Gazza is the fruit of the toon!

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Gazza - How it could have looked.
Gazza - How it could have looked.
The latest twist in the roller-coaster ride that is the life of Paul Gascoigne came last night, as the ex-Newcastle star decided it would be a fantastic idea to try and calm a crazed gunman down.

Now I realise this isn’t really about football, but as Gazza was my first Toon idol I reckon I could get away with slipping this in between any other news and speculation that is floating around. Unfortunately, it looks like our former midfielder is losing the plot.

The town of Rothbury was in lockdown last night as armed police finally managed to corner Raoul Moat, to the point where there was no physical way of him evading capture.

Whilst it made for dramatic viewing, or radio as I was listening to it, it is pretty much fair to say that that the dozens of armed police had the situation under control. The end was tragic, and my heart extends to the families of Moat’s victims, and of course to his own family who will be left to pick up the pieces of the whole affair. But in the middle of it all, Paul Gascoigne decided to take it upon himself to catch a taxi from Newcastle to Rothbury to try and lend a hand in the complex art of negotiation.

Yes, you read correctly. Armed with some chicken, a can of lager, a mobile phone, a fishing rod and a dressing gown, somehow and somewhere in his mind, Gazza decided that he was the man to cool the situation down and to end the stand-off through the medium of a one-on one chat with Moat.

It really does beggar belief, although he did sound drunk when he spoke to Real Radio. That is no excuse though, and what Gazza was trying to do may not have worked out how he had planned it inside his head, and god knows just what is going on in there at the minute.

This is the latest in the line of news headlines that Gascoigne has been involved in, and the rate at which these type of headlines are appearing is increasing. In fact it was only a few weeks back when Gazza was involved in a car crash that left him needing hospital treatment, and that came hot on the heels of him and his latest drink driving shenanigans.

As I said earlier, and I have written about it before, Gazza was my first Toon idol. There have been many since, but he will always be my first.

He lit up St James’ Park and scored two goals in my first ever Newcastle game against Swindon Town and his brilliance on the football field is something that is easily overlooked but shouldn’t be forgotten. Gazza provided fans of many clubs, at home and abroad, with fantastic footballing memories.

Those memories are in grave danger of being forgotten to be replaced with all the controversial headlines that we are becoming accustomed to. To people born after 1994 ish, Gazza is just a pisshead with a problem, but there is much more to it than that.

With stunts like he pulled in Rothbury last night, however well intentioned it may have been, it is clear that Gascoigne is at risk of being a danger to himself. It breaks my heart to say it, but something needs to be done about it before he gets himself into a situation when perhaps the police aren’t there to stop him before he comes to harm, or worse.

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64 Responses

  1. Good post, it feels like my football memories of Gazza are becoming harder and harder to picture. The outcome I believe is inevitable, very sad.

  2. If he wanted to help then why announce it to the radio, i am sure it could have been done discreetly but i have to agree that his behaviour is increasingly bizzare with more than a whiff of impending doom surrounding him.
    Problem is,he has given the rest of the country another reason to ridicule the North East with his yobbish behaviour which at one time was laughed off but its just not funny any more.

  3. Gazza is the loon of the toon more like. If he manages to make it to his dotage (and packs in the booze) he might yet become a national treasure and have his own chat show. His heart was in the right place, bless him.

    “I brought him a can of lager. I brought him a dressing gown. I brought him a fishing rod…. I’d shout, Moaty, it’s Gazza!!” Priceless.

    As for negotiations, I suggest (in retrospect) Gazza, couldn’t have done any worse than the snarling armed police officers and trained negotiators?

    You couldn’t make it up.

  4. The headlind was a toss up between looney toon or fruit (as in crazy/fruit loop) of the toon (a play on those crappy t-shirts people used to wear)

  5. Its only a matter of time,he has failed to top himself so often maybe he was seeking advice from moat on how to do it properly.

  6. No wonder the fella shot himself!

    If Gazza was rambling on at me, I’d be tempted to do the same.

  7. why do people have this obsession with Gascoigne … (btw the “Gazza” nickname only came about once he’d dumped Newcastle for Tottenham); if it wasnt for this attitude, also adopted by Waddle and also Beardsley (although he did come back before he was finished) we would have been a far better team earlier than when KK turned it around (remember we almost went to the 3rd Div!!!)

    Fair do if he wanted to better himself but why do Toon fans have this obsession that he was a Newcastle legend – far from it.

  8. I feel sorry for Gazza, he is obviousely not well with that being said Gazza turning up is one of tje funniest and most bizzare things ever.

  9. The gazza nickname came about as part of the whole Italia 90 gazzas tears things, along with his brilliant dining career.
    Sir bobby said himself that gazza was “daft as a brush”.
    Gazza could have been one of the greats, but he took to booze and drugs, which ruined him. Read his autobiography if you get the chance.
    Gazza should be held up as an example of someone who had the world but chucked it all away on drugs and beer. However the poor lad was screwed over by his advisors big time.
    I’ll always have time for gazza, but, would anyone be shocked if they woke up to a headline that said “Gazza found dead after drink binge”?

  10. Micky – I think his “friends” should be held culpable aswell. They sat back and egged him on whilst he pissed his career down the drain.

    Of course, he has his own problems that perpetuated it aswell, such as an addictive personality, not good when combined with beer!

  11. cant see gazza lasting the year he bodie also took a battering in that car crash this could tip him over the edge his brain is f ucked but his heart is in the right place

  12. how many of u would want too kill some 1 if they were shaggin ya missus and be honest

  13. When did he get out of hospital like, I saw him a week or so back and he looked like he’d gone ten rounds with cassius clay.

    He must be in a complete state, I take it he aint working with the kids at the academy any more…

    P.S. Batty we all would mate but feeling like it and doing it are very different.

  14. batty – It would depend why they were shaggin someone else. If I was violent and a bit if a prick and they left me, then started seeing someone else, that would be my fault. So why should I want to kill them?

    If they just started having an affair it’s different, but I still wouldn’t go round shooting them both and shooting a innocent copper while I’m at it.

  15. batty says:
    July 10, 2010 at 10:25 am

    “how many of u would want too kill some 1 if they were shaggin ya missus and be honest”

    Personally I would seek monetary compensation instead, like a form of dowrie :D

  16. c’mon man batty, its a lot more complicated a situation than just saying ‘who wouldn’t’, and these shameless extras seem to be in one whole of a mess

    Bottom line, many people would WANT to, however 99.9% of people don’t.

    Was irritated as f*ck at work, people going on like he is some sort of saint, dont get me wrong, im a liberal guy and im all for helping people if they need help, and he seems like he had some issues, however to to feel sorry for someone who has killed one person, and tried to kill two others is just fuming.

    This man wasn’t insane, or in fact had any mental problems, he was just a massive ragie with a chip on his shoulder and a short fuse, lets not feel sorry for him, he could have chose another route…

  17. KK you total nob, Gazza was called Gazza when he was at the toon. I still have a poster of him in a black and white top from The Pink in 1987 and it says GAZZA above him. Don’t come on here pretending you have a clue you total mug.

  18. Off topic but Newcastle are supposed to be after ex Wigan midfielder Paul Schaner.How many midfielders do NUFC want Can’t see it being true myself unless they play a formation

  19. raoul moat and gazza are a picture of sanity compared to paul scharna,he’s radio rental.

  20. We might have to play that formation against the better teams, just to get the ball.

  21. Scharner can play as a centre back or a holding midfielder, I Think it would be a really clever signing on a free.

  22. CC I agree but we seem to be covered in those areas,I think other positions are a priority

  23. Anyhow it seems Scharner will finish up at Liverpool.Funny seeing them having to fish in the same pond as us now

  24. What was he gonna do with the fishing rod, ask the cops to give him an hour while he tries to catch his breakfast. Gazza lost the plot a long time ago and it’s only a matter of time before he kills himself or someone else.

  25. Yes i agree, We need a partner for Carroll, But i still think for nowt hes worth a punt, I hope we go back for Djalo who ive been really impressed with when watching Sporting lisbon, Quick, skilful and can play wide or off a front man.

    Plus Arry is trying to sign up Bellamy who is pretty much the same sort of player, Which hopefully leaves us the only option for the lad.

  26. million of pounds to track a madman across the northumbrian countryside,would a raoulmoat control not have been cheaper,i’ll get me coat.

  27. CC aye m8 bellamy signing might open door for toon or are they asking to much for him so H.R. took a diff road lets just hope eh,but ashley has said any press on players and toon will pull out?

  28. Icedog

    Dont know Arry been after for Bellamy for a while, I think he’s probably looking for options if he cant get the deal done.


    This might be quite old news but the clamour for Veloso seems to have died a wee bit, Maybe a double deal with Djalo to wipe out Sportings debts ;)

  29. Stevie … you’re missing the point – I dont give a shit if you’ve got a pink poster with Gazza on … the point is what’s the obsession with him being a Newcastle legend – he’s not!!!

    I have nothing but sympathy for his current state; brought on by himself and his so called “mates” and “advisors”, but don’t give me all this shite about “Toon Legend Gazza” – far from it.

    Is this a “NUFC” thing or “coz he’s a Geordie” thing?

    As for nob + pretending, I’ll gladly compare my Toon expoloits around the globe supporting NUFC anytime with you.. Italy, Spain, Germany, France, Russia, Division 2 last day of the season at Leicester, etc. … although you have got a poster from 1987 so that makes you the ral thing (w*nker)

  30. i love mike i didnt say i felt sorry for him and he aint no saint . i just asked a question

  31. CC hate to tell you says its the last one,master copy like,hope not,had bend his arm a bit lol,its for worky so you should see on this blog at some point m8

  32. Ripping DVD is an easy thing to do? I may peddle it for £5 a copy ;)

    (Obviously I wouldn’t, it’s illegal and piracy is bad ;) )

  33. I think one geordie maniac going on the run from the police in enough for one year, I wouldnt want to get you in any trouble toonsy… ;)

  34. Lads I dont think it will be long before we wake up to the headline of “Gazza Dead” it is only a matter of time.
    On a different topic I cant believe that we needed Perch that much that we had to quadruple his wages im sure he is laughing all the way to the bank :lol:

  35. This might seem like a weird question but.. is it just toonsy who does this blog now? I thought there was a few other people doing it aswell.

  36. Big Dave

    “Lads I dont think it will be long before we wake up to the headline of “Gazza Dead” it is only a matter of time.”

    Or Gasgone

  37. I’ve been impressed with my two so far today. I think they are quite witty.

    “Gazza is the fruit of the toon”

    “James and the giant paycheck”

    Self praise is no praise :(

  38. TF:)

    I saw SkySports over here in the states this morning and the guys says after the Gazza clip: “that was the only coherent part of what was a lengthy interview”

  39. Not a problem with it toonsy but it had me wondering. ;) Is it just you then?

  40. Right…

    Bowburn has ventured onwards to pastures new.

    Deb works away a lot and couldn’t guarantee so she said it is only fair that she steps down as she didn’t want to let anyone down.

    Worky is around still, it’s his site, and he is watching ;) He is just busy with real life work and stuff at the moment but he still does the background stuff that flies straight over my head.

    Hugh/Stardust/Micky all stopped writing before I started.

    Then me. So at the minute, on the artciel front, it is just me at the minute as I have the time for it :)

  41. Think you are all a little harsh… Whilst it may seem like a strange thing to do it would not have made a difference. The police would not let jounalist get close, and we could do with less of those, they were never going to let Gazza. Who of us would not have wanted to help a mate though in this situation. If police did tazzer Moat which led to his death then talking to Gazza could hardly of made the situation worse. Police have a lot of questions to answer over this