Do Newcastle have an ace up their transfer market sleeve?

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Does Hughton have some of these?
Does Hughton have some of these?
The question on the lips of a lot of Newcastle fans currently is: Who will be our first signing of the summer? We now know it will be James Perch, but is there a masterstroke to come from Newcastle United?

The goalposts have moved, slightly, from just scraping the bottom of the free transfer barrell to a now more widely recognised notion that we do have at least some money to use in the transfer market. I doubt it will be a lot, and in fact I very much doubt there is a budget as such, more likely a deal will only be sanctioned if it offers good value for the club, well that is my opinion anyway.

But does Chris Hughton have an ace up his sleeve? He has been keeping his cards close to his chest all summer long, and even recently called for privacy on the transfer front whilst he conducts his business. There is none of this drum-banging going on, like say at West Ham, who are spouting off about multi-million pound bids left, right and centre, which has amounted to them doing less business than us throughout the summer. No, no, we amble on quietly, frustratingly quiet, although Hughton has admitted that he is surprised by the calibre of player that has become available, players that he never thought would be available in the first place.

“Where we are at the moment is we’re making enquiries and beginning to make decisions on players but we are making progress. What happens over this period of time is that there are people that we have looked at and people that have become available that we believe are of the required quality to add to our squad.”

“We’re getting plenty of phone calls at the moment from agents and from clubs and among those there are plenty of names that are now available that perhaps weren’t on our radar before.”

So there is a bit of the same rhetoric from Hughton, with an added hint that new players are on the radar, players that he wouldn’t have expected to be available. Things need to start moving forward though, and the time for talking is running out. Pre-season training begins today, and I personally hoped we would have at least a couple of new faces in already in an attempt to get them integrated into the squad. Hughton knows best though, or does he?

There had been a bit of news last week regarding PSG forward Mevlüt Erdinç, and an apparent bid from Newcastle that has been rejected. How true that was in the first place is another debate entirely, although Chris Hughton has said that he isn’t generally looking abroad for players.

“We’ve not particularly targeted foreign players, but we’re open to anything that may improve our squad,” said Hughton. “That includes the Championship, free transfers and loan players too. We certainly won’t rule out looking at the Championship if there are players we feel are ready to step into the Premier League.”

As I said earlier, we really need to kick on with our recruitment drive now and add to the imminent arrival of James Perch from Nottingham Forest. The World Cup, the anti-christ to transfer windows apparently, is nearly over and the squad is back together for training, so everything is in place to start hearing of any more new developments.

We’re ready, you’re ready, but is the club ready?

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25 Responses

  1. Hughton has stayed true to his public comments since he’s been skipper. In regards to transfers that has been thy are looking to sign young, complimentary players, and that they will take their time in doing so. So I would expect a couple more, maybe a loan, and then ready for the season.

  2. toonsy,what we need more than anything is a playmaker in the middle,we have an abundance of holding men,we could even cash in on one of them,to create funds.we need a good quick mobile box to box player with a good football brain.the trouble is,easier said than done.

  3. did anyone see the tranfer news on evil sports,apparently sunderland are looking to sign charles nzogbia.

  4. Isn’t Perch our ‘ace’ signing?

    In all seriousness, I’m willing to give the lad a chance (as I am with Best) and it’s good we’ve started to make moves!

    I hope (not expect) there’s a pleasant surprise just round the corner…

  5. trojan69 – We have a 4 central midfielders vying for two spots now guthrie, nolan, barton, smith (+ vuckic) so we’re covered there from hughton’s point of view. Whilst I agree with you that we lack creativity and guile around the box I think Hughton will be looking for a no.10 type in the moses vein rather than another central mid- good technical split-striker/ playmaker to play off one from carroll/shola/best.

  6. I love that the press has no idea who we’re after till it’s official one way or the other.

    Hughton’s managed to tighten up the back office and keep it quiet. Perfect so far…

  7. i reckon perch will be better than mickey maguire=ryan taylor as cover for simpson,boater if we dont have a player who can play in our forwards we are cattle trucked,as imo this was one of the main reasons we were relegated in the first place,our lack of creativity.

  8. I hope they have more aces than I did on Friday, I got tortured at Texas Hold Em…

  9. These undisclosed fees disguise the financial clout we have, which may or may not work in our favour when it comes to negotiations but allows free reign on what the consensus is a la toonsy’s “widely recognised notion that we do have at least some money to use in the transfer market.”. We still have no idea what that ‘some money’ really amounts to at this stage, so there’ll no doubt be a continues hankering to speculate throughout the summer.

  10. Trojan…..Nolan scored 17 goals or something like that last season, when Guthrie moved to the middle we started scoring goals at will, and any player would have been proud of joey bartons passes agaisnt Plymouth and whoever we played last game of season (forget who it was). Routldge also scored a few crackers and set many up for Carroll and Jonas is away with Argentina in the world cup.

    But yeh apart from that we need a creative midfielder.

  11. It’s impossible to disagree with that RB but it’s a bigger ask in the Premiership. My concern is over Guthrie’s pace, even though I rate him very highly. The same applies to Nolan really. We need to see consistency from Routledge and Barton needs to prove he can be on the pitch for more than 5% of the games. Jonas, well we all know he improved but we all know perhaps we’re allowed to ask for more creativity from him too, without being too critical.

  12. Jonas should play more centrally.
    He has a killer, quick, short pass to an open attacker.

  13. Aye,
    F*** the press, forever!
    They should be told nowt.
    The less they know about the inner machinations of the club, the better.

  14. Trojan69 – thing is from Hughton’s point of view we are more than covered there. Nolan and barton are shoe-ins/ bordering on un-droppable. Guthrie will play more than not next season and smith will be used intermittently where needed, esp. away. He can look to bring in cover/competition for Lovenkrands and I expect this and the left-footer issue to be his main priority now.

  15. Yeh the premiership is going to be more difficult of course, but players like Barton are premiership players (Guthrie still has to prove himself but he is young and i reckon he can continue to improve).

    LEts not forget that Birmingham finished top half with Lee Bowyer as their attacking midfielder. Often its more than the ideal perfectly balanced free flowing team that are successful.

    I would prefer a guaranteed 10-12 goal striker first. If like in January we get what we need and then a luxury player to add another dimension (like routledge) then awesome, but i really doubt creative midfielder is top of hughtons list.

  16. Only two words Toonsy @4?

    I guess this is his belated attempt at a charm offensive and he’s trying to soften fans up so he doesn’t get booed too much if/ when he gets on against us!

    Just who on earth does he think he’s talking to? A buncj of idiots who’ll take anything he says with gratitude.

    Yes toonsy, I’d go for three words, the first one being ‘please’!

  17. boater, a lot may depend on whether vukic gets a game,if this is not the case,then imo the rest of our midfielders are too similar.if chris wants to change things around in midfield,we’ll only be going like for like without making an impact from the subs bench,kind of what happened with capello.

  18. isont michael johnson at city worth trying to bring in not bad player chips in with goals and young creative