Are Newcastle back in for Andy O’Brien?

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O'Brien back for second spell?
O'Brien back for second spell?
Newcastle manager, Chris Hughton revealed yesterday that he had made tentative enquires regarding the purchase of Bolton defender, JLoyd Samuel, although an enquiry is all it was and no formal bid was tabled.

But there was also another revelation yesterday, and that was the fact the we have apparently enquired about ‘several’ Bolton players, with Andy O’Brien ‘thought’ to be one of the other players that had been enquired about as Hughton goes about trying to add to the squad before the Premier League season kicks off in August.

I said yesterday that I can see the logic in signing JLoyd Samuel. Granted he would only be a backup should anything happen to Jose Enrique, but it is still a backup player that we need. However, as far as this idea about re-signing old boy Andy O’Brien is concerned, I am struggling to come to terms with the logic for it and can’t for the life of me see why on earth we would need to sign him, especially when we have the likes of Tamas Kadar looking to make the step up to the first team in the near future.

I must stress that the only confirmed interest from us has been regarding Samuel, and that the Andy O’Brien rumour is probably just a rehash of a rumour that was floating around back in January, so nothing is confirmed at all and there is no need to spit the dummy and get all radged up over some speculation, yet.

But if there was a grain of truth in the move for O’Brien, then it leaves me more than confused as to why, just why would we need him? We already have three first-team central defenders in the form of Coloccini, Williamson and Steven Taylor, and you can add young Tamas Kadar to that list aswell which would make four central defenders, a number that is widely recognised as being adequate in terms of the squad number needed for rigours of the domestic season.

Kadar will be needing to make the step up soon, and he is more than an adequate backup player who can be called upon when needed. I can’t see the point in paying wages for a 30-year old Andy O’Brien when we already have enough cover anyway, and is it really up Mike Ashley’s street to spend more than what is necessary on Newcastle? Hadaway man….

Then you have to look at the places that this rumour is coming from, particularly from internet sites which shall remain nameless, and lets just say they are not known for their accurate accounts of things. The Journal, to their credit, only “thinks” that the other player enquired about “could” be Andy O’Brien, although who knows just what that is based on eh?

At the end of the day, the JLoyd Samuel rumour is the only that has been confirmed by Hughton, and it is the only one that the press has got wind of, so let’s not now treat everything that comes from the press as gospel. We know the drill now, nothing is right until it is confirmed blah blah, which I prefer in all honesty, especially if the best the gossip press can come up with is Andy O’Brien!

I just hope Hughton doesn’t read them and get any ideas!

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62 Responses

  1. toonsy quick on the draw,your fingers must be doon to the nubs,getting that article typed that fast.

  2. He was a player I was pleased to see the back of, pure shite, I’d rather have liam obrien back and he’s 45.

  3. TROJAN – I was already on it whilst I was chatting on the last thread. Multi-tasking :lol:

    Batty – I quit now :lol:

  4. I really hope that this is nothing more than a rumour. He’s got alot of PL experience but there are better players out there who would come to newcastle surely?

    It is interesting to think who else we want from Bolton though, for instance Kevin Davies might be a good option as we need a proven goal scorer and im sure Nolan would put in a good word for us.

    Maybe Muamba?

  5. Alex M – I think Muamba would be a cracker. If we got him then we can get rid of Smith, even for free, just to get rid of his wages.

    The more parsimonious we are, the quicker we break even and the quicker Ashley will (hopefully) go.

  6. toonsy – yea i think so too and plus he fits the under 26 profile. however i cant see Hughton being that ruthless to be honest.

    Maybe Smith in Hughtons mind will play the role Nicky Butt played last year? It could be good to have him round the place because of his great attitude?

    however like you said, he’s on about 50k a week maybe? thats alot of money to be sitting on the bench

  7. Alex M – I think Smith is on 60k a week. A hell of a lot for a squad player, especially when you consider that the average PL salary is £21k a week.

  8. TROJAN – Agree about Davies, plus we have our own Davies in Andy Carroll in my opinion.

  9. wye aye toonsy,we’re devoid of enough pace already without adding davies to the mix,plus he’s harly prolific.

  10. Toonsy – yeah totally agree its to much to have some one sitting on the bench but i think thats the role Hughton probably has in mind for him.

    Anyone else from the Bolton squad? Agree Davies is probably too slow and wouldnt work well with Carroll, just might be one who Hughton is looking at.

    Matt Taylor maybe?

  11. Liam O’Brien, Andy O’Brien, any any any O’Brien!
    They put the ball in the mackems’ net, O’Brien! O’Brien!

    Too bad that ain’t true at all for Andy….

    Pure shite. NEXT!

  12. Autobanned :twisted:

    I’ll have to dust off the “10 German bombers” chant for the pub on Sunday I reckon ;)

  13. Anyone seen Munich Mag on here? Bet he is dreading it if we lose. Germans can be smug bastards when they want to be.

  14. Sun going to be a cracking game , I agree with The Kaiser that its a real shame its not a semi final

  15. An octopus “oracle” – born in England, but raised in Germany – has predicted a German win over England in Sunday’s World Cup game, it was revealed today.

    Oberhausen Sea Life Aquarium spokeswoman Tanja Munzig says the mollusk chose a mussel out of a water glass marked with the German flag over a mussel in a glass with the English St George’s Cross.

    England faces Germany’s national team in a much-anticipated round-of-16 match in South Africa.

    Ms Munzig said today that Paul, an octopus which lives in the western city of Oberhausen, has proven to be a reliable oracle in the past – predicting Germany’s win over Australia and Ghana and its loss to Serbia.

    During the 2008 European Cup in 2008, it predicted 80% of all German games correctly.

    Got that of my work online website! What a load of tosh! They just pull articles off other websites before anyone has a go!

  16. Munich said he was coming to Uk a couple of weeks back so dunno if he’s still here.

    I was in Germany when we lost in ’90..F**kas were at the camps fence tootin carhorns and singin……….not for long,everybody piled doontoon for a wee scrap………quite funny cos Italian expats were alongside us til there was no more Germans then we turned on each other…..all good clean fun tho ;-)

  17. I struggle to find that match as appealing as i used to after that camp little scouse runt robbed the club blind…

  18. Richie

    I prefer that euro 2000 match, Als diving header at the back post, Keggy as boss…class

  19. Toonsy

    Thats the one :)

    Its ironic that Keegan was the only England manager that gave Dennis Wise a run in the team…

  20. Say what you want about England fans, they are still the best in the world :lol:

  21. Well I’ve seen fck all between these two teams to be worried about.

    Every team has been hyoed up and the reality is there aren’t any top notch teams in the competition.

  22. Stu – Don’t forget that one of these will have to face Spain in the next round, if Spain get through of course.

  23. Looks Like Brazil is facing Spain.

    Oh shall i say,come on Chile,park tank. :lol:

  24. toonsy-was it you who mentioned bringing out 10 German Bombers in the pub?
    Imagine trying to go about your day normally with this in the background, haha

  25. toonsy – I think Spain will get through but I’m not too sure they’ll win the group, then they’ll play Brazil. That’s what you call a bonus!

  26. Ross – Aye, your gonna have a odd weekend up there aren’t you? Are the Scots willing for ze Germans to win?

    Scotland – The Sunderland of nations ;)

  27. Can’t believe there is already so much focus on penalties. Nowt like adding more pressure onto an already pressurised situation is there!

  28. Toonsy-All i’ve heard so far is how superior the Germans are to us as a team and how we’re going to be brushed aside, they’ll wipe the floor with us, make us look stupid etc etc.

    In all fairness though, after 4 or 5 too many last night I did meet a Scottish lad in the pub who was like “look mate I dont like England but we went to bloody war with them Krouts, i dont care, i’m behind England on Sunday”. He maybe wasnt as polite as that but it was still nice to hear, haha.

  29. The Jerry’s are shite! They beat a shocking Australia 4-0 in the first game, lost to Serbia in the second and beat Ghana in the last game when Ghana should have scored about five goals.

    They look really poor at the back and are really inexperienced and this will be a pressurised game.

    I think we’ll just steam roller them – 3-1.

  30. Ross – :lol:

    Reminds me of a pissed up bloke that was in the pub for the USA game. Proper tramp, walked in the pub pissed as a fart screaming “Sunderland Sunderland Sunderland”.

    My mates then kindly pointed out I was a Geordie, which meant he came over to me and started frothing in my face. I have no idea what he was saying as he was so arseholed, although I managed t pick out the word “Gazza” several times.

    Anyway, long story short, he didn’t last long in the same pub as me :lol:

  31. yes stuart england have been great! only scored 2 goals realy teams will be scared of us.jonas will knock us out how would u feel then.

  32. i think i agree with you stu – for once.

    The German’s performance/result in the first game and that of Oizl have covered what I believe to a suspect team. Granted, i think they are playing better football, but they arn’t as good as what everyone is saying. Added to the fact we only turn up for big games should lead to a very close game i think.

    I think we will nick it by one goal in extra time. Fat Frank with the winner.

  33. Asim – I would be happy because if Jonas knocks us out it means we must have beaten ze Germans :lol:

  34. Aye Hitman, and mine. In fact the eradictaed the street off the map :mad:

    Tetchy little sods :lol:

  35. asim says:
    June 25, 2010 at 5:29 pm

    Who said England have been great, you fckin piss flap? Just shut ya cake whole and concentrate on taking that dildo out of ya arse!

    But for the record, it is my opinion that Germany and for that matter the Argies have peaked way too early – Nobody can accuse us of that.

  36. Neither England or Germany look like teams with energy and the sense of going forward with some degree of abandon. Both are very positional & careful. Maybe that is why they are not scoring. But come the end of the day, someone now has to put the ball in the net one more time than somebody else. I’d like to think the one who has more zest for it will not only win, but go much further in the rounds.

  37. ho ho ho ….Andy O – ok …do you boys play football.
    Yes I am from an older age…but if you put the kids in it can cripple them if they hve a bad game.

    you cannot beat back up.there will be imjuries etc.

    PS. If I bring team up in May 11′ can we arrange a game ?

    It will help the younge players as well

  38. Yaalreet Toonsy, I’m here after all mate, but was MIA in the Geordie Nation for a few days rampaging on the Quayside and Tynemouth with wor lass. Great fun it was too, great weather, great scran, brilliant Geordie hospitality, and shite England games as usual.

    Had the unfortunate experience of travelling back to Munich via Paris CDG, shite airport by the way. Managed to track down a sports bar showing footy, but can you believe it the wazzocks were showing the USA – Algeria game, and two gay looking men were half watching..When I asked him kindly to put on the England game he made a cutting sign across his throat as if to say if I turn this ower now they’ll cut me throat !…doh ! fortunately managed to see the England goal though before boarding the plane…then had a few beers on the flight before landing and finding out the good news, we made it !

    But all this World Cup group qualification is small stuff, the real biz starts at the knock-out stages, though not for Italy and France arf arf..

    Come on England !