Newcastle line up Hooper, but are there any more hidden gems in The Championship?

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Gary Hooper - Toon target?
Gary Hooper - Toon target?
There seems to be a lot of speculation regarding Scunthorpe United’s 22-year old striker, Gary Hooper, and an apparent interest from Newcastle to want to buy the player for a fee of around £2.5 million.

Hooper scored 30 goals last season, which has obviously alerted clubs to the lads ability and prompted all this speculation as Scunthorpe look to cash in on their biggest asset. Can Hooper make the step up to the Premier League though? Or are there any other players in The Championship who could cut the mustard at the next level?

My main worry about signing Championship players is that we will end up with a Championship team. I understand some players will make the step up and we have this new policy of “building for the future” by signing younger players, but on the other hand, a lot of the players in The Championship just aren’t good enough.

For every Kieron Dyer and Jermaine Jenas there are one or two Des Hamilton’s and Carl Serrant’s, which is why it is important to choose wisely when delving into the lower leagues. Here are a few faces who I believe can make the step up.

Gary Hooper – I suppose it’s only fair that I start with Hooper as it is the rumour involving him that has got people talking about it. As mentioned earlier, Hooper scored 30 goals for Scunthorpe last season, which is a hell of a return, especially as all of those goals came whilst he was playing in a struggling team. Given his goalscoring record I would say he stands a chance of making at the next level. I’ll mark him down as a possibility who perhaps deserves the chance to prove himself at a higher level.

Peter Whittingham – Another player who has been tentatively linked with a move to us, and a player that I am fairly certain can play in the Premier League. I was a little surprised when he left Aston Villa a few years back as he looked like decent prospect whenever I had seen him play. Predominantly a left winger, who can also play in the middle, Whittingham managed 25 goals last season, which for a wide player is superb. I would say he would be a capable player in the Premier League.

Ashley Willams – I was going to include Williams in my list anyway but I will let fellow ‘blogger, Northern_Jedi, roughly echo what I was going to say;

“Welsh international, strong and quick, made The Championship Team of the Season last year. Wouldn’t cost the world at £2 million and is about 25/26 if I’m not mistaken. I think that would be a better bit of business than Sol Campbell on a free with the difference in wages likely to be demanded.”

I pretty much agree with that and believe he would be a decent bet to make the step up in divisions.

Nicky Maynard – Managed 25 goals for Bristol City last time out and has impressed enough to be linked with a move to the Premier League anyway. In some ways he could be the perfect foil for Andy Carroll as he has a bit of pace, something I feel is lacking at Newcastle. He can also hit a ball, as evidenced by his cracker against us at Ashton Gate, and also has the ability to do this. Would certainly be worth a punt in my opinion although a reported price tag of £4.5 million could repel any bids for him.

So there are four players who I think can make the step up. Can you think of anymore? I would have put Charlie Adam and Graham Dorrans in the list aswell had they not won promotion with Blackpool and West Brom respectively.

Interestingly, James Perch wouldn’t have made my list yet we now have him as our player. I guess it gives him the chance to prove me wrong though eh? There is talent out there, it is just about choosing it wisely and ensuring we end up with the players who can actually make it.

More Kieron Dyer’s (without the attitude) and less Des Hamilton’s would do nicely.

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276 Responses

  1. why not? – he stil young and can improve – if he is not upto it then move him on to a Championship club.
    wouldnt pay more than £1.5m – but could ne be another Andy Cole??

  2. Add Conor Wickham to that list, scored a blinder v us at SJP.
    & looks a canny player, great technique.

  3. “another Andy Cole”
    exactly, irritates me when people slag of Championship players saying you get what you pay for, or championship players championship team etc, its incredibly short sighted and shows a lack of understanding of where our club is at the minute.

    They all have to start somewhere.

  4. ILM,
    aye mate,
    Nearly all the great players started somewhere ‘small’/unfashionable.
    KK at donnie, Shearer at southampton, A Cole @ brizzle.(via arse youth)
    Rob Lee, Pedro @ carlisle.
    rooney @ everton. :)

  5. i dont mean to drag a debate on when it has already finished, but as i love both of the blogs, will everyone just give the slagging matches of each others blogs a break?

    both blogs have their faults, ed’s blog has way too many articles that you can never get a debate going on on one of the threads as there is another thread up half an hour later, this blog has more people talking about unrelated subjects, for example, hello how are you type of things (which for the record i have no problem with as its more reading to do which i enjoy of my fellow newcastle suppoters), and both blogs have other faults too but since i love both blogs i dont want to say as people might get the wrong impression of me.

    so instead of criticising each others blog can it not just stop? if you haven’t forgotten, ed’s blog is where this all originated from as when his blog shut down this was created, so dont forget that. (btw toonsy or anyone else who may take offense to this, dont, because i enjoy both blogs, although this is my favourite, as i have already stated in the past :) )

  6. tummy,
    it’s only a few that take issue mate, don’t worry about it.
    Most don’t care man.
    Each to their own.

  7. Well one thing is for sure , the lad has proved himself at a higher level than Beckford and their was plenty of people wanting us to sign him when CH was sounding Leeds United out . I say lets bring the lad in , 30 goals is an impressive goal tally .

  8. Same reason you can’t buy Poke or Coksi in the shops.

    Different strokes for different folks. ;)

  9. tummy – Yakubu rumor came from the rumors section of the sky sports website so basically, it’s a load of $h*t.

  10. i actually dont get the name, i think i do, but im not sure, anyone care to enlighten me? :)

  11. Gary Hooper sounds like a good signing, i think Ross McCormack? Matty Fryatt? and now Kevin Prince Boateng from Portsmouth? But I think these players are all well and good for ‘cover’ but first team? Boateng maybe, I think that’s it… maybe we should try and snatch good players from others like Scotty Parker or Carlton Cole from West Ham with all their financial difficulties, or Michael Johnson, Daniel Sturridge or James Vaughan benifit from their lack of first team opportunities!

  12. toonsy, i have a comment awaiting moderation, could you check it for me please and see if it is alright?

  13. wish people would stop banging on about johnson – since his injury h’s gone off the rails big time, which is why he dropped way down the order at citeh even before they started buying up everyone with a vowel in their surname.

    vaughan, again, seems very injury prone for a young lad.

    Frankly, Hooper would be an immense signing if you ask me, good finisher, has proved he can bang them in even when his team isn’t creating much, surely that’s exactly the sorta striker we could do with?

  14. I say sign Hooper- he’s got a great scoring record. 2.5 is nothing- if he doesn’t cut it, you could always sell him the the CCC and recoup most of the fee.

    Don’t know much about Whittingham but is a LM which we need.

    I like the concept of looking below for young talent. It isn’t ideal but it is sensible financially

  15. Yeah true, frankly I just worry we’ll get hit with loads of injuries and we’ll have no proven, stable cover! I haven’t really seen Hooper in action so I don’t know what kind of player he is, is he the strong target man type, a poacher for flick ons or a deep lying technical forward….or none of the above?

  16. im all for getting good championship players in on the cheap,but we have to be careful,some of these lads might not be able to cut it in the prem,we need some seasoned pros in aswel.

  17. Lowesy- don’t know, but he isn’t tall so I’m assuming he’s not a target man. Not sure about pace but with that scoring record he must have some finishing skill.

  18. Lowesy – I would say he is more of an all round striker. Can head the all, play up front on his own, chase things and finish with his feet. Would do well next to Carroll IMO.

  19. we’ve got loads of seasoned pro’s already – Harper, Collo, S Taylor, R Taylor, The Bull, Barton, Nolan, Smith, Jonas, Ameobi…

    Bring on the next generation I say!!

  20. Poke or Coksi. Haha! Genius.

    Good article Toonsy, Hooper surely deserves a go. Our top forward managed 18. In a team winning most games rather than struggling, and for 2.5m he’s worth a shot.

  21. you also have to not fall into the habit of buying players who form the “survivalist fraternity”.
    the guns for hire that turn up at promoted sides to try and keep them up,but invariably fail.ever since the prem has started there has been a healthy survivalist fraternity,old stagers you used to see were=ashley ward,dean windass,andy gray,darren moore,etc.

  22. British Agent at ground in talks again today was there yesterday aswell.
    That’s all I got. Could be goslings or hoppers?
    Sorry it isn’t much!

  23. Scunny fan here suplying information on Hooper.

    Hooper is a very mobile striker,carries a lot of pace,he is strong for his size,hard working and is tecniqually very good.

    Hooper creates chances himself and finishes them..he is an outstanding talent.Hooper in only his first two season at league level playing regular football has netted 50 goals…he is a natural born goalscorer if i ever i have seen one.

    Hooper is still a kid really in striker terms,but,his natural footballing ability he possess is frighting really…so natural it`s un real.

    Hooper will continue to get better and better..he is an outstanding talent now,god knows how good he is going to end up being..scary really just thinking about it.

  24. “The promotion trap”, “The survivalist fraternity”

    Trojan’s having a stormer today :lol:

  25. Cheers for the intel franko! :)

    No doubt we’ll have some of your mates on here telling how sh!te he is if he does sign for us tho! ;)

  26. TC – Or how he would never come to a shitty club like ours in the first place :lol:

  27. you know what it is franko, im sold, get this lad in
    NOW :-D

    Sounds perfect with Carroll

    At least it looks like we do have scouts looking all over for players, including England. I hear we are constantly in France scouting.

  28. Apologies if i started any ill feeling with blog wars last night, i was just trying to start a debate. :)

    There are often players and clubs who come up to the premiership and have a very good first season, alot of this is them being the ‘unknown element’, unfortunately more often than not they are ‘found out’ in their second season and vanish into the wilderness. However there is always 1 or 2 plays who continue to improve in the prem if they get the chance to stay there. I would say any of the players in Toonsy’s article is worth a punt if the prices mentioned are realistic, we would recoup most, if not all of it if they didn’t make it. I wouldn’t like to spend stupid money on a championship player though, people were quoting 12 million for Dorrans at 1 point, which is crazy, even though he’s quite good. 5 million max for a championship player is the most we should gamble, IMO.

    Franko has me sold on Hooper too, although he could be his agent! :)

  29. I think its all good getting unproven (prem) players if we have a strong enough team, but I dont think we have that and think we could do with 1 or 2 proven prem players to add to our team so that we can stay in the prem. I think the trouble with buying all these young CCC etc players is that we could end up being back in the CCC with them

  30. Get hooper signed quality, n I fink that killian brennan will be signed its jus to random to b a made up rumour

  31. I’d buy someone like Hooper who is still young, but also a older, more experienced striker (possibly european).

    As much as i appreciate what they did in the championship for us, i think we should be ruthless and get rid of;

    R. Taylor
    Maybe even Nolan.

    Loan out Ranger and Krul or Forster.

    Use Vukic, Kadar, Gosling and someone like Hooper from the bench and play them in the cup games.

  32. Since Moyes took over at Everton the Toffees have signed quite a few players from the championship and they have been excellent acquisitions.So with a bit of luck why can’t Chrissie Hughton do the same!!

  33. Tino,
    that would just decimate the built up team (spirit) & we’d be starting all over again.
    Bad move.
    You can’t just get rid of half y’team & buy a new one & expect it to gel.
    Many make that mistake.

  34. The thing is:
    We’ve now been down there & CH et al have seen who’s hot & who’s not.
    We have a better perspective than most prem teams, we’ve played against ’em.

  35. Big Dave
    ive saw a few people talk about bringing in more established EPL players, however have you saw the combined games our squad has in the Premiership? something like 1400! I cant remember a squad coming into the premiership with so much EPL experience behind them!
    I would love to sign this Hooper guy as if you think back, for the last few seasons what has everyone been saying is probably our biggest flaw as a team? Pace, movement, creativity.

    I agree you need a balance of youth and experience, however, imo, we have the experience, and we have used it in the past, look where that got us! Now lets give youth a chance and see what they can do.

  36. CLiNT,

    I get your point, perhaps getting rid of Nolan would be a mistake, but i don’t think the rest are good enough for the prem. I know Smithy did a great job for us and was probably instrumental in the good team spirit but if we need cash to improve the team to take them to the next level then we can’t afford to be too sentimental. I honestly think only Nolan would be missed from the team and Smithy in terms of morale.

    I think we need a 2 or 3 players and the team spirit will still be there if CH picks the right type of player.

  37. & where are we gonna get these ‘experienced’ prem players from?
    How much are they gonna cost?
    & how much will they want in wages?
    How long will they last?
    We have a bedrock of experience.
    1 or 2 more wouldn’t go a miss, but they must fit in.
    Hungry players are what we need.

  38. It’s nowt to do with sentiment Tino,
    it’s about not breaking up the team.
    &, most of those players count as ‘home grown’, which is something all prem clubs have to bare in mind now.

    We can’t afford to just swap half the team, both financially & strategically.

  39. U hav too take a gamble on players jus coz they haven’t played in the prem dosent mean they can’t cut at the level what bout players like tim cahill came from league 1 n kevin doye came from irish league n am sure there is many more, we hav an excellent squad n a few additions like hooper woud b good if we were playin top 6 sides every week id b worried but were not there a lot of average teams in the prem n I think mid table is very realistic, plus I woudnt sell anyone got take into account suspension n injurys, id give everyone a season n the ones that don’t look like they can cut it then u sell them n rebuild

  40. Takayuki Morimoto just arrived at training ground for a medical, just seen on SSN. Anyone else heard owt?

  41. I feel Darren Ambrose should be given another shot in the EPL, maybe not with us, but he has proven his class the past couple of seasons. I really liked him while he was at Newcastle, always like an attacking midfield player, and his free kick and distance shots can be thunder bolts.

    But thats just my opinion.

  42. CLiNT,

    If you take out Nolan from my list, the rest didn’t play all the time, if we got rid of Smith, Barton, R.Taylor, Shola and Best and replaced them with 3 or 4 players do you think the team would be any weaker?

    I’m not saying to replace them all with proven prem players (if there is such a thing), as we don’t have the dosh, but 1 established prem or european player and some younger, hungrier lower league players like Hooper would do me fine.

    I think Shola, Smith and R.Taylor have had their chance in the PL and weren’t good enough, i think most people would agree Best won’t be good enough and Barton should generate some funds. We got rid of some deadwood when we were relegated, i think we need to do that aagain to take the chance at improving to the next level.

  43. DJG says:
    July 21, 2010 at 6:49 pm
    Maynard is the best player in the championship imo

    you know what it is, most would probably agree, he is up there like, however he is up there NOW, the issue with Hooper, also the most exciting thing, is that with him its about raw potential, he can only get batter. Maynard would prob be about 5 mil with not a lot of scope for progression where as Hooper for 2.5 mil now as a raw player with the potential of anything up to 10mil is exciting for any team.

  44. I’m actually excited about the players we are bringing in, completely unknown and you have no idea what to expect from them etc.. maybe not the loudest names, but solid, young and hungry english players and if successful they would form a core of our team for years to come.
    Can’t wait for the start of the season ^^

  45. Well i defo wouldn’t get shot of Barton, not only is he a great player, but who would buy him?
    R Taylor i’d keep, he’s a utility player, with a great cross/corner/free kick, scores a few & assists, when he plays, decent squad.
    Shola is tricky for a big lad & scores from nothing.
    Best has had no chance yet, so could quite easily come good.
    Smith, so far is our captain.

    No team is choc full of great players that everyone loves. Some just do their job, unspectacularly, water carriers, if you like.

  46. Tino as much as I like Barton and Smith I dont think you will get many teams wanting to take them, apart from them both being on real high wages, and Joey haveing his past misdemeanours

  47. ILM – Sorry, should have clarified but was in a rush. I copied and pasted that from somewhere.

    The second post is me not seeing it on SSN :)

  48. CLiNT FLick
    Conor Wickham? Absolutely – however, it seems he’s on everyone’s Radar and ipswich have said it’ll take at least £10 million bid.
    Next please!

  49. hahaha you read his scoring record anyway toonsy? Hardly anything to shout home about

  50. magpie6699,
    aye mate,
    thought as much.
    Ridiculous price, welcome to him, i say.
    Like you said…….

  51. I Love Mike

    Agreed, Maynard would be a good signing but Hooper is the better investment, a true Ashley signing and I wouldn’t be suprised if they have inquired about him.

    Only thing is, what number would he get now 9 and 10 have gone. Has anyone got 11 Duffs old shirt?

  52. TOONSY been oot looking for stab vest for you m8,got new name for you like.


  53. TOONSY you not seen the ad on tv …..

    everyone who comes in the bar acting like a “”” ya barrrrr ‘d :)

  54. Oh aye shyte, yes, forgot about that Ice haha :lol:

    Reet, later lads and lasses ;)

  55. CLiNT,

    Barton – was a good player at Man City but has never showed it for us, even when fit. Can you tell me when he’s had an outstanding game for us? When he’s bossed the game and shone out from all other players? That’s what what we bought him for and that’s what he can do on paper but he simply hasn’t delivered. I’m sick of us having players who rely on their past achievements, Owen was the prime example.

    Shola – Yes he can do the odd thing that other players can’t but he’s had several chances in the PL and he just isn’t good enough, i’d rather give someone younger and with more potential a chance.

    We can’t keep R.Taylor just because he may contribute the odd assist, that’s a waste of a squad place and wages. Best fell out of favour even in the CC so i’m sure CH already knows he’s not good enough.

    Smith – should we keep him just because he’s our captain and a good team player? I want someone who can make a difference on the pitch as well, also Smith is on big wages.

    I’m not saying we shouldn’t replace these players, i think we should take a gamble on replacing them with something different, we’d still have Harper, Collo, Taylor, Williamson, Enrique, Guthrie, Nolan, Guti, Routledge, Carroll and McLoven as the nucleus of the team/squad.

    Anyway i think we’ll have to agree to disagree on this one :)

  56. CLINT canny young man,dont know were some guys think these epl players suddenly come from,without big fees and wages,got some basics there all ready

  57. Barton was vital in our more succesful time under KK when we played 4-3-3, the Villa game comes to mind for some reason.

  58. Tino,
    everyone always says players are crap or done nowt, when they are injured, them’s the breaks. It doesn’t mean that they’re crap.
    R Taylor hardly played last season, but when he did he scored 5 goals, made numerous assists & he also doesn’t rock the boat, he just jumps up, gets on the pitch & gets on with it. That’s what squad players do.
    Best has played about 6 games, maybe more, but most off the bench, give the lad some time.
    Also, you’re talking about squad players here, what’s the point of swapping squad players with squad players?
    These lads wanna be here, others won’t, unless they play.
    & we can only accommodate 11 at a time.

  59. BIG DAVE lol aye m8 thats the size,trying to get a tin hat to gan with it,but they dont do them that big like

  60. ice,
    some want the moon on a stick mate. :)

    They want top players that don’t step outta line when they’re not picked, always score when they do.
    We don’t get to choose who comes & goes, we aren’t the manager/coach.
    I’m sure most of us would love to, but hey!
    We need to learn from our past mistakes, as a club, as fans.
    Last years lesson is almost forgotten, already.

  61. DJG Myanard scored one more than Hooper in a better side with better service..

    How does that make him better?.. add to that Hooper had 10 assists to his name = more than Maynard,is younger and is 1.5mil cheaper.

  62. talk of whittingham would like him at toon would make epl imo,has a good eye with a bit of pace

  63. Hoper has 43 goals in 80 appearances playing for Scunthorpe. Looking at his videos, I’d say he has undoubted confidence to keep going in the manner he did for some of his goals last season when others might give up plus he finishes clinically without too much extravagance. Carroll and Hooper could just do it ?

  64. All the players i saw in the championship,one that stood out most to me was Sigurdsson of Reading,attacking central Readings cup cun against established players from the prem,he looked at home at that level.

  65. lets not gan back-wards we have good basics,add guys that dont have a halo round there heeds and want to play for the toon and have something to prove to us and themselves imo

  66. whittingham plays left-wing/ and in midfield and is left-footed something we lacked since the likes of g.speed left,and would be v.good cover in those pos

  67. BIG DAVE got any good indian tatoos m8,son just come in looking like one the last of the mohecans lol

  68. Franko-agreed.



    tell him to get his ears cut. :)
    I’ve had the odd mohawk like, back in the day, so i’m not one to talk.

  69. AndyMac says:
    July 21, 2010 at 7:50 pm

    AndyMac, sorry that your comment was held over for moderation. The anti profanity software keeps treating ‘Scunthorpe’ as a very rude word.

  70. No way to stop it picking up the rude word in the middle of it then worky?

  71. BIG DAVE
    lol thanks mate this is ICEDOG JNR sweet ink but im a sticker for my tribal/maouri/indonessian stuff

    he is a cheeky old swine im going to put him in a home and use his bedroom for a pool table if he dosent watch it !!! grrrr old timers

  72. BIG DAVE he should know better he is 32 going on 23 i think… sure the aerospace industry will love his new look… bet he gets told to hide in the cuboard when the japs vist

  73. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    July 21, 2010 at 8:18 pm

    “Alreet worky,
    how y’doing mate?
    All good i hope?”

    There’s light at the end of the tunnel, Clint, at least I think there is anyway. Hope all’s well with yourself n’aal.

  74. worky,
    fair to middling mate. ;)

    When i said that (light at the end of the tunnel) to a polish friend, she said: in poland they say that the light at the end of the tunnel is just some guys blocking up the hole. :)
    soz, i thought it was funny!

  75. Ice Tell Jnr I will get a link later for him, or maybe I shouldn’t incase he ends up getting a Moko ;) watch out for that pool table :lol:

  76. BIG DAVE cheers m8,trouble is you know who will have to stubb up the cash if he likes them :(

  77. Worky,
    anyhoo mate, i look forward to seeing y’back on here soon man, shooting the shit with us all.
    Take it easy mate.

  78. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    July 21, 2010 at 8:30 pm

    “she said: in poland they say that the light at the end of the tunnel is just some guys blocking up the hole.”

    Well my hole’s been well and truly blocked up recently, Clint.

  79. Thanks for the honourable mention :-) I almost feel famous lol….

    I’d love to see us sign Nicky Maynard, Ashley Williams and Peter Whittingham. Those three would excite me; as i said earlier; we need players with something to prove at the highest level; hungry players.

    Look what has happened to the likes off Bowyer and Carr since they left us…they had something to prove and they have pulled up tree’s. Very much like some of our lads last season.

    I’m glad to see the back of the days off the overpaid mercenary!

    Bring on Man Utd…. :-)

  80. season hasnt started 3 doon already keeper,s.taylor,kadar,all defence and some saying ship some oot,long old season comeing up

  81. That’s it ice,
    ship players out when we need players in.
    Makes no sense.
    We still need 3 in, at least, really.

  82. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    July 21, 2010 at 8:38 pm

    anyhoo mate, i look forward to seeing y’back on here soon man”

    Thanks Clint. I should be back on here more soon. I’ve been hammering away at the back end today.

  83. Worky > I’ve been hammering away at the back end today.
    I dont know what you are talking about, but that doesn’t sound to good ;)

  84. Nice loss for blackburn v huddersfield(nice one Clarkey)
    Screamer of a goal too.
    Eat that FSA.

  85. If we signed Hooper and he turned out to be half as good as that bandy legged old knacker we bought from 2nd division Luton in 1971 , I would be well happy.

    Dont like the Jose Enrique to Liverpool rumours that are starting to do the rounds though.

  86. aye ice,
    bloody walrus.

    But more to the point, fellow prem leaguers getting beat by lower leaguers & ex players.

  87. AA,
    Jose has no reason to go to liverpoo, the spaniards are moving out.

    Good call on the bandy-legged one though.

  88. There was no stopping the goal like.
    Belted it from 25/30yds, absolute corker.
    Leathered it!

  89. CLINT mean to tell me the penny floater is made out of leather,they dont know what leather is lol

  90. Would be well pleased if Hooper signs.
    He scored a bucket full in a struggling side, from what I recall of seeing highlights of him he looked to be a cool finisher.

  91. Hi ice,
    Long time no speak…….
    Yes I plan to take the auld fart to a couple of games, he turns 70 in Oct, so will look to take him to a match around the time of his birthday.
    I best start saving now………

  92. TGS hope your keeping good m8,hes still a young fellow and could teach you a thing or two about footy lol the way it should be played ;)

  93. I don’t know where the Hooper stuff has come from because Hughton hasn’t even been asked about this like he was about Raul/Djalo etc. I don’t think he will be signing for Newcastle.

  94. When was the last time Hughton was asked about a player BEFORE we signed him?

    The press mongs haven’t got a clue man! ;)

  95. so what do we do with shola – personally think we should either loan him out or just sell him, carroll now has the no9 shirt so he’s prob already pi55ed off and he were never that good in prem anyway, reckon we could get a couple of million from a championship club

    I’m happy to see youngsters come into the club and dont give a toss if we are relegated again (alright maybe I do) but 16th will do me as long as wqe have a platform to build from and i can empathise with the players to a degree

  96. Milan-TC’s got a point mate. The press are clueless about us these days and if anything it would make me believe that there could be legs in the Hooper rumours. When the press are mouthing off about the likes of Raul, it’s quite clear they havent got a clue and are just throwing out any old nonsense to try and twist Hughton’s response for the following days rag!

  97. Get ready?!
    Starting to get excited..

    So what does that mean?
    Signing or rumours..
    Does me head in!!!!!!!

    Got to start picking up now the window

  98. That’s horrid. Feel so sorry for Sibs.

    Was a cult hero for us. One of those signings that looked like poor business but really turned out well.

    Poor Sibs :(

  99. yeah my heart goes out to him… if you cut him he would bleed black and white…… she was only 21

  100. Dingo – Im not sure he would bleed black and white but as a human you must feel for the bloke.

    His other daughter hung herself in Feb and to happen once is awful but twice it is beyond words

  101. If we only sign gosling today then mate is getting a slap!!
    If we don’t sign anyone today he is going in the Tyne with some concrete boots on.
    That is all…..
    Tick Tock Tick Tock

  102. Lads, the Sibierski thing is just the inquest I think? The other two kids are OK, thankfully.

  103. Just been looking on the BBC gossip site. I know it’s only from the Mirror, but it says Wenger is doing everything he can to try and get Campbell to ignore Us, Suderland and Celtic to sign with them again. I’ve always thought Wenger knows what he’s doing, so maybe Campbell would still be a good person to have, even better if he becomes a coach as well.

    The fact that Brambell looks like he’s about to sign for those down the road might mean it’s between us and Celtic for him. Who knows, maybe thats the info Waddles is going to get.

  104. Let’s hope Carroll follows in the footsteps of the great number 9’s ! I was the best like!

  105. We were at rosenborg game last night running rule over skjelbred and or annan.
    Should have got him years ago!!!
    And Ben arfa rumour won’t go away.
    No chance for him IMHO

  106. Both of those would do for me Waddles, both, but cant see it. Both would be quality additions

  107. waddles – keep us posted, who would be the better premiership player tho? skeljbred or Annan? its the creativity we need and scandanavians always seem to settle well.

  108. No Benjani isn’t training, CH poured cold water on all of the recent speculation today posted in an article on the Journal website.

  109. waddles,is there any legs to that?we seem to get linked with the same players every’s seems as though lamearse drags out a piece of paper with names on,tips the nod to the press,while chris is given the task of beefing up the squad from league 2 players lol.

  110. rltr,i thought i hadn’t heard anything around newcastle,just seen it on another board.

  111. newcastle interested in ben arfa,but so far have not met the 6 million price tag.why am i not suprised by this,i doubt whether yeston will have 6 mill for his whole warchest lol.

  112. That the crack 2 toon officials at game last night against linfield. Watching them 2
    Also rumours of toon officials contacting marseille about Ben arfa. That just pie in the sky

  113. rltr,i wouldn’t be suprised as hughton knows irish football,i can see us ending up with a right load of never weres,untried kids and dodgy loans.i know there’s still time until the end of the window,but this is ashley we’re talking about.
    you would have thought yeston would have had his squad together by now,he had the jump on everyone winning the league long before the end of the season.i fear he is another decent bloke who has saved that fat pricks arse again,only to be shafted.
    i think yeston is in the dark as much as the fans.

  114. toonboyjake,aye it was in an article in the journal,he’s poured water over most of the speculation,but he was proud to be linked with ben arfa ffs cheap city hrer we come.we have no chance of signing these players,but hey we’re happy to be linked with them,well everythings hunky f***ing dory then.

  115. gosling confirmed great,if we pick up a few injuries we can rely on gosling coming in to do a job for us,oh wait a minute he’s not available until january BECAUSE HE’S INJURED.

  116. rltr,this is one of the qualms i’ve had about hughton being manager,he’s a decent bloke like roeder was,but is just happy being manager,ashley could sell the whole squad from under him,and he wouldn’t say a word.
    good football clubs are built on a strong character like say an alex ferguson,who are not backwards in coming forwards,through their arrogance,stubborness,their ability to tell a board of directors what’s what.
    i dont see this in chris hughton,so down the line what good is it to us the fans?fans need someone fighting their corner to kick the club on.

  117. The fans needed someone to galvanise the squad and get us back in the Premier League where we belong.


    You moan when we don’t sign anyone and then you moan when we do – get a fecking grip!!!!


  118. The fans needed someone to galvanise the squad and get us back in the Premier League where we belong.

    THAT’S WHAT HUGHTON HAS DONE FOR US – or have you forgotten already you ungrateful moaning get!!??

  119. TROJAN are you saying you would have prefered to not sign him for FREE? I think he is a total coup! That’s one down Waddles, who’s the other?

    I think CH does have an exceptionally strong character because he couldn’t have pulled off what he did last season without one.

    What he is doing is living within the means of the club, what good would it do if he came out complaining to the media and fans about the lack of funds etc that’s just counter-productive.

  120. workyticket says:
    July 21, 2010 at 8:51 pm
    CLiNT FLiCK says:
    July 21, 2010 at 8:38 pm

    anyhoo mate, i look forward to seeing y’back on here soon man”

    Thanks Clint. I should be back on here more soon. I’ve been hammering away at the back end today.
    <<< i see u and stardust have met up then

  121. batty says:
    July 22, 2010 at 11:44 am
    we still have the best of the young south americans too come in yet


  122. text saying

    ” hope next in by saturday and not british been speaking to him all this week”

    Whatever that means.
    Not holding breath

  123. TROJAN @ 192

    I agree, but I’m going to give Hughton some time to grow into the role. He’s been a coach so he’s accostomed to being low-key.

  124. does anyone know what happened with juan albin? thought we had a precontract agreement with him

  125. That Otamendi link way up near the top sounds hopeful, Theres an offer on the table from an English club and apparantly club officials have been in Argentina for talks with Velez.

    Now unless Spurs are just bidding for anyone we try for again or Man City are trying to sign him and then loan out, Just to spite us (Think Chelsea with Smertin)

    Then we may be in pole position, Plus we have 2 argies and 2 spaniards (Inc Xisco) who can help him with the lingo and settling in.

    Delighted we have nailed the Gosling deal, Eat that scrubby drainpipe climbers… ;)

  126. Waddles,

    Your source is more cryptic than Nostradamus…

    “One might come, on blue sky eve, not English, perhaps by Saturday, almost done, may decline, or fall apart.”

  127. ssn have just reported that raul has turned us down in favour of shalke and that ben arfa has been offered to us along with everton and spurs.

  128. We won’t be getting another central midfielder surely.

    Guthrie, Barton, Nolan, Gosling, Smith, Vuckic.

    What we need is someone like Vasilis Torosidis who is quality in both full back positions.

    A wide player who can cover both full back positions.

    And pacey creative striker.

  129. batty says:
    July 22, 2010 at 11:50 am
    lesh ya kna the gonzales loan deal

    Very droll Batty

  130. Gosling in the bag, finally. Ben Arfa would be an awesome signing, loan view to permanent please! Will do very nicely. Get in Juan Albin and Van Aanholt and this window would be perfect (and De Guzman and Erdinic!)

  131. icedog says:
    July 22, 2010 at 11:54 am
    BATTY,the kid home now m8
    <<<< yeah tuesday he came back m8 thats him done now

  132. JJ- agreed. A versatile defender who can play the left, another winger, and a pacey striker please.

  133. Morning people. long time viewer, first time poster. Well, I had to go somewhere after rivals went tits up.

  134. thanks dog.
    Can anyone shed any light as to why rivals wents tits up? one day it was there the next it wasn’t.

  135. toon chicken,little things please little minds,chris hughton had the best squad in the whole of the championship,bad job he couldn’t get them of the worst,and devoid of any opposition second tier leagues in years.newcastle only really had west brom as a rival as all the other clubs,who would have normally been up there were having problems or were in transitional periods eg sheff utd,reading,watford,and a few others.they breezed through the league without too much fuss,because of this. people can kid themselves on if they like,but the bottom line is newcastle are a poor side,with all the problems still there for everyone to see,that got them relegated in the first place.
    toon chicken your always on trying to insult someone,are you even a geordie?a bet you couldn’t even find newcastle with a map and a searchlight.

  136. Chimag- couldn’t tell you- never been on that one. This is the best that I’ve ever come across though…

  137. TROJAN m8 dont bother to anwser any one who throw insults,is it worth it,nah,they go away if you dont reply

  138. Yeah, it was getting kinda nasty with all the insults flying around. Football banter is fine, but when lines are crossed and it becomes personal then it takes on a whole new persona.
    Kinda happy about Gosling, looks like we’ve set out our stall for the kind of player we want at our club. Young, hungry and talented. Fine by me after suffering through the likes of Owen,boumsong and all the other money grabbing chuffs.

  139. Apologies about the spelling, way to early in the am for correct spelling.
    I haven’t heard the de guzman one yet.

  140. icedog,not too bothered mate,i’m just replying to his tirade lol,he tells me to get a grip,i think i’ve got a grip to be honest,because i’m not willing to follow like a sheep into this mugs paradise being set up by ashley.
    i am also not stupid enough to hail mr hughton as some new messiah,like i said decent fellow,but i cant get away from the fact he’s a yes man.

  141. I think Sky bought Rivals and pretty much ballsed it up by putting money making before the site, which pissed people off.

    As to why it went for good? Pass :)

  142. CHIMAG divent worry aboot spelling i cant spell to save my life,but most guys get the jist

  143. Trojan

    I agree to a point, At the start of last season we didnt know how the league would pan out, Hindsight yes we had the best squad but most thought West Brom would win because of the off field problems we had.

    On us now yes we are a poor to average side, But take the top 8 sides out of the premier league and you have a competition jam packed with poor to average sides, The fact that last season without points taken off the woeful Hull, Burnley and Portsmouth everyside from Birmingham in 9th down would have finished with less than 40 points.

  144. cc,dont believe the guff,the so called off field problems were a fabrication by no other than our rotund illustrious leader,fat boy himself.
    we have to stop believing the mike ashley propaganda,every situation that occurs at the club,is down to him creating them.he has also been in control throughout his bull papy faky attempts to sell the club,putting his cheap arse plan into action.

  145. cc,last time we were in the prem,i’m sick of repeating myself,we could not beat any of those so called lesser sides.

  146. Trojan – you’re the one who is constantly slagging our players and manager – and you have the cheek to question where my loyalties lie.


  147. Trojan

    That is your opinion and mine is different, Dont go on about repeating yourself like your the only one who knows owt about the sport, I am big enough and ugly enough to form my own views.

  148. alreet CLiNT

    1 of these : either side of roll

    like this but without the spaces : roll :

    :roll: ;)

  149. TC,
    alreet mate.
    Here goes……………
    ………………………………………. :roll:

  150. Yes!
    Back of the net!

    Cheers man, if y’got any more, hoy ’em up.


  151. cc,you can have your own opinions,that’s your perogative,i’m not questioning that,but i’m just stating a fact,the last time we were in the prem,we could not beat any of these so called small clubs some of the fans talk about.toon chicken,you tried your diversionart tactics,but you didn’t answer the question are you a geordie?

  152. Howeh Trojan,
    even if someone isn’t a Geordie, it doesn’t negate their right to support the Toon, does it?
    We have fans from all ower the world now.
    Some of us are born into it, others have parents or family from the area, some just choose the Toon, all fair enough imv.

  153. CLINT was talking to worky he said in some small place in africa he saw toon shirts/supporters, whey the more the better imo

  154. The Bobby Robson foundation took all of the shirts that were left at SJP to Africa aswell and gave them out to the kids. Fantastic move IMO.

  155. clint,i’ve got no problem with fans who dont come from the area,i was asking him if he was a geordie,as he has always so much to say.if this is the case then he will know if he went into the bars and clubs around the city,the feeling towards the owner,the manager etc,is a different thing entirely to what you’ll hear on a blog.
    that’s what i’m saying it’s not a game to a geordie like me,it’s our life,a true geordie will always slag off the team the manager etc because that’s our right.
    if i was walking into a bar around my area,saying some of the stuff on here,i would end up with a broken jaw,deadly problem with fans from other areas,but if you come from hwere there is still a lot of resentment,and mistrust of them clowns in charge.

  156. ice,
    Geordies here,
    Geordies there,
    Geordies every-f***ing-where………..
    ……..Na na, na nah, na na nah, na nah!

  157. I hear ya’ Trojan,
    & i reckon y’a good lad.
    Some will always wanna say things on here that they can’t oot on the Toon.
    Like you just said, there’s a common held view that some don’t get with, but it’s hard for them to say it meatside(in the street), so exercise the right here.
    Know what i mean?

  158. “a true geordie will always slag off the team the manager etc because that’s our right.”


  159. I think I owe you an apology Trojan – I had no idea you were the spokesperson for the entire Geordie nation!


  160. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    July 22, 2010 at 2:17 pm

    “but it’s hard for them to say it meatside(in the street)”

    Not for me it isn’t, I just get all windmilling on them :lol:

  161. NUFC, I am sure is the same as most clubs. Every club has its own supporters with their own views, paying customers (which is what we are) have a right to express their opinions, good or bad, about the product they are recieving. I’ll back anyone and everyone that manages (except fat sam) or plays for the toon until they don’t put in 100% effort for the cause. I think this is Trojan’s argument. Ashley has burned many people, if not all of us, resentment takes a long time to subside. I know people that refused to renew their season ticket until they got keegan back on board. And that was after he left the first time.

  162. There are principals & there’s bloody-mindedness.

    There’s a difference between shiteing yersel & tearing y’arse.
    As me auld granny used to say.

  163. Are you a 69 year old cross-dressing homosexual father of 3 from Whitley Bay, Trojan?

    Oh sorry – I forgot – its none of my fcuking business!

  164. toonchicken,i’m a geordie born and bred,my mam was fron scotswood,my dad was from old byker,and i grew up in walker,i’ve got nowt to hide.what i’m saying to you chicken is i’ve listened to you come on here for months trying to takl down to people as though you’re an authority on newcastle,so therefore if you know that much,you must be a geordie then.personally i couldn’t give a flying f**k where you come from as long as your a fan,but i’ve listened to you for a while spouting off to people.i love mike,your another one if your offended by me asking the question,then it says more about you than me,basically lads you’ve more or less told me everthing i need to know.

  165. Trojan wrote “last time we were in the prem,i’m sick of repeating myself,we could not beat any of those so called lesser sides”

    So did you ever wonder why that was Trojan ?

    Did you think it was because all our players went out onto the pitch with two left boots ?
    Did you think it was because all the players in the squad had bet a brazillian pounds on NUFC to get relegated ?
    Did it ever occur to you that the squad was in disarray and that four managers in a season was even too much for the Toon ?

    Of course we got relegated and of course we got beaten by shlte teams like Hull and Wigan but it was because we had no leadership and no collective team spirit (and add your beloved Shearer into that blame equation) so we ended up at Villa Park with a point to win against a team with just one win from of their previous 15 outings and we phucking blew it.

    So thats why we went down and why were shlte against almost any team in the league. We were disorganised, we lacked team spirit and for most of the season, if not all, we were led by numpties who were just slightly worse than Phil (Tango man) Brown.

  166. Apologies for telling it like it is – but its about time we all grew up and accepted that not everything in this life smells sweetly, tastes of nectar and plays like Barcelona.

    We all have a huge learning curve to experience this time around and it includes accepting that

    1. Not bringing in “name” players because we think “name players” makes us a better club
    2. We won’t be Champions of England immediately but we’ll have fun trying
    3. Understanding how a club can grow, if developed properly, in a relatively short term period which, unfortunately, is not overnight.

    Personally I’d rather watch the Toon develop over a period of years and see them consolidate into a “Top Four” club before whooping the r’s off the rest of the league.