Have any players impressed you at this World Cup?

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Stephane M'bia - One to watch fro Newcastle.
Stephane M'bia - One to watch fro Newcastle.
Well, I’ve have a good root through most of the papers, and various websites in the search of news about Newcastle United, but as yet my search has been in vail as there is nothing about.

Granted it is still early in the day when I am writing this, and The Sunday Sun are yet to release there next big hitting headline, but everyone seems to be swept away with the World Cup, and in particular what is going on behind the scenes in the England camp.

The latest on the Newcastle transfer front is that we can expect some signings in the next few weeks. But who? Hughton has said that he will be careful to make sure that whoever arrives on Tyneside over the summer will fit in with what we already have. So with that in mind I have been looking at the World Cup and thinking about players that could do a job for Newcastle next season.

First up for me is Cameroonian midfielder Stephane M’bia. Although Cameroon have been eliminated from the World Cup, M’bia has impressed me both thimes I have watched him so far this tournament. Primarily a centre-back, although he did feature at right-back in their opeining game, M’bia currently struts his stuff for French side Oympique Marseille.

We were rumoured to be close to signing him once before when Joe Kinnear was in charge of us, although inevitably nothing came of it. In all reality, M’bia would cost far to much for the club to even contemplate a move for him. I wasn’t aware until I researched this, but the player is rated at over £10 million, which rules us straight out of the running in my opinion. Ah well.

Another one to watch.
Another one to watch.
Another player who has impressed me, although admittedly I have only seen him once so far, is the North Korean number nine Jong Tae-Se.

For those who are unaware of who he is, he was the one who was crying his eyes out when the North Korean national anthem was being played before the Brazil game. Dubbed as the Wayne Rooney of North Korea, Jong Tae-Se has already been monitored by English clubs. In fact Blackburn Rovers were heavily linked with the player back in January.

He currently plays his football in the J-League and so would probably be available for a reasonable price, and what attracted me to him was the passion, commitment and a fair bit of skill on show from the striker – and that was against Brazil!

So those are the two players that stand out for me so far, although I have heard a bit of tubthumping about someone called Lionel Messi, who looks alright I suppose, but I somehow doubt very much that we are in the market for him!

So I guess the question is, apart from the usual suspects, who are the players that have caught your eye so far?

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148 Responses

  1. There was quite a few Japan players that impressed me actually, like Okubo, and i guess those could be bought for a pack of cigaretes.

  2. Think CH will just have a look on youtube after the tournament is over :lol:

  3. SJT – Aye it’s not a baddun, apart from the accusation that Newcastle are only producing a third kit so Ashley can fleece the fans…

    …Not that it’s in the rules that teams must have a third kit, still, never let the rules get in the way for a dig at Ashley eh True Faith ;)

  4. Hmm, I watched both Cameroon games as well… only player that looked decent is Emanna (was linked with us two summers ago, but went to Betis and got relegated). M’Bia’s natural position is DM, I’m quite sure that I heard it somewhere. He plays as a DC for Cameroon just because they don’t have anyone decent enough to be paired with Bass.
    Players that have really impressed me in this WC is Forlan, unrealistic player to get into our team, but anyways, a fantastic player, something we really lack in frontline. Also Diego Godin (CB) looks very good.
    Dos Santos, thought he was sh*te since he went to Tottenham and that his career will go only downhill, but his price will rocket sky high now, just needs to work on his finishing.

  5. I particularly enjoyed England’s new comedy goalkeeper, Green – what a hoot!

    It was even funnier when they dropped him and brought back Calamity James!

    Then there was Mr Potato Heed Rooney’s immature blast at the fans….

    What a giggle :)

  6. Like I mention already,Simon Kjaer is class. That Laser-guided diagonal Ball travelled about 61metres to Dennis Rommedahl is Splendid.

    Hardly see any Centre-Back doing that. Though He is reportedly the target of several top clubs,He has all the basic ingredients to succeed. He Likes to tackle,doesn’t mind an aerial battle and he can certainly pass the ball well.

  7. Sanchez for Chile on the rightt wing looks the part. 21 years old and plays for Udinesé..

  8. Nederlandhs right back Gregory van der Wiel is realy good and have impreesed me! He is very quike and realy good defence and good too in offence! I think he is on player for the future, just 22, and he would fit in the Newcastle kit this season, im sure. Hope CH could look at him, during the tournament.

  9. Also like that I have seen from both Ghanese Asamoah Gyan and Chilean Alexis Sanchez! Addition to van der Wiel they would be awsome signings! Go CH before its too late.

  10. true faith article comes across as destructive, patronising and arrogant. it seems to be encouraging fans to boycott the new shirts and labelling any who don’t as mugs. not to mention the damage they do to independent shirt sellers whose business depends on shirt sales. who the f*ck do they think they are?

  11. @30 agree.If they don’t want to buy one then fine their choice but no need to slag of those who do.

  12. richietoon says:
    June 20, 2010 at 11:05 am
    That Heskey bloke looks ok,what about him?
    <<<< lol

  13. I’ve seen plenty that have impressed me, unfortunately we couldn’t afford any of them. Doesn’t matter anyway, Hughton has said we won’t be siging anyone on a good world cup.

  14. malchick,i think the point the article was trying to make,was football fans in general are being taken for mugs,this day and age.i saw it happening years ago,with manure being the standard bearers of bringing out more than two kits per season.i can also see the point of the article in regards to buying club merchandice,it’s a two way street,so if messers llambias and ashley are not willing to play the game,why should the fans line their pockets with cash.
    there does seem to be an exploitation of the fans in the evil empire SKY F***IN’ TELEVISION ERA,look at how much it costs to watch football,disgraceful but like mugs fans are handing over money to these greedy b******s.

  15. Keisuke Honda + a few of the other Japanese players. Gio Dos Santos + a few of the other Mexican players.

  16. Two mexicans, Marquez, can’t remember the name of the other although it could be the one mentioned already. Ziani, anyone remember him. ;) That Slovanian who will probably do for us on wednesday. Loads of others I can’t remember but will probably turn out be crap in the EPL.

  17. trojan, yeah i agree with all that. i just think that talk of boycotting the new shirt is destructive and will not benefit anybody. they also have the audacity to rubbish the new puma kit as inferior to adidas when their encouragement of a boycott was possibly the main reason why adidas left NUFC in the first place.

  18. How many points do you think this lot will get out of their opening couple of months.

    I would say Blackpool would be lucky to have 3 and the others about 5 or 6 maybe less for West Brom with the shite they have been given…


    Blackpool v Wigan Athletic
    Arsenal v Blackpool
    Blackpool v Fulham
    Newcastle v Blackpool
    Chelsea v Blackpool
    Blackpool v Blackburn
    Liverpool v Blackpool
    Blackpool v Man City


    Bolton v Fulham
    West Ham v Bolton
    Bolton v Birmingham
    Arsenal v Bolton
    Villa v Bolton
    Bolton v Man Utd
    West Brom v Bolton
    Wigan v Bolton

    West Ham:

    Villa v West Ham
    West Ham v Bolton
    Man Utd v West Ham
    West Ham v Chelsea
    Stoke City v West Ham
    West Ham v Tottenham
    Fulham v West Ham
    West Ham v Wolves

    West Brom:

    Chelsea v West Brom
    West Brom v Sunderland
    Liverpool v West Brom
    West Brom v Tottenham
    West Brom v Birmingham
    Arsenal v West Brom
    West Brom v Bolton
    Man Utd v West Brom

  19. i agree with honda and bradley. anthony annan would be a handy defensive midfield replacement for butt.

  20. liverpool rumoured to be after Honda, and ac for michael bradley. Which puts us out – I liked dos santos, okubo,

    Jong Tae-Se all the way. invention, pace and power – perfect playing just off carroll. he is a bit like rooney aye in the j-league with his speed and shooting – with the odd arshavin style goal and trickery around the box. And bejesus – The passion of the lad! hard to think of a better club for him.

  21. Alexis Sanchez – Chile
    Jong Tae-Se – North Korea
    Mesut Özil – Germany
    Anthony Annan – Ghana
    Asamoah Gyan – Ghana
    Gervinho – Lille
    Eljero Elia – Netherlands
    Nadir Belhadj – Algeria
    Madjid Bougherra – Algeria
    Karim Matmour – ALgeria

  22. What that TF article fails to mention is the hundreds of thousands/millions or however many fans there are that aren’t lucky enough to go to SJP very often.

    I wear mine where I live because it gives me a sense of identity, a display to others that mainly follow Man U, Chelsea, Liverpool etc that I support my home town team without even having to speak to them. M.Stockley who occasionally posts on here is far far worse than me as I just get the home shirt, maybe a polo shirt etc, but he gets most of it right through from away/third kits to training gear etc, is he a mug for doing that? Because that is how he chooses to spend his own money?

    Expand on that, and what about overseas fans, who’s only outlet is to buy merchandise to show who they support? Are they also mugs? According to TF, yes.

  23. Itumeleng Khune

    Ricardo Osorio-Madjid Bougherra-Diego Lugano-Peter Masilela

    Pablo Barrera-Giovani Dos Santos-Keisuke Honda-Peter Odemwingie

    Prince Tagoe-Nikita Rukavytsya

    These have all impressed me and I think Newcastle would have a fairly good chance of sigining most if not all of them. Ricardo Osorio is on a free transfer – he’d be an excellent RB for us.

  24. Evar

    Its Tsepo Masilela, but ye he is an excellent left back.
    Dos Santos was running riot against South Africa in the first game until Masilela was brought on… Then he did nothing. Masilela has pace, defends well and gets up and down the touch line all day. Also seldom gives the ball away.

    Itumeleng Khune is an excellent shot stopper and probably the best distributer of a ball for a goal keeper I have ever seen. He does have a slight weakness for the highball into the box, and for pathetic Swiss referees though ;-)

    Don’t know about the rest too much but out of the two I’d get Masilela for sure. Be great backup for Enrique if not an equal. I think Khune is a bit small for the physical set pieces in the English Premier league. Although he is the same height as Given.

  25. Toonsy

    Absolutely spot on, The bloke who brought my chinese last night was impressed with my shirt, Saying how nice it was to see a supporter of a proper football club in our area not a Ferguson brainwashed muppet.

    I also cannot get to as many matches as i would like so i wear my shirt to show my allegiences and my roots.

    I wore it last year despite the sniggers and ridiculous stereotypes and i will be happily fleeced by the fat man as True Faith put it to show my pride in my football club and ancestry.

  26. “sirjasontoon says:
    June 20, 2010 at 8:50 am

    Good Article on True Faith

    I can see what they are trying to get at, but quite frankly I don’t buy the shirts for Ashley’s sake. I buy for my own sake.
    A) Because I like the shirts and it fills me with pride to be able to wear it on match days.
    B) Because being so far away it makes me feel that I am contributing something to the club, despite not being able to actually attend games.
    C) Because I can pass them on to others South African toon supporters that would never be able to afford the kit, and that makes me feel good.
    D) So that I can show the other footballers that there are other football clubs in exsistance besides Man United, Liverpool and Arsenal!

    The kits act as memoribilia of former players, and moments which I would like to remember.

    When the Springboks play I wear my Springbok jersey, same with the Proteas and Bafana – and you know what, it brings a sense of union and national pride when you see everyone else do it too.

    Dunno who wrote the article for True Faith, but he seems like a genuine prick to me.
    Jut because Ashley doesn’t do things write, doesn’t mean we as “supporters” should do our utmost to make things worse just to punish Ashley – in the end we only punish ourselves and the team.

  27. The trouble is , all the players i have been impressed with not one of them is English :( I hope that changes on wedensday . Come to think of it though did we not draw the first 2 games at italia 90 then went on to the semis :)
    Just read that Bolton are about to sign James Vaughan from Everton for 1 million . Would have loved us to get him for that price after all he has prem experience and is beter than Best or Ameobi . 1 of which we could have sold to finance the Vaughan deal and the lad is still only 21

  28. JJ

    The sad fact is True faith has gone this way, I used to find it witty and Informed but its just ridiculous digs at the owner for not spending money and now pathetically the manager for not forcing him!

    I would have thought that the writers as long term fans would have been happy to see the end of buying players randomly for tens of millions of pounds to silence the moaners with no direction or strategy but apparently not.

    I personally couldnt give a fcuk about how much the players cost as long as they are adequately talented, Motivated and hopefully have their best years ahead of them to improve or back up the first team.

  29. Unfortunatly even at 21 vaughn is too injury prone and it will probably get worse as he gets older.

  30. Owen Coyle is a great manager. I like Hughton but at the time I was praying Coyle would come here.

  31. toonsy

    I made a comment which hasn’t made it through moderation in response to a sick posting which you’ve snicked out – it was @54.

    Can you make sure it doesn’t get OUT of moderation, otherwise it’ll look like I was having a dig at jay jay – which was definitely NOT what I was looking to do :)

  32. JJ – NO!

    Darth – I am on it, and I only deleted yours because I was getting rid of the one you referred to ;)

  33. CC @ 56 – Do you think TF stance could be something to do with the friendliness between Michael Martin and Mark Jensen? And Mark Jensen’s new position as chair of the NUST board ;)

    Nah, couldn’t possibly be :D

  34. i dont mind being stalked when they do it with a bit of class i must be the most stalked or probaly the most hated blogger :lol:

  35. jay jay

    Not at all necessary, mate ;)

    I was looking to put one between the eyes of a sh*tbag who’s been posting some unsavoury stuff about another poster. Toonsy got shot of one of the posts and yours became @54 – which I had mentioned by number.

  36. Batty – You’re not hated. You one of them lovable little scamps.

    Where you on here the other day when the “non sectartians” came on here?

  37. Jay Jay – Darth does that, he’s reet touchy you know, just flies off the handle lol ;)

  38. I just think if someone has something to say then they should have the bollox to say it, not post then plead with you not to allow it out of moderation.

  39. jay jay @ 57 i know the lad has had some injuries , but some of that could be because he broke through so young his body maybe was not mature enough to handle the battering of prem defenders . The older he gets the stronger he will become and the lad does have ability and lets be honest how many injuries has Ameobi had , he never completes a full season .

  40. toonsy says:
    June 20, 2010 at 1:17 pm
    Batty – You’re not hated. You one of them lovable little scamps.

    Where you on here the other day when the “non sectartians” came on here?
    <<<< no missed the fun but caught up with mcloven the next day lol

  41. Jay Jay – Honestly mate, Darth is telling the truth. I was sorting out the commenst behind the scenes and it wasn’t aimed at you. Promise. It was to do with anotehr one of Batty’s stalkers who posted some sick shit that I managed to catch, which meant you comment wich would have been at 55, became your comment at 54, which was originally the sick one that Dart referenced :)

  42. jay jay

    Jesus, you f*cking moron!

    If I were JJ I’d be changing my username. I wouldn’t want to confused with you, you c*ck.

  43. Darth – Chill out man, it’s sorted. I’m sure Jay Jay will undertsnad when he reads the explanation.

  44. jay jay some 1 was posting insults at me under my own nick m8 thats what darth was on aboot a think

  45. toonsy says:
    June 20, 2010 at 1:26 pm
    Batty – You may want to catch him again then
    <<<< so it was him was it

  46. Ok lads, I got the wrong end of the stick and apologize for that darth, thanks for the further insults anyway.

  47. Gee, everyone’s touchy on this site today. And its not even Chucks fault…

    I think its Batty’s fault! F#ck you Batty! ;)

    Out of interest. Who would the English fans support if England get knocked out?
    I got my German shirt ready for after the South Africa vs France game.

  48. I wouldn’t support anyone as such, but I would keep an eye on the Argies just to see how Jonas gets on

  49. nobody really,but I’d have to pretend I was supporting Spain to keep wor lass happy,therefore in turn keeping me happy ;-)

  50. Anyone reckon that England are really imploding, or do they hink all this drama behind the scenes is just paper talk?

  51. I think they are imploding. Prima Donnas are showing themselves up for what they really are – bunch of whingers – don’t like the system, don’t like the manager not being really friendly to them, bored dossing around in a 5 star resort, not happy not knowing the team a week in advance etc etc etc. I remember watching some bits on TV when they were in training either before or on just arriving in S.Africa. Capello was talking to them giving instructions and the looks on the faces – some of them smirking, others looking hardly interested etc. I thought then there were a lot of attitude issues going on. You could almost imagine they played as they did Friday night on purpose to force him to adopt their methods. The arrogance is unbelievable

  52. I prefer to think of myself as practical Toonsy :-)
    whats the papers saying like I dont buy them anymore…..and some of us have had to go to graft today you know!!! ;-)

  53. The whole England squad has impressed me at how crap they’ve been playing these past 2 games :)

    Apart from them, na, no one apart from the usual suspects stands out, so it’ll be a waste of money sending CH to SA to find us some cheap players :)

  54. toonsy says:
    June 20, 2010 at 2:05 pm

    Terry has said the players are all behind the manager.

    The press are just doing what they do – They make things up.

    The irony of it is they report so much negativity but it’s them who are the cause of most of the problems we have.

  55. It shouldn’t matter whether they like the manager or not,once on that pitch they’re playing for themselves and their country…..or should be if they have any pride and passion!!

  56. i think we will not get one single player from the world cup. really i dont. we should be able to buy any of the england ones though as they are slowly getting more into our price range… the entire team will be worth about 30 quid by time they fly home – after the next game!!

  57. thats including the cost of sleeping with your chosen WAG.. i will go for gerrards first me thinks. bet she is better at ball games than him at the minute!!

  58. “First up for me is Cameroonian midfielder Stephane M’bia.”

    Kinnear was chasing both him and another defender when he was at Rennes. I did some homework on him back then, and I think that we were looking at him primarily as a defensive midfielder, where he plays alot. Very versatile, canny player from what I’ve seen of him.

  59. yeah she is a nice too i must admit…. must be his good looks and dancing skills! hey would it be sexist if you do a blog on the wags so we can vote for our fav (sorry debs.. its godda be done!!).

  60. JJ… they clearly deserve this place, their effort and commitment can not be questioned……… hahahahahahahaha
    this world cup is throwing up a few suprises, to me it seems clear that out players seem to think their shit smells of roses and that they have film star status gives them the god given right to just ‘turn up’ to win a game with no effort. They are on too much money, too many people suck up to them and they have lost all touch with reality. They devote more time and dedication to nailing down the next, deo advert, or a sports drink or psp game and not enough time on nailing down their real game!! The football has become a mere side show for the revenue and stardom machine that they have become….. tossers and i detest them for loosing their guts and passion. This is why the outside nations are also doing well… they still live for the game, they have hunger.. our players bellys are full these days.

  61. “First up for me is Cameroonian midfielder Stephane M’bia.”

    Who is the other midfielder from Cameroon we were linked with. He looks even better than M’bia. Mbama or something like that.

  62. Craig, thats what CH has already said about any new players re the world cup. And you do have to wonder why Heskey and King even got into the squad. Heskey isn’t even first choice for Aston Villa and I reckon Martin O’Neil is trying hard to off-load him, whilst King is a perrenial crock who was odds on not to finish any games he started in.
    We would be better having “Football Manager” taking charge and picking the team.

  63. Ye Craig,

    It is just a thought.
    Looking at the locations the sides have decided to stay. The teams that have picked the vacation spots don’t seem to be fairing to well.
    The lesser teams that got the training venues out in the township areas are not doing too bad at all.
    Look at New Zealand for example. They are staying in a superb resort in Kempton. But There ain’t much do to but play golf. And they are training in Daveyton Township close to were I live. Probably the least fancy of the facilities. But they are suprising everyone with their performances.

    It could be a small factor. Of some teams just not taking it seriously enough, and seeing this as a state paid luxurious vacation. Just a thought mind you.

  64. willy man… the last time i loved our team was in the euro 96 and gazza’s last hero game for us. i know he is a fuk up but god did he have passion. i have zero interest in this group of money generating entrapeneurs that were once footy players.

  65. Craig – Thing is, they aren’t even entrapeneurs mate. Most of what they get nowadays is handed to them on a plate. They have very little to think about as it is all done for them!

  66. toonsy… i now hate them even more! gutless people that need to hang their heads in shame. Capello has been exposed too… for me he has made fuk up after fuk up this world cup. it does not matter how good a players skill is if he has no interest or self pride. What do they care. rooney/gerrard/lamps/terry/asley cole etc… they are all pocketing 20 grand A DAY basic pay, every day, 365 days a year plus add ons. for kicking a lump of leather around on i bit of grass. And they can not muster the enthusiasum to even give it their best effort. thats what gauls me man. Makes my guts churn with anger.

  67. I agree there hasn’t been to many signs of passion. But I don’t believe its not there.

    You can’t tell me guys like Terry, Lampard, Gerrard, Rooney are not passionate…
    I think the truth about if theres some uncurrent to the players not seeming united will only come out later on, in a biography or something.

    But they certainly havn’t seemed themselves.

  68. For me Capello has been a problem. Did anyone else notice how dejected he looked at half time against Algeria. He looked like he had given up then already.
    How is that attitude supposed to lift his players?

  69. anyone notice that the Italy strip is practically exactly the same design as our new away and 3rd strips?

  70. Yes, Italian strip is identical design and colour. Only nufc badge in place of italy flag and the NR logo. Puma obviously had a lot of spares and couldn’t be bothered to design anything new so though, lets just use the Italy strip.

    Well I for one will NOT buy this. I don’t want to be mistaken for a diving Italian!!

  71. Even Stuart Pearce looked disintrested on THE bench against Algeria. Hope to God hè drops Rooney and heskey for the next game and plays crouch & defoe upfont and shake the midfield up as well .

  72. JJ says:
    June 20, 2010 at 3:17 pm (Edit)

    “Who is the other midfielder from Cameroon we were linked with.”

    Sorry, may have been slightly confusing there, JJ. The other fella was another African defender from the French League. I think it was Albin Ebondo from Toulouse, and there was much speculation about them both at the time. I think he is Congolese / French?

  73. JJ what did you think of Robbie Earle saying he was given 400 match tickets?….if all tv pundits get that amount then know wonder tickets are so hard to come by.It’s a disgrace imo.

  74. Aye it’s a shocker Icedog.I can understand getting them for your wife/girlfriend/kids(at a push) but that should be it.

  75. pleased i didnt get one richietoon what a load of crap imo (england) could not have paid ME to go and watch,bet wor bobby is turning over god bless his heart

  76. Aye Icedog,it was a bit like watchin the Toon v Villa….toothless.later mate.

  77. Michael Bradley, could probably get him on a few million as well.
    And Enyeama, but we don’t really need a goalie.

  78. I quite like the Japanese midfielder Daisuke Matsui. He’s looked pretty good, skilful, committed and seems to know when to make runs into forward areas. Plays in France for grenoble and they’ve just been relegated so should be available for peanuts.

    BUY HIM!

  79. Yeah, Mbia was a free agent when we looked at him, as did other EPL sides, a box to box defensive midfielder, would have been a good addition, as that`s what`s desperately needed in the side.
    And yes why not “The People`s Wayne Rooney” he certainly showed emotion, both prior too and during the game.
    If we had a few playing with that kind of attitude we might win the bleeding league.
    As Boater said he`s under the spell of the great leader, perhaps we should check the spell out, sure could use that kind of emotion at St. James
    Caught the Diego Rivera murals to day, one which is a visually painted history of the country, amazing.
    The Rockafelles fired him and erased his not completed mural at the then new Rockafeller Center simply because he wanted to include Lenin, Philistines !
    The one here in Mexico City, includes Trotsky.
    So what`s that gotta do with football ?
    Nowt really, just dont want you to think I dont know whats happening while i`m outta town, when you are outta NY your outta town.
    Mexicano`s are enjoying the games, hope their team can move onto the next round, also England but not at the expense of the USA, two muy importante games coming up.
    Can youse guys beat the Slovenes, can we beat the Algerians, were gonna find out.
    Did anyone believe that they would have experienced some of the first round results, that have taken place ?
    Actually, more concerned about the upcoming season and who Hughton brings in, think the international scene has lost some of it`s cache, probably about the lousy job Blatter has done through FIFA.
    Came out with a statement something like, human error is a big part of the game and we dont intend to remove it.
    Well having witnessed some of the most horrendous refereeing decisions ever, where a simple,lets go to the video folks, would have taken almost no time and could have reversed decissions that could send certain teams home,thanks Sep ! your a real winner, not !

  80. Chuck – I bet the Mexes are going mad today aren’t they? That is my nailed on result of the day that, a draw from them between Uruguay. They both need a draw to make sure they go through so….. ;)

  81. My favourite players of the tournament are Elia and Afelay of the Netherlands and Giovanni Dos Santos, Barreras and Guardardo of Mexico.

  82. “richietoon says:
    June 20, 2010 at 6:13 pm
    JJ what did you think of Robbie Earle saying he was given 400 match tickets?….if all tv pundits get that amount then know wonder tickets are so hard to come by.It’s a disgrace imo.”

    Didn’t hear that but it would make sense, knowing how Fifa and our government balls things up.
    Its is common knowledge here that the goverment officials spent R10 000 000 of tax payers money on match tickets.
    Half of which arn’t even being used (hence the empty seats).

  83. I could list loads of fantasy players but I think there are some who NUFC could bring in cheaply…

    I think Robert Koren is brilliant, cant believe that West Brom let him walk away.

    Craig Moore of Australia, who currently has no club, looks like a half decent defender.

    Giovanni Dos Santos
    Javier Hernandez

  84. Aye batty,
    the germans ripped moore apart, he was good once, but not for a few years,
    his back legs have gone.