Toon close to Gosling signing.

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Dan's in Toon?
Dan's in Toon?
The situation regarding Dan Gosling has rolled on for some time now and parts of it have resembled a soap opera, but it looks like Newcastle are finally closing in on the signing of the 20-year old midfielder.

Reports suggest that Gosling is in line to sign a four year deal on Tyneside, with Friday being the most likely day for an announcement going by some rough calculation and guesswork.

Basically, Everton had 14 days to appeal Dan Gosling’s decision to leave Goodison Park after that now infamous contract cock-up. And using my memory and some mental arithmetic, I calculated that the 14 day appeal period will be up on Friday, although please feel free to correct me if I am wrong, which would indicate that we should have a new midfield player by the weekend, if it all comes off of course!

Signing Gosling as soon as possible would be a good move for the club and would put an end to the rumours that other clubs like West Ham, Sunderland and Bolton are circling for the former Plymouth youngster. But that is all it would do as the player himself is unfortunately out until around Christmas time as he recovers from a cruciate ligament injury.

The problem is, what do we do with all of these central midfielders? Can we expect any of them to move on in January, or even before perhaps? It makes me wonder, especially as Gosling has apparently said that he wants to play in his favoured central midfield position.

As it stands we have Kevin Nolan, Alan Smith, Joey Barton, Danny Guthrie and Haris Vuckic who can all play in the central midfield position. Add Dan Gosling into that equation and that would amount to a grand total of six central midfielders in our squad, yet only two and at most three can play at a time.

I understand the need for depth in the squad, but to me the squad is becoming laden with players who can play in the middle of the park, which is leaving both wings look a little bit light. I know Guthrie and Barton have played on the wings, as did Vuckic the other day and apparently so can Gosling, but they aren’t out and out wingers, and that concerns me for when injury inevitably strikes either Wayne Routledge or Jonas Gutierrez.

I’m not moaning about the apparently imminent capture of Gosling, in fact I think it’s a great bit of business for us. I don’t even mind that we signed him because of a technicality, it was Everton’s balls up after all. I just think that perhaps we should focus some more attention into positions where we are despereately light and lacking in quality, like left-back, left-wing and up front.

If we can crack those three positions and sign players that would add to the quality of the squad then I would feel more confident in our ability to cope when injuries inevitably strike.

Are you listening, Chris?

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168 Responses

  1. We should just announce the bleedin’ Gosling transfer! Everton haven’t a chance in hell of ANY money! They cocked up the admin and will suffer for it, it’s not as if they continually offered him contracts and he kept rejecting in order to leave on a free. Not to mention he has only been there just over 2 years and was not developed by the club. I feel more sorry for Plymouth Argyle than Everton. We should do the classy thing and give them 300k or so

  2. And for those of you who haven’t had your fix of rumours, here’s one of today’s little gems!

    ‘Dan Gosling has already signed for Newcastle and has been seen training with the team in Dublin, he will be announced next week with De Guzman Juan Albin and yohan benalouane. Yohan will be signed for cover as their is concerns after Taylors injury who will sign a new contract along with carroll and krul, Smith won’t be leaving newcastle he wants to end his career at SJP’

    Hope that helps

  3. Lesh – If that was true I would tug myself blind* as we would be sorted I reckon :D

    * Even more blind :lol:

  4. Whoever said that just got every player linked in the papers and stuck it all together. :D Nothing that we had not heard earlier.

  5. I think Gosling can be used out wide aswell hasn’t he played RB and RW for Everton. Likewise Vuckic can play on the left, he was class at Carlisle and has more crossing ability than Jonas thats for sure. The lad has the complete game and he’s only 18 or so. Much rather we developed him that sign Cleverly or someone on loan.

  6. Lesh

    Cheers, mate. I think it’s total garbage though to be honest. Sounds like someones wishlist rather than the logical approach of Hughton.

  7. DJG;

    i happen to think Jonas’ crosses have improved considerably, pre-season last year and i would agree but the lad puts in some decent balls nowadays

  8. Bax – Yohan Benosomething. 23 year old central defender who plays for some French team. St Etienne?

  9. Possibly so but surely being left footed gives Vuckic an advantage over delivering balls from the left. I see Jonas as more of a player who likes to take people on rather than cross.

  10. Shane ferguson is a left winger who can play left back, Already Capped at senior level for NI, Impressed a few at Carlisle apparantly.

    Sky were saying Bertrand impressed at Left back for Chelsea the other day, Ancelotti said Cole aint leaving and they also have Rajkovic coming back from Twente and Zhirkov is also there still.

    With them options surely Van Aanholt could be available for a seasons loan or permanent transfer.

  11. 10 ~ El Toro ~ says:
    July 19, 2010 at 4:03 pm
    Eltoro, DGJ, the rumour post’s utter tripe but nevertheless, amusing tripe.

    Well, it looks as though Smifff’s set to stay and surely one out of the supposedly incoming four’ll prove to be right?

  12. cc! did he play at left back mate on saturday i have watched a lot of him. he has always played at rightback and right wing if he played thier then good. he can play anywhere.

  13. ssn are definitely ‘hardening up’ (pffft!) their report of Gosling to Newcastle like.

  14. CLINT m8 i think its a done deal but dont think toon will say owt till friday ashley doent want to pay nowt he doent have to imo

  15. ice,
    we shouldn’t have to pay for him, they f***ed up, end of.

    Off topic:
    Do these ‘8 home grown’ players have to be english or british?
    I know overseas kids that have been at the club for ‘X’ time can count, so ‘home grown’ can mean anything then, hey?

  16. gosling is a 1st division player,and thats where he will end up with the skunks.

  17. Don’t think we can officially sign Gosling until the appeal if either not filed or resolved or else we could be on the hook for a fee, depending on the outcome

  18. Are Everton going to end up in the Championship too? They wanted to keep Gosling (that 1st division player you were telling us about!).

  19. wow ! what a coup for newcastle – an injury plagued nobody who dumped on his club for a bigger pay packet elsewhere… must be so proud . . . . but it’ll be the new year before the greedy little nobody is fit enough for you to find out… many weeks is that @ 25k in his bank account for sitting on his sofa ? HAHAHA . . . . . FOOLISH PIECE OF BUSINESS FROM A CLUB WHO CAN ONLY SIGN FREEBIES AND HAS-BEENS

  20. jfblue4ever! so u didnt jump up when he scored against liverpool and the scum.first division player who hasnt played many games has scored against the so called best.

  21. Mr Trotter, who has spent more this summer? Bolton or Newcastle?


    Everton is a club who can only sign feebies and nobodies aswell!

  23. lads stop talking shit. because he turned u lot down. anyway thats all paper talk about wages because ever other paper was saying other clubs will get him becasue of they will offer more money. so it pissed ever1 else off when he said yes to us and then ever paper said we are paying more lol.u clubs are small fishlol

  24. obvious mong lads, ignore.

    sign on, sign on, with hope, in your hearts……

  25. Off topic but has anyone picked up on brian laws comments regarding forster?

    However, unfortunately due to an injury at Newcastle it’s not possible to move that on at the moment.”

    does anyone know whos injured?


    Have bolton not signed blake and petrov with a combined of 70…

    Bellend :roll:

  27. rooney kissed his everton shirt and ran off to the scum lol rodwell to united next what u going to say then he is crap as well.

  28. Dont get wound up lads Everton have over-achieved under Moyes it won’t last much longer. Both the scouser teams will be mid table at best this season.

  29. Its all rather sad but entirely predictable

    Gary Speed: Judas, went for money, Step down, Nine league titles, Cup winners cup 1985…

    Duncan Ferguson: Judas, Went for Money, Step down, Nine league titles, Cup winners cup 1985…

    Dan Gosling: Judas, Went for money, Step down, Nine league titles, Cup winners cup 1985…


  30. Stevie- one of the match reports I read said Forster was left in newcastle because he suffered a knock in training. Krul and Harper both played a half Saturday and I didn’t read a report of either being injured.

  31. to all those newcastle fans it shows how far your fall from grace has been to actually be happy to sign goslin he couldnt get in our team but will walk into yours
    will be ok for the championship though when you go back down roll on easy 6 points

  32. Anyway, cheers Everton. a £5 million rated player for free. Kerching ;)

    Don’t mind Evertn personally. Both of my best men at my wedding are die hard Evertonians, so they aren’t all (unts ;)

  33. 25 grand a week for a player whose shite no wonder your clubs a mess and if hes worth 5 million rodwels worth 50 see if hes still worth 5 mil when hes playin in your world class team

  34. craig answer the question was he kak when he scored against liverpool or united did u jump up.

  35. Oi dipshit, who said Gosling was world class, or Newcastle were world class apart from you?

    Oh, cheers for the compliment bin dipper.

  36. your clutchin at straws here people he has potential and maybe at your shit club where he will get regular starts he may improve who knows in 3 years time he may be good enough to be valued at 5 million and yes i did jump up when he scored against the shite
    And your welcome to the greedy fooker

  37. Gosling probably left Everton because he was fed up having his car nicked and his house broken into

  38. craig get over yourself any english player is worth more money then any other in england becasue not meny about.he has got 1 thing going for him. that he scores goals that is rear for a english midfield player and if we does well and scores we will be laughing he would be worth 15 mil in a blink of a eye. u just are crying becuse he doesnt wont anything to do with your small time fans.

  39. Do you support a world class team like?

    Barca? Man UTD? Real? Inter? Bayern? Chelsea? Arsenal?

    Or Everton? Face it, you dropped a fiver and we picked it up. You’re not getting it back, so stop crying.

  40. “And your welcome to the greedy fooker”

    Ahh, now we are getting to the root cause – bitterness.

    It’s ok Crackhe I mean Craig, you can get therapy, you need to or else it will consume you and make you do nasty things.

  41. any way 25,ooo pounds a what people are saying and papers. if so that is low pay for a prem player.what is your top player on.your team is full of injuried players what are u paying that man u scum player u have got upfront who plays twice a season u clown on double his money.

  42. Daverism @55

    Face it, you dropped a fiver and we picked it up. You’re not getting it back, so stop crying.

    :) Quality.

  43. according to my sauces, which will remain confidential, im having tomato sauce on my chicken and chips tonight

  44. Alreet boyos?! What’s new? Food signing for lpool today, cole will greatly improve them.

    Waddles been on today with any gen?

  45. Alreet Raffo,
    nowt much to report bud.
    Waddles ain’t been on with anything juicey mate.

    What are these food parcels to lpool man?

  46. CLINT aye m8 but comeing along,living in the country has some drawbacks,but worth it,pefer watching wildlife than drunks in the bigg-market lol

  47. What does it matter what the evertonians think about gosling, if they wer’nt botherd about him they wouldn’t have offerd (verbally) to double his money & wouldn’t be on here having a go. It won’t be long before they have to sell again & its only a matter of time until rodwell is playing in red.

  48. Seriously lads have you ever seen him play?
    He is a very average run of the mill player with the pace of a donkey and as for wanting to be centre mid!!!!! ahead of Arteta, Rodwell, Cahill, Osman, Heitinga and Fellaini,jesus.
    Dont you think there was a bit of something deliberate in us not appealing?
    You will see what I mean come February when he finally makes his debut and as for us being a poxy mid table this season well you just watch, we lost only twice from November to the end of the season last year when all our injured players came back and with no Europe to knacker us we will be up there believe me.

  49. Something else I am just looking at is this new 25 player squad. Looking at ed’s blog and a few comments have been made on there and maybe an idea for an article Toonsy if it ain’t been done.

    We have to have a squad declared by the end of next month, of which only 17 can be over 21 and NOT home grown. This means we need to have 8 youngsters in the squad under 21 and home grown. I’m struggling to come up with 8. Obviously if you look at the rules players like smith, shola, simpson and s Taylor won’t count as home grown as they are over 21 eventhough they have come through the system. This also applies to vuckic as we have only had him for 2 seasons at most, which may be a good reason for him going on loan simply as he may be taking a valuable squad place.

    So who counts as homegrown in our current squad?

    carroll (maybe)
    lua lua
    would gossling count toward this?

    I think krul, Forster and perch are also too old. This puts a slightly different complexion on what ch needs to try and do this window.

    So have I missed anyone? Who would miss out on your squad?

  50. Sorry Raffo,
    it looked funny mate.

    where you at(living)?
    Hope you’re feeling good soon mate, hang in there marra.

  51. CLINT little village in durham m8,house backs on to large fields and woods,ill come good again but will miss hols for a while,hasnt cost me like as i stay with mates in malta so can go when i want

  52. Areet lad. Got one Gossling was at training ground to day and went off in car with derck wright. Also TIm Krul is younger that than andy carrol a think.

  53. BIG DAVE comeing along canny m8,toonsy off to work so you will get peace lol,not a bloody thing going off on toon front,apart from one of our goalkeepers is injured, so foster loan off a the mo

  54. didnt know young tozer had been moved out,going to L/O by all reports,never saw him play so cannot really comment on him

  55. Raffo – S.Taylor, Ameobi, Carroll, Lua Lua, Tavernier, Krul, Harper count as HG players by club, it doesn’t matter how old they are, they spent at the club at least 3 years before 21st birthday, so they qualify.
    Smith, Barton, Nolan, Mike, Danny G. and Simpson etc.. count as HG players in England.

    If this is what you were thinking…

  56. We won’t have any problems with home grown player rule for some time, that’s for sure…

  57. regarding tozer: was a bit confused by those reports myself as i didn’t remember any notice of us releasing him. poked around and apparently he’s still ours, under contract 2012 – at least according to maybe he’s going out on loan for them?

  58. The curse of the sour grape!

    Although I just haven’t seen enough of him to know if their just sour grapes or if he really is a good player.

    He’s only know because he scored against Liverpool and even that goal was missed due to a fck up at ITV.

    Hope he turns out to be a good player.

  59. EASTCOASTMAG,found it on ssn,;said after being released by toon tozer is looking for new club,maybe ssn got it wrong?

  60. CLINT cannot get it to load,just keeps comeing up web page cannot show this page :(

  61. Nah wadds I ain’t seen owt today, but your gen comes from sources mine from tint!! Plus I’ve been sleeping all day as I’m on nights this week so not as up to speed as last week.

    Cheers for that cadbury but the gist I got from uncle eds blog wa that the homegrown players had to be under 21 which is why I was worried, but I’d harper etc count then great. Krul is a year older than Carroll btw

  62. yea i’m not sure what the case is with him. maybe its just a trial with a view to a permanent deal? maybe we did actually release him.

  63. ice,
    yea, just tried it again, & it didn’t load.
    Drat & double drat.
    If it loads up later i’ll post it again, sorry mate.

  64. The only thing I’ve seen on theesh site is albin is rearing his head again. Someone reckons a delegation went to Madrid to speak to him as getafe are based there. De guzman also mentioned again but these are easy rumours to put out there again!

  65. What a shame, evertonians having to act like bell ends thanks to sour grapes. Mouth off all you want, you’re making yourselves look like an even bigger bunch of idiots. Severly doubt gosling will walk into our team and start week in week out anyway. You’ve snapped up beckford and have no more money, get over yersel lads.

  66. I reckon Goslings move to Newcastle is gonna fall through due to the appeal coming down in favour of Everton. Hope I’m wrong though…

  67. MM,
    don’t see how they could rule in favor of everton like.
    The lad is gone already, what they gonna do, drag him back there?

  68. MM,
    there was a ssn report saying that everton had given up the appeal, not saying it’s true, but they reckoned.

  69. All talk is of smith going back to Leeds but wages as a sticking point. Can’t see it like but that’s the rumour mill

  70. ice,
    maybe, just maybe, the backlash begins.
    Wouldn’t you just love it?
    Sick of ’em talking to us like we’ve never seen football before.

  71. Oh it’s only Lesh site, but has been mentioned alot. Cud see it in a couple of years time but not now

  72. Big D,
    it was the canadian lad that went to burnley mate, not Tozer, can’t remember his name, shit!

  73. CLINT would like to think so,teachers talking to 5yr olds,boils my pi–,drunks and dope heeds half of them

  74. ice,
    me too mate.

    Does me heed in. :)

    It was a breath of fresh air when R Hodgeson was on, he actually talked sense.

  75. I hear the club have accepted a bid for Harper. Dunno who off but was a good one.

    Just a rumour at the minute, but who knows…

    Wouldn’t be too bothered like, were pretty well stocked in that area.

  76. CLINT not putting c.h. down but wouldnt have minded him at sjp,about as close to wor bobby as any body could get imo

  77. Gosling has potential but thats all – everton valuing him at 4 mil is a bit od a joke, that means shola is worth 20 mil
    think he’s a decent signing but we need to buy some pace which is one thing he aint got

  78. ice,
    aye mate,
    although, i would say that he hasn’t stayed anywhere
    for very long.
    Seems to have been a bit of a filler/transitional manager. Back & forth between a few clubs & countries.
    Top bloke though.
    Not sure how long he’ll get at liverpool.
    What d’y’reckon?

  79. Raffo – Maybe, it would be seen as a good bit of business by the club I reckon.

    Not sure about the fans though…

  80. looking forward to the coming season to be honest -if we finish mid table with current signing we’ll have done well, we really need to sell people like smith, he seems like a top bloke with a great attitude but his best days are long behind him and he’ll never make a decent prem midfielder, suppose it depends on how important he is in the dressing room i suppose

  81. He does seem to move on quickly if
    he gets a better offer like, a la fulham.
    Who can blame him, but if he does well, you’d think he’d be off.
    Not the stability we need really.

  82. @stuart – you seem to be the only one whos heard the harper rumour – source?

    agreed it may not be to bad if its decent wedge

  83. CLINT yer right like,how longs a piece of string,new owners if ever at asking price,might want there own man.funny old game this m8

  84. Since Waddles Mullet came and said Celtic were in for Harper ive almost wanted him to go, nee vindictive reasons, just that NUFC will go on after Harper has gone and Krull and Foster are the future, want to get the bedded in.

  85. Stu.
    Been telling you for weeks about harper. All over net tonight your right.
    The rumours will stop once krull and Forster are allowed to leave on loan but keeps getting blocked?!

  86. Cheers Lads it was Edgar but I couldn’t think of his name, As for Harper I dont think he would want to move he has waited long enough for his chance and he has even came out and said the same.

  87. Well the fact that Forster has had a move blocked to Burnley, would seem to offer some substance to the news. Also they have told Burnley there is an injury to one of the keepers. They both looked fine against Carlisle.

  88. ILM,
    but fresh back in the prem with 2 bairns in goal, not a good plan.
    We need his experience for at least this season.

  89. Those keepers are the furutee, but don’t think either are ready yet. I would send Krul out on a years loan to get 1st team games, then he might be more ready to slot in, do what we did with Forster last season

  90. “Areet lad. Got one Gossling was at training ground to day and went off in car with derck wright”

    He was seen in david lloyd in the swimming pool most likely because he is unable to run at the minute due to the injury. Derek wright was also there and another lad was present, may be another injured player though.

  91. Agree with you there Clint. Krul looked alright on Saturday, but for me still not quite there yet. Harper is still at an alright age for a keeper, give him another full season then another to be there or there abouts with a coaching role for him after that.

  92. I agree they both need regular 1st team experience I know Krul had a few good games and pulling of some top notch saves but I can remember 1 game were he was flapping like a seal

  93. I but if they don’t ply they won’t ever b ready u say u want harps experience for this seaason then it will b we experience next season, n they won’t ever get in id much rather hav krul n forster battle for the shirt than harper bein garenteed it week in week out no maatter how he plays

  94. Later ice.
    haad ya’ gan.

    you’re right mate.
    More experience needed, 20 anything is well young for a ‘keeper.
    Harper has at least 2/3 good years left in him, he was just ‘honored’ as a legend last week in the metro.
    & as Big D says, Krul still shows his inexperience.

  95. Sorry but i just cant see why we all excited here, be honest d.gosling aint all that and wouldnt bring much to us. The lad is a alright player good enough to play lesser side and 20mins against the big teams but that all, id much rather get tom cleverley on loan from united now there a special talent for ya, a very gifted lad with fantastic ability- cleverley is the nxt big thing in the epl mark my words and we should be lucky get him on loan, saw him score on ssn other day via celtic, beautiful movement.

  96. YEs, would be happy with Harper for a season or 2 more, Krul loaned this season then fightinging it out the next getting cup games and ready to slot in as and when. By the 3rd season, we can have HArper still there, Krul just about ready to be no 1 with Forster going for it himself.

  97. Davy,
    Forster just got a full year with norwich & helped ’em to the title.
    Krul hasn’t done any of that. He’s been out on loan in scotland the other year.
    They need to feel the pressure of the big league, not be hoyed in at the deep end first season back, that would be almost suicide on our part.

  98. Most Evertonians aren’t that bothered about losing Gosling as a player. He’s decent but he has never looked like he will be top class and there are certainly much better and more promising players at Everton. The biggest thing he lacks pace in any shape or form.

    The fact that we are missing out on a potential £4m (don’t know where that figure came from) but cause of some administrative blunder is what has pissed most of us off.

    With regards to Newcastle getting him, it’s a win win situation really for you really. I don’t think he will turn out to be anything special but you never know.

    I wish Newcastle all the best for this season and Gosling, well not quite so much!

  99. aj,
    but what’s the point of warming cleverley up for man usa?
    I know what y’mean, but training up other rivals players seems daft, they ain’t gonna come to us in the end.
    If he’s that good, he’ll play for them.

  100. Good attitude jeff, nice one.
    We know what it’s like when the club makes a blunder mate, believe me.

  101. Thanks Jeff, nice to hear from somebody like you, good view to take.

    Would love to see Everton come good for you this season. Went to game there years ago, missed the first half as mates wife ended up locking my keys in the boot, but the staff at the club were great getting me in and really looked after me. One of the best clubs I’ve been to for an away game. Always looked out for you ever since. Would love us to follow your model and slowly make our way up to the top 6 over a few years and then become established like yourclub has done and without breaking the bank.

  102. I understand your point but tom has already done a loan before where got 11gls for watford and according to a mate of mine, he has featured 5times on man utd last 3 pre.season tours and hit 3gls, all good hits so technically we wouldnt be warming him up, we b benifitting.

  103. Gosling is a free so if he doesn’t cut the mustard it doesn’t matter really.

    Although I’m not all too keen on putting our survival hopes in a bunch of inexperienced young kids who may or may not turn out to be any good.

    With injuries and suspensions likely to hit during the season our back up players will be needed and their not very old.

    Would like to see two or three more experienced players come in.

  104. aj,
    cool mate,
    i just think that if they wanna sell him, let’s have him.
    & you’re right he would help, even on loan.
    Just not that keen on loaning rivals young ‘uns when we could be blooding our own.

  105. True could give chance to ranger or vuckic, down to gaffer thou who gets chance come up ranks and who wana bring in from outside, as long as we end atleast mid-table i b happy and we can kick on from there.

  106. I think we will be hamstrung with the new 25 player squad rule really, please bear with me I am bored at work!!

    If we take the two likely people for each position:

    GK: Harper, Krul
    RB: Perch, Simpson
    CB: S Taylor, Williamson
    CB: Collo, ?
    LB: Jose, ?
    RM: Routledge, R Taylor
    CM: Barton, Smith
    CM: Nolan, Guthrie
    LM: Jonas, ?
    RF: McLovin, Best
    LF: Carroll, Shola

    That gives a basic 19 players. I think if we sign Sol Campbell then he would obviously be the 4th CB, but Kadar would then be back up for LB. If we sign Van Arnholt for example then Kadar would then be the 4th choice CB, if you follow me. So that would bring us up to 20 with Kadar in there.

    You then have 5 spaces to fill. The obvious choices would be Ranger, Gossling, Campbell/V Arnholt, then possibly Ferguson as the LM cover and then Vuckic.

    Obviously then players like Forster and Donaldson would then likely go out on loan. Any additional signings we make would then be pushing out some of the fringe, Vuckic and Ranger so if we make any more than 2 signings these guys will more than likely go out on loan. And what of the Xisco kid? Where is he in all of this?! Basically I can see Kadar staying as LB cover. It shows the value of having utility players in this situation now.

    Of course there is also this ‘homegrown’ quota to fill and there doesnt seem to be any clear indications to me what that means. Does that mean we need to have 8 players who are under 21 who have been coached in England for 3 years? If so then we are in a little danger. If it means we need to include people like Harper and Smith etc then we will be fine, but it all seems to add to the mix in this window. This is another good reason for trying to capture Gossling, who fits the homegrown tag but can also play in a few positions.

    Thank you for putting up with that!!

  107. A few rumours from the old ‘LESH’ site!!

    Already done deals
    James Perch £1.5m – notts forest – good signing
    Dan Gosling Free– everton – good signing

    Sol campbell – free arsenal – help youngstars + experience , lives in the area. appoint captain

    Micheal Carrick – £10m – not the best of season but if Man utd are willing to sell i can honest see the lad wanting to play for his home town club , hes has won everything he can with man utd , new challenge hes after now.

    Robbie Keane – £5.5m – Goalscorer and can’t get in the tottenham team good deal all round.

    Juan Albin – Free – pacey winger also and play as a forward.

    Tulio – £500k –Good world cup , get him as a squad player

    Peter Whittingham – £2m Cardiff City – Premier league class player i beleive and if a bid if put in a can’t see why the lad wouldint come. He wants to prove to people that he is a premier league player as he didint get the chance at Aston Villa. Good on the ball , confident in his ability , whips in a good cross , scores goals , and can take a good free kick.

    Geovani Dos Santos – £4m – Tottenham – skillful , and takes plays on , can see him being a fans favourite , also the lad wants to prove himself as he hasint been given a fair chance at spurs.

    the only problems i can see is carrick and keanes wages.


    Ryan Taylor –£3.5m
    Xisco – £2m
    Shola Ameobi – £2.5m
    Fabio Zamblera £500k
    Leon Best – £1m
    Nicky Butt – Free
    Fabrice Pancrate – Free

  108. Heres another!!!

    20 Jul 2010 00:45:47
    Hughton been given 10 million by Ashley but is reluctant to spend big money. Already had a bid rejected for Mulumbu last week and has turned attentions to Gylfi Sigurdsson at Reading, £2.7 million. Sol Campbell will sign on £30k per week one year deal, with the option of a coaching role at the end of this, which would suit Sol due to his home in the North East. Gosling to be announced on Friday of this week, also taking close look at Juan Albin, who is available on a free.
    Can also confirm Newcastle bid £1.9 million for Gary Hooper over the weekend, but Sc**thorpe hanging in for £2.5mil. Leeds taking close look at Leon Best. Kadar and Ranger to Norwich on loan.

  109. And the other two bits of gossip are:

    Benjani is going to train with us today?!?!
    And Celtic have had a bid accepted for Harper.

    I can see a couple of the rumours coming off but thought I would regurgitate it for you all, as I say I am bored!!!

    I wouldnt be suprised to see Harper go, but Benjani?! Really!?!? Cant see it mesel

  110. Raffo – Tyhe home grown thing is fine, we are sorted for it.

    Basically you get a squad of 25 players. 8 of them (any age) must have trained with a club in England/Wales for 3 years whilst they were under the age of 21, they don’t have to be under 21 now, in fact they don’t even have to be English.

    Under 21 players don’t count in the squad of 25, you can have as many of them as you like. So Vuckic/Ranger/Kadar/Krul wont count in the 25 as they aren’t old enough.

  111. Beat me to it – you got the tripe fix in first.

    However and not to be outdone…… here’s some more!

    20 Jul 2010 00:45:47
    ‘Hughton been given 10 million by Ashley but is reluctant to spend big money.

    ‘Already had a bid rejected for Mulumbu last week and has turned attentions to Gylfi Sigurdsson at Reading, £2.7 million.

    ‘Sol Campbell will sign on £30k per week one year deal, with the option of a coaching role at the end of this, which would suit Sol due to his home in the North East.

    ‘Gosling to be announced on Friday of this week, also taking close look at Juan Albin, who is available on a free.

    ‘Can also confirm Newcastle bid £1.9 million for Gary Hooper over the weekend, but Sc**thorpe hanging in for £2.5mil.

    ‘Kadar and Ranger to Norwich on loan.

    ‘Leeds taking close look at Leon Best.’

    Ho hum

  112. Whoops Raffo…. didn’t spot your post @163.

    Guess I’ll have to get up earlier