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Profitable Group logo.
Profitable Group logo.
City of London sources pouring cold water on claims from a Singapore-based company, the Profitable Group, that it has held talks with Ashley about a £100m buy-out, a UK-based consortium and an American grouping remain the two parties most likely to buy Newcastle. (Michael Walker – The Independent) Link>>

John Gaunt, the Chief Exective Officer of Singapore’s “Profitable Group” has said on his companies reported wish to buy Newcastle United “We are aware of the reports but we have no comment to make at the moment” (Ossian Shine – Reuters UK). Link>>

Meanwhile, The Guardian’s Simon Williams reports that “Newcastle have reacted scornfully to claims from the Singapore-based Profitable Group they are involved in talks to buy the club.” He goes on to report that Alan Shearer “is still waiting to discover whether Ashley will confirm his appointment as permanent manager before he sells the club” Link>>

Newcastle United chairman and well loved Tyneside figure, Derek Llambias has also played down speculation that the Profitable group are in talks with the club reports The Journal’s Mark Douglas reports. It goes on to quote Llambias as saying “We know who this Profitable group are because we had some dealings with them last summer regarding some business in the Far East.”

In the same interview, Llambias goes on to say

“But we have had absolutely no contact with them since then. There hasn’t been a bid and there hasn’t been an enquiry.”

“They have claimed they have met Mike and myself to discuss things and they haven’t. It’s total rubbish.”

“There are three or four interested parties who we are talking to but these aren’t one of them.”

The article also speculates that Newcastle may lose their much praised defender, Sebastien Bassong. Link>>

Finally, that well known bastion of journalistic integrity, the Daily Hate Mail, are reporting that newly promoted side Wolves are prepared to make a move for Newcastle United holding midfielder, Nicky Butt. Link>>

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75 Responses

  1. I was considering getting a group together so we can stand outside Llambias’s house and chant “Please don’t go, please don’t go!”. Anybody interested?

  2. The butt to wolves news will please the wolves fans I know. I told them of this rumour a couple of weeks back and they were less than enthusiastic.

  3. Seriously though Butt would be ok if he would stop going forward. Sit in front of the back four Nicky, it’s what you’re good at.

  4. Also somebody please tell the posters at Ed’s blog that they are naive fools and deserve the trolling they get from benny.

  5. is he still at it? i thought spurs fans would be discussing their annual attempt at breaking into the top 4.

  6. 52 – I have stopped posting at all – Eds has turned into a witchhunt blog.

    I was writing articles on here – but then Hitman and Stuart79 came in with a load of insults, and we had set it up to give folk somewhere to go when Eds site closed – also it was meant to be decent banter – not a fire-fight site – anyway I thought its not worth it.

  7. i have stopped posting on ed’s blog too because i dont like it when i get redirected to other pages. whats the witchhunt thing about Stardust?

  8. I was permabanned a few weeks ago but benny gets away with it all the time. So I wash my hands of it, better to help build this blog up.

  9. well thats stupid. you have a spurs fan who just winds everyone up and you get banned for retaliating.

  10. I just think everyone on there is wound up to breaking point by Ed and his biased “Edlines”, I realise I countered several on there on countless occasions but in all honestly it was to add balance. Winding the fans up to a frenzy is easy, but if he were more open and balanced it would produce calmer fans and a better situation around the club.

    I used the witchhunt analogy as every article is aimed at slamming Ashley. i know he has made mistakes and continues to do so, but I like to put things into perspective about where people are, what affects their decisions and what should be taken into account before forming a view. An argument is never one sided and obvious unless all views are considered.

    I always say I support (even in difficult times – even when we are tested) as I see that as my only role to fulfil.

  11. I would hope that Spyro/Dragonera continues to post here, despite what I’ve said in the past I’ve always thought he was a good poster.

  12. He hasnt been on much yet – to be fair I feel a little guilty as I was gonna post articles everyday for worky and had bigger things lined up for the blog, but when a few came in and started firing off – it was like inviting folks into your own house and then them trashing you – I just thought – why bother, Im happy and dont need the grief!

  13. Stardust says:
    June 10, 2009 at 1:16 pm
    52 – I have stopped posting at all – Eds has turned into a witchhunt blog.

    I was writing articles on here – but then Hitman and Stuart79 came in with a load of insults, and we had set it up to give folk somewhere to go when Eds site closed – also it was meant to be decent banter – not a fire-fight site – anyway I thought its not worth it.

    When did I insult you stardust?

    I only recall you threatening to smash my face in!

  14. 52times says:
    June 10, 2009 at 1:41 pm

    “I would hope that Spyro/Dragonera continues to post here”

    Me too. You’re right 52, he is a good poster.

    Stardust, apologies for not getting back with the e.mail. It’s murder over here and I’m on a deadline for some work.

  15. “to be fair I feel a little guilty as I was gonna post articles everyday for worky”

    Divven’t worry Stardust. Just post when you want to.

    On the subject of Ed, I love the way he compares Newcastle dispargingly with his old company and his own business acumen. When people like him were running IBM, they imploded on even bigger scale than Newcastle United are at the moment!

  16. Stuart

    Eds blog is Eds blog, this was set up with very different intentions, there hasnt been a crossed word from anyone – even with our different views, and then you came in and Hitman.

    We had put the effort in for folks to offer a new different view, an open minded real honest debating site where all views are considered.

    Despite that effort – you throw out lines such as “Your articles are getting tiresome Stardust.

    It appears that your using this blog to push your pro Ashley/anti mob agenda.

    Word of warning- People will bore of it and blog that has had such a promising start will start to go down hill.”

    Amongst others, and Stuart – as I said I was doing it for the benefit of everyone, the thread of the day is just meant to start debate – not to provide an answer – its meant to start people thinking of an alternate view – I have even countered the points myself within the threads if you took the time to read them.

    This blog is not about me or anyone else, its a shame you hadnt grasped that. So I have stood aside as it does show great promise, I just hope folk like yourself dont ruin what could be great.

  17. Let’s not get too bitchy here, at the end of the day we’re all Newcastle fans. Although I disagree with the way he runs his blog, especially the total lack of proper moderation on the comments, he is the reason we’re even here at the moment.

  18. Stardust

    Well I’m sorry if my own opinion uspet you. I mean I hardly think that was abuse, considering what you had said to me previosuly. Or have we forgot that?

    I was being constructive but honest. As I think the blog has had a good start.

    You didn’t give me the impression you were a little precious.

    You have my sincere apologises, even though I’m still waitin for one off you for your personal threat of violence-lol

  19. To be fair 52 – I had even suggested that to Worky, and my view would be to moderate any comments, or edit them quick time, but that can only come when we have numbers. I suppose the tough one is when does moderation become censorship?

  20. 52 is right, without ed’s blog there would be no one on here. There is a place for both blogs in the world as they are entirely different. Would it be unfair to say nufcblog.COM for the news and nufcblog.ORG for the views? :-)
    Personally I don’t believe in moderating posts. If someone is posting something I don’t agree with, racism, kiddy fiddling, sunderland, then I’ll just let them show themselves up for the people they are.
    I don’t agree with a lot of posts 52 times wrote on ed’s about how Londoners deserved being bombed by the IRA, but I wouldn’t censor it, partly because I believed it was a wind up to get a bite.
    I also welcome fans of other clubs, especially ones who want some positive banter. People like bennytool are poor wind up merchants, but if he wanted a proper conversation about football I’d entertain him.

  21. To be fair Micky T I find Bennys posts quite amusing. And I came to the conclusion that moderation of comments would be for swearing only or abusiveness (and that would include inflammatory wumming of which I was guilty, with the higher intellect put down gag, on Eds Blog). But opinions – never.

  22. No need for vendettas chaps eh chaps? I value Stuart79’s opinion as much as anyone else’s for the record.

    Hard going getting on here as much as I’d like to contribute posts with my new job. Also difficult to get more articles on. However, I see little point regurgitating the same topic as Ed sometimes does. That said, Ed’s blog is great and I’d take nowt away from it and I’ll still post on there.
    Plenty of posters on there that I’d like to see on here occasionally without them neglecting Ed’s blog as a result. Including Dragonera. I’d like to monkeyspantry on here, as his posts the other night were well worth a read and he’s got an NUSC slant.

    I had more to say but then as usual MT went and said it for me…..

  23. Personally, I would only ever censor stuff like foul language, racism and those kinds of things. I think that people can call me whatever they like, so long as it isn’t too rude for any younger viewers of the site.

  24. It’s always tough when it comes to moderation, how about we just delete posts that are obviously made to annoy and/or offend people? It’s a good start and we can make other rules as they become necessary.

  25. I was looking for a suitbale hookline in encouraging posters from Ed’s blog to comre here if they were interested in anecdotal stuff.

    “nufcblog.COM for the news and nufcblog.ORG for the views? :)”

    Brilliant MT!

  26. Aye that’s right Stardust you just conveniently brush your aggresive, thuggish and completely out of order actions towards me on Ed’s blog under the carpet.

    Not too bothered but just want you to know I understand your game now…..

  27. bowburnmag says:

    “posters from Ed’s blog to comre here if they were interested in anecdotal stuff.”

    Micky/Bowburn, there’s going to be alot more than just “anecdotal stuff” though. There’s a whole heap of stuff that’s waiting in the wings.

  28. Oh and I can assure you, I have no sympathy or empathy for those prejudiced vermin who are supposedly our countrymen. That’s all I have to say on that, let’s not bring it up again.

  29. “There’s going to be alot more than just “anecdotal stuff” though, Bowburn. There’s a whole heap of stuff “waiting in the wings”.”

    Ooh, is it free bingo?

  30. Newcastle United’s attitude to their history is absolutely awful in comparison to other major clubs, and their “legends” page is a travesty. I was thinking of doing a very good section on the history of the club, great players etc that would become the best around over time.

    Does anyone have any views / sugestions on that?

  31. Stuart – on Eds blog I made one comment, one time, that I would take great delight in smashing your face in. I did it, I meant it when I typed it, as you of all posters I struggle with – I had been baited for a year so eventually I reacted.

    But I have not used this blog for any games, far from it,

  32. I think thats a different strokes for different folks thing Worky, I think it would have significant appeal to many, but we are trying to bring a diverse group in here so could work out well.

  33. I know you struggle with me stardust, that’s what makes it all the more fun!

  34. Stardust, lot of your fans on ed’s blog are claiming you’re posting as someone else. Why not pop over and say hello? But try not to antagonise anyone.

    Worky – I like the idea a nufc wiki. I’m sure there are some people on here who could contribute. You could work along the lines of having a wiki style facts, timeline, etc.. and have actual supporters comments on it as they experienced it. Granted you might struggle for the early years, but I’m sure some people on ed’s blog have been fans since the 50’s. You could ask nicely if they’d want to contribute.

  35. No Micky – I have read it but stopped posting. Having said that Rangerman has some good views.

  36. Micky – in case you didnt work it out – that was for those on Eds blog that think I would need to post under a new name lol.

    I have seen them trying to find me – posting – Rangermans been mentioned loads – when all it is, is that I have just got tired of the structure of the debate.

  37. The vast majority of Ed’s blog are anti Ashley and they’ve all be proved right.

    That’s why Stardust just doesn’t like going on anymore….

    Chickens, home and roost!

  38. Again Stuart

    You miss the point, have I defended this transition, no because it is very poorly timed and being handled in the same way. A buyer should have been discretely found and the club sold, with a statement released by Ashley once due diligence had started.

    I have always countered an alternative view as there was little evidence to support to the contrary that was worthy of the hysteria, behind his decisions. I defended the rationale behind his decision making. Other folks blur the lines between shareholders and chairmans responsibility. I am objective in my views – however I do put on a subjective spin to counter on Eds blog, thats all.

  39. Ever seen a mackem in Milan says:
    June 10, 2009 at 3:25 pm

    “they are coming”

    Who’s coming ESAMIM? The Barbarian hordes from the north? The aliens? The Russians?

  40. bowburnmag says:
    June 10, 2009 at 3:36 pm (Edit)
    Post 43 = I love Big Mike


  41. alright all – thought I might find a better class of comment onhere than at Eds but seems it’s all about trashing each other and slating Eds blog over and over


  42. Nah stevep, s’all good over here generally. Just a mild distraction from the depressing topical stuff.

    Ed’s blog still rules the i-waves. We’re just a side-dish at the minute to flavour the meal.

    Could do with your views when you have time.

  43. stevep – with your criticism of this blog, you’re out of ORGer by the way.

    Aye ok, I’ll shut up.

  44. the general feeling on here is that Ed’s blog is the best one. this was only created because ed was going to hang up his boots but he decided to sign a new deal. ;) if you do not like it here do not come on. simples.

  45. and who was coming it was the schoolchildren coming past my house making a racket.

  46. workeyticket says:
    June 10, 2009 at 2:30 pm
    Personally, I would only ever censor stuff like foul language, racism and those kinds of things. I think that people can call me whatever they like, so long as it isn’t too rude for any younger viewers of the site.
    <<<<<< worky your a dirty mackem lol

  47. Ever seen a mackem in Milan says:
    June 10, 2009 at 4:56 pm

    “the general feeling on here is that Ed’s blog is the best one.”

    Where did you get that from, ESAMIM?

  48. For me, it’s up there in terms of some of the contributors workey. Ed’s articles on the whole are good for debate if occasionally repetitive and I think he seems like a top bloke and a proper fan shooting from the hip (heart?). Of course, I fully expect our’s to be as good, what with thia bowburnmag kidda and his most excellent articles. Where did you unearth him, he’s a literary genius….

  49. Batty – I have plenty of bottle fella- but this blog could well in time deteriorate to Ed’s, it was formed for debate, not mudslinging, so when Stuart and Hitman came in with that mentality, I thought why bother putting the effort in if, they will come in and lower the tone – and in time it will become just another Edblog (I actually think their mentality will stop diverse posters) – Its fine in its place – Eds blog – but I didnt want it here – just against my ideology fella.

    For example this thread would be perfectly at home on Eds, and thats what I wanted to avoid at all costs.

  50. Ever seen a mackem in Milan says:
    June 10, 2009 at 5:19 pm

    “if im not welcome for saying it ill get me coat…”

    I was just asking ESAMIM. I get lots of e.mails moaning about Ed’s ‘blog.

  51. i thought it was best in terms of number of articles and the good discussions due to the higher amount of people who visit the site. this blog could become better in time but at this moment i think ed’s blog is better. i understand that you have just set it up and you do not have the time to put up loads of articles. sorry for any offence/shock/dismay/anger caused lads. and lasses.

  52. Personally, I’m not offended at all ESAMIM. I actually want to hear stuff like that. I know that this ‘blog will be a hundred times better than Ed’s in time.

  53. i would not know about people complaining about ed’s blog because they dont say on here or send me emails.

  54. This isn’t really like Ed’s blog tbh.

    Ed updates his all the time with news(and sometimes it’s pointless) and this is more for debate and the articles on here are engineered for that.

    I like this site from the debate angle, sometimes on Ed’s you can’t really debate on a topic about NUFC’s under 11’s!

    I like using both as I said.

    I love annoying Stardust more though….

  55. Plenty of room to dumb down every now and again though, surely folks? Doesn’t always have to be highbrow.
    Some of our articles have been top draw in my opinion but I’d also like to think we can have a bit of a laugh.

    T’interweb and blogging is a fantastic medium for debate but in which it is all too easy to let rip and offend instead of reigning it in slightly.
    I personally think some people just need to walk away from their keyboards now and again.

  56. workeyticket says:
    June 10, 2009 at 5:29 pm
    Personally, I’m not offended at all ESAMIM. I actually want to hear stuff like that. I know that this ‘blog will be a hundred times better than Ed’s in time.

    Fighting talk Worky.

    Is that the competitor in you?

  57. Anyway, funny story to lighten the mood – my mate was telling me about what he regards in his experience as “the worst best man speech ever”. Apparently it was so bad, the groom had to intervene and ask him quite loudly to stop saying the word c*ck. He had 6 different tales (pardon the pun) and only the last one, i.e. the ‘he’s a great bloke etc’ bit didn’t mention it.

    Well I thought it was funny. I’m allowed to say words like that before 6pm? What’s our watershed?

  58. Stuart79 says:
    June 10, 2009 at 6:07 pm

    “They have confirmed their interest!”

    I was just posting it Stuart. It all sounds a little fishy to me.

  59. Well, these guys are respectable I suppose.

    I don’t think they will buy us but I presume they have at least contacted Harris.

    Could be a publicity stunt.

    SSN are saying that the front runners are a group from the mddle east who haven’t been mentioned in the press and don’t want to be yet!

    Tha seems a more logical approach