Newcastle weighing up Samaras bid?

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Samaras? No thanks!
Samaras? No thanks!
Newcaste are keeping tabs on Celtic’s Greek striker Georgios Samaras, apparently.

Well that is accorcing to The Daily Record, who claim that the bargain striker could be available for a knock down price of £1.5 million. In my opinion that is £1.5 million too much for a striker who was less than impressive when he last graced the Premier League with Manchester City.

Samaras only has 12-months remaining on his contract at Parkhead, and as a consequence of that it looks like the Celtic management are ready to cash in on the player who is currently plying his trade at the World Cup in what looked to be a lacklustre Greece team. I’m not convinced, but perhaps the versatility of the player could be a useful addition? If we were to pursue Samaras then we would be getting a player that can play two positions – centre-forward and winger – although I still think that we already have better players in our team.

Why on earth would we go for a striker who doesn’t really score goals? When you look at the teams at where he has scored goals and the standard of the league, then you have to say that Samaras doesn’t really appear to be a good option for us as he is proven that he can only really cut it in weaker leagues. Kris Boyd would be a better proposition to sign in my opinion, and his goal ratio is three times better than the Greek’s.

I think the proposed £1.5 million would be better off in sitting in the bank on this deal. When played as a striker, Samaras is no better or no different to what we already have on our books, and as a winger I can’t see him being very effective, especially not in the Premier League. Wayne Routledge apparently cost around £1.5 million, and that was money well spent. Unfortunately it wouldn’t be the case in this instance.

Alas it is just a bit more speculation, and there will be more of it heading our way over the coming days/weeks/months, expecially now Chris Hughton has openly admitted that we are indeed in the market for signings. Also, don’t forget the The Daily Record is part of The Mirror Group, so now you can have a gauge of just how credible this rumour is.

Not very credible is my guess!

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289 Responses

  1. Part of the mirror group who according to Sunday Mirror’s man in the North East Brian McNally, Just 10 short days ago Newcastle United have no money to spend yet £1.5m has magically appeared to help sell their pathetic rag north of the border…

  2. No No no no no no no !!!

    this has got to be a load of bull……would be a greek tragedy if true…..

    Not good enough

  3. keep well clear. Vladimir Wiess on loan on the other hand, would be one particularly attractive option, who plays in exactly the same position; up front or out wide.

  4. good call devon, just been reading the reports about weiss, looks a more abled player than some of the pony weve been linked with lately ;) greece were utter crap the other day.

  5. Samaras for Newcastle?

    I’d help him pack his bags!

    He has been woeful for Celtic.

    About as good as he was for Greece at the weekend.

    I wouldn’t wish him on anyone, but I hope he goes to somebody else……anybody else!

  6. CC says:
    June 15, 2010 at 2:05 pm

    The Mcnally article was his own opinion and not the Mirror’s official stance.

    So I don’t think the reporter of this story would refrain from writing it just because another journolist has a different opinion.

  7. I would not wish Samaras on anyone but Rangers, He is useless!! Kris boyd is poor also but gets a few goals at SPL level, dont think he’d score more than 6 – 8 goals in EPL though.

  8. wouldn,t improve the team one bit,to be honest,might be useful if anyone at the club are thinking of putting together a queen tribute band with samaras as freddie mercury.

  9. look at that man, even his team’s own fans are wanting him to go, what does that say about him?!?! Don’t usually listen to paper gossip, and wont on this instance, however I just hope, PREY, this is just that, made up rubbish.

  10. CC says:
    June 15, 2010 at 2:05 pm

    “Part of the mirror group who according to Sunday Mirror’s man in the North East Brian McNally, Just 10 short days ago Newcastle United have no money to spend yet £1.5m has magically appeared to help sell their pathetic rag north of the border…”

    The Journal and the Chronic are also part of the Mirror Group, CC. There’s no escaping the network of shite.

  11. parky the ‘big’ tim says samaras is horrifically woefull.

    i would only wish him on rangers

  12. Paulo……I think thats something we all have in common then mate…or wish him on the mackems ;-)

  13. Rich – When your wishing evil you need to learn a new smiley that fits appropriately, like a :twisted: for example ;)

  14. Hasn’t hughton pretty much denied any of the rumours that’ve come out though? Far as I can tell, the papers haven’t exactly been spot on concerning any Newcastle United transfers..

  15. Having fun with the smileys children !

    Samaras, dont think so, hope it`s rumor 9999999999.
    because if that`s the limit of our ambitions, were f****d.

    It`s also rumored S********d are offering 3.5m. for Onuoha,
    seems i recall we offered the same not too long ago, that`s if you believe all you hear or read.
    Certainly be pissed if they got him for that price.

  16. chuck says:
    June 15, 2010 at 4:01 pm

    “Having fun with the smileys children”

    Yes thanks, although I apologise as I forgot fun offends you..


  17. dont worry toon fans , as a celtic man i can tell you the daily record always make up crap like this in close season ,they said kris boyd is signing for you too and houghton later said no chance . sammy wouldnt get in shearers bar never mind the newcastle team

    good luck next season

  18. U guys need to realise you aren’t a big team anymore. Samaras is woeful but who honestly do you think you are going to attract? Not saying this in a bad way because celtic are in the same situation. However we are a much larger club stuck in a poor league.

  19. So by that logic, buying a player who cant get into a team in a shite league should do because wea ren’t what we once were?

    Perhaps not, but he is no different and scores less goals that what we have already.

  20. Sean we can become a big club again with the right direction, your club is Scottish so it’ll always be shit.

  21. Haha – great put down, jay jay! :)

    Reminds me of Winston Churchill…

    “I may be drunk, Miss, but in the morning I will be sober and you will still be ugly.”

  22. us celtic are in the same boat…

    were getting linked with daryll murphy from the manky mackems

    if thats our level now after the likes of larsson,hartson and sutton then we are also in a very very dark place

  23. Sean says:
    June 15, 2010 at 4:10 pm

    I agree, to a degree. Every player were linked with who would actually be in our price range has been rubbished on here by most.

    Who do you people think we can get? We have no money! We won’t be matching the wages most other clubs will offer.

    we need a reality check on the quality of player available to us – Our pool of players available is very small, the chances of finding quality, although not impossible is going to be pretty hard.

    So we need to take what we can get.

  24. This has to be one of the worst starts to a World Cup ever :(

    Make us in the Championship look like an exciting outfit :D

  25. chronicle running a story on slovakian kid,vladimir weiss on possible loan deal.

  26. Stuart79

    you’ve hit the nail on the head again, well done. We are not as big as we used to be so we should try to sign players who are completely shit.

  27. jay jay says:
    June 15, 2010 at 4:46 pm

    you’ve hit the nail on the head again, well done. We are not as big as we used to be so we should try to sign players who are completely shit.

    I agree with the first part of that paragraph, but the last part is a little bit unfortunate.

    It’s not because were not as big as we once were – Were still as big, just not as attractive to players.

    We shouldn’t try to sign sh1t players, it’s just that with our lack of investment the chances are the players we bring in will be of lower quality for the most part.

  28. we might as well just save the money and plod on with ranger. there is no point in just getting in the numbers even when they are crap. i would rather get one good signing then three kak ones.

  29. plus while these players may well be cheap as chips i bet they are still 20 grand a week jobs and it is the weekly salary that is going to kill us. we are better off paying one decent wage for a godo player than 40 grand on two cast off rejects.

  30. While teams like Wigan are scouting and finding decent players from South America, for little money, apparently we are looking at garbage free agents like Samaras.

    Do our Scout`s realize there`s a whole double continent on this side of the pond , that the continental sides have recruited from for generations.

    In fact this club was a trailblazer in that regard, having the two Robledo brothers in the side in the early fifties.

    Watched the Ivory Coast Vs. Portugal game , some of the best football yet.
    If any African team can win it this time it would have to be Ivory Coast, with Ghana in with a shot.
    Impressed, big athletic team, that knows how to play.
    Wonder what Dindane would go for from Pompey, seems he could fill the CF slot here.
    But what am I saying, probably wants to get paid for playing.

  31. craig – if you seriously think our scouts are looking at Samaras then you’re dafter than you sound.

    And don’t worry about calling chuck a cock. According to Stu it also means “chicken”. ;)

  32. Chuck you are nearly always, always wrong. Good game, wrong. Signing dindane from Portsmouth, wrong.

  33. chuck – if you seriously think our scouts are looking at Samaras then you’re dafter than you sound.

    There we go.

  34. sorry mate that was 1 of the worst games. what were u watching. must have been samras

  35. chuck says:
    June 15, 2010 at 5:15 pm

    Our scouts cannot afford the air fare further afar than Southern Europe.

    Glasgow’s only a couple of hours drive and only a few quid in fuel.

  36. It was a god awful game of football. Like watching chess for 90 minutes. If football is supposed to be an entertainment business like has been mentioned on here before, the I would hope those fans watching at the ground are demanding money back!

  37. option to buy is not a option due to the fact if he plays well they will either keep him or sell him to the highest bidder which wont be us. thats why i said cleverley must be bought if manu want to sell or forget it. we are back to square 1 given him back to them.

  38. Asim – Not only that, but Weiss would need to be guaranteed games as Man City weren’t happy that he never really featured that much at Bolton.

    I don’t know much about him to be fair, but is he better than Jonas or Routledge? And if so, would either be happy steeping back at the expense of themselves?

  39. to be fair toonsy!i cant see us apart from centre midfield or striker maybe buying to play in are first team the others would be loans for back up.defo i think right back is are first signing or we will be in big trouble unless he thinks talyor will stay and play their.

  40. See how well Gervinho played… I’ve been on about him for a while but in all honestly he’d cost too much.

  41. He is good like toonsy, and although he wouldn’t be a guaranteed starter, I do think he’d get plenty of footy at the Toon throughout the course of the season cos he can play on the right or thru the mid.

    If he does have a blinder then who’s to say we couldn’t afford him at the end of the season? So long as we stay up we’ll be in a better financial position than we are now.

  42. The issue of the Vuvuzela has been discussed at great lengths over here, with the British press making quite a fuss over them.

    And after much discussion and the debate, the general consensus amongst the local public is this:

    “Ag… F$%k them, the World Cup is here, so lets have fun!, they can do what they want when its their turn!”

  43. if he has a blinder city would keep him and offer him more money thats what u dont want.sorry buy first then see how it goes then we are in pole postion.

  44. Well then Asim,

    We loan him with an agreed transfer fee if he impresses!

    Ah wait… Ashley not that bright is he :(

  45. JJ – I am sure FIFA are just waiting for some Vuvuzela related accident before outlawing them. Dropping one on someones foot for example, or a complaint that the constant drone at such a high decibel level inside the stadium could be causing lasting ear damage to fans inside the ground, or something ;)

  46. If you guys don’t tell anyone I’ll let you know the real use for the Vuvuzela. The noise is just a cover up…

    We actually use them to shoot mini blow darts of laxatives into the opposition… thats why they never perform as well in the second half… ;)

  47. “a complaint that the constant drone at such a high decibel level inside the stadium could be causing lasting ear damage to fans inside the ground, or something ;)”

    I’m pretty sure they are causing damage Toonsy, you have no idea how loud they are until you here them for real.

    But they are pretty harmless. Even if I hit you over the head with one as hard as I could I doubt it’d do more than sting you…

    Plus they make a handy funnel for celebrations of beer downing after the game :)

  48. Fookin’ Gash thought we where signing a Tennis Player had to look twice.
    Pile of shite so I expect we will sign him ASAP.

  49. JJ says:
    June 15, 2010 at 5:58 pm

    “Plus they make a handy funnel for celebrations of beer downing after the game”

    Pointless having them as a Newcastle fan then! Plus I’m much more common than that. I cut the bottom of a two litre bottle of pop and use that as a funnel :D

  50. africa have made over 2mil selling those vuvuzela,ive been giveing £2 a month to africa aid,the swines have been buying horns with it,thats the finish

  51. Ye, news must be real slow for Toonsy to have to put up a tranfer rumour of Samaras… ;)
    Chuck and his little attention seeking posts have got more responses than the Samaras link…
    Maybe we should do a blog on good old Chuck…

    “Chuck, sad lonely b@stard or just a right bell end?”

    Comments welcome:

    1 Cool DJ
    June 15, 2010

    2 Stuart
    June 15, 2010
    Chuck would be too expensive for Ashley. We are just going backwards

    3 Sir Jason Toon
    June 15, 2010
    Fook Ashley… Fook Chuck too. Fat cockney #%#%!!!

    4 Toonsy
    June 15, 2010
    Come on lads, easy now!

    5 Chuck
    June 15, 2010
    JJ you racist apologist. I’ve read between the lines, its clear! Off for a tube of glue… em Amstel!


  52. When teams start getting knocked out the cup they will be thrown at players, officials or just onto the pitch. Then they’ll be banned I think.

  53. Oh Toonsy, you want a line on every thread?

    Ok, I’ll drop it. I just thought that was funny. My bad…

  54. JAY JAY they have already said they will not ban them ie africa can not refuse the income they are makeing m8

  55. I dunno Jay Jay, they’re R100 a pop, but maybe people will throw other peoples onto the pitch…

  56. Jayjay, you’ve had over 100 years to find the right direction and have acheived the square route of f*ck all, what makes you so optimistic that this perenial trend will suddenly change? Glue? Samaras is your is and forever shall be your level. Aeschyleas himself couldn’t have paired a more tragic match. Ha’way, chaps! And dannae be causing trouble doon tha toon!

  57. McBumLovin, where you from? Did you get misdirected from some gay sex chat room?
    I think you lost mate…

  58. McLovin – True, but if we played in annual two team league like yoursleves then I can guarantee we would have won titles, law of averages and that.

  59. Your nations football has gone backwards and I can’t see it coming back mclovin, can you?

  60. So no one thinks we should do like Wigan (18m. profit in the EPL last season) by scouting in the Americas.
    What about Gooch ? did we make a mistake in not signing him ?

    On another matter, wonder if our astute owner realizes that there`s more to a club than a team with a manager.
    Over the years certain successful teams have employed a group of individuals, as trainers, coaches, part time scouts and various other roles, usually called the back room staff.
    Where do people like Wenger, Fergie and others find such talent, especially the kids in the youth system.
    Few youngsters avoid Man. U`s. net and most are offered trials, sure many dont make it, but many are sold for profit (Simpson) and others make the breakthrough (Evans).
    None of this just happens, it`s down to a well run policy, with the right people in the right places.
    Whereas, I understand our scouting system has undergone a change in leadership and god knows what`s involved there.
    My point, we need a general manager who can deal with money matters, scouting, and all of the other backroom tasks a role that only someone with a track record in the business, can fulfill.
    Not someone from a casino, who`s only experience is on the job training.

  61. O’ Lord its hard to humble…
    When you perfect in every way!
    And then when you look in the mirror,
    You get better looking each day!
    Oh, Lord its hard to humble…
    I must be one hell of a man,
    O’ Lord its hard to humble, but
    I’m doing the best that I can.

  62. Mclovin

    It wouldnt be the first time us down here inherit youre shite, Scotlands biggest export is jobless scum raping England for dole money.

  63. Icedog – Thats not biting mate, it’s fact.

    The Scottish league is a two team league. Either Celtic or Rangers have won the title 85 times between them. Thats two team goodness, although Rangers have won the most by some way ;)

  64. JJ, is that some sort of covert homosexual advance? If so, I accept!

    Toonsy, of course you would – most of the lesser clubs in our league have managed the odd fleeting moment of glory.

    jayjay, did you watch saturday’s game, love? Inspiring stuff!!

  65. Yeah yeah JJ, that ashley is a real idiot. Thats how you get to be a multi-millionaire didn’t you know?…..but I’m almost certain that if you abuse him enough he will see the error of his ways and give chris a massive transfer war chest.

    It’s seems the same everyday at the moment, what ever the subject we end-up with the same posts…..we won’t sign him, we can’t afford the fee/wages, ashley’s a **** (insert your own preferred word/s)bargain basement signings etc etc. The truth is that nobody on here knows who we are after, how much we have to spend or what wages we can pay. Lets give chris a chance he has certainly earned it!

  66. Icedog@71- that had me laughing mate. The vuvuwhatys won’t get banned. The amount theyve sold and the money they’ve made means they’re here to stay I reckon. Didn’t FIFA say today that they wouldn’t be staying? They do make a bloody racket like, but it’s all part of the experience. When players come out and criticise them in public they might have an issue.

  67. CC, you come from Newcastle.

    Toonsy, you play in a 4 team league that for the last 15-20 years on two have competed for at any one time. 2 team league is not the angle I’d choose if I were you. But hey, I’m not….and thank fook for that small mercy!

  68. Chuck @ 86. I would agree with you on the Americas point. But, then we are from the Western Hemisphere. We have the unfortunate curse of supporting a team (and by proxy a league) that is not in our part of the world. Therefore to make up for it, we want to see more of our lads over there playing. So we may be a bit biased.

    However, that said, I would say we absolutely missed the boat not signing Gooch. Not only a fantastic player, but show me another player who recognizing that contracts are two-ways and if you get paid to play and don’t play, then perhaps you shouldn’t get paid…a season for free at AC Milan…

    Then there are those that have been inspiring and fan favorites…McBride, Keller, Howard, Donovan (after only a few games his permanent stay was wanted), and Dempsey.

    We’re cheaper than the average player, but as good or better than the average player, but rarely asked to step up over there.

    I can only hope our WC performance will open more oppportunities to our lads…and not just the squad (given the fact that most of our squad play overseas) but to our players in general.

  69. noir 9

    I know lots of idiots that are mega wealthy. And I know a quite a few intellegent people that are not.

    You don’t have to be smart to be rich. Sometimes its just a case of luck and having no morales. So you’ll sacrifice your consciousness for money…

    Although I do believe you were referring to Jay Jay… not JJ, so get it right!

  70. ROSS hows things with you mate,of the games i thought M!bia would be canny for toon with our budget (so called),have you seen him play

  71. MvLovin – I would, I find the two team angle perfectly reasonable. Football was invented more than twenty years ago you know?

    See, our titles in England have to be earned over the season, which is why there are a lot of teams through history who have won them – the most being 18 times by one club. Whereas your league is there for the taking every year and is only decided by meeting between Celtic and Rangers. Historically, beyond your 15-20 year reference period, the SPL (and predecessors) has always been a two team league.

  72. Yes I watched that shite on Saturday, but a national team doesn’t have much to do with the strength of the league. We have a good league, shite national team. Brazil have a shite league, good national team. Scotland have a shite league, shite national team. At least you beat us on being consistant ;)

  73. JJ, and stardust is the new date rape drug, right? Dirty bugger! But I like you, that’s why I’ll kill you last.

  74. Ye Chuck, you and old Mclovin, just miles ahead of the rest of us when it comes to intellegence.
    Your both miles ahead of us when it comes to living on cloud Cuckcoo land and giving each other anal loving…

    But I’d rather remain ignorant if intellegence made me anything like you…

  75. Oh no Toonsy,

    I didn’t realise this blog had become a battle of the wits and I’m getting beat by complete and utter tits… ;)

    I better run off to my bunker like Chuck does and reload on ammo…

    Ah McLovin, I’m South African bro.

    I’m too stubborn to beat kill.

  76. Worky,

    I havn’t heard you warn Chuck once,

    Despite his ramblings and continous arguments with many other posters besides myself.
    Yet, when I joke about him, you don’t tolerate it. It was just a joke?

    I still havn’t heard you comment on your denial of posting that comment when you said, I may have fooled Toonsy and the rest but I havn’t fooled you!

    What is your agenda against me?

    All I’m doing is giving Chuck back what he gives. You need to be fair here!

    Have I had issues with any other bloggers.

    If you want me to stop… Stop Chuck. Or ban me. Your choice.

  77. NorCalToon

    Yeah not to mention the great goalies we have provided over the years, my point is before WE get anyone from the Americas they usually begin their careers on the continent, with the exceptions of course.
    So, we can only conclude, with the exception of present day Wigan and a couple of other clubs, that there`s little done in scouting in the Americas by most EPL clubs.
    The same applies to the African continent, which has been a hot bed of talented players, most breaking in at continental clubs and sold on to the major leagues for big profits.
    Hey ! bye the way we did`nt look bad against,that highly ranked side the other day.
    Kept our shape, had a plan, in fact looked much more organized than the other side and coulda won it.
    Expect to get through to the next round, probably top the group.

  78. JJ chill m8 your just upsetting your sel,just dont bite if people wind you up,plus it upsets other bloggers imo

  79. JJ dude… fuk chuck man… let him say what he wants. you right about worky though.. i had noticed that too.
    Anyway……..see there are a few threads coming through that chelsea have bid 50 million for torres. class player him like.

  80. Ice, only Chuck mate. Anyone would get upset at the allegations he makes. He has had words with at least 7 or 8 bloggers. Yet, Worky chooses to ignore it every time.

    Tired of it.

    This wind up Chuck gets away with murder and I’d like to know why?

  81. Yes, I’ve had us top of the group in my ESPN bracket. But, on goal differential only. I think US and England go up tied on points…7 each.

    I think we got lucky in D to be honest. Tim Howard made another fntastic outting pretending to be a wall with but one wee crack in it. I’ve never liked our defense, except for Gooch and maybe Bocanegra, but he (Bocanegra) was easily beat a few times, so that makes me nervous.

    I’ll tell you who was great though, that was Cherundalo (spelled the name wrong I think). He looked committed to the cause.

    Beyoind that, I think our middies and strikers will do the deed and light up the opposition now.

  82. About Torres,

    Do Liverpool have a new manager yet? Or new owners? I reckon if not, we could have a small chance of sneeking in an offer for Benajoun.

    Torres and Drogba for me, are the best two strikers in the league.

  83. JJ i know what your saying,i dont chat with chuck as i dont like his lines of thought,but thats my choice,you have yours m8

  84. Gogeous day 79F. with high pressure, just great, well lads off to the local catch the Brazilians destroy the N/Koreans, and enjoy a few ice cold Amstels.

  85. I kinda hope Chelsea don’t pay that much for him…
    I’d much rather see Liverpool not get the funds and suffer a bit more.

    But, that said, I’ll pity any team going up against Drogba and Torres…deadly strike combo.

    The only hope is that they don’t play off of each other well and continually run into the same spaces leaving many crosses wanting…

  86. Toonsy, jayjay, you do realize that the defence you’ve put forward for your team’s lack successful aptitude is that you play in more competative league. Apart from it’s latent attempt to glean sort sort of leeched glory from the success’ of those who have achieved in your league, the main premise of your argument – that success is more spread out – only serves to highlight your own teams’s lack of standing due to it’s lack of honours. Extend your logic further, and pit your team’s achievements against that of say Aberdeen and Dundee Utd – 2 teams who, according to you, play in a duopoly league – yet in the 80’s both managed to reach European finals – Aberdeen winning and Dundee utd losing after beating barca home and away. Now, surely if these two minnows can achieve such success’ in a league which offers little more than a glass ceiling, you, in your open footballing utopia, should have had at the very least success’ on a par with these 2 “mickey mouse” teams? Or is it your stale, off-the-shelf argument doesn’t extend that far.

    Btw, lols at the guy who said western hemispere. Genius!

  87. i think that torres and gerrard will both be elsewhere next season. i can see gerrard going abroad. with them two gone… and benajoun i think liverpool are looking at about the same level as us. and that aint hi.
    oh is that you away chuck……….bye…dont rush back!

  88. NorCal ToonFan says:
    June 15, 2010 at 7:25 pm

    “I kinda hope Chelsea don’t pay that much for him…
    I’d much rather see Liverpool not get the funds and suffer a bit more”

    I like that thought :D

    I would give anything to see Liverpool go out of business. Anything. They deserve all they get!

  89. Dunno why, he won’t start at Chelsea. Not with Kalou, Lampard, Essien, Malouda there.

    I remember a time when we were linked to Benayoun, and people were saying not good enough for Newcastle then…

    Funny how now he is good enough for Liverpool and Chelsea.

  90. CC watch toonsy hes a fox,just shaved his hair off,so he can sneak in at anfield his 2nd team ;)

  91. McLovin – But Dundee and Aberdeen can be equally compared with teams like Fulham and Middlesborough, both of which reached European finals recently despite not being in the “same top 2 that tussle for the league” as you say. It’s a cup competiton, and on the day anyone can win. If they get on a run, then who knows? Ross County as an example?

    Our team has no lack of success. We have won trophies home and abroad, although admittedly they were in the past and before football was invented “15-20” years ago. Teams have great spells of dominance down here, Liverpool in the 70’s/80’s, Man Utd 90’s/00’s, Newcastle years ago, Wolves, Blackburn, Burnley, they have all had them at some point until other teams catch up or the teams themselves decline.

    In Scotland that doesn’t happen, it’s just Celtic/Rangers flipping it between them, although Rangers have the slight monopoly on it admittedly.

  92. Nor Cal,I think it’ll be England go up top on goal diff….Heskey’ll grab 4 in the next 2 games ;-) whey maybe not with Heskey grabbin 4 then.Really don’t fancy playing the Germans tho I thought they were flattered a little to play such a poor Aussie team.

    JJ just let it go mate….Chuck sometimes makes some good points put spoils it by having to insult at least 1 person daily just let him crack on.

  93. JJ, you’re South African. Good for you, sweet cheeks! I’ll take it you meant to infer you enjoy robbing tourists and prancing around in your dead mother’s frocks with vuvuzila in hand. Good times! Eh, bro?

  94. Mclovin where did I say your league used to be shite? I said it is shite now. The achievements by some clubs in years gone by were amazing. I consider Celtic winning the cup in 67 one of the greatest achievements in European football. But now I feel your league is doomed. The old firm keep getting weaker and the rest of the teams are pretty much a joke, and I can’t see things improving.

  95. Yoi wouldn’t want to be a Noth Korea player if they end up the whipping boys would you. Disgracing the nation like that, heaven knows what the punishment would be in such a liberal country :D

  96. Thanks, Craig.
    I was certain Richie was having a laugh. I mean Heskey? Really? He was so nice to tap the ball to Howard vs. the 5 or 6 feet on either side of him. He hit Howards chest with bullseye accuracy…that takes immense talent, and I think that’s the problem. He’s going for the keeper, not the goal. I think FC needs to sit down with him and explain how a team wins…not the number of times you hit the keeper…it’s the number of times you hit the back of the net. He may get it some day…just not this tourney.

  97. I was joking Craig…..probably not even 4 in the rest of his England career :lol:

  98. craig chisholm says:
    June 15, 2010 at 7:17 pm

    “you right about worky though.. i had noticed that too.”

    Noticed what, exactly, Craig?

  99. heskey is proper shit. i just dont get it at all. same old donkies keep getting the nod! his hold up play is average but that is it. if he is there simply cos we have ran out of world class strikers then we would be better off putting an attacking midfielder in there. at least he could tackle, and shoot-to-miss the keeper. i have looked at that shot heskey took against the septic twats and it was directly at howard, the keeper did not even move one single finger. my god, this man geet paid 60 k a week as a striker and now he is in his twilight he still has not got a clue yet!!!

  100. “McLovin says:
    June 15, 2010 at 7:37 pm

    JJ, you’re South African. Good for you, sweet cheeks! I’ll take it you meant to infer you enjoy robbing tourists and prancing around in your dead mother’s frocks with vuvuzila in hand. Good times! Eh, bro?”

    Na, McLovin, I’ve tried robbing tourists at the World Cup fan parks but I end up getting pished and blowing the money buying the same tourists drinks after the game.
    Problem with not knowing what to do with money besides buy booze.

    As for my dead mother. Na, shes still around. But I gave up on wearing the frocks, when they didn’t fit around my beer bellow anymore. Now I just wear the leopard skin undies and and use the Vuvuzela as a willy warmer…

    You, welcome to borrow my mams frock, its all chequers like the ones you guys wear! Its got matching high heels too.

  101. Richie, does he have a “rest of his English career?” Wouldn’t you say that perhaps it may well be over? I guess there’s still this tourney, but with shooting boots like those, I am not so certain you’d want him up there.

    Honestly, I still can’t believe Bent didn’t make the cut…that’s a shame.

  102. “toonsy toonsy says:
    June 15, 2010 at 7:40 pm

    Yoi wouldn’t want to be a Noth Korea player if they end up the whipping boys would you. Disgracing the nation like that, heaven knows what the punishment would be in such a liberal country :D”

    Media brief in North Korea:

    So Prime Minister – what is your opinion on the disappointment of the Korean Football team?

    reply: Football team? We have no football team! They were South Korean spys dresses in blue. We have had them terminated…

  103. i have noticed that no matter what chuckie says, no matter how much he insults people you never ever jump on him like you do on JJ and many others to boot…. inc me… JJ is bang on with his observation…

  104. NorCal I think Bent’s a bit like Andy Cole(nowhere near as good tho),but he can score at club level but is hopeless at international level.

  105. Can I ask you English folks something?

    Why is it that nobody rates Crouch? I mean, for me the guy causes defenses problems and his scoring record cannot be argued with. You don’t have to play him as a target man. He is mobile enough to play in any system, good with his feet.

    He has been a sucess at every club he goes to. Yet, he never starts. Not even at Tottenham?
    Also, what about Jermaine Defoe. For me, he’s Englands best natural finisher. Yet he isn’t even used as an impact player.

  106. Toonsy, I agree with the paralells between Aberdeen/Dundee and middlesboro/fulham, though I think you’ve missed my point as this only serves to highlight your lack of sporting achievment in the last, what, 50, 60, 70 years?

    Also, it’s kinds disingenuous of you to point out the early success’ of teams like Bolton, Blackburn etc – success’, 1995 aside, which took place 60 or more years ago – without mentioning the comparible success’ of hibs, hearts, kilmarnock, and more recently, Aberdeen in the Scottish league. But I suppose this is either down to it suiting your naive argument or your complete lack of knowledge on a subject you appear to have strong views on. Either way it kinda shows you up.

  107. not quite yet Craig………..I’m getting there though slowly but surely.Wor lass is gonna lose the plot when she gets home from the gym…..she left her fone and her mates texted to see if wu oot Fri for the match.I texted back saying yes cos Richie deserves a night out cos he’s fantastic and considerate lover,hung like an elephant etc etc…..on to about the 3rd text now,she think’s wor lass is drunk :evil: ………..obviously its all true like :lol:

  108. i rate crouch but to be honest if we want a big man…and judging by the state of our front line i would say that carroll’s call should and will be very soon.

  109. Newcastle fans seriously where do you see youself in regards to English football and world football. Please stop hitting out with the pishy league argument. In regards to world football you are a small fish in a big pond and always will be. While yes we play in a shite league but both old firm teams have been in a european final in the past decade while stuck in shorty Scottish football. Surely showing the size of the clubs. Celtic are world famous and have a world wide support and always will have, sadly r*ngers are 2 but u guys are typical deluded gordies!

  110. Distinctly unimpressed with Brazil, too.

    Looking at the teams so far, England have half a chance!

  111. newcastle are total crap at the minute but thats life i guess. we will bounce back. Thing is though, if celtic were in the prem league i doubt you would ever play in europe again as the top teams in prem would wipe the floor with you guys all day long. NOT newcastle of course. We are about as crap as you lot at minute.

  112. McLovin, I think Aberdeen can be classed as a bit on an exception. They had the greatest manager ever in charge of them.
    I don’t see the historical side of things having much event on the future though.
    Ever since big money came into the game, it will now be the clubs that generate the most money that will continue to stay on top unless they let greed detroy them.
    In the old days, any player could sign for any club, because the wages differences weren’t that far apart and loyalty was much more part of the game.
    Now, its rare to even have more than a couple first teamers playing for a club that is actually from that region.
    When is comes to building a club from the youth up or around a local gem and hard workers with a good manager.
    Those days may be over I’m afraid.

    Can you see the likes of Rangers (Scottish league winners) attracting the likes of Paul Gascoign or Brian Laudrup, Giovanni van Bronkhurst now?

    I really think money is ruining football everywhere.

  113. Not really McLovin. How can you even contemplate to include the success of Hibs/Hearts/Kilmarnock. What have they done? Only one of them has finished in the top two of the league since it became the SPL, the rest has been Celtic/Rangers.

    The most times any other team outside of Celtic/Rangers has won the league is 4, since 1890. The longest run of success is back to back titles for Aberdeen and Hibs?, and you can count Dumbarton in that aswell technically. So them teams, whilst the succes has been there, it hasn’t been over the sustained period.

    How can a league that has been won 85 times in the last 114 years by the same two team, not be classed as historically a two team league?

  114. were crap and we know it………..don’t Welsh teams play in Europe every year too?

  115. I’m going to watch the game.

    If you want to tell me what your issue is with me, you have my email address.
    Because seriously, I’d love to know…

    Later lads.

  116. Sean – What Craig Chisholm said.

    Also, who says we are a big team, apart from fans of other teams? We have a big ground and POTENTIALLY could be a big side. At the minute we aren’t.

    The argument about number of fans is folly really, when we bring in the 4th biggest attendances in England, and that is playing second tier football!

  117. Sean – Whilst I don’t disagree with the fact that Celtic ate in fact a worldwide club, alot of that is built on the fact that people assume Celtic as their team if they happen to be Catholic. It’s hardly a cast iron guarentee of support is it? You’re a comfort club for many catholics – A second team for many supporters who’s heart lies with their first club and for some reason feel they should be rooting for a Catholic club.

    But much more than that, many of your fans see Celtic as an Irish club (Hence why Rangers fly the union jack)- So when I hear so many wanting to join the EPL I cannot help but laugh my fckin head off!

  118. Evening Lads Brazil haven’t been at their best up to now like hopefully we will see some silky skills in the 2nd half. Toonsy I see you are getting stalked again but then thats what happens when you wind the Jocks up :lol:

    JJ try not to bite Lad thats what Chuck wants so while you bite he wins. ;)

  119. Sean

    If Celtic and Rangers are ‘world famous’, it’s for cultural reasons; more sinister, it’s for sectarian reasons.

    Sometimes it seems you’re not wearing football shirts so much as you’re wearing gang colours.

  120. There hasnt been anyone at their best yet Big Dave…………..apart from the U.S ;-)

  121. Stuart @ 168 your spot on I know loads of Rangers and Celtic supporters here in Northern Ireland who couldn’t name more than 3 players its only because as you state if you are Protestant you support Rangers and Catholics support Celtic, sectarian football simples ;)

  122. I used to work with a ‘Gers fan in the late nineties.

    He refused to support the Scotland team in the 98 world cup as he said there were too many catholics in it.

    We had a charity ‘dress down Friday’ in the first week of the tournament, and Ian the blue nose turns up in a Holland shirt.

    “This is MAH team” he says :)

  123. Don’t agree with the point about us never seeing Europe again if we were in the prem. We have two of the richest shareholders in football and one of the biggest turnovers in Britain if we had the tv revenue u guys get for the prem we could easily win the prem. Desmond and obrian don’t invest just now because it is pointless pumpin money into Scottish football but i’m sure they would if we were in the prem. The catholic second team idea I don’t agree with either, a large Irish disporia world wide has made us massive. We had 20 thousand watch the team train in preseason in aus last year and have a huge support in the US and Ireland itself. If we had the money of the prem then surely we would compete?

  124. sean… you would easy win the prem ..ahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha……………chelski are just paying 50 million for torres alone man. thats one player worth more than all of celtic ffs…. cumon.

  125. jj,
    some really funny, hi end comebacks there mate. :)

    knowledgeable come back. :)

    crafty comeback. :)

    spot on comeback. ;)

    funny comeback. :)

    intelligent comeback. ;)

    Don’t comeback.

  126. If AC Milan were in the PL with our TV money they’d be able to compete too. Only problem is it ain’t ever goingvto happen – Wont happen with you either.

    Whether your Irish or Scottish, you won’t be coming intobthe EPL.

  127. craig,
    the, ‘you’ve got big feet’ jibe mate.
    I thought it was subtle, yet funny.

  128. That was some angle he cut that in from ;)
    Sean going back to what Toonsy was saying about a 2 team lge how many years in a row did you’s win the spl ?

  129. out of sheer bordem i watched the jock cup final this year. man that was really really really low quality football. i dont want that to sound bad but it was shocking. The SPL is ridiculous and it is no wonder the rangers and celtic fans are always dripping on about the prem. If i were them i would also be totally arsed off knowing that without fail every year its the same two at the top. Its a pointless league to even be in. I am sure that jock fans of the top two in SPL would much rather have their teams as normal average prem teams, never really doing much but at least playing in a real league and having a sense of pride in their footy.

  130. If Celtic and Rangers want to join the English leagues then fair enough, they start from the bottom like every other team has to, or at least from a level that means they have to earn the right to play in the Premier League, they shouldn’t just be dropped in it.

  131. They’ve started at the bottom Toonsy…next step is the Northern premier league :lol: ;-)

  132. Sean-Celtic would not win the premier league if they were in it. That I can guarantee you. That is laughable. To come here and call us deluded before claiming you think you could win the premier league if given the chance, is hilarious, to be brutally honest.

    You can keep your sectarian rubbish to yourselves, no place for it in our league.

  133. JJ, the financial gulf is based on mass debt; debt will have to be paid back. There is now an urgency within those banking institutions who’ve bankrolled this age of milk and honey to recoup the debt as quickly as possible due to unparalleled economic crisis which we’ve been in for the past 2 years and the subsequent fear that spread through those financial institutions.

    And it’s not only those smaller clubs who tried to compete in their short moment in the sun; man u, Liverpool and – to a lesser extent – arsenal have crippling debts that will seriously impede their ability to continue spending the sums they have in previous seasons. Man u – one of the biggest turnovers in world football – are particularly vulnerable due to the way the glazer take over was financed and are now estimated to be nearing 1 billion pounds worth of debt, which is startling for a club that had been so well run over the previous 15 years. The EPL as a whole labours under a collective debt which totals over 3 billion pounds and, given the collapse in TV advertising revenues, it’s hard to see how that will be serviced once the reduced advertising revnue takes effect on TV rights deals.

    Be in no doubt there is a dynamic in play across European and world football that once a spark such as reduced TV revenues takes effect will set those pieces in flux and when they fall we will see a dramatically different landscape. Football, and in particular the EPL, have been living in a financial bubble for the last 10 years and you don’t have to be Milton Freidman to know all financial bubbles burst and dramatically.

    Celtic, for their part, have at least a few attributes which will see th avoid the worst effect of this. They have a global brand with worldwide support allied with pretty decent finances that have allowed them to grow year on year without a reliance on inflated TV contracts and almost zero debt. It’s this that will allow them a stronger bargaining hand than a team playing in a league with a small domestic tv audience should be afforded.

    jayjay, if you honestly believe that Celtic, with the increased tv and sponsorship revenues that play in the EPL currently offers, would be unable to compete then you’re either lobotomised or suffering the effects of glue ingestion. Either way it’s a pretty ridiculous argument.

  134. I used the prem for argument sake look at the figures with your money we COULD and WOULD compete. As for the sictarian element ironic with all the “jock” chat going on here, even more ironicly I am Irish and don`t support Celtic for any other reason than they are my team and i would never support an English team! I personally like a lot of Celtic fans would never welcome a move to the prem, for a lot of reasons. Sense of pride? Listen to you stuck up arse holes look at Celtics history and there is your “sense of pride”. To think I used to quite like Newcastle!

  135. Well they have to do something. Why should they just trot in and take the share of the money? Teams like Cardiff have been battling to get up to the Prem for years, why should they take preference over them?

  136. We should never allow that sectarian bullshit into English football, they are a disgrace to the game

  137. Pity NK have not pressed the ball as effectively this half & it’s to their detriment.
    Ah well.

  138. sean says:
    June 15, 2010 at 8:55 pm

    “To think I used to quite like Newcastle!”

    Ahh well, it’s a shame you let an opinion on the internet change your mind on us ;)

  139. toonsy,

    Why should any Scottish clubs playbin the English league? Whether they start in the Sunday pub league, they shouldn’t be in our league.

    Sean – Your Irish? I take it you’re Catholic, as any other religion (especially) Protestant wouldn’t be welcome as a supporter of Celtic.

    Kind of makes the point I was making before even clearer.

  140. How do you know you would compete!? You’re claiming you can predict the future and stating it as fact. You could be given 20 million and flop spectacularly. You’re claiming what you want to belive as fact, it’s stupid.

    When have I called anyone a jock? Sectarianism has nothing to do with nationality or race. For being a Celtic fan i’d have thought you knew what it meant.
    “Bigotry, discrimination or hatred revolving around denominations of a religion or the factions of a political movement” to be exact. Sectarianism is nothing to do with someone calling a Scottish person a “Jock”. That would be racism, at best and a poor example of it, considering both the Scottish and the Irish call the english far worse, im sure.

  141. To be fair Sean,most Jocks I’ve met dislike the English and England but want to play in our league…..why would we want them?…..everytime we play them in pre season friendlies down here they cause trouble,again why would we want that?

  142. yeah i agree toonsy. cletic and rangers should go in at the ccc level because in all fairness the ccc is a harder league than the spl. they might even get relegated from that. for sure though, they have done not a single thing that points to them being able to seriously compete. i think they would end up staying in the ccc. seriously i do.

  143. just for the record most of tha Scots I knew in the army got called Jock and liked it,just as I was called Geordie……nothing racist about it at all.

  144. Stu – I guess you could use the same argument with regards to the Welsh teams, although at least they have near enough always played in our leagues I guess.

  145. IMHO toonsy, they have no business being in the EPL anyway. And, the whole thing’s academic, surely.

    I can’t imagine that UEFA would allow a team to play in another country’s national league. I think I’m right in saying that the only reason Cardiff and Swansea play in the English league system is for historical reasons, and they were allowed to continue (with certain reservations) when the rules were changed in recent years.

  146. Mclovin

    jayjay, if you honestly believe that Celtic, with the increased tv and sponsorship revenues that play in the EPL currently offers, would be unable to compete then you’re either lobotomised or suffering the effects of glue ingestion. Either way it’s a pretty ridiculous argument.

    Where did I say anything like that? A couple of times you’ve attempted to answer question I haven’t asked. As for glue sniffing I haven’t been to the waterworks since 2004 ;)

  147. Yes Stuart, that is a non-point though. I am from Donegal where the vast majority of the poplulation is Catholic but I am not practicing and certainly wouldn`nt use this as a reason for supporting a football club. As for not welcoming other religions bull shit. We are a club for the minority be it catholic muslim whatever, we have always welcomed other religions. Our greatest ever manager was a prod and we have had plenty of prod players through out the years. Not to mention our current captain is a prod. So rap your shite.

  148. Darth,
    that & the fact that wales isn’t actually a country in it’s own right.
    Technically, it’s still part of england.

  149. Craig-basically, i said to sean that the premier league could do without the sectarian issues that dominate the feud between Celtic and Rangers. “Sean” then basically claimed I couldn’t knock the sectarian issues as people have used the slang “jock” on the blog, which has nowt to do with sectarianism, lol.

  150. Craig, not if you’re 6 3″, my dainty-footed friend.

    Btw, all support of team sports is based on tribalism so to suggest that it’s restricted to the old firm is disingenuous at best and retarded at worst. But then you boys were never really famed for your cerebral dexterity. How is Andy Capp, btw?

  151. CLiNT

    “Technically, it’s still part of england.”

    I choose to believe that’s true :lol:

    I know share the same legal system, and Wales is only a principality ;)

  152. Isn’t Andy Capp from Hartlepool??……… isn’t there also a difference between tribalism and religious bigotry?…….I may be wrong my cerebral dexterity isn’t what it was!

  153. McLovin says:
    June 15, 2010 at 9:14 pm

    “But then you boys were never really famed for your cerebral dexterity. How is Andy Capp, btw?”

    Neither are Celtic fans are they? Or any fans really for that matter. Kind of making a point when there isn’t one to be made there in all honesty.

  154. McLovin:
    June 15th, 2010 at 9:14 pm
    Craig, not if you’re 6 3″, my dainty-footed friend.
    Btw, all support of team sports is based on tribalism so to suggest that it’s restricted to the old firm is disingenuous at best and retarded at worst. But then you boys were never really famed for your cerebral dexterity. How is Andy Capp, btw?

    But the old firm hasn’t moved away from that, I used to live in Belfast. It’s not football rivalry, it’s religious hatred which shouldn’t have a place in modern football.

  155. Sean @ 211 “… As for not welcoming other religions bull shit. We are a club for the minority be it catholic muslim whatever, we have always welcomed other religions. Our greatest ever manager was a prod and we have had plenty of prod players through out the years. Not to mention our current captain is a prod. So rap your shite.”

    This would say otherwise. To say this is disgraceful doesn’t even cut it.

  156. @ Big Dave. Please re-read. If this does`nt sink into your pea brain then look up Jock Stein, one example is all I need to provide as this guy is the most important mansger in Celtic`s history.

  157. I can answer that big dave :grin: no chance, they’ll kick the shit out of you if you can’t say they hail Mary or the rosary.

  158. Sean@211

    “be it catholic muslim whatever”

    Reminds me of an old Dave Allen joke:

    “Ah…but are ye a catholic muslim or a protest muslim?”

  159. Hoo m8s. Anyone see the Brazil game? Dunga is gonna be mad. I thought NK might have nicked a draw at the last minute. 2-1 against the worst team in the FIFA world cup. Not the best start, but 3 points is 3 points.

  160. Jay Jay I agree 100% mate we have had this conversation before and it is the reason I dont follow our own Local teams as it is the exact same I dont want my Kids being called Orange Ba£tard and I dont want them hearing others being Called fenian ba*tards either there is no place for that in Footie or in life

    Sean @ 226 if you believe that shit you are real deluded and haven’t even got a pea for a brain, or else you dont go to games I have seen with my very own eyes what Celtic supporter do to Protestants and vice versa

  161. my god, cant beleive we have got into a ‘over the border’ ruk with the sunday league boys. Damn you ashely you fat fuking cnut….i bet man utd dont get these chaps on their blogs spouting god knows what off!!

  162. Big Dave-

    One of my best friends lived in Edinburgh for awhile. Went an Old Firm game once and couldn’t believe his eyes. He saw countless fisticuffs, lots of blood, and even saw a few people get bricks through their windshields.

    That’s just un-damn-believable. I mean, they’re BOTH christians ffs. Orange or Fenian, they both believe in pretty much the same damn thing. I think they only fight because that’s all they’ve ever done.

  163. West Ham on the verge of signing Riquelme apparently, interesting quote from their chairman David Sullivan –

    “We have limited resources, with the £100m debt the club carries, but we are going to make every penny count and we 100% assure you there will be more new arrivals this summer.”….see, owners can spend money, hope MA follows the same line !

  164. True big dave, how much greater would NI be without religious bullshit. Glad when I was there I wasn’t blinded by my religion and made friends from both sides.

  165. OHurley hows you mate yeah Dunga didn’t look to happy and Brazil didn’t really play like they are known to play. But I guess its early days for all the teams so hopefully we will start to see some top class footie ;)

  166. Jay Jay you are spot on mate this could be a cracking place if all the sectarian knobs just wised up or fuked off to some wee Island where they could kill eachother and become cannibals or what ever they fancy :) and let the rest of us get on with life. As I said before thankfully its nowhere near as bad as what it was but its still here :)

  167. Hardly anyone has played too well Dave,but like Stuart sais earlier its only England that get ripped apart for it.Hopefully it’ll get better in all the games.

  168. Sean – Please read my comments! I said supporters, not managers or players.

    There’s no way a Protestant would be welcome in the stands – The supporters are bigoted beyond belief!

    Horrible songs, horrible chants and it has absolutely no place in thecworld, let alone football.

    It’s fckin sad!

  169. Dave-

    Yeah, disappointing Brazil game. I would usually pull for the under dog, but I could never pull for North Korea. Hoped they’d get beat 11-0. Oh well. Maybe Dunga should’ve gone with Ronaldinho instead of Robinho.

  170. Darth I was brought up watching Dave Allen my Old Man was a real Fan of his show there was a re run of his shows a few yr back on one of then funny channels and it was still as funny :lol:

    Ohurley well did you get all yer Nashville Post’s delivered ok :)

  171. Ohurley was late today Dave,it must be colour supplements today in the Nasville post :lol:

  172. Oh that will be him getting his wages docked then, im sure he isnt to happy but then the poor folks that had to wait for their papers wont be to happy either :(

  173. Blood, broken heads and bricks through car windows…..? Sounds like a Saturday night out in Newcastle. Good times!

  174. OHurley…..wor lass has a few cd’s of that singer ya said(cant remember his name now)…he’s gigging in London next week.

  175. Some interesting Reading on here tonight, got me thinking about religion and possitivity, and what they have in common. After hours of thinking the answer is definatly fcuk all.

  176. McLovin

    “Blood, broken heads and bricks through car windows…..? Sounds like a Saturday night out in Newcastle. Good times!”

    Yeah. If only we’d gotten the ‘City of Culture’ award.

    We could have been the ‘Venice of the North’ – just like Glasgow ;)

  177. Mclovin-Nothing on what the Rangers fans decided to do to Manchester after being outclassed by Zenit though. Gutted for us.

  178. Oops! Looks like I’ve hit a nerve.

    There’ll be some sorry wifes in newcastle tonight….

  179. is it me or are the chronicle writing articles about my comments in the blog. When we were talking about Wiltshire i referred to Weiss as a better alternative. now the paper runs a story on him. Its at a delay tho. The next story would be riquelme to the toon as he is a free agent.

  180. Why aye Mclovin, you still beat us on that front aswell though sadly. After all, domestic violence does increase by a measly 41% when old firm weekend rolls round.

  181. sean ya dick the most skillfull player ever too play in scotland was a wee lad called gazza and he played the flute beautifully

  182. batty says:
    June 15, 2010 at 11:11 pm

    sean ya dick the most skillfull player ever too play in scotland was a wee lad called gazza and he played the flute beautifully

    Perfect timing Batty :)

  183. What do you think of the official “Saville Report”to-day.
    Understand it took almost 40 years and close to four hundred million pounds to come to a conclusion that every dog in the street already knew.
    I believe that those involved could still be open to prosecution, or civil action.
    As the present subject is centered on sectarianism , thought i might throw it into the mix.

  184. At present both old firm sides would probably struggle in the EPL.
    It`s simply a case of both sides lacking the revenue presently earned by EPL sides.
    Sure they both have an enormous fan base and their stadiums would be in the top six in uk capacity.
    They normally play in post season European tournaments, which brings in extra revenue, but as stated, without the tv funds being earned by the EPL sides, they are destined to wither on the SPL vine.

    However on saying that, have to concur with McLoven, that in this present w/wide financial situation, which unfortunately shows little or no improvement and if time brings a substantial reduction in tv revenue, then most EPL teams will find themselves in serious financial trouble, which could very well result in a meltdown of the league itself.

  185. as an addendum to the above post

    If things went seriously wrong because of clubs being over leveraged, would Mike Ashley be then described as a visionary and local hero by Newcastle fans, for his fiscal conservatism ?

  186. could be so chuck… could be so… i personally think he’s put us on good footing… thats not to say i forgive the chap for the shockingly disastrous years of his tenure, but he might, probably through no dealings of his own, sorted us out.. still want the sod to invest tho!

  187. Well those were some spicy comments that were left in the moderation bin by our “non sectarian” friends ;)

    Needless to say they wont be coming back, and they don’t deserve to if they can’t work out how to avoid the swear filters. Retards ;)

  188. strange that like Toonsy…..their not usually known for swearing in Scotland ;-)

  189. chuck says:
    June 16, 2010 at 1:09 am
    as an addendum to the above post

    “If things went seriously wrong because of clubs being over leveraged, would Mike Ashley be then described as a visionary and local hero by Newcastle fans, for his fiscal conservatism ?”

    Chuck, in short – Yup!

  190. another way of looking at that, with Shepherd at the helm we were heading to administration, if that happened, and then Ashley took over the club, would he be regarded as our saviour?

  191. CLINT

    Yes you are right, got the amount wrong.
    As far as time (discounting the Widgery whitewash)I was reffering to the amount of time between events.

  192. Thing is, it’s a tough one. Should the soldiers be prosecuted if they were only following orders from senior officers?

    I don’t think they should, as we all know what can happen if you don’t obey orders in the army. That is what they are paid to do, take orders.

    So technically, if they were told to go ahead then it should be the officers in command that should carry the can, not the individual soldiers.