Hughton certain of new arrivals.

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Hughton: Will be looking at new players.
Hughton: Will be looking at new players.
It has been a line that has been trotted out with alarming frequency over these past few weeks – that Newcastle will be signings players. But today has seen a change in attitude from Chris Hughton as he spoke to The Chronicle.

Previously, I got the feeling that any sort of quotes that had come from the mouth of Hughton had been laced with a kind double meaning, maintaining that signings will be made but also not being entirely certain on the whole situation and leaving room to manouvre on what has been said. That isn’t the case anymore, and some of the certaintly contained within the words of Hughton should move to quell the fears that the Newcastle team would be forced to battle on with what they have. With two months until the new season, Hughton is now adamant that we will be bringing in the players needed to give us the best chance of survival in the Premier League next season, although he also reiterated that we wouldn’t be going wild with the cash, something I think we all know now about and something that has been done to death already.

“What I’m very conscious of is that we need to add to the squad, it’s something we’ll definitely do,” Hughton said. “What’s more important than doing it right at this moment, is to make sure we bring the right players in.”

“We have to add to what we’ve already got, improve what we’ve got, and are going to be fixtures in the team that we have. Among all of that, there will be transfers this summer, and we will be involved in some transfer dealings this summer.”

So the focus very much remains on bringing the right players in, ones that compliment what we have already. That, to me, sounds good as in my opinion we already have the basis of a Premier League squad, well in my opinion anyway.

One common theme that I have noticed through what other people are writing on the comments is that it’s not so much the clamour for glamour names like we have had in the past that fans want, but a sense of backing the team and giving Hughton the tools to do the job with is what is needed. Sensible investment, not crazy money, but enough to ensure we can compete throughout the season, and that is a theme that is backed by Hughton.

“If I look at some of the big-name signings this club has made in the past for big money, there’s a realisation we’re not in those times now. What we have to make sure we do is bring in the right players, rather than names that are just going to excite.”

At least it’s an indication that the team will be strengthened, and although nothing is done as yet, surely this has to be taken as an indication that things will happen? Don’t get me wrong, I would love us to splash the cash, that is what being a fan is about, wanting to see the best names playing for your club, but I think we all know that it just won’t happen.

So the next step is obviously sensible investment, which it sound like we could be getting. I really don’t care if we loan players, sign them on a free transfer, or pay money for them outright. All that matters is that they can do a job for us.

Yet again though, I guess it’s just another case of watching and waiting.

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134 Responses

  1. Don’t we know this already?
    Didn’t CH stress that we’ll be doing some biz towards the end of june, weeks ago?

    Scrap, scrap, scrap.

  2. As I’ve said before, there are only two types of free transfers:

    Top class players who have run their contracts down for one last big pay day – Totally and utterely out of our league.


    Their just sh1t!

  3. wait for the right players..? well thats pretty obvious? i expect us to keep waiting..and waiting until most targets have left for other clubs and we end up with another Best (he’ll do!) and a Andy Obrien.. pls prove me wrong..

  4. There’s the ‘shrewd’, ‘slight seconds’ approach also.
    i.e. Routledge, Williamson.

  5. This smacks of KK at this time last summer when nothing was happening… ‘judge me on the last day of the window’ speach. Lets hope that CH and cashley have a better relationship going on!!

  6. otherwise we will CH standing looking a right tit left holding the can for yet another painful window. Hey, who knows tho….i was impressed with routledge so miricles do happen still at!

  7. 9 CLiNT FLiCK says:
    June 14, 2010 at 1:28 pm
    who’s that fat, grey gadj doing punditry on itv?

    That’s Adrian Chiles.

  8. that’s the problem though lads,it’s all speculation atm.
    batty said i was an imposter before,but to be honest i’m sick to the back teeth of going over old ground.
    i dont like ashley,wish he was a million miles away,but until he decides to do one we’re stuck with him.
    if by the 1st of september he’s done nowt again,well that’s his last chance for me.
    so until then i’ll reserve judgement.

  9. 13… a noble stance mate, reserving judgment… i will do the other and slag him off none stop based on history and if he proves me wrong i will be mega happy. Either way i am the winner as i expect nothing so anything is a bonus and makes my day… you guys that expect something will never be happy cos if we dont get it you are upset and if we do get it you have always mentally planned for it anyway!!

  10. stu,an nee fan of ashley,but what can we do atm,all that can be said ,been said to be fair.we’ve called all the fat b*****ds,cockney etc..,what’s it done nowt.
    the gruesome twosome are still there two year later.

  11. I’m still a firm believer we have money available. Ok not the 20+ mil we could do with but still enough cash to get a few good players. I think even tho ma is a fat useless bugger he knows a bargain and will pay for it aka Williamson, routledge!

    Personally I’d be having a pop at Kevin prince boateng and altidore both on loan unless the price is right. Rated both of them at pompey, both look quite good on the big world cup stage (not that it really matters) and would both be a good upgrade to the squad.

    I’d also be keeping my eyes out for a left winger, again I ain’t the biggest fan of Jonas and if atletico came in with a nice bid after world cup I’d take it. Same with smudge and strolla, both are going to get games even though they aren’t up to scratch. And in place of the young ens we need to be trying out!


    Looks like a smashing team to me. Few tweak here and there and were staying up. Need a fast, left footed left winger who can cross to provide for the big lads! Gonna be a lot of teams pulling the belt in and I have no worries about us staying up at all!

  12. taylor is too slow on the RB post and colo should be in.LW is jonas and again i would prob go with one in the hole for us nad not two out and out strikers. Nolan or something in hole.

  13. Trojan,
    i think y’right mate.
    We’re stuck with MA for now.
    May as well just get on with supporting the team, owt coming in is good.
    Everyone’ll just give themselves an ulcer raging about it.
    We’ve had shiter teams than this in my time watching the Toon.

  14. Steady lads, you’ll be labelled Ashley lovers if you aren’t constantly slagging him off ;)

  15. Altidore just looks like a slightly quicker Ameobi, but with less skill on the ball.

  16. craig,
    we’ve got the same team so far, & that’s better than some of the crap i’ve witnessed.
    they need to spend, they’ve got less than us.
    Their managers are doing a good coaching job though.

  17. It means skint, craig. But Brum are minted and were always gonna spend some dosh this summer so it doesn’t really make sense.

  18. Birmingham should improve that shithole of a ground with some of their new found wealth :D

  19. toonsy says:
    June 14, 2010 at 1:58 pm
    Birmingham should improve that shithole of a ground with some of their new found wealth

    Why? They cannot even fill that fckin thing!

  20. Three side of it are fine, but the other side is awful and probably should be condemned for H&S reasons!

    Having said that, I sit in the executive box whenever I go there anyway.

  21. So kev,
    you never let a left winger defend, but you moan when they don’t track back?
    I’m confused.

  22. It’s probably my age that’s making me irritable.

    I remember watching some European games in my youth when they used to have those air-cannister type horns, and it didn’t irritate me as much as these things bloody vuvuwhatsnames.

  23. After watching most of the teams so far I think England’s performance is starting to look better and better.

    Wasn’t impressed with the Dutch either – They dissapointed me.

  24. I think with england stuart they need to sort out the centre midfield gerrard and lampard cannot play together , Capello needs to drop one of them and for me id drop lampard.

  25. Darth,
    they keep threatening to ban the stupid things.
    They reckon just one of ’em makes 127db, that’s louder than the average rock ‘n’ roll band giving it some, so imagine what 10-20k does to your heed.
    I bet y’come out of the game deaf, ears ringing. That’s permanent damage right there too.

    i agree mate, england look good compared with some of the crap so far. If it wasn’t for the stupid mistake by green.

  26. I bet they start fights by the end of this too.

    Apparently, messi was saying it was like playing deaf, he couldn’t hear his team mates instrutions.
    Maybe that’s why the football has been shit?

  27. They just seem to suck all of the life out of the game.
    The crowd probably feel like ‘what’s the point of trying to sing over that racket’?
    Although, i gotta say that the england v U.S. game managed a bit of atmosphere despite them.

  28. Could understand messi saying that , it is one of the most annoying things i have ever heard , i could understand it for when south africa play but why at every other game? I know locals would get tickets for games but i see some fans of the countries playing with them! They r ruining the world cup , i can out up with bad football at the start of the tournamnet but not that crap

  29. “They reckon just *one* of ‘em makes 127db'”

    Hells teeth. I think I’d be playing with cotton wool stuffed in me feckn’ ears :)

  30. Have you noticed that when they show the highlights at half time, they’ve ‘dubbed’ on a different (normal) crowd, without zuluvulvas?

  31. Darth,
    honestly mate, they’ve been checking it out.
    That’s H&S anywhere else.
    The teams should be wearing ‘in ear’ monitoring to hear their team mates.

  32. “different (normal) crowd, without zuluvulvas?”

    lol! Just noticed that now – unfortunately on a replay of Green’s career defining moment :(

    It’s crazy though – do the opposing fans play different notes or something? What’s the feckn’ point?

    I hadn’t thought about the singing – you’re absolutely right. I’ve only heard the USA and the England fans so far. It’s definitely spoiling things.

  33. Darth,
    It wouldn’t be so bad if they had a few different notes tuned into ’em.
    At least then the muso’s among the crowd could strike up a tune FFS.
    Wonder if the brazilians bother with their drums & trumpets?

  34. Don’t expect any signings until the Brazil and Spain have played…CH has his cheque book and horn at the ready :lol:

  35. Not watching many games had a sore head after Germany game-switched the Holland one off after 10 minutes-gets on my tit’s it does.

  36. CLiNT – Evra and Messi have already said it has affected their performance. I reckon all it will take is for one to be dropped on someones foot and I reckon a ban will come out. TV companies are moaning like fook about them, and when they start moaning, culture goes out of the window :lol:

    Toot toot

  37. CLiNT @68


    What I wouldn’t give for someone in the crowd to strike up a tune on the bagpipes.

    Be assured, I will never say that again :lol:

  38. Darth – You will have Wickywoowoo tugging his tail silly by saying things like that :lol:

  39. Darth

    or if someone sticks one up someone else’s ass?

    They’re good if you wanna improve your embouchure like.
    That’s a musicians joke. ;)

  40. I almost long for ‘the great escape’ by that crap english band.

  41. I can see Honda getting on his bike & driving straight through the macaroon defense like.

  42. Geremi’s a total donkey, he looks even slower than he did last season, if thats possible. How the heck does he still get picked at international level.

  43. I see our pathetic criminal ANC government are doing their part to spoil this world cup. Bought a sh!t load of tickets for games with tax payers money and those tickets are not even being used.

    God I hate the ANC, bunch of thugs! I can’t get a ticket for the Brazil vs Ivory Coast game but I bet there are thousands of spare seats…

  44. jj,
    why don’t they just let people walk in free, it looks pretty bad with all those empty seats like.

  45. Clint, the tickets are all “Sold Out” so they can’t. Because they should theoretically belong to someone.

    Its hard to explain – and I’ll get called racist again by the likes of Chuck and Worky. But you won’t understand unless you’ve lived here.

    This Government is so corrupt they have allocated tickets to friends and family members that just arn’t interested in seeing Japan vs Cameroon.

    Up till now they havn’t even supported South Africa only their clubs Kaizer Chief or Orlando Pirates.

    The uneducated masses have no idea how seat allocations work. They don’t even use them at the football grounds they just sit were they want.

    They’d go in, with dagga, alcohol. It just wouldn’t work.

    The fact is, these tickets were sold… but to who? Because thousands of people (like myself) who want tickets to these games, can’t get… they are sold out????? FFS… I hate this government!

    Did you see our stupid id!ot presidents speeches at the Kickoff Concert and opening ceremony! The guy doesnt have a half a pea in his head!

  46. toonsy well kid i give u a tastet 2 to 1 bet but ya didnt take my advise u deserve too be skint i got me double up holland and japan

  47. And for those of you thinking I’m making up the numbers of the Governments friends and family members.

    Just remember – our @rsehole president has 5 wifes and 21 children. Thats 30 immediate family members for just him!
    A trialed rapist, who has also been found guilty of corruption charges, and having unprotected sex with Aids sufferers.

    To which he replyed, “I was responsible because I showered afterwards!”

    This is what we are dealing with! No solutions to debate with this government.

  48. Toon Chicken // Aug 24, 2007 at 1:41 PM

    raul termondo

    A couple of things to point out to you…

    1. Steven Taylor is contracted to Newcastle United until 2009. I would be very surprised if the club do not offer him new and improved terms before then, so the chances of him playing in the Championship or SPL appear to be almost non-existent.
    <<<<< ya got that wrong playing in the championship TC :lol:

  49. good one, batty.

    I notice you had to go back 3 years to find an example of me being wrong. ;)

  50. BATTY how did the shop-lifting go m8,didnt go to everything a pound i hope,did you get hair-piece for toonsy ?

  51. JJ says
    The uneducated masses(read blacks)have no idea how seating allocation works (read ignorant)just sit where they want.

    They go in with dagga, alcohol, (perhaps we may have something to learn here) joking.

    Look you repeatedly claim you are neither racist or prejudiced, but anyone reading your ranting in posts
    89#, 90# and 93# could only reach the opposite conclusion.
    And I suspect you believe if you were still governed by the Nationalist regime, everything would run smoothly.

    C`mon guy, you could`nt have made it more obvious who you are !

  52. Soh! back to football.
    Must admit still confused by the situation concerning the funding of new arrivals ?
    Anyone care to clarify that one ?

    And what quality are we looking at, proven EPL players?

    Do we in fact have a wage and age limit`s ?

    Are we going for possible new Bassong types, (read young and cheap)as opposed to anything over two million ?

    I think most will agree it`s not a good idea to put your business in the street, but the opposite is just as bad,
    seems the club feels the least the fans know the better.

    It`s bad PR and talking about bad PR, putting out info in regards to wage/age and transfer limit`s will be an excellent way of dissuading anyone from coming.

    Well suppose we are forced to take a wait and see attitude, who knows there`s always the chance we may be pleasantly surprised ?

  53. chuck,
    you either go with what the club ‘puts out’, or you go with what the press stir up.
    Y’right about the club trying to keep it quiet. That’s because of all the past BS, down the years. & having to pay over the odds for players.
    But basically, no one knows.
    No point getting wound up about it mate.

  54. JJ… i dont think you are racist mate…. i work with loads of yarpies… i know where you are coming from as i have had it explained to me soooo many times. its just too corupt.. i have read your post again and the post refers to total corruption, nothing to do with creed or colour. Its a damn shame that a country with such natural wealth cant get it together.

  55. JJ says:
    June 14, 2010 at 5:06 pm

    “Its hard to explain – and I’ll get called racist again by the likes of Chuck and Worky.”

    JJ, when did I call you racist?

  56. Ye, thing is chuck admittedly reads into posts as he sees fit not as I write them.
    The “uneducated masses” yes, 90% are black. But so are 90% of the educated masses now days also black. So really colour has no issue there. But you read into it as you will.
    They have no idea how seating allocations worl “ingnorant”, no chuck I didn’t say that. No tickets sold in South Africa for the Premier league or club games in football have seating allocations. Most of the clubs grounds never had seats, they had terraces.
    They have never used them. And thus they don’t know that they cannot sit where they want. Not their fault. But it would cause chaos letting people in free without this being explained to them properly.

    And finally, where did I say the Nationalist government would be better. I nor anyone I know in my generation ever supported the nationalist government. That is why they do not exist today.

    If the ANC appointed people with some intellegence to lead them, they might have some support.
    Slowly they (they great liberators) are fragmenting as a party because their own party members are realising they are not delivering. And they are sick of corruption.

    But yes Chuck the Miserable Yank F#$K, believe what you will. You always do anyway.

    The pure fact is, I class things into political parties, people, educated and uneducated. You are the one classing things into colour. Haha clown…

  57. Worky,

    You made a comment that I was trying to pull the wool over peoples eyes and people like Toonsy and Richietoon may fall for it but you see past it.
    That was in reference to Chucks statement that I am an Apartheid apologist.

    Perhaps it was in reference to something else. If that is the case then I stand corrected, but thats what I remember, from that thread.

  58. I wasn’t aware that the club had ‘put out’ anything to do with a salary cap or age cap?

    Have I missed something? It’s unlikely but still though I best check.

  59. getting my horn for the arsenal game next year. Put the boys off there game when the toon men destroy them. Par 1 italy 0 lol

  60. JJ says:
    June 14, 2010 at 7:56 pm


    You made a comment that I was trying to pull the wool over peoples eyes and people like Toonsy and Richietoon may fall for it but you see past it.”

    Where did I write that, JJ?

  61. i won a tenner on the england line up. One of those free bets. Shame on those bookies giving me more money to play with. Holland japan and a draw tonight. Two out of three so far need to find the slip now :)

  62. Shew Worky,

    That a long way back in the archives now…

    If you say you didn’t then maybe I was mistaken seeing your name amongst the comments from Chuck on the thread.

    I’m not going to read through that many posts to see if I’m right. So I’ll take your word for it…

    If you didn’t I apologise.

  63. said at start to watch these para players hard basts,got italy look scared,these lads will break your leg for nowt,pepe should be a out-let for them like

  64. so it seems the first two deals of the season are nearly done to me………foster and ranger off to norwich! i like the look of this strengthening! i must admit, i thought it would have been taylor out first. he will be next i would imagine.

  65. Yo JJ !

    How do you feel about being called a “yarpie” by Craig Chisholm.
    My understanding is it`s a derogatory name given to South African Boers.

  66. Thats a different thing Toonsy but your right about Yardies. Yarpie/Japie as far as I know is similar to calling someone a Yank/Aussie etc.Maybe some Afrikaan take it as an insult and some don’t.Either way Craig didn’t mean it as such imo and if JJ is offended he’ll let Craig and us know.Its certainly no worse than when people call Big Dave Irish,as he said yesterday he’s Northern Irish but people don’t get it wrong to insult but just because they don’t know.Maybe its the same with Japie…..over to you JJ mate.

  67. chuck… i can guarentee JJ will not take offense with this saying man……….i work with yarpies all day long and we rub along pretty well. you need to get a life and stop acting like every single word ever spoken is insulting. You are borderline ridiculous on this issue so i suggest we keep it on footy.

  68. he dont bother me lads, he is just trying to find issues with things people say in order to justify his own drivel. Is there not an amercian football blog or something you can go on chuck or a world series blog for american baseball?? its got to be better than you talking to us thick ‘real’ football fans as after all, every post seems to cause an issue with you mate.

  69. Fact is you only have to read between the lines to realize what JJ actually means and those denying that are either similar minded or self deluding.

    You are obviously too thick to realize the term Yarpie is insulting to s/Africans and your self described worldliness is laughable.

  70. Darth & Batty

    You`r like a coupla Chihuahuas, constantly biting ankles, but doing no real damage.
    Almost like those whack S/African plastic horns, constantly in the background but not really paid attention too.

  71. Chuck – Bad news on the horns, they will be making an appearance at grounds over here next season so it is thought :(

  72. chuck…. i was going to write a normal reply until i read your post again calling me thick. I have been working all over the world since i was 18, am still a global worker now, i am working with some yarpies right now, i have one standing next to me as i type this. I have done more and seen more than you ever will.
    So i am afraid i will have to just tell you to go and get fcuked man as i cant be doing with your yank ‘ we know everything’ drivel. No one cares what you say anymore, the states are not the global super power anymore and no -one even cares what you say. Just a noisy neighbour that everyone wants to shut up, even jsut for ten minutes.
    so toonsy, sorry if this gets me into hot water but chuck go and fuk yourself you thick plastic nation twat.

  73. Tut tut Craig , you must really learn to behave in a civil manner.
    It`s unfortunately for you, your arrogance is only exceeded by your Ignorance on these threads.
    You should stop constantly embarrassing yourself.

  74. Chuck,

    Honestly think you are just over sensitive… maybe you were beat up as a kids a kid or something I don’t know…

    Names, labelling, all depends on the manner in which the word is used… not the word which is used itself.

    For example, American blacks calling each other “my nigga” is not derogatory but rather an effectionate term.

    Here is South Africa, most of the formerly derogatory terms are actually used in jest and playfully amongst each other.

    Afrikaans people refer to the English as Souties (Salties), Rooinecke (rednecks), because fair skinned Brits had burnt necks…
    English people will call the Afrikaaners, Dutchies, Plaasjapie, Boertjie… or whatever.
    Black people call white people, mlungu, stanbane, whitey… or whatever…
    White people will call black people, muntu, darkie etc…
    If you were having an argument with someone you don’t know maybe the word could be seen as offensive with a few choice words in front of it… otherwise no.

    We do it all the time, and its about accepting each others culture through humour. Had the same things been said 50 years ago, war would have broke out. Now days we just laugh.

    A lot of the time, when meeting South African’s people from the UK will ask what certain words mean. Typically we’ll teach them the rude words first. But we do it knowing anyone they say it will now take it in jest.

    Jarpie is derived from the Afrikaans word Plaas Jarpie, (Plaas beig a “farm” and Jarpie coming from the word “Ja” which means “Yes”).

    Again Afrikaaners wouldn’t get offended unless you intended to offend them. And many of them will have nicknames like Japie. Meaning they come from a farming background.

    Not offensive in the least.

  75. And calm down, you may have a brain seizure.
    Oh what am i saying, you`d need a brain for that to happen!
    Bye now! really dont want to hear your gibberish anymore.

  76. Chuck,

    You must be completely dim witted and ignorant to not see that it is you who is constantly making a complete arse of yourself on these threat.

    Although generally your knowledge of football is poor, I think your general knowledge is a bit worse…
    So rather stick to the football. Seriously. You only embarressing yourself.

    At your age, (must be about 60 odd) you’d think you’d have picked up some kind of wisdom.
    But I guess your ignorance comes from years and years of stubborness in refusing to admit you are an arsehole and do something about it…

    Its not too late you know Chuck. Don’t hate life. Don’t be so bitter. Really, its pathetic…

  77. Thats right Chuck, make a snard remark and run off like you always do… Wouldn’t be suprised if you spend the hours away trying to come up with something intellegent to say – keep trying though, because you havn’t got it right yet…

    I admire you’re persistance though ;)

  78. ___________________________________________________________
    ……………….. ….THE..END……………………..