Harper to stay, but Krul is knocking on the door.

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Harper is going nowhere.
Harper is going nowhere.
I was a bit surprised earlier on when I read that Steve Harper was being linked with a move north of the border to Celtic.

It just seemed strange to me as Harper has been waiting long enough for his chance to be number one at Newcastle, a chance that he was given when Shay left us for Manchester City back in the 08/09 relegation season.

Harper hasn’t looked back since and his form between the sticks has been excellent for us, which has lead to Chris Hughton rubbishing talk of an apparent move to Celtic at the first available opportunity.

Whilst I don’t think that anyone would like to see Harper leave, we mustn’t forget that we have some top young goalkeepers waiting in the wings, with Tim Krul being the next in line to take over from Steve Harper. Krul is getting towards the age where he will want to be playing first team games, which is something that could have been on offer if Harper did move on to pastures new. So how much longer is Krul willing to wait?

Before I delve a bit deeper, here is what Chris Hughton had to say on the whole Harper rumour:

“I can categorically state that there is nothing in that. We just won’t sell him. He’s our No.1 goalkeeper, he had a great season for us and he’s a very important member of our squad.”

That’s pretty much a flat refusal to sell Harper then, and also a statement that he will be our number goalkeeper next season, which is something I think we all knew already anyway. But how will that sit with Tim Krul, who now knows that he is likely to be restricted to cup games and injury cover again?

Not well is my guess, and there have already been some sounds of discontent form the Krul camp regarding his lack of playing time. The Dutch stopper has repeatedly been linked with moves away from Newcastle, and it appears he is very highly rated by managers at other teams, with Alex Ferguson being perhaps the most notable fan of Krul.

I think most of us are aware that Krul has the potential to become a great ‘keeper, and hopefully he will see that he can become a great ‘keeper with us at Newcastle, but I can also understand that perhaps this news may cause some frustration for a young player who is trying to make his name in the game.

Krul has nothing to be disappointed about and has always done well enough we he has been called upon, but it still doesn’t negate the fact that he is paying the price for playing in a position where we have been well stocked for a number of years now, and by all accounts it looks like we will be fine in the goalkeeping sense for some years to come with Fraser Forster also waiting in the wings.

What Krul is going through is a necessary part of the learning process in football, and he must surely know that his chances would always be limited as there is only ever one goalkeeper playing at any time. In Harper, Krul has one of the best characters to learn from, and after the huge wait he has had to endure whilst playing second fiddle to Shay Given, Krul should surely understand that Harper will want to be playing after waiting for his chance for so long?

Your time will come Timmy.

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126 Responses

  1. Krul needs playing time this season, every cup game and perhaps a handful of premiership games against easy opposition, like blackpool, westbrom etc, he needs experience to overtake harps.

  2. He needs to play this season, he will get better and better with match experience, floydy I wouldn’t describe matches against 2 other promoted teams as easy games.

  3. what more do i want………….how about a contract that is a serious one and will be good enough for tayls to sign? that would make me happy.

  4. It wouldn’t surprise me if Taylor the sneaky twat had something planned. He is good at sneaking around apparently…

  5. i think that we will have to sell him toonsy as he wont sign a new contract andc we cant risk letting the window close and him not to have either signed on or been sold. Cos in the next window he is free to talk to anyone… which i think is his plan all along. He will want to see how we are fairing in the prem and if we are looking like a cert for relegation he can negotiate his way out of st james for free. talys is in a win win situation!

  6. floydy their are no easy games in the premiership , Blackpool where one of the teams that beat us last season .

  7. Craig – Contracts in football mean feck all nowadays. All he has to do is stick in a transfer request at anytime and he will soon be off as it’s pointless and counter-productive to keep an unhappy player.

    I hope he stays, but I am not fussed if he does go. One thing is for sure, he will make it look like he doesn’t want to go etc etc, sneaky twat!

  8. yep, its going to be a tough season. iam talkign heart from many of the world cup games though… it just goes to show that positive attitude can be more important than great players with wank ego’s!

  9. 9…. not quite true toonsy, if he wants off and has 4 years on a contract you get full value……….if he wants off and has 5 months and free to talk to other clubs you get NOTHING!to me its jsut called protecting yourself from a loss of asset value. for sure it wont make him stay but it means we can get rela money for him so that we can replace him with a like – for – like. Imagine if he walks out for free (he is a six million touch player)…. you think ashley will give us a cool six million to replace him? no, he wont, which means our team has been considerably weakend and devaluted. We loose out and ashley looses out too. I dont care if he stays or goes………….just want him signed up!

  10. Thats right Craig…….we’ve allegedly got a weaker team now than when we were in the prem(not in my opinion)……..but if we could replay the last game of the season v Villa which team would you pick to play them……….the one that did or our current team?……my money would be on the current team.

  11. Craig

    To be fair to Ashley how do we know he wouldnt replace ST if he went, We didnt exactly do the bare minimum in january we signed Fitz Hall a week or so before Williamson, The bare min would have bring Hall in on loan and push Kadar or Tozer into the first team and save the million or two.

    The same with Routledge as we signed Pancrate well before january and we signed Best as Shola was recovering from his op and Caroll and Loven were hitting form.

    I personally think we should wait til pre-season when Taylor is back and has chance to sign or reject a new deal.

  12. @ axel and jay jay, yea fair enough but they are the type of games where we will be under less pressure, and that needed experience he could gain, i’m sure krul can cope against that kind of oppositon, they’re not like manyoo, but like you said every game will be difficult next season.

  13. Me too Craig,possibly man for man not better players but definately a better team.The trick is keeping that team spirit after a run of defeats which will come.Thats when we find out how good the team and coaching staff really are!

  14. CC… we got choice but wait on tayls mate…. he holds all the cards.. and he knows it. i think myself…………that he wants to leave but he wants to do it while making it look like he wants to stay. He wants the newc fans to be on his side even when he leaves. When all along he is angling for the door mate! thats what i think he will do.

  15. yeah, we had great individual players before and a terrible team. Now we have on paper worse players but a great team… the team as a whole unit has to be the better option.

  16. Cant get my heed around all those that say we have a weaker team than when we got relegated . That team was full of overpaid sicknotes that did not give a toss . What have those that left gone on to do ?
    Beye — Sits on the bench
    Viduka — Could not find a club
    OWEN — Same story at manure as when he was here
    Bassong — Hardly set the world alight at the spuds
    Geremi — So good he hardly got a game in the CCC before he left .
    Lets just wait and see who much weaker the current squad is , i for one think we will stay up with this bunch .

  17. Floydy if they are the teams around us there will be more pressure on those games mate.

  18. Craig @ 17 – Sums up my thought exactly! Said that all along about Taylor. I wouldn’t want to go, but if he did the, meh…

  19. jay jay very true, but we don’t know how long our carling cup/fa cups campaigns are going to last for we could go out in our first round, i’m just thinking that krul surely needs more than perhaps two games next season, suppose we could loan him out and keep forster for the bench.

  20. Craig

    Can we really blame him, His debut was in a UEFA cup tie where we were favourites to win the competiton and had finished 4th and 3rd in the league the previous seasons.

    Look at us now, What can the club really say to him to convince him about the future vision. Its taken us nearly 4 years to start attempting to bring in another left back!

    I would love him to stay and hope that we can keep our best young lads, stay up and get bought out in the next year…

  21. CC………… i would expect him to stay because he is in the prem and playing for newcastle in one of the best cities in the land in one of the best stadiums. We might well be in a dog fight all season but so what really….. taylor is getting good money, they all are…!! the greedy sneaky twat!!

  22. craig

    If he had left a year or so back he would more than likely be in South africa instead of Dawson or Upson.

    Maybe money isnt the only factor, Youve been banging on about the owners lack of ambition for a while, Maybe Taylor agrees and might fancy following Milners in furthering his career away from SJP.

  23. I echo a toonsy on the subject of Taylor for my two pennies worth.

    Want him to stay, decent in the centre, great at right back (and has all the attributes to be a fantastic right back i think, I hope he is played there) however if he goes, meh!

    I feel more confident with Williamson in the centre than I do with him, and moreover, if we can get around 6 mil for him, and replace him with someone of the same price and quality as Williamson, that make sense doesn’t it for a club which is skint?

    Its just finding and obtaining the person to replace him which is the problem…

  24. ILM – Onouha, especially if we can get £6 mill for Taylor. Like for like, but Onouha probably wouldn’t cost the full £6 mill (£5 mill is more likely imo~)

  25. Don’t think this a direct quote but Onouha won’t come to Newcastle because of Joey Barton…

  26. i think that was just s*it stirring witters, easy target, both player and club…

  27. more importing than taylor signing a new contract is that krul signs a new contract he is way better than harper n he only has a year left

  28. yip i think harper, lovenkrands, ameobi all two years left but i wud let there contracts run down, but then there is guthrie, jose who i wud giv new deals now along wit krul carroll n taylor but if taylor wants to leave i wudnt mind i dont want anyone here who isnt 100% commited to the club, i hope krul does sign n takes the number 1 spot off harps i wud hate to loose him wen harps only has a few years left at top level i cerntainly dont want as our number 1 till he his 40

  29. if they offer 1mil for harper let him go hes getting on,can spend it on no hoper samual,we could put him in goal same size as harper 5yr younger,as he cannot defenend ccc class at best

  30. need the danws to score lol, cmon ffs. although in truthe japan should of scored more. fs danes just hit post lol yes pen goal lol

  31. wanted to watch m!bia play for cama,but MARK/L does my heed in,big gob l/pool git

  32. ya could have used the red button Icedog then changed it to the 5 live commentry

  33. yeah ricie lol v canny game v canny team japan richie, play paraquay nxt rnd lol. good game, j d thomoson scored a crap penalty by way, played crap really tho.
    will catch up laterz coz am watchin the couch lot lol

  34. remember the article a few weeks back about getting into the Asian market? Tell ya what, i’d like any one of those Japanese players if they play like that week in week out. Fantastic performance, how about Honda playing off Carroll? He was fantastic, great 3rd goal.

    Think a few teams would have noticed him now though, price will be sky high.

    Stick with the unknown players eh Hughton, get them for the price they are worth!

  35. ILM….aye he’s at CSKA now they paid 6m euros,he’ll be double that now.
    icedog..ya sent her anywhere nice?

  36. I.L.M. naw what your saying m8,but some of there players already on good cash in moscow honda ect

  37. RICHIETOON naw m8 front door been sticking like sh*t gave her the plane told her give it six-nowt

  38. though some of the players at the world cup are fantastic, we’re operating in a different market now sadly arn’t we.

    Saying that doesn’t mean we cant get good players, they all start somewhere, would love it we unearthed another Bassong like, would shut up a few haters.

  39. RICHIETOON sorry m8,just haveing laugh,no offence,i got done too,later m8 oot with dogs

  40. ILM – If it was that easy to find another Bassong for next to nowt, everyone would be at it.

    Arsenal are the only ones who do it regularly and it’s taken Wenget years and years to get the set up workin well.

  41. Somebody put my mind to rest, who was are last proper left back before Jose Enrique?

  42. It’s shocking for that the fan on the terrace knows what positions need strengthening but past managers havnt.To be fair to CH he may or may not be able to get the sort of quality the fans want but I think he knows where we need to strengthen.

  43. oliver barnard on his second vist may have been our last LB before the bull??

  44. RICHIETOON,has your plan to move on m8 moveing closer,or do you not mind working till 70 ;)been some canny players in w.c.but will stick to what i think taylor out,o!hare in

  45. Babayaro was our last left back, under Roeder and he was the manager before Big Sam.

  46. Good to hear stuart! Same as myself really , getting married this day week and im very excited! Finish up in work tues n off for all of July!

  47. Congratulations Johno. I’ve been married 18 months now, and it’s no different to just being partners really. Just harder/more expensive to get rid of her now :lol:

  48. I thought that said ‘canibalised’. Bit harsh I thought, until I read it again :lol:

  49. That is it toonsy , been going out 7 years living togeher 5 years got a 3 year old so nothing will change ( i hope :) )

  50. JToon good luck m8,take no notice doom guys,36yrs married now, would not change a minute

  51. looks like hughton wants to bring in andy o’brien ffs,he was crap the first time he played for newcastle,and that was in the european times under bobby.

  52. looks like the policy of buying young players is just large talk by the so called hierachy,to buy time as per usual.

  53. Fckin O’Brien!

    Is that the limit of our ambition?

    Would rather save on wages and play Kadar – He’s probably better.

  54. TROJAN 69,aye m8 it does,is it just talk that we wont spend any dosh out the window too,bloody doubt it like

  55. toonsy@91

    “Just harder/more expensive to get rid of her now”

    Aye, there is that mate.

    But when you do, you get to have your own TV remote, AND you get your mates back.


  56. Stuart79 says:
    June 25, 2010 at 1:10 pm
    Fckin O’Brien!

    aye m8 looks that way o!brian,samual,sampras etc,really going for it now.
    some say samual is cover might as well play best there hes about the same as full back,not even ccc class imo

  57. toonsy says:
    June 25, 2010 at 12:26 pm
    Congratulations Johno. I’ve been married 18 months now,
    <<<<< yes but u and ur hubby are made for each other toonsy :lol:

  58. Batty – You know different, you’ve been sneaking through my facebook profile enough, stalker ;)

  59. hughton done a good job last season,but if he thinks o’brien is good enough,then we have to question where this club is going.

  60. Where is this O’brien link coming from? If I remember correctly we were linked to him last season and Hughton said he was not intrested in him then so why now?

  61. Johno – The O’Brien rumour is coming from “reliable” internet sites such as ClubCall and EatTalkSport, aswell as the Jornal who “think” we could be interested in O’Brien.

    They should ban all them feckers off the Newsnow page :lol:

  62. did anyone watch the newcastle special on sky?i missed it,apparently self appointed mr newcastle himself fatboy nolan has been sticking up for ashley.ashley is a fan,wants the club to do well etc…,looks like pilsbury doughboy himself ashley is getting everyone in to bat for him again.

  63. Stu – That those two internet sites have a habit of being less than reliable, and the Journal only thinks that it could be O’Brien.

  64. TROJAN – Divvn’t forget Pedro! Beardsley was sticking up for him saying that Ashley deserves credit for bankrolling the club to promotion.

    I have a feeling though that most oftwhat was filmed not long after the season finished, or was filmed around the time of our last home game against Ipswich, which could be why they are batting for him.

  65. In that case toonsy ill cancel getting O’brien been put on the back of my shirt….for now :)

  66. Hasnt hughton already rubbished the o’ brien link ??

    Hows about Mancienne from chelsea, a bit classy for a centre half, maybe a ball playing right back, Wolves had him last season and used him as a holding mid.

    They are being linked with a loan for him again but i think Anceloti would rather sell him like he did with Stoch and we seem to be flush at the min with Samuel and Shittu amongst the big names being linked ;)

  67. Wasnt Mr Beardsley , who as far as i know is not employed by the club in anyway , slating Keegan for walking out and that he was only here for a final pay day?

  68. i never seen the programme,that’s what i was asking for,aboot what was said.

  69. there’s stuff in the chronicle,about o’brien,danny shittu,algeria’s goalkeeper etc..

  70. Ch already said the algerian keeper talk is bollox so guessin we can take the rest wi a pinch of salt.

    Icedog…couple of irons in the fire mate..flying oot on the 10th July for a couple of weeks.

  71. Craig @81 Bernard left before Babayero mate,though ya’d hardly of noticed either ;-)

  72. Johno toon……….congrats mate……divnt do it!!!…just kidding enjoy it mate.