Samuel bid rejected, but at least it shows that Newcastle have some money!

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JLoyd Samuel in action for Bolton.
JLoyd Samuel in action for Bolton.
Now the England action is out of the way for a few days, it gives us a chance to catch up on things that have been happening with Newcastle, although admittedly, and perhaps unsurprisingly, we haven’t really missed much.

One thing that very nearly slipped under the radar was the fact that Newcastle have apparently tabled a bid of around £1 million for Bolton’s versatile defender, JLoyd Samuel, according to Sky Sports anyway.

Apparently this offer was deemed as unacceptable by Bolton Wanderers for a player who is 29-years old, has only featured once under his current boss, and has only 12 months remaining on his contract at The Reebok. Funny that, as paying a seven figure sum for Samuel would be far more than I would be willing to offer for him, especially as he is only really a squad player and never really features in their first team.

Realistically he would only be a squad player at St James’ Park, that is if the move ever did come off. We would have a player who can cover across the back four, although his ‘speciality’ is in playing left-back, which would mean we would finally have some cover for Jose Enrique for the first time since god knows when.

But there is more to this than simply the suggestion of signing a player. To me, something rings true about this rumour, as in all honesty it is hardly a huge exclusive to shout about, or one that would create a lot of interest. So when you look at it like that, there could be some indication as to what our plans are for transfers this window.

First off, Samuel doesn’t fit into this much speculated about but never actually confirmed age policy thingy where we would apparently only be looking to sign players under the age of 26. Well I think it was 26, although the age can vary depending on who is telling the story of that said policy. So if we signed him then it kind of throws that thought out of the window.

Then there is the monetary aspect of the deal, and in particular the fact that it means we would be spending some if we did sign Samuel. Inevitably it would then raise the question of whether we have more to spend, how much will we spend etc etc, although at least it would go some way to clarifying just what “no new capital outlay” actually means for good.

I’m not going to knock the player, as I do think he would be a capable backup defender, and if Chris Hughton wants him then that is fair enough. Samuel has made near on 250 Premier League apparances in his career so far, which you don’t get to do if you can’t cut it, and he has always struck me as being a solid player in fairness.

Of course, this is just more speculation at the moment, and the next few days will give us a greater idea as to whether or not there is any truth in this particular rumour. It seems to have caught on, so the chances are that Hughton will be asked about it at some point by the press.

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see, again!

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112 Responses

  1. Is it not H Samuel we’ve bid for? That’d make more sense!

    Furthermore, what the bid’s done is alert the market that there is some cash in the pot – if the story’s true of course.

  2. Ship out Harper and retain Krul for number one, loan out Forster and loan in an experienced keeper for the bench.

  3. The Daily Mirror reports that Lennon is looking to offload Polish goalkeeper Artur Boruc , who is thought to be one of the top earners at Celtic. Lennon will hope that Harper can bring both solidity and experience to his side.

    Well if the daily mirror say it, Then it must be true…

  4. Off Topic I know, but……

    One of the debates which has arisen again as a result of the football world cup – is the insistence of americans on calling football “soccer”. This is because the US already have a game called football, which is a sort of “rugby in crash helmets” thingy.

    I have had a think about this problem, and have decided to suggest to the powers that be, that American football should be renamed “Handegg”. The reasons are clearly shown in the attached graphic:

  5. All those people on here who said Plymouth are their second team after we won the title, do you still feel the same now? :grin:

  6. UTD111

    Ye, that makes sense, or like Rugby, they could just rename the sport the the area in which it was invented…
    In which case it would be “Prison”…

  7. Left back cover

    Left and right wing cover and quality pacey Striker/Second striker. Thats what we need really. The cover doesn’t have to be world class. Samuel would suffice.

    Then if Ashley really wants to impress us, he can bring in a creative midfield player! Woooo!!!

  8. jj aye that guy called milner isnt bad like but they want sumit like 30 mill for him , as u know we sold a simular player 18 months ago for 12 mill :lol:

  9. i like the look at slovenia right back watched their games nobody beat him and strong on the ball.thats what we should be looking at not bolton reserves.agree with stuart for once. anyway kader can play their hungary to play not players like him who we want just for the numbers.that is not the way forward.

  10. SAMUAL is a very poor player maybe ccc class,guess that were we are heading if this is fat ash type of signing

  11. Milners crossing yesterday was world class.

    ‘We wont win anything with 11 James Milners’. Greame Souness.

    I wish we had a squad of £20M players now and I bet if we did we would win something.

  12. I wouldn’t go as far as world class like, half-decent and much improved for Milner, yes. World class? No chance.

  13. I see the World Cup’s become a bit of a re-run of WW2.
    The French surrendered early, the U.S arrived last minute and we are left to fight the Germans.

  14. Is 13 comments made before the first anti-Ashley comment (14) a record?

    That said I have a feeling sirjasontoon must be holiday so I’m not even it can count as a bonefide record until he’s back…

  15. This type of player shows the new ambition of Newcastle Utd perhaps last season in the fizzy pop this would be an average signing. Depressing. On the plus side it would appear that money is available.

  16. Daverism says:
    June 24, 2010 at 12:24 pm
    I wouldn’t go as far as world class like, half-decent and much improved for Milner, yes. World class? No chance.

    His crossing yesterday was world class.

  17. Milner is not world class. He is a good player on his day but shocking on others. World class produces the good consistently. Newcastle did well to get the £12m they got for him. If City really do pay £24m for him they will have proved that they pay double for any player. There is Man City prices then there is the rest of the EPL prices.

  18. Stu,

    I saw numerous crosses bash into the first defender, that ain’t world class fella.

    He was much improved on what I seen of him at SJP, but by no means at all is the lad world class, neither is his crossing.

  19. Thing is, who do people expect us to sign for cover instead? I mean he aint going to get in front of any players we have, in my opinion anyway, so I reckon he would just be backup. I wouldn’t say it’s a bad move, as cover, as we aren’t going to get Ashley Cole or Maicaon to Newcastle are we?

  20. nimagpie says:
    June 24, 2010 at 12:46 pm

    Read the comments – I’m talking about his crossing.

    Daverism says:
    June 24, 2010 at 12:59 pm

    He produced two or three world class crosses after the first 15 mins when he settled.

    Shearer said so himself – I reckon he knows a world class cross when he see’s it.

    But just to be clear, I’m talking about his crosses, not him as a player.

  21. toonsy says:
    June 24, 2010 at 1:13 pm

    I thought the idea of bringing players in was to improve on what you have?

  22. his crossing against the usa, for the 20 minutes he was on the field, was awful. as was his chippy tackling, passing. though he did earn an extremely quick qorld class yellow card ;)

    didn’t see all of the england game yesterday. too busy screaming at dempsey and altidore for missing open nets. lookin forward to the next round of matches.

  23. Stuart79 says:
    June 24, 2010 at 1:15 pm

    “I thought the idea of bringing players in was to improve on what you have?”

    Depends on how realsitic people are I guess.

    Are we realistically going to get anyone better than Enrique? No.

    Do we have currently cover for him? No

    Will we have cover for him if we sign Samuel? Yes

    Which means that the SQUAD has been improved, as opposed to an individual position that is already hard to stregthen.

  24. some peeps really need to take a reallity check. samuel would be good cover for the defensive area’s no matter what league we are in.
    who exactly do you think nufc are going to sign? the days of trophy carloskickaball’s arriving at SJP are long gone at least until fat MA and his cronies get out of town.
    let CH get on with trying to make the best of what he can and stop dreaming of super signing’s. at the end of the day (in this climate) any signing’s should be classed as GOOD signing’s as we need number’s in. the quality signing will just never happen under this regime and i wish people would remember this b4 slating any attempt to improve by aCH…………

  25. wait, we’re not signing maicon?????

    someone above mentioned the someone from the slovenian team (too lazy to look, sorry). there were a couple of players who looked pretty decent against the USA that would probably be able to do the job well enough and not break the bank.
    and personally, would love to see us get after a couple of the american players. quality players for low price.

    was disappointed when holden signed for bolton as i think he’s going to turn into a quality player. really love the way michael bradley plays too…hard tackler, box to box and can score too. unfortunately, like it’s been said, world cup = prices being inflated off of one or two good games.

  26. toonsy says:
    June 24, 2010 at 1:31 pm

    But are we going to sign anyone who are happy to be on the bench that is better than Kadar?

  27. Milner was recovering from illness against the US and i thought he looked top notch yesterday. Crossing was spot on and he pitched in at the back aswell.

  28. Stu – Do you really think Kadar is a LB? Did you not see how he naturally floats back into the middle all the time when played out there? To the point where he spat the dummy as Hughton was moaning at him. Kadar is a CB, best place for him as he struggled at LB in the fizzy.

  29. we shouldn’t be looking for back up players,we should be looking for quality players to force our first team starters of last season into back up status.

  30. When I saw the edline I thought we were in for walter Samuel and I still thought he wasn’t good enough :grin:

  31. TROJAN – But are we realistically going to get anyone better than Enrique for peanuts? Probably not, so why not make sure we have cover for when Enrique gets injured. We have been crying out for a backup LB for ages, and now we are in the running for a backup LB.

  32. He is far from a world beater but as cover im sure he could do a job and we have needed a 2nd lb for what 3 seasons?

  33. understand what you are saying toonsy,i just dont want to see us getting desperate,that hughton will bring anyone in to make up numbers.i wouldn’t want to see hughton feeling the pressure and bringing in another leon best,because he failed to get beckford.
    by all accounts the lad can’t get a game for bolton,it’s not looking good,if we are trying to stay up bringing in this calibre of player,we could be ensuring a relegation battle by doing this.

  34. TROJAN – And he probably wont get a game for us here either, barring an injury to Enrique. Samuel has only not been playing since Coyle came in, and has made near on 250 PL apearances in his career, so he would be fine as a backup.

    If we were getting him as a first choice then I would agree with you, but he isn’t going to get in front of what we have already, so a backup is all he would be. It’s either that or we revert to playing Simpson out of position at left back like last season, or playing Kadar at left back and allowing loads of space as he drifts into the middle a fair bit for when/if Enrique gets injured.

  35. TROJAN 69 says:
    June 24, 2010 at 2:15 pm
    understand what you are saying toonsy,i just dont want to see us getting desperate,that hughton will bring anyone in to make up numbers
    <<<<< divent ya just kna thats gonna happen

  36. Stu,

    If Milner could consistently bang in crosses like the 2 or 3 you mentioned, which in all fairness isn’t a good record in a 90 minute game. I’d class him as a world-class ball player.

    He can’t. So he isn’t.

  37. toonsy says:
    June 24, 2010 at 2:05 pm

    So why are we buying a player who isn’t goo enough? He’s obviously not great if he cannot get in the Bolton team?

    Didn’t he get the boot from Villa too – When they weren’t particularly goo either.

    This kind of proves my point that we won’t be getting any decent players with almost no money available.

    That means if we get a few injuries were in the shi#!

  38. Daverism says:
    June 24, 2010 at 3:00 pm

    Can you not read over your trousers?

    I have said his crosses yesterday were world class – Not all of them but two or three were.

    I haven’t said he’s world class – Just some crosses yesterday.

    Is that too hard to get to grips with for you?

  39. Jesus, people are never happy when it concerns NUFC.

    First off, we aint spending owt so people cry.
    We try to sign players, people cry.

    Sod it, lets just pool all our resources together and buy the Spain squad.

    Samuel, as Toonsy has mentioned, has had 250 Premier League appearances. You just don’t get to rack up that number of games if you’re cack.

    I’d have him as back up, no doubt. It’s either that, or we go back a few weeks to


  40. Stu, lets just say he put in a few decent crosses yesterday. (Which I have said, by the way).

    I don’t really get the reading over my trousers jibe. No doubt you’ll have plenty more hilariously witty remarks to follow that one. Chin up fella, one day you may crack the whole being funny thing.

    I seriously doubt it tho.

  41. I am 31 I have been watching J L Samuel since his Villa days. He is one of the worst left backs in the premiership! End of!!!!

  42. Stuart79 says:
    June 24, 2010 at 3:00 pm

    “That means if we get a few injuries were in the shi#!”

    Any team would be, barring a select few at the top of the league. Enrique is one of our best players, name me one team who wouldn’t miss one of their best players?

    But we would be more in the shit if Enrique did get injured and we were forced to play a central defender with no experience there (Kadar), or a right back who people feel isn’t good enough in his preferred position (Simpson)?

    It’s about strengthening the squad. Enrique cost £6 million or around that, so it would be reasonable to expect that a player of similar quality would cost about the same. Now we all know we aren’t going to be spending that much on a player, so why not ensure we are in a better state for when he is injured rather than playing people out of position?

    Also, he wanted to leave Villa in 2007, they didn’t want to sell him, and he joined a team that at the time were above Villa, who in turn were above Newcastle. Since he went to Bolton, he has averaged 25 games a season for them, not bad for a player who can’t get in their team eh?

    If Hughton wants him then that is good enough for me, and I will wait to see what his role is in the team, and how he turns out before being critical and rubbishing a player.

  43. toonsy says:
    June 24, 2010 at 3:13 pm

    Can you name me another team who’s left back is is one of their main source of assists?

    So not many teams would be in the shit if their left back got injured – We would.

  44. But would we be more in the shit if we didn’t have another left back to cover? I would say so, or should we play players out of position?

    Still, we could always get a player of the calibre of Ashley Cole to come as a backup :roll:

    Stuart, as you are so keen to poo-pooh it, can you suggest another player who has 10 years PL experience that would be happy to sit on the bench and be a reserve?

  45. Enrique is a main source of assists?

    I’d like to see the stats for that Stu mate, not saying you’re wrong. Just a bit shocked by that in truth.

  46. Wud b a good signing as back up n also wud push enrique knowin he has compition, sign him on a 2-3 year deal this also allows our young left bks to develop n b ready to challenge jose wen samuels contract expire its called buildin a squad we hav needed another left bk for a while now, wudnt b suprised if nolan recommended him from his bolton days, kadar is not a left bk he needs to challenging colo, taylor n williamson

  47. Daverism – Aye, I thought it was Guthrie meself who was the main source of assists.

  48. Daverism – Where di you get that from? Been looking for a site where I can get decent stats from.

  49. Toonsy, try, class site.

    Just pulled off this report about Player Efficiency, Goals/Assists per minute played.

    Shola Ameobi
    Peter Lovenkrands
    Andrew Carroll
    Nile Ranger
    Marlon Harewood
    Kevin Nolan
    Fabrice Pancrate
    Danny Guthrie
    Wayne Routledge
    Ryan Taylor

    Thats in order of minutes played and assists/goals.

  50. toonsy says:
    June 24, 2010 at 3:30 pm

    Not for fck all no!

    Also I was kinda referring to Enrique’s partnership with Jonas as a scource of assists. He’s instrumental in Jonas doing any good offensive work.

  51. Were now in the business of just buying ‘back up’ players?

    So we’ll never, ever improve, well unless we get lucky that is.

  52. Aye, of course he’s instrumental in Jonas’ offensive work Stu, he plays behind him!

    I really really rate Enrique but i’m also almost certain that if Enqrique was replaced by another LB, then he would contribute to Jonas’ offensive play also.

  53. We’ve been in for one player, which has been confirmed, he happened to be back up player (which we’ve all been whinging on about a back LB for years) and now we’re not going to sign anyone but back ups?

    Lordy lord.

  54. Stu – Don’t get me wrong, I am not overly enthused about this name being mentioned anymore than anyone else is. BUT, it does address a problem that we have had for years now, ie, needing a backup LB.

    I can’t see the problem with it myself, and it in no way suggests that we are only in the market for backup players as this is only one player!

  55. I think this is encouraging as Toonsy’s said, although the cynic in me suggests it’s designed to do that rather than be a serious statement of intent. I’m a bit confused as to how it fits in with the repeated statements about buying young talent with potential, though. It also conflicts with the ‘no capital outlay’ thing… but that was confused from the start!

  56. Whumpie – Has there actually been any confirmation that we would be loking at players under 26 etc? Or was it just something that was peddled in the press and caught on from there?

    Just curious, as I have never seen the under 26 rule written in anything official, or from Hughton himself, although I am prepared to be corrected.

  57. Whumpie, perhaps, as Enrique is young, he’s the promising youngster full of potential and Samuel would be back up?

    Can’t see much point in signing another young promising LB when Enrique is clearly going to be our first choice, would sort of defeat the object and stall development of another young LB we bring in?

    Could be wrong but it makes sense.

  58. Toonsy,

    I’m almost sure it was in Ashleys interview in the official NUFC mag back in the day. However, I could be wrong. There was also a massive pile of sh!t wrote in that, so its probably just another massive pile of the proverbial, to be honest.

  59. I’ve not heard any numbers, but I’m sure I’ve heard CH talking about young players with potential. Perhaps I’m just a bit soft in the head…

  60. Shame, I quite like Italy. I think mainly because I fancied Del Piero when I was little.

  61. Anyone else finding it smugly satisfying to see Slovakia doing to Italy what they have done to others for years? By that I mean wasting time, rolling around the floor etc…. ;)

  62. Just in case ya missed it yesterday ;-)
    It’s a great cause for a local footballer going thru a bad time,even Toonsy donated and he’s tight as…… I mean well done mate it’s and much appreciated,ya one of the most generous human beings I’ve ever come across(is that better Toonsy ;-) )
    small donations welcome..

  63. 14 craig chisholm says:
    June 24, 2010 at 11:25 am
    we will buy this dross to replace taylor.. and ashley will of course pocket the extra!

    Craig…. Ashley pockets nowt from sales – it goes into the club – a Limited Company which must produce audited accounts – geddit?

  64. Hey, you all are/claim to be a lot more knowledgeable about “soccer” and the like. Has a defending champion of World Cup ever NOT progressed beyond the group stage? Is that a bit f history we are seeing?

    That makes 2 historical events if so. Host country not advancing and defending champions. And then there’s the whole Wimbeldon thing…I love witnessing sports history…good stuff.

  65. “toonsy says:
    June 24, 2010 at 4:55 pm

    Anyone else finding it smugly satisfying to see Slovakia doing to Italy what they have done to others for years? By that I mean wasting time, rolling around the floor etc…. ;)”

    That Italian who dropped and rolled around like Mike Tyson had punched him after the first goal trying the get the ball back quickly deserved a red for play acting like that… So sick of seeing players trying to get others sent off…

    Italy out, France out, now we just need rid of the Brazilians and Portugese cheats and we can play a fairish world cup…

    Gotta say, that the English referees have been by far the best.

    And Toonsy, the tennis just finished 70 games to 68.

  66. NorCal – Didn’t France wimper out in the first round in 2002 when they were defending champions?

  67. It’s the first time ever that the previous 2 winners havnt progressed to the second round apparently…….I like the “claim to be knowledgable” NorCal :lol:

  68. NorCal – I was right ;)

    “The World Cup started with a shock 1–0 defeat of defending champions France, playing without the injured Zinedine Zidane, by tournament newcomers Senegal in the tournament’s opening match held in Seoul, Korea. In their second Group A game, France were held to a goalless draw by Uruguay after star striker Thierry Henry was sent off. A 2–0 defeat by Denmark in their last group game sealed France’s fate. The world champions went out of the Cup without even managing to score a goal and earned the unwanted record of the worst World Cup performance by a defending champion.”

  69. Ye, and the first time the finalists from the previous World Cup got knocked out in the first round the next one too.
    That what you meant Richie, didn’nt Brazil win before Italy?

  70. lol..richie. Thanks guys.

    Ok, well, regardless, I kind of like seeing some of the “regulars” out of the cup so far. My wife’s not going to be too pleased about the Italians being out, but oh well.

  71. Aye JJ ;-) its the wat the commentator said it….thats my excuse and I’m sticking to it :-)

  72. Haha.

    Well, sorry boys, but my second team is Germany! So theres gona be some good old fashioned swipes that night…
    Not that we need any excuse for that!

    I’m rooting for the Germans and ANYBODY who plays against Portugal!

    I like the USA but I gotta support Ghana as the only African side too.

    I’d say after that, I’d support England, but obviously they’d have to get past the Germans.

  73. Norcal,

    I’ve noticed 90% of the US supporters who came over here are young (under 25) and really passionate.
    Is the game picking up there at a good speed. You think over the next ten years it could compete with NFL or NBA?

  74. JJ – Supporting Germany may result in an Auto… ban :lol:

    Temporarily anyway :mad:


  75. Rich – Did you like it? :lol:

    I couldn’t possibly imagine losing to my potential new employers, well their football team anyway.

    Decision time is 13th-15th July. Do I stay Japanese or do I go German? :(

  76. I think it could be a high scoring draw.

    It’s all aboot the money and career prospects,does one or the other have better in both?

  77. On one hand, I hope for a pay rise and possibly another promotion at my current place


    I get to build an infrastructure from scratch at Ze Germans and try to get it to rival my current one (which has an average of 99.8% success rate).

    Money is something I don’t really know too much about yet. I will get more, from either company, but I don’t know how much more.

  78. Then maybe it depends if you want the new challenge.You’d probably get more job satisfaction and challenge yourself more with the Germans,building something up from scratch………….and if they beat us in the world cup you can just sabotage the place :twisted:

  79. The challenge does sound good, and it is something that I would enjoy, but then who knows if I will get the chance at doing something more challenging where I am currently. Decisions to made :(

  80. Thats the gamble mate…………… job,definate challenge,maybe more of a risky bet……..present job,possible challenge,safer bet.