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Guardian retracts NUFC racism accusation.

May 28th, 2010 | 82 Comments |

The Guardian: Even more garbage about NUFC.
The Guardian: Even more garbage about NUFC.
On Tuesday, the Guardian’s Chris Arnot and Chelsea’s ‘Head of Corporate Responsibilty’, Simon Taylor (no relation to the Guardian’s well known Newcastle hater, Louise Taylor incidentally) suggested that there were racist protests at St James’s Park against the signing of Andy Cole in their story “Search for a British Asian football star kicks off“, something which was completely untrue. The offending part of the story went:

“When Andy Cole made his debut at Newcastle’s St James’s Park, Taylor, then a student in the city, recalls: “There were protests outside the ground. But Andy scored a hat-trick that day and we heard no more from the protesters.” (more…)

Louise Taylor lies in the gutter.

April 11th, 2010 | 229 Comments |

Taylor: Muckraking hypocrite.
Taylor: Muckraking hypocrite.
Football’s most risible muckraker, The Guardian’s North East football correspondent, Louise Taylor, has declared war on football supporters with computers who have the nerve to queer her own pitch; spreading specious tittle tattle and general nastiness about virtually anyone associated with Newcastle United football club.

Obviously distressed by the competition, her latest piece of astoundingly hypocritical venom is entitled “Blog standard lies in the gutter”. It concentrates on Louise’s latest hobby horse, the alleged incident between Andy Carroll and Steven Taylor and also a recent rumour about Aston Villa’s manager, Martin O’Neill which have allegedly been doing the rounds on Aston Villa sites recently. I’ll leave that section for the Villa fans to get furious about, and concentrate on the latest chapter of Taylor’s hateful screed about Newcastle United, it’s staff and it’s supporters.

After casually describing football supporters (her own readers) and the ‘web as an “increasingly noxious mix” who should have their fingers taped together every time they go near a keyboard, she then smears us all by association with the tags of racism and homophobia. As she has in all her stories in the past few weeks, she then moves on to her own latest smear story, which she simply will not shut up about, her mischief making about the “ALLEGED altercation” between Andy Carroll and Steven Taylor. In what could be a remarkably accurate description of her own jaundiced drivel, she rants: (more…)