Yannick Djalo in sensational Newcastle switch?

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Toon target Djalo? Nee chance man!
Toon target Djalo? Nee chance man!
News outlets in Portugal seem to think that Newcastle are lining up a bid for Sporting Lisbon forward, Yanick Djalo.

In amongst all this World Cup malarkey we mustn’t forget that it is still a Sunday, although I am not entirely sure whether the Portuguese press are as bad as the English press when it comes to making stuff up, but either way it seems highly unlikely that the 24-year old will be heading to Tyneside anytime soon.

Djalo nearly left Sporting Lisbon during last season but decided to stay and fight, fight, fight, fight, fight for his place in the team. Whilst mainly being a striker, Djalo can also play on the wing, which would be ideal for us as we need cover in both positions, in my opinion anyway. Everton are also supposed to be interested in the player, and it’s sad to say, but if they did come calling then it would more than likely be with an offer that would blow us out of the water.

The fee mentioned is staggering really, and even the most optimistic fan will struggle to admit that we would match his contractual release clause of around £16 million, although Sporting are apparently willing to accept somewhere around the £6 million mark for the player.

Alas, it does just appear to be some more speculation, and it is approximately the 10,000th player that has been linked with us already. Still, we have to hope that something could happen at Newcastle soon as there are so many questions in the minds of fans that need answering, and a bit of transfer market action will give at least give a public indication that things have indeed been happening behind the scenes. Although. as I wrote about the other day, just because we aren’t seeing visible sign of movement, it doesn’t mean that we aren’t being busy behind the scenes.

We know there wont be much money, if any, but lets assume that we do have a rather small pot to pee in, surely it would make sense to sign players who are capable in a number of positions, like Djalo is? Effectively it would be like buying two players at once, and having a squad that is capable of being changed around would be a good thing.

Once again though, we just have to wait and see what happens. At least we have the World Cup to keep us going. How bad would it be if there was no football at all? I am enjoying the World Cup, but the hangover that has come along with it is something I could do without!

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344 Responses

  1. Munich – Aye, but I really hated and just wanted to get out as soon as possible. To many irritating children getting my way for my liking :D

  2. aye toonsy…follow Daverism’s lead mate and get to the pub mate ..Tesco’s have bigger crowds than Sunderland reserves..nightmare..

  3. This is an Ed type headline, conjecture made to look like fact. Thought this blog was above this tabloid type hyperbole.

  4. Big Willy – Did you not see the “?” at the end of the headline, and do you not agree that getting a player who has a release clause of £16 million would be sensational?

  5. This World Cup game has been the worst one yet. If it stays the same then there is no worries, it becomes a 2 game group that’s all.

  6. Toonsy, yeah I also read the article which puts it into the correct perspective but my first reaction was that he had signed for us, regardless of any grammatical highlighting. The human brain usually interprets what it thinks it sees and headlines of that type will disregard any correctional annotation, especially with an ancient brain like mine. :)

  7. “The World cup is great but soccer is not that important.”

    You mean that one, Munich?

  8. Big Willy – ;)

    You aren’t the only one, I do quite a few headlines like that as I know someone will bite on to it :D

    Then I can point out the finer detail ;)

  9. If Vuckic cannot get in this side he musn’t be all he’s cracked up to be.

    If we cannot get out of this group we should not even enter the qualifying next time.

  10. No Stu, they are being given to under privileged kids in Kenya. A pocket of black & white in Africa.

  11. I reckon that we could fail to qualify in this group, Algeria and Slovenia are no worse the tha USA and I think that fabio has already made some poor decisions on team selection (already well discussed so I won’t say more)
    it may be that he made the smart move to sign a longer term contract with this in mind realising that the team aint as good as we think it is. At least he will be able to get a decent payout when he is sacked. I just hope I’ve got it wrong though.

  12. 27-was just saying to a mate last night the FA must be fookin nuts to offer him a contract extension before a world cup tournament.

    I think we have some decent players but it just lacks the collective team thing and most players just seem jaded when they put on an England shirt….I just don’t think we have the same nack of producing bundles of talent like some countries and looking at the premiership it’s clear that better players are ready available on the continent that seem to be better in general than ours.

    Pack your Bags England you Suck !

  13. Capello’s a smart dude. The FA’s ass started squeaking when Capello’s agent started the rumour linking him with Inter Milan…..jolly gosh Carruthers, get that man Capellario signed up quick…!

  14. Stuart79 says:
    June 13, 2010 at 1:46 pm
    Fck them Yanks!

    Getting well above their station.
    <<<< aye ya right stu

  15. I know the game has already been dissected and discussed but I couldn’t help comparing Englands performance to many of our own last season. Where we were outplayed for long periods especially in midfield, I know the stats showed we had more possession but the supposedly inferior Yanks looked more at ease on the ball somehow.
    Just like us last year there seemed to be a lot of lumping the ball upfield (to Heskey and Crouch) as we did with Carroll. Any team who wants silverware needs to learn to play with better tactics and skill, the long ball game is so passe now.

  16. AOD, you can’t blame the ball mate, two crap errors from the keepers. If it was to come down to penalties we could be on the pitch all day (or night) :)

  17. Big Willy – I find it amusing how a team that is worth far less money than ours can cope with us.

    An omen for next season perhaps? It shows it is possible ;)

  18. Is it just me and me hangover or is one of the Serb players wearing make-up???

  19. AOD, I’ve seen some brilliant saves as well made using the same ball. I think the goal keepers just need to admit they are sh!t.

  20. JJ

    “AOD, I’ve seen some brilliant saves as well made using the same ball”

    Absolutely. Tim Howard seemed to manage very well.

    As far as I know he had to deal with the same ball.

  21. This could be a good game. Because none have been exactly pleasing on the eye have they? Still settling the nerves I suspect.

  22. toonsy says:
    June 13, 2010 at 2:57 pm
    Big Willy – I find it amusing how

    How can you possibly compare club football with international football? The manager doesn’t have enough time to get all the players to gel in every game.

    So to try and say that players who cost more aren’t always as good as cheap players is silly, really.

  23. Why is it? The theory is the same. In a single game, anything can happen, at any level.

  24. I have to agree with Stuart like, which wounds me to my soul.

    But he’s right, international managers don’t get enough time to get the players playing like they do at club level.

  25. But the way people are acting, that our team will get relegated if we dont buy expensive players, is even more disproved then surely?

    If an international team, that is worth far less than the other, can get a result, despite both teams being cobbled together, then surely so an Newcastle? Despite how shite we apparently are?

  26. toonsy says:
    June 13, 2010 at 3:24 pm

    Club managers have as much time as they like to get their points across, work on tactics and develop a pattern of play that suit the players that the manager has bought.

    International managers have only a certain number of players to choose from, cannot buy anyone to play a role that will be needed to play a particular way, they have to choose players available to them and need to find a way to gel the best players in a short space of time.

    Totally and utterley different.

  27. To be fair Toonsy, I see no need for the Vuvuzelas to be at the games not involving South Africa.

    The thing is, 50% of the people using them are actually foreigners…

    I also think they could even perhaps have had a Fifa approved version of them which isn’t as loud. There are little mini versions.

    But for the South African games, I think it could never be banned. As despite being called a new addition to the football culture – they have been around in our local games since I was born. And thats going on 30 years now…

  28. toonsy says:
    June 13, 2010 at 3:32 pm

    Right, firstly who is saying we need to buy expensive players?

    But ultimately free transfers are generally worse players than a player that would cost money, youy might unearth the odd gem, but you cannot have a team of cheap purchases. Look at the league – The big spenders are up the top and the low spenders are at the bottom.

    Secondly, you’re going off a ‘one off’ match. Anything can happen in a cup comp. Over a period of 38 games, cream will rise to the top.

    I think it’s quite likely that if we played USA 100 times we would beat them 905 of the time.

    You have no argument here, toonsy.

  29. “The big spenders are up the top and the low spenders are at the bottom.”

    NUFC being the exception that proves the rule?

  30. Oh ye, the sound you hear (when holding down) is actually how the vuvuzela is supposed to be used. Which is better than bumble bee buzz heard on the screens.

    Thing is, when people get drunk and when with the foreigners and some South Africans just trying to see if they can blow the thing. Which isnt as easy as you think. It creates the racket buzz you here…

    I must say, I do enjoy the atmosphere at the games, but it can getting irritating on television. And I also don’t understand why some use it thoughout the entirity of the game. Although I don’t know how they do it, it takes some big lungs to blow that hard for 90mins. haha.

    Also the comments from the odd few saying the worst world cup ever and 3/4 full stadiums.
    Well they clearly dont realise that the stadium accomodate 90 000 people and the smallest are around 70 000. I think there is one that is 55 000 though.

    So to get around 50 000 people watching Algeria vs Slovenia is a very good crowd.

  31. I’m not arguning Stu, why must you construe everything that way you attention whore?

    I was merely pointing out that anything can happen, and having a more expensive squad is no guarantee of a win. We have 38 one off games next season, in my opinion anyway, so why be down?

    Anything can happen in a one off game, right? Positive thinking ;)

  32. JJ – How come the England game wasn’t a sell out? Under 39,000 in a 44,000 seater stadium.

    I could have had one of them seats

    If I had the money

    And the time :(

  33. As for Newcastle spending… I’d be quite happy with us not spending a cent as long as we hang on to what we have.

    Its all very well saying, Taylor can go, this one can go, that one can go…
    But our recent history tells us, if we let a player go, we either don’t replace them, or replace them with worse… So rather keep what we got thanks…

    If we keep what we have and bring in two freebies and a loan – I’d be pleasantly suprised under Ashley’s ownership!

  34. Daverism says:
    June 13, 2010 at 3:48 pm

    Not quite. Over the last three years we’ve actually soend nothing, not one penny.

    It could be argued we are the shining example of what happens when you pull up the draw bridge and stop investing.

    toonsy – 38 ‘one off’ games? Yes over a period of 9 months. Consistancy is required so it’s totally different.

  35. 67 –

    The main reason for that Toonsy, is that Rustenburg is about three hours drive from Johannesburg. In a poorish rural farming area.

    Don’t really know why they chose that location for the game…
    Also, the UK press is so negative about South Africa, especially from what I’ve seen on Sky that is a miracle any supporters have come out here at all as you’d think they’d all be in fear of their lives.
    90% of the supporters in the ground were Americans or English ex-pats living in South Africa…

  36. Sick of desailly pretending to be a proud ghanain, why did you play for France then prick?

  37. But who is to say we can’t be consistent whilst treating them like one off games?

    As I said, I will remain positive about my team ;)

  38. Another thing that hasn’t been that well documented is Fifa completely cocking up many ticket sales. With tickets not getting delivered in time for buyers to collect them. And only allowing us to collect them from certain points which are a long way away.
    Yes, they get refunded, but they’d much rather have gone to the game…
    It happened to a couple people I know personally. Some were even given tickets to the wrong game!

  39. Stu,

    I wasn’t really talking about transfer fees etc.

    Saying that we haven’t spent a PENNY is a ridiculous statement, considering we had a wage bill of about 70Mil.

    See what you did man? I agreed with you earlier then you ballsed it all up. Tut tut.

  40. Toonsy, believe the release clause is €16m not pounds – not that it makes much odds, we wont see him at SJP!!

  41. Staffstoon – It’s actually 20 million euros, which I worked out is roughly £16 million pounds :)

  42. Toonsy, thats one thing I’ve noticed about a lot of Europeans and Americans coming to South Africa. They don’t realise how big the country is and the distances from one city to the next.

    Do you know the Kruger National Park. A tiny pocket in the Mpumalanga Province. The second smallest of nine South African provinces is bigger than all of England.

    But 70% of the population live in three Metropolitan areas. So three hour drive to Rustenburg.
    The population of Rustenburg is also very Afrikaaner. And half of them don’t even know what football is. They only know rugby and maybe cricket ;)

    The rest of the population there, can’t afford tickets prices from R700 to R3 000 for tickets. Thats what some of them earn in a month!

  43. How about Siphwe Tsababala, the goal scorer for South Africa in the opening game.
    He can play in midfield in the centre and on the left wing. He scored an even better goal in the Confed Cup last year. And he wouldn’t cost more than 1.5mil. Works hard, calm on the ball, crosses well, great as long range shots. And still in his mid twenties.

    Everyone raves about Steven Pienaar, but Tshabalala has outshone Pienaar in every national game so far.

    Does anyone know if Hughton is even coming down to scout at the World Cup like he said?

  44. Daverism says:
    June 13, 2010 at 4:04 pm

    Don’t quite know why you’ve said that, considering it was pretty obvious that I was talking about transfer fees.

    I wouldn’t mind having a team full of free transfers, but to be any good they would have to be on an absolute fortune in wages – There lies the problem.

  45. My apologies Stu, I was under the impression that by “big spenders” you meant total, rather than just transfer fees.

    So, Man City to win the league this year I take it?

  46. Daverism says:
    June 13, 2010 at 4:21 pm

    Every possibility I guess if they buy the right players, although I see them steadily improving. They have gone from 14th to 5th in the last 2 seasons so I see them definitely challenging for honours.

    Spurs have done the same too.

  47. Probably a combination of buying the right players and getting the team playing as a unit Stu.

    Twice in one day I’ve agreed with you now.

    I’m not liking this.

  48. toonsy says:
    June 13, 2010 at 4:24 pm
    Jay Jay – What has Mandela ever done to you for you ti dislike him so much?

    Butter it up anyway you like, but he’s a convicted terrorist. He might have been fighting for a just cause but his parties actions were terrible – Terrorism by any other words.

  49. I mean *any* as in anything significant, like what Man City have spent, just for clarification

  50. France was the best African side ever seen ;)

    Patrice Evra – born in Senegal
    Patrick Vieira – born in Senegal
    Zindine Zidane – born in Algeria
    Marcel Desailly – born in Ghana
    Claude Makelele – born in the DR Congo
    Jean Alain Boumsong – born in Cameroon
    David Trezeguet – born in Algeria
    Alou Diarra – Senegal decent
    Abou Diaby – Ivory Coast decent
    Benzema – Algerian decent
    Ben Arfa – Tunisian decent
    Adil Rami – Moroccan decent
    Yan M’Vila – Malian decent

    And on and on and on…

  51. If anyone can be arsed, I’d actually like to see a table of who’s spent what and what position they’ve finished in.

    “Do it yourself, you lazy t***!”

  52. Daverism, just for last season?

    And NET spend, ie the difference between players sold and players bought?

  53. 98 toonsy says:
    June 13, 2010 at 4:27 pm
    Difference is that Spurs haven’t spent any new money to do it.

    Non at all? Not since Redknapp got the job? I remember them selling Keane and Berbatov to go on a spree under Ramos but under Arry they bought Keane back, Defoe, Crouch, Palacious, Kaboul, Bassong ect..

  54. Some tw*t a few doors down bought one and I now wondering how best to kill him. Or I might take up the bagpipes as a hobby. Nothing like a good skirl late at night or the crack of dawn. :)

  55. Aye toonsy, net spend.

    I’m guessing that the sale of Ronaldo balanced out Man U’s expenditure quite a bit? Get them 2nd last season!

  56. Stu – By the time all players had been bought and sold last season, Spuds spent £500,000 on players.

    The year before was a bit more extravagant, with spending £18.75 mill after everyone had been bought and sold.

  57. “jay jay says:
    June 13, 2010 at 4:30 pm

    An ANC terrorist billed as an equality god, the man is a rascist shit.”

    Before the prison sentence I may have agreed with you. The man did place a bomb on which killed innocent people.
    But innocent people that weren’t supposed to be there.

    When he came out of prison, however, he showed no signs of anger, showed no revenge for what had been done to him. And he sparked no hate speech which many of his compatriots have done.

    I completely agree he is not the Saint people have made him out to be – but he is a good person. Can we name any human on earth out to be a saint?

  58. Daverism – Give us 10 minutes an I will see what I can do. I reckon it could be quite interesting to see myself :)

  59. Nice one Toonsy.

    I don’t think its as clear cut as most would imagine you know.. Could be interesting.

  60. It will be slightly mis-leading for some. It will show Man Utd having spent nothing due to selling Ronaldo and Arsenal not having spent anything because they sold Adebyour and Toure.

    It might be a better idea of who’s done what if it wasn’t net spend.

  61. No come on Stu, you said we’ve not spent a penny. you MUST be talking net spend there. Either that or you’re just overlooking the january window completely for a start.

  62. Daverism says:
    June 13, 2010 at 4:49 pm

    Well obviously I’m talking net spend. But it won’t matter which way we do it with NUFC – We’ll be at the bottom end if it’s net or gross.

  63. I don’t really go along with the “most money spend, sides are top of the table”.
    Those sides will obviously have more money to spend.

    What I will go along with is the teams with the best managers are top of the table.

    Ancelotti, Ferguson, Wenger, Martin O’Neil, Harry Redknapp, David Moyes.
    Moyes and O’Neil didn’t have loads of money to start with, they built sides and then invested. I can see, Roy Hodgson and Owen Coyle doing the same thing.
    Problem with some managers is they don’t know what to do when they get their team to that point of investing bigger money (like Big Sam for instance, or Gordon Strachan, or IMO Steve Bruce)…

  64. 1 Chelsea spent £13,500,000
    2 Man Utd made £56,500,000
    3 Arsenal made £31,000,000
    4 Tottenham spent £500,000
    5 Man City spent £103,000,000
    6 Aston Villa spent £16,000,000
    7 Liverpool made £3,950,000
    8 Everton mad £2,800,000
    9 Birmingham spent £24,000,000
    10 Blackburn made £18,000,000
    11 Stoke spent £17,000,000
    12 Fulham made £5,900,000
    13 Sunderland spent £5,750,000
    14 Bolton spent £0
    15 Wolves spent £11,200,000
    16 Wigan made £15,300,000
    17 West Ham spent £5,500,000
    18 Burnley spent £7,350,000
    19 Hull spent £5,000,000
    20 Portsmouth made £34,750,000

  65. “Daverism says:
    June 13, 2010 at 4:49 pm

    No come on Stu, you said we’ve not spent a penny. you MUST be talking net spend there. Either that or you’re just overlooking the january window completely for a start.”

    I think the point Stuart is making, is that when sides like Arsenal, Man U, sell players, they generally replace them with players of equal quality or great potential. And they have the managers to develop that potential.

    Whereas Newcastle, sell and get in players of lesser quality thus weakening the side.
    The net spend is the same (nothing) but the difference in squad quality is substancial.

    It all boils down to the quality of management in the end. We havn’t had a quality manager since Sir Bobby! And its cost us in many ways.

  66. toonsy says:
    June 13, 2010 at 4:56 pm

    So basically teams that spent decent money improved their league position and those who didn’t either stood still or dropped down.

    Not rocket science is it?

  67. Stu – Make of it what you will. I’m looking at the 8 teams who outlayed nothing in particular.

  68. toonsy says:
    June 13, 2010 at 5:20 pm
    Stu – Make of it what you will. I’m looking at the 8 teams who outlayed nothing in particular.

    Yes, they all regressed!

  69. Look, we were so confident we were going to win, so we had the front page already set to go, just insert the score, how were we to know you would manage a draw ?

  70. toonsy says:
    June 13, 2010 at 5:31 pm
    OR, they all survived, apart from Pompey who were an exceptional case.

    Yes but they hadn’t just come up had they? They had further to fall so were cushioned. If we don’t spend we could go straight back down. I don’t think any of the ‘no spenders’ progressed at all.

    Progress for us would be survival – If we regress, we go back down – The ‘no spenders’ regressed.

  71. Stu – I do get your point, but I guess it depends on where our squad is in comparison to the rest, where it fits in.

    I think is better than a lot of comments on here suggest, others dont. I certainly know that if we do go down again this time then we will go down shouting, rather than the wimper we got with our £100 million plus squad.

  72. Deb – That is what I said the other day. An ex-pat who is so against his country of birth. Something wronng there like, but never mind…

  73. Toonsy

    Yes and you are the one that started the anti-Yank thread, then kept your head down, remember obout the loud-mouthed Yank who got his desserts.
    F*****G weasil !

    And if it`s anyones business NO i am not a Geordie by birth, but did spend time there, which I enjoyed for the most part and believe most Geordies are some of the nicest people i have met.

  74. How did I start an ant yank thread? Can you point me to that article please genius? And have you ever though I may have been out rather than laying low? Or are you illiterate and unable to read that I posted I would be out, aswell as ignorant?

    Glory hunter..

  75. Nice to see KK on the box again. Talking sense as per normal.

    Looks like he’s bought a few new shirts too – with his compensation money probably.

  76. Looks like he had to as he has been eating a few pies by the looks of it, with his compensation money no doubt.

  77. My misunderstanding then Chuck. The way you have written inthe past about going back to Newcastle, using Geordie terms etc I thought you were from the area.

  78. hey toonsy… looks like wor mike is getting a repreive now the world cup is on!! Cant you put out another thread about him as i am missing slagging the fella down. anyway… where is my mate ohurley today hahaha

  79. JJ – The keyboard warrior starting the name slinging. What am I? A ‘f*****g weasel’ lol

    Nice ;)

  80. Stuart its allways nice to listen to King Kev he is one of the few that isn’t ass licking.
    I think the pies were complimentary ones ;)

  81. Craig – In fairness though that is pretty standard practice in compensation claims. Aim high and settle for less..

  82. Craig- you’ll have us believe you wouldn’t sue your employer if you’d been forced to resign from a very lucrative contract.

  83. Stu – Lets not kid oursleves here, he was hardly ‘forced’ was he. Granted the goalposts moved, whivh was proven, but to say he was ‘forced’ is a bit of a joke really.

    He still had a choice…

  84. yeah for sure but KK wasnt just going for the money on his remaining contract… he was going for all future loss of earnings beyond his contract exp. I could dig it if he went for the full amount due in contract… but beyond that? not sound a bit ott lads?

  85. craig chisholm I understand where yer coming from But in my eyes he will allways be King Kev for what he done for our club, I honestly believe we would never have reached the heights we did if it wasn’t for KK we would have remained a div 2 or 3 team for that alone I will allways be thankfull and will never forget what he has done for US ;)

  86. alan curbishley walked out on his post as west ham manager,for the same reasons as kevin keegan.
    this was not long after keegan’s departure from newcastle,no one in the football world batted an eyelid,infact people said he was right to walk out.
    curbishley sighted the same reasons for leaving his post as keegan.

  87. toonsy – Sorry but when you’re told one thing and another thing is actually happening it’s not good. If as a manager you cannot choose the players that the club buys it forces you to resign!

    Who would get the sack if performances were poor? Not the DOF – The manager. You cannot work like that I’m afraid.

    No option but to resign when they made it clear they wouldn’t budge on the issue and even backed the DOF over the manager (the most important person).

  88. spot on big dave,we should never forget what he did for the club first time around.i dont like the way his standing with the fans has been damaged.

  89. yeah i love the guy myself… just wish he had never came back… KK loves to spend the cash and be in charge.. it was never going to happen under MA. it was doomed from the off.

  90. You know i just dont get it, i get called names and last night you insult the hell out of any Americans who post`s here.
    Poor O`Hurley as inoffensive a guy as you can meet was going bullshit because of offensive remarks made by morons about the us an it`s armed forces.
    All started by TOONSY who then realizing he had gone too far attempted to apologise by saying…

    With two countries that are so linked to-gether, then it`s only natural things would turn to-wards the armed forces!

    Really ?
    Sorry I find little logic in that statement and as far as linked to-gether is concerned.
    Thats a perception more commonly held by Brits, most people here dont give a shit about the UK, just another foreign country.
    So let`s all lighten up here, Christ I cant imagine what it would have been like had y`all lost.
    And as far as it being open season on ME, i got thick skin, if thats what turns you on.

  91. na for once i kinda agree with toonsy (damn!!!), keegan was not forced to resign was he. Dont get me wrwong, i have sympathy for him and his reasons for doing it but lets look at both sides here for a second…. we go to work and do what we are told day in day out, its the weay it is, everyone has a boss and everyone has rules. EVERYONE in the whole world knows what i think of ashley BUT at the end of the day it is his club to do what he sees fit and if ashley wanted to bring in an unkown bloke to do a favor for some spic or whatever (xisco) then who is anyone to tell him no? Perhaps if KK had played the game and stroked ashleys ego it might have had a happier ending and cashley might have even spent some money on players instead of shutting up shop. Onething is for sure, between the pair of them, they have sent us into freefall. damn shame,

  92. Stu – So if something similar changed in your job, what would be the choices?


    Change and adapt to a way of working that is being imposed on you?

    See, there is more than once choice and so wasn’t ‘forced’ to resign, he chose to, which is of course his right.

    It was a popular move by Ashley to bring him back, something for the fans etc, unfortunately it was never going to work out, as Craig stated.

  93. na chuck… o hurley is a class grade A cock end. All i did was say i thought our troops are better and he launched into the most disgusting rant i have seen on here. Not my fault the bloke cant take the truth is it. I was not rude to anyone, did not mention any names and never said states forces were bad, jsut said our guys were better. i did not warrant that dick heads reaction. empty vessels make the most noise!

  94. Chuck – i started nowt buddy, and it wasn’t an apology, certainly not to you anyway.

    Thin ice Chuck, your statting to push me too far!

  95. I’m sure the “special relationship” as such probably did exist in some shape or form, but prefabricated between Bush and Blair after 9/11 for obvious reasons, primarily to support the deceit of the British public. The average Sherman doesn’t give a flying flock about the Brits. Nowt wrong with that though. In reality, they don’t give a flying flock about anything un-american.

  96. Craig – In fairness, OHurley is a good lad and makes some cracking posts on here.

    Others could learn from him, eh Chick?

  97. toonsy

    “It was a popular move by Ashley to bring him back, something for the fans etc, unfortunately it was never going to work out, as Craig stated”

    “Never going to work out?”

    It could have worked out if everyone had done what they agreed to do at the time of making the agreement.

    That’s generally how it works, isn’t it?

  98. jesus, who brought Keegan back up like?? move on eh!

    On a different note, anyone notice how Craig Moore is being torn apart by Germany?

  99. Deb
    Yes i usually spend the summers over there , do a bit of fishing, get in a few home and away games and do a bit of traveling, really no other ties to the area and only there for the home games.

  100. chuck…….stop trying to play the victim,you are the one who often comes on here and insults people.For the record most Brits don’t give a shit about the USA so don’t flatter yourself.It was your bloody ambassador on yesterday saying what a “special” relationship you had with us…bollocks!!

  101. I regret KK coming back 2nd time round as it doesn’t normally work out right 2nd time round. As for doing a favour for some Spic or whatever ( xisco ) I think there was the small point of Nacho aswell which was the favour for an agent. I do realise in work you have a boss etc but I think being the manager of a Prem team is slightly different to a normal job. In my eyes it was a simple choice between KK and Wise and we all know who won but he didnt last long after that so what was the whole point. As Stuart said it was KK that had to produce the results so it should have been his choice of players, not wise telling KK to have a look on youtube.

  102. 182… yep i agree but that aside…. ashley is the owner and kk was getting 3 million a year to work for MA. MA owns us outright and he should be able to make a change if he sees fit or if he has a change of heart. The main thing here we have to accept is there were too many EGO’s here. KK tried to stand his ground which is clearly a bad move with MA as the guy is hardball. If KK and MA had not acted like a couple of dick heads it could have worked. Two grown men having a pissing contest of who is the boss, i mean ffs! nothing is ever resolved through rants and negativity. They should have thrashed it out behind closed doors. If each had given a little we woudl have had some middle ground. Who lost out……..the city of newcastle, all because of two men measuring dick sizes.

  103. do you reckon Edgar Davids has to get a window cleaner to clean them glasses,they’re massive :lol:

  104. What I can’t understand about capello is, we got no decent crosses in last night yet he had beckham sitting on the bench! But then again, beckham infuriates me with his image conscious nature! Sitting on the bench in a suit when he could be required to get on the pitch within seconds! Football is a crazy game!

  105. I guess its inevitable that when nations are playing against each other that people will get at each others throats… no longer behind the same cause…

    Over here in South Africa we are seeing the opposite, of people putting their differences aside for a common cause.

    I think many posters like O’Hurley and I am fond of Americans in general. They are a proud nation as are many others. And will of course spring to the defense of their country.

    I don’t think people should take the insults so seriously during the world cup. Patriotism runs high.
    Lets just try keep the banter FOOTBALL orientated!

  106. As for King Kev. Can’t blame him for leaving. But he could have stuck it out till the end of the season at least. If he loved the club that much. Lost a bit of respect for him as a “Toon fan” for that. But as a Toon legend, he will always remain.

  107. my god toonsy… the end must be near!!!

    190……….beckham is injured. he is just tagging along to stroke his ego too. Every time i saw him he was just sitting there, with a face scred tighter than a ducks arse. dunno what his purpose actually even is.

  108. Toonsy
    What are you threatening me ?

    Make your life easier if you ban me, eh?
    You did start the whole thing by mentioning the American , who having insulted the British armed forces was then beaten up, that and other drunken slurs which you expeditiously chose to not remember.
    They are still there if you would like to verify.

  109. Craig Moore is being torn apart by the Germans cos he’s useless and an old fart. The Aussies have nowt else, I’m surprised Vidukas not in there somewhere.

  110. I was merely stating something I witnessed Chuckle.

    And as for threatening, playing the victim again today are you? Boo-hoo, it’s only the internet. And who mentioned anything about a ban? You paranoid imbocile. Make my life hard? I’ve tougher shits than you petal ;)

    Interestingly, all your slurs are there still, the ones you have also conveniently forgotten.

    Admit it Chuck, you have had a problem with me since day 1 for some reason, I’m not the only one to notice it either.

    That is my last word on the subject.

  111. it was the americans who started all the crap the other night,when they came on trying to give it the biggun’.
    o’hurley was mouthing off how we would need to wear the thickest britches after our ass whipping,which is fair enough.football banter is okay,then he started to insult everthing english,that’s when people started having a go back and he didn’t like it.

  112. TROJAN – As I said earlier, OHurley makes some great posts on here in fairness.

  113. bollox,my comment being moderated on the other thread……….possibly my four letter tirade,,dya think? ;-)

  114. TROJAN 69 says:
    June 13, 2010 at 8:42 pm

    “worky,chuck and o’hurley they are more like bert and ernie lol.”

    Chuck’s ‘Statler’ and Stuart’s ‘Waldorf’, Trojan. Our two resident grouchy old hecklers.

  115. workyticket says:
    June 13, 2010 at 8:39 pm

    “Statler’s been on the Amstel again?”

    I can never remember which is which :lol:

  116. i think o’hurley was in a mood cause he got thrown of the bull in the rodeo,that’s the image i get of him sitting in front of his computer in his stetson and cow tie,only joking o’hurley.

  117. Capello infuriates me! Rio must be the highest paid player in the squad and is cos he deserves it! Yet capello refuses to play him yet plays the unfit ledley king! Bring back turnip heed!

  118. i never really notice o hurley on here until last nights mega abuse session for no reason at all! 85% of americans who hold passports only have then due to military activity. What does this say? it says that only a small amount ever leave their own country to explore the real world and broaden their horizons. The problem is not ours or the rest of the worlds… it lies with the states. They are no longer the worlds superpower and no one really cares that much about what they say anymore. The only reason for the Iraq part two was due to oil and alaska’s dwindling reserves and blair being a tosser. The first place troops went to upon the ground attack in iraq this time, not the suburbs or hospitals etc… nope, the oil ministry and assets. Afghanistan = the trans siberian pipeline that they want to run right through their land. Its sad but a fact that oil and money are the only motive behind everything these days. Blair was no better either… so there you go chuck, i am not bias! For my thinking Blair and Bush should stand for war crimes in the hague on deception. Our troops, all countries are out there fighting a war for greedy politicians. Damn shame. My son is out there now and although i am proud of him i am not pleased at the real reasons behind everything.

  119. Toonsy @ 207 im want to know which one has the tash is he Statler.
    I see some shit kicked off after I went lastnight where is MO when you need him :lol: .

  120. oops sorry Toonsy 3 – 0 Jaarmany Müller one of FC Bayerns finest, 20 year old !
    The skippys are piss poor, but still need to be beaten, Germany are off to a great start !

  121. There some shite being typed on here tonight!

    Jeez, Ive only been away an hour!

  122. doh… 4- 0 Jaarmany…Cacau…one of Rio De Janeiros finest ! The skippys are garbage…

  123. craig chisholm I think Money and religion are the 2 biggest problems in the world, take the 2 out of the equation and there is no real problems

  124. Dave – Take money and religion away and you end up heading towards the Zeitgeist movement ;)

  125. Big Dave – Religion is the single biggest problem in the world – No danger about that.

    As for Germany, they’ll win their group so it’s important we win ours. Don’t fancy meeting them in the 2 nd round.

  126. ……..also Pakistan have nuclear weapons and the Taliban are there so I can’t see the lads pulling out of Afghan for quite a while yet :-(

  127. A bit belated perhaps but I have been in real life for a while. Getting back to and earlier discussion where I was comparing England to ourselves earlier. The point was made that there was a big difference between club and international teams as regards management input. I do agree with this but regardless of that the foreign players from any other non-British countries always look more capable technically in matches, even the USA.
    And they have the same sort of time to prepare as we do.
    Do we need to look at how our league system works or what?

  128. another bull sh1t thread,yous are a bunch of sh1te arses.this club is fked under ashley,its time you muppets waked up…worky is a bloke that supports newcastle but hates geordies..WHERE BETTER OFF ON EDS BLOG,this blog has went doon hill

  129. the religion is there to control the masses, thats all. if it were not for that saudi would be out of control. i am there now, its one fuked up place thats for sure!

  130. 228… wot u on about man, we are talking mostly about world cup and any other shite that comes up. i am fed up with ashely, we all are, what we gonna do…. bugga all.

  131. I see the coversation got a bit heavy whilst I was composing my monologue.

    “Organised” Religion is and always has been a control mechanism both pre and post Christian era.

    On the subject of oil I see the USA government want to rape the Alaskan wilderness to get at the tar sands.

    One of these days the worlds governments will realise that the desert countries are a bigger potential resource in the form of the constant sunshine and that investment rather than coercion would be more effective.

    Still what would happen to the powerful arms industry if that happened, people still need their Macdonalds that have to be paid for. :(

  132. na eds is worse. dont worry, sometihng will crop up soon about nufc nad we can get back to the real thing hitman. i dont really care much for the world cup or our national team as such, they infuriate me too much. sounds bad i know, just cant help it

  133. Crouch

    A Johnson Barry Lampard Rooney

    Cole Dawson Terry G Johnson

    D James

    Sometimes at international level players must sacrifice their best positions for the sake of the team. England need a defensive minded central midfieder (Barry/Carrick)
    Then a natural left footer (Johnson), Crouch to hold up the ball (his goal scoring record is great), Gerrard to fill the hole behind him. And Rooney drawing defenders out wide on the flanks where he can swap with Adam Johnson at times in the game.
    James in goal because he has the experience and ability to pull off big saves in cup games.

    Players like Defoe and Lennon can be brought on later so their pace can be used against tiring defenses. With Rooney pushing up more.

    Amazing how all Englands top clubs play with a 4-5-1 or 4-3-3 formation, yet England themselves always play 4-4-2.

  134. pussy,ive had enough of these ashley bum lickers,we have says from day one this man would bring us down…GUESS WHAT WERE REET

  135. Hitman – That is your opinion, and you welcome to it of course. Im glad you were right and the team got relegated to prove you right.

  136. toonsy…. dont worry about hitman…. ya blog is great… just ban all yanks and we are laughing … only kididng chuck and hurley… dont cry!!

  137. Craig….aye its a weird place I got kicked out a barbers halfway thru a haircut in Al Jubayl for prayer time.

  138. whats me problem toonsy,ive been bangin on about ashley since he walked through the door,everyone says give him a chance give him a chance,are you fools joking,ask batty ask stuart ask sir jason,we have all been saying the same…

  139. its nuts. i have been all ovef this place man…up in the middle of no-where and seem some amazing crap you wouldnt believe. I saw a toyota landcriuser pick up with a goat in the passengers seat and the woman in the pick up bit at the back sitting with the rubbish. should of got a pic.

  140. toonsy you might get away with that comment on newcastle mad..but not on here,KEEGAN KEEGAN

  141. Hitman – Thats fair enough, but maybe others dont see it your way? It can happen you know, people seeing things differently and having differing opinions and that.

    You know yourself what I said about Ashley, but what can I do apart from wait for the next episode, which will probably be just around the corner.

    But just becasue I think that it doesn’t mean I get pissed if others dont think the way I am thinking, know what I mean?

  142. Hitman, which one? The one about his compensation? Which is similar to what I said @ 163?

  143. The world cup and bitch slapping with the shermans is a welcome variation to the toon related transfer speculation, that drives me mental. When are the fixtures for the new season coming out ?

  144. dave aye m8 he got 10 days then hes back oot there got it tottaly wrong aboot the sceptics dave its the other way round

  145. batty… ya know what i think of ashley.. .everyone does… its just that the crac is not about him at minute. dont worry.. i have plenty of hatred there for the fat shit.

  146. Hitman – If it was action your were after, then we have had some very ‘colourful’ threads over the weekend :lol:

  147. Tell you what lads KK is looking fit for a 59 yr old toonsy I think yer jealous cause he still has a full head of hair instead of yer Heli pad :lol: .
    Batty I see you made me an adopted English man lastnite :)

  148. Thursday, excellent, thanks toonsy. I’ll actually be in the toon on Thursday, terrorising Tynemouth for 5 days, cannae wait !

  149. As for arse licking, anyone so inclined would need a lot of time given the size of his arse.

    What a horrible thought its putting me off me supper.

  150. Big Dave says:
    June 13, 2010 at 9:35 pm
    Tell you what lads KK is looking fit for a 59 yr old toonsy I think yer jealous cause he still has a full head of hair instead of yer Heli pad .
    Batty I see you made me an adopted English man
    <<<< dave u made yourself 1 m8 for baking england

  151. toonsy says:
    June 13, 2010 at 9:37 pm
    Hitman – I’m Stardust?
    <<< i knew u were :lol:

  152. maybe you are maybe you are not,but you still come out with shite,you seem to keep your best bannter for newcastle mad toonsy…

  153. craig q264 dead right mate !..I’m a NUFC blogger of perhaps 4 months, but I would imagine blog nights like yesterday don’t come along too often ! Having said that, swords have been drawn, and will stay drawn as long as the WC lasts perhaps. Roll on the new PL season, ebony and ivory.. !

  154. Batty thats the sad part of being from Northern Ireland there isnt much chance of backing ourselfs the last time was 1982 :)

  155. Hitman – Thats your opinion buddy, but if you take the blinkers off and look back you will see I have been around a long time commenting on blogs and stuff, even whilst Stardust was around. I am not him :lol:

    Plus I am part of “the clique” on NUFC Mad :lol:

  156. i have a really good movie clip about americans and global issues, its aobut 3 mins long, i have no idea how to get it onto the net tho. it cracks me up every time i watch it.

  157. Hitman – This obsession with me has to stop, people will start getting mucky thoughts about it :lol:

  158. Craig – Go on YouTube and there will be a ‘share’ button under the video. Click on that and there will be a box with a loink in it. Copy it and paste here in your comment :)

  159. toonsy aye chucky will be pulling 1 off right now whilst looking at your facrbook pic :lol:

  160. Hitman – Good for you pal. You aint the first to think that, and you wont be the last ;)

  161. Whats wrong with that? It was a charity match I was supposed to be playing in but couldn’t get the time off work from.

  162. hitman…. whats up.. you trying to turn the blog into some sort of vendetta against toonsy? i enjoy the footy crack on here mate and think we should stick with that side of things eh? maybe shut this one down and start a new one off on nufc topic? this world cup has everyone cracky as fcuk!

  163. Batty – Nah, reckon Macaroon, I mean Cameroon will do it. I need them to or else I will be skint by the end of the week :lol:

  164. craig chisholm says:
    June 13, 2010 at 9:59 pm

    “hitman…. whats up.. you trying to turn the blog into some sort of vendetta against toonsy?”

    He’s exactly the same with me too, Craig. Apparently, I’m “sick”, “not a Geordie”, and of course, a “prick” which seems to be his favourite. He won’t be on here for much longer if he keeps gannin’.

  165. Hitman – I already told them I couldn’t get the Friday off work, or get a finish early enough, to get up to Newcastle for the start of the tournament. That was just a well wish from someone who should have been playing, ie, me ;)

  166. dont give a fk about this blog craig..never have,have but we get pricks like this..COME ON

  167. Do you not think it was perhaps warranted though Batty? I mean FFS what have I done? :lol:

  168. How did Hitman get onto the topic of Ashley anyway. For once he wasn’t even brought up today?

  169. Batty @ 291 love the way you worded that mate ;) .
    Hitman has Toonsy said or done anything to you, as it does seem as if you have a bit of a vendetta against him. I for one dont allways agree with him but he does seem like a decent guy and give’s us all something to talk about and I have never seen him being nasty or owt towards anyone .

  170. hitman… hahaha, you crack me up man… wot you drinking? toonsy..i think you should recall these events for after world cup is over and we revert back to slagging ashley off… i am very mild mannered in reality compared to some!

  171. Dave – Divvn’t worry about it mate, I’m used to people taking issue with me now :D

  172. batty says:
    June 13, 2010 at 10:08 pm

    “worky di ya think he is pi ssed agen”

    He’s probably angry because someone spilt their pint all over his Kappa tracksuit earlier on.

  173. I think Hitman has lost the plot here. Its like everyone on the blog (in his mind) has been praising Ashley for the last four hours and asking for his Knighthood or something?
    You think he just woke up from a dream/nightmare about Newcastle or something? hahaha…

    Toonsy you Ashley lover you. Stop this Propaganda you have turning the world into Ashley lovers! Hahaha… Before the world ends, an ending I fore-told! Hahahah…

    Worky, I wouldn’t judge Hitman just yet. I’m pretty sure he’s just pished… or maybe took a knock to the head?

    In my opinion 60% of the bloggers here can’t stand Ashley. 30% only tolerate him because we have no choice and 10% think he may come good in the long term… Just don’t get where he’s coming from…

  174. toonsy yes worky is right unlike wen u blocked me last night for sticking up for meself and england :lol:

  175. Batty – Give Hitman his wooden sppon back, I could barely type last night :lol:

    Dave – It’s my fan club, I’ve nicknamed them “the agenda” :D

  176. Batty, you stuck up for England?

    I thought you only “stuck up” for Shakira and Stardust when he got dressed up for you?

  177. i am one of the 60% who hate the cnut like i must admit!! bet you would never have guessed that. i still think that selling taylor will be our first bit bit business in the window…. ‘never again will a homegrown talent slip through our ranks”’yawn. bollocks, money

  178. Batty – Thought you were both buddies? In fact I reckon you are both the same person :lol:

  179. JJ says:
    June 13, 2010 at 10:22 pm
    Batty, you stuck up for England?

    I thought you only “stuck up” for Shakira and Stardust when he got dressed up for you
    <<<< aye a did wen wicky poopoo started slagging and a divent get the shakira stardust thing call me slow if ya want lol

  180. Reet, I’m off. Early start tommorrow, despite the fact it is technically a day off :(

    Damn wife wanting jobs done :(

  181. “craig chisholm craig chisholm says:
    June 13, 2010 at 10:22 pm

    i am one of the 60% who hate the cnut like i must admit!! bet you would never have guessed that. i still think that selling taylor will be our first bit bit business in the window…. ‘never again will a homegrown talent slip through our ranks”’yawn. bollocks, money”

    Ah, Hitman is gona be regreting his ban already – he just missed his first Ashley bash…
    I think Steve Taylor might just be our most expensive signing of the summer ;)… guess I’m in the 30%…

  182. toonsy says:
    June 13, 2010 at 10:25 pm
    Batty – Thought you were both buddies? In fact I reckon you are both the same person
    <<<< divent start that he,s 5ft 6 and 16 stone he told me once thats why i always call him a ronnie barker look a like iam 6ft 5 15 and half stone lol

  183. craig chisholm says:
    June 13, 2010 at 10:22 pm

    “i am one of the 60% who hate the cnut like i must admit!! ”

    Nee shite, Craig. I thought you were a big fan.

  184. exactly, just to make sure its not some kind of money making tax dodge or a reason for spending no money in a window – as usual. ‘ we regret that fat mike will be spending no money in this window because he is dead’.

  185. Gotta check to see if we got a full moon, the natives are more than restless, they are outta their f*****g gourds !

    335# hit`s must be some kinda record.
    How do you get paid by the hit, curious, but if it`s personal I understand.

    Going all the way with the USA, think Slovenia may get the second spot after us !

  186. Well looks like the rain has stopped, Amstel time !
    Now you guys be sure to take your medication, you know how you get without it !

  187. chuck says:
    June 13, 2010 at 11:19 pm

    Well looks like the rain has stopped, Amstel time !

    Amstel’s a puffs drink, typical yank. :)

  188. Toonsy this must be getting on for a record for number of posts like fella. Amstel, womans beer :)

  189. chuck says:
    June 13, 2010 at 11:14 pm

    “335# hit`s must be some kinda record.
    How do you get paid by the hit, curious, but if it`s personal I understand.”

    It would be bloody lovely if we did get paid!