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It was disappointing yet sadly predictable to see some fans at St James’ Park booing Yohan Cabaye on his to action on Saturday, even though they still didn’t know the exact reasons for his absence from Newcastle United’s first two Premier League games. But now I’ve got that off my chest, it’s time to tell you that my latest blog on is now up!

Entitled “The Yohan Cabaye affair: What the fans think” most of it was actually written by you lot out there! As some of you know already, I posted this blog last Friday asking readers of the site to give your thoughts on the Cabaye transfer imbroglio, and as usual, you gave some excellent responses! They ranged right through the spectrum, from those who believe he actually went on strike, should be banished to the reserves and made to publically apologise to fans, right through to those who thought the strike story was yet another trick to put the blame on the player instead of the club like as they did with the Andy Carroll transfer and several others.

Many thanks are due to all of you who submitted your thoughts!

My latest blog on The Yohan Cabaye affair: What the fans think.


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91 Responses

  1. We really missed a trick with this player after we finished 5th with the squad we had with minor adjustments we could have moved up a level we signed anita and everyone went on holidays with pats on the back and never came back started and finished the season awful and only he had an 8year deal ap should ave walked only one can quess the crap that was allowed to go on behind the scenes if you run a culb like that what do you expect?

  2. I’m not sure what you are saying here! Who had the eight year deal, who shouldda walked, the only thing I can agree with is if you run a club like this then whadda you expect.

  3. So otzil to Arsenal in a deal worth 42 mil,but they wouldnt pay over 10 for cabaye,apparently…fishy..

  4. Chuckles, did you watch Steve Clarke getting hammered by the Prince of Denmark earlier? Now Newcastle have scored, besides being bottom, West Brom are the only team who haven’t scored one goal in the Premier League yet. I think he might be a one season wonder like Pardew personally, what do you think? :-)

  5. Prehaps ash the fat would have accepted arsenals offer if they had made it 10million + £1 for cabye. As for joke kinnear the less said the better?

  6. Let him go, No point having someone there if they don’t want to be there. Also with half the team being french he could have a real negative impact on the dressing room as if kinnear wasn’t enough.

  7. Dreading going anywhere near Sky Sports News, Because if you are a Newcastle fan, There just isn’t any point!
    All i can see happening is, Cabaye will go nowhere, Because no one will pay over the odds for him.
    We will get no one over the mythical line either, I just cannot see Joe having the experience, To pull it off.
    The window will pass us by as usual, And we will get some crap about the squad being strong enough, And how the market is too unstable, ATM.
    Pardew will then disappear on a scouting mission, Until fan unrest dies down, Then it’s back to his excuses.

    I hope i’m wrong and we get the reinforcements we need, But i just cannot see it myself, Because they haven’t be able to sign anyone in months.
    What’s another day going to do?, According to Pardew Mike has a plan for the last days of the window, What is the plan, Do nothing?

  8. I wouldn’t be too upset if Cabaye went Goodbye. We’re definitely in the position of being a selling club, and while I know that worky thinks we have a fairly strong team, I just don’t see it. Take Anita (please, take him) – not physically imposing, shies away from the ball. Taylor – no cutting in to close players down. Debuchy – need I say more. Cisse – the only time he can find the goal is when he’s offside.

    Granted, Pards plays a large part in the team underperforming, but he’s not the only one to shoulder the blame here. So – another transfer deadline, and another day of crashing disappointment for the Toon fans. And Ashley’s deluding himself if he thinks that JFK “the Manager’s manager” can help the situation in any way.

  9. And from Auntie:

    “Newcastle will not be signing Bafetimbi Gomis from Lyon today. They have tried twice to sign the striker this summer, but without luck.

    “Having also attempted to sign Darren Bent, who chose Fulham, it has been a frustrating transfer window for all those at St James’ Park. There have been no further bids for Yohan Cabaye but that may change if Arsenal miss out on Mesut Ozil.”‘

  10. Worky
    What do I think about Clarke as a manager, I would certainly like to have him instead of Pardew and with a side like West Brom, he would do good to finish mid table as unlike the Prince of Denmark who you obviously rate highly, he didn’t inherit a good side coached by another good young British manager Rodgers.
    And to crow over a record of one win and two losses mystifies me.

  11. Phew!, I thought for a minute, You were talking about Lee Clark.
    Lee has his teams playing long ball football, But i wouldn’t put it past Ashley, To bring him here, At some stage.
    I think that would complete the nightmare, And we would in some way, Be back to a Mckeag setting, With Beardsley and all the other losers back together!

  12. Well here we are on deadline day, with nary a signing in sight, is this going to be a repeat of last summer ?
    And where the fcuk is Joe, did he take a wrong turn in France, or has he been instructed to keep a low profile ?
    Will we bring in a panic signing ? If he turns out like Santon, I won’t complain.
    You know for around £4m. We couldda had Douglas, what the fcuk was Joe thinking.
    Asserting his authority no doubt, jerk!
    I watched the tape of the Fulham game and yeah we looked decent, however face it Fulham were awfull and had it not been for HBA’s great goal, we couldda been looking at a draw.
    Which in turn the knives wouldda been out for Pardew.
    HBA sez, we could end up in fifth place, I admire his positive attitude, but no way that’s gonna happen, unless we can start scoring goals, could Remy be the Answer ?
    Question, if we do make a belated signing to-day, who’s it gonna be ?

  13. Pete_toon, I don’t think our squad is that bad either, But it’s the downright lies, I cannot abide.
    I’m sure the fans would be more understanding, If the regime would just tell the truth.
    Why don’t they just come out and say something along the lines of, “The board feel at this time, They are not in a position to go into the transfer market, As money was spent in January, And we feel our squad is good enough to handle the campaign.
    We may look to recruit another striker, If it is right for the club, And financially viable”

    If they just did something like that, Then everyone knows where they stand.
    Instead they wheel Pardew out, To tell a load of lies, And half truths, For them.

  14. Chuck, Pardew would have had one foot out of the door, If they had drew that game, Hatem Ben Arfa saved his backside.
    He has bought himself a little bit of time, But we’ll see how he fairs, With the upcoming away games.

    Hull were a bit of a “Bogey Team” for us, The last time they were in the Prem.
    If he drops the ball against them, And defeats against Villa and Everton, He’s back on the edge.

  15. Joe
    Nah like yourself I don’t really rate that Clark, though he had some success a coupla years ago, was it with Uddersfield ?
    But if Ashley decides to give Pardew his marching papers, I wouldn’t be surprised if he did in fact hire him, he would no doubt come cheap, that is.

  16. Like I said we looked decent against a dreadfully Fulham, but I don’t see that as a measure of how good we are.
    But the football looked ok, at least there was little hoofball involved and we managed to string more than two or three passes together.
    On the other hand Pardew apparently told HBA to stay out on the wing, is this man crazy or what .HBA should be behind the striker creating havoc in a free ranging role, a winger he ain’t and is wasted there.
    Might be an improvement if we signed young Ince, understand we may be bidding on him, but appears Spurs have placed an £8m. bid for him, plus L’pool also want him back.
    It appears our problem is one of linking the midfield with the forwards where perhaps Anita may be the answer, he delivering some decent balls lately.
    I believe if we let Cabaye go, he with some game time can come into his own and perhaps surprise a few people.

  17. As for any hope of an honest appraisal of what the clubs intentions are in the transfer market.
    That just ain’t gonna happen, as it’s become a game of ambiguity and disinformation, in order to compete.
    Where unsettling players has become commonplace, Cabaye by PSG and Arsenal, Suarez and Bale by R.M. & Arsenal, Chelsea for Rooney, etc.
    However it works both ways, with Pardew continually spouting he hopes no one will come in for Cabaye, which actually means the opposite, he in fact touting the guy, but only for £20m.
    Of course following the Carroll deal, I believe Ashley thought he was some kindda wheeler dealer and obviously thinks he can make money in the market, both in buying and selling, by using immediate cash, no waiting for two or three years for your dough.
    I suppose it works in a sense, but apparently his hardass dealings haven’t always worked, especially in the Gomis business.
    Plus I’m sure we have been involved in a few more deals that turned brown, which we may hear about at a later date.

  18. Chuck, They said they had been offered Jordan Rose, But turned it down.
    The same kid is knocking goals in for fun at Blackburn, Okay the Prem is a level above, But he’s British, And the sort of kid who could possibly make the jump.
    I thought these were the sort of signings “The Business Plan”, Was suppose to unearth?
    I watched Rose the other night, And he certainly knows where the goal is!

  19. joe hawkins says:
    September 2, 2013 at 12:12 pm

    “Worky, Me?
    If that is the one with certain double acts, Then i’m not surprised.”

    Joe, I think it was the whole thing. If it had just been yours, they probably would have just told me to edit it out, or a sub-editor would have just chopped it out anyway.

  20. Worky, They are a bunch of Kowtowing Cowards, Who will not print any truth about Corporate scum!

  21. I see Mezut Ozil is having a medical at Arsenal, Pardew will be devastated, That his shameful touting, Has not come off!
    The only other suitors i can see are Paris St Germain, But apparently they have pulled the shutters down.
    Unless Man Utd come in with a late bid, If the cannot secure the services of Marouane Fellaini.

  22. joe hawkins says:
    September 2, 2013 at 12:51 pm

    “Worky, They are a bunch of Kowtowing Cowards, Who will not print any truth about Corporate scum!”

    Joe, the Metro is part of the same newspaper group as the Daily Mail. Other than that, I couldn’t possibly comment. :-)

    They have just published this one on the talking points from the game on Saturday though:

    “Newcastle United vs Fulham fan’s view: Hatem Ben Arfa at his devastating best”

  23. joe hawkins says:
    September 2, 2013 at 1:03 pm

    “I see Mezut Ozil is having a medical at Arsenal, Pardew will be devastated, That his shameful touting, Has not come off!”

    Ozil vs Cabaye, now that’s a difficult choice! :-)

    Ozil really is a “world class” player who’s worth WELL over £20 million. Despite everything he’s done so far, he’s younger than Cabaye too.

  24. Joe, I think you mean Jordan Rhodes and yes he could probably make the transition upwards. Another whom we nearly signed a couple of years back and is looking much better now is Beckford. Brighton have (or had) a young midfielder who looked like a real prospect can’t remember his name though. There are many good young players who could come through ala-Keegan pretty quickly. Lets not forget however the likes of Bigiramana and Anita who are poised and ready now to step up and are with us.

    And yes what is the purpose of Kinnear, he’s beginning to look like a spare pr!ck at a wedding, where are these players he has supposedly been scouting/wheeling and dealing for.

    I would bet that we do get one or two through the door before 11pm tonight and have a feeling no one else will be leaving. Ha! probably read soon that Cabaye is leaving as I write this. :)

  25. Grumpy Old-Toon says:
    September 2, 2013 at 1:25 pm

    “Brighton have (or had) a young midfielder who looked like a real prospect can’t remember his name though.”

    Grumpy, I don’t know his name either, but I wouldn’t mind their new manager, Oscar Garcia.

  26. hey, what a numpty, Where am i getting Rose from, Must be getting him mixed up with the lads second name, Who was at Sunderland.
    That’s who i mean JORDAN RHODES FFS!

  27. It looks like JFK must be doing the business for the Mackems instead. At least one signing today, and talks of another one in the offing.

  28. All of those new Sunderland signings do not appear to be doing them any good. DiCanio is looking like an imploding bomb. If that’s Joe’s doing then then he is doing a good job!! :)

  29. Joe, sorry if I’m sounding pedantic, it was Danny Rose with Sunderland. He is now back at Arsenal and looking pretty good. I’d take him as an exchange for Cabaye!

  30. Worky, it’s Liam Bridcutt, it was niggling me that I couldn’t remember his name so I did a googly.

    He looked very good in the play off games even though they didn’t manage to step up to the EPL.

    Anyway another one to take note of imo.

  31. Worky, Et voila!, So predictable, You could see this coming a mile away.
    Why doesn’t that little buck toothed snake, “David Craig”, Ask Alan Pardew about the so called one or two players he wanted?
    Why is it all of a sudden, “Well Newcastle have done their business in January”, The narrative suddenly changes?
    So do the fans accept this utter failure, And is it just going to be swept under the carpet?

    Why isn’t that lying b*****d Pardew, Never brought to book, For the lies he is telling?
    How can he explain this away, After repeatedly stating for 3 months, His desire to bring in reinforcements, And then being let down again, And made to look stupid?

    This man has had no credibility since Andy Carroll was sold under his nose.
    The Chronicle shouldn’t even be interviewing him, Because all he does is lie!
    An absolute whimp of a so called manager, He should do everyone a favour, And just resign!

  32. Grumpyoldtoon, Liam bridcutt is another player who impressed me, In the F.A cup game, Last season.
    I think he was mentioned for Palace, It’s got to be said, The whole set up at Newcastle, Is a complete joke!
    They have not got a clue, When it comes to players.
    Jordan Rhodes with Wigan looking to sign him for 6 million, Would he not have been worth a go, Instead of messing about with Gomis?

  33. worky – before I read that article, I’ll suggest that the article just says that we’ll do no business.

  34. There is an article on “sh*tdirect” website about a late Manchester United bid for Cabaye.

  35. joe hawkins says:
    September 2, 2013 at 6:28 pm

    “There is an article on “sh*tdirect” website about a late Manchester United bid for Cabaye.”

    Craig David’s just been trying to push him out there on your favourite, “Sky Sports Special” outside SJP. He must be on a bacon sandwich bonus if Ashley manages to flog him for his £20 million+.

  36. Just read the article worky – I’d have to agree that Benny’s a must keep, but I’ll also add Krul to that list (not that I’ve heard that anyone’s put a bid in for either, they are my two top rated players).

  37. what did we do to deserve muppets like these running such a great club!
    still yet to watch a minute of football and am adamant that I won’t until pardew has gone.
    was actually expecting one in today, what a tit I feel!
    suppose its good news at least no more good players will get ruined by these nob heads

  38. pete_toon says:
    September 2, 2013 at 6:34 pm

    “Just read the article worky – I’d have to agree that Benny’s a must keep, but I’ll also add Krul to that list”

    Aye Pete, there could have been others too, Coloccini, Cabaye or whatever… But I was only supposed to choose one so I looked at it from angle of who would be the hardest to replace? I would say Benny.

    For instanace on Krul, Swansea have a Dutch goalkeeper who’s as good as him and Fulham have just signed the other top Dutch goalkeeper too. Also, look at Frankenstein’s monster at Celtic and we let him go for just two million.

  39. Worky, aye and he has been selected for the current England squad, I was one among many who wondered why we were selling him, for next to nowt at that.

    I did read the article, I just hope we can get a full season from Benny this year, could just do a Messi for us, providing he isn’t restricted to the wing. He is a player who should be allowed a free role. Not one from Greggs, however. :)

  40. He’s definitely a big hitter, what with having all the managers in the world on speed dial. I just wish someone hadn’t nicked his phone.

  41. @Grumpy,Hilarious,Seems Wenger just needs to bid for cisse and arsenal would have been linked to every player we have,I dont think we can keep any first team player we have next season,maybe even next transfer window,if we dont qualify for Europe.

  42. What was that you said Joke? ” Judge me on the signings I make” OK Joke, will do, your a waste of oxygen you C**T!!!!!!

  43. if this all backfires on us like last this i wont be blameing pards will be blameing the fat twont himself

  44. so looks like we gambleing on the kids again, lets hope they can step up to the plate this time

    September 2, 2013 at 9:14 pm

    “if this all backfires on us like last this i wont be blameing pards will be blameing the fat twont himself”

    Toon, even if we don’t make any more signings before 11, we still have a very good squad which is definitely one of the strongest outside the top six. If Pardew comes 16th with them again, he has no-one to blame but himself, though of course, he WILL blame everyone but himself.

  46. @ workyticket
    we got a decent first team, couple of injures and we counting on the kids again is my view and pards has been asking for players all summer so whos fault is it we aint signed any1 its the tight dude with the wallets fault is also my opion

  47. when they brought in JFK i knew at the time, he was brought in to save the fat twonk some dosh, he was brought in to scupper any deals we had in place is my opion

  48. Wonder what excuse JFK will come out with to explain away his sh!te performance. I’m sure I said we wouldn’t be signing anyone full time for the first team this window.

  49. @ workyticket
    do you not think hes bet our whole season on remy geting off at court cause i do

  50. We did our business in January, To a large extent.
    Everyone knows how Ashley works, It takes him two windows to get his players.
    Wouldn’t surprise me if Gomis arrives in the January sales, Along with a couple of others.
    Maybe this is also an indication that Pardew is really in trouble, And only has a short time, To improve things.
    He isn’t being backed, That is for sure, So he could well be on borrowed time.

    I’ve always thought that was the trade off, He keeps his job, But has to soldier on, With the reinforcements he asked for in January, Which were provided.
    I agree with Ashley to an extent, He gave him the players, And they still nearly went down.
    I think Ashley has said, You got us into this, So you get us out of it, And if you want to buy, You will have to sell to fund it.

    We have a squad which even without new signings, Should still be nowhere near the foot of the table.
    So if we cannot get them playing, Then someone is at fault.
    Pardew has got no more excuses, He’s not in Europe, And his crap will not wash from here on in.
    There was a very slight improvement on Saturday, Albeit against a poor fulham side, So we’ll see what he does now.

  51. @ joe hawkins
    with 14 mil left over from last seasons tv money and 70 mil for this season not to mention the sponser money why do we need to sell before we buy ?

  52. Probably not, But i get the impression Ashley isn’t happy, With what happened last season.
    I think Ashley feels he gave Pardew adequate tools to do the job, And now he wants to see results.
    I don’t think he will be given much help, And he has to prove himself, If not, He’s out the door!

  53. granted he brought in 5 in jan but this summer 3 have left and 1 has been brought in that makes us short of 2 players in my view

  54. PEOPLE’S!!!We can write the upcoming drivel,we kept cabaye and thats better than any signing/The Ameobi brothers have shown us we dont need strikers/I didn’t say we needed more players/We all agree that the squad is strong enough…pick any,probably hear them all…

  55. I’m not defending Ashley, I just know what he’s like.
    He’s not going to take the blame for anything on the football side of things.
    Sampdiago, You have probably hit the nail on the head!
    As soon as the Amoebi’s scored those goals against Morcambe, We were not going to get anyone through the door.
    I’m just looking at things through the f**ked up mind of Ashley.
    He knows nothing about Football, But he probably honestly thinks, That they can keep him afloat.
    In his mind he has done what he had to do in January, And now it is off his toes, And onto Pardew’s.

    Toonarmyelite, We don’t know who’s idea it was to offload Perch and the others.
    Ashley, Pardew, Kinnear, They are all as bad as each other, And each one of them is deluded, As the next one!

  56. glad to see kinnear earning his paycheck! ol arry redknapp made 2 loans in 12 minutes more than kinnear managed since he popped back up

  57. What i want to know is, Why the visit to the yacht off San Tropez?
    What was this plan they had for the remaining of the window?, Because it seems they have done absolutely nothing!
    They should now come out and tell the fans the truth, And not this constant crap, That is being spouted.
    Because they cannot keep asking the fans to give their money for season tickets, And give them nothing, In return.

    I know for a fine fact there will be a wall of silence, Until Pardew has rehearsed what he is told to say!

  58. joe hawkins says:
    September 2, 2013 at 11:11 pm

    “They should now come out and tell the fans the truth, And not this constant crap, That is being spouted.”

    You can’t handle the truth, Joe, it will blow your mind!!!!

  59. So were the only club NOT to spend any money in this transfer window. The bigest waste of money this window was joke kinnear. The sooner ash the fat and his useless bunch of morons leave the better

  60. dokky says:
    September 2, 2013 at 11:13 pm

    “@81 i would bet my house he will give it the “our main objective was to keep our top players”

    Dokky, how about the Silver twat saying “keeping Cabaye is like getting a new signing over the line?”

  61. bob the vid says:
    September 2, 2013 at 11:14 pm

    “So were the only club NOT to spend any money in this transfer window.”

    Well we did spend £2 million bob.

  62. “Dokky, how about the Silver twat saying “keeping Cabaye is like getting a new signing over the line?”

    he may well add that into the mix, another classic is “we have a strong squad, and without the hassle of europe we are in a much better place” or around them lines

  63. While the majority of sides are spending big bucks, on this a boom year for those sides who are members of the most lucrative of football leagues, The EPL.
    What happened to ourselves ?
    Well first thing Joe did, was to cancel the irrival of Douglas, a decent Brazilian born central defender, who would have been a buy that would have suited Ashley’s pocket and strengthened the back four.
    Why ? Possibly to exercise his authority but he had to have had Ashley’s ok, I mean I don’t know what the hell they are doing if they don’t even know themselves.
    Then we were played by Lyon, the club used us , by keeping us in so called serious negotiations, in order to keep other cubs away from Gomis, who they actually wanted to keep.
    It kept us from doing any serious business, or perhaps we were not interested in Gomis and it was the opposite, made us look like we actually wanted to sign someone, who the hell knows ?
    Anyhow the end result is the same as last season, the difference being we are not involved in any European tournaments and can concentrate on avoiding relegation, without spending any of this years big bucks from tv earnings, straight into Ashley’s sky rocket.
    As for Cabaye, who though he was gonna be here for a year or two, then move on to a bigger club,with more money and possibly in London, welcome to the real world.
    Well at least he learned something hard as it may have been.
    And if by Christmas we are holding a steady mid table spot, there will be no changes, but should we end up in the bottom five, money will be spent and Pardew will be heading dahn sarf, hopefully never to return.
    Look we have the basis of a decent side as things stand, but ……… all know what the problem is.
    In to-days game a good manager is all important, as is a good money man/GM and a good set of scouts, look at Spurs with Levy (great negotiator) a good young manager and Baldini, with the club connections, compared to fguging Joe, our muppet manager, who wanted Bent and Ashley who knows nothing about football, it’s a joke FFS.
    Six years of going nowhere fast.


  64. @ workyticket @86
    nice try with the 2 million workey but 2 mil just dont cut it in my eyes bud lmao