Germany v England – World Cup match banter.

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Free State Stadium - Bloemfontein
Free State Stadium - Bloemfontein
The build up has been going on for days now, ever since both teams were confirmed as being opponents in the last-16 of the World Cup in fact.

But it is nearly time for England fans to put that behind them and for the team to get down to the business of, hopefully, eliminating the Germans out of the World Cup this afternoon.

There are no second chances, there are no replays, this is it, and only one team can go through to the quarter-final stage of the competition. As ever, this is the place where everyone can come together and piss and moan about events in the World Cup, a place to share the joy, pain, thrills and spills and, most importantly, to have a bit of banter inbetween, all in the interests of fun and merriment of course.

I will be frequenting several pubs this afternoon, culminating in a pub that has a rather large screen in the garden to watch the match, so I won’t be present on here as much, but I will try and pop on from time to time should I work out how to use this internet thingy on my phone.

For some debate and background on one of the most recognised football fixtures on the planet you can read my match preview here or you can of course stay here and get involved with the banter.

I will try to post the teamsheets up before the match kicks off, although I will apologise in adavnce if I can’t manage it on my phone, and I am sure that somebody will post the starting line-ups in the ‘comments’ section as soon as they are available. Apart from that, I have just more thing to say..

Come on England!

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223 Responses

  1. toonsy says:
    June 27, 2010 at 11:07 am

    Tummy – Either way, it’s nice to have another regular (?) poster as I have not noticed you commenting so much. Come on in and join the fun <<<<<<<<<<<<<< i can asure u i am a regular ;) just not much of a poster

  2. Predictions?

    2-0 England

    Defoe to score in first half + Milner to score in second half :D

  3. Alan Hansen is obsessed with Steven Gerrard. Ashley Cole has been Englands best player, true world class defender and knows when to go forward.

  4. tummy – that’s what I meant mate, always nice to have a reader that jumps in to commenting. Its always welcome :)

    Prerty even so far, in my opinion anyway

  5. What a shambles. Stuck in a hotel bar with bloody germans and bunch of paddys supporting Germany. Gonna lamp someone soon.

  6. Well what a disgrace!

    I’m in shock! I wouldn’t mind if it was close but good god, 3 feet?

  7. The FA should sue Fifa!

    I’ve never seen a worse decision in my life!

    Rooney said at half time to the linesma it was a yard over and he said it wasn’t a goal!

    I hope FIFA are embarrassed!

  8. Think it’ll finish Germany 3 England 3 minus 1 for the referee =2.
    The other nazi to take the blame is Sepp Blatter, the Swiss-GERMAN head of FIFA who ruled against goal-line technology being allowed!

  9. Its unjustifiable. If it was a real hard shot, or if it was just over the line the fair enough.

    But it was neither, and that ref and his cohorts should be burned alove for making one of the most obvious balls ups in World Cup history.

    And for those who say I am out of order for saying that, Fek off

  10. im sure the ref will see that at halftime and will try to make up for it ;) they should take shrek off and throw crouch on

  11. Nowt denying the fact that the defending was pathetic for both goals but I’m completly shocked as to how that referee has missed that. Embarrassing for FIFA. It’s not even close and referee’s like him shouldn’t be here if they can’t make simple decisons like that. Disgusting.

  12. Get Rooney off, useless. What’s happened to our defence tonight

  13. What an embarrasement. Bloody germans crowing like mad

  14. We’ve been stitched up here.

    The two goals we’ve conversed has been due to chasing the game. At 2-2 we wouldn’t be chasing the game.

    Football the loser

  15. embarrasing, although I am currently coordinating an attack on a german sandwich shop in my town

  16. To be honest lads I haven’t really seen much Pride or Passion from the England players, I think they all need to take a long hard look at themselves

  17. Absolutly pathetic, all of them. Ashley Cole has been a persistent performer, looked like he wanted it but the rest of them have been absolutly awful. The whole back four today in particlular have been an embarrassment.

    Rooney, Terry, Upson, Gerrard,all horrendous.

    Special mention to Glen Johnson who has been particularly awful.

  18. consistent performer, rather. Haven’t got a clue what i’m saying i’m that angry.

  19. Lost for words really. These players need a kick up the backside and hopefully this is it.

  20. Enough backside kicking. Time to start dropping people not pulling their weight.

  21. I’m sorry but as much as the BBC try to ignore it, the dissallowed goal cost us. At 2-2 were not chasing the game, so we don’t conceed the two second half goals.

    FIFA have a lot yo answer for I’m afraid.

    Who thinks this will make a difference to their ‘no goal line technology’ line?

    I’m disgusted that were out because of a goal that wasn’t…..

  22. We’ll here the ahingeing starting from the players soon enough. Pathetic tossers the vast majority of them. Shold hang their heads in shame

  23. Shearer sat in the studio looks more like scoring than fatboy Rooney Big Dave

  24. Stu, I do agree with you. However, chasing the game or not our players have not turned up. Namely our number one worlds greatest forward, Wayne Rooney.

  25. Stu agree. We were robbed of that goal, but they havent had the backbone or class tonight

  26. I’ve hated Ashley Cole for a long time, he’s been my panto villain so to speak but he is the only player in this squad who can come away from this world cup deserving any real praise.
    There’s just no pride or passion on show. I dont know what happens to players when they move to international football but premier league form/talent just goes out the window.

    The lampard decision was a terrible one and at 2-2 the game would have been different. It does not however excuse the fact that we’ve made it incredibly easy for Germany today. Regardless of the fact we were chasing the game, our back four were all over the place. It’s not like they were involved further up the field, they were just caught napping time after time. Really embarrassing.

  27. disgraceful defending throughout by england, and even stevie wonder would have saw lampards shot go in!

  28. Geordie Deb I think there has been a few players picked on reputation or some other quality other than current form, heart, Desire, or Passion.
    Stuart I dont think it will make any difference mate :(

  29. Agree Big Dave. They need to have a radical rethink though. When the chips are down the Engalnd team have no pride or bottle.

  30. Daverism- What do you mean not turned up? We’ve scored a goal, a legitimate goal that sends us in at half time 2-2 that totally and utterly changes the game! We don’t need to chase the game as we did and therefore don’t conceed the silly goals we did.

    Look at it anyway u want, we’ve been cheated – I hope the eyes of the world are on FIFA. Let alone the FA’s lawyers

  31. Stuart79…I’m not convinced that disallowed would have made any difference!

    We’ve been a total let down especially Rooney…a totally F’ing disgrace!

  32. toonsy says:
    June 27, 2010 at 4:34 pm
    embarrasing, although I am currently coordinating an attack on a german sandwich shop in my town
    <<<<< come pick is up iam with ya toonsy

  33. Big Dave says:
    June 27, 2010 at 4:38 pm
    To be honest lads I haven’t really seen much Pride or Passion from the England players, I think they all need to take a long hard look at themselves
    <<<< spot my feind

  34. I agree stu, but don’t dress it up. We were sh!t, and I don’t just mean this game. We’ve been sh!t all tournament, although I’m aware you won’t agree and storm off massively about how I’m not reading your post or something.

  35. well that was a laugh ffs disgrace,got to take football back to basics in this country.

  36. batty-Fuck was Capello on about? We played well? Someone needs to tell him that’s the worst performance the majority of us have ever seen from an England back four. It was pathetic, shockingly pathetic how out of sync the back four were with each other. You could park a bus between Terry and Upson for every single goal scored today. Absolutly awful. No pride, no passion.

    If I hear that fat shrek wannabe Rooney moaning about treatment from the fans or owt like that when he gets home, he can bugger right off. Useless tw@t did nowt for the entire tournament.

  37. If anybody really thinks that the goal tha. Wasn’t hasn’t made a difference in this game you know nothing about football and you know nothing about sport.

    I think it’s called momentum – Is that right? That does count for a lot in sport.

    FIFA = Enemy of football

  38. stu i think we could of went on and won it if the goggle eyed officials had of got it right but we had no bottle m8

  39. stuart u are the biggest clown on here! well beat and the prem league best in the world no. over run in midfield they looked like are midfield lol.

  40. Stu…. it dont matter mate…. we have been shocking all of the cup. jsut a pile of manure. the injustice today is notihng more than us giving it sour grapes mate. we have been crap in all four games. end of. sorry dude but its the truth.

  41. I feel a scathing, emotional, potentially libellous match report coming up. First off, to the sandwich shop! (not for food)

  42. WikiStu for Sport Psychology/Palm Reading.

    We got destroyed. Literally, check the stats, pundit reaction etc etc, we got hammered mate.

    I DO agree that the goal changed the game, but, I don’t think it changed the winner. Germany looked better from the off.

    Besides, as professionals, they should have used that negative and played their hearts out.

    I don’t blame Capello, or anyone inparticular. I blame the entire whack of them, from Capellos crazy decisions bringing Heskey on when we’re desperate for a goal. Bringing SWP on when its obvious to everyone that’s he gash. Rooney not shooting, or passing, or thinking, or playing. Gerrard for not replacting his form. I could go on for days.

  43. We have been shite all tournament, BUT in a one off game such as this, Stu is right, in my opinion anyway. 2-2 puts a completely different spin on things and means we aren’t chasing the game with just two at the back

  44. wor bobby will turn over with no fire in the belly,no pride in themselves never mind there country

  45. Aye Toonsy, I do agree as I said, but I can’t see what evidence we have to say that if we went out after half time at 2-2 we would have won. None at all.

    As Cheryl Cole says in her crazy accent, Weak, Limp, Lifeless. Haha.

  46. Er guys,i just saw a similar situation years ago with an england player hitting the crossbar and went over the line,but referee disallowed it.

    Which year of WC/tournament is that?? if got video,would be nice.

  47. Daverism says:
    June 27, 2010 at 5:30 pm
    Anyway, don’t cry lads.

    Top Gear is on soon.
    <<< u sad f uck man top gear :lol:

  48. Well one thing good will come of that game, hopefully now we can get some youth into the team then we might see some pride back in the team
    to be honest i’m glad we are out early just goes to show how poor we really are, it’s nearly laughable to call the like of ashley cole, terry, upson world class our own defence is more together than they are

  49. Gutless performance. Time for the new manager to rip this team apart and build for the future

  50. although I will add that I feel sorry for Ashley Cole. He gave a shite when the rest couldnt, and I can’t blame him for owt.

    Now Cheryl, come to me :lol:

  51. Top Gear is class man.

    And in all fairness, Let’s give Clarkson a blast upfront next tournament, he’s a tall lad. More enthusiasm than Rooney judging by his showing this WC!

  52. Agreed Toonsy,

    Can’t stand Ashley Cole like, but given that everyone knows he loves money and hua’s more than owt, he certainly showed his love for his country more so than the rest!

  53. er,i thought fabio capello is staying on???

    And who knows the answer of my question about??? Comment 114.

  54. what i miss most is in the past hooligan days u could garuntee when we get knocked oot there woul always be a bit of after match entertainment which we never lost

  55. Batts are you gutted that Top Gear is back on like? taking time away from the BBC to stop showing Midsomer Murders or Heartbeat? ;)

  56. As I said on an earlier blog, my poor daughter’s just landing in Germany as we speak for a 3 week exchange visit. “Ha, Tommy, your boyz are not verrry gut!”

  57. Awful performance indeed… Only Lampard did well today, also Gerrard wasn’t THAT bad , as he is constantly played out of position anyways….
    Huge Capello mistake, IMO, it wasn’t even the defender fault, it was the instructions of Capello how to play in defense, they tried to man mark germans and in each Germanies attack you could see how the holes in Englands defense opens up when defenders start to close down the attackers, its simply impossible to man mark them, as all of their attacking players play free role, constatly changing their positioning… Zonal marking could have done the job, but Barry was too slow to do the job properly and rest of the midfielders didn’t help as well…

  58. TOONSY I never did forcast any of the englang games in case they call you a doom and gloom guy,but i never thought they would get out of group stage,why because the english players belive there own press.
    take the overseas players out of epl and they are ave pick any good epl team take out the oversea play your left with no flair,even kk,wor bob saw that and brought them to the toon,take colla,jonas,jose e, out of toon team what you got nee flair rant over

  59. As an example you could see one of those many chances that Muller had in second half, space in Englands defence opened up and 3-4 Englands players were looking at each other who should mark him, and finally Ashley Cole stepped up, as it was he op-player… but it was too late, shot on goal..

  60. Batty

    “let the f ukin germans try beat us at darts”

    What about wrestling, dust big daddy and Giant Haystacks off and get em in the ring with Klinnsman and Voller

  61. Yo the British players are straight up lazy, when you take away the hard workers from their club teams your reveal how pedestrian Lampard and co. are… beautiful play by the Germans

  62. can anybody name me any good epl team that is all english,i dont think so,imo for years we have coached it out of them,we have to get our act together,or will never see any more gazzas,beadsley shearers ect,nee guts and flair

  63. English players don’t play football – they play a feminine style of Rugby. Look at the difference between English players and the players from outside the UK.

    When England play a team who play football, they always lose. Rooney isn’t a footballer, he is a yob who wasn’t hard enough to play Rugby.

    Until England and any other country in the UK teaches football and not a poncy version of Rugby with a focus on athletic stamina – no one will ever win anything.

  64. englturd,the badge should be changed to three poodles lol,got the score right before hand 4-1 to the germans,wish i had of put a bet on.i think the only players who are benefitting from the premiership are the foreign lads.

  65. Well guys, guess we are both out of it (England/USA)and mainly because although the US side gave it their all they lacked the required quality,though they did punch above their weight.
    Whereas England were disappointing in general, for the most part,leaving questions as to team selections.
    Where were the two former Boro. wingers, young Johnson and Downing, clearly England lacked wingers, both SWP and Milner, one passed it the other rated way beyond any reality and both showed it.
    I just don`t get the Barry selection either, clearly a journeyman, nothing more.
    Why was a creative player like Cole not a starter ?
    Sorry, but there`s just not any good news here, any future England manager should be looking at the young guns coming up, Germany did it with a young team and made it look easy.
    Wouldda been my side,






    A makeshift side perhaps , but one i believe would have performed better than the one selected

  66. I wonder of there’s any decent sides who are made up of nothing but home-nation players.

  67. Woops !!!

    Take Jerrard outta there, doubt if the ref would go for 12 players, though with some of the decissions made up to now who knows ?

  68. we took wingers to the world cup,who cannot cross a ball,darren bent should of went instead of heskey,rooney is not an out and striker,he’s a creative player,scott parker should have got the nod in front of barry imo.
    ledley king should not have even been on the plane.we would have been better off taking ladfs like jimmy bullard,at least they would have put their heart and soul into it.

  69. Home now, and proud to announce the German sandwich shop had nowt done to it when I was there, although there was a significant crowd gathered outside it…

    Question is, do I attempt a match report in my inebriated state or not?

  70. Well Lads anyone not drowning their sorrows watching the argentina match, I hope Jonas is back tonite as I know the last game he was serving a 1 match ban ;)

  71. BIG DAVE aye and he told me to keep a eye on you while he was away, who was keeping a eye on him ?

  72. Soh !Nine Kristallnacht, at the German sarnie shop then ?
    Ah what the hell, get over it or you will depress yourselves.
    Off for a few Amstels and watch the Argentinos and the Mexicanos, rooting for the Mexes being just back from that Mega metropolis Mexico City.
    A city of stark contrasts, quite similar to Bogota in the fact it`s altitude, causes a lack of oxygen but also has a cooling effect, quite pleasant.
    Dont get too depressed after all it`s really just a game !
    Hasta manana, muchachos !

  73. Ice ye dont need to keep an eye on him a few drinks and he will be sleeping like a baby, his Lass said he cant hold his drink ;)

  74. BIG DAVE off track,but our local tatoo guy has dropped his price with downturn,ONLY £50 a hr now poor sod,hes just bought a brand new harley

  75. Dave ;)

    I just think people should stop intimating for the English to “get over it”. How about I intimate they feck the hell off? Fair deal I think…..

  76. £50 hr things must be slow mate he must have been 80 – 100 an hr before as that is the going rate most places, We are fully booked up to the 1st week in sept.

  77. let Steven Taylor get in the Euro qualifiers! can’t be worse than Upson today.

  78. first of all I’m totally pissed,aint read any comments so sorry if Im’ going over old ground or if I upset anyone. we were shit ,yes we had a perfectly good goal disallowed but we got wot we deserved oot of that game a reet good tonkin. we are sh*t we got hammered by a disticntly(that cant be spelt reet) average team.we’re crap and the worst thing is thats hte team wwho’ll be playin 2012 euros.f*ckin tossas…….Roonehy worl class my f*kin arse

  79. The lad who inks my mate at work drives a Ferrari F430. God knows what his hourly rates are then! lol

  80. A guy goes into a brothel and says he wants to be humiliated but only has £45 on him. The lass takes his cash off him and hands him an England kit

  81. Ice I think it is way to much TBH as I wouldn’t pay that for someone to tattoo me but that is the going rate and who am I to disagree, the Guy that owns the Studio I work in sometimes has clients coming over from Isle of Man etc for a £600 sitting.
    Richie yer right they were sh1t and didn’t deserve to win anyway mate, Germany played well and ripped them apart a few times

  82. @167 :lol:

    P*ssed and P*ssed Off still imensley proud to be English….cos we’re so much more than just a sh*t footy team(sorry boot the spellin..I’m skullf*cked)…….Munich and Ross..must be hell for ya both.

  83. Ice-aye mate the texts are already flooding through. Have been since the second goal went in. The reminder that they havent qualified in over a decade and have never ever made it out the group stages tends to shut them up though…for a bit anyway. They’re obsessed with England man, its canny strange. They care more about us losing than Scotland winning mate.

  84. On another note, the mexicans are a great team like. Would love a couple of their flare players at the toon. Been probably the most entertaining team to watch across the competition for me, played some lovely stuff.

  85. Hey big dave,I ‘ve always said that the onlt Tattoo I’d get would be commerating(that cant be spelt reet)when the toon win summat.I think I’m safe :lol:

  86. Rich – You think you’re pissed, try writing a match report :lol:

    I have officially given up trying to be level-headed on this one ;)

  87. Dave wor lass says she’ll leave me if I get a tattoo….book me in 2mora mate :lol:

  88. It’s going straight up, it’s about time Dave had some extra responsibility :lol:

  89. lets face it,the English speakin nations are shite at football…has Munich been on yet?

  90. reet I’m really really pissed,but if ya chasin goals hands up if ya’d tek Defoe off and put Heskey on….naebody???….so to everyone I spoke to the neet who said ya cant blame the manager F*ck off!!……………………………..not all his fault but he has to tek blame too

  91. Ice did you see Toonsy bite there @ 187 ;)
    Richie I think Fabio has to take a lot of blame some of his choices have been woefull

  92. ya reet Dave,he took some wrong players,picked the wrong team and formation imo….altho its not his fault when players on £100k cant pass the ball……………how many other footy associations giv the manager a new contract before a tournament???,,,,none bar the English.clueleess!!

  93. Ross, divent worry about the sweaties mate, they cannae freakin play fitba to save there lives, so they have to get ripped into the English. They’re all the same, the majority of the Irish support whoever England are playing against too, part of the deal mate..

  94. I don’t see how the score being levelled would have changed the winner like.

    The ‘inexperienced’ Germans showed far more disciplin than our lot, were well organised and very creative – Wake up ffs, we were fortunate not to be 4 behind when lampards goal wasn’t given. Had we went in at half time on level terms they would have just continued to carve us open at will.

    Cappello and the players need to take all the criticism coming their way because they deserve it big time, we went to the tournament with an unbalanced, unfit and out of form bunch of moaners.

    That’s probably it now for Gerrard, lampard, heskey, Barry, James, green, king and ipson – the question now is do we have the players to fill their boots?? Probably not is the answer.

    We are in decline as a footballing nation without ever achieving much, the parallels to NUFC are frightening, perhaps England is Nufc in disguise

  95. Richie I sometimes think the players didn’t know where they stood with him and didn’t know what he wanted.
    I for one think that the England team shouldn’t have a foriegn manager. But that doesn’t excuse the players for not putting a shift in ;)

  96. Man u have got a player on their hands with that Hernandez like. Looked very good thus far.

  97. England’s problem is they pick the best players even though they don’t work well as a team instead of picking a more balanced team, not picking a CB with pace or a recognised left winger while playing Gerrard out of position is typical of the way we do things.

  98. Munich-Aye, all my irish mates at uni used to tear into us aswell. These were the quote “die hard united” fans who were lucky if they owned a manure shirt or had ever stepped into old trafford in the first place.

  99. Btw if we’ve signed any out of contract players chances are they will be announced Thursday.

  100. I know what Stu’s sayin about the disallowed goal changing everything cos when we got i the Germans were more nervy,they would hae been worse if that had counted.We were not fortuate to not be 4 behind because the German finishin was poor or good saves (not luck).Ifyou think it was fortune then ya kna nowt about football.did the Germans outplay us and deserve to win…yes but the only fortunate bit(the goal over the line) went to Germany…but as Stuart says..if that goal had been allowed..totally different game!

  101. richietoon, it was ugly mate. Probably didn’t look much better on English tele !
    Thank feck I cannot understand these freakin bavarians when they are in full bevvy mode, otherwise owt could have happened…. managed to tag along when they were dishing out the free schnaps at the end though, eased the pain a bit, but not much..

    Ross, they’re all part time supporters mate, plastic mancs…resort to violence mate…

  102. me welsh mate foned me last week and said he was s’porting ENgland…and the game when Beckham got sent of v ARG I watched in Wales everyone ..apart from aboot 3 or 3 wanted England to win….so altough they make love to sheep…..thu alreet by me :lol: ;-)

  103. The thing is this was a young and inexperienced German team, no Ballack to calm them down, at 2-2 it would have been a different game for sure, irrespective of what happened before, of course they had hammered us, but I reckon England were nervous too and hadn’t gotten into there game… I’ll tell you now there arses would have started to squeak, it could really have panned out differently.

    That doesn’t hide the fact that when it came down to the key clashes, takles etc at the turning points of the game we were left wanting. prima donnas, all of them

  104. aye Dave,I hate ‘arry Redknapp….but I think he would do a canny job………he’s still a crook tho!!

  105. Big Dave @201, agree 100% mate. We didn’t see much of the strong Italian Cattenccio defending today did we, played straight into the Germans hands…

  106. aye MUnich we deserved a kickin for sure but as Stu says 2-2 totally different game,…..doesnt change the fact tho that wor prima donnas were well beaten by a very averag German team and if we go into the Euros wi same team(we will) and same manager(we will if he doesnt quit) then its not worth turning up…………and imo Wayne Rooney,world class F.OFF,if ya cant do it at a major tournament ya not world clas.Not only did he not do it,he was the player who contributed the least compared to minutes on the pitch imo,

  107. ya reet richietoon. I’m not sure if Rooney is any good at international level with his back to goal, perhaps he needs to play shorter and facing the goal lying in front of a target striker ? Did Rooney have a shot at goal at all during the World Cup ?..cannae remember…

  108. I still cant understand why the Argies took Tevez off and not Messi he has been absent all game, except for there now he had his 1st shot.
    Munich i heard one of the MOTD pundits say a couple of days ago Basically that for Fabio he takes his wages and doesnt have to worry because as soon as he is finished with us he just moves back to where he came from and it will all be forgot about and he can get on with his life, but the English players have to live in the nation that they failed :(

  109. thats the point Munich naeone can remember…..other “world class” players…Messi,Ronaldo etc hav all done summat…..I said after 1st game if 442 drop pooney and play defoe and crouch…..who’s got best strike rate for England now…er crouch… many minutes did he play???

  110. Got to disagree. Anyone can speculate at what might have happened, but based on our performance from start to finish in this tournament there is nothing at all to suggest that the second half would have panned out any different to the first. No ballack to calm them down?? What about the 70+ capped Sweinsteiger, or the 90 international goals between klose and podilski to fall back on?? How about the in form player of the tournament in ozil? The lad is just 21 but showed a lot more ‘experience’ and more importantly ability than any of our midfield pretenders.

    We were woeful and were fortunate that the Germans didn’t take all of their early chances, chances which they kept creating throughout the game, chances that were converted in the end anyway.

    It wasn’t a case of what might have been here, we have been terrible and went out with a whimper at the first sight of an established footballing nation.

    One victory against a country with a total population of less than one thirtieth of our own sums up our campaign, not a wrongly disallowed goal.

  111. Sal, I’d like to see the video of the game again without my beer goggles on (probably comes over even worse than when pissed !). I just cannot get that disallowed goal out of my mind mate, I reckon it prevented the game possibly developing Englands way. The jaarman tele commentators are all shaking there heads at the decision against England, as well as the first Tevez goal for the Argies which was also offside…
    There have been some garbage refereeing decisions, but I’m not trying to cover up for a poor England performance, but this disallowed goal just winds me up…you probably notice that !

  112. sal,no one disagrees weve been crap,no one disagrees we deserved to get humped….but teams who are 2 goals up and then get to 2-2 dont usually win.It changes the whole complection of the game….Germany did not deserve to be 4 goals up because they didnt score 4 goals.they didnt have any disallowed so while 4 goals up may have ben a truer reflection of their play it wouldnt have been a true reflection of the game.A true reflection of the game would have been 2-2 at half time …because thats what thats how many goals each team scored.The second goal would have put us on the up and sent them the other way in all I say we got what we deserved but anyone who thinks a second goal wouldnt have changed the way the game went knows nowt about football.Not saying we would have won it but imo it wouldnt hav been the humliliation it was.That is the poorest German team I have ever seen ..fact…..but also the worst English team

  113. I said before I’m a wee bit pissed so no offence if I’m a wee bit strong in me views and who knows..I may be wrong aboot a thing or 2….divnt think I am(wi oot readin it back) but ya neva kna ;-)