Hughton calls for trust as transfer saga rolls on.

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Hughton calls for more patience.
Hughton calls for more patience.
Chris Hughton has today called for yet more patience from the Newcastle fans, and urged them to trust him in his endeavours to strengthen the squad over the summer.

The problem with that is that this transfer window is beginning to have an alarming air of similarity to what has happened in previous transfer windows. I can’t really blame fans for being sceptical as memories of the past kick in, but that is something that Hughton has to deal with and must understand. The fact that we as fans have been led around the garden path before is still fresh in the memory for some, and when they hear conflicting stories, or stories that there has been no progress behind the scenes, then the immediate thought is to look at the past form of the current management hierarchy, Hughton excluded of course. On the other hand, we do have to bear in mind what happened in January and I personally hope that the way we went about our business back then can be repeated.

“We’ve not really moved forward over the last few weeks – we’re still working on our targets,” Hughton told The Journal. “I know from a supporter’s point of view they want to be hearing names and they want to be seeing us bringing in new players as soon as possible. That is totally understandable and I can understand their feelings.”

And when asked if he had any message for the fans who are awaiting some showing of reinforcements that can help us in our bid to avoid the drop, Hughto replied with;

“I would just say to them that we do want to bring in the right players and I feel confident that we will bring in the right players.”

As I hinted at above, I don’t think it is Hughton that people don’t trust and I think the vast majority realise that he is being put into a virtually unworkable position where all the focus and questions fall back on him whilst not giving him much of a resource to work with. Despite that apparent lack of resources though, Hughton has still been barraged with calls from agents who are trying to pimp their players upon Newcastle.

“I have been offered players by agents but I don’t feel they would add anything significant to the squad. I am having a lot of conversations at the moment and work is on-going. I don’t feel that we can afford to just wait and see what happens, we know we want to bring players in before the start of the season.”

I can understand it from both sides really, Hughton will be doing his best with what he has got whilst fans are looking on with interest to see what is happening, which is not a lot by all accounts. Much like the fortunes of England though, it isn’t over yet, and there is still time to add to what we have already. What I didn’t expect to hear is that we haven’t really moved forward in pursuit of targets.

I’m prepared to continue to wait, but the frustration is starting to rise.

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110 Responses

  1. Wolves have signed Steven hunt today. I know he’s probably too old for our “policy” but I think he could have done a job for us.

  2. after 20 years a season ticket holder (im 38 now) and being in the final year of my 3 year pre-purchase scheme, i for one will not be renewing for the season after next!! i am balck and white thru and thru, but i will not hand over another £550 or so to line MA casino pockets!! enough is enough!!

  3. I’m not too concerned about how many and at what position CH will be bringing in new bodies for the NUFC roster. What I’d like to hear (if such announcements can be made) is what kids are joining the academy. If the future roster is to be home grown, then the news should be coming from that quarter.

  4. Hunt? nah, we’ll have vuckic coming through next season man, nee need for this club hopping ego.

    Im with Hughton, i dont think the squad is that bad, concentrate on getting a few right players in and keep the same spirit, we will be on to a winner lads, i can feel it in me danglies!!

  5. CH is just reiterating what he’s said all along, but keeps getting asked by press mongs.
    How many times will the guy have to repeat himself?

    I guess they’re just deaf or stupid or both.
    Probably the latter.

  6. Kid: Are we there yet, are we there yet, are we there yet?
    Parent: “+*#~@%£^?”!

  7. I agree ILM , we have the basis of a good team / squad here and I think Hughton knows where we need to improve and will do his upmost to bring in the players he wants.

    Fair enough we may not be as finicially well back as before but I feel the club is moving forward with hughton in charge

  8. I just think too many fans jump on the bandwagon of negitivity for what ever reason too soon

  9. I dont know why folk think their money is going into casino pockets and the like.

    Its going into the club, if anything to keep us afloat and to repay the clubs debts.

    I would love for Ashley to plough a load more coin into transfers, but lets face it – No one likes him, he doesnt like us, so why the fook would he?

  10. this is a mirror image of KK speach………and we know how that ended up!!
    The bottom line is we have done nothing. CH the poor fella has an impossible job. He needs to get better than what we have but does not have the backing to buy a player in the 5 million area (not b y a long shot which is pathetic). So when he says the players he has been offered dont bring much more to the table i am sure he is right… but they will bring the sort of quality you expect from a sub 2 million player…. not alot in this day and age. And then that other bit he said – about he would like to try and get players in BEFORE the season starts!! that is alarming to think he is already thinking that he may NOT have any new players in for a pre season!! oh dear………..its keegangate brewing again for sure.. these words from CH are jsut ever sooooo slightly a bit more niggled than before, there are ripples on the water lads!

  11. Maybe he’s ‘niggled’ at being asked the same dumb question over & over, ad nauseum?

  12. Y’might get it batty,
    though i f***ing can’t stand portucheat.

    There y’go, another one.

  13. clink flick…. this is newcastle! its life and if this is getting to him my god… its still quiet all the time compared to the usual chaos. Comon… what else are the papers meant to say to him??/ hello how is the weather?? It is THE obvious question any paper would ask. And of course CH DID give the interview didnt he?

  14. Why on earth would he like us?

    He deserves all the abuse he gets, but that doesnt mean he is going to warm to us and put even more of his personal wealth into our club.

    Its called throwing good money after bad.

    We are stuck with him, and he is stuck with us.


  15. i’m all for giving this regime until the end of the window,but i’ve heard a few comments about having the basis of a good team.i for one do not believe this for one minute,this team last season playing in a league down although maybe a bit too good for the fizzy,were still a poor side.a lot of games last season they were played off the park at times,by so called inferior teams.
    this team in my opinion although had a better team spirit still showed a lot of the same problems that got them relegated,in the first place.
    it’s not a case of the fans not having faith in hughton,although i’m at a loss as surely by now,he should have known who his targets are.
    as usual we are left at the mercy of the absentee landlord,over to you FAT C**T!!!!.

  16. CC,
    i know what you’re saying mate.
    But, they will try & break him down, & it must be well annoying answering the same crap everytime.
    They treat other managers differently, as we all know.
    They’ve got the hump with all things NUFC.

  17. if he was to give CH 10 million and not sell anyone to offset it that would mean that since he has bought us he has pumped a massive er…………10 million into players hahaha!!
    he may well have pumped money into us, he may not have, regardless… none of it has gone where we wanna see it… on the pitch! Mike Ashley stop crying in ya beer ya fat knacka and get on with it!!

  18. Sal says:
    June 21, 2010 at 1:51 pm
    Why on earth would he like us?

    Casue we are all really really super nice people? :)

  19. Craig – Possibly, and that was a move that was majority backed by most on here. Shows what we know eh ;)

  20. Anyway, won’t be around as much today. Got a shitload on my plate that needs sorting and a project that is coming to it’s most important stage (the one where if it goes tits up it leaves me with not much time to recover), so play nicely ;)

    HOPEFULLY be back on later :(

  21. we applauded his stance (which of course he had his own agenda for doing it as we are one of the stadiums) but we all also said… oh dear, we are going to get shit at every junction now. AND like i said.. how mad would it be for CH to give an interview but say before hand.. ok, no questions about football players please. What do you think the interview would consist of?? haha

  22. Craig,
    i’d get shot of the lot of ’em, personally.
    Oh! hang on, i do, in as far as i don’t buy & try to avoid their jaundiced shit as much as humanly possible in this world of readily available mis/disinformation.

    There y’go batty, 5-0.

  23. clink… not saying you or him or anyone is right or wrong….ok mike ashley will always be wrong.. but what i mean is, if you chuck out the press and then make a pretty hard statement about them too its defo drawn the line in the sand ready for think this is bad…. just you wait til the season starts. every single loss we have or bad news is going to be THE headliner on the back page. this is just the very tip of the iceburg mate!

  24. Craig,
    quite possibly mate.
    But doesn’t that just mean that it’s even less important what they say about us?
    If i could care less, i would, but i don’t think it’s actually possible.

    Ok batty, 7-0 doesn’t cut it, does it?
    Who’d a thunk?
    Better luck next time mate.

  25. “thats prob cos ashley has banned them all and called them all tossers maybe??”

    they’ve only banned the ones which tell lies and set out to damage the club.

    are we really that desperate for coverage that we’ll let anyone write any old sh1te about us?

    fk em, they won’t be missed…

  26. hey yeah man i dont give a monkeys about any of it either. thing is tho, if CH dont want to be asked about footballers why give an interview and if asking aobut footballers was a banned subject what else would the interview be about ? lol

  27. malchick… yup for sure you are right… and you dont think these papers help and talk to each other?? you know how it is.. one starts and they all go for it! they are like pack animals and will not let go either.

  28. Craig,
    is this a new interview, or just a regurgitated one?
    It seems that most of the ‘reporting’ & articles atm are just going over old ground.
    Which begs the question: Why are they asking the same stuff?
    Or is it just a case of trying to keep the pressure on?

    All i’m saying really is: Their craic sucks!
    Though it seems you feel more or less the same.
    I just want the WC over, the real football to start as this bit is really boring (waiting for the new season to start).

  29. What’s disappointing is that in days gone by we would have been in the race to sign up joe cole. Fair enough his wages are stupid, but he’s free and he’s ace! Now we are struggling with getting anyone through the door. I really don’t want to go back to the spend large on anyone no matter who they are, but there has to be a happy medium. Perhaps Ashley is advising the prime minister. With all the cuts and talks about the age of austerity It could be Ashley talking an not cameron.
    Smart buys is all I want. I’d love another bassong find over a michael owen or kluivert signing, but we need to establish ourselves first and if that means buying some older, experienced pl heads then so be it. This team may struggle in the pl. You don’t win owt with kids. ;-)

  30. Micky,
    fair enough points mate.
    Although J Cole would get a nose bleed this far north mate.

  31. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    June 21, 2010 at 2:19 pm
    quite possibly mate.
    But doesn’t that just mean that it’s even less important what they say about us?
    If i could care less, i would, but i don’t think it’s actually possible.

    Ok batty, 7-0 doesn’t cut it, does it?
    Who’d a thunk?
    Better luck next time mate.
    <<<< lol yeah who would of

  32. batty,
    i thought you were quids in there mate, with 5 mins to go.
    Hard luck man.
    What you got on this one?

  33. Ashley is holding off yet again, looking to get other teams to accept low low bids, its all one big gamble to him. He will view signing players as having to pay someone else for that week, the players and back room staff alike need to be in place before preseason and have time to gel and work as a ‘team’…

    I find it hard refaring to Newcastle Utd as my team and the players as our players these days. When it comes to transfares I use to like the whole calculating who is going for what fee, and who is coming, but at the end of the day the money isnt ours, it means nothing to us if Newcastle Utd PLC make profit on a player because we have no say as to how it is used. Over the past 3 years we have seen that the fans have a limited influence on the running of the club.

    Rant over.

  34. Is not moving forward with signings a shock at this stage? Hughton has said time and again he expects to make progress after the World Cup. If nothing happens before the first game of the season then it will be time to worry.

  35. would be over the moon if newcastle signed up lichtensteiner, switzerland right back. he looks like definite EPL quality and would easily be our first choice right back.

  36. I fully expect 4signings n i couldnt care less wheather there cash signings, frees or loans as long as the ryt signings, dont even listenin to half the moaners on here coz talk sh*te half of them, i dont mind the way ashly is runnin the club bringin through the youth n not spendin money we aint got, n for the ppl who say u wont b comin till ashly is gone well u wont b comin bk for a long time anyway u go to support the team its only small minded idiots who turn there bk bcoz of who the owner is u dont c old trafford n liverpool fans turnin there bk n they hte there owners buy yet they turn up every game to support the team to bad nufc fans cant do the same

  37. 49………..davy, am out of breath reading that. You wanna get some full stops in it man. NUFC fans do still turn up to support the team……with attendances that sometimes were higher than liverwank, and that is when we were in second tier!

  38. Craig – I wonder how much accuracy there is in that gossip though? I mean 20 million EUROS sounds awfully cheap for Gerrard. Isn’t that about £15 million?

  39. Hmm, dunno. Zidane went to Madrid for 75 million euros, and he was only a year younger than Gerrard when it happened. Is Zidane 4 times better than Gerrard? He was better, but Gerrard is still one of the worlds best at the minute.

    Sounds cheap to me, bearing in mind what Liverpool would be losing.

  40. what would they be loosing tho mate… his head was down all last season and he was pants by his own amazing standards… he even said he was crap himself. I think that Mr liverpool wants out. There is nothing much left of liverpool and i think they are going to do a newcastle next season…. i am really looking forward to seeing them suffer.

  41. Well if Gerrard does go then Torres wont be far behind him I don’t think. Mascherano is already looking like going, and Torres says he wants to see additions or else he is off.

    Lovely jubbly :D

  42. Aye,
    the end of an under achieving era for liverpool, to an even more under achieving era.
    With added debt, nice.

  43. Torres might as well get his bags packed because there cant be any additions until they get a new manager, Who will have peanuts to spend and the yanks have got less chance of selling them as the Ashley did with us, Why would anyone spend £700m on a club with a £350m debt in dire need of a massive load of cash on new players and a new stadium who arent in the champions league?

  44. toonsy >>>>He was better, but Gerrard is still one of the worlds best at the minute<<<< aye i noticed that in his last game for england :lol:

  45. God I hope Gerrard goes to Madrid! But purely for my own selfish reasons.
    I took a big bet with a Liverpool mate of mine about eight months ago that Gerrard would leave them for Madrid before the start of this season.
    And he gave me 10 to one odds.

  46. Aye batty,
    gerrard probably wants to get away from the crimes he commits in liverpool.
    & he’s not that good if you base it on any of the 93 minutes he just ‘played’. So not at this particular minute toonsy.

  47. icedog says:
    June 21, 2010 at 5:51 pm
    BATTY young!n back this week m8
    <<<< been at home for 2 week m8 goes back tomoz

  48. I’m gona camp outside the England training ground with a Real Madrid shirt that says Gerrard on the back. And tell him a South African Sangoma told me his future lies in Spain, where he will win many leagues and a lift his the Champions League trophy.

    Hopefully he takes the bait! :)

  49. CLiNT – Aye, but if you look at the broader picture, can you name 5 that are better than him in his position?

    JJ – I hope he goes to, for my own selfish reasons of wanting Liverpool to fail miserably, get relegated, go bust, burn down and never be seen again ;)

  50. BATTY sorry pal,us old sods get lost off at times,been away a few days,give him my best m8

  51. “JJ – I hope he goes to, for my own selfish reasons of wanting Liverpool to fail miserably, get relegated, go bust, burn down and never be seen again”

    I have the same sentiments about anything related to Liverpool.

    They make me sick, and I can’t even explain why.
    Its part of the reason I loathed Michael Owen and was so dead against him arriving at the Toon.

  52. At least the tennis is on now. Wonder how many sneaky gusset shots of women tennis players I can get this year :lol:

  53. Don’t worry lads, we’ve got a german ref on Wednesday, he’s bound to let us win :)

  54. “Toonsy

    How the hell do you do these smile things ?”

    Toonsy just has way too much time on his hands…

    Batty – England will win 2-0.

    Ye Toonsy, the sport is ridiculous:
    International Cricket, International Rugby, US Open Golf, Wimbledon, and of course the World Cup.

    Last week in Cape Town we had an International Rugby test Springboks vs France, and after the game, the crowds walked next door to watch the World Cup game at Greenpoint Stadium.

  55. Toonsy, I got 99% for HTML in my Graphic Design degree.
    Looks great on my cv but I can’t remember a thing now…
    Thats the problem with studying what you are good at instead of what your passionate about…
    Doesn’t stick in your head cos you not interested.

  56. Gotta go freeze my balls off at action soccer. This is the coldest winter I can remember.
    Must be about 3’C outside :(, and four hours away in Skukuza it was 30’C this afternoon. Definately need a holiday.

  57. toonsy,
    last season thug boy was generally gash, with the odd good game. Yet the pundits still wear him as a hat.
    They just can’t get it together to slag him, rooney, lampard, ferdinand, well anyone from manu, liverpool or chelsea. It’s in their contracts.

    if someone just keeps shouting: “stevie G, the bizzies are looking for you, lah!” He’ll be off.

  58. HTML is far easier than CSS in my opinion, although I only know the very basics of it



  59. batty,
    if england don’t score in the first 20 mins, they’ll start getting more scared by degree, then owt could happen.

    Wonder if they turn up this time?

  60. clint i hope they do turn up , havent realy been intoo england since the great alan shearer packed in but this year i just think fuk it iam proud too be english and havent missed a game yet in the world cup

  61. BATTY havent really bothered about england since wor bobby had them,least he made them play with pride and fire in there belly imo

  62. batty,
    when there are Geordies in the line up, i’m there.
    I just find it very difficult to take all the england hype, then the big let down.
    They’ve gotta really pull their shite together this time though.

  63. Bang on ice,
    SBR, Pedro, Gazza, Waddle, Robson, Lee, Batty, Shearer.
    When they were involved, worth a watch like.

  64. CLINT imo these players belive there own press, i think they are thinking what they are going to spend some of there over-payed cash on next,ie.eto has just spend £900,000 on watches for his team mates

  65. that’s what paid for liverpool’s success in the eighties,dole money.the state actually paid for the players,cups’s a funny owld state of affairs.

  66. Let’s be fair here. Gerrard is still one of the best in his position in the world. How the spanish newspaper got direct quotes from Gerrard during the world cup sends my bullsh!ometer into overdrive. They are known for printing lies to unsettle players. Remember the mock ups they had of Solano in a spanish club strip saying he’d signed? Same with Ronaldo.
    Madrid have, apparently bid for Gerrard but the price is supposed to be 30m euros.

    The person we need to oust from the England midfield is Lampard. I can’t remember him having a good game for England. He’s another Robbie Fowler. Can do it at club level, but not at England level. They guy is being picked off the back of his own press release.

  67. Micky,
    not last season mate, gerrard is on the slide.
    It all started to go wrong from his court case onwards.
    He got the season he deserved.
    & he’s the most miserable millionaire ever.

  68. true clint….gerrard is going down now, he is done at liverpool! i think liverpool full stop are done!! whats left??? nowt! rafa spent 260 millon on mostly crap!

  69. Totally craig,
    couldn’t agree more mate.
    I know a lot of scousers that are nippin’ right now.