A bid for Tuncay would suit Newcastle nicely.

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Tuncay - A ideal signing for Newcastle?
Tuncay - A ideal signing for Newcastle?
It looks like former Midllesbrough player and current Stoke City player, Tncay, could be heading out of the Brittania Stadium over the summer, and Newcastle should try and sign him in my opinon.

Rumour has it that the Turkish forward is looking for assurances from Stoke boss Tony Pulis over his role in the team and is disappointed with the lack of opportunities he has had, and if he can’t get those assurances then he will be looking to leave The Potters.

I’m not sure how correct that is as I have just read it somewhere, but if there is some truth in it then Newcastle can do far worse than trying to lure the former Middlesbrough star back to the North East where there is little doubt that he will get in our first team, and he plays in a position where I believe we need strengthening, which is a bonus.

Now I must stress before i get shot to pieces, that this is only one of my little thoughts and there is no rumour behind it, no new rumour anyway. It is just a thought from me about signing a player that I believe would be fantastic for us and would give us that something that we are currently lacking, a bit of flair and trickery.

If the Tuncay is allowed to leave Stoke then it is more than likely that they would want to recoup most of what they paid for him 12 months ago, which was suposed to be around £5 million. Now Newcastle have apparently been bidding on players abroad that have been around that figure, namely Erdinc and possibly Djalo, so why not bring in a proven Premier League player for roughly the same price? It makes sense to me anyway, especially in a season where taking risks on new players should be kept to a minimum in my opinion.

Then you have to look at his wages, would Ashley pay them? More than likely yes in my view. I very much doubt he is on megabucks at Stoke as, looking from the outside in, they appear to run a tight ship financially or at the very least they appear to be financially well managed. Surely we could be match what Stoke would be paying? I bloody well hope so anyway!

At the end of the day, as I said earlier, there is no rumour behind this, but the signing if someone like Tuncay would go a long way to easing some fears as the new season draws closer. I have always liked him as a player and think he could fill that support striker/strike partner role up front with one of the big lads, which will probably be Andy Carroll in fairness.

Ah well, I can hope, eh?

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84 Responses

  1. Morning all!

    Yeah i think he could help with some add some creativity to our attack and he oes have an eye for goal!

  2. Na,
    i reckon Lovenkrands will score more in the prem.
    & spuds have ended their pursuit of J Cole & turned their attention to C Bellamy, whom they think they can get for as little as £3m.

  3. Aye jay jay,
    seems like a 1 in 5/6 chances converted type of player.
    He does score the odd blinder & pops up with a goal now & then, but not nearly enough.
    Gets into good positions but more often than not, wastes it.

  4. If CH think he can add something to our squad and want to sign him then so be it. he’s good player but I don’t rate him at all especially in his age.

  5. Didnt look at the stats before i posted jay jay :)

    As far as i remember he had a decent goal scoring record , plus he was on the bench alot last season wasnt he? And stoke only scored 34 goals ( i checked that one :) ) last season so prob not the most attack minded side

  6. Actually i am getting more pessimistic day by day,as i seriously don’t think CH will bring in any more striker.Firstly,we have how many strikers now? 6? And unless 1 or 2 strikers are leaving,i don’t see another striker coming in.

    Nile Ranger-Most Probably out on loan

  7. On around £35,000 a week at Stoke … is Ashley willing to commit to that on what will be a four year contract?

  8. Stoke fan here, Tuncay has already had a meeting with Tony Pulis and he has been reassured of more time on the pitch, how much though i dont know. I hope he stays as him, Etherington and Fuller are the only bit of creative qualilty we have.

    Good Luck this season

  9. I’d rather have Eduardo who Arsenal seem prepared to let go for a similar fee. Don’t know about wages though.

  10. If I was Tuncay I would hate to play for a ”hump and lump it” outfit like Stoke who just go out and kick people. If that’s entertainment then why don’t people just go and watch rugby league.

    It’s about as far away from watching Spain as you can get and still we get these dinosaurs like Pulis, Megson, Allardyce etc.

    People will defend them and say we haven’t got technical players. Why the hell not? If you’re a premiership ” football” club how have they trialled people on ability exactly ?

  11. Stoke play to their strengths, which I can agree with. Why not use the ace cards that can win games? There are many ways to play football, but ultimately it’s the winning that counts. Don’t win games and you go down basically.

  12. Re Eduardo. Never rated him personally. A 1 in 6 striker, and thats in a team that creates heaps of chances!

  13. The stupid thing is Stoke could play some tidy football, They have guys like Tuncay, Tonge, Soares and Etherington decent technical players with Whelan, Fuller, Beattie and Lawrence they could play a bit more football.

    I live in Cheshire not too far from Stoke and their fans went ballistic when Pulis came back as manager because of the style of football.
    (I doubt theres much moaning much now like)

    We use long balls to Carroll for flick ons, Crosses ETC. but can play some really good stuff at times, Pulis IMO is holding Stoke back by not letting them mix up their play a bit.

  14. Nick Dryden = another that believes the media hype.

    As for tuncay, he has flattered to deceive at Stoke. Against fulham at home he looked every part the player we thought we were signing. Unfortunately for most other games he just did not prove his worth and fully deserved his place on the bench.

    Will be happy to part ex for you know who…..

  15. “Re Eduardo. Never rated him personally. A 1 in 6 striker, and thats in a team that creates heaps of chances!”

    Couldn’t disgaree with this more really. He was on eof the most clinical finishers in the Prem before his horror injury, and he was improving continually. Feel sorry for the lad. He will join Shakhtar and won’t even consider us.

  16. Ross,
    that’s what they reckoned on ssn mate.
    Not my estimated price man.

  17. Great little player, played really well for Turkey in the last euros (or was it the world cup before that?) but just can’t see him scoring enough goals to be an out and out striker and as everyone keeps saying we have far too many midfielders as it is, unless he can play left wing?

  18. Would much prefer that Erding guy – he looks a real striker whereas Tuncay is a maybe for me.

  19. Should have had a go at Henry before he went to the USA, shame about the wage cap eh?!

  20. Henry was ‘nailed on’ for the states weeks ago.
    They announced a ‘major signing’ at the wc.
    It was pretty obvious who.

  21. Don’t remember how they worded their statement, but i thought that’s Henry, & it was.

  22. Would have been nice tho, would make it easier to sign up and coming youngsters that’d look up to him, especially Arsenal players like Vela on loan mebbe

  23. We could try and nail Giovinco? Offer him a route into the Premiership. It’s a long shot as he has been linked to the likes of Arsenal etc, but it seems as though he will probably end up at some mid table Italian side. Worth a punt if we promised to build the side around him.

  24. Pete don’t be a patronising prat. i’m 49 years old and can form my own opinions. I know what I like and what sucks.

    You don’t have to read the media to know it’s a god awful style of alledged football Stoke play. Ok they may stay up for a few seasons but there’s no long termism playing that way.

  25. Nick

    Stop being so narrow minded. I too dislike some of the Stoke City tactics, but you can’t deny that it is a relatively successful formula.

  26. Aye,
    y’don’t have to like Pulis’s tactics or whatever, but the guy has dragged stoke outta the years of wilderness into the big league again, & kept ’em there.
    He’s done a great job for them.
    When they took us to a replay, when they were in the champ, the other year, you could tell that they would get up & do ok. It was probably the kk effect that got us through that game.

  27. Off topic, but how quickly are the tickets for the first game likely to sell out? To season ticket holders only or do you reckon there’ll be any left over for general sale?

  28. For the Villa game? 12th man tickets are on sale now. Don’t kno if it will make general, probably will, but I imagine it being a sellout.

  29. Clint-Thats mental mate. Puts into perspective how severly Citeh overspend.

    As forStoke, they will keep doing what they’re good at because it wins them games. Do I like it? no. Would their fans like to see them play like Arsenal? probably, but they’re a physical team who play to their strengths. It might be crap for the neutral viewer but sadly, it works.

    As for Eduardo, i’d love to see him at SJP but it will never happen in a million years. Before the shocker of an injury he was probably my favourite player in their squad, the type of striker i’d kill to have here. Truth is we just couldn’t attract a player of that quality at the moment. As for Tuncay, I havent sat and watched him play properly for quite a while but he does seem quite hit and miss. When he’s on it he can be great, when not he’s hopeless. Suppose you could say that about alot of players though, and he is creative.

  30. I was thinking Old Trafford but think I might wait for Villa actually, will be one hell of a day if we beat the toon haters

  31. Ross,
    i guess he was a stepping stone for them & just don’t need him.
    They’re mad, or maybe they just know him?

  32. Ross

    I see we are still reading from the same hymn sheet :D

    How are you, mate?

    What do you think of Gosling and Campbell potentially joining?


  33. I saw that another site is claiming that we may have some extra money to spend based on an increase in the Bassong fee for reaching certain bonuses (champions league qualification, number of appearances, etc.) Anyone know if there’s any truth to that?

  34. MDS – Quite possibly. I know we are due £13 million in trnasfer fees but that needs to go to the banks.

  35. Toro-Long time no speak! I’m not bad cheers mate, yourself? And aye, as per usual we’re on the same page, haha.

    Gosling-He seems to be best used as a CM and although we’re not short of numbers in that area of the field, not taking a lad his age with the potential he has, for free, would be silly. I’d be more than happy to see him come here and be hot on the heels of the likes of Nolan for a starting place. He was regarded highly at Everton, they didn’t want to lose him and going infront of a Prem tribunal proved that. Huge loss for them, huge gain for us should it go through.

    As for Campbell, his experience this season would be invaluable. On and off field. He’d be great around the training ground with the likes of Taylor and Kadar and I think he proved last season if called upon, he can still do a job at the back. I’d bring him in on a one year deal without issue.

    How about yourself? Happy with Perch and the Gosling/Campbell rumours?

  36. Also Drago, as for Giovinco, I’ve never seen him play so I couldnt comment but is he a young Italian lad at Juve? A mate of mine who is big on his world football knowledge has thrown his name around a couple of times i think, lol.

  37. Cornish magpie it looks like tickets for old Trafford will be snapped up by season ticket holders. Tickets for the villa match are on sale to members until 28/07, they will go on general sale a few days later.

  38. Thanks jay jay, credit card may get bashed this week then on those Villa tickets

  39. just a thought guys would many ppl be booing shay given when he touches the ball at all?? i know there will be a few fans who would be for majority he was a loyal servant for the club

  40. I’m gutted, wanted to go but the first train from Birmingham to Newcastle gets there 10 minutes after kickoff, IF it’s ontime :(

  41. 59, I have to drive all the way from Redruth in Cornwall, now that’s hassle!

  42. Off topic:
    Does anyone care about the ‘so called’ Capello index?
    I’m surprised anyone from england got up to 50 points.

  43. dont rate tuncay one bit, seemed a huffy sod as well,had enough of those sorts of guys,kept getting dropped at both of his last clubs wonder why if hes such a canny goal-scorer

  44. Ross

    Yes, that’s the one. I think he is 23 now and still hasn’t broken through at Juve. He wants to leave and is worth a punt at least.

    Gosling – Decent player from the little I have seen, but proved nothing. As he is free you can’t really grumble at it, but I wouldn’t be in tears if we were to miss out on him.

    Campbell – Would be a great short term singing for the reasons stated by yourself.

    Perch – I have rated Perch since i watched him last season and I think he will proved a valuable squad player. He is a brave defender with both strength and pace.

  45. i think tuncay is a good footballer,and would give us something a bit different.as for calling stoke a lump it up the field side,what does that make us?we are no different in that respect,we played that way for most of last season.we will probably have to adopt that style this term also,there is no way we will out football some of the outfits in this league.

  46. TROJAN,i think you need a bit of both at times m8,swansea/notts played a lot of good football in ccc last year and got nowt,horses for coarses at times imo

  47. Nick, I have not come onto your “turf” to start chucking insults around but if you want to be believe that all stoke have are hump the ball tactics then you are sadly mistaken.

    Yes Pulis is direct. Yes I was not happy with some of the performances and yes we need to “push on”. We got absolutely d*cked at chelsea trying to play tippy tappy football. We just aren’t good enough at it but with time we will get better. With Etherington, Whelan, Tuncay (when he turns up) and Fuller we are mixing last 2 3rd’s football with an absolute rock solid defence (bar 1 notable exception!).

    We play to our strengths and our strengths are breaking quick and set pieces. TP believes that there is no point in knocking it around in your own half because unless you are Figueroa from Wigan you won’t score from there! Can you honestly disagree with him? I read that your own team are looking to make the pitch narrower – something that TP did originally, Mick McCarthy did and subsequently kept wolves up and now you are looking to copy. Does this mean that you will not want to watch NUFC play the direct stuff enxt season?

    Stoke are strong financially, very well run and do the best with what we have so please don’t patronise us either.

    As for Arsenal, if you want to talk about damaging the english game then take a look at them. Our first team is largely made up of English, welsh and Irish compared to Arsenal who have what? 1 englishman (theo) and 1 welshman (ramsey) in their regular starting line up?

    Thats great for the english game isn’t it….

  48. icedog,i know what you’re saying,it was just a couple of bloggers slagging off stoke,as if we are world beaters.
    of course we played like that last season,but i think we’ll have to this time around.in times where others say we’re deluded,we call stoke who have been established for a couple of years.we are the daft c**ts that have spent a season in the second tier,i think a bit of humility is called for,he who laughs last,laughs the loudest.

  49. TROJAN i agree 100% you should never slag any team off that you may have play,why give a stick to beat you with.

    unless you come from the dark side of town like lol

  50. Icedog/TROJAN – Agree, 200% :)

    Stoke do what they do to be successful, any team does. They play to their strengths, like we did last season at times.

  51. No! We have Best, Xisco and Ameobi! We dont need another striker that not score goals!

  52. Pete,

    I am not excusing our style of play in any way. I hate the route 1 stuff up to Carroll. It’s just if you get taken on by a club, especially a premiership club, you’d like to think it was because you were a good footballer, ie technically aware, not just becasue you could physically kick someone off the park, hoof it 60 yards or jump 10 feet in the air. To quote Mr Clough, the ball is round, it will roll along the ground.No wonder we are light years behind Spain, because we never try to play like them, ignorantly thinking the British way is the only way !

    I think it is a very negative step narrowing the ground and it will impact on our own players like Routledge and Jonas.

    Hughton is a ” functional ” manager and playing this way will get us along with other English managed teams to mid table mediocrity but never any further than that.
    You could give the likes of Pulis, Allardyce and megson £200m and they’d still tell the players to hoof it. Thank god the top 5/6 are by and large ” footballing ” teams.

  53. He is a good player buit i think his attitude around the dressing room stinks. Fell out with Pulis.

  54. If Newcastle aren’t relegated this season it will your greatest ever achievement as a club – If your manager can keep this squad in the prem we need to send him over to Iraq to sort out that mess as well HAHA

  55. Blimey a cocky trotter coming out of the woodwork :) A supporter of the original “Lets just keep our heads above water” club.

    I’d stick to hoping your team dont slip through the net at last this season. They’ve flirted often enough with the bottom three during the past ten years.

    As for Pete, chill m8, I’m pretty sure we arent reducing the width of SJP as we need it for the flying Magpie Brothers – Jonas and Wayne:)