England v Algeria – World Cup match banter.

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Come on England!
Come on England!
The second game of England’s World Cup campaign gets underway soon where we get the chance to pit our collective wits against Algeria in Cape Town.

A win is a must if England are to ensure that their path through to the knockout stages stays in firmly in their own hands as the competition begins to show signs of hotting up at long last.

As ever, this is the place to come together and piss and moan about the England game, and at least it offers us a welcome change from pissing and moaning about Newcastle, for the time being anyway.

After a disappointing start to their campaign against the USA, the England team know that they eyes of the nation will be on them and that the press will be sharpening their knives in anticipation of another potential slip-up.

For a bit of background on the match you can take a look at my World Cup match preview here should you choose to, or alternatively you can join in the fun and banter straight away by leaving your thoughts below.

Come on England!

EnglandJames, Johnson, Terry, Carragher, A Cole, Lennon, Lampard, Barry, Gerrard, Heskey, Rooney.

SubsGreen, Hart, Warnock, Upson, Dawson, Wright-Phillips, Milner, Carrick, J Cole, Defoe, Crouch.

AlgeriaMbolhi, Bougherra, Belhadj, Yahia, Halliche, Boudebouz, Lacen, Matmour, Ziani, Yebda, Kadir.

SubsGaouaoui, Mansouri, Saifi, Djebour, Bellaid, Lafaoui, Chaouchi, Guedioura, Medjani, Mesbah, Abdoun.

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251 Responses

  1. Wrong thread I know but I like both the away and 3rd strip. England to scrape through 1-0 :cool:

  2. Toonsy, I am confused…do you mean James ISN’T the keeper, or you got it wrong on a previous thread?

  3. NorCal – I got it wrong on the preview thread. I guessed Capello would stick with Green but he went with James instead. All the rest is spot on though ;)

  4. Not to piss off any English fans here,but what if Algeria wins 2-1?? Does that means england are out already??

  5. No, AOD, but a England and US win in the 3rd games will be a must for England to advance.

  6. AOD – It means it would be hard, but if we won our last game against Slovenia by two goals we would go through on goal difference.

  7. Ok,good. I am being cautious here not to offend anyone,since i am being a neutral supporter.

    My Mate says,with Germany lost today match,there is a strong possibility them getting 2nd position,with England Also.

    Which Meant,England are way lucky not to meet up Germany. They Might Meet up Ghana instead.And if wins,go through Q-Final,by facing such a weaker opponent than Germany.

    This may sounds offending to some,but i must agree,England will be very lucky,if that situation does happen.

  8. @toonsy: 250% Agreed.

    Anyway,what’s ur opinion abt gignac,after watching france matches???

  9. Well Lads wont be long to see if England can play a bit better tonite im going for a 2-0.
    Jay Jay I bet you hope he is full of shit about Boyd :) but I would take him but I dont want Bullbag

  10. Wouldn’t want either big dave mate. And as for the name taker, there is a bag between the 1st and 2nd jay ;)

  11. Right this is my take on things tonight – this is the formation and more or less the same team that won 9 out of 10 qualifiers, scoring more goals than any other European team in qualifing also.

    So if we don’t perform it’s down to the players – Can they handle the pressure? Time will tell?

  12. Jay Jay – You’re right, it wasn’t you, but they could also be called Jay Jay aswell. That could be confusing :D

  13. AOD – I don’t think any of the French team have been overly impressive. Some shocking attitudes on display last night, and it will be amusing to see what has gone on behind the scenes when it all comes out in the wash :)

  14. i see Heskeys finally found something hes good at – cutting the other players hair! england to win 2-1

  15. These Algerians like sliding around on their arses dont they? Wouldn’t be surprised if we picked up an injury here.

  16. Anyone saw the big black fatty bird perching on the goal???

    It spell bad luck. :lol: :lol:

  17. Terribly underwhelming start. Been rubbish so far. Every time we clear the ball its falling to Algerian feet and they’re just running right back at us. Have we had an attempt on goal yet?

  18. We just dont keep the ball well enough Toonsy. The stats shown before the game show we’re right at the bottom of the list of the so called “top teams” when it comes to the ability to put the ball on the floor and keep it there for a decent length of time. We’ve barely strung 5 passes together in their half nevermind an effort on goal. We give the ball away needlessly, regularly.

  19. Algeria aren’t letting us settle on the ball though to be fair, although we need to get used to that if we want to progress.

  20. Toonsy-I agree with you, but read what you wrote. Algeria. If we’re half of what we’re made out to be, Algeria wouldn’t be able to pressure us on the ball regularly because they’d be chasing shadows. Thats not me proclaiming we’re the worlds best, that’s just me taking into account what’s been said before this world cup and what players/staff feel they can achieve. It’s all pretty underwhelming thus far, we need some sort of creative spark and to speed it up a bit. Decent effort from Lampard, great cross from Lennon.

  21. Ross – Aye, I just can’t work out why the team doesn’t seem to be working?

  22. I see Huge Huge Space allowing Algeria players to literally walk through till penalty box……

  23. Toonsy-That’s the thing, i’m not too sure. I dont think Gerrard should be out on the left though. Look at what’s happened when he’s cut inside and linked up with Rooney. Short sharp passing triangles that have sent us forward at speed. He should be sitting in the hole so that play like that is a possibility every time we’re going forward.

    Been impressed with Barry breaking up their play when they’ve been going forward thus far like. Complimented Heskey after the USA game last week but his first touch has been rotten the night.

  24. Thats twice Lennon has given the ball away with stupid back heels. When owt isn’t going your way, keep it simple ffs.

    We need to change this up at half time surely, it’s been terrible to be polite.

  25. Look at that, another pot shot from the middle of nowhere, everyone is standing still in the final third and Algeria just have two lines of four and are forcing us to shoot aimlessly from distance, it’s embarrassing.

  26. There is just no movement. Our players look scared of taking a chance in case they balls up.

  27. Let’s exhale the negative energy then use the positive energy to spur the lads on.

  28. Just when i think things are getting going, we come out and play one of the most boring matches so far…

  29. Stu – They have all been bad. Nobody is getting the ball in a decent position for the strikers.

  30. Well, that was horrendous. Am I the only one thinking that Rooney looks off the pace aswell? Either that or he’s frustrated and that’s forcing mistakes. He often lets emotions get the better of him like.

    Literally, nothing positive to take from that half, nothing. Against Algeria. That speaks volumes about the team and about our chances of doing well in this competition sadly.

    Howay lads, pick it up. Fab’s is going to give them the hairdryer treatment something rotten. If there is ANY positive to take from it, it’s that a half time battering has seemingly woken us up regularly within the past few friendlies.

  31. Algeria are ranked 30th in the world. Higher than I thought, but still not an excuse for such an abject display.

  32. toonsy-Our rank and the fact that we were considered serious threats to the competition alone is enough to cause disappointment at displays like this.

    I always say that I dont listen to the media and i’ll stand by that, but at the end of the day with the group of players we have we should be comfortable in games like this regardless of the pressure put on the team. It’s been abysmal.

  33. Maybe thats why England was so lack lustre in the first half… They didn’t want to disturb the pigeon from its roost. ;)




    Much better system for England. And Rooney on the right will keep Behrami too busy for him to push forward on Algerias left all the time.
    But Capello never listens to me ;)

  34. Aye Ross, it wouldn’t be so bad if we could at least say we were unlucky to not be winning, but we can’t. It’s been shite so far, and they need to improve.

  35. Right now you have Lennon, ineffective, Heskey ineffective and Gerrard on the left ineffective.
    Which leaves you hoping for a bit of luck or poor defensive mistake for you to score.

  36. Reckon I could take my shirt back? looks like i’m only gonna need it for a fortnight at this rate! lol

  37. Something needs to change, quickly.

    It only takes a second to score a goal, but they are ticking along.

  38. Dear me Heskey. He needs to be taken off, what on earth is that. Why the bloody hell is Carrick coming on aswell. Get Joe Cole on. He can create something and get Gerrard up there with Rooney. We need a chance created, Carrick will help break up play in the midfield at best, his performances in an England shirt havent been brilliant.

  39. FFS Heskey had ages to get back onside, he must know that James was gonna boot the ball forward!

  40. Nobody wants to grab this game by the balls here. We just look scared, god knows what is going on.

  41. we are crap and deserve to go out.. joke every last one of them. full of talk all the time and do shit when it comes to it. hahaha class!! bunch of donkeys.. 4/4/2… is capello stupid hahaha

  42. our team are void of any attacking flair or will to win. we may as well go out as we have no chance of winning anyway. crap utter shite. manager is an idiot too. heskey ffs is crap and cos he is crap its killed rooney off too.

  43. feel sorry for the fans who went all that way to watch this shower of shite.REFUND

  44. It’s SWP. I wanted Cole on. We look as bad as France did last night which I didnt think was possible. Bottling it.

  45. its an old system that is far to static in modern games.. esp with the crap we are playing with. we have to play to our strengths and not worry about other teams. if he is going to stick it with 4,4,2 then at least take off heskey and bring on crouch as he is far more effective.

  46. Anyone think this Gerrard/Lampard thing is hurting us? They can’t play together, thats pretty much understood, so why are they constantly shoe-horned into the team?

    It’s not just Capello that has done, ever sonce Eriksson it has happened.

  47. Hitman ?
    Lads this is total sh1te I think even the frogs played better, but I still think a mistake will be made and someone will capatailise ;)

  48. Hate to say it, but Ashley Cole is the only who looks ok and looks like he gives a shit.

  49. Toonsy-Know whats even worse? he’s one of the best in the world in his position, potentially the best. A lad like that, depressing, lol.

    Rooney’s first touch has just looked horrendous all night. I actually have no idea what is happening, no explanation for it. They all just look so nervous.

  50. i think we need a manager with some balls… this entire generation of so called star players have never ever performed. i would rather dump most of them, they might be good as individuals for their own teams but they are crap and have never ever gell’d for england. joke, pathetic.

  51. I was a bit critical of the negative press the team got after the USA game, but they deserve all they get after this performance.

  52. toonsy-we’re in the same boat mate. Their performance against the USA was a million miles from this tonight and that’s saying something because we werent exactly brilliant last week.

    This has just been beyond words. Absolutly horrendous.

  53. Rooney is now at left midfield. Determined to stick with 4-4-2 when it isn’t working. This is really embarrassing, we deserve an absolute pasting for this. Sorry for my language but its F*cking Algeria. Are you f*cking serious.

  54. Pathetic, and that idiot Andy Townsend wittering about the pressure of playing for England maybe affecting them

  55. toonsy says:
    June 18, 2010 at 9:11 pm
    Batty – Benson & Hedges
    <<<< they would do a better job than these fools

  56. Deb – As if former Republic of Ireland international Andy Townsend knows anything about that :lol:

  57. “Oh i know how they feel, it feels horrible when this happens”

    Aye mate, but they’ll still sit and wait for the 110k to be wired into their bank account this week wont they. They’ll still have a 3 million pound house to stroll back into when they’re dumped out the world cup at the first hurdle.

    Andy Townsend you’re an idiot.

  58. Craig-the group is wide open. Slovenia are the only one’s out ahead. We could beat them and qualify.

  59. hes got too start with defoe next game cos hes done more in 15 mins than the rest put together

  60. Wait for the boo’s when this final whistle goes like. Deserved boo’s aswell. Never thought i’d hear myself say that.

  61. hitman says:
    June 18, 2010 at 9:16 pm
    sir bobby will be turning in his grave.
    <<< ile be in me f ukin grave at this rate

  62. slovenia are no push overs,carnt see us getting much out of that game.fkin disgrace,the players must be missing the wags.

  63. Well, looks like is an early sayonara for england as well as France soon.

    Slovenia just need a point to go through. USA beat Algeria. England going home.

    I at one more thought of bringing andy carroll and nile ranger on. :lol: :lol:

  64. If we beat Slov were through – Simple!

    This is the way the Italians win it!

    Rooney saying to the camera “thanks for the home support, booing us”. Agree Wayne, it’s a disgrace – you go all that way just to boo?

  65. Agree Big Dave – he should have been hauled off early in the match he contributed nothing again

  66. For a group of Geordies who called England “London United” and said they didn’t give a sh#t… You guys seem genuinely upset by that performance… ;)

  67. I am sure Slovenia will just park an rocket/aeroplane/car/bus/tank right in front of the goalkeeper.

    England needs goals and win.

  68. JJ who called England ‘London United’? I’m a geordie but english, why wouldn’t i be upset if the England national team play like a bunch of half hearted tossers

  69. What happened with Rooney? I had to go out for a tab to try and calm down the moment that final whistle went like.

  70. @batty: apparently,fabio capello mentioned of continuing as england boss after this WC. ;)

  71. That Belhadj is a good player isn’t he… I thought both the wing backs for Algeria were superb and the lone striker ran the channels superbly. Having said that. They didn’t create any clear cut chances but looked very neat and calm on the ball.

    Ps. Did anyone see Heskey try a Shola dribble? “the step-over trip and search for the ball” – sells the defender every time, unfortunately they sell themselves too :(

  72. When he was walking off he said to the camera something like ‘thanks for the home support booing us’. What does he expect a standing ovation, the moron. He should be hanging is head in shame not coming out with samrt arse comments

  73. deb-Pathetic if thats what he said. They’ve just put on one of the most embarrassing performances ever seen at a world cup finals, representing their country and Rooney especially was terrible, his first touch was a joke.

  74. question…what happens if US and England draw? Both will have 3 points? Granted, as it stands the US has score more goals, but how does that work?

  75. I think the Fans were within their rights to boo the players for being sh1te, atleast they waited till the game was over dont forget the players are getting payed and mollycoddled for that the poor fans are spending a fortune to see a bit of heart and soul not what they showed tonight IMO

  76. Geordie Deb

    I never said EVERYONE said that, but there were a few who did. Something about, if their was a Northern Republic team, then they’d support… When I say a few, it was only three or four names. So I’m really just pulling your legs.

    Clearly it matters a little to them. And so it should…

    Hey, it could be worse. YOu could be France!

  77. I as an Algerian, would like to thank the England players for their sportsmanship, but we (Algerians) played better and that’s the truth, wish you lot the best of luck against Slovenia.

  78. Well guys what happened to the third rated W/C side to-day, booed off the pitch by their own fans, that`s just not cricket!
    And Craig don`t worry about us (US) we intend to progress along with Slovenia, while your guys are on early holidays.
    Don`t understand it, a young experimental Irish side banged in three against Algeria, perhaps their Italian manager is better than yours ?
    Soh! guys what`s your excuse this time ?

  79. Batty,

    No need to mock me about our football team. Everyone here knows we are sh!t. haha. Thats why we all celebrated like mad after the draw with Mexico. Cos we already got one point more than we thought we would! :)

  80. Mind boggles at the thought of anyone trying to make excuses for that shower of sh!te like. Slovenia will not be easy. It will be alot tougher than tonight as far as the opposition were concerned and the pressure on the players will be greater.

    In saying that, I dont think the formation is helping. 4-4-2 doesn’t work and players are being played in wrong positions. Gerrard is not used properly out wide. Rooney is having to drop incredibly deep to see any of the ball. His outburst at full time however is almost as embarrassing as the football on show. How he thinks he can just open his mouth and lash out when things dont go his way is beyond me. It’s not like he hit both posts and the bar with us dominating possession. It was embarrassing from start to finish. He should have bloody apologised to the camera if anything.

  81. JJ says:
    June 18, 2010 at 9:46 pm

    No need to mock me about our football team. Everyone here knows we are sh!t.
    <<<< aye and now they know were shite

  82. batty-exactly. The best (or maybe worst) part is the fact that we’re still in the competition. 3 points on wednesday and people will look back at Algeria and think “bloody hell that was close”. In saying that though mate, does tonight give you any hope we’ll get 3 points on Wednesday? Unless the formation changes we’re in for another draw if not a loss I reckon. Nowt tonight told me we were capable of winning a game with the same team against better opposition in 5 days time.

  83. Can’t we get rid of this pr*ck chuck?

    You can’t tell me that he’s interested in anything other than trolling.

    There are other people who post here from the states (and other countries), and I imagine they wouldn’t object to his flaming coming to an end.

    He isn’t the least bit interested in putting forward a sensible opinion, or responding in a reasonable manner to other people’s posts.

    How about it workyticket?

  84. Big Dave says:
    June 18, 2010 at 9:46 pm
    In JJ’s defence there was a few one night saying the wern’t really interested in the England national side
    <<<< not me dave clint was 1 of them :lol:

  85. Either no one knows, or y’all are ignoring my question. What happens with 2 teams tied on 3 points? How is it decided who advances? There’s a real possibility that US and England end on 3 points each…so, who goes forth?

  86. Aye, Darth, but 3 draws would be 0 on goal differential then, no? Or, do you mean who’s scored more? Right now for instance it’s 3 to 1 US on goals scored.

    So, drawn lots decides it…that’s terrible. Even a penalty shoot out would be more exciting then that.

    But thanks for entertaining my question.

  87. NorCal

    Its decided on goal difference. Then if thats even, its goes down to most goals scored…

    If thats even, em… I think they play a tug-o-war ;)

  88. Well, here’s hoping to a Yank and England win then…drawing lots would be a shite way to advance. (unless we won, ha)

  89. Rooney was right! Why go all that way to boo?

    It’s ridiculous to boo your own players! I thought we’d got passed all that.

    If we win on Wed, were through, the French did it last time and so too the Italians.

    Let’s get behind them for the duration.

    Being an England fan is unconditional!

    Come on England!

  90. Drawing lots is stupid but if thats how they do it then there’s not much can be done. Apart from not letting it get to that stage. Go out and win the games you should be winning or you dont deserve to be there, simple.

  91. I don’t think those saying Algeria is that weak are being fair too. They were the far better team against Slovenia until that player stupidly got himself sent off.
    England should have an easier game against Slovenia that against Algeria.

  92. Apparently, during Italia 90, they drew lots to separate ROI and Holland for second and third place as they finished with identical results. Three teams advanced from a four team group.

    They’d both qualified, but the placing determined their next opponent and venue.


    Can’t find any other examples. I don’t think it’s happened since.

  93. I’d forgotten about that drawing of lots. I think it took place within an hour of the final whistle.

    We topped the group and went on to face Belgium.

  94. Darth Broon
    Cause i got tenure on here, been on this blog a lot longer than you chump, what makes you think you (a jhonny come lately) have a right to lobby for my exclusion, because you don`t like what i say.
    Hey I was`nt playing for Engerland, not my fault !

  95. upchuck

    “Hey I was`nt playing for Engerland, not my fault!”

    No. But you are a bitter, twisted old c*nt.

    And that is your fault.

  96. Batty-he mentioned something about the supporters but I think he was muted just as he did. It was definitly

    “nice to see the home fans booing ye'”..and then something about supporters and it was cut off

  97. to be fair if I’d paid up to 10k to watch that sh!te i’d boo as well – england players should reimburse the fans – they were disgraceful

  98. Batty
    Like divent gan n tell everybody man , me reputation is at stake here !
    Kin ye gan aroond n see if wor Darth is takin his medication, seems to be a bit radged like.

  99. Well hopefully the lads will watch the tape back the night and realise how awful they were, if they don’t already. Not out of it yet, 3 points on Wednesday is just a must. It was a must tonight for me personally, but we didn’t do it. The opportunity is still there, the pressure is on, perform and make us proud lads.

  100. Cheers, Darth…from something official.
    Ok, well, personally, as the 3 Lions are always my second team and I am rooting for a rematch, i hope we both win and meet again in the finals.

  101. NorCal ToonFan says:
    June 18, 2010 at 9:53 pm
    Either no one knows, or y’all are ignoring my question. What happens with 2 teams tied on 3 points? How is it decided who advances? There’s a real possibility that US and England end on 3 points each…so, who goes forth?
    <<<< aye a kna the feellin aboot being ignored

  102. Look`s like Rangers have a pretty decent defender in Bourgheba, hope our scouts are active at the games, or should i say our scout ?
    Been some surprising results and an obvious increase in the quality of the African and Asian sides, not to mention a resurgence of the South American teams.
    At present the questions being asked are in regard to those former powerhouse European countries, it will be interesting to see who will come out of this first round.
    I`m sure a few may fall at the first fence, with a couple of very competitive African sides still in competition, would certainly be a boost for the continent if an African side were to win it all.

  103. :lol: norcal can ya give the twisted old c unt chucky a hand too clean a bit of that oil up plz wouldnt want him too keel over would we :lol:

  104. Batty

    It`s pronoonced Cwah Cwook like, yea I` have to admit i`m really Toonsy, but divent let on like !
    It`s in Durham in it ? Toonsy Knas, ees from there y`kna !

  105. Norcal toon

    dont worry about ignoring Batty, everyone does!
    but he`s like the ever-ready battery just keeps on typing.

  106. night all, if i don’t at least pretend to work, i may have to become a full-time, unpaid contributor, like toonsy.

  107. Batty
    Hey somebody`s gotta do it, looks like your guys (@BP)know diddley squat about oil, strange that, head of an oil company and dont know shit, think i`ll send em my resume, could`nt do worse.
    Actually the dope on this is down to the former CEO who got rid of anyone who threatened him plus was more concerned about the bottom line than safety and engineering, resulting in the letting go of a lot of good technical people.
    That being the reason for a string of serious accidents throughout the US recently.
    The present CEO It`s said is not up to running the giant corporation and with no stockholders due to receive any payouts for the foreseeable future, see how long he lasts.

  108. clucky man hes give yas 20 bill unlike the american oil companys who are fighting it in your courts like

  109. Well that`s it for a while, talk to y`all later, heading for Mexico City, do a few Dos xx`s or Tacate`s, give the Amstel a rest.
    Mexes looking good so far, be rootin for em south of the border.
    Hasta la vista, compeneros .

  110. Broon-That wont help the reputation of the tournament. The fact a fan has managed to make his way from a stand through security and into a dressing room is pretty pathetic to be completly honest.

  111. Ross

    Apparently, Wills and Harry had just left the dressing room as well.

    Could be a feck’n field day for terrorists. Or they’ll be kicking themselves for not bothering to set something up ;)

  112. C`mon lads, England`s not about to hammer anyone, a side in chaos, without a plan, with third rate sides giving them more than they can handle, i have my doubts if you are going to get out of this round and you have still to play Slovenia, I told you this before but there`s nothing like Hubris to blind people to the truth.
    It`s going to take something special to survive and looks like the manager wishes he were back in Italy.

  113. NorCal – Your welcome to contribute at anytime if you want to, although I know you was only messing.

    Chuck – Have a good time in Mexico.

  114. just got in, what a guy!
    1. Old argument a brewing between whether its right to boo the players, I personally don’t think its justifiable in any situation, and to be frank, its just sad old tossers who take things to seriously who do it, so im not to bothered, just embarrassed for them.
    2. On the point of ‘support’, I was watching the match with my lass and we left to go to a different bar for the second half because of how ridiculous some of the ‘supporters’ were in the first pub. As early as the 6th minute all we could hear was ‘f*cking this’ and ‘f*cking that’, ‘WE’RE IN THE WHITE HESKEY YOU THICK F*CK’, well if that’s what ‘support’ is lads, we’re in for a long season next season!!!!

  115. we are the superier race england that is and we will hammer slovenia on wednesday clucky

  116. I Love Mike says:
    June 19, 2010 at 7:11 am
    just got in, what a guy!
    1. Old argument a brewing between whether its right to boo the players, I personally don’t think its justifiable in any situation, and to be frank, its just sad old tossers who take things to seriously who do it, so im not to bothered, just embarrassed for them.
    2. On the point of ’support’, I was watching the match with my lass and we left to go to a different bar for the second half because of how ridiculous some of the ’supporters’ were in the first pub. As early as the 6th minute all we could hear was ‘f*cking this’ and ‘f*cking that’, ‘WE’RE IN THE WHITE HESKEY YOU THICK F*CK’
    <<<< do ya think he heard them lol

  117. Thing is, in a pub it’s all you will get. I hear that sort of thing in the ground all the time from different people.

    I don’t agree woth booing players whilst the game is one, but once it is finished then the fans have every right to show how annoyed they are. They are customers after al aren’t they?

  118. agree toonsy never boo meself like but cannit blame them last night thats the worst ive ever seen england play

  119. chucky for hubris look in the mirror……………..me heeds bangin …England are crap,nae pride,nae passion,nae skill.