If I was Steve Harper, I’d be a worried man.

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Tim Krul - Newcastle's new number one?
Tim Krul - Newcastle's new number one?
I think it’s fair to say that Newcastle have been blessed with great goalkeepers for quite some time now.

Obviously it has been a position that hasn’t needed much attention paid to it as we had Shay Given for so long, and he was a fantastic goalkeeper for us.

But times move on, and so did Shay, which meant that Steve Harper took over the reins as number one, a position he has had for about two years now after waiting about fifteen years for his chance. To be honest, Harper looked nailed on to keep the starting spot in goal, until an unfortunate collision with Jermaine Beckford at Everton put him out of the game for a few months with a shoulder injury.

Enter Tim Krul, who most know will probably turn out to be a top, top goalkeeper in the future, but has anyone noticed the difference?

Personally, I haven’t, and I would hazard a guess that neither have many other people to be honest, and that could spell trouble for Steve Harper when he returns from injury.

You see, the only benefit that Steve Harper can now bring to the table is experience, but Tim Krul is learning as he goes and will be there soon enough. Krul also has the benefit of playing behind a settled defence that is playing extremely well at the minute, and that will give him some confidence as he sets about improving other aspects of his game.

I’m not surprised by Tim Krul and his shot-stopping ability to be honest as we have seen him do it before. That one handed save from Samir Nasri at the weekend is par for the course with Krul. What has surpirsed me though is the way the Dutchman commands his penalty area. He’ll need to do much the same on Wednesday night against route one Blackburn.

It’s no longer an easy choice choosing our goalkeeper. Much like in other areas of the pitch, we have competition for places, which is a good thing in my opinion. To get the shirt back, Harper will need to show that he is better than Krul.

And I’m not convinced he can do that…

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118 Responses

  1. Timmy, Timmy Krul,
    Timmy, Timmy Krul.

    He’s doing a great job.
    As per, there’s not a lot between our goalkeepers.

  2. a couple of months ago i’d disagree. Now i think krul is looking better and better with every game, and at this pace by the end of the season he could be ready to be our keeper for the next 10 years.
    Shame though as harps has deserves better luck really.

  3. One of our keepers gets easily beaten at his near post, is hugely indecisive and makes poor decisions. The other is Tim Krul.

    Harper is an ok keeper, we’ve got a real quality stopper in the form of Krul.

  4. You ask me I would like to see Steve back in goal when he´s fit. Tim can be a bit clumsy, like the goal he let in against sunderland, he should of had it, just don´t trust him quite yet, though one day he´ll probably be a good goalie for us, just lacking on the concentration bit, and get a tad more tougher.

    Steve has experience, and is a very good all round goalie. Plus he has been so loyal to the club that he deserves a chance when he gets back.

  5. Man in possession is in the box seat. As long as Krul continues to perform he has to keep his place, simple as that.

  6. TOON TOON loyalty wins nowt m8,but see where your comeing from,harper for me was weak at crosses at times as was given at times if true be known,krul seems to be stronger there but still has a bit to learn i agree

  7. Aye,
    Tim has still got stuff to learn, but he’s getting there.
    2 top quality ‘keepers.

  8. There’s not a lot in it but if it were up to me I would continue with Krul because he is the future. I would like to see us build a team around Krul, Collo, Tiote and Carroll. Thats one hell of a backbone to build upon. Harper just never had any luck in his goalkeeping career tbh, it’s unfortunate for such a solid professional, but he’s always been that little bit off the top. There is no reason to drop Krul, lets be honest apart from his kicking sometimes he is already as good as Harper and will end up the better keeper and playing for Holland imo. Would Harper have saved from Nasri… hmmm.

  9. Evening all at the min I think Krul is doing well, but like papa Icedog I agree that he still has a bit to learn. There is no better way to learn than to keep hold of the No1 spot week in week out, but I just have a feeling that Harper will get it back again :( but only time will tell

  10. Krul for me allday long, he comes n caims crosses which harps dosent, harps has experience yes but don’t count for much wen krul is better keeper n got forster to com bk next year, I fear harps tym cud b up

  11. Its interesting that Arsenal have had a real problem in that position for years now and Man U had that nightmare with Carroll (not our Andy) a few years back. For a ‘smaller team’ we always seem to have a couple of decent keepers.

  12. Should S Taylor come back into the team for Willo? No. If Krul’s form takes a dip then by all means bring Harps back in, but its shocking on the lad if the team keeps on performing and he is ousted for no reason.

  13. Krul is still plying his trade and although he made a great save from nasri still let one in from bent. So he’s raw and still liable to the odd error of judgement. I’d make sure harps had full movement without any pain but if so, he’d get in first imo

  14. I would happily sell Forster to Arsenal. They would probably pay a good price and he won’t be willing to come back just to sit behind Krul anyway.

  15. Take how long harps has been at the club out of the equation, there is no way he is better than krul, no room sentiment in footie, why stick with the past wen we can build for the future, harps is to slow

  16. What Krul is learning now is game management. When to punt, when to bowl. Plus he is learning where to punt and where to bowl. When Harps returns, the question CH has to answer is which one is the better distributor of the ball, as they both have good skills in stopping shots.

  17. As everyone has said Krul is still raw, still learning and will make mistakes. One thing I will say though is that I feel very comfortable with set pieces/balls into the box when he’s in nets. He’s good at commanding his box, he comes out and claims the ball if it’s in no mans land rather than hesitating to see if a defender can deal with it, (cheers Fabianski! ;) )
    My only issue with Harper AND Given was that they weren’t too commanding in their box, excellent shot stoppers but their claiming of the ball was their downfall. Krul seems to be an excellent shot stopper and already confident coming out to claim a cross.

  18. Well Hoots has a choice to make and he will have to upset somebody here is the options..

    1. Put Harper back in as soon as he is fit again regardless of how brilliant (and possibly better) Krul is playing. Keep Harper in when fit, he is 36 in March and next summer has one year left on his contract. Offer him a 3 year extention to keep him at the club until he is 40 years old. Meanwhile Krul doesn’t develop on the bench or goes somewhere else where he is appriciated.

    2. Harper slowly regains fitness and trains again. Krul is playing well so until there is good reason to drop him, Harper replaces Soderpop on the bench.

    3. Krul is noticably improving game by game and attracting attention after impressive premier league displays and as Dutch u-21 captain. Harper is pensionable anyway but will continue to see out his contract as decent cover from the bench.

    I would choose option 2, it is the fairest and the other two options someone is gonna be upset. Harper might be slightly frustrated by 2 but he can have no complaints if Timmy is playing well and after all people go on about Harper, Krul has waited 4 years for this chance.

  19. Definately Krul for me. Every time I see Harper play there’s always one or two wobbly moments like not racing off his line to make a clearance and failure to deal with crosses. Even if that doesn’t lead to a goal against I think it can unnerve the the rest of the back line. I’m not saying Krul is the finished article but I feel more comfortable with him in goal, as I’m sure the rest of our team is starting to be.

  20. Also it is about managing you assets, like money. Sounds silly but let me explain.

    Having Tim Krul in goal and playing first team games is like having money collecting a high rate of interest. He is gonna improve more with experience. Harper is not gonna improve now only get worse. If Harper is better at present then play him still, but if he is not it is just holding up the development of Krul who will earn almost zero interest on the bench. Or are keepers like wine, improve and mature with age. ha

  21. Unfortunately there’s no place for loyalty in footy. Krull is learning by the game, he looks comfortable & is confident. Yes, he’ll make the odd mistake but either he or Foster is our future No 1 for possibly the next decade. Sorry Harps, it’s bad luck for you. I’d put him on the bench.

  22. I find it odd that most people are quick to declare that loyalty is no longer part of football when it comes to us wanting to move a player on/drop him. Yet when the shoe is on the other foot and the player wants to leave for a bigger club/more money he is treated disdainfully…

    This is exactly why I never understood the boo’s for Habib Beye etc

  23. Krul all day long for me.
    Harps is a decent keeper but we are building something permanent here.
    Krul will only develop in the premier league.
    We are lucky to have four class keepers some clubs don’t have any.

    With all this euphoria for the players,manager and coaching staff what about some praise for our owner. His business plan is working

  24. ‘Sorry Harps, it’s bad luck for you. I’d put him on the bench.’

    Hehehe Makes him sound like the old workshy horse thats gonna be sent to the knackers yard to be made into glue.

    My impression of Harps is that he has always been happy to train, pick up his paycheck and top up his perma-tan every few months. Lets be honest if he had that much ambition he would have buggrd off to be first choice somewhere years ago.

  25. ET,
    i agree mate.

    interesting angle dood.

    & like ice said earlier, respect to the ‘keeper coach/es.
    Paul Barron-Step forward.

  26. DJG,
    bit unfair there mate.
    I reckon i could get quite a few together ^^^^^^^^
    that would see playing for the Toon as their ambition mate.

  27. batty says:
    November 8, 2010 at 9:15 pm

    “leave it too chris there both decent keepers”

    Don’t you mean “Clueless Chris”, batty? :lol:

  28. DJG,
    You have made some very good points, and I agree with you. On current form KRUL has to be number 1 unless there is a drop in form.
    There is no room for sentiment, in CH I trust.

    Shay Given was an outstanding shot stopper but failed to command his box, this IMO led to confusion with his defenders as they did not know whether he was coming or going. Harper is the same, however we should not forget that superb save he made at Bramhall Lane to give us the 3 precious points, and may I add the positive effect he has on the squad.

  29. Stuart-How can you not mate?..Given the past two weeks against the Mackems and Arsenal, 6 goals 6 points, you’d think Blackburn at home should be another top drawer performance. Feet on the ground and all that though, we’re brilliant at throwing out a complete brain bender and it wouldnt surprise me if we struggled.
    I want to send big sham back to casa del st james’ absolutly gutted that we gave his lot a hammering though.

  30. DJG

    I think that is very unfair.


    No, not really. I am actually quite worried. This is the exact type of game that usually bursts our bubble. It will be a test of how far we have really come in the last 12 months or so.

  31. I said last year on here I think, that I couldn’t understand why Krul wasn’t handed a place in the starting line-up, and I still don’t. He should have been first choice then. It would have been a perfect arena for him to develop in the CC, and by the start of this season he would have had experience too and would be miles ahead of Harper in the ranks. I respect Harps for the loyalty, but this is football and the future is our destination. wasn’t “building for the future” the new agenda for NUFC? In fact Harper didn’t do that well either seeing some of the goals he let in were poor ones. Don’t think it would’ve made a difference anyway if Krul was first choice as we would still have won the league. And I feel the same way about Vuckic and our many promising youngsters, that they should have got more opportunities coming on as subs. Anyway, I agree with the writer, and I hope Timmy stays no. 1 as long as he continue to perform the way he does now. Oh by the way, I think Harper reminds me abit of Geremi, doesn’t he? -slow and as flexible as the goal posts! *joke*

  32. toonsy. I have a blog for you if you want it. I have wrote the majority of it and its a christmas cracker.

    Can you name your ideal team from the current squad and what area is showing a weakness wtithin the current squad as i was thinking before simpson came back right back or left midfield but jonas has stepped up his game with barton now playing on the right.
    Simpson has returned this season a better player fromthat of last year and perch was no right back at forest but is good cover for other positions. Steven taylor will have to prove his worth before houts will disrupt our backline.

  33. TonyGreenSupreme says:
    November 8, 2010 at 9:35 pm

    See you were giving “Judas” some deserved stick last night mate, good on ya.”

    Which “Judas” was batty giving some stick to this time, TGS?

  34. workyticket says:
    November 8, 2010 at 9:41 pm
    TonyGreenSupreme says:
    November 8, 2010 at 9:35 pm

    See you were giving “Judas” some deserved stick last night mate, good on ya.”

    Which “Judas” was batty giving some stick to this time, TGS?
    >>>>>>>>>> Worky, Ed’s site and rightly so, even “Wor Pin Up” Geordie Deb was having a go at ED for stirring up shite about CH walking out on us.

  35. I hope the club do something to honour Harper though and he doesn’t just slide off unnoticed and unappreciated like Butt and Smith (oh no wait he’s still here isn’t he) (que the canned laughter).

    It would be extra brownie points for Ashley aswell. he could have a testimonial like Shearer but he actually saves the penalty at the end! ;)

  36. TonyGreenSupreme says:
    November 8, 2010 at 9:48 pm

    @>>>>>>>>>> Worky, Ed’s site and rightly so, even “Wor Pin Up” Geordie Deb was having a go at ED for stirring up shite about CH walking out on us.”

    Poor Ed! Batty’s quite polite compared with Deb when she’s radged. I know.

  37. CLiNT FLiCK,
    Cheers mate, I am a firm believer in possession is 9/10’s of the law dependent on form and fitness. This is my philosphy having played at a crap level for 35 years and being subjected to several droppings lol.

  38. Here is an interesting stat for all of my fellow Tiote lovers (Everyone on here)

    91% – Cheikh Tioté has a pass completion rate of 91%, the highest of any midfielder to have played at least 500 mins in the PL this season.

  39. The problem with Tiote is that he’s starting to get noticed by the media now, so other clubs will have taken note.

    He really looks like a top class player so it won’t be long until a top four club come calling.

    Will Ashley be able to turn down a good offer for him?

  40. ~ El Toro ~(Spyro/Dragonera),

    Tiote is awesome, having followed the Toon for 37yrs he is on the way to becoming a cult hero.

    My worry is that the filthy rich will start sniffing around.

    This is the same reason why I do not want any of our players gaining England recognition, all it will do is turn their heads and make them think more of cash etc.

    Life at the moment is good at NUFC as well as quite sobering considering all the false dawns and shite we have put with in the past.

    Massive credit to CH and the players as well as dare I say it to MA… ;)

  41. “Cheick Tioté (Newcastle) – when did you see anyone blot out Fabregas so well? He forced Arsenal to go long ball with 20 minutes left. Is he the signing of the summer? Third week running he’s been in the Team of the Week”

    This would be a great quote apart from the fact it comes from Adrian Durham famed for his twattishness on Talkshite :)

  42. Stuart and Tony

    I agree. It will be very difficult to hold on to him, but he was signed on a three year deal so it will hopefully be replaced with a five year one towards the end of the season.

    A bit like what Villa did with Ashley Young. The contracts if Jose and Tiote should be high on the agenda of our top management.

  43. chuck // Nov 8, 2010 at 6:51 PM

    Pay no attention to those knocking your headline,just a bunch of inbreads from (.org)
    Mostly morons, who knock everyone, for whatever reasons.

    HAHAHA just seen what everyone is on about.

    ‘inbreads’ yes sir you are a moron.

  44. DJG @ 55

    agree with you, although I think Smith had a good game against arseanal in the cup, specially 1.st half was good. He looked sharp and fit then. Still think he can do a job for us in a loong season as long as he dont have to play too many games in a short period of time. and for G’s sake dont compare him with Butt… (maybe the 25 year old) :-)

  45. Hang on a min. Is that the same chuck who used to come on here and say, ‘anyway laters it’s Amstel time 90 degrees outside’. What a sad get.

  46. batty,
    No disrespect but Moondust is quite articulate with his comments, I didn’t know you had it in ya.
    It must have been nurtured in the Battlehill of hard knocks school eh, or was it Stoke watching Micky Thomas in the 80’s lol. ;)

  47. Andy mac,
    that gadj on talkshite is a total to$$pot, y’right there mate.
    Can’t listen to it.

    Tiote in the team of the week for 3 weeks, that would be Newcastle United then.

  48. Current NUFC spine under CH,

    krul (Harper)

    Collo (Willo/Saylor/Campbell)

    Tiote (Barton/Nolan/Smith)

    Carroll (Ameobi/Ranger/Best)

    The best since:





    under SBS.

  49. Spurs v 5under1and tomorrow. How lucky are they to not have to face VDV or Defoe. I hope Bale puts in another mercurial performance

  50. Tiote signed a 4year deal actually he if we keep up the way were playin we need to worry bout top trying to sign our players bcoz we will b top 4 ourselves, don’t worri bout it lads everyone is lovin it here, anyone kno what the crack is wit that moyo we signed ain’t seen him play yet for reserves

  51. Never mind all that man – I’ve just gettin in from darts and heard the bad news.

    Jack Duckworth’s deed.

    Bollicks :cry:

  52. Evening lads…I know, I am on late…y’all are probably in the sack
    First off, just loving the result on Sunday. Woke up in a hotel and checked the Score App on my iPhone…couldn’t believe it…way to go, Toon.
    Next, the article @ 79 is a good read. I know it’s JB saying pick AC, but couldn’t it also be a subtle plug for himself? He certainly mentions at least once or twice the parrallel between he and AC.
    But, I have another question as well. What about Shola for England? Can’t he technically play for England? The partnership has proven extremely effective the last few games…why not take it internationally?
    I am always surprised by the fact that NUFC don’t have more players on the England National squad. But, then again I am biased.

  53. norcal, the question of shola for england is a good one. His range of skill/technique/scoring ratio/all round game is certainly currently superior to crouch, davies or c cole. He may fail to inspire the supporters in the way carroll would, but I’d be tempted to give him his belated cap. I think we’ll see barton and carroll called soon, simpson too as a flying RB who can actually defend, unlike johnson; with slim to outside chances of shola, nolan and williamson getting a squad call by the end of the season, if we stay at the right end of the league.

  54. Yeah, Boater, as I said, i am a bit biased of course as a NUFC fan, but with lots of Englishmen playing for the Toon and playing very well, it would suprise me if none make it to the squad. Honestly, I’d be surprised if only AC goes. I think there are many that have proved they can compete at the top levels.

  55. Ameobi can only be better than Heskey, surely?

    If they are desperate for strikers I think Carroll and/or Ameobi on current form deserve at least a friendly. There seems to be a physcological barrier and north/south divide. Also depends if you play for a fashionable club or not. They only picked K Davies out of sheer desperation but surely he shouldn’t be getting first caps at 33 ahead of Carroll/Ameobi in their 20’s.

  56. 5th after 3 incredible straight wins; having your no. 9 talked about as the new national sporting saviour/bad boy icon, tiote in every national team of the week, the next van der sar in nets, and your manager talked about as potential successor at city – the world’s richest club. It’s a bit like taking a fit girlfriend to a millionaire’s members nightclub, you worry she’ll go to the ladies and eventually not come back.

  57. It’s increadable how short of strikers we are. Andy Cole was saying on MoTD2 that he couldn’t get in the squad because in his time there were so many good english centre forwards. He would be nailed on starter if he was playing now.

  58. boater

    When I start to get carried away I just think back to less than three games ago when we were 1-0 down at West Ham and struggling to keep a point/game ratio.

  59. DJG

    That’s a good thing, mate. Stay grounded.


    As Stuart said earlier, Tiote is really pulling in the plaudits now and it is slightly worrying. I just hope that he can talk Dzsudzsak into joining him over here. He had another great game on Sunday and it won’t be long until he gets snapped up by a top side.

  60. “All hail Krul and his glorious new regime”, to quote the Simpsons. I see absolutely no reason to replace Krul with Harper unless he has a dip in form. The best way to get experience is to play and as others have pointed out, he’s hardly done worse than Harps. He’s our future no 1, so why not let Harper win the position back from him?

  61. Did anyone realise that Spurs have a historical connection to Northumberland?
    They are named after the then Duke of Northumberland whos land the ground was built on ( family name of Percy but known as Hotspur).
    Two Royal humpings of 5under1and by black and whites in as many weeks, schadenfreude or what!
    Come on you Spurs!

  62. For me, Tim Krul is coming on leaps and bounds with each game and for me has edged ahead of harps . Krul commands his box far better than Harps.

  63. Off thread but nevertheless a current issue….


    Of course it’s the Torygraph speculating but you can bet your boots that if he were to get the call from Spurs, he’d be off like a shot!

    Assuming he’s not on a good contract soon and ‘Arry doesn’t get put inside for allegedly evading tax (just when is he going to appear in court I wonder?) and he gets an England role, then there’s a strong possibility that CH will get the call.

    A contract offer made following submission of a resignation, is an offer made too late!

    C’mon Mr A, you’ve got a manager who’s done a marvellous job so far, so at least look after him otherwise we’ll be faced with another JFK-inspired debacle!

  64. Hi guys, My first post on here but i’ve been following the blog and reading everything since the beginning. First off good blog so thanks for that.

    As for the Krul/Harper debate (if they is one) my view is Krul stays till he has a dip in form or Harper shows outstanding performances in training/reserve matches etc. In any case the competition will be good for the team. Although on a more sentimental note, I met Harper years ago when the team came down to Malaysia for the Asia Cup and even though he was the perenial stand-by keeper behing Given he came accross as a really nice down to earth sort of guy who made time for the fans. This is in stark contrast to some of those players who immediately walked and got on the bus. So it would be nice to see him repayed for his loyalty and the fact he never ever bitched about being reserve all those years as most players do.

    So hope they both try to outdo each other and make sure we keep clean sheets.

  65. England’s next competitive match is not until March or something, isn’t it?

    So I think it’s pretty much nailed on that Capello (and not ‘Arry will be England manager well into the New Year).

    By which time Hughton will almost certainly have a new contract anyway.

    A contract that will not make the slightest bit of difference anyway, should Henry Winter’s hypothetical and slightly ludicrous chain of events even take place.

    Do people really think the club should change their plans because someone in the papers said so?

  66. Good.

    Now how about a new song to welcome former fans favourite – BSA – on Wednesday night?

    To the tune of Peter Reid/Monkey’s Heed…

    Big Fat Sam’s got a fcuking massive heed,
    A fcuking massive heed,
    A fcuking massive heed!

  67. If Harper had made some of the mistakes Krul has made since coming in he would be slated on here. I think Krul is a good keeper with a promising future but Harper is the safer pair of hands at the moment.

  68. I know what you mean Macas. Off the top of my head I think of 3 clear cut mistakes Krul has made that have directly resulted in goals: Chelsea’s first in the CC game, Arsenal’s first in the CC game, and the Mackem goal last week.

    I’m not criticising Krul tho. He’s already a huge talent and will surely only get better.

  69. Krul’s young for a keeper and thus relatively inexperienced. Stacke of potential there and similarly, stacks of learning foor him too.

  70. Toon Chicken – You could also perhaps say he might have done better with N’Zogbia’s second goal against us. I’m not knocking the lad, on the whole he has done well and can only improve, and he will have certainly gained from the experience of playing in the first team. But first choice for me has to be Harper at the moment.

  71. Well, I’m glad its Chris and not me or anyone else on here that has to make that decision.

  72. I see Roeder is sticking his neb in with Andy Carroll getting a call up. Just because he was the last manager to win a European trophy with nufc he thinks he knows it all.
    Good comments from joey saying England should pick the best players, not the nicest players.

  73. MT – if you ask me JB is talking sh1te again.

    His “goody two-shoes” comment just doesn’t stack up at all.

    A. Cole – found guilty of celebrity treason.
    R. Ferdinand – banned for missing a drugs test cos he knew he’d test positive.
    J. Terry – caught shagging his team mates ex.
    S. Gerrard – b1tch-slapped some meth in a bar cos he wouldn’t put his Atomic Kitten CD on.
    F. Lampard – starred in a sordid sex tape with Dyer and Ferdinand.
    W. Rooney – addicted to tabs and slags…

  74. Macas

    Disagree with everything you say. Doesn’t make you wrong though. Just opinions

  75. Toon Chicken

    What exactly was his mistake against Arsenal? Letting the ball hit him on the back of the head. Howway man you’re having a laugh.

    And do you not blame the defence for Bents goal. Surely he should have been closely marked.

  76. Ha – good one, buda :roll:

    Try flapping at a cross, getting dragged out of position and then letting the ball bounce between his legs. Of course it wasn’t his fault that the ball ultimately rebounded in off the back of his head, but it was his error that lead to it.

  77. Ah, yeah, fcukin hilarious that like.

    Gan on Joey – mek us proud!! :roll:

    You lot not got some lead to twok or summit?