Guardian retracts NUFC racism accusation.

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The Guardian: Even more garbage about NUFC.
The Guardian: Even more garbage about NUFC.
On Tuesday, the Guardian’s Chris Arnot and Chelsea’s ‘Head of Corporate Responsibilty’, Simon Taylor (no relation to the Guardian’s well known Newcastle hater, Louise Taylor incidentally) suggested that there were racist protests at St James’s Park against the signing of Andy Cole in their story “Search for a British Asian football star kicks off“, something which was completely untrue. The offending part of the story went:

“When Andy Cole made his debut at Newcastle’s St James’s Park, Taylor, then a student in the city, recalls: “There were protests outside the ground. But Andy scored a hat-trick that day and we heard no more from the protesters.”

The newspaper has since replaced the statement with an extremely convoluted retraction, though no formal apology from the already discredited rag to the fans of Newcastle United seems to be forthcoming for the latest offence caused.

Already widely disliked in the North East for it’s vitriolic, and mostly completely innaccurate pieces on Newcastle United from the aforementioned Louise Taylor, The Guardian attempted to wriggle their way out of the controversy, seemingly, only at the behest of Simon Taylor himself, by saying in their regular ‘Corrections and Clarifications’ column:

“A piece about an initiative to foster young Asian footballers made a historical reference to racism in the game, and quoted an interviewee recalling that when Andrew Cole made his debut at Newcastle’s St James’ Park, “There were protests outside the ground. But Andy scored a hat-trick that day and we heard no more from the -protesters.”

“To clarify, this referred to Cole’s first home game (his debut had been at Swindon). The player scored a goal, not a hat-trick. The reference to protests suggested there were demonstrations; rather, the speaker was referring to accounts from eyewitnesses at the match who reported seeing suspected National Front agitators handing out racist literature outside the ground. The -interviewee asks us to note that the context for his quote was a discussion of the positive role of fans and respected players in overcoming racism in the game: “The point I was making was in praise of Newcastle fans who shunned a few people at the time who were attempting to stir up trouble” (Search for a British Asian soccer star kicks off, 26 May, page 2, Society).”

Meanwhile, Taylor himself emailed a complainant with a partial explanation and personal apology to the writer as follows:

“I thought it may be helpful to explain that the comments you refer to are an out-of-context part of an interview in which I spoke generally about racism within the game, the lack of Asian players and how role models can help inspire and overcome prejudice.

“I’m personally disappointed that my quote has come across in a negative way. What is missing from the piece is the fact that the groups I was referring to were explicitly not Newcastle supporters. The quote does not, nor would I ever, imply that Newcastle fans racially abused Andrew Cole. In fact the point I was making was in praise of Newcastle fans who shunned the minority who were attempting to stir up trouble at the time.

“I would never say these people were Newcastle or indeed football fans, in fact I would suspect the opposite to be true. Having lived in the city for seven years and having been back to St James Park subsequently I have nothing but the utmost respect for Newcastle fans.

“The wider point lost in the piece was how fans have been instrumental in overcoming racism within the game and how players and role models such as Andrew Cole, and in the case of Chelsea – Paul Canoville and Paul Elliott, deserve a great deal of credit in the fight against racism.

“I do hope this email helps to explain the context of the quotes and I can only apologise if anyone has taken offence.”

Unlike the Guardian, at least Taylor had the grace to apologise, though he does not furnish us with the ‘missing’ parts of the interview, instead saying:

“The quote does not, nor would I ever, imply that Newcastle fans racially abused Andrew Cole. In fact the point I was making was in praise of Newcastle fans who shunned the minority who were attempting to stir up trouble at the time.”

Mr. Taylor, where exactly does that quote praise the Newcastle fans shunning the minority who were attempting to stir up trouble at the time? It does the opposite saying that it was a (non-existent) Andy Cole hat-trick that which stopped the protests, which implies very strongly that it was in fact the supporters who were either behind the alleged racism, or that it took a goal from Andy Cole to stop the fans sympathising with the alleged racist agitators. If you “would never say these people were Newcastle or indeed football fans”, why would it matter whether Andy Cole had scored a hat-trick, or just one goal for the team or not? Also, where was it made clear in the quote that you were merely passing on secondhand reports of the game, and not speaking from your own experience? If The Guardian took a small piece of your interview and printed it out of all context, fine, but the quote itself, in isloation, says none of those things, and your after the fact qualification smacks of something that has been cobbled together once you realised that some Geordies actually read the Guardian, and are rightfully outraged at being branded as racist.

Keep digging that hole, Steven.

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82 Responses

  1. About time!

    There’s certainly going to be racism rife in town tomorrow when the EDL march through to castle keep and the anti fascists and other opposition protest against them. Expect there to be hell on, I just hope they don’t tear the place down.

    Fortunately I’m not in work because Linekers Bar will be full of tossers again. Town was heaving with likely groups on the way to the station. Out to enjoy the sunshine, nightlife and maybe a ruck later and then ready to cause havoc in the morning.

    Of course allegedly they’re marching against the ban of flying flags for the World Cup and over stating patriotism. Not that any of that is happening but even the possibility is worth getting upset about and demonstrating. Apparently…

    Off out for a run. Surely there should be a Friday rule to stop me?

  2. See, glad I left it to someone who could do thid better than me :)

    It’s bang on though. At the minute, the press have carte blanche to write anything, whether it be true or false, or through whatever unethical manner they use to get their grubby little mits on information. And they can do that without fear of any fallout under the guise of journalistic licence etc.

    It’s all bollocks, and has to stop. The Guardian over-stepped the mark with what they said about us, whilst neglecting the fact that the “Kick it Out” camoaing was started by Newcastle fans before being adopted on the broader scale. They also forget that the first British-Asian player came through our ranks in Michael Chopra.

    And as for Louise Taylor, enough said.

    The Daily Mail are just as bad, and I am happy the club have taken this stance and banned them from the ground. What they did was not in the national interest. Then again, do you expect anything else from a paper that had previously championed Adolf hitler and Nazi’s.

  3. they are a bunch of cnuts. the article very strongly implies that nufc fans were indeed the ones being racist. otherwise, why would the goals turn the chants to cheers?

  4. Just boycott them for being shite. I sometimes by the times, some decent columns, good crossword.

  5. JAY JAY if the keyring has any wording on it can you make sure its in german for toonsy ;)

  6. It is obvious no asian players are good enough for the prem yet-I am sure if they where then they would be signed up by top clubs?

    Scouts are global sure they have some in india/pakistan and around the asian communities etc

    Lot of steam over cold tea-like we really give a shit if there’s no asian players-a footballer is a footballer on merit-not colour or nationality – get over yourselves and practice more-moaning fooks :)

  7. Evening Lads The Rags get away with almost anything, and im sure they now have their knives sharpened for more sh1t about us, as the Mail for one will be out to pay MA back :lol:

  8. Time by time some decent asian players pop out: Nakamura, Park, Nakata etc..
    Honda, from CSKA Moscow, is a decent player as well.

  9. hows the needle man ganning,dave see wolves paying 7.5mil for fletcher,means shola is worth 10mil sell him,bit start for kitty,bloody crazy prices imo

  10. Shola for 10millions? :O It could be close to the same feeling if we won CL.

  11. Ice from what I have seen of Fletch he is not bad with lots of potential but 7.5mill that is crazy, at that rate Best must be worth a score :lol:

  12. no scouts in india,i can tell.just some random chap from southampton was over once to our school as well as some arsenal scouts,but thats as far as it goes with foreign scouts in india

  13. Ice I know your not keen but im hoping JB has turned the corner and I honestly think he will be a real important player for us next season. ;)

  14. dave not much going on here tonight,we could always pull toonsy to bits lol like,did you know he was thinking of working for the square heeds

  15. square heed car company ? one thing about the square heeds is they have a good work ethic and most of them arn’t to bad but ye can get some real knobs, but I suppose thats the same as most :)

  16. aye dave some german car company hasnt said which one yet,keeping it under his (tin) hat at the mo

  17. 11 years in Germany canny country,just the people in it that spoil it one of which is my ex-wife.

  18. I heard Llambias on the radio today saying that usually when NUFC make a statement it’s normally all over the back pages – He was wondering why this latest one about the Mail hasn’t even had a single line. Sticking uop for their own he reckons. Think he’s right too for once.

    He has had one response from a PL chairman so far. Wonder who that is…?

  19. Morale officer says:
    May 28, 2010 at 9:04 pm
    You are the ones who deserve cigars, I love you all

    Pink cigars?

  20. Thats why she’s me ex icedog,me current lass is Spanish..miles better,she went from watching Real Madrid to being a Toon season ticket holder.She doesn’t hold it against me tho.

  21. RICHIETOON good on you m8,my son worked in spain for over 2yrs liked the spanish girls,said they were hot blooded lol,think he likes to try one from every country hes 30 now still hasnt made his mind up,lucky S.O.B.

  22. We might move out there,going over in July to look into it maybe buy a little business.If we do though I don’t hold out much hope on Ashley refunding our season tickets though

  23. MDS says:
    May 28, 2010 at 8:05 pm
    SJT- what about Park at Man U?

    I meant Muslims and Sheiks ya Fookin Bozo :)

  24. MOfficer is Uri Gellers sword bent as well?
    Or does he bend it with his mind ?

  25. Morale officer says:
    May 28, 2010 at 9:31 pm
    I love you Stuart79 and I want to have your babies

    Well, you’re only human!

  26. RICHIETOON,please tell me its not a bar m8,see spain were down-graded today on the business fl,from triple a to double a,good luck to you m8 i hope it goes well for people who have a go in life,all power to yous both

  27. 29-Llambias always thinks he is right the Owl headed Smug Faced Roulette Gimp.
    He hates NUFC,The Fans,The City and more than likely knows less about NUFC history than my mother.


  28. Amstel Time….Pssssssssssssssssst Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Pure Owlness in a Glass.

  29. Defo not a bar,I want to go there for a more relaxed life and not to work every hour god sends mate.Just at the age when its now or never so I’d rather give it a go and fail than always regret not trying at all…….are ya listening Ashley,give CH some cash to give it a go!!

  30. On a totally positive and unrelated note, it’s nice to see the NUFC crest on the official website of the BPL. It’s now official…we’re back.

  31. RICHIETOON you have the right idea m8,my son is waiting to sell his house and moveing to malta for the same reasons as you,he is also thinking of starting a business too sick off 12hr days 7days a wk,so i know what you are saying

  32. Morale officer… you need to find some real life mates… do you really have nothing better to do? ;-)

  33. Ah fail, I didn’t claim ‘1st’ on my earlier post.

    What’s the craic then? Anybody about? Missus is packing and leaving us for the weekend to go on a Hen Do in Liverpool. Pets Corner Mark 2, beach, flicks and junk food for me and the bairn. Roll on August for Saturday football again!

  34. BBM nowt happening m8 only trying to flog shola for 10mil,as burnley getting 7.5mil off wolves for fletcher,only hoping to get some cash in kitty like

  35. Liverpool? Hen night? Ot oh!

    Ya kna what them cheezy Scousers are like, BBM.

    Born comedians, don’t you know….

  36. I notice another MP has been stung by the expenses scandel this evening – Claiming £40k over a few years for a home he shared with his ‘partner’. The paper have also out him!

    WTF! Why do the papers take so much pleasure in making peoples lifes a fckin misery?

    Fair enough it’s in the public interest to know he has claimed too much of tax payers money, but is it in out interest to know who he goes to bed with?

    I’d ban the fckin lot of em, me!

  37. ice – funny old price for Fletcher mind, eh? Good player but lot of money.

    Stu – she’s too much of a mam these days. I actually gave her licence to let her hair down a bit instead of worrying about uni and kids. Course that might backfire with those cheeky scouser like you say…

    Rich – bring the tins and some scran and we’ll get the BBQ on. Nothing like Bowburnia for impromptu and momentous sessions!

  38. Think JJ is saying give it a rest….is getting a bit irritating just focus on football and airing your views on NUFC.

    If I was a moderator I would have zapped your account a while ago.
    No offence-we are grown Northern Men,when we need a cuddle we have birds to do that.

  39. boyd isnt signing 4 newcastle he doesnt fit in with ashleys plans as all ashley wants is young players who he can sell on = more return will be a few loan deals ulka from porto for 2.5 million the loans cleverly van anholt and ne more younging 4 a couple of mill

  40. What value do loans have to the club?

    It’s akin to renting a house, but having to pay a non refundable bond up front, then having nothing to show from it after one year.

    Add to that, getting a PL youngster on loan is also like renting a house and refurbishing it for nothing and then giving it back to the land lord after a year all nice and modern.

    You just wouldn’t do it, would ya….?

  41. I think MO is just another Ed Speed, able to consistently deliver the same rhetoric but occasionally gets emotionally and subjectively involved and let’s the facade slip. Ed Speed used to just be off the wall and type random nonsense which was often quite funny. Once he embarked on trying to get involved in debates that was his downfall and once he did that, no matter what he tried he never get his notoriety back. MO has let it slip a couple of times on here already.

    But the blog needs characters and Roy and his coat of many posters is scarce recently and so too is Troy. Without Stardust and his camp and crusading manner, it’s just the average sane blogger.

  42. two bought players this ulka from porto 2.5 million this supposedly wonder kid from panathonaikos 2.5 million van ahnholt cleverly wellbeck on loan thats your lot

  43. I actually think it’s sad as fck when someone uses a number of alias’ on here. It’s as if they need to invent different people just to give them a life and the odd friend.

    Stardust epitomises that sort of saddo! Hope he’s Reading this as I prefer to say things to peoples faces.

  44. Stu – continuing your house analogy, if your only choice was between refurbishing that house and giving it back, or not having one at all and being made to live on the street, then you would refurbish the house to at least have a roof over your head

  45. Ok, toonsy.

    What about if your mam and dad were loaded? Would they see you homeless? No, rather than see you struggle they’d help ya out.

  46. continuing the house analogy….best couldn’t hit the gable end of one………til he gets his first pre season then watch him go,eh SJT? ;-)

  47. I just want people to be happy; is that so bad? Well if it pisses people off then I’ll do one, live and be happy. I still love you all, signing out :(

  48. I but Stuart continuing the analogy if they’re tight as oot they’ll pay for the basics just so ya can get by but won’t get you any luxuries like your 50″ tv and Sky.Whey on that note I’m off to bed(not wi Mo tho).Neet lads.

  49. they are only being mean if you let them get to you. If you don’t let them get to you then all they are is words typed and sent through a wire.

  50. Aye Go On Quick group Hug before bed :lol:

    Chill Out MO-Just start talking more NUFC Shit and you’ll Fine.

    Night Toon Loons !

  51. Bowburn – Get to bed, it’s far too early to be up!

    I didn’t mean that in a kinky way either 8O

  52. It IS far too early but I have to drop the missus off for the bus and then get some breakfast with the bairn.

    What’s your excuse? Don’t tell me work on a Saturday?

  53. I have just got in from work. Doing nights at the minute as I have a bit of a project on the go, and I can get more of it done during the night.

  54. Its brilliant that at last we are taking the press on, we have been a soft touch for too long.
    It started when we almost won the league, Steve Curry and his manu sympathisers started it off attacking KK at every oportunity and they have hounded him ever since.
    Two unashamed Sunderland supporting fans, Taylor at the guardian and Colin Young at the Mail, have taken this on, abusing their responsibility and the power of the written media that goes with it to vent their hatred of Newcastle United.
    Taylor in particular is the worst by far,after she started the Islamaphobic campaign after the Mido chants, but the worst and most petty incident for me was when they employed a lip reader and published the results of the spat between Barton and Agbonlahor.

  55. Cadbury says:
    May 28, 2010 at 8:11 pm

    “Honda, from CSKA Moscow, is a decent player as well.”

    Aye Cadbury, he certainly has a good ‘engine’ on him.

    I’ll get me coat.