What does the Newcastle shirt mean to you?

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What does the shirt mean to you?
What does the shirt mean to you?
I don’t really like taking exception to things that are written by writers like myself, as I know just how hard and time consuming it can be.

However, after perusing the latest editorial from True Faith, I feel I can take nothing apart from an exception to certain parts of it.

In a nutshell, they are usually a sound read. I may not agree with everything written, but generally speaking they are more than worth a read. In the latest editorial entitled “No capital outlay”, the writer freely admits that he thinks that adults that buy Newcastle replica shirts are “mugs, not mags”.

I understand that what is written is only the view of one person and all that, but then on the flip side of that, this is only my view on it, and it would only be fair if I had the opportunity to have my say on the whole thing and to explain just what the Newcastle shirt means to me, all in the interest of balance of course. Equally, it gives you guys and gals the opportunity to have your say on the matter.

Most of you know that I no longer live in or near Newcastle. I have family up there still, close family like sisters, nephews, nieces, aunties, uncles etc. I was born in Hexham (a strange story), lived in Prudhoe, Winlaton and Crawcrook. I started going to St James’ Park when I was five years old, although not alone obviously. Since birth I have been a Newcastle fan. I am a lad from the North-East!

Unfortunately, circumstances change and we moved away from the area so my Dad could get some work. I had to settle away from the area, went to school, left school, got a job, and so on. This is where my obsession with wearing Newcastle kits came along, because I had to finish growing up away from the area I had started growing up in.

Perhaps it is easy for whoever wrote that article for True Faith to think I am a mug, after all he is probably surrounded by thousands of like-minded individuals who follow Newcastle United. But not all of us are in the same fortunate position as him.

Newcastle are lucky enough to have a following throughout the UK, and indeed throughout the world. I go to games, I go to as many as I can as long as work doesn’t get in the way. After all, it does pay the bills! Not all people are fortunate enough to have the fine city of Newcastle-upon-Tyne on their doorstep, not all people are fortunate enough to be able to make games on a regular basis. They are unable to contribute to the club in the form of match tickets on a regular basis, so how else can they do it? Those ‘mugs’ buy the shirts.

It goes a bit deeper than that though. Many people who live away from Tyneside have to suffer the fate of being surrounded by fans of other teams, mainly Manchester United, Liverpool blah blah, you get the drift. I wear my shirt as it gives me a sense of identity, a display that I don’t follow the crowd and that I have stuck with the team that I was born into supporting. The shirt not only displays what team I support, but it also shows that I am true to my roots.

It’s not the same for everyone as we all have our own reason for wanting to wear the shirt, or not perhaps, and for wanting to buy merchandise and so on. It’s not because we are ‘mugs’, it’s our way of contributing to the club and showing our support.

As I said earlier on, True Faith is usually a good read, but on this point they are far wide of the mark, in my opinion anyway.

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216 Responses

  1. I think it sucks especially if it has Toon Army on the Collar (taking the piss if it has).
    The blue kit is almost exactly the same as italy’s puma kit just looks a slightly different shade of blue same neck same trim same template.

    MA is getting fook all of my hard earned sterling and an excellent piece by true faith which I posted on the other thread this morning.

  2. I’m too tired to type one of my usual overly long posts so I’ll just say this.
    The guy from TF is a mug, and I disagree with Sir Jason Toon.
    I like the third kit, and liked the last one. The change kit is ok. But I think the home kit can’t go wrong.
    Who cares if it says Toon Army on the collar, we arn’t gona be wearing them inside out are we.
    If I can afford the shirt, I’ll buy it, to help the club and show my allegances.

  3. Yes, Italian strip is identical in design and colour. Only nufc badge in place of italy flag and the NR logo r different. Even socks the same! Puma obviously had a lot of spares and couldn’t be bothered to design anything new so thought, lets just use the Italy strip.

    Well I for one will NOT buy this. I don’t want to be mistaken for a diving Italian!!

  4. Shanghai – But you don’t have to buy the blue one, or the white one. You can always buy the black and white striped one?

  5. I shall not be purchasing the new Puma shirt because I do not like it but will carry on wearing my adidas shirt.

    I am always in black & white on match days, and always wear my shirt with pride. I am exiled too Toonsy but still have my season ticket and do the 360 mile round trip for every home game.

  6. Toon Army on the Collar is a fookin Joke….why have the fans name on a shirt,just insane who ever came up with that idea.

  7. anyone who says the article is a ‘good piece’ or even ‘spot on’ should actually read what is universally considered ‘a good read’, as this piece reads to me like nothing but subjective, rebellious teenage angst.

    I used to like reading true faith but when did it become so bitter? So misguidedly angry? And generally tedious?

    Ultimately, the article makes the writer sound thick, with no base for argument rather than what some pissed bloke was shouting in the Bulls last Saturday.

    Im all for constructive argument, however this piece is far from that.

  8. sirjasontoon says:
    June 20, 2010 at 4:08 pm

    “Toon Army on the Collar is a fookin Joke….why have the fans name on a shirt,just insane who ever came up with that idea.”

    WTF? Has about as much class as a night out in Middlesborough.

  9. Alreet Lads!

    I don’t get TF articles point at ALL. It doesn’t make any sense. None.

    Buy a shirt and you’re a mug. Yeah? F*ck you mate. I like my shirt. I even have the yellow one.

  10. Worky – The leaked ones did, but I’m not sure whether it made it to the full ones.

  11. well a think they look quite good and iam having all 3 too add too the 100 and odd tops and tea shirts i already have so f uk yas and a will ware them with pride

  12. Yes the leaked one did have Toon Army on the trim of the collar so I imagine the released one will as well…..be shocking and very misguided if it does.

  13. Daverism says:
    June 20, 2010 at 4:16 pm

    “Alreet Lads!

    I don’t get TF articles point at ALL.”

    Same point as all the others, Daverism. Mike Ashley and Derek Llambias are worse than Hitler and Himmler, generally.

  14. I wonder if the bloke who wrote it would mention the fact that if you buy a toon top you’re a mug to some of the lads I see wearing them!

    I doubt it.

    Worky, I suppose he has a point, I’ve always suspected Llambias of some sort of genocide like. Seen his face? Scary looking fella.

  15. I am Spanish and I could go to stadium three times, and always wear black and white there, where I

  16. I’ve just downloaded that catalogue off NUFC official site.

    Have you seen Enrique in his camp little vest? He looks well happy about modelling that one!

  17. haha dont worry toonsy, you do some sterling work mate!
    Was the true faith article I was getting at, appealing to simpletons and taking everyone else who chooses to use objective thought as mugs, irritating to say the least!

  18. Honestly the new strips r nice some ppl r jus idiots on all u do is moan, been a toon fan all my life as hav most on here but some yous r ryt mugs what does it matter who owns the club its bout supporting the team on matchdays if yous hate the club that much go n suport someone else am sick to death of all the negativity of some fans, adidas were doin such a great job thay produced the worst away kit ever last year n ya moaning bout plain blu n white kits knobs man honestly or r u moanin coz ashly got us a new sponsorship deals with one of the top 3 sports manufacturs in the world, its bout wearin the shirt wit pride not bout the owner everyone stuck in th keegan era forget it n move for christ sake owners change managers change players change sponsors change but the one thing tht will b here forever is the club nufc till we die as the players on the pitch n the fans in stands giv 100% who cares bout owt elses there r alot worse club in worse positions than us

  19. the new shirts look cheap and tatty to be honest,but fair play to anyone who buys them.
    i myself have never been into wearing replica kits,sure i’ve had them in the past.i am a geordie through and through,my whole family are geordies,some of my family work at the club.i am happy enough in my identity being a geordie,that i dont need a black and white top for assurance.i understand some newcastle fans who dont originate from tyneside,may like to wear them and that’s brilliant.
    there were geordies before newcastle united existed,and there will be geordies long after newcastle united ceases to be.
    me being a geordie is more than a football club,it’s about our culture,our poetry,our folk songs,northumbrian bagpipes,traditional northumbrian dress etc…,not this tyne and wear bollox either.
    sorry to go on but it makes me mad sometimes when younger geordies haven’t got a clue about their culture.
    but i understand the meaning of what the shirt may mean to some people,of course the shirt has it’s origins in the black friars of newcastle,who were given a white sash to wear by the king,to wear over their cassocks.
    it does have historic value attached to it.

  20. trojan every 1 too there own like but the crowd at SJP would be pretty dull m8 if no 1 brought a top like

  21. batty,i’ve got nowt against people wearing shirts,i’m just giving my own opinion.me personally i’m not that bothered about replica shirts.

  22. trojan surley its up too the parents too learn the young uns aboot northumberlands history a kna my dad never shut up aboot it

  23. It’s irrelevant if you like the design or not,TF are saying if you buy A toon top whilst Ashley is in charge your a mug,So even if Adidas were still making them now and it was the best design they had ever done and you bought one then in TF’s eyes(or at least the authors) you’re a mug.I havn’t always liked all Toon tops whether they’ve been Adidas or others but I always buy them.I’ve got one whether I’ve been living in Germany or Newcastle.I buy it to show others which team I support ,not to support any regime or manager but to support my team,my club,my city.If that makes me a mug then so be it.proud to be a Geordie now and always.HWTL

  24. Toonsy, Yeah I’ll buy the home shirt! :-) In answer to your posting, With me living a long way from home as an Expat over here I too wear my shirt (Black and white home shirt!) as a form of identity. It’s a link to my home, my roots and the team I supported since a boy, and My Dad and my grandfather supported!

    I always go to whichever home games are on when I get back to Newcastle for a holiday, and I always wear the home strip. I try to catch whatever games I can on TV or internet streams and again the shirt is my link to my team and my roots in the NE. I’ve travelled all over the world even since being a Kid, but the constant for me has always been NUFC!

  25. I agree Trojan,the North East is a great place and has many other things other than football both now and historically.I’m not defined by my football shirt as I’d like to think there’s more to me than just following my team at the same time I’m proud to wear it and I take offence at being called a mug for doing so.

  26. Adidas wasn’t Newcastle either when I first started following the Toon, it was Umbro, and it had Greenalls on the front :D

  27. well the pest is back,wor lass the dogs and me had a few days in a cottage in scotland,nee body aboot great will leave malta till next month in time to see the live bands,talk aboot shirts there is not one in w.c.who should wear one,blame the ball/manager they should blame there self imo not one has any fire in there belly or pride in thereselves,at least when wor bobby was boss they at least played with pride and guts,these sod s belive there own press. rant over

  28. The company I work for has an office in Chelmsford. When I do any work there, it’s generally on a weekend and I sometimes wear my toon shirt, as the natives often wear their shirts, and there’ll generally be a radio tuned to 5 Live in the background.

    You’d think the local team was Man U going by the shirts. Arsenal a distant second ;)

  29. Icedog – Big Dave reckons you and Batty are the same person ;)

    Hope you had a good break :)

  30. TOONSY aye big dave is a fox,next he will offer odds on 365
    batty said dave is a englishman on the Q.T.
    enjoyed break old mans hopeing-moon ;)

  31. What does a shirt mean to me?…
    £4.99 starting with free post from eBay!
    Item: 110544884661
    Item: 110544884661
    Item: 110544885061
    Item: 110544885061

    I’m having a clear out.
    Ha’way the lads

  32. AOD – Not so sure about Vagner Love. Seems like a player in decline and a bit of a trouble maker. Jury is out for me.

  33. Ice – Nothing probably. I know one of the team directors has been sent home ‘in disgrace’ although thats all I have heard.

    Thank god for France, probably the only team who has been more disappointing than England so far!

  34. icedog @55

    Holland do this sort of thing every world cup ;)

    I bet France scrape through to the next round. Then it’s anybody’s guess.

  35. icedog, apparently they’re just refused to train today and will be back tomorrow, was all from (well what they said in a statement) was the sacking of Anelka by the Frence FA over what they say are based on newspaper allegations.
    But now the fitness coach has left over a fight with Evra and manager?!?!?
    are they trying to beat us to the ‘biggest joke at the world cup’ award? Italy are a close third…

  36. DARTHBROON lol i your reet m8,doubt france like,the french football fed managing dir has qwit as well now,trouble at mill me thinks,not that i give a sh** like

  37. TOThank god for France, probably the only team who has been more disappointing than England so far!
    got to be kidding toonsy,no body as bad as england

  38. Icedog – But the whole thing with France is at least getting people talking about stuff other than how shite England have been.

  39. Is it my browser problem or what,took me quite a long while to reach here,whereas **Cough** **Ed Blog** **Cough**

    Was quickly reached. :lol: :lol:

    Anyway, Spain might join,France,Italy,And Might Might england to be the biggest Favourite to leave WC early.;)

  40. toonsy-Italy have also only scraped two points from their first two games. This world cup has been quite strange for the “big teams” getting started against smaller sides.

    As far as France are concerned-Anelka has been sent home, players released a statement saying that it was ridiculous and refused to train today, there’s video footage of Evra getting into a shouting match with a fitness coach..I think they’re even worse off than us!

  41. Being supporter of the club means just that, so buying a season ticket, a shirt, a pint at the game, it all puts money into the coffers, its part of supporting the club and the team. If you buy a ticket to go to the game your still putting ‘Capital outlay’ into the club so what makes not buying a shirt different?
    I wear the shirt AND support the club and team with pride.

  42. BIG DAVE see@46 m8,how are you my old pal,finished that consv yet,surpose you will have a “get-out” like,is it right batty said your a english-man on the Q.T. ;)

  43. Icedog hope ye had a good time away mate. Yeaqh the conservatory was a total nightmare from start to finish but its all done now, but ye couldnt sit in the thing from 1st thing in the morn until 3 or 4 in the afternoon as its like a sauna, but it keeps her quiet. As for Batts saying im an English man it could be worse he could think im a “Paddy” . Im an Ulsterian 1st then British 2nd :lol:
    Toonsy you know I dont post under any other name you baldy c8nt oh tell yer missus to accept my friendship as I have lots of stuff to tell her :)

  44. Dave – She knows everything anyway mate ;) She says she wants a tatoo.

    I suggested she got c**t across her forehead but she didn’t seem overly keen with it like :lol:

  45. Lads whats the predictions for tonights game im going for a 2-1 win to Brazil. I have to go down and watch it with the wee lad as my Fathers day treat lol

  46. As ever, an excellent article in True Faith.

    I’m not sure what you’re whingeing about Toonsy. Most United fans already have a few B&W shirts from pre-Ashley days – so what’s the problem? Why do you want us to pay for new ones and feed Ashley’s gambling habit?

    Ever heard the phrase “writer’s block”?

    Maybe it’s time you had a break and let some of the others write an article or two?

  47. Toonsy you dont really mean that, tell her not to get anything tacky that she will regret, that means getting Simon on her forehead is a no no ;)

  48. UTD111 – Not at all, I’m not saying anyone should or shouldn’t buy it. It is their choice. But what I take exception with is being called a mug if people choose to do so.

    I have bought every home shirt for god knows how many years, it’s how I show my support considering I can’t get to as many games as I would like, so does that make me a mug? Or anyone else who is in the same boat, does it make them a mug? Or fans abroad, does that make them mugs too?

    “Maybe it’s time you had a break and let some of the others write an article or two?”

    The others are free to write whenever they want, I haven’t got them tied up or anything. Why should I have a break anyway? Because I have written something that some may disagree with? I mean heaven forbid 8O

  49. “Its very sad that the new kit isnt adidas! Puma isnt Newcastle”

    I remember thinking the same thing when Newcastle Brown Ale was no longler the sponsor. I couldn’t imagine the shirts without the blue star on.

    This Ivory Coast Brazil game is the one I’ve been waiting for the most in the whole tournament.
    I really hope Ivory Coast perform. They are one of the best sides on paper in the tournament and it’d be great for Africa to have a team in at least the semi-finals.

    I’m going for a 2-1 win for the Ivory Coast.
    Althought I would have started Gervinho in front of Dindane. Watch out for the right back Demel – great player too.

  50. JJ – There are quite a few matches coming up in the next couple of days that look quite tasty on paper. Lets hope they live up to their potential

  51. puma could have done better,and as for having toon army on the back of the neck,thats just a joke a cheep gimic

  52. 2-0 to Brazil.

    Looking at England were in exactly the same position as Italy and Germany – Why is nobody slagging them off? Everyone was waxing lyrical about the Jerry’s last week.

    Then there’s the frogs….

  53. Stu – I would hazard a guess that the press in their respective nations is having a go at them, Franc in particular as they appear to have a bit of the Newcastles about them :lol:

  54. Stuart-As others have already said, im sure the press in their respective countries wont be impressed. Italy will be taking an absolute hammering.

    I know what you mean though, we’re not the only ones playing terribly.

  55. Im not from newcastle but i will be a newcastle supporter til the end no matter what…i think the new shirt is great, so what if it looks the the italian shirt, im sure Juventus supporters dont complain that there home kit is simaler to ours, seems to me that some supporters who’s hearts maybe in the right place are dragging this ashly thing out…fans are getting a bad name, do we really want to be known as the complainers of the PL, Newcastle utd has always been known for its iconic support, we have to face it that ashley is going nowere at the minute, he his not stupid enough to sell the club for nothing just to get out, i say we get behind the team, make sure teams that visit SJP know were they are, i have no fears for next year in the PL, i feel the guys we have now have a solidarity and willingness to win 10 times that of the team that got relegated and i think the fans should follow suit, from watching the PL last season i could name 6 or 7 teams that we should have no problems with…..so in conclusion, i will be buying the shirt……and when i go to SJP i might by a mug of a scarf maybe even a match day program…..cause i suport my team…..

  56. The Italians do it every WC.

    I’m totally and utterly convinced were going to go far. We’ve started poorly, so we aren’t peaking too soon.

    If we get a good result on Wed (Which I fully expect) that will give us confidence and we can go from there.

  57. Stu – Can you really blame anyone for getting edgey? I mean we got given one of the easiest groups on paper and England have made it look like we are already playing in the semis.

    I hope we do get a good win and kick on, but I can’t blame sceptics either as, quite frankly, we have shown feck all so far. Sod what other teams are doing, I want my team to show something.

  58. yeah we’ve been awful but like someone said the other day(maybe Stuart?) all the flak might bring on a bit of the old siege mentality and bring them together is a team.Hopefully they’ll all be fired up with a point to prove.Heres hoping anyway.

  59. Aye, well we still have a chance, it aint over yet etc etc. One good win and the wheels will be back on, until we falter again and the press pull out the kinves once more.

  60. Germany arn’t in the same position as England.

    A draw in their last game will be enough to put them through on goal difference.
    England are in a must win situation. Also Germany have been playing good football and dominated the possession against Serbia even a man down. England not so much.

  61. Hmmm, good point. But to be honest, I don’t see Germany losing to Ghana. Although I like both Germany and Ghana so would be glad to see both of them advance.

  62. JJ – Dunno, reckon Ghana are well equipped to deal with Germany BUT, can they score the goals to beat them? That is my only doubt.

  63. i don’t see germany losing either, but a draw isn’t out of the question, especially as ghana know that’s all they need to progress. and you’d expect serbia to beat australia. it’s wide open.

  64. My nailed on result of the next few days is a Mexico v Urugauy draw, you heard it here first ;)

  65. ah but did ya see NZ drawing with Italy,Serbia beating Germany,Switzerland beating Spain JJ ? ;-)

  66. Well apparently their is going to be a crisis meeting and the players are going to watch the video of the Algeria game then shout at each other about who was crap and what needs changed .WHAT aload of tossers the manager needs to get them out on the training pitch and give them double sessions with Physco pearce in charge , they would then not dare to not win . Still think we can go on and win the thing they just need a good kick up the arse and play the right team and formation . No more Heskey and 433 or 442 but not with Lampard and Gerrard together .

  67. The only worry I have is that this meeting could make things worse. If Capello gives in to player power it will give people another reason to jump on the bandwagon, “the players have the power and run the team” and that kind of thing.

  68. Yep, looks that way :(

    I really wanted 4-0 but thought it would be a lot closer than it has turned out.

  69. 3-1 England I am going for Batts. They have to do something. Having said that, my recent betting history suggests I should back Slovenia as I rarely fecking win :mad:

  70. stickin the cash i won on the horses on england too top the group evens the best price ive seen uptoo yet is evens

  71. Nah, not going that far. Just a quid on a score and result in every game. If I win it pays for another few games, if not it’s only a quid I lose. Just to keep interest in the other games really.

  72. won a bit on the horses the last couple of months or so so iamplaying with there cash havent touched the cash i won on us winning the championship the missus claimed it lol

  73. Brazil turning it on the night like. I knew alot of people who said they were weak at the back and it’d be a case of “we’ll score one more than you”, but i dont see that at all like. They’re looking good at the moment. Just makes me more nervous for wednesday!!

  74. toonsy mint post mate im si milar situation to you mam was from newcastle grandparents owned sweet shop in jesmond post war then moved to consett i was brought up in a small village near durham called sacriston the birthplace of our very own sir bobby robson my all time hero like yourself i seeked pastures new due to work i now live in jersey chanel islands im surrounded by chelsea man utd liverpool celtic rangers a whole load of different cultures and supporters like yourself i wear my newcastle top over here with pride i have a collection of them even when i played over here 4 my team i wore my lucky shearer top underneath my strip i dont care about ashley anymore i care about newcastle i will be buying the home top il get one for my 2 year old son george aswell and il wear it over in jersey around the rest of different supporters with pride tonn army

  75. Game over like. Deserved win in the end, although the ref didn’t help the game at all.

  76. Thats rank from Keita. Sold the red card to the ref. How can he run into Kaka’s shoulder and go down like he’s been shot. Hopefully that gets overturned. If anyone see’s violent conduct in that, they’re mental.

    …If any one of our lads ever even considered owt like that i’d be disgusted.

  77. batty,if you’ve won plenty cash on the nags,you’ll be able to afford all three new puma kits lol.

  78. Ross says:
    June 20, 2010 at 9:24 pm
    Thats rank from Keita. Sold the red card to the ref. How can he run into Kaka’s shoulder and go down like he’s been shot. Hopefully that gets overturned. If anyone see’s violent conduct in that, they’re mental.

    …If any one of our lads ever even considered owt like that i’d be disgusted.
    <<<<< tottaly agree

  79. TROJAN 69 says:
    June 20, 2010 at 9:25 pm
    batty,if you’ve won plenty cash on the nags,you’ll be able to afford all three new puma kits lol.
    <<<< i normaly get melads and daughter aswell trojan even though me lads are 22 and 23 :lol:

  80. Ross..Taylor didnt even go down like that when Carroll hit him(allegedly) ;-)

  81. So jj, have we come to the conclusion that were in the same situation as Germany? They need to win to guarentee getting through.

    I’m not too bothered about an apology – Just bare in mind that I’m never wrong!

  82. well lads not a bad match tonight only thing bad was Keita dive he should get a 2-3 game ban. That is one of the biggest turn-offs of modern Footie at the top levels Prem included, and that is something that I will miss about the CCC it was good honest old fashioned footie the way it should be

  83. puma are taking the slash though,they are knocking out the same strips with diffrent badges and colours.
    all the designs are the same,looks like uruguay have got the same one as newcastle.

  84. TROJAN – That is the one thing that has pissed me off a bit. Not the fact that our top looks like Italy etc, more that it appears that they have one range across all the teams just with different colours and such.

  85. Stuart79 says:
    June 20, 2010 at 9:46 pm

    “Irony, toonsy.”

    Yes, alright then :roll:

  86. batty-I’m a big fan of manny adabeyor like but I have struggled to understand him at times, lol. I’ve always been a huge fan of his for some reason though. The whole celebrating at the Arsenal fans was wrong but it amused me.

  87. aye toonsy,i wonder who’s bright idea it was to cut triangles out of the collar,they want kicking in the toon halls.

  88. I hope for a North Korea win tomorrow. I have bet 2-0 Portugal, but a win for the dog munchers would open that group right up.

  89. TROJAN – It’s like they have tried to make one of them paper snowflakes out of the collar. Fold it over, cut a bit out, fold it again, cut a bit out :lol:

  90. i reckon umbro would have done us a good kit,then again sunderlands kits this season were shocking.

  91. Scary listening to Manny talking about the attack on the Togo bus like. He seems like a nice down to earth guy, shame he wont play for his country anymore but i suppose after what he’s seen, its valid.

  92. who was at the spurs game in the 80’s when gazza first came back after signing for them.
    i’ve never seen as many mars bars thrown on to a football pitch,the greedy barstewards at the club had some owld gadgie walking around the sidelines picking them up.the owld git was saying throw them over here coz we’re going to sell them in the tuck shop.

  93. TROJAN 69 says:
    June 20, 2010 at 10:01 pm
    who was at the spurs game in the 80’s when gazza first came back after signing for them.
    i’ve never seen as many mars bars thrown on to a football pitch,the greedy barstewards at the club had some owld gadgie walking around the sidelines picking them up.the owld git was saying throw them over here coz we’re going to sell them in the tuck shop.
    <<<< that was mike ashleys dad mate

  94. Saying that, if Stokes kit is anything to go by then I am glad Adidas have fecked off. That kit is a recipe for people having a fit :lol:

  95. I can see both sides of the coin, as we should all want to wear the shirt with pride & would do if we knew the money we spent on them was going to the team as in buying players but as its not, all we’re doing is putting cash in to Ashleys pocket or is it???

    I want to see what the new homes strip looks like & as I normally get the new strip for my birthday, I may just get this one as I too don’t live in the Toon & can’t get to matches but as I wear it for every game I watch on the TV in amongst the Spurt, Mancs & Cessepool fans, then it’s worth it to me but as I said, I can understand the TF sentiment if the money isn’t going on players!!!

  96. First time commenting here, as I thought this is a good blog that relates to me. I’m only 18 years old & have been an NUFC fan all my life. However I do not live in the north east I live in Warwickshire. All my family are Geordies & moved down south when pregnant with me.

    The true faith article rubbed me abit up the wrong way when I read it this morning. Me & my dad drive up to every single home game & all the away games around us. When I first went to St.James I wondered what people would make of me especially in the away games because of my lack of a Geordie accent. So wearing my shirt was my way of showing my roots & is a representation of my support. To say that I’m a mug to contributing to Ashleys wallet is a bit of a childish outlook in my opinion.

    To be fair Ashley has put in 20m to the club this year to help with running costs and is owed 111m? Do you really think he’s taking anything out of the club? Definately not. So if anything the money your shirt has raised has jus gone to keeping NUFC afloat

  97. Toonsy…spot on post I would say.

    Born in Edinburgh support Hibs, moved to Newcastle at 16 lived in Newcastle for 22 years…back in those days no cable and no live TV and took up the Black & White cause since I saw no betrayal as the two teams would never meet (and if they ever do I will support Hibs as my first love) Moved to the South because I simply had to for work and all around there are Manure supporters, Arse supporters, Spurs supporters Liverpool supporters…all people born and brought up in the town I currently live in…when the nearest real team is Oxford United.

    Nah…I wear my Newcastle shirt with pride (and Hibs one when watching the SPL :-D )

  98. We support the club financially, as well as anything else.
    Always have done, always will.
    Who can genuinely say that they’ve loved every single shirt in their lifetime?
    Yet we buy them.
    Maybe because we love every single shirt.
    That’s why i buy the shirt.
    The brand of the shirt is:
    Newcastle United F.C.

  99. It seems to me that some of the well known fanzine/blogs have almost become pro/semi pro hecklers.
    They seem obsessed with it & have forgotten how to be balanced.
    They seemingly want a say, if not their way, with every single decision made by the club.
    From who goes, who comes in, how much they all get payed, strip design, revenue streams, you name it.
    Perspective has been lost or dispensed with, along with reason.

  100. Everyone saying that its just the italy shirt with a newcastle badge on it… Fair enough, they are pretty much identical. But kits designs aren’t always unique. A lot of the time the same kit template gets used for teams in different leagues. Most of them are just a slightly more impressive versions of the kits you can buy for your local team. I for one like the new away kit. Its far better than the yellow tripe we’ve been putting up with. It beats the purple one of a few seasons ago. The 2007 away kit was almost identical in design to a liverpool kit made by adidas a few years back. Which was very similar to a design used by a european team.

    As for what the shirt means to me. Its pride, its belonging, its love for my club. I’m one of the unlucky ones who doesnt have the honour of living in Newcastle, nor anywhere near it. However, I’ve been Newcastle all my life. I go to as many games as I can, but for me to get to and from london and buy a ticket isn’t always financially an option. Many moons ago, in a more successful time, a great great great great grandaddy (not sure how many generations!) of mine was chairman of Newcastle. Newcastle runs through my veins. Despite this, I was described as a “fan” (being used almost as an insult) rather than a supporter due to my inability to attend all games and the fact I wasnt a local! Being far from Newcastle, I don’t want people to assume I’m an Arsenal, Spurs or worse still Man United fan. My shirt helps define who I am. Its shows my allegiance. I’ll always be proud to wear it, even if its not my favourite design.

  101. So were saying it’s a one way street now then? Supporters are expected to have ‘capital outlay’ on shirts and other merchandise, but the aren’t going to…

    I’m torn between buying the shirt asci normally do or not buy it in a mini protest to the way the club is ran.

    Ah well….

  102. I leave in ireland, and have only been to one match in my life. Newcastle united means alot to me as I’m the only one In my family who supports them as the rest follow United.
    I buy all the Newcastle jerseys as gives me a sense of identity in a world filled wit glory hunter supporters.
    I am proud to be a newcastle supporter :)

  103. Alex M – Wherabouts in Warwickshire do you live? Just curious as I live in Rugby at the minute :)

  104. After watching last nights game (the TWO hand balls) denied by the player but blantant. Keita intentionally trying to get Kaka sent off.

    Am I the only one that finds it incredible that a player can get 3 match bans from panels viewing television replays etc for a poor tackle.

    But blantant cheating which could untimately effect the spirit and result of a game.

    Maradona, Henry, Fabiano, Keita, Suarez, etc… these are all cheats the game doesn’t need.
    They should be banned for six months. I see no difference between this type of cheating and someone taking performance enhancing drugs.
    Both should be punished accordingly, yet nothing is done! It is making the game of football a complete farce!

    How can a player like Fabiano, run onto the field making the sign of a cross, look up to God and then cheat so blantantly. What a hypocryte!

  105. Stuart

    “So were saying it’s a one way street now then? Supporters are expected to have ‘capital outlay’ on shirts and other merchandise, but the aren’t going to…

    I’m torn between buying the shirt asci normally do or not buy it in a mini protest to the way the club is ran.

    Ah well….”

    How does this make sense. You are saying you are aggrieved at the way Ashley is running the club. So in protest, you are going to do your part to make things worse! Imagine if every Toon fan had this mentality.

    There’d be an empty stadium, no support for the lads who have worked hard to get us back up despite our ignorant owner. Ashley would put the club back on the market – with nobody interested in buying. And we’d probably just fall into administration.

  106. Some good points Trojan about identity and being a geordie.
    I own 3 replica tops the sky blue away top a replica home from 2 years ago (both xmas presents off my mam and dad) and the white with green trim away top with the brown ale logo on the front.
    Fave all time kits are the Bukta home with round neck and the one that followed the standard bukta home with bukta down the arms in long sleeves…that was the first kit I got I in around 75/76 and is always one of the most Iconic to me.

    I have hardly worn either shirt so have decided to put my blue away top on this morning and it does feel good haha…so I decided to slide along the laminate floors in my boxer shorts raise my fists in the air and shout “Yessssssssssssssssss” and kiss the badge

  107. Any major breakthroughs in the transfer market?

  108. jj – If everybody took the easy option and did nothing there’d still be dictators and terrorist in many, many countries. Not to mention we’d probably all be speaking German now.

    Short term pain, for long term gain.

  109. Toonsy – I live in Nuneaton? Prob about 30 mins from rugby? Can I ask how you get to the games? Because me & my dad drive 3 1/2 hours each way because of the train times meaning we’d have to leave most games early

  110. batty , put me 2 of those crap cheap fake toon tops your selling to one side….iv’e got a couple of mugs line up for them.

    XXXL M8…

  111. “jj – If everybody took the easy option and did nothing there’d still be dictators and terrorist in many, many countries. Not to mention we’d probably all be speaking German now.

    Short term pain, for long term gain.”

    So Worky wasn’t exaggerating when he thought some Toon fans were compairing Ashley and co to Hitler and Himmler.

    Stuart, fans already tried the protests, the marches, the boycotting games, the bed sheets etc. All it did was make things worse.

    And in the current climate, if we do boycott all merchandise, Ashley takes his money and puts us into admistration – there is no garauntee that some saviour will pull us out the dwang!

    We could very likely end up a Fizzy Pop Second division team. With no need to lease a stadium the size of St James.

    What exactly do you think there is to gain by protesting?

  112. JJ says:
    June 21, 2010 at 9:50 am

    We could very likely end up a Fizzy Pop Second division team. With no need to lease a stadium the size of St James.

    We could be there anyway, with this regime.

  113. jj, for the past 2 years they’ve been encouraging fans to boycott merchandise and continuing their ridiculous ‘no geordie cash for ash’ campaign, then they go ape when the club says there’s no extra money for new signings. what do they expect? they’ve created this, they’ve got the owner they deserve.

  114. Chris Hughton

    “I know from a supporter’s point of view they want to be hearing names and they want to be seeing us bringing in new players as soon as possible. That is totally understandable and I can understand their feelings.

    “But for me the most important thing is that we bring in the right players that we need to bring in.

    “I have been offered players by agents but I don’t feel they would add anything significant to the squad.

    We hear the same thing from Newcastle managers season in season out. We won’t rush, we must sign the right players.
    Always ending in the same results.

    They leave things too late, the good players are snapped up and we end up making panic buys are no buys at all.

    Sorry Chris, history has told me not to trust the club when it comes to bringing in “the right players”.

  115. JJ – did we or did we not bring in “the right players” in the shape of Routledge and Williamson during the last window?

    Was Chris Hughton our permanent manager then?

    Why, therefore, would you have reason not to trust him?

  116. Suart yes we could.

    But you still havn’t giving me a way in which we would actually benefit from boycotting Newcastle?
    Surely you have learned Ashley is too stubborn to budge with mere protest. So how do we benefit?

    Way I see it. It only makes things worse. Sometimes the easy thing to do is complain. The hard to to do, is be patient and let things unfold without causing more damamge.

  117. Toon Chicken

    Because the only way I see Ashley bringing in decent quality is by letting quality go.
    Yes I was suprised by the signings of Routeledge and Williamson. But I just can’t see them bringing in a striker, a winger, and two full backs which is really what we need. And not letting anyone go.
    Logic and history tells me its not gona happen. But I’d be the first to be delighted if I’m proved wrong.

  118. jj,
    i agree, a cheat is a cheat & should have their ass kicked.
    The ref knew full well that the brazilian guy handled the ball, yet did nothing but laughed as he was lied to.
    Also the pundits whined on about how great brazil were, as per, then whined about kaka getting ‘wrongly’ sent off. Yet they didn’t get so indignant about the dodgy second goal that initially fleeced them.
    Pathetic & predictable.

  119. Alex M – I drive to all the games mate, well the ones that I can get to around work etc, which makes it a bloody long day :lol:

  120. toonsy 219 blog bowburn 228 blog tooonsy should become the all time blog writer this week :lol:

  121. Nice, so we have a German ref in charge for the most important game of the World Cup so far.

  122. Balls ill be in work for it! Tho i cant complain too much finish up in work next tue n not back for a month!

  123. I am another supporter of newcastle utd who does not have many chances to take in a game at St James park.I have been a toon supporter all my 45 years on this planet but living in Coventry. My Grandfather was from Newcastle and moved to Coventry in 1932. When i was born a Newcastle scarf was laid across me in my bed.I like many other people in Coventry but said shirts and other items from the club shop using our MBNA Newcastle credit cards. We feel this is our way maybe of contributing to our team.

  124. I grew up in Rowlands Gill. Now I live in Vancouver, Canada. I wear the jersey with pride, and as a direct result I meet fellow Tooners out and about all over the place.
    Besides, it gives my mum something to send me over for my birthday!
    Don’t call me a mug.

  125. Buy a Toon strip and you’re a mug? WtF lol.

    I proudly wear my black n white. And here, nobody even gets it. They think it’s an american football referee shirt. Pff. Doesn’t change my mind one small bit. I wear it with pride. It’s the team I chose to love, and love them I will, no matter what.

  126. Dear me I find it depressing that so many of you can only feel proud to be a Geordie because you wear the latest piece of nylon tat the club pumps out or have an MBNA credit card, that doesn’t make you a Geordie it makes you a consumer, the marketing people love chumps like you, hey stick a badge on it and you fall for it, never mind you could get a lower interest rate on your credit and your family would be financially better off, your credit card has the club badge on it and that’s all that matters, except it doesn’t all you are doing is supporting MBNA and Ashley not NUFC. We were Geordies long before NUFC ever existed or Mike Ashley shipped up and thought he could make a quick buck by buying the club and selling it on for a quick profit, and if you think all that being Geordie means is nothing more wearing the latest nylon strip, then quite frankly you are pathetic, we are far more than that, my Granda and yours never had a replica strip in their life, they were the men who made Tyneside what it is. Please read that article again and actually THINK about what it means. Oh and don’t be surprised if the Puma strip is officially released on the day of the PSV friendly, lets cash in on the day of Sir Bobby’s death, ker-ching ker-ching that’s good marketing and you’ll all love it coz you’re all “true Geordies” unlike me who won’t be buying the next strip, I wish I was as “loyal” as you are.