Africa benefits from Sir Bobby Robson.

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Emotional tributes to an outstanding man.
Emotional tributes to an outstanding man.
The focus may well be on the World Cup in South Africa at the moment, and football stories are being written daily as events unfold. But away from all the cameras and football there is another fantastic story emerging from the continent of Africa.

We are all aware of the loss of Bobby Robson, the loss of a man like that cannot simply be forgotten. The pure outpouring of grief, not just around Tyneside but also around the football world, is something that will live long in the memory of many fans. St James’ Park turned into a shrine in the week after his death as fans from all walks of life, from different clubs and even different countries, left their own tribute to one of the greatest English managers of recent time. These tributes came in the form of bunches of flowers, teddy bears, scarves, football shirts, anything that people felt they wanted leave in show of a tribute to the man who took us into the Champions League and brought joy to the people he knew and met.

Those are the scenes that still astound me today, the sight of St James Park (as pictured) being transformed into a place of worship, a place to pay respect to someone. People were very willing to show their appreciation for one of their own, but what has happened to those tributes now?

Well thanks to The Sir Bobby Robson Foundation, all those shirts and teddy bears that were left as a tribute have found a new home in some of the most under-privileged parts of Africa. It was first covered by the BBC who filmed the occasion, which you can watch here, but following on from that, Bobby Robson’s son, Mark, has been talking about the whole project on the club’s official site.

Mark Robson said;

“We had a very successful week, and visited some desperate places. Fortunately on our travels we had the assistance of the British High Commission in Nairobi without whom the trip would not have been possible.”

“It is difficult to describe the feelings on handing out such things to these people. The school we went to in Kibera had 530 kids, 438 of which are orphans, and a lot are also HIV positive.”

“As well as this trip, my brother Paul went to Liberia with CAFOD to hand out the shirts, KitAid also took several boxes to Tanzania and Gambia. Basically every shirt/scarf/teddy bear that was left after Dad died made it to a child in Africa.”

A heart-warming story, and just the kind of thing that Sir Bobby would have wanted. It will ensure a little slice of Tyneside lives on in Africa, all because of the charity that his name was used for. Kind of puts things in perspective really, doesn’t it?

Two former teams of the great man meet on the first anniversary of his death at St James’ Park as Newcastle play host to PSV Eindhoven on the 31st of July, but don’t expect any great fanfare with celebrities playing football and such. It will just be about two sets of fans, and perhaps more besides, coming together to pay tribute to a genuinely great man.

RIP Bobby, but your memory lives on.

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288 Responses

  1. What a great idea!
    Bobby woulda loved this.
    It’s just sad that these kids have nothing in their lives.
    I’m moved.

  2. Alreet ice,
    how goes it mate?

    This kinda thing puts football & life into perspective, doesn’t it?

  3. CLINT aye m8,the old saying always someone worse off than yer-sel,pretty true there like

  4. icedog says:
    June 14, 2010 at 5:52 pm
    CLINT aye m8,the old saying always someone worse off than yer-sel,pretty true there like
    <<<< aye poor little toonsy skint he,s been taking tips off mike ashley instead of backing japan like i told him :lol:

  5. BATTY hes even lost his hair noo did you manage to nick a wig for the poor sod.

    by the way good picking m8

  6. dog i cannit say nowt ive shaved my hair for the last 20 years lol and the cams havent even scored against japan in 4 games now losing 3

  7. BATTY aye you cut by choice,toonsy trying to hide from the baliffs,hasnt got a bean

  8. Batty m8! How ya been like? Long time, no see.

    Glad to see this article. It DOES put footy into perspective. Sir Bobby I’m sure is smilin’ down from heaven.

  9. Batty- how old are you, m8? Just outta curiosity like.

    Oh and by the way- I HAVE a job, you ole’ basterd! I just need to find the time to take a boat across the water. I don’t like airplanes haha.

  10. I’ve just had a nice little winner at Windsor – 10/1 but it finished at 11/2!

    The gamble was on!

  11. Did anyone watch Germany dismantle the Skippies yesterday? Holy crap, that was embarrassing. And poor Cahill gettin’ sent off for that challenge… hope they win their appeal.

  12. And can’t Australia come up with a better name for the team? The “Socceroos”? Seriously? lmao

  13. Aye OHurley,not sure if Germany were really good or Oz really bad.I can’t see them winning the appeal because FIFA havn’t the balls to make a ref look bad imo.

  14. OHurley says:
    June 14, 2010 at 6:19 pm
    Batty m8! How ya been like? Long time, no see.
    <<< lol

  15. OHurley says:
    June 14, 2010 at 6:20 pm
    Batty- how old are you, m8? Just outta curiosity like.

    Oh and by the way- I HAVE a job, you ole’ basterd! I just need to find the time to take a boat across the water. I don’t like airplanes haha.
    <<<< what do ya need a boat for the ego u yanks have u should fly it :lol: get a job :lol:

  16. OHurley says:
    June 14, 2010 at 6:20 pm
    Batty- how old are you, m8? Just outta curiosity like.

    Oh and by the way- I HAVE a job, you ole’ basterd! I just need to find the time to take a boat across the water. I don’t like airplanes haha.
    <<< iam sure the news agent will give u time off from your paper round :lol:

  17. OHurley says:
    June 14, 2010 at 6:23 pm

    Aye, but I got a little bit stitched with a rule 4 – 25p in the pound! Joke!

  18. Batty-

    Aye m8, if you could patent a device that would channel all the egos of the American people, you could power the world for the next 200,000 years hehe. Add Britain’s ego to it, and we could probably get 500,000 HAHA!!!


    That is a joke, m8! haha

  19. Batty-

    Paper route! Ha! What a joke! How do you know I’m not a highly payed lawyer, m8? Or even a professional golfer? hehehehehehe

  20. icedog says:
    June 14, 2010 at 6:55 pm
    STUART79 why did you not pay your tax first on the stake,did you forget?

    Nah mate, one pulled out at the stalls.

  21. ‘cos then you wouldn’t be wasting your time with the likes of us OHurley :lol:

  22. As it stands, I thoroughly enjoy spending time on here chatting with y’all fellas :)

  23. So anybody got any real idea of who we’re in for regarding transfers? I admire the way that Hughton is going about it, stayin’ away from the media and all, but the suspense is killin’ me.

  24. We won’t know ’til they’re signed, so y’might as well get used to the wait mate.
    So, kick back, relax, soak up the world cup.

  25. absolutely no idea who we’re gonna sign or when.I think Hughton said signing would be imminent within 6 weeks………..its just wait and see I s’pose.

  26. chances of tonights match being a good one?………I just want to see an end to end match,is that too much to ask?

  27. There’s gotta be a good one soon mate.
    But italy will be very pensive, no doubt.

  28. CLINT italy will always be the same,only one way to beat that type of footy m8 PACE,get your boots on m8 lol

  29. ya right Stuart,it’s been dissapointing so far…………Italy’s the one you’d bet on to be a boring game…so watch it be a cracker(I hope/pray)

  30. holland have a lot of skill in there side,trouble is they normaly get trouble in-camp

  31. Clint-

    Good point like. Really can’t wait for the USA Slovenia game on Friday. Who does England play next?

  32. Evening lads it would be nice to see an end to end game and it would be even better to hear the end of them fuking horns it completely kills the atmosphere unless its an African nation. The other night I heard the England fans twice trying to give the boys a gee up with God save the Queen but they had to give up because off them b*s£ard horns

  33. I really cannot see past Spain.

    The fact that the teams to have played so far have been poor, gives me hope that England can get to the Semi’s at least.

    Does anyone else think that if Italy had started against the US like we did everyone would be sayin “Typical Italy, they’ll improve as the tournamant goes on”. But when ot’s us, were just sh1te, never going to achieve anything and the manager should be sacked!

    Our fckin media do my head in!

  34. EVENING big dave they have just said them horns have brought 2mil in sales,so no chance of ban m8

  35. At least it’s pissin’ down over there, so it could make it more interesting.
    england must be playing algeria next mate.

  36. Bang on Stuart,
    first they build ’em up, just to tear ’em down.
    They are scum.

  37. BIG DAVE been reading back threads hitler has been waveing big stick,cannot keep him in line ;) did you know hes shaved his heed (egg-head)a matt lucas look-a like now (little brittain)battys going to nick him a wig like

  38. Stu-

    Germany looks a pretty damn good side m8. Spanked the Aussies. I mean, Australia ain’t known for having great footy, but the Germans looked unbeatable.

  39. Your right Stuart,its always the same.Our press is only happy if they’re putting someone down.

  40. OHurley says:
    June 14, 2010 at 7:52 pm

    Not too sure about that.

    If you take us for example last season. We looked like a great side against some teams – Our opponants were poor. Like the Aussies – They were really poor – Old too.

  41. Stu-

    I agree m8, the British media sucks!!


    Yeah, I HATE the vuvuzellas. My nigerian m8 thinks they’re the sh!t though. Go figure. I’d love to hear the end of them mesel.

  42. It was good to see Australia being so crap,tw@ts are usually good at all sports :lol:

  43. Stu-

    good point. although, the deutschlanders have some momentum. even without ballack, they looked quite competent. Like the bundesliga teams though, they seem to rely on crosses too much. I like to see teams play the ball into the box. Although, that tricky little pass to Klose to score their 2nd goal (I think it was their second) was spot on.

  44. richie,
    they’re only good at the middle class sports that only private school boys over here play, so not a good yard stick.

  45. Icedog – I’m never far away mate ;)

    Just because I am quiet, doesn’t mean i’m not watching ;)

  46. Thing with Jaarmany is that all of their strikers are off the mark straight away, and that will breed confidence.

  47. I’m just looking for one of the “big teams” to get a draw or a loss even in their first game to make me feel a bit better, lol.

    Not trying to put the USA down there by any means as I knew it would be a tough game, but the likes of Germany, Argentina, Holland have all came away with 3 points from their first game. A draw isn’t the end of the world but if we end up coming second in our group and get Germany, something needs to change quickly taking their performance last night into account.

  48. with one being upper class one has no interest in middle class sports Clint ;-)

  49. germany looked a lot like england to me, only they caught some breaks & england didn’t.

  50. True Ross,but I think us and the U.S will be the top 2 in the group whereas the other teams you mentioned have played teams that possibly won’t progress imo

  51. Clint-

    Idk m8… Not to take anything away from England, but I gotta say that Jaarmany looked the best side I’ve seen so far. Total organization. They had the run of the pitch, that’s for sure. I’d love to see them play a big team. Argentina, Brazil, Spain, one of them.

  52. Toonsy-

    Hehehe, are you the New Number 2 ?

    Am I Number 6?

    I’m NOT a number!! I’m a FREE MAN!!

  53. richie-Aye mate, i’m confident of qualifying, i’d just much rather meet Serbia over Germany in the next round. Obviously Australia looked poor but that didn’t stop 4 of Germanys strikers hitting the target when required.

    CLiNT-being brutally honest mate, Germanys passing and movement was excellent. They didnt give the ball away and their finishing was clinical. It was a long way from what we showed against the US.

  54. richie-

    1-0? who played? I’m graftin’, so I’m not keepin up with it currently.

  55. HOLY CRAP!! SERIOUSLY???? Go Paraguay!! Can’t EVER write the South Americans off.

  56. Not enjoying this match, but I’m enjoying the ginger beer I’m drinking while watching.

  57. Ice he had a big helipad on the top of his napper anyway so it was maybe better to just shave the lot it wont look as daft but then when you have a heed that size it allways looks daft ;) .
    OHurley can you blog aswell as deliver papers at the sametime :)

  58. Ross,
    germany were playing a much worse team than the U.S. mate.
    I’m talking about their style of play, similar to england.
    It was a walk in the park for germany.

  59. So Big Dave, it’s good to see you’re done peelin’ potatos for Her Majesty’s Royal kitchen ;)

  60. If there’s one good reason why we shopuld have the WC in 2018 it’s because every game will be a sell out.

    This has been pathetic!

  61. OHURLEY are they picking on you mate,i!ll watch your back.

    just you keep on with your hot-dog stall

  62. LoL, Icedog-

    It’s BRATWURSTS damnit!! Get it right!! :D

    And Dave- so that means you’re good at gettin’ away with stuff like? Why don’t ya figure a way to send me some genuine pocheen?? I could use some to calm me nerves!!

  63. pocheen…….that brings back memories of a really bad hangover………great night but bad hangover ;-)

  64. Richie-

    Ain’t that the truth. My Irish m8’s parents smuggle some from time to time from Ireland, but not enough for my tastes. Now Moonshine from the Appalachian Mountains… I can get that any time I want and believe me- it’s DAMN good!!

  65. OHurley I could get you any amount of it, I used to drink a litre of Poteen a day and extra at the weekends. But it does wiered things to ye :lol:

  66. CLiNT-I agree with what you’re saying, I think its more a case of England trying to emulate a style of a team like Germany though. England looked similar to Germany..minus the fact everything Germany tried, worked for them! haha.

    I dunno, its annoying because we have the ability to do well in the competition but there’s so many questions about team selection, formations etc. I personally wouldn’t have Robert Green as my number one in the first place. Joe Hart for me. Calamity James is also better than Green to start off with. I’d definitly play Gerrard behind Rooney aswell. I’d like to see us try a 4-3-3 or something for a wee while against Algeria but we wont. We should have tried stuff like this before we came to the competition.

    On a brighter note, TalkSport yesterday saying they fully expect Harper to make a claim for the Euro’s given the fact that he’ll be playing Prem football next season. Bugger off Italy, 1-1.

  67. “workyticket says:
    May 19, 2010 at 3:10 pm

    JJ says:
    May 19, 2010 at 1:44 pm

    “Ye Dave.

    Problem is, I’m generally a pretty nice guy. And when i do let steam off, I’ve usually been pushed quite far. In which case I don’t regret it”

    JJ, you may have put one over on Toonsy and the rest, but you haven’t put one over on me. Don’t get too cocky.

    Apologies, Chuck.”

    There you go Worky – was bugging me.

    Maybe I got the wrong idea of what you meant by that comment. But it did rile me.

  68. Ice did you know why Toonsy got the hair shaved off, he spent a fortune and an hour of his time getting his photo took for his ID card mate.

  69. If you not, defending Chucks allegations against me, I still have no idea what you were getting at…

  70. Big Dave-

    A litre a day? Jesus H. Christ! Funny thing about pocheen is if you drink a little water the next day, it seems to reactivate. Leave it to the Irish hahaha!!

  71. icedog-

    You’d be amazed, m8 :)

    Seriously, all those hillbillies that make all that ‘shine… whew! They’re ALL of Irish descent and they’re all so fiercly independant it’s crazy. The only laws they follow are their own.

    Look up a documentary on Popcorn Sutton. Now THERE was a moonshiner.

  72. I said Holland 2-0 Denmark
    I said Japan 1-1 Cameroon which I missed by a ball hair when Mbia cracked the unside of the crossbar in the 90th minute.
    And this game I said Italy 1-1 Paraguay. So that won’t be a bad days work eh!!!

  73. A Northern Irish lad I knew brought some back from leave,pure evil it was……..had some stuff in Germany once called ratzeputz that was a bit nasty too

  74. We got some stuff called “Mampoer” in South Africa. Its pretty bad stuff. Bottle even has razor wire inside. The chilli flavour has a real chilli. So thats a double wammy cos it hits you the next morning both ends! haha

  75. Dave at 104 :lol: …………..aye but you were weaned on it I was just a young innocent lad who only drunk dandelion and burdock ;-)

  76. It certainly looks like this is the WC ofr GK ricks – Good god I think I’ve seen three utter cock ups that have resulted in goals.

    Should cheer Green up.

  77. Cardozo and S.Cruz on up front now, could cause Italy problems if things go their way.

  78. Richie Proud of ye Lad you are one of a very few that actually use the term Northern Irish :) must people from England etc just call us all Irish or Paddy’s :( but I just put it down to not knowing, so it doesn’t really bother me that much unless its done out of spite

  79. JJ I had a chilli beer once in Canada with a real chilli in…a bit strange to say the least!!

  80. Ross,
    with ya’ all the way with regards england’s ‘keeper situation. green is pure crap. It shoulda been Hart or james as a last resort, green should be nowhere near a national team.

    Day late & a dollar short with the talk sport mongos.

  81. Another thing actually lads. The ball they’ve used at the world cup. Everyone has been skying it seemingly. Free kicks etc blasting over the bar. Yet Germany managed to play with it no bother, crosses to pin point accuracy and they kept it on the floor with ease.

    Turns out they’ve been using the world cup ball all season in the Bundesliga. The England team were offered the ball to train with whenever they were together, for friendlies and throughout the world cup, but the FA declined as they had a sponsorship deal in place for the ball the England team train with. Ridiculous.

  82. Never had the German stuff. But yeah, they say God invented whiskey to keep the Irish from conquering the world HAHAHA!!

  83. Ross,
    that’s everything you need to know about england there mate.

  84. To be honest Dave its probably just because of the army,there was a lad on my trade training course from NI ,”Frank” Carson who put all of us right on it so I’ve said it ever since.

  85. Big Dave-

    You’re Irish, m8?? An Orangeman nonetheless?? I’ll be damned!

    My family probably fought your family at some point. Patrick O’Hurley (my great great great grandfather) was a war hero in the Irish Rebellion. I say good on him, but let’s not go down THAT bridge!! Had enough of arguing about patriotism over the last day or so hehe.

    At any rate, I’m damn proud of my Irish heritage and find much in common with the Irish. They can still drink me under the table though. And I even had me first beer at the ripe old age of 6 HA!

  86. CLiNT-I thought it was madness. I know it sounds petty and irrelevant, but even watching on the telly, when you see a shot taken at an angle behind the striker and the ball moves in flight, its noticeable, so i’m sure its blatantly noticeable to the bloody lad on the field kicking it, or the goalkeeper trying to catch it.

    When you’re using a ball you’ve never seen before, let alone played with in the biggest tournament in the world and you’re offered a kick about with it a few weeks before the whole thing kicks off…you dont turn it down surely!?

    “nah nah, we’ve got this contract thing, we better stick to it”…who the hell is going to know what ball you’re using on a training field?, ridiculous mate.

  87. That must be the Yank in you OHurley,taking up the beer drinking that late ;-)

  88. Of course… Patrick O’Hurley had a penchant for English cunny. Married himsel the daughter of a British Lord haha. Her family was NOT happy about this and deported both of them to America. And thus I type to you now from across the water :)

  89. Richie-


    Yeah, we seem to get a late start on everything, huh?

  90. No Dave – don’t say that!


    The Mampoer is basically the same as Moonshine with a chilli bite. Its tastes horrible.

    We also get a chilli ice-cream here. Which too tastes horrible, haha. Some people love it.

  91. Ross about the ball I have seen a lot of pin point passing with it, some of the Germans passing was eye of the needle stuff .
    OHurley ;) yer a good Lad

  92. Exactly Ross,
    the fa are pathetic.
    They’ve got no sack mate.
    They are another part of the reason i find it well difficult to support england, it’s a comedy of errors, brought on by themselves, the press, the media etc.
    It’s a real turn off the way they go on.

  93. Dave/Icedog – You pair of nipples :lol:

    Could do with the score staying the same :)

    2 correct scores and results if it sticks :D

  94. Big Dave-Like I said earlier, they’ve used the world cup ball all season in the Bundesliga and surprise surprise, the German national team pinged the ball about like there was nowt to it whilst the rest of the world are toe punting it like its a bloody penny floater at every set piece.

    CLiNT-The media infuriate me like no other with regards to England. I Live up in Scotland these days and my mates despise the English national team. Everyone up here does, but alot of my mates say its the media thats brought it on. They all enjoy watching the Premier League week in week out, but they think the British media have the mentality of “every major tournament is ours to lose”. I agree with them that the media put far too much pressure on the national team and at times are just idiotic with what they put to print.
    I want to support the national team though. Especially now im up here. I’m proud to be English and it’s nice to be able to cheer the likes of Rooney, Lampard and Gerrard, players that make me wince every time they pick up the ball against our lot throughout the league, lol.

    1-1, happy enough with that like.

  95. Does anyone watch pineapple dance studios? It funny, god dam it!

    Louie Spence is fckin hillerious!

  96. TOONSY sure you nicked that photo from the film the snowman,thats what my grandson says “look theres the snowman,daves right you couldnt get out of that booth :)

  97. Toonsy what did you say for the Japan vs Cameroon game.

    I got the other two spot on but went for the 1-1 draw, only Mbia narrowly missing cost me a (3/3) spot on…

  98. Congrats on winnin’ your bet, Toonsy. You English blokes crack me up with all your bettin’. Of course, we’d do it over here too, but the damned Southern Baptist Convention and the Church of Christ make it illegal. And of course, Tennessee is referred to as the “buckle of the Bible Belt”. Makes life hard if you’re a philosopher like me.

  99. Ross,
    don’t the scots realize that we can’t be arsed to hate them back yet mate?

  100. hey we should look at signing andrew driver left winger from hearts english and only 21 or sumthing

  101. “The Jabulani has been extensively used in this year’s African Nations Cup, Germany’s Bundesliga as well as France, Holland, Argentina, America and a number of other national leagues”.So just about everyone apart from us then!!

  102. O’Hurley,
    so what’s it like living in a christian fundamentalist country mate?
    No gambling?

  103. I think it’s important to note that even *I* have been playing with the jabulani with my m8s. England needs to get on board lol!!

  104. Clint-

    It sucks lol!! Ya see, there’s a lot of open minded progressive people. In Nashville. It’s all the other little towns and cities here lol. Nashville always votes liberal, but we always get outvoted by the conservatives (our version of your Torries) lol.

  105. You can bet ‘on-line’ though, hey?
    Or have they got that worked out too?

    i thought you were saying camaroon won, oops!
    My bad mate.

  106. Stu – Not really, nothing against camp people at all. Just people like him who then flounce around on the TV with no particular purpose other than getting his ego stroked and to act like a twat.

  107. Me and Wor Lass were gonna go to Nashville this year but we had to put it on hold……….whey what matches we got tomorrow then?

  108. Rich – New Zealand v Slovakia, Ivory Coast v Portugal, Barzil v North Korea, in that order :)

  109. OHurley – I have done it with every game mate. Just to maintain some more interest really and always give me something to go for.

    If they all came in by some fluke, even from now on, I would be quids in though, especially as I have trued to guess correct scores :D

  110. prob have to give the NZ game a miss cos I might actually have to go and do some work tomorrow :-(

  111. In fairness, I cant imagine that one being a cracker. Get to see the 2 worst teams in the tournament tomorrow in my opinion. North Korea and New Zealand.

  112. Aye I think ya right there……I can remember going to see the Toon play NZ once in a pre season game,think we won 4 nowt if my memory serves.

  113. CLiNT-honestly mate, you have no idea how many times i’ve had “Aye, but surely you’re the same down there, you’s hate us aswell”, to which i’ve had to give a reply something along the lines of “to be honest, we just don’t care”, lol.

    I dont think my mates like that anymore, I dont know if they want to feel like they get to us with their obsession or the hatred is mutual, but you can stroll around in England in a Scotland shirt no bother. I know lads who’ve taken a kicking up here for having an English accent, genuinly.

  114. Richie-

    Man, if you and the Mrs. come to Nashville, LET ME KNOW. I’ll make sure you see all the kick ass sites and good pubs. We’ve a beer hall here in town that serves over 200 beers. Everything from Bud Light to Corsendonk. Of course, I’m always hittin up the pints of Broon, but I’m a Toon fan :)

  115. ross they need to have words with therselves getting beat up off sweaty socks skirt wearing kents

  116. Ross,
    that’s exactly what i’m talking about mate.
    They don’t get it, do they?
    But hey, let ’em have their silly little hate thing going on. I’ve always been made most welcome up there, though i think they hate Geordies less than the average sassanach like.

  117. slovinia and japan were crackin prices for 2 horse races japans record against camaroon now won 3 drawn 1 no goals conceded

  118. Cheers OHurley,put it on hold cos we’ll prob move to Spain,she wants to do Nash cos she’s in to Country music for some reason!!

  119. RICHIETOON country music,best thing since sliced bread,your missing out m8,maybe your lass is the one with bit of class lol

  120. dog f uk that i used too go asleep too >>> i hear the train a comin comin down the track when a was a bairn 2 oclock in the mornin

  121. BATTY thats nowt m8 they had hard times then,had to give them a break from time to time like

  122. RICHIETOON your a evil man,hope your lass stops your tap till you get a bit of class, you into spanish danceing like :)

  123. CLiNT-thats my only saving grace. They almost count Geordies as one of their own. Every time I’m in Glasgow and they hear my accent and find out i’m a Newcastle fan, plenty of lads tell me how they have a soft spot for Newcastle etc and it’s normally down to football. Glasgow is alot like the north east. Working class and they live their lives through their football team. We have that in common so as soon as a football related discussion is sparked up i’m in the clear, haha.

    I make it sound like it’s me against the world and thats not the case at all though, lol. I personally have never had any real trouble and although I get the “We hate England” spiel at the end of the day everyone up here is canny enough 99% of the time. I’ve had more mouthing off from Man U and Liverpool “fans” up here. Half of them are Irish so I only need to throw out the glory hunting line or ask when the last time they actually stepped foot in “Their teams” ground was and they’ve nee response :D

  124. Batty-

    Finished runnin’ the “papers” ootta the mountains a couple hours ago. I’ve got all kinds to sell.. I mean GIVE.. ya. Blueberry, apple, grape, pear, and of course- classic white lightnin’ ;)


    Bring your lass ower here m8. I’ll see what I can do about gettin’ her some star treatment and the like. Brad Paisley is a brother of my own Masonic Lodge actually.

    And for whoever said country music has class… you’re a retard m8 ;) j/k

    If you live in Nashville, you either work in country music or you hate country music lol. Our Indie rock scene is where it’s at.

  125. OHurley-How have the Dead Weather taken off over there? I’m a huge Jack White fan and think its genius but the newest album has been slated by a few over here!

  126. Right boys JJ’s tips for the day:

    New Zealand 1-1 Slovakia

    Ivory Coast 2-2 Portugal

    Brazil 4-0 Korea

  127. From the Beeb’s gossip bit…..

    Newcastle United are considering a move for Celtic’s Greece striker Georgios Samaras, who is expected to be released by new manager Neil Lennon this summer. (Daily Record)

    And… in an attempt to boost Robert Green’s confidence, Capello had him do extra training. 4000 shots and not one went past him. Capello’s to let Green and Hesky train with the rest of the team today!!!

    And…. South African press’s reporting a dramatic rise in drug-related crime and sex offences since the World cup began. They’re quite relaxed about it though, they know Terry and his family’ll be going back to England soon!!!

  128. morning batty , if your interested i can get my hands on as many vuvuzela horns as i want….there’s good money to be made from this shit….fat ash has a warehouse filled with them in readiness for next season..

    …you could kill two birds with one stone…for every horn you sell i’m sure someone will buy a pair of those cheap socks your knocking out so they can..shove them in it..when the daft lads start tooting them.

    batty it’s win-win…& giz a shoot m8 if yiv got owt for ascot.

  129. komfort get is a 1000 for now ile sell them too the yanks because they are always blowing there own trumpet

  130. nearly spat ma Frosties all owa the laptop when i read we were linked with Samaras! Please God NO!……….

  131. Has any other PL clubs supported our wonderful and well liked regime’s stance on the Mail yet?

    The silence is deafening!

  132. Probably just shows the rest of the PL feel the same as we do about the plebs!

  133. Or that the other clubs think its a bad idea as they know how to deal with the press? And how to ignore it whne they get the kinves out etc,,,

  134. How about doing an article on the upcoming fixture and our past opening matches stats??? ^_^

  135. Just because the rest of the PL haven’t followed suit doesn’t make it a bad idea.

    I think the club should be applauded on this one. Fcuk the rest of them.

  136. In principle I think it’s a good idea, but you just cannot take the press on and win. Their horrible people who will stoop as low as you can go.

  137. Me too.
    The rest are just scared of upsetting the press.
    How pathetic is that.

  138. Its a nice to see us taking the morale high ground on this one , the british tabolids ( im sure tabolids everywhere r the same ) are dreadful , Im sure Robert green has got plently of abuse from them since the usa game which is unfair imo

  139. They need ‘upsetting’,
    their grip on all things football must be prized out of their cold dead hands.

  140. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    June 15, 2010 at 1:52 pm

    It’s impossible – It’s like saying a heckler can get the better of a comedian, when they cannot – The comedian has the mic so he’ll always win.

  141. Not really Stuart,
    There’s more of us ‘out here’ mate.
    A comedian is one person, the mic can be unplugged, taken off them, or they can be yanked off stage.
    Although your analogy of likening them to a comedian is fair enough mate.

  142. Wheres this Vagner Love rumour come from ??

    I know his loans up in july, So its probably the usual 2+2=5 dross…

  143. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    June 15, 2010 at 1:57 pm

    Well if you think you can stop the papers printing papers, good luck to ya..

  144. Johnno @232

    “Im sure Robert green has got plenty of abuse from them since the usa game which is unfair imo”

    It’s unfair insofar as there should be a logical end to it. There’s no denying it was a feckn’ horrendous error, but they shouldn’t drag it out for days. That’s not gonna do the team much good.

  145. But he is not the reason why england didnt beat the usa , yeah he made a silly mistake but ye should of swept aside usa , he is just been made a scape goat by lazy journalism for me

  146. Stuart,
    It’s all about people, clubs, fans, etc. standing up to them.
    If no one does, they win again, without a fight, that’s a defeatist attitude that helps no one but them.
    Which is all well & good if we want it to just carry on, unchecked.
    Very little in this world changes/changed without someone getting off their ass & putting it on the line.
    NUFC are bang on, on this one.

  147. Johno Toon says:
    June 15, 2010 at 2:09 pm

    We would have swept them aside if Wright-Phillips, Lennon and Heskey hadn’t eached missed sitters.

    It gets on my pecs that every other country are allowed to grow into the tournament, start slowly and get better as it goes along, but we should be great right from the start and abliterate the groups!

  148. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    June 15, 2010 at 2:11 pm

    I don’t disagree, but it will only make a difference if the other clubs backed us up – They haven’t, so it will make not one jot of difference. So in that respect, it’s been a pointless exercise that will only annoy the mail and other newspapers.

  149. Stuart,
    i agree on that one man.
    Although it’s a bit harsh on heskey, i know he missed a good chance, but he did set up englands goal & won everything hoofed to him.
    swp & lennon were gash, can’t handle the ball to feet. They need it put in front of them to run onto. Providing they don’t fall over their shadow on the way.
    milner looked well off the pace & out of his depth. Sub late on only.

  150. “But he is not the reason why england didnt beat the usa”

    He’s not the *only* reason England didn’t beat the USA. But his error played a major part in us only getting a draw.

  151. Stuart,
    you never know, it could galvanize a few minds when they get on someone else’s back.
    Gotta start somewhere & someone’s gotta stick their heed above the proverbial…

  152. Yep, thought Heskey was arguably our best player the other noght. If he had have scored that 1 on 1 then we would have been talking about it posibly being his best England performance ever. He justified his selection for me 8O

  153. I dont mean to be having a go at england stuart im just saying its unfair to single out green for that mistake when the whole team played poor

  154. Strikers are there to score the chances they get – Heskey cannot be relied upon to do that.

  155. Me too toonsy.
    Plenty of people are just dying to find a way of being right about him, that’s sad.

    i’m not aiming that at you Stuart, i’ve never really noticed you slagging him mate.

  156. Stuart,
    y’right, he’s not a goal scorer, that’s not why he’s there though, is it?

  157. To be fair, Capello has said Heskey is there because of what he adds to the TEAM, not because he himself is going to fire us to World Cup glory or something. The stats don’t lie, the England TEAM score more with Heskey in the TEAM than they do without him there, Rooney in particluar.

  158. toonsy,
    damn right mate.
    I guess some people watch without seeing.
    I know the pundits do, they just tow party lines, that’s what makes the commentary so boring in games.

  159. Heskey’s an odd one like.

    Most player’s and managers (possible not MO’N) love him.

    And yet most fans think he’s a great big buffoon.

    I fluctuate between the two. At the end of the day though, if you’re gonna ply your trade as a striker you’re gonna be judged on goals, not assists or link-up play or yards covered or tackles won.

  160. TC,
    aye mate,
    but it’s sad when people say he played crap when he didn’t, just to suit an argument, isn’t it?

  161. I remember Heskey playing in a friendly against Argentina (around 2000/2001) and they just couldn’t handle him. Simeone just didn’t know what to do and they had to sub him.

    And his part in Germany 1 England 5 is legendary. When he starts, I always think there’s a chance he can get something, and frighten some defences to distraction. As I said in another thread, I’d have started with him.

    And it was worth playing him just for the great setup for Gerard.

    But apart from that, I honestly thought the USA dealt well with him. I certainly wouldn’t have put him down as best player.

  162. Darth,
    that’s fair mate.
    Not best player, but did better than most.
    Knuck fows who was best on the night like.

  163. CLiNT – aye, you’re right. And I did think he played well the other night.

    But just like Green made some good saves – it’s the fcuk up that you remember. Heskey should have scored, and he should score more often. I think if he did people would be more forgiving when he did miss the odd chance.

  164. TC,
    right mate, totally agree.
    Although, i really have no clue how green managed to get in the squad, let alone start the 1st game. He must have some goods on capello or something.
    He’s been crap all season & looks like a little boy lost. No agility, slow on the uptake, you name it.

  165. Yeah, don’t get Green at all. I always think he looks like he’s about to sh!t himself.

    James doesn’t fill me with confidence either though, and Hart, as good as he’s been this season, he’s only a bairn still and the occasion may get to him.

    I’d still play them both ahead of Green though, and I’d be very surprised if old Fabio doesn’t feel the same.

  166. I said the other day that I’d drop Green,not for the mistake but cos he shouldnt have played in the first place………there’s 2 English keepers better than him at the Toon imo

  167. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    June 15, 2010 at 2:25 pm

    Problem is that as a striker he might not be there to score goals but he’s always likely to get a chance – But he’s more than likely to miss it!

    That in my book makes him a liability, especially in a WC, were one chance might win you the game and send you through.

  168. Toon Chicken says:
    June 15, 2010 at 2:53 pm

    I’ve never understood the problem some have with Harts age/inexperience.

    Do inexperienced players have a monopoly on cock ups?

    You’ve got to trust players talent – Hart is far and away the most talented keeper we have and as Green has shown, even the older players make ricks.

    He’s also bloody confident and has said he would like to take a penalty if we got in a shoot out!

  169. Agree TC,although young Hart always seems confident when I’ve seen him so don’t think he would be fazed it would be more a question of the positioning and decision making that comes with experience………that said I’d pick him.

  170. Any players caught the attention of anyone this tournament?

    That M’Bia from Maceroon has really impressed me.

  171. I liked the look of the winger that came on for Holland Elia.He impressed me.

  172. richietoon says:
    June 15, 2010 at 3:21 pm


    Although toonsy if you’re asking if any impressed me for us to possible sign the answer is I haven’t seen anyone from NZ, Slovakia, North Korea or Honduras.

  173. But that wasn’t the question Stu, was it? It’s just you again adding bits in that don’t exist ;)

    Simple question, although evidently not simple enough for you to give a straight answer to…

    I’ll try and find a way of dumbing it down just for you…

  174. We might get Elia with a cheeky £20m bid like Stuart……I’m sure big Mikes thinking about it!!!

  175. Stu – I don’t have a problem with Hart. All I’m saying is we can’t be sure how he’ll react. Mental strength plays a HUGE part in sport at that level, and while he’s proved he can cope week in, week out in the Prem – playing in front of 90,000 at the World Cup with a global audience of billions is undoubtedly gonna be a different kettle of ball games.

    I’m guessing I’m not alone in thinking that, otherwise he would have played on Saturday, because I do agree he is the most talented. Talent only gets you so far though.

    That said, it it was down to me he’d start on Friday. It’s the only way we’re gonna find out.

  176. toonsy says:
    June 15, 2010 at 3:28 pm

    Question was easy enough to understand thanks, hence my straight forward answer @ 273.

  177. Stuart – Apparently you did fail to understand;

    “Although toonsy if you’re asking if any impressed me for us to possible sign the answer is I haven’t seen anyone from NZ, Slovakia, North Korea or Honduras.”

    As that wasn’t what I asked ;)

  178. I reckon Honduras could have some players that would be alirght for us you know. Palacios and Figueroa haven’t done too shabbily.

  179. That Arabic city that plays for France really impressed me the other night.

    I can’t decide if that’s cos the rest of them were so sh!te or not though.

  180. toonsy says:
    June 15, 2010 at 3:31 pm

    I’ll give the humour a miss as you obviously have had a sense of humour by pass.

  181. toonsy says:
    June 15, 2010 at 3:15 pm

    “That M’Bia from Maceroon has really impressed me.”

    Kinnear was supposed to be getting that gadgie.

  182. Worky – We had been linked with him for a couple of years. Streets ahead of Habib Beye from what I have seen in my opinion.