Newcastle bid for Djalo, according to agent.

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Toon target Djalo?
Toon target Djalo?
It appears that Newcastle are going head to head with Tottenham Hotspur in a race to capture the signature of Sprting Lisbon forward Yannick Djalo.

The players agent claims that both Newcastle and Tottenham have lodged bids in the region of £4 million for the Portuguese striker, although the fact that I am about to quote an agent instantly makes me highly sceptical of this apparent bid.

Both bids are short of what Sporting Lisbon value the player at although Djalo’s agent, Lionel da Silva, claims that it wouldn’t take too much extra to force Sporting’s hand into accepting a bid for the player. We have been linked with Djalo before although that interest surfaced at a time when most of us were still in the dark regarding that whole “capital outlay” nonsense. The purchase of James Perch seems to indictae that we do at least have a small pot of cash to use and hopefully that can be extended a bit more for further reinforcements

“Sporting will let him leave for a fee in the region of €7-8 million,” Lionel Da Silva told Portuguese publication, Record. “The offers we have in our hands, from Tottenham and Newcastle, are over the €5 million mark.

“Therefore, given the difference at stake, I believe this matter will be solved quickly. We have been much more distant before.”

There is no doubt in my mind that these are the words of an agent who is looking to drum up some interest in his client, and for many reasons I doubt that this move would come off, although if it did I would be pretty chuffed as Djalo is the kind of small, pacey forward I believe we are crying out for.

But lets face facts. If there is some semblance of truth in these rumours, and we are indeed fighting with Tottenham Hotspur for the signature then I would suggest that we would play second fiddle to them in a transfer race, they can offer Champions League football after all.

The only thing we could guarantee the player is first team football, certainly a quicker route to first team football than the player would get at White Hart Lane, that is pretty much a dead cert, and surely this premature agent declaration ends our interest at the first hurdle as it goes against our well publicised policy of confidentiality in the transfer market?

As I said earlier, the player has pace which is something we are crying out for, but he can also play in a few positions, chiefly up front or on the wing, which would benefit the squad as a whole and offer us cover in different positions if it was ever needed.

I’m not getting my hopes up based on what some agent says so I will hang fire with any premature excitement, but with this piece of news combined with the Erdinc rumours a few weeks back, it does appear that Newcastle are on the hunt for a nippy striker, a traditional number 10 if you like.

I’ll keep a close eye on this one.

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28 Responses

  1. Never seen him play, but from readig the blog, he sounds ok. Lets hope we can get him and why not throw a bid in for Carrick while we are at i. I know, dreaming now. But him, left back cover and a loan or 2 and we should be sorted

  2. I wouldn’t get my hopes up either as The Fat Man has stressed that if stories leak about player transfers they will pull the plug so I guess this will be the end of it, if indeed we were ever after him :(

    ashley says no more statments
    ashley says no cap outlay
    ashley says we want stay
    ashley says we want A.S.100% to stay
    ashley says we will pull plug if
    sure there are a lot more ashley says
    which one do we belive dave,beats me m8

  4. Hope you are right there Icedog, makes sense really. We know he has lied before and we can’t really trust him. Maybe, he will do the right thing for us and we will be siting thinking otherwise. Lets hope he will come good again this window.

  5. SIMON i dont trust him but in saying that he came ok to a degree in last window,so lets hope he does again,i take no notice of ashley says!

  6. I really hope we seal a deal for this tremendous talent Yannick Djalo. Would he awesome. And get rid of Xisco and Best as soon as possible.

  7. Takes me back to the days of chasing (pretending to chase) Modric,Turan and Arshaven….tell you what I bet MA is a fookin loser on ebay :)

  8. As big dave said i doubt the agent talking like this will encourage ashley to up the price.

    But at least like with the erdinc bid, if its true there is abit, if only abit, of money to play with.

  9. BIG DAVE i know toonsy has a soft spot,we should tell him that you can get tablets for it ;) i call ashley the 48hr man thats how often he changes his mind,once a proven liar always a liar in my book like

  10. Ice there is no cure for Toonsy except a broken Heart mate.
    Catch you’s tomoro im away for some food my stomach thinks my throat has been sliced

  11. Been stories going round Ed’s blog for hours that Gosling signs tomorrow. Not sure about Sunday signings and how true the stories could be, but lets see what happens. Need the hotel worker guy to come up trumps again, haven’t seen anything from him yet

  12. We’ll see. I think it’s obvious were in for Gosling but I also think WH and Sunderland could be in for him too.

  13. I think Hughton was talking about Gosling when he made the comment about players that he didn’t expect to be available now being up for grabs.

  14. In airport on the Coors.

    I look forward to returning to a fanfare of new signings upon my return.

    Adios Amigos!

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  16. Looks like there’s many more options than we thought only a few weeks back, seems Chris has cash & some irons in the fire. Let’s hope we can secure a few from Djalo, Erdinc, Gosling, De Guzman, Albin, Scharner, Boukhelifa. Add in decent loan potentials and we look well set for Prem return. Will be an interesting few weeks ahead.

  17. Scharner eh !
    Would bring a certain physical quality to the side, not to mention loads of experience plus a great work ethic.
    This would be a good signing, quality at a price that would’nt break the bank.
    A couple more like him would guarantee EPL survival.

  18. Scharner would be no different to what we have. We have a physical side as it is. It’s a bit of flair and quality we lack, neither of which Scharner possesses in my opinion.

    Add into that his tendancy to hoy the toys if he isn’t played where he wants to be and the many noises he made at Wigan about leving for Fulham/West Ham/Everton and we would also have one temperemental twat on our hands.

    Suffice to say, I would prefer it if we followed other targets ;)

  19. Its canny when we’re link with good young players for the future,But the future is in the future and Present is now !.What if “we sign” these good young players and dont play well ? We would get on they backs and start nasty groups on facebook etc. ?

  20. i liked some of the african players,but do toon really want them, they go missing for there cup games at a important time in the season and if have any injurys that a fair chuck out of a season imo