Newcastle confirm Perch capture.

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Perch is hooked.
Perch is hooked.
Well it was breaking news this morning but now it has turned to confirmed news – James Perch has officially signed for Newcastle United.

Perch has moved from Nottingham Forest for an undisclosed fee and signed a 4-yearr contract on Tyneside where he will hopefully become a valuable squad member. It was revealed earlier that a fee had been agreed between the two clubs and that Perch would sign subject to passing a medical.

James Perch had been linked with us back in January which is perhaps something to do with Colin Calderwood who used to be his manager at Nottingham Forest, although according to the news on the official club website, Hughton has been fishing for Perch for sometime now. Speaking to, Hughton had this to say;

“James is a player I’ve admired for some time and it’s great that we have been able to secure his services. I’m certain he will prove to be a great addition to our squad.”

I have to be honest, he wouldn’t have been my first choice signing, but then equally I don’t really know enough about the lad to rubbish him before he kicks a ball for us. I think it is widely regarded that he won’t be a first choice player for us and his versatility could always come in handy throughout the season.

Perch can play in a multitude of positions, including all the way across the back four, in the defensive midfield role and on the right side of midfield, which is pretty impressive. Whether or not he can play them well is a different matter and is something that only time will reveal. He has made 220 appearances for Nottingham Forest in his career, scoring 12 goals in the process, and he was excellent against us at St James’ Park last season.

Still, Hughton wanted him and now he has him so I will give him my backing, same as I do with any player in the black and white. It could turn out to be a shrewd piece of business from the club which allows them to channel some more money elsewhere in the team, if indeed there is to be anymore money spent, which is another debate that will no doubt loom large at some point.

Hopefully this is the first of three or four signings that can add to our team as we aim to avoid relegation in our first season back in the Premier League. I notice Geovanni from Hull has just been released, perhaps we should go for him? Maybe, but this all about James Perch.

I guess all that is left for me to say is, welcome aboard James

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127 Responses

  1. Thanks toonsy, no I can rely on u when away and no sky sports, just my iPhone

    What do u reckon, cole next, then Turkish lad followed by a winger?

  2. Bowburn – Aye :D

    I think they are saving the big name for my 500th ;)

    Five so far today, my fingers are like nubs now. Everytime I put something up to last a few hourse, something else comes out :lol:

  3. Perch will be our first choice full back. Simpson a honest player but so many of the fans have a doubt about him that makes it a little uncomfortable.

    Who is the turkish lad mentioned in post 4

  4. toonsy,your like a factory production line today ,with all these articles,i cant keep up lol.

  5. nice to see a bit of consistency from fat ash – that’s 3 crap right backs he’s splashed out on.

    pay buttons and that’s what you end up with.

    – greedy fat b@stard.

  6. I think this cash signing settles the “No capital outlay” theory.
    No Capital outlay clearly means that no players will be signed on the “never,never”.
    Not sure about Perch, granted he had a blinder against us. What concerns me slightly is that he appears to have no fixed position like R.Taylor!
    Lets get behind him though and pray that he’s better than R.Taylor and Simpson.

  7. Not happy at all, order a baguette and tell them NO MAYO and the knobheads put it on away :(

  8. as long as he gets the job done on the pitch on a consistent basis, and doesnt hold back the potential of players such as kadar from developing, then im all for the lad.

  9. could be a good signing,the only negative is this is champoinship standard outlay to be honest.the thing we have to look at,is if james perch was allowed to go for say 1 mill,why were there no other takers,which does beg the question of how good is he?.

  10. Trojan,
    his contract was gonna run down & they/he knew we were interested in jan, but wouldn’t sell.

  11. Lets not get cocky toonsy we all know vile nialls got some big ideas, Dont forget the beat us to Kilgallon last season… ;)

  12. Perch could well grow into a good player, still only 24 which isn’t bad for a defender and more importantly for somebody of that age has been Forest captain since 2008. That is pretty impressive an d tells us that Hughton has probably added another good character to the mix. Someone who will want to play here, who may well prove to have the ability to raise his game and who is also captain material- not bad I’d say for about a million. Another good bit of business by Hughton I’d say. Look forward to two or three more.

  13. i think maybe he is a replacement for Butt and the fact he can play anywhere across the back 4 is a plus if needs must . I am sure i read in january when CH wanted him that DM was his preferred position .

  14. From ‘Looking at Newcastle’s squad I can see him being lined up as a rightback, and whilst there may be question marks over whether or not he’ll step up to the top flight – I think if that’s how Newcastle deploy him he might surprise a few of those supporters who seem to take great delight in his departure. Coupled with a solid centreback pairing and an actual right winger infront of him… but we shall see, I suppose!’

    Hopefully not another Ryan Taylor.

  15. If he has been signed as a first choice right back then god help us. Perhaps Hughton sees him as a defensive midfielder though and providing cover in other positions. Not a very encouraging start to the transfer window but hopefully we will bring in a bit quality.

  16. lads dont get down.the lad is not a bad player. good and fast and has a lot of energy which we need. kept jonas quiet, when they played at are place couldnt beat him for will change your minds about him.

  17. at 9…………this does not mean anything at all about the capital outlay being resovled. just cos this dude is through the door means nowt. Put it this way, perch cost a million tops, has he has been brought in for cover for williamson who will go auto number 1 with colo cos taylor (stevie) is sold for 5 million?? I or one think taylor is offski before start of season as his contract is no closer to being sorted. We will only know at the end of the window if we have spent some , none or even made some.

  18. I must be getting odder. I actually take a lot more pleasure from these ‘maybe’ signings than any known top-flight names coming in. With them the best you can hope for is that they justify their price and reputation; with someone like Perch there’s that hope that you’ve unearthed another diamond who finally comes to the fore when playing in front of 52,000 Toon.

    Good luck to the lad, and to CH and co in more signings over the next few weeks. Good to see the first one in the door!

  19. Good to see people are consistent on here. The usual moaning, cynical, Morrissey-loving, smacked-arse-faced doom-mongers doing their bit.

    Enjoy it, lads! You asked for progress, and this is it. Trouble is, some of you can’t stand being wrong about the “we’ll see no new players” garbage.

    CH has told us what he’s doing, and he’s doing it. It worked before, and it’ll work again.

  20. whumpie,ne morrissey for me,only angry street punk like angelic upstarts et al.

  21. Someone was spot-on with the rumour when they announced this yesterday.

    Pleased we’ve got a decent RB in Perch coz Simpson just ain’t good enough for the prem.

  22. Someone mentioned this earlier…….

    NUFC80 // Jul 5, 2010 at 1:05 AM

    No link to this story but I work at Manchester Airport and I just spoke to Felipe Caicedo of Manchester City, I asked him who he was going to be playing for next year and he said Newcastle or West Ham! Watch this space!

    Who knaa’s?

  23. ” kept jonas quiet, when they played at are place couldnt beat him for will change your minds about him.”

    Jonas has been proven to be a second choice RB and chief bench warmer in a side that just got thumped 4-0 off an adolecent German team. Tenner down the spout but im not bitter eh. :)

  24. That Caicedo is a proper tank, would prefer someone different to what we have however, maybe someone with pace who works the channels, a la Bellemy, but hey, beggars and choosers etc etc

  25. So what players have been on the rumour mill today folks? Been to busy to check.

  26. Kyle Naughton-spuds
    Fode Mansare-Toulouse
    There y’go jay jay, they’re doing the rounds.

  27. jay jay,
    you asked what was doing the rounds.
    I’m telling y’what is.
    Don’t shoot the messenger man.

  28. Stuart79 says:
    July 5, 2010 at 4:20 pm
    Perch eh?

    What a catch!
    <<<< stu divent knock it man we beat stevenge in the race too sign him :lol:

  29. Haven’t seen much of him lately but to be fair I always thought Naylor was a canny hand and he tortured us when Wolves beat us in the cup down there a few year back. Undoubtedly got his best years behind him.

  30. Kyle naughton would be a decent addition, who’s this fodd fella? I’m happy with perch, alright he’s not the superstar but he has potential is young and is exactly in the remit that the club have said they are looking for. At least we may take a small amount of hope that they are in fact telling us the truth and going about business quietly

  31. Raffo,
    y’asking/summising a bit much there mate. LOL

    People can’t take it if things go too right mate.

  32. jay jay,
    no sweat mate,
    ta for the response though.
    I get where y’coming from.

  33. Sorry mate,
    Looks like liverpool.
    He said today he wanted to be loved!
    Hope he doesn’t Love his hub caps!!!!

  34. That’s gonna be a pretty, tatty auld car, if it has hub caps like.
    It’s alloys all the way now mate.

  35. Waddles-‘arry said only yesterday I think that they were still a long way from making any solid agreement with him

  36. batty says:
    July 5, 2010 at 6:30 pm
    “shite player too join the shite players we already have”

    here you go batts, little song for ya, cheer up you miserable fcuk…

  37. We were linked with him in the xmas window. And I have seen him a few times for Forest and he was their stand out player for them. He had a good game for them against us near the end of the season, and at 1m he cant be a bad back up at least.

    Welcome and good luck James ;)

  38. Whumpie says:
    July 5, 2010 at 5:07 pm

    Humility personified!

    Have a word with yourself.

  39. Perch – A Routledge look-a-like? Or a Lewis Hamilton look-a-like?

    I may create a poll for it :lol:

  40. Toonsy @ 65 he is an uglier version of Routledge.
    Well if it doesn’t work out for him he will allways be able to get a job in the ghost trains.

  41. How many fish puns can people use without it getting a bit annoying, I just man utd dont batter him on the first day…

  42. There is a thin line between fishing and standing on the shore looking like an idiot!!!!!!……………a bit like commenting on a blog ;-) :lol:

  43. Headline writers could have a field day with James Perch. You get the fish angle and the bird angle (Perch/Canary)

    Cheep at £1 million ;)

  44. I wish people would stop carping on about the new signing, I’m sick of herring about him.

  45. richietoon says:
    July 5, 2010 at 8:02 pm
    is that not robert greens view on a jubalani ball Dave ?

    see oxo have brought out a new cube with red cross on its called laughing stock :)

  46. give perch the right back spot he is beter than danny dont think danny is good enough for prem perch a good signing now go for michael johnson

  47. Thats it from me your not reeling me in again, im getting green around the gills and your making me a bit crabby, Ive haddock more than i can take and im going trout…

  48. Some people have likened the Perch signing to the Best signing, but that’s a completely different kettle of fish.

  49. Perch played 200 games for Forest, and captained them several times, he cannot be a complete numpty surely. The Granted not a superstar in the John Brownlie or Mark Hottiger mode, but surely ok as a good squad player who can play across the back four…(remember those names boys, blast from the past), though probably newt to some of you’s..

  50. Big Dave, that was a bit of stealth attack there, only the good guys could pick up on it and you passed the test mate…. take your plaice as No 1