The World Cup is finally here!

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The wait is over!
The wait is over!
It’s here, it’s finally here. After months of anticipatioin, the World Cup is finally under way in South Africa.

This is great news as the world’s premier football competition becomes the focus of football fans across the country, and indeed the world.

As revealed yesterday, and perhaps in hindsight it was the worst kept secret ever, but I am backing England for the tournament for as long as we are in it. It also offers us Newcastle fans a welcome distraction from the apparent media blackout surrounding our club and gives them the opportunity to get along with things quietly. No change there then.

I can exclusively reveal that even before the first game has finished, them Vuvuzela horns are a massive irritation and should be forcibly removed from any fans who have one inside the ground. Culture schmulture, any thing that sounds like a fly stuck in your ear will eventually become annoying after a while, or in my case, a very short while.

These tournaments only come around once every four years, and as an England fan I have been somewhat starved from major international tournament action, mostly thanks to that wally with the brolly, Shteve McClaren. Yes that was a deliberate typing error, and it was aimed at poking fun at McClaren’s comedy use of a Dutch accent.

I wont be the only one sitting here with a theoretical sheepskin jacket on and a notepad in hand looking for the next big star, or for a player that Newcastle should go after. In fact I reckon I already have a headstart on most – we should try to sign the Spanish team. There you go, get to it Ashley!

Who will be the first top team to falter? Which team will be the surprise package? Those are just two among many questions that will be answered over the coming month. The most important thing from my perspective is to see some good football, any football in fact. Thank god there is a World Cup!

Right now I can sit back and watch the worlds top players battle it out against each other as a neutral. However, my competetive nature will come into the frame on Saturday evening as I switch roles from being a neutral to becoming an England fan as we, hopefully, go about the business of dismantling those dooleys from the US of A.

Referring back to my scouting mission, how about Giovani dos Santos of Mexico? Surely we could tempt sackface Harry Redknapp into letting us have him on loan? Ah well, we can hope eh?

I can only imagine what it would have been like without a World Cup as I was starting to get bored already. The good new is that Newcastle will know what fixtures they have in less than a weeks time, but unfortunately that is about all we know in advance, which isn’t great to ‘blog about.

Thank god for the World Cup, and come on England!

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83 Responses

  1. This would have made a better World Cup song than the Shakira one. It’s even got lions and all that sort of shizzle :D

  2. If you want young stars, sign half that Mexican team. As much as it pains me to say it, they will be a force by 2014.

  3. Those bloody wasps are annoying zzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZ – sooner they ban those bazukas the better

  4. Dos Santos is onecwe should try and get on loan from Spurs (if he’s still there). Them horn things make it sound like a swarm of bees have started living in the microphones!

  5. fair enough south africa are hosting the world cup,but i cannot stand all the clarty hoop licking that’s going on.

  6. Toon Chicken says:
    June 11, 2010 at 3:05 pm

    Them fuzzy zellas sound like a swarm of angry bees on steriods if you close your eyes.

    Stuart79 says:
    June 11, 2010 at 4:04 pm

    Them horn things make it sound like a swarm of bees have started living in the microphones!

    Great minds! ;)

  7. Great goal. Don’t see much inconstancy with that controversial ball. To Mexico’s credit Giovanni Dos Santos has looked good through out the game, not over yet.

    Trojan – agreed, it is a bit much.

  8. Get a room the pair of ya.

    TC – Stu is using smileys so you must have got him aroused 8O

  9. Haha – i said it could be a turning point, stu.

    I wouldn’t book the church just yet! :)

  10. Intentional, a move to cause frenzy. I see Jay Jay was foaming at the gash in anticipation that I may be coming out. He was right on it :lol:

  11. I knew it! Gonna fill the juke box with money now that the match has finished, stone roses and smashing pumpkins, I’ll be skint by 8 o’clock :(

  12. Come on Uragay ( homer simpson what a legend ) is right! Beat those cheating french c***s and get some good old fashioned revenge for me :)

  13. Er,need help.

    I am kinda confuse. what’s the actual timing for the next match.

    is it 18:30 or 19:30????

  14. AOD – Soccernet may not be wrong for the country it is based in ;)

    Although if it is UK based then it is wrong :lol:

  15. I only use smiley’s on my phone. I’m actually at Central Station trying to work out why you need to buy a ticket just to get through the barriers, just for a cash machine!

  16. Agreed MDS. Should have been 2-1 as I don’t agree with the offside call on the first goal for Mexico.
    Mexico vs USA has always been great matches to watch so I figured they would handle SA easily..

  17. AOD – Pass. The .com makes me think it isn’t English, but it might be.

    I know that was of absolutely no help at all :lol:

  18. It’s traditionally been a US site but is fairly internaitonal now that ESPN has gone global.

  19. Just be glad it’s not being held in Switzerland, can you imagine thousands of alpine horns blowing off next to you. ;)

  20. Im still chuckling over the thought of someone ‘blowing off’ next to me :lol:

  21. @37
    I do now jay jay, just saw the explanation of why it was called offside. Didn’t have knowledge of that aspect of the offside rule at the time of the call, yes.

  22. Uraguay vs France..Henry isn’t in the starting line-up for France to lend a hand..heh.

  23. Just a thought but does anyone else think there might be a few dodgy decisions? I’m sure that the French and!! (fill in as appropriate) will be above reproach or cause for doubt.

  24. @46….there are probably a few linesmen who would have missed that too,it was a good call.

  25. Agreed richie, now that I know it was the right call I can see how a linesman could miss it as well.

  26. Yeah gotta agree those plastic horns are a f*****g drag, as are idiot`s banging drums, whacking ballons to-gether, hunting horns and the rest of those dumb ass noisemakers, oughtta be banned.
    If you cant make enough vocal noise whats the point ?

    Well Uruguay vs cheaters France coming up, hey I`m in solidarity with the Irish on this one, arriba Uruguay!!!

    Fraid the Mexes were a disappointment, crap game, neither of the two are going anywhere

  27. Balls to Ireland. Would they be showing ‘solidarity’ if what happened to them happened to England?

    I will not suport France for my own reason, not because of what happened to Ireland :)

  28. toonsy, I mainly felt bad for Shay Given, although he’s obviously not with Newcastle anymore, it was hard to watch him in a Man.City kit for a while.

  29. same here Toonsy,not bothered about Ireland just can’t stand France………canny player Nacho,catch him on youtube ;-)

  30. USNewcastleFan – The same Shay Given that instructed his agent to find a new club months before he put his transfer request in?

    Nahh, I didn’t feel sorry for him.

    Great servant, and I can understand why he left, but there was no need to be so sneaky about it, and there was no need for him to turn around and slag us off after he left :)

  31. Aye Shay could have waited until the end of the season to ask for a move imo.

  32. Richietoon-Have you seen the Nacho video I saw on youtube? Bout 9 minutes long, 8:30 or so is footage of him in the treatment room? He looks a real prospect.

    Watch him have a blinder the night, lol.

  33. I did see one of him a while ago Ross,didn’t look great……….aye he’ll score a 40 yard screamer.

  34. Good point, I’m limited at times about hearing about details like that. Hopefully nufcblog will help me stay more informed along with Sky Sports News that is shown here a couple hours of the day.

    Question for you, did James Milner get sold from Newcastle or ask to leave? I just seem to remember him being the reason Keegan left because he didn’t have control if transfers and wanted to keep J.M.

  35. USNewcastleFan – First thing, shorten your username, it’s a ball-ache to write ;)

    Just kidding.

    Milner was getting sold to Villa two years before he left, but the deal got cancelled and Milner stayed. Which he just got on with.

    He wanted a new contract to put him on level terms with Steven Taylor and Charles N’Zogbia, and asked twice for it. Dennis Wise seemed to think that he wasn’t worth it and ignore his request, so he handed in a transfer request, and the rest is history.

  36. I think Milner had wanted to go ever since they cancelled his move to Villa on transfer deadline day and brought him back to SJP.Keegan didn’t want him to go but was told he’d get all the money from the transfer to spend on other players,which he didn’t……I think thats roughly what happened but I do have a crap memory so may be wrong ;-)

  37. UsNewcF……I’d go with most of Toonsy’s version with a little pinch of mine ;-)

  38. There was also the Schweinsteiger nonsense RE the Milner move. The most popular rumour I heard was that a fee had been agreed between Bayern and us for Schweinsteiger and that Keegan was told to let Milner move on, as an adequate replacement was lined up. Schweinsteiger actually wanted nowt to do with us, we let Milner go, and when Keegan asked where the replacement was, Wise gave it the old “oh..about that, nevermind though eh!?”

  39. @toonsy
    Yeah is a bit long, didn’t put much thought into it when registering. Abbreviated however needed when responding to me, I’ll catch on ;)


    You both made credible comments about the Milner situation which made combining them make complete sense ;)

    I just realize the extent of Beye’s leaving the way he did until I read it on here, so had to ask about the JM situation ;). Thanks fellas.

  40. Dismantling those “dooleys” from the US of A???? You’re mental, m8!!

    wtf is a “dooley” anyhow? lmfao!!


  41. Do I detect a certain anti Irish tude here, I just mentioned the cheating French, which in no time turned into an anti Irish anti Seamus rant.
    So! interesting to know where y`all heads are at, and what your petty little biases are.

  42. O`hurley

    Pay no attention there`s no such expression as “dooleys”
    They`re just jerking your chain.

  43. There is such a thing as a ‘dooley’, and I am surprised you shermans know feck all about it!

    It is one of your words after all!

    Originally it was something to do with the US air force, but it’s used over here as a slang term for idiots/fools, words of that ilk.

  44. MDS says:
    June 12, 2010 at 4:08 am

    “Chuch- the English are anti-everything. It makes them feel superior.”

    It’s because we are superior :)

  45. USNewcastleFan says:
    June 11, 2010 at 7:42 pm
    toonsy, I mainly felt bad for Shay Given, although he’s obviously not with Newcastle anymore, it was hard to watch him in a Man.City kit for a while.
    <<<< the fu kin traitor

  46. comment @ 69 If KK thought he had a chance of signing Bastian Schweinsteiger he must have been severely deluded. He’s the vice captain of the Jaarman national team FFS. Heading to the toon – howay man, insane ! 15 million squids for Milner was money wise a good deal at the time IMO, doesn’t look to good now though !

  47. chuck…it was because someone said they felt sorry for Given and a few of us have commented that we don’t.You can have a go at the French(who I don’t like either) but if someone says something against shay or the Irish is a ‘petty little bias’ I believe thats called being a hypocrite mate ;-) or maybe its just banter!! :-)

  48. Funny Batty. Ater we’ve seen bashing of SA, US, Ireland and Scotland in the span of 30 coomens. It’s all in good fun.

  49. Thats it MDS,all banter thats what its all about……’ll be a tight game…..for the 1st minute then England will take control 9 nowt ;-)