Statement from the Profitable Group. Who is telling the truth?

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The Profitable Group's Kenny Dalglish
The Profitable Group's Kenny Dalglish
Newcastle United.

“The Profitable Group can confirm that it has expressed an initial interest in acquiring Newcastle United. A preliminary discussion with the representatives appointed to handle the sale of the club has been held but contrary to some reports no direct talks have been held with either the Owner, Mike Ashley, or the Chairman, Derek Llambias.

The Group consider the leaking of The Group’s interest in this matter unfortunate, and as supporters of Newcastle United seek only to serve in the best interests of the club, the fans and the local community.

The Group will not be making any further comment at the present time.”

Is it just me, or is there something a little odd about this and the mysterious “unnamed spokesman”? It is strangely reminiscent of the Nigerian bid for the club, fronted by agent, Chris Nathaniel several months ago. One thing’s for sure, either the Evening Chronicle have been spinning us a line, or the Profitable group are. The Chronic’s Lee Ryder reported the anonymous spokesman as saying

“Yes we are interested in buying Newcastle United – and we’re putting together a plan,”

“We have spoken with Mike Ashley and Derek Llambias and we are hoping that we can reveal a lot more in the next few days.”

“We have people within the company who have strong Geordie roots that stretch more than 40 years. And there are people here who have a love for the club – we think that is vital for Newcastle at the moment.”

“The plan we have in mind is to get the club on a sound financial footing first and foremost. Then we aim to turn the club into a trust. It will be very similar to the Barcelona model where fans have a major say on what happens at the club.”

“Without any question we see Alan Shearer as the man to manage the team. Yes, we have Steve McMahon on board but he is not looking into management. He is though a football man and understands the game inside out.”

“There is also scope to look at increasing the capacity [of St James’ Park] to 60,000 which is being explored.”

If Lee Ryder (the writer of the original piece) and the Chronicle have deceived us about the “unnamed spokesman” I have quoted above, that would be despicable for a Newcastle paper. The Profitable Group have distanced themselves from it, and, as the statement says, think it is “unfortunate” that news of their interest in the club has been leaked. So who is telling the truth? The Chronicle or the Profitable Group? If the the Chronicle are right, then this surely doesn’t show the profitable group in a good light.

This farce will no doubt continue for a few days yet.

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23 Responses

  1. Someone is really taking the mickey here with this “unnamed spokesman” talking about the club being run by the fans along the lines of Barcelona. It is obviously nonsensical drivel that could never happen under these circumstances.

    Either the Evening Chronicle is lying, or the Profitable group are.

  2. I’m not convinced these guys are that serious. This would be great advertising for them.

    Serious people only do their business in private and don’t broadcast it.

    I suspect that the two groups who are talking to the club are where the new owners will come from. I think they’ve signed a confidentiality contract.

    They can also access the clubs accounts on line via Seymour Pierce. Don’t get too excited guys you need a username and password!

  3. Stuart79 says:
    June 10, 2009 at 7:39 pm

    “Serious people only do their business in private and don’t broadcast it.”

    Correct, Stuart.

  4. Aye, stueyboy is dead-on like. And the last few years at the town are testament to it being a case of expect the unexpected at NUFC.

  5. Thanks for the update. I’m going to be kicked off one of the few computers with internet connection that is supposed to be used to access serious medical research – there’s quite a queue forming but let them wait, I bet they’re all going to do the same as me anyway

  6. Hi Worky

    Yes I did thanks, I will respond but hope you’re feeling better. My blo*dy laptop can’t get a connection anywhere in this godforsaken place so I’ve just been trying to quickly get updated in the past 20 minutes while I could get access to one of the conference computers.
    I think as you all do that it’s a complete load of cobblers. Convinced it’s just a wind up and them trying to use it to get some publicity. Let’s face it, we’re a hot topic so what better way to get some free publicity than throwing your name into the hat for the media to regurgitate? Best go, I’m starting to get serious grief now. Will be in touch

  7. Yes evening networking reception at this conference – most people just stuffing their faces. Should be finishing soon thank god

  8. You will have to let me know about that little gem…

    Right, really got to go now

  9. Yup! I bet they are doing for free media publicity.. I have friends in Singapore who are their investors.. this company has been delaying their investment payouts for months.
    Not an honest company.