Newcastle need to show some Krul intentions.

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Tim Krul - The future Shay Given?
Tim Krul - The future Shay Given?
It was revealed yesterday that Steven Taylor is set to be offered a new contract at Newcastle sometime in the near future, which is good, great in fact.

However, Taylor isn’t the only player who we risk losing at the end of the upcoming season as Dutch ‘keeper Tim Krul also enters the final twelve months of his contract.

Krul has been tipped to reach the top for some time now, and the Dutchman is still only 22 years old. As a goalkeeper, his potential is undoubted and you would have to say that he would be knocking on the door of the first team a lot harder at some other clubs than he is a Newcastle. The problem is that Krul has been a victim of playing in one of our most well stocked positions. We had Shay Given for years, then he left and Steve Harper came into the frame, which leaves Krul next in line for the number one, but will he be around for long enough to claim it for himself?

Logic dicatates that now Taylor is being offered a new deal then surely plans will be made to offer Krul a new deal at the same time. But this is Newcastle, and logical thought usually gets cast aside when our beloved club is involved.

I think it’s widely agreed that Krul is a player we should be keeping hold of, and his performances between the sticks have been excellent whenever he has been called upon. Who can forget that night in Palermo where he almost single-handedly ensured we won the game? Or how about the first game of last season when he kept shot after shot out of the net against West Brom?

Fraser Forster looks to be heading back out on loan to Norwich City so the signs have to be positive that Krul will feature at some point in the forthcoming season, whether that be in the league, the cup games, or both, who knows? So I would say that it is pretty much certain that Krul will be offered a new contract.

There really wouldn’t be that much point in selling him at the minute. I mean, we aren’t going to get a truck load of cash for a player who has hardly played first-team football and has only twelve months remaining on his contract are we? And it would be foolish just to let him walk away after we, as a club, have put so much time and effort into his development.

Our current number one, Steve Harper, isn’t getting any younger, and whilst I think Harps will be fine in the Premier League, Krul must surely know that his chance isn’t too far away in the grand scheme of things. Yes he is 22-years of age, but how many 22-year-olds are first choice goalkeepers for their clubs? Not many I bet.

I can only hope that motions are being made to offer Krul a new contract, although it is unlikely we will hear anything about it until a deal is signed and sealed. But if we did manage to tie him down for the next few years then it would be another positive move on the part of the club.

We can only hope though eh?

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73 Responses

  1. Future Given? In ability yes but in attitude and professionalism i hope he can emulate Steve Harper, we are going to need three keepers this season so i hope Forsters loan deal includes an immediate recall to us if needed.
    If they are not going to spend cash on signings then it is imperative that they tie the best youngsters down, they are making a start with Taylor and Krul falls into the same bracket.

  2. do hope we keep him.harper really isn’t getting any younger.besides,who knows,we could have stumbled upon a van der sar type keeper.he has that same calmness about him when he keeps.

  3. Got a bum deal last season. Harper was automatic choice. A rotation policy would have been better.
    I mean Batty could have played in goal against some of the opposition

  4. At some point we’re going to have to accept that it’s highly unlikely that Krul & Foster are going to show Harper’s commitment (some may say lack of ambition) to warm the bench for the next decade. Both talented young keepers need to be tested at the highest level in order to make a decision about our goalkeeping future. And sooner rather than later if we’re going to have issues surrounding contracts.

  5. any player witgh two years left and less should be tied up if we want to keep them, simple as. our club is fcuking retarded in this aspect. Its one thing saying we have no money to buy players -which they have said, but what is their excuse for not keeping the ones we have??

  6. Craig – Hughton has said he expects to sign new players this summer. He also has said the most important thing is keeping hold of the best players we already have.

    Chill Winston 8-)

  7. Personally I think one of the young keepers could be sold. Harper could keep going for another few years and I don’t see them both sticking around as number two – Especially when their two excellant keepers.

  8. With Forster going on loan next season, It will give Krul the chance to shine, I reckon that he will be drip fed a few games with that increasing as the season gets on. Everytime I see him he look exciting and solid, although Harper had an overall good season last season there were a few questionable moments. We need to get him tied down on a new contract!

  9. after everton signing 2 new strikers,there now in talks with petrov,another free-be we missed,would have been canny signing for toon imo,ah well another one bites the dust will be more i guess

  10. It’s a bit quiet on here today – apart from the nine who’ve posted, is there anybody else awake out there

  11. Were waiting for everyone to finish their transfer business before we enter the market – That way we will only have to pay about £5k a week in wages to the players no other club in the world thought were any good.

  12. Here we go again. Leave it, boys, for gawds sake.

    Back on subject: Krul will stay. He’s not daft, and I think someone had a good talk to him mid-season when he started whining.

    As Harps gets older, he knows he’ll get more and more games, and he must be aware that 22 is very young for a ‘keeper. Another 3 years and he’ll still be young, but probably 1st choice if he just keeps his head down and keeps developing.

    Incidentally, I think we also saw his inexperience this year, and he must know that. A welcome wake-up call all-round.

    Sign him up, keep him keen and he’ll be, um, unbelievable. Unbelievable.

    (Great interview, that! He was so buzzed!)

  13. chicken… yep i know what CH has said dude, all i am saying is it is fool hardy to let any good player get into his last 12 months if you A) want to keep him and B) know he will be rising in stock and C) have other clubs after him. So what have we done… we have let taylor and Krul go into the last 12 months. They now hold the cards and if we dont sign them come january they have six months left and we have to sell them on the cheap as we will never get market value on a player with only 6 months left and is already allowed to speak to other clubs. You can not say my logic is wrong chicken… its what we need to start doing. For instance, jose is now into his last two years… nwo is the time to tie him into a four year deal.. there is not that many good left backs around but if he has a good prem this year…. and i think he will we will loose him too for less than his value .

  14. why sell either forster or krul stu?? no logic in that from y thinking. Harps has about 3-4 years left max, just keep on laoning out forster till then and then you have your next long term pair of krul/ forster. these two have a huge future.. both will be future keepers for their national teams, without question.

  15. Craig: you don’t sign players on £20k a week if you don’t know which division you’re going to be in! Their timing makes total sense to me.

    Like most things since CH got in, it makes sense once you know all the facts. Generally we don’t until after the event, so it gets a bit boring when the same people come on here every time, jumping to the most pessimistic conclusions possible.

    A bit of faith in our extraordinarily capable manager, please! He’s earned it!

  16. nope defo you are wrong on this one. NO team ever lets their best players get into last year if they want to keep them or if they wish to have any chance of selling them on. AKA joe cole, the bloke is worth 30 million and walked away on a free cos they failed to re-sign him two years ago. i agree on players like smith etc how can be replaced with ease but tyoung rising stars such as taylor, jose, krul, haris etc… sheer madness.

  17. our manager is not extraordinary either. he had a very good season in a division where we were head and shoulders above all other teams anyway. lets not get carried away with CH just yet.

  18. Well said, Whumpie.

    12 months is a loooong time in football. Plenty time to get them both signed up to new contracts.

    A couple of the new boys we signed we’re given 2.5 year contracts. By your reckoning craig we should already be offering them new ones.

  19. Craig: I see what you’re saying, but you are talking about stable, top-end teams who have some idea of what next year’s budget will be. Players can only walk on a free if you let it get within the 12 months, which NUFC hasn’t done here.

    Again: these guys do actually know what they are doing, and they have a lot more info to work from than we do! All we have is an occasional quote from CH and the garbage the papers put out.

    (And I think Chelski let Cole go because he’s a sphincter.) :)

  20. yes chicken, if you want to keep your players and retian the power in the deal you dont let it drift on into last year. esp when we have an owner who will not pay out to replace lads. its not bad if we have a roman etc. Lets say for example, jose is worth 10 million which i think he is, wel let him run down his contract and he leaves… you think you going to get ashely to spend the same amount of money that jose was worth?? nope lads. yuor logic is right for certain players but you should always have your crown jewels locked away otherwise someone will take them.

  21. whumpie… we will never be stable if we are not planning ahead properly. I dont mind not buying any big name players at all, i have said all along, our priority is keeping our own.

  22. Maybe the players themselves didn’t want to open contract talks until they knew which league we’d be playing in…..who knows?

  23. 24… exactly richietoon.. thats why we got to get them signed up now while we in prem!! at least if we get relegated we can sell them… as oppoased to them walking out for free.

  24. No mention of Soderberg, I assume he is still on the books.
    I havn’t even looked much at the blog recently (or any others) as we are in the doldrum period where traditionally nowt happens. Ed listed some of the current frees and I can’t say that any of them impressed me. What did excite me was another list showing some of our own young players, I think we may have some pleasant surprises on the (near) horizon.

  25. lets look at it another way…. jose has two years left on his deal………if we get relegated will he sign on again with a ccc team? Nope! So we have to sell… the player is into his last year with us so if we try to sell his value is much less… so we loose out. If we have him tied into a long deal we will get more and he will also have no intention of hanging around with a sinking ship in ccc for next four years. If he had one year left he could see it out and walk away for free. The bottom line being the the player holds every single card once we let them get into a run down period of their contract.

  26. I meant last season Craig and the players and the club waited to see if we got promoted.I agree though the sooner they’re signed up the better,but maybe the players want to run down their contracts as it gives them more optioins(and cash) and the end of it.

  27. It looks to me that Obama has scored a massive own goal in having a go at BP (or should it be AP, American Petroleum.) Wouldn’t it be an ironic serve em bl**dy right if there team did the same, I’d laugh!! ;)

  28. George Eastham has a lot to answer for, wasn’t it much better when players were slaves to their clubs. Aaah the good old days. ;)

  29. Jesus christ, there is next to feck all flying around today, news wise :(

    I mean, does anyone really care if Ryan Taylor plays at right back fro the few weeks of the season?

  30. I’m trying to get all my work finished before so I can watch it but SA v Mexico isn’t much of a carrot.

    As for the RB position. Doesn’t worry me – either one of the Taylor twins can do a decent job for us their.

  31. LOL…whey I am ‘too sexy for my shirt’…….or maybe I’m just ‘deeply dippy’ ;-)

  32. aye toonsy this media black out that the club have imposed is nee good for the blog like..

  33. Them fuzzy zellas sound like a swarm of angry bees on steriods if you close your eyes.

  34. SHUT UP WITH THOSE F*CKING HORNS. Wonder if any European hooligans start a few scraps; I can imagine a lot of people will start to get pretty damn annoyed with the CONSTANT ANNNOYING BUZZZING

  35. Do you reckon every game is gonna sound like this?

    I mean England v USA for example – there can’t be many locals going to that game, can there?

  36. it’ll only need a few of them TC and you won’t be able to hear any singing or anything :-( I think we’re gonna have o get used to it!!

  37. Excellent, cant wait. Lets cancel the World Cup and take it somewhere less irritating.

    True to my word, I have turned off the opening match as it is too fecking annoying :mad:

  38. all england games are always full of those stupid twats with horns and trumpets. I only like club footy as its the only games that have any real passion from the fans.

  39. I saw on TV last night that 1M of those damn horns have been sold already. 1 million!!!

  40. craig – I’ve been to quite a few club games full of stupid twats too.

    people running round with their mam’s bedsheets, signing moronic songs!!!

    give me a trumpet any day of the week over that sh!te.

  41. jay jay jay jay says:
    June 11, 2010 at 3:24 pm

    Horns and Mandela, fcuk you!