Hughton calls for privacy on transfer front.

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Hughton - Still confident of signing new players.
Hughton - Still confident of signing new players.
Chris Hughton has today reiterated his desire to keep Newcastle United’s tranfer activity private, until any deal is ready to be announced.

There is nothing new in that really, and I can understand it to a point, but my god it doesn’t half make things frustrating for fans who are wanting to see some tentative signs of action.

All this comes hot on the heels of some speculation regarding a bid for PSG forward Mevlüt Erdinç, a bid that was subsequently rejected, although Hughton wants to remain tight-lipped about any of his potential transfer activity. I, personally, wanted to see us do our business early and get the required playes in before pre-season to give them the best chance of settling in at Newcastle, but as training starts on Monday and we still haven’t signed anyone, then my preference looks highly unlikely to happen.

Chris Hughton has been speaking to The Journal today and had this to say;

“What we’re doing is making calls at the moment to determine who is available and then we will move on to make decisions. We are making progress with that and I understand that people will want to know where we are with certain things but we prefer to do our business in private.”

“I’m still confident of making the necessary additions to the squad but I don’t want to put a timescale on it.”

I’m a little worried by the not wanting to put a timescale on when any new signings will arrive. I understand why, but then I also understand that it looks like a path we have followed before, and until something concrete happens then it looks like we are treading that same path.

Hughton was also challenged on the rejected Erdinç bid amid rumours that Newcastle are still interested in the player and are considering whether or not up their offer, here is what he said;

“There is nothing concrete to say on that at the moment.”

I guess it’s just more of the same rhetoric from Hughton, but if there isn’t anything to say then what can he do other than give the same answers to the same questions he is being asked nearly everyday by ‘the press’? I guess it’s a case of yet more waiting, but as every day passes, the pressure and anxiety builds up that little bit more.

There is still some time left in the transfer window, which means I still have some hope. If we don’t sign anyone I will be pretty pissed, but I will still back my team – it’s what fans do, continuously, and usually with very little to show for it. My god that sounds depressing now I’ve written it down, but it’s true.

As I said though, where there is time there is hope, and the day I stop hoping is the day I end up in a box.

Now get some damn signings!

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122 Responses

  1. whats happening with kris boyd heard we where hot on his trail but seems to have died down a bit…also last transfer window we where on the path of finding no body then what happens a player comes in we never thought of signing (routledge) then it snowballed from there, im sure CH is doing what it takes to get new players in

  2. Boyd? Depends where you look. Boro, Blackburn, Brum, Us, probably some others are all linked wih him still.

    He has turned down Turkey though ;)

  3. by the way who would be the better signing the turkish lad where chasing right now or boyd as they seem to be the strikers where trying to get

  4. Jay Jay – I don’t know yet mate, although I will defo still be doing my away games ;)

  5. Good signing as a striker would be Paraguays Lucas Barrios…
    He reminds me a bit of Bellemy with his work rate and pace.

  6. Yeah when you are scouting world class players like J.Loyd Samuel and Andy O’Brien you need to have a level of decorum and privacy……Yawn.

    “There is nothing concrete to say on that at the moment.”

    As expected,so pre season training begins soon and we have not bought one senior player or obtained any on free transfers as expected…..I can smell the ambition and I bet it has got the premiership opposition running scared.

    We will be bitches next season,whipping boys.

  7. toonsy,what’s with the red beret avatar?are you getting aal militant ower the lack of transfer activity lol.

  8. JJ says:
    July 3, 2010 at 1:00 pm

    Good signing as a striker would be Paraguays Lucas Barrios…
    He reminds me a bit of Bellemy with his work rate and pace

    would he also be handy with a golf club

  9. Jay Jay – Doubt I will do OT as it’s hard to get tickets to. Wolves away is the first one I am planning.

  10. TROJAN – Just fancied putting it up. My old man was in 1 para, so thats the reason.

  11. Just wanna ask,is there any other movie about Newcastle??? I am currently watching the Movie “Goal”. :lol:

  12. i must admit non of this guff coming from chris,is not suprising in all honesty.i’m still willing to wait until the end of the window,but i’ve always thought deep down,ashley will conspire to f**k this forthcoming season up.i can see him making us a laughing stock again.
    if he takes the slash this time though,there will not be a bedsheet left in my house BOYCOUTT BOYCOUTT!!!!!!!!!!LOL.

  13. I personally think it’s just a tad wrong to leave the fans completely in the dark. The occasional hint I’d be satisfied with…Toonsy. May be in Newcastle this time next year. Any chance of meeting the person behind my only link to what’s happening halfway across the world with my club?

  14. I think Mick is going to shaft us big time….Hate the man me and all he stands for.
    He hates us and all we can do is hate him back.

  15. I work for a die hard forest fan who is convinced were still in for James Perch?!
    He also reckons were in for Chris Cohen in a combined bid? anyone know anything of that? Probably a load of bull dash i know but thats bosses for ya!

  16. divvent worry we’ll get billy the fish in goal,shakin stevens upfront,ashley’s carry on has got us like fulchester united.

  17. Fernando666 – It depends if you are a murderer or not :lol:

    Let us know when you are over and I will see if I will be around nearer the time :)

  18. AOD, purely belter mate.

    Toonsy do you think season ticket holders will snap up the tickets for the man ure match?

  19. ime so sure of signings (decent) that i havent bothered to renew my season ticket :(

  20. Jay Jay – It’s a popular game to go to, and with it being the first of the seaosn I reckon the demand will be there from season ticket holders.

    Best tip for your membership, keep an eye on when the members sale starts and get in there early on that date.

  21. films to name us after,for this season,THE POSEIDON ADVENTURE,EARTHQUAKE,that’s after ashley dropped his bait box.

  22. sirjasontoon: well,let’s hope we can find a similar Mexican player. but without asthma of course. :lol:

    Didn’t know Alan shearer is involved too. 80

  23. AOD – There is another one called “The Running Man£ that features us in it.

  24. Something I honestly don’t quite understand is that if the rumours are true that we have bid 5 million for Erdinc, that means we have 5 million to spend on a solitary aquisition. Why not go in for Skjelbred? Creative & attacking midfielder who is capable of contributing with goals as well. Didn’t mind playing for us last year when we were relegated, & has been a lifelong fan. He is rated in the 4-5 million bracket as well.

  25. Jay Jay – My mate sorts all my tickets. We agree to go to x games and he books it. Works for me, as I know he will do it, and I think it works for him as he isn’t to sure I will :lol:

  26. Toonsy

    Cheers for the link to that site yesterday, But i have managed to find an offical video from 1969 the full home leg of the final and highlights of the second, with info and clips of some the earlier rounds, I wouldnt buy it like, with there being no way a video would be still working 40 years on.

    The fact there is archive footage available for the club to produce a DVD like every other English side have commemorating there european trophy wins, Instead of crap like magpie magic.

    I emailed the club website to ask why they continue to produce shite merchandise and not something marking the anniversary of the clubs greatest ever achievement, Im still waiting for a response nearly 2 days later, Despite the clubs promise to answer all messages as quickly as possible.

    Or does the fat fecks no comment policy carry over to the general inquiries section of the website…

  27. @ Toonsy: It’s going to be a wrench, but I’ll leave my favourite axe at home… :P

  28. Lads after reading > “What we’re doing is making calls at the moment to determine who is available and then we will move on to make decisions” cant help thinking wtf have they been doing upto now. I am really starting to think that CH is being left out to dry by MA, at first I was willing to watch and wait but im now starting to get the feeling that we are being lead on a wild goose chase

  29. CC – To be fair, last time I e-mailed the club they responded within the hour. Shocking really as I was expecting a wait of several days… :)

    Fernando – Whereabouts are you from?

  30. If I bugga off to Spain I’ll be flogging 2 season tickets
    :-( if anyones interested.

    I’d be more worried about Toonsy if I was you fernando666 :lol:

  31. They want to keep it quiet because their embarrassed by the lack of anything to say, or indeed happening!

    “What we’re doing is making calls at the moment to determine who is available and then we will move on to make decisions. We are making progress with that and I understand that people will want to know where we are with certain things but we prefer to do our business in private.”

    Shouldn’t they have been doing this, I don’t know, May?

    Is this the most un-organised club in history?

  32. Dave…I’m still on my wait and see plan but the longer it goes on without any signings the more anxious I get.

  33. CC,i have been tracking down 69 fairs cup on dvd i was going to buy and send to workyticket (takeing copy first like)have found that THE BACK PAGE sell it same old storey sold last one last wk,but the boss (mick) is back from hols on wednesday to say if they can get more,will let you know if that is the case m8

  34. Rich – Don’t go to Spain, don’t move, just to piss people who want your tickets off :lol:

  35. CC I don’t know yet as I’ll have to wait and see when/if we move to Spain(prob September if all goes well) so I know how many games are left. They’re Gallowgate end first row off the upper tier so loads of leg room.

  36. CC – Yeah, Worky was planning on doing something on here to celebrate it but tracking it down has been very hard, hence detective Icedog on the prowl looking for one.

  37. Toonsy it’ll break my heart selling them,that’s what I missed most being in Germany was the Toon matches :-(

  38. Richie I just cant understand why CH has basically came out and said the samething a few times now, why ask for privacy when we have allready been told that we will know FA until a deal is done ? Maybe its just the off season but im just getting fuked off with nowt happening. I thought 1 of the good points to getting promoted early was it would give us a head start in the preparation for a real hard season in the real league :( .

  39. rich

    you wont miss it mate, get yourself a jet ski, I look after your ticket for you. ;)

  40. jay jay :lol:

    Dave…I know what you mean mate,in fairness to CH tho I think he’s only giving the same old answers to the same old questions being asked by reporters but I think the sooner we make a signing the better it’ll be for all our nerves……bloody hell I’d even take Boyd now ;-)

  41. THE BACK PAGE said they had over 30 discs a month ago so something is ganning off somewere,(bar steward)but i was layed up :( keeping fingers crossed for next wk

  42. BIG DAVE its just a ploy so people keep buying season tickets before he uses his 2mil up on new players,spain to go out now imo,if only for richietoon to get his tap stopped ;)

  43. CC jetski sounds good,might be a while before I can afford one tho.

    cheers ice :lol:

  44. Gotta love “El Toro” :lol:

    Enrique said: “I hope we play against the players who left and we win!”

  45. we keep hearing how mike ashley claims to be a newcastle fan,if this is the case why didn’t he just buy a season ticket like everyone else?.he could have went to the matches drank himself into oblivion,with the fans in the bigg market,no one would have known who he was,he would have been just another fat f**k in a black and white shirt.
    it beggars belief that the fat mug,has probably purchased the most expensive season ticket in the history of association football,250 million ticket and counting.personally i’m not buying into his victor kiam from the remington adverts “i loved the company so much i bought it”.

  46. Ambition just one little sign of ambition Instead of a vague hope we may escape relegation.The only improvement from our relegation side is “team spirit”and that will only last while results are good.I expect this window will go to the wire like the rest.Please please give just one little spark of ambition or better still find a buyer!!

  47. This is gona be some game!!!

    I like many am getting really frustrated with the window, and the nonsensical statements. Why are they looking at players now? I realise all those who we can get on free transfers have only just ended their contracts but surely if we can get them in for the very start of per-season to build a rapport with the squad that would be idea? Esp when the ‘spirit’ is all people keep banging on about then you need even more time to get trusted and accepted into the unit.

    There are a wealth of players out there, and I for one dont think we will get any players that are still, or have been, involved in the later stages of the world cup, so why the delay?

  48. nutmag,totally agree with everthing you say,no ambition but ashley and llambias now know they can get away with using the fans loyalty to exploit them.

  49. All this exploiting fans nonsense, will people wake up and realise it isn’t new, and it isn’t just us that it happens to. We are not the only victims, and Ashley is not the only culprit. We, in particular, have been victims to it for many many years.

  50. ILM – I can actually see both sides, I don’t buy into this pro/anti Ashley side taking thingy.

    I just think the victim card is getting worn down. Where is that fightin geordie spirit I grew up with? The ‘we dont let anyone get us down’ spirit?

    Feck Ashley. If he pulls a surprise, great. If he doesn’t, well, so what, Newcastle United will live another day, and that is far greater than anything we have to dal with…. ever.

  51. I tell you what, after my thoughts on Ghanians last night, how good is Schweinsteiger? Am I right KK nearly signed hiim but we got someone better instead? ;-)

  52. KK got tol the deal was lined up to bring him here, then Schweinsteiger said no after we had already sold Milner. I think that is what happened anyway..

  53. Toonsy – trophy signings, ashleys methods, he is satan, systematically destroying the club etc. All things I have been hearing and it just winds me up. As I have said I hold hope, more than most, and will judge them when the windows shut. I hope now that I have an insider to the footballers fraternity I will understand things abit better from now on

    Your right there is a lack of fighting spirit etc, and we need all the help we can get next season, and with our promotion one thing you can be sure of is that there will be fewer real fans and more of the prawn sandwich brigade in attendance.

  54. Also, if Di Maria is worth 20million, how much is Jonas worth cos I think Di Maria is one of the most overated players ive seen in a while

  55. Toony mate – is this your gig now as you seem to write all the articles now and I dont see many comments from the other dudes?

  56. Raffo – Nah, not my gig, it’s Worky’s still, although I have a hand in decisions I think. Bowburn has defected ( joke ;) ) to another writing role, Deb is away working a lot, and Worky, be assured, is doing a lot behind the scenes.

    Was it you who mentioned about writing articles a while back?

  57. lol yeah I read something, hasnt he started writing for tyne time or something?

    Yeah I did ask about it yeah but you seem to do an awful lot! I gather you work nights as I do quite often, how do you fit it in?

    To be honest I am not sure how that would go down as I am not really recognised on here and certainly dont have the respect you do as a poster

  58. Raffo – I started off from nothing mate. Never even thought about writing a blog, so it is possible and people on here will always, generally help you along, which is what I found helpful.

    If you’re intersted you could give it a go and see how you get on?

  59. I shall certainly think about it matey, what happened to Hugh and the others who used to write? I have to say I would like to see Stu have a go!!!

  60. I have invited Stu to have a go, but he said no :D

    Not sure what happened with Hugh. Obviously he is still around but I came on board sort of after he stepped down.

    Yeah, have a think about it mate. You always come across like a decent poster so it would be easy to make the switch.

  61. Schweinsteiger is bossing this game like, your right.
    Cant be arsed to get into the KK argument again, suffice to say, Schweinsteiger is world class in the middle, we would have played him on the wing, al la Milner…

  62. Glad you brought up world class.

    Messi, is he world class? Or is he just a good player?

    He has age on his side but hasn’t done it on the world stage, which for me is the difference between being great and truly great.

  63. I.L.M. I Love Mike says:
    July 3, 2010 at 4:10 pm
    Schweinsteiger is bossing this game like, your right.
    Cant be arsed to get into the KK argument again, suffice to say, Schweinsteiger is world class in the middle, we would have played him on the wing, al la Milner…

    think he had better eye for a player than souness,daglish,ect lol

  64. It is an interesting argument. There are many who say that the ‘world class’ players have to do it at a world cup, well how many people regard Rooney and Gerrard as world class players? Or even Gyan from Ghana?

    I think it probably a better sign of quality on your club form in the respective leagues and the european competitions. This is because they are judged over a full season. In the world cup there have been many raving about players from Ghana and Japan simply because they have had a good world cup, but you wouldnt describe any of their players as world class would you?

    I think you take England and I think Rooney and Gerrard ARE world class players due to their consistancy and level of performances each season. England have had a poor world cup, have played these two players out of position and as a result they have been poor. By that rational they wouldnt be considered as world class.

  65. Rich – Nothing more than calling them “throbbers”

    Literally, that is all :lol:

  66. This may go down like a prossy in a club, but I think Germany are gona win the tournament now

  67. Bloody krauts! They just love tournament football don’t they?

    Efficiency is their national word!

  68. I think the Germans deserve it, and at least we can say we got knocked out by the semi finalists.

    History may remember who knocked us out, but it will also hide how awful England were :lol:

  69. TROJAN – Aye. Think they will be a problem for any team they face now, especially if they get the first goal.

  70. will be another cracking game though if Spain win tonight then Germany v Spain, fantastic.

  71. raffo,i dont think ashley is delibratley out to ruin newcastle,i think he wants them to do well in his own warped way.the way ashley wants to go about it,is futile at best.i do think they abuse the loyalty of the fans,because they have managed to survive the keegan debacle.they probably now think they can pretty much get away with anything,because the fans will turn up in their droves.

  72. I just hope they televise Maradonna’s press conference. I spell another FIFA ban coming…

  73. Trojan – Thats what I was trying to say, that he is doing it in a weird way but alot of fans still want the trophy signings and when things arent going well he is the devil. I personally think he has fcuked up royally in the past but he owns the club whether people like it or not and he just isnt going to let us fold. Last season should have put a rocket up his arse and he wont let us go down again. As for signings I am frustrated but wont give up hope until we cannot sign anyone. I didnt make that clear for which I apologise!

  74. On a different point, I hope Spain win tonight, and if they do there will be a European team in the final which I think is another statement for the quality of football in our part of the world

  75. Raffo – Pretty much my thoughts. Whilst there is still time ther is till hope, although both are running out :lol:

  76. In actual fact, there will (hopefully) 3 of the 4 teams in the semis from Europe! No1 was thinkin this even yesterday where all commentators were going on about the south american teams! Fantastic

  77. AOD – Wasn’t it the other one who was linked with us? Hamit? The Bayern one?

  78. How bout those Deutschlanders, guess it makes Engerlands defeat more acceptable.
    Perhaps England will now follow suit and give the young up and coming kids a shot, forget,
    Milner(never progressed since Leeds),
    Barry(mediocre, slow as molasses),
    Upson(gives slow a whole new meaning),
    Johnson(the only RB who thinks he`s been picked for the right wing spot),
    Terry, A.Cole, Rooney, J.Cole, Gerrard, the only international class players chosen, maybe chuck in an ageing James, sad really !

  79. AOD there are 2 Altintops, they are twins, the good one is at FC Bayern, thats the one we are sniffing after, the poorer player is at Frankfurt, been there all season. We divvent need to sign him ! The one from FC Bayern would do nicely though !