Joey Barton eyes England recall.

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Barton: He's praying for England.
Barton: He's praying for England.
Madcap midfielder Joey Barton is preparing for life back in the big time with Newcastle United, but he also has an England call-up firmly in his sights.

Perhaps ‘madcap’ was a bit harsh, although taking into account his previous misdemeanors it will no doubt take him some time to shake off that tag for good, and the only way he can go about doing that is by keeping his nose clean.

Barton does appear to have calmed down of late, although injuries have hindered him being able to show it on the pitch. Whilst his eyes may be on an international call-up for England, that statement doesn’t quite seem so outlandish when you hear his reckoning behind it, and it is that reckoning that should help Newcastle out next season.

“For me, first and foremost I want to do well for Newcastle United. But watching some of the performances in the World Cup over the summer I think, that on form, I’m as good as anybody in this country,” Barton told The Chronicle.

“I don’t say that lightly, and I have to go out and prove that, but surely every midfielder in this country should be thinking like that. They should be looking at it and saying ‘that’s where I want to be and that’s where I can go’. That’s my goal, and if I break into the England squad, it proves that I am doing fantastic for this football club.”

You see, when you look at it like that, it doesn’t seem so ridiculous does it? Shouldn’t every player be going out there to bust a gut for their club in the hope of getting recognised by their country? It’s a tough ask, but Barton has been there before and won an international call-up, so why can’t he do it again? He has the ability to, it’s just the showing it on a regular basis whilst dodging unlucky injuries that has been his downfall on the pitch.

Hopefully his injury worries are behind him now and he can become the player we thought we had signed from Manchester City. An injury free pre-season is something Barton hasn’t had the luxury of having since he has been with us, and if he can get through this one then he can hit the ground running and prove his point to the critics.

Barton is at least committed to the Newcastle cause, which hasn’t always been a good thing in fairness, but as long as his troubles remain in the past then he can become a valuable asset to the Newcastle squad. In fact he wouldn’t even be at the club if Mike Ashley hadn’t have been stopped from sacking the player by Kevin Keegan, and Keegan knew what to look for in a player didn’t he?

Barton will play anywhere for Newcastle as he just wants to play football, and there is nothing wrong with that. He was forced to play out wide for parts of last season but showed what he can be capable of with a couple of superb assists and a goal in the final few weeks of the title-winning campaign.

“Whatever role I’m asked to play, I’ll be up for it. I’ve played out wide on a couple of occasions last year.

“Wherever I’m asked, I’ll play, I just want to be part of this squad. Hopefully I can bring something positive and push on from last season.At the end of the day I was an England international as a box-to- box midfield player.

“I don’t say this lightly, but I’m a much more rounded footballer now than I was when I first signed for this club. Injuries have restricted my chances to show that.”

Could Joey Barton be the unlikely hero for us this season? Much of that hinges on him remaining injury free throughout the season. He wants to do a job, and with a full pre-season behind him he could be almost like a new signing for us.

Here is to hoping!

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58 Responses

  1. Talk is cheap, he needs to knuckle down and get a string of injury and red card free games into him first before spouting crap like this.

  2. Why is it he comes across as quite articulate and insightful when he gives an interview, but be the person who has done the things he has done?

    Don’t get it when people say he shouldn’t play for us because he is such a big bad man. imo, he is our best midfielder, and if he stays fit, im sure he will prove it next season.

    I think he everything in him to be an outstanding defensive midfielder.

  3. Good player who doesnt appear to have learned that by opening up to the press is not a wise move by him, it will all be chucked back into his face at the first opportunity.
    He has the ability to let his football do the talking and IMO thats what he should do.

  4. I would much rather Joey Barton did not speak to the press at all, because it results in such diverse rants as ‘get rid of him’ to ‘he’s our best player … I am in the former camp by the way.

    I wish he would very quietly get on with training and get on with the job.

    I also hope that behind the scenes the club are working with him to focus his energy on playing well and winning … instead of losing control as we have all seen him do on and off the pitch.

    Keep your head down and quietly get on with the job at hand. If England comes calling then that’s great …

  5. talk of fosters move to burnley off due to injury to one of our keepers,anyone know oot

  6. He’s a bright kid, with a short fuse, lacking in self-control and common sense under pressure. Hopefully his “rounded” comment means these are areas we’ll see improvement in and not just that he’s been hitting Greggs on a regular basis.

    He nearly always tells it as it is but sets himself up for a fall because of his own misgivings and the fact that he’s played less than a full seasons worth of games in the three seasons he’s been here. Yes, your sentiments are excellent but put that into practice before you preach. No matter how insightful, honest and articulate you are.

  7. Joey’s injury problems have been frustrating- I think if he was allowed to play 90 mins a match you would see our goal avg go up. He has that extra bit of quality that the rest of our CMs lack.

  8. Ice- I read that Forster didn’t travel to carlisle because he had a bit of a knock… unless one of the others hurt something in the match

  9. MDS aye found it now,ssn reports burnley managers says he understands why they cannot let him go due to injury to one of there goalkeepers and are awaiting results of it,thats it m8,just have wait i surpose

  10. Joe Cole gone to Liverpool, official. Damn, I really thought we were getting him :roll:

  11. ShrewsMAG- totally spot on.

    It’s the cult of the hard man. We either need to be damning them to oblivion or eulogising their ‘much under represented nice guy side’.

    I’m pretty sure that barton would prefer not be mentioned in the press until his onfield preformances warrant in. Which they probably will as the season unfolds.

    After just watching the season dvd in one sitting I do reckon that guthrie will be ahead of him in the queue for an england call up – not by much. Followed by routledge. Carroll, s taylor will be in there soon. Then if you’re looking a bit ahead with gosling (?), fraser and mebbes simpson, we could have a canny few in the senior international frame.

  12. I’ve always defended Barton but he spits out the same spiel time and time again. It’s like he prints off his “apology” or “changed man” speech, whichever is approrpiate before talking to the press.
    In saying that, if he stays fit and out of trouble i still think he could come good for us. (who’s repeating themselves now then? Lol). Said it time and time before but I want to see him do well because he could be a canny player.

  13. Was anybody at the match on Saturday? As we discuss Barton, I found it interesting that we score 3 goals and really take over the match with a midfield of Routledge, Guthrie, Barton and Vuckic. I know it’s only one half of one friendly, but I think it bears watching as the preseason progresses. Bit more pace to say the least…

  14. i seriously doubt any of our players will be looking for england honours anytime soon (especially not this season) unless they up their game big time! lets not get ahead of ourselves….simpson for england?? next it wil be smith and butt as the central midfield partnership! whilst i like barton and feel he is out most talented players, he should still keep his trap shut and produce on the field

  15. Barton always reminds me of a bit of a Noel Gallagher.

    Not afraid to sing his own praises is the lad, expect a solid season from him though.

  16. aye also being reported Campbells signed?

    2 good players for the club if they do come in

  17. hmm someone at sky knows something we dont ehh?
    Maybe heard that Everton aren’t going to lodge an appeal, therefore he is free to sign?
    Who knows eh, time will tell

  18. Gosling news is no different to what we have been hearing for a few days now. the fact he was in Ireland with the players would suggest that.

    Campbell, if you read the article and not the misleading headline, is just somebody speculating that he may sign when he comes back from honeymoon.

  19. Hasn’t the appeal already been lodged?
    How long is a lodged appeal?
    If they had been that bothered, they woulda offered him a deal before he walked?

  20. ss website? wi divvent want nee nazi’s on here lol.
    barton is a living enigma,talks like a polititian,acts like a thug.he talks a lot of sense,comes across as erudite and well rounded,but with the soul of a clown that forces him to blow it,at the most crucial of moments.
    i wish he could put it all together as he would be the heart and soul of anyones team.

  21. Trojan,
    d’y’reckon he can do it for us this year?
    If the lad stays fit, he’s a positive asset.

  22. CLiNT – I think the 14 day appeal period is up on Friday. No doubt Newcastle will leavev it until then just to make sure they don’t get stung with having to pay £4 million for him.

  23. My worry with Barton would be that on the “form” he’s shown with us so far, his most likely recall for England is at Her Majesty’s pleasure! Too much talk and not much quality football – all the people who rave about him, when has he managed 3 good games in a row for us?

  24. We haven’t had an Ashley fight on here for ages. Is it time for one? I have ammo for it :lol: ;)

  25. toonsy,
    is that right?
    Well, they’re better off waiting ’til they know for sure.
    Don’t see how they could make us pay, it’s their mistake.

    When JB was busted playing for manc, but the case went to court when he played for us, he went down & we effectively got punished. So, if plymouth need paying, everton should cough up.

  26. Without getting too ahead of myself or even optomistic to the point of delusion (an easy trap to fall in for football fans), I can’t help but look at Nolan, Smith, Guthrie and Barton in the centre of our midfield and trust in them to keep us up next season.

    Routledge’s pace can carry him through the jump up a league IMO as it can scare any defence, so with that on the wing (along with hopefully Gutierrez learning a bit of delivery) I honestly think our midfield will compensate for any doubts people may have over our strike force or defence.

    On topic I really hope Barton can show the form that got us excited upon his initial arrival. I do not want to see him become a ‘Duff’ signing; come with hype, reputation, have a struggling time here blighted by injury and then move on – still a shadow of their former selves but show glimpses of quality that they failed to produce on any sort of consistent basis for us.

  27. i honestly havent got the foggiest what Hughtons gunna do with the midfield next year.. i think our best 2 centre mids are Gurth and Barton but i cant see him dropping our potential captain Smudger and not playing Nolan who was brilliant for us last year, then if Gosling comes in to the fray that makes it even more complicated

  28. The thing is if he hadnt been injured for like the past 3 seasons, he would have showed it. He is a top top player. Even last season when he would have been a target hes out all season, comes back towards the end and shines.

    Just stay fit man!!!!

    And england cap? Never. There would be national uproar. Not because of his football abilities though.

  29. Dunno if it’s been mentioned but apparently SSN are reporting Taylor is out for 8-12 weeks with the shoulder injury, needs an op.

  30. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    July 19, 2010 at 2:53 pm
    is that right?
    Well, they’re better off waiting ’til they know for sure.
    Don’t see how they could make us pay, it’s their mistake.

    CLiNT, as it stands, it would appear that a verbal offer not followed up in writing, does not constiute an offer.

    The nub of Everton’s appeal is likely to be that since they made Gosling a verbal offer albeit not followed up in writing, and if they can convince the appeal tribunal to accept that a verbal offer constitues an offer.

    That would mean that a fee would be due from the buying club (us?) out of which any payment due to Plymouth would be paid.

    Hope that makes sense.

  31. well there wasnt uproar when Rio came back from being a druggie to captain England

  32. Given all the reports of our interest in this centre back and that centre back, one wonders if Hughton’s blessed with foresight!

  33. Lesh,
    but that would set a potentially litigious precedent, wouldn’t it?
    There must be loads of clubs that could say that.
    Can’t see it like.

    you’re right there mate.
    gerrard in court, then capt’s england, rio a druggie. & various others.

  34. Taylor’s op is to scale his ego & wages down.
    That should take a while, but not that long.

  35. Lesh,
    but that would set a potentially litigious precedent, wouldn’t it?
    There must be loads of clubs that could say that.
    Can’t see it like.

    Agree 100% CLiNT – the FA wouldn’t be keen to open the floodgates on such claims.

  36. Lesh,
    aye mate.

    It’s an oversight at best by everton.
    But i reckon they were trying to make him stew,
    & thought they could get him to sign up for cheap.
    A hard lesson.

  37. Looks like Everton made the kind of mistake Newcastle United fans are used to.

  38. We should just announce the bleedin’ Gosling transfer! Everton haven’t a chance in hell of ANY money! They cocked up the admin and will suffer for it, it’s not as if they continually offered him contracts and he kept rejecting in order to leave on a free. Not to mention he has only been there just over 2 years and was not developed by the club. I feel more sorry for Plymouth Argyle than Everton. We should do the classy thing and give them 300k or so

  39. El Toro –

    We can’t announce it until the deadline for appeal is up or something along them lines.. i believe its Friday? i’d say its a pretty much certainty he’ll sign if you believe what the papers have been saying that he’s been sighted in Dublin and so on.

  40. I think that’s a top idea el toro.
    Providing everton aren’t forced to pay plymouth.

  41. Bax and Clint FLick…..

    The Sun and D%cks like that will have a field day.

    Rio plays for Man Utd, Gerrard plays for Liverpool.

    Barton plays for Newcastle.

    Thats why there will be an uproar in Bartons case.

  42. Y’right Robby,
    funny that, isn’t it?

    It’s also funny how all the press have jumped on this &
    twisted it to sound like Joey is being big headed.
    The old, take it out of context routine.
    When if you actually read what he said, it’s perfectly reasonable.
    Predictable (unts

  43. Oh Joey Joey Joey dont come out with stuff like that mate that just gives people a stick to beat you with. You should just do your talking on the pitch or atleast wait till you have had a full season of playing the way you are capable.

  44. If you read the quotes JB said “But watching some of the performances in the World Cup over the summer I think, that on form, I’m as good as anybody in this country.

    “I don’t say that lightly, and I have to go out and prove that, but surely every midfielder in this country should be thinking like that”

    The key words there are “on form”. If he got back to the sort of form that got him in the England squad I think he could very well get the nod over those under performing, prima donnas who failed so miserably this summer.