged for a 20k watch poor lad i bet if he wasnt on crutches his pace would of helped him get away

  51. Joy, at least some movement. I’m sure this guy will do good, its his big chance to prove himself worthy in big team and high level league, that will give him extra 50% He won’t do worse than Babayaro, that’s for sure.

  52. Ross,
    i wasn’t having a go mate.
    I just don’t think you can get a true picture when a player leaves a club. Sour grapes/gutted etc.
    You’ll always find fans that love or hate a player.

    He’s no world beater, but he is versatile & could well do a great job for us.
    But mostly, we have to learn to accept players as they join, who wanted Sibierski, williamson, Routledge et al?
    The management team know that we need back ups with versatility & that’s what Perch seems to be, to me.
    One in the bag, let’s get some more & we’re not even one week into the ‘official’ transfer window yet.
    Howay lads, we need to learn from past mistakes & give the lad a proper chance to do well.

  53. I would have like an improvement over our current RBs and I don’t know enough about Perch to know if he is that. Still, he provides cover for Routledge as well so hopefully no more of Guthrie on the wing. Not sure what this signing does for RTaylor (or whether it is an upgrade over him), though I suspect they are worried about the Simpson injury which could linger. Happy to have some new blood- now 3-4 more.

  54. CLiNT-nah mate I wasn’t saying you were, i was more trying to make clear that I wasn’t trying to have a go! haha. I fully agree with you when you say he deserves a chance, was more just pointing out that the large majority of Forest fans on that board are happy to see the back of him, that’s all.

    Like i’ve already said though, i’ll reserve judgement until he plays for us and we get a canny look at him.

  55. This two stikers up front business is also a thing of the past… Just doesnt work anymore.
    All successful sides now have ONE man up front to hold the ball up and pacey creative players behind him with a holding midfielder…

    So for me. We have Carroll and Stroller or Ranger. Now we need a creative player. A lesser Messi/Uzil/Sneider/Robinho.
    I also believe this WC has dispelled the myth that you can’t win with kids! Germany? Holland? Ghana? all kids!

    Heres what we have…







    Pace and skill on the wings and a striker to hold the ball up… CHECK
    Ball playing defensive midfielder… CHECK
    Mobile wings that get up and down.. Only at left back IMO
    And a quality creative player to play in the whole behind the striker… Unfortunatley not… Joe Cole would be great but it aint gona happen. Vuckic maybe?

  56. couldn’t comment on how good the lad is,haven’t seen a lot of thing is for sure he’s got to be a better option than mr gay maguire from shameless himself ryan taylor.after watching taylors shambolic effort at fullback in the 5-1 drubbing against liverpool,i hope perch can fill in there,rather than him.totally agree though give the lad a chance ffs.

  57. One very positive sign is that the mongoloid sports press have had no idea about potential signings until there’s something official–whether it’s rejection or acceptance.
    I think that’s very good business.

    Honestly, I can’t remember the Perch from this past season at all.

    We really need to lay off the kid and give him a chance. Let’s see. Trust Hughton until or unless the kid proves him wrong.

  58. Still its clear we need a quality right back, and a quality creative midfielder and a versitile wide man in most importantly…

    Players we do not need are Smith, Xisco. I’d even let both go free to get them off the books. Someone like Anthony Annan in for Smith and then get someone like Stephen Ireland for Xisco.

    I’ll be positive until the end of the window because i really think it’d only take 12-15mil to make us a competitive exciting counter attacking side (like under Sir Bobby). But will we get the right players? Hope so.

  59. Who do you think the pompey players we are interested in, Hope its Boateng and Belhadj.

  60. As Summer69 and others point out he appears to have a great attitude, which can only help boost our already strong squad morale during the inevitable tough times this season.

    Many forest fans say they are happy to see him go, but plenty of others saying he’s a great tackler and leader with room to improve. We don’t know if the fee is really £1m, only a year left on Forest contract too, so it is hard to gauge the value of this deal accurately, but at least the fee and wages should be low and we won’t end up with a twat of a player.

  61. looks like harry the tax dodger,deputy dawg,your son’s an arse kisser of sky,redknapp is looking to sign joe cole.

  62. Ariza Makukula to arrive from Benfica in next few days…or so i’ve heard.

  63. I’m wondering if any of you saw any American players you might like to pick up. Probably just Fantasy Football thoughts here, but any opinions?

    How about bidding for Steve Cherundolo–USA right back? I know he’s old, but he was very good all through the cup and has been a steady right back choice for club and country, as they say. I thought Michael Bradley looked really good too. Obviously Landon Donovan can play a bit, but I can’t see him going anywhere but Everton if he moves at all.

  64. 95% of you are depressing. We just bought a good squad player with what seems to be a great personality. All of our fans say they want to see committment when putting the shirt on however the truth is most of you on this blog prefer a Michael Owen. Plus I clearly remember this comment on thesis blog when we were rumored of getting him in January and everyone was excited. Good young squad signing, lets have a positive attitude.

  65. One thing I will be desperately disappointed with. Is if just because we have a big man up front Hughton decides to play long ball football.
    All that does is invite pressure on the defense and give away possesion. It is football which does not work.

  66. Not prepared to make a comment on this signing – Don’t know enough about him.

  67. Does anyone remember that we were supposed to be bidding for Steven Appiah a few seasons back? It may have been a hogwash transfer season rumor, but I seem to remember a lot of talk about him on Ed’s blog. Never saw him play till he came on for Ghana vs. Uruguay and he looked decent–immense, strong, calm on the ball.

  68. Gives me no confidence for right back, we needed someone far better, lets hope he is half decent in defensive midfield

  69. FSOTC – Bardley and Donovan. I’d even have Gooch back right about now ;)

  70. @75. Think Donovan is too expensive. Bradley less so,but he is a 22 yo emerging player in Germany- don’t think M’Gladbach would let him go easy. Cherendolo is a good player but about to re-sign with hanover from what I’ve read. He’s been there a long time and will likely be their captain this year.

  71. Fans Should Own the Club

    Only one USA player looked consistantly very good. Although they all have a great attitude.

    Landon Donavan. The centre back we had on load would be a decent squad player too.

  72. Stephen Appiah is brilliant (as good as Essien) BUT

    He is ALWAYS injured… so not worth it.

  73. 76…. rich… why do you say we have bought a good player?? have you not seen theis lad in action? i think he is not very good tbh. and if we are only getting in chepos and players that are not as good as we already have we might as well jsut bring in our young blood and save what little money we have, pool it all together and get one decent signing.
    toon chicken….. this is a worrying signing as it clearly shows the level we are looking at. Bottom line is perch is not a better option than anything we already have. which means he is nothing more than back up which means we are not any stronger as a team. as far as i can see, we will have wasted a million quid and ten grand a week on a player for no reason at all! building a squad for the ccc by the looks of it.

  74. JJ–no good words for Michael Bradley? I was very impressed by him. I’m a Yank (full disclosure) and I’ve been watching his development for USA for a few years. He’s really, really improved. Not exactly the kind of creative spark we could use in our midfield, but strong, box to box, great at breaking up play and starting attacks and even pitches in a few goals. I think he’s one to watch.

    USA and Newcastle seem to have similar problems at the moment: No good creative central mid and a problem at one of the backs… we have no consistent LB and NUFC have no consistent RB.

    Where NUFC are stronger, it seems, is an oncoming striker. Let’s hope Andy becomes more of a monster on the field (less off).

  75. From Ghana

    Three players I’d definately go for are:
    Anthony Annan (DM)
    Andre Ayew (CM/RM)
    Johnathan Mensa (DC)

    All fantastic players u-21… None of whom are playing for massive clubs.

  76. Bradley is good but no better than Barton, Guthrie etc so wouldn’t be worth the money. There would be better options.

  77. Jose Altidore has fantastic potentional physically but he cannot finish well enough or pass well enough when under pressure. Dont think he ever will.

  78. Yeah, JJ, Jozy’s become a really good hold-up striker… He’s very young and I’m really hoping he can improve his finishing. My hope is he’s an unfinished article and will get stronger but his next club will be crucial. He needs great coaching NOW or it could be a wash–the USA’s own Emile Heskey…

    Bradley’s also very young and I have similar hopes for him, though I think he’s already better in his position than Altidore is.

    Ghana–man, I loved their midfield. Any one of them would be a good addition…

  79. Who really knows about this kid? Forest fans would undoubtedly have the most exposure to his game but is their opinion valid and reliable? So is it worth listening to what they have to say? I don’t necessarily hold with the ‘bitter’ argument but fans are fickle, so who knows?

    Given my own opinion of R Taylor and Simpson, he’s got a decent chance of becoming our favoured right back, if Hughton feels the same way.