All appears quiet on the Newcastle front.

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Shhhh.... Be quiet.
Shhhh.... Be quiet.
You can blame any multitude of reasons for why there doesn’t appear to be much going on at Newcastle right now, but you can be rest assured that things will be steadily ticking over behind the scenes.

You can blame the start of the World Cup for diverting media attention away from Newcastle United, or you could blame the shroud of secrecy that the statement has brought about, or you could just point your fingers at the suggestion that maybe, just maybe, there isn’t anything going on.

That last option sounds foolish to me, and the very notion that Chris Hughton will be sitting there in his office twiddling his thumbs is amusing to say the least. But the bottom line is that things will be happening at Newcastle, things that we don’t even have a hint of yet.

There has been a lot of melodrama over the last few weeks concerning the lack of information leaking out of the club, but that isn’t a new thing. In fact the very thing that is being condemned now was widely being praised during last season, particularly in the fall out of the alleged Carroll v Taylor death cage match. Well it was actually a punch up, or was it an argument? Who knows? Which kind of proves the point about the lack of information.

That whole episode was handled with the utmost confidentiality, using the same rights that you or I are entitled to when we go to work. If that incident had happened in our relegation season, or if the Geordie shyster Shepherd was still in power, does anyone really think that we would be lacking details of the whole debacle now?

Thought not.

Information is a good thing, sometimes. But too much information is not needed and is uncalled for, in my opinion anyway. Yes it’s frustrating, and yes it is pretty boring, but the cold hard fact is that there really mustn’t be anything to tell anyone at the minute.

There is the obligatory paper speculation of course, but for the most part that is all it is, speculation. What do we expect Newcastle to do? Should they release a public statement detailing their transfer plans and potential targets? Or should they not give the game away until a deal is done?

We DO get information, on things that are actually happening at the club. If there is anything to be revealed then Hughton reveals it, much like the admission yesterday that a new contract is being written up for Steven Taylor to, hopefully, sign.

The whole point of the article, really, is to try and put some perspective on things happening, or not happening, at Newcastle right now, and to point out that just because the club aren’t airing all their dirty laundry in public for a change, it doesn’t mean that things aren’t progressing behind the scenes. That is another Hughton admission by the way, and I can add a quotes to it if requested or in doubt.

There is still loads of time left to sort things out, and the first we will hear of them is either from Hughton himself, or from an official club statement. So unfortunately it looks like the waiting game is here to stay, for the time being anyway.

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60 Responses

  1. Everyone`s glued to the screen watching a decent game with good commentary, later !

  2. lol,
    i doubt very much that much is going on behind the scenes i suspect the only thing you will hear is a cleaner and her vac and occasionaly if you listen really carefully you might hear the bristles on her broom.

    although if your down south you might well hear ashleys wallet open in maxims casino in knightsbridge (he’s quite often seen frequenting the place!!)

  3. where the fk is NicoGF?

    (or whatever his name was)

    ….SSSSSOOOOper Nacho.


    …HE WANTS TO BE, a Nacho man (on 65k a week for 8 fkn months whilst eating NUFC funded hospital food)

  4. What a goal from Tshabalala, but he has been a revalation for the team over the last year.
    I cannot explain how amazing it felt to hear an entire nation roar when that goal went in.
    Especially when the team had been practically written off..

    They struggled in the first 25 minutes, but from that moment on, we were the better side.

    I know its means little to most on here, but today as a landmark for South Africa is the most important since the release of Mandela from prison.

    The atmosphere in the country is just electric.

    And yes, the vuvuzelas might be irritating to you. But who are you to be critical of another culture. There is symbolism behind those horns, which is spiritual. Its not just about making noise.

    I can tell you there is no chance in hell of those vuvuzelas being banned. So best stop complaining.

  5. Natcho was plop…thank Fk-My Ears are still bleeding from the Horns-real Spoiler-I hate South Africa…

  6. I’m sure the 50mil population of South Africa that is going crazy with joy on the best days the the country has had in history really couldn’t give a sh!t if you hate them or not SJT…

  7. STJ think iam gonna watch the matches with the volume turned doon its doin me fuki n head in

  8. I dont mind the noise those vuvuwhatys make but my dad had the france game on mute the night like, lol.
    If thats the way they make their atmosphere though then fair play to them. The commentators etc all say its electric in the stadiums.

  9. Anybody hangin’ aboot?

    I wanna know- wtf is a “dooley” and why are they american?

    Also- hope ya wear your thick trousers tomorrow, coz arses are about to be whooped :D

    USA 8 1 ENG

  10. dont think its anything in particular o’H,us English just make up words to insult or they may be local to 1 assured it won’t be a compliment mate ;-)
    3-1 England…Heskey hattrick……er maybe not.

  11. OHurley – To put you out of your misery, I would say a dooley is an idiot/fool.

    So I guess that means Rich is right, it isn’t complimentary. It also isn’t the worst I could have come up with either ;)

  12. On the Mexico S/africa game.
    The commentary was shit, the game was`nt much better, Mexes shoulda won.

    As for attempting to relate plastic horns with spirituality, you gotta be joking !

    It`s must be purgatory to be at a game with dumbass people trying to imitate a f*****g bumble bees.
    But if you insist I will stop complaining, guess little things please little minds.

  13. Heskey ?
    Great, guess we can count on a win manana, ultimate humiliation coming up, go USA !

  14. Heskey and Crouch up front are not everyones cup of tea, but will be a handful and way too good for the USA…easy win for England, no worries

  15. dead right richietoon ! Bet you had a canny left foot in your time though mate..

  16. Is it only me as a proud english man who is more excited about spidey and his loon manager in the afternoon than the predictable dross england match.

    No doubt a 2-0 win with crap commentary, pundits and Jim Rosenthals sick face, Arse licking journos laughing at joe coles “hilarious” one man show talking about lions eating paps (Theyre humouring you joseph) and a bunch of twats playing a brass band.

    Watching some great England games recently like Bobbys lads beating Cameroon in 1990, Shearer and Gazza destroying the jocks and the dutch in 96, Also some classic games from 66, 70 and 82 and i just find this current group of pricks and mincers totally annoying and hard to relate to…

  17. what dya mean in my time!!…I’m just reaching my prime now ;-)……….my left leg was for standing on while my right sliced the odd goal in :-)

  18. agree a bit cc though I think everyone remembers ’90 thru rose tinted specs sometimes…England were poor and the only time we played well was v Germany and that was the game we lost.Both Cameroon and Belgium were the better teams than us on the day……but hey,its who puts the ball in the net the most :-)………like you say good games tho.

  19. cc @27… regarding the Argies, really looking forward to that game and what wor lad Jonas can do. I’m sure he’s left his spidey mask back home in his Cowgate Penthouse though !
    The toon are poorly represented at this world cup unfortunately.

    You’re also dead right mate regarding the England teams of bygone years, now they were teams. Gazza bubbling in Italy, then a few years later destroying the jocks, ya beauty I was there at Wembley surrounded by sweaties when he smashed the goal in…brilliant ! (was that nationalstic of me..?)

    It’s tough to guage from abroad, but what is the feeling among the people with regard to following England ? For sure I’m peeed off in general with the whole overpaid wag arrogant bull which follows the average pampered English footballer. There always seems to be some kind of controversy following these numptys about. JT, Ashley, Leo…diamond geezers…forget about it !
    When did it all start, around the time of the emergence of Brand Beckham I would imagine…..Wonder what the Shermans make of Brand Beckham now that he’s landed on their doorstep, not too much I would imagine !

    In Germany the national team is sacred and the majority of players are really squeaky clean, apart from Boateng who they offloaded to Ghanan, no controversy at all…they can play a bit too..

    Regarding the crap commentary, thank furk I divennt need to listen to the english commentators smarmy crap.

    richietoon, well done mate, reaching your prime just as the world cup is kicking off ! Bend it like richietoon..

  20. richietoon

    I agree we were very lucky to get out the group let alone the next two matches but there was something lovable about old Bobby as manager, Gazzas tears, Lineker with his crisp stealing antics, Butcher and Pearce playing like we all would as proud english men.

    I think Euro 96 is the same sort of nostalgia as the Holland match aside we werent great but there was such a buzz and i dont think its been the same since even with Keggy as boss.

    The current squad are annoying, The same dick headed people saying the same dick headed things like Lampard yesterday saying how he was going to light up the world cup, Go and do it then lad dont just tell us like 2004, 2006 and i shouldnt mention 2008…

  21. richietoon@29 dead right mate…rose tinted glasses it was too. I remember the Cameroon and Belgium games well, both teams were better than us. The one over head volley from David Platt …wow that goal changed his life and earned him some wedge, immortality, career in Italy etc…not bad for an average Joe. A classic IMO was the Lineker hat- trick in the win against Poland 4-0 I think it was …Pedro Beardsley played his part, class performance

  22. I watched Gazza score v the jocks surrounded in Germany by Jock guards..quality………watched Germany beat us in Hameln.After the match all the Germans were around the camp in their cars tooting horns and flag waving…a mass exodus from barracks followed and the Germans fled….good night doon toon tho ;-)

  23. I’ve noticed from your posts ya spent a bit of time in the Bundesrepublik richietoon..?

    I watched wor old player Diddi Hamman playing for Jaaarmany score the winner, and the last goal ever to be scored at the old Wembley, in a boozer in Düsseldorf, some serious sphincter control was called for that day…

  24. aye I was there from ’86 to 96 Munich,Hameln twice,Bergen-Hohne,Fallingbostel and Hildesheim(house in Hannover).Sometimes used to go and watch Werder Bremen.

  25. Munich mag

    I can live with the beeb on the world cups, I like Lineker, Shearer (obviously) and they usually have O’Neill and Strachan who i like to listen to.

    The comentators arent bad other than that smarmy knob Steve Wilson on Football focus saying how Barton should be banned from Football, Yeah lad dont mention murderers like Lee Hughes, Steve Finnan and thugs like Terry, Gerarrd, Bowyer ETC.

    But its ITV who i despise, Chiles presenting and the chuckle brothers in the studio, Worst of all is the commentary Clive Tildsley is the biggest c*nt on telly and that clown of the opening match took less than 3 minutes to mention man utd (i was sad enough to count)

    Jimmy Hill must be spinning in his grave…

  26. nice one richietoon, you must speak a bit “survival German” then mate ?! I’ve never been to many stadiums in Germany just the Arroganz Arena in Munich and Schalke Arena …Werder Bremen, canny team, Scarf is still the trainer there they have a canny side Özil, Pizzaro, Mertesaker, Wiese all good players. Werder are the fans favourite, always play good attacking footy. You weren’t too far from Hannover either ?…..but they are traditionally crap !

  27. CC – my pet hates from english TV were that ex Liverpool sweaty wazzock…whats his name again, used to play centre half ?…doh …yep Alan Hansen, that’s him..

    The majority of these turkeys come up with nowt new…

    Sounds as if TV commentators haven’t improved too much in recent years !

  28. Nice to see Gary Speeds MBE, Becoming a millionaire football gets you more recogniton than the thousands of front line soldiers in the gulf and firemen who arent given a deserved pay rise despite risking their lives to save others…

  29. those infernal things the sooth africans are blowing should be called VULVAZELAS!!!!!!as they bring out the C**T in you after listening to them for five minutes.

  30. I’m ashamed to say my Germans terrible(better when drunk tho) especially since my ex wife is German.I can order my beer with pizza or gyros tho so that was enough for me.I only went to Hannovers ground once to watch Ireland v Germany……which was a bit iffy as the old IRA were active in Germany at the time and our car and bfg plates on :-)

  31. Chuck…

    You are a sad miserable f_ck that NOBODY likes, and to say that Mexico should have won… of course they should have, they are ranked about 70 places higher than South Africa… f_cking idiot! After a nervous and poor first half, South Africa were the better side in the second. A draw was a fair result.

    Quiet honestly I hope the Vuvuzelas completely stuff up the World Cup for you… Can’t see how they could make you a more miserable person than you already are.

    Thank goodness 99% of the Americans I’ve met over here arn’t anything like you. Its id!ots like you that give your country the “know it all, we own the world” loudmouth status they have with the rest of the globe.

    The comaraderie between the South Africans and the other fans including the States who all take to the Vuvuzelas themselves…

    I guess miserable people enjoy wallowing in misery and need to fuel themselves to be at ease in familiar surroundings.

    Funny how you so rigorously criticise a culture you accuse me of being racist towards. Calling them “dumb@ss people”… You are a hypocrite of the highest order, and quite frankly is just seems you live your life trying to find “fault” in the differences of others, instead of focusing on your own faults. Of which there are many…

    But I see you have agreed to stop complaining. I doubt you have that ability, but lets see…

  32. “TROJAN 69 says:
    June 12, 2010 at 10:27 am

    those infernal things the sooth africans are blowing should be called VULVAZELAS!!!!!!as they bring out the C**T in you after listening to them for five minutes.”

    The rest of the games won’t have anywhere near the amount of the opening game, unless South Africa play of course. It’ll be less noisy. But to be fair, it doesn’t take much to bring out the C%$T in some people.

  33. Off topic, anybody any good with picture editing? Need something making for the ‘blog that I still have no idea how to do :lol:

  34. JJ…….just enjoy it mate,its a once in a lifetime thing(if you’re lucky),enjoy the atmosphere,craic and games.You’re there experiencing it and I dare say most of us would swap places like a shot whether we like the horns or not :-)

  35. toonsy, how can I send you some jpeg photos mate, I tried to contact you all via e-mail on the headline banner of the blog, but as yet you’ve given me the old rubber ear treatment…

    richietoon,nice one mate, survival German pizzas and gyros will do for starters ! St Pauli are back in the 1st Bundesliga, it should be fun. The fans are all mental there in Hamburg…!

    The last world cup in Germany was mental, great fun and great weather..Australia played Brazil and the whole city was a sea of green and yellow, party big time. The World Cup is a great occasion to visit, but I must admit the prospect of travelling to SA for the games didn’t tickle me at all. The build up tended to get a bit bad press in the German media, what with poor ticket sales, violence, expensive ticket prices, sub-standard hotels being the order of the day. Now if that was all true only someone in on the ground would know that…. over to you jj…?

    Euro 2012 in Poland / Ukraine could be fun, if we get there and they finish the stadiums in time !

    jj@50 wehey !! anger management time ! Take it on the chin Chuck, just like your team later on today, 2-0 England…easy…

  36. JJ

    Dont think i`m the only one who thinks your plastic horns are torture, they are almost as awful as reading your whack rants.
    Please calm down.