Onouha and O’Hara? Forget about it.

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O'Hara: Too expensive, apparently.
O'Hara: Too expensive, apparently.
Over the past couple of days strong links have been bandied around regarding the possible signings of Nedum Onouha from Manchester City and Jamie O’Hara from Tottenham.

It looks like both of these deals are non-starters now, as both Tottenham and Manchester City have slapped high price tags on their respective players.

Man City have slapped a price tag of around £6-£7 million on Onouha whilst Tottenham have revealed it would require a similar fee to secure the services of Jamie O’Hara. Unfortunately, and as much as I would like to see both of these players at St James’ Park, at that price it just isn’t going to happen. Or perhaps it still could, I don’t know. But at a guess I would say that those prices take them players above what our owner is willing to spend, and if by some twist of fate we do have that sort of money to spend, would it be wise to lay all our eggs in one basket, or two in this case?

Lets not forget that O’Hara currently has two stress fractures of his spine, which could ultimately cost the player a year on the sidelines if it gets worse. Then you look at Onouha, who has a history of various injuries and has yet to hit the 100 game barrier at Manchester City, and that is in six years. So when you look at both players from that perspective, the prices are too high.

On the flipside, it does give Newcastle a bargaining chip should they decide to firm up any interest in these two players, and that chip will have to be used hard to buy two players from two clubs that have no need to sell.

The other weapon we could use in any potential negotiation is the fact that the future for both O’Hara and Onouha looks less than rosey at their current clubs, with both players having irritated their current employers in recent weeks.

Undoubtedly, O’Hara and Onouha are two players that would improve the quality of our team. But should we go down the route of splashing a chunk funds on just two players? Or would we be better off adopting a scatter gun approach and signing players who would be a bit cheaper?

There are arguments for both sides, with one side begging the question of what would happen if the more expensive options ended up sitting on the treatment table where they would be no good to anyone (ahem, Michael Owen), whereas the other argument would be if the cheaper, more numeorus signings would give us the quality in depth to survive?

At the end of the day, only time will tell. And it’s only on September 1st that we can sit back and cast a full and frank assesment of just how this transfer window has gone. Even if it slams shut with us only signing a few loan players, we still have a chance of stopping up. Although if we only brought in two players, and stopped up, it would be in spite of our owner and not because of him.

Time will tell, eh?

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42 Responses

  1. The question is, do you buy two or three established PL players who you know can play in the PL and add something to the team or; You spend the money on five or six cheaper players and just hope that one or two will be good enough. What about the players who don’t make it? Would they have a sell on value, considering we’d bought them cheap and they didn’t make the grade.

    As for the injuries, that’s what medicals are for – If they pass they sign, if not they don’t.

  2. they are good value when you see the likes of wolves paying 7.5mil for flech from burnley who is just a avg player for me,but i think you might be right TOONSY to rich for ash,ar well we live in hope like

  3. why do players cost so much nowadays?i swear steven fletcher fetching 7.5mil quid is crazy,especially when you consider he’s nothing great.now every tom,dick and harry costs 5mil minimum.so annoying..

  4. shola must be worth 10mil if fletcher is 7.5mil,get him sold two for the price of on nearly lol :)

  5. ohara would be a great signing for you,he can boss games and will chip in with goals.if you think hes overpriced then your mad,hes proved what kind of player he can be at pompey.he is exactly what you need.i know what your saying about injury but as has been mentioned he will have to pass a medical,and comparing him to owen is madness,hes a young boy and has plenty left to improve on.when you bought owen he was still a good player but his body and age were on a downward slope.if you get ohara he will be one of your best players,6/7mil isnt alot when you think of it like that.hope you guys do well next season.

  6. ash spurs says:
    May 28, 2010 at 5:26 pm

    We know he’d be a good signing for us but it’s like saying Messi would be a good signing for you – But you couldn’t afford him!

    We cannot afford O’Hara.

  7. Medicals? Michael Owen must of passed a medical….Dyer must have passed a medical….

  8. KOYKY aye m8 i think back to fat freddy saying he doesnt know how woodgate passed the medical when we sold him to real/m :)

  9. koyky says:
    May 28, 2010 at 5:30 pm

    So we should never buy another player, ever. Just in case they get injured!

    Good grief, and people call me negative!

  10. Nedum doesn’t really have major medical problems. He’s been out with a knee injury and a dislocated shoulder in the last two seasons, hardly an ongoing niggling problem. His lack of games has been more down to the fact that various managers have preferred to pay large sums of money for players who are no better than ned. Also was behind Micah Richards in the pecking order (which most players would be when he’s on form. You’d do a lot worse than Ned and in the current stupid market he’s worth the punt.

  11. yes those are fair points,although dyer has been injury prone from before his newcastle days and i wouldnt have wanted him for spurs on that fact alone,ohara doesnt have that kind of a track record.im gutted for you guys with the finance issues.but remember just because you cant afford him at the moment doesnt mean hes overpriced in the current market which addmitedly has gotten ridiculous,a club like yours should be able to afford this kind of money.to be honest i hope you can do a deal and get him.and then finish above liverpool and of course sunderland lol

  12. Bit dramatic there Stu?

    I think what he is saying is that just because a player passes a medical, it doesn’t mean they aren’t still injury prone.

    I mean, Jimmy Bullard got a club FFS ;)

    I also agree with your point, and the points of the City and Spurs fan, that perhaps it has been more through bad luck rather than an inherent problem with either.

  13. hah,in the fifa 10 game newcastle have a transfer fund of 20mil,i think.wonder what basis they came up with that number.

  14. With possitive thinking these players will join our club, even uri geller knows this.

  15. Uri Geller knocked about with the Worlds biggest Peedo of Pop-Take everything he says with a pinch of dog shit.

  16. Morale officer@14

    “With possitive thinking these players will join our club, even uri geller knows this.”

    No! With positive thinking the great players we already have will become absolute world beaters and we won’t need these other over-priced feckers!

    Come on MO. You’re slipping :)

  17. I thought the policy was to buy young players with lots of potential si there obviously going to come with quite a high price. Onouha is a MUST buy in my opinion, he’s exactly what we need and the city fans rate him highly as well even if it means costing that mount.

  18. Like your style darth, I’m feeling the flow, I’m loving it, just stop and think possitive…………..nice isn’t it :)

  19. Obviously, the sentiment implied above is not extended to Derek Llambias, or any one from Belgium, Essex or the metropolitan Sunderland area.

  20. sirjasontoon says:
    May 28, 2010 at 5:53 pm

    “Uri Geller knocked about with the Worlds biggest Peedo of Pop-Take everything he says with a pinch of dog shit.”

    We don’t need Uri Geller, Jason. We have Dean ‘Midas’ Maynard on our side.

    Champion’s League? Bring it on!

  21. If O’Hara is so good why dont spurs want him.

    Also whats the point in buying him when we need a defender, striker and winger. Between Nolan, Guthrie, Barton and Smith won’t there already be a battle for CM.
    I would be gutted if we miss out on Onouha though.

  22. Nedum Onouha would be a great buy for you. Especially for the sums talked about. I watch City every week and am still convinced he’s the best defenders at the club – aside from Vincent Kompany.

    Quite why he never gets picked is always beyond me. i think Richards bursting onto the scene with all the hype made him 2nd choice right back (undeservedly) and higher profile signings (though no better) at centre half have been his undoing there.

    His injury situation is ok too. He’s just been unlucky. He has no specific problem like a wonky hamstring or knee. His spells out through injury have all been part and parcel of the game and as he’s had his fair share now you’d hope he should remain injury free for a bit now.

    All in all i’d be gutted to see him go but if i did have to i think Newcastle would be a great place for him.

  23. Morale officer

    “Having a few morale lifting pints”

    Yet another fine idea, and on the eve of a bank holiday weekend.

    I shall take your lead mate :)

  24. Toon_Factor says:
    May 28, 2010 at 6:04 pm

    I actually think that’s the first time you have EVER made a good comment.

    Well done!

  25. Good job it’s a bank holiday. Will need it to recover after sorting shit out at work that was rather urgent!

  26. fernandomontedasilva@gmail.com @arka cheers mate. you’re not the only geordie in india. i get the credit for being the only one in goa though. agree with the bit on park chu young though. think that it’s a good call, but the money…ah well…

  27. Did anyone REALLY think we were going to get them? Honestly? There are a few reasons such as they will cost more than 2 million, and the real obvious point….they’re good players! Why would we get players that are good already? FAT ASH wants young bairns who cost half a mil and will be decent players in 5 years, just before we sell them.

    We’re a joke and everyone is hoping we go down because people sit on sites like these saying oh we should get him, him and him when in reality we probably havent got a glimmer of a hope to land them, we need to get some perspective. Just get behind the current team instead of moaning on here about not buying anyone decent. I bet half the people who hammer this site barely go to matches and support the team properly. I’m a season ticket holder and would love to have seen the bitching brigade be this vocal at the ground last season when the team needed you.

    We’re sh*t, we just have to accept it and get behind the team.

  28. £7m for Ned would be money well spent for you in my book – he’s reliable, got Premiership experience and been very unlucky not to have clocked up double the games he has done. Miles better than Toure, better than Richards too in my opinion.

    Good luck next season lads.

  29. @the jose – just because you have the luxury and good fortune to live a stones throw away from SJP doesn’t make you any more or less of a fan than the rest of us. Besides, there are plenty of people on here that are regular game goers…Bowburn, toonsy, & worky to name a few, if I’m not mistaken…

  30. @the jose – & btw, ‘we’re shit’ are we? what are you, 5 years old? agreed, we need improvement in certain areas, but we have a squad that can compete with just about any team in the bottom half. not too bad imo. now if you really want to support a team that’s shit, i suggest you change that ‘season ticket’ of yours to the stadium of light…

  31. Fernando – Your right, I go to a fair few games if I can get the appropriate time away from work and/or permission from her who must be obeyed.

    I did mostly away games last season, 10 in total I think it was, as I didn’t want to go St James’ Park in what was a pricipled stand against Ashley. That stand came to an end and I succumbed to see us clinch promotion against Sheffield United.

    It’s shite from my perspective, as it’s only really late Saturday kick-off’s, or Sunday kick-off’s I can make.

    If I still lived in Newcastle I would no doubt have a season ticket, but at a 3 hour each way drive plus all costs incurred like food, ticket etc, it costs me around £100-£150 per home game to go to.

    I get paid well for what I do. But I dont get paid well enough, or have as much time to travel to as many home games I would like.

    Unfortunately, that makes me a shit fan of my home town club, apparently.

  32. wow, fernando666, how did you guess I was five years old? You’re smart! I don’t live a stone’s throw from the ground at all, I’m from sunny south shields but living in plymouth at the minute and got to every home match last season. I’m not saying I’m the number one fan but I bet some people who bitch on here live in Newcastle and don’t even bother at all, but they’ll probably go back next season because it’s the Premier League.

    Toonsy, who said you’re a shit fan? If that is aimed at me I said the team is shit, you need to read properly my friend.

  33. the jose – Well according to you..

    “I bet half the people who hammer this site barely go to matches and support the team properly”

    I don’t support the team properly, so I may aswell be a shite fan.

  34. Why try and make out like I’m implying that, when you’re a smart enough guy to realise that I wasn’t talking about you? If you want to call yourself a shite fan by all means go ahead, hope it makes you feel better and all that :)

    But so far you’re just being pedantic, classifying yourself in that category, I didn’t imply that at all and you know it…granted you hammer the site but I doubt you’re one of the keyboard warriors I was referring to.

    And by support the team properly I mean clap and cheer when things dont quite come off (instead of the typical groans etc) join in with chants, not sit there and be the manager in the stands shouting tactics.

  35. Nah, I know what you mean. I knew all along. I just think that, like Ashley’s statement, your original comment could have been worded better ;)

    Would have stopped it getting jumped on :)

    I agree with what you saying about the support, but the way I see it is that ‘blogs like these allow a platform for fans to register their concerns without having to do it at the ground, which is something I know a few fellow ‘bloggers do.

    Despite them sounding negative at times, and a lot of the time from some, they do actually support the team when they are there, or so they say ;)

  36. Cant believe the number of so called fans on here still voicing that crap , Oh1 we cant afford him, just reinforces Ashley`s belief that he can get over on us and have us believing that same bullshit.
    We are in the EPL with plenty of revenue coming in this season and how would it look if Blackpool outspend`s us during the window.
    Would you be still spouting the same crap ?
    I want to see some quality players brought in, it`s not too long ago no one would blink an eye at 5 to 7m.for a player.
    But Ashley has got you all conned into thinking, he`s some kind of savior with a five year plan, well f**k the five year plan I want to watch a competitive team right now , i aint got five years to wait.
    So unless your name is Platini why would you want to join with that cheapskate who`s only interest is whats happening to his dosh.
    And to top it off, you bring up argument`s (dumb ass ones for sure) on his behalf, it`s fuc***g unbelievable!