Louise Taylor lies in the gutter.

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Taylor: Muckraking hypocrite.
Taylor: Muckraking hypocrite.
Football’s most risible muckraker, The Guardian’s North East football correspondent, Louise Taylor, has declared war on football supporters with computers who have the nerve to queer her own pitch; spreading specious tittle tattle and general nastiness about virtually anyone associated with Newcastle United football club.

Obviously distressed by the competition, her latest piece of astoundingly hypocritical venom is entitled “Blog standard lies in the gutter”. It concentrates on Louise’s latest hobby horse, the alleged incident between Andy Carroll and Steven Taylor and also a recent rumour about Aston Villa’s manager, Martin O’Neill which have allegedly been doing the rounds on Aston Villa sites recently. I’ll leave that section for the Villa fans to get furious about, and concentrate on the latest chapter of Taylor’s hateful screed about Newcastle United, it’s staff and it’s supporters.

After casually describing football supporters (her own readers) and the ‘web as an “increasingly noxious mix” who should have their fingers taped together every time they go near a keyboard, she then smears us all by association with the tags of racism and homophobia. As she has in all her stories in the past few weeks, she then moves on to her own latest smear story, which she simply will not shut up about, her mischief making about the “ALLEGED altercation” between Andy Carroll and Steven Taylor. In what could be a remarkably accurate description of her own jaundiced drivel, she rants:

“At Newcastle United the alleged altercation between Andy Carroll and Steven Taylor, which left Taylor nursing a doubly broken jaw and feeding through a straw, prompted a surfeit of septic, completely unfounded rumours on some Newcastle United sites” (the ones Louise trawls for her own poison pen pieces, including this one). Incidentally, in Taylor’s parallel universe, “sufeit” means one story, but I digress.

Of course, it goes without saying that Taylor would never stoop to the same level as the Newcastle United supporting guttersnipes, spreading “septic, completely unfounded rumours”. She would never write things such as:

“Steven Taylor is understood to feel badly betrayed by Newcastle United and now believes he has no future at the club. The former England Under-21 centre-half had his jaw broken in an alleged altercation with a team-mate, striker Andy Carroll last Sunday. Taylor, who spent two nights in hospital and required surgery, has been dismayed by the support Carroll is receiving both from within St James’ Park and from Newcastle’s supporters.

“It seems Chris Hughton, Newcastle’s manager – who resolutely refuses to comment on the incident – accepts the two Geordies can no longer work together and has decided the centre-forward is the player he wants to keep…”

She also wouldn’t dream of writing speculative rubbish such as:

“Back home in Newcastle Taylor was feeding through a straw and turning down requests to photograph his newly wired jaw. Those close to the player, arguably Newcastle’s best defender, do not buy the view that he provoked Carroll in what is thought to have been an argument over a woman.

“Carroll is thought to be part of a powerful dressing-room clique that Taylor has never really fitted into. Kevin Nolan is a key figure inside St James’ Park and, significantly, the midfielder now shares an agent with Carroll. Taylor, meanwhile, was perhaps always too close to Hughton’s predecessor Alan Shearer for the former Tottenham coach’s liking. Taylor has only 14 months left on his contract and Newcastle are unhappy about the prospect of him leaving on a Bosman transfer in the summer of 2011. Selling him now would give them the chance to avoid doing so.

“With a return to the Premier League now almost within touching distance, Hughton – whose side are at home to Nottingham Forest tomorrow night in a key Championship promotion clash – does not want either to disturb the dressing room’s political power balance or risk jeopardising results by dropping a striker currently on a hot scoring streak.

“Even so Carroll’s continued involvement appears a thoroughly depressing victory for pragmatism over principles and Hughton has surely been diminished by the entire sorry affair.

“Newcastle’s manager won a UN commendation for anti-apartheid campaigning but as Carroll waved insouciantly to fans at Doncaster it seemed Hughton had suddenly lost sight of the bigger picture.

“After doing brilliantly to keep Newcastle top of the table this season, he now looks weak and it is not impossible that this affair could yet spark a chain of events that may lead to him being replaced by a manager such as Mark Hughes or Steve McClaren next season.”

No sir. Louise believes that:

“There is an unfairness inherent in seeing people ridiculed and their reputations trashed by anonymous, factually challenged, half-wits who would probably never dare say “boo” to the object of their vitriol’s face.”

Seemingly oblivious to her own constant toxic rumourmongering on the issue, which has only helped to fuel more gossip, she lays the blame at the feet of Newcastle United’s supporters, the weakness of Chris Hughton, and the club itself for having the nerve to hold an internal enquiry to find out what actually happened. The club’s discretion, and also the concept of someone being regarded as innocent until proven guilty doesn’t sit very easily with Louise’s journalistic pack mentality, so she has constantly screeched and whined that the club should engage in some kind of fingerpointing and censure before the enquiry has been completed, writing:

“Newcastle’s enduring, ill-advised, silence on the Taylor-Carroll affair is a pollutant at the heart of an otherwise renascent club”

A fitting riposte to this abject guff, which I could put no better, came in one of the comments for Taylor’s Blog standard piece from a potentially noxious, computer owning fan with the username “safeasmilk”. In response to Taylor’s rank hypocrisy, the comment read:

“How she has the gall to accuse people of muckspreading over the ‘alleged’ punch-up at Newcastle is quite astonishing. Like everyone else I saw this story on the news (BBC website in my case). After a couple of days the story died – except in her columns: I’ve even had a little bet with myself over the last few occaisions as to how long it would take her to mention it.”

So has this writer, incidentally. Moving on to one of Louise Taylor’s favourite target’s for insinuation, Newcastle United’s manager, Chris Hughton, safeasmilk adds:

“Her constant sniping at Chris Hughton who, as far as I can see, is a decent, honourable man who took on a job nobody else wanted, is disgraceful.

“In her last column but one she even managed to insinuate that it was a “Politburo” of senior players rather than Hughton who was responsible for Newcastle’s success.”

Let’s take a look at that piece too. After the obligatory “Although the alleged altercation between Andy Carroll and Steven Taylor, which has left Taylor nursing a broken jaw serves as a reminder that life at St James’ Park is not quite nirvana…” we find yet more oft repeated insinuations, this time about Hughton:

“A new, powerful, players’ committee was running a surprisingly harmonious changing room…”

After mockingly referring to Hughton as “Shearer’s cutprice successor” she blathers on:

“Giving power to Kevin Nolan, Alan Smith, Steve Harper and Nicky Butt, a man who as a Tottenham full-back had mixed in Trotskyite circles watched that ‘Politburo’ ensure his coaching drills and game plans were strictly adhered to.

“Meanwhile the still left-leaning Hughton and the right-wing, brashly capitalist, Ashley formed an unexpectedly close union, their bond arguably deepened by mutual mistrust of the media. Whether this unlikely partnership endures over the long haul depends partly on whether Ashley – who took Newcastle off the market in mid-season – renews his efforts to sell up.

“Without a change at the top it would be a shock if the modestly remunerated Hughton is replaced by Mark Hughes, Steve McClaren or AN Other. Even so, doubts persist as to whether his brand of dressing‑room democracy can continue succeeding. Will Hughton prove a strong enough man manager at the highest level? How might he invest an anticipated £20m transfer kitty?”

So esentially, what Louise is saying is that it’s IS permissable to be a factually challenged, completely hypocritical, monomaniacal half wit who can ridicule and trash reputations when you would probably never dare say “boo” to the object of your vitriol’s face, but only if you are an accredited journalist like her.

Louise, wouldn’t it have been much easier if you had simply written that in the first place?

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229 Responses

  1. I was planning an witty and intelligent reply, but then I realised she isn’t worth it and I wouldn’t piss on her if she was on fire.

  2. Is this the same Louise Taylor who has written atricles for a Sumderland fanzine?

    Can we even take her seriously as a journalist when she’s on about matters NUFC?

    Great work, Worky! Shows her up for what she is – A talentless muck raker with a Mackems intelligence!

  3. toonsy says:
    April 11, 2010 at 12:51 pm
    I was planning an witty and intelligent reply, but then I realised she isn’t worth it and I wouldn’t piss on her if she was on fire.

    I’d p1ss on her if she was on fire – But I’d make sure I’d drank a bottle of turps first.

  4. I wouldn’t give journalists like these the time of day. After reading Mick Dennis’ article in the Express recently, he is also up there in my list of detested journalists with Louise Taylor.

  5. She really is vile. The “weak” jibe towards Hughton was particularly execrable: Hughton acted strongly by circling the wagons and locking down the story. Lazy hacks like her were annoyed and started chucking “weak” about, purely to try to get Hughton to be just that, by changing his decision and giving the press their story.

  6. I laugh how Louise Taylor has latched onto the fact that Newcastle sells papers. I mean she never chirps on about anything Sunderland as there is no audience for it.

  7. The NOTW have also decided Hughton should leave and the fans will start a campaign for a ‘big name’ like Shearer to come back.

    “Chris Hughton has done a fantastic job taking Newcastle up at the first time of asking. Now he sould do himself a big favour and get out of the Toon with his head held high before he gets stabbed in the back. That way Hughton will give himself a future living as a proven boss at a decent level. Not end up being sacked in humiliation after 5 games at the start of next term.”

    “Ok, Hughton may need help on charisma but he has done a job this season that even Toon hero Alan Shearer would never have come close to achieving. Yet there will now be a campaign to install a name of Shearer’s status or a foreign guru. Well the Geordies do like to clutch failure from the jaws of success.”

  8. It all becomes apparent towards the end there worky.

    The press NOW HATE the FACT that they get nothing from us, EVER!
    When ffs was in(outta)control he’d blab any old crap for column inches, something neither ashley or CH subscribe too, in fact au contraire, they seemingly ain’t got time for their constant jibes.
    This is the one thing i no truck with, with regards MA, he gives the press NOWT.
    I’m loving that from CH too.
    Long may it reign!


  9. Worky a bit long over due But well worth the wait. But I blame it on Louise the Horse Taylors upbringing That has caused her hatred for the Toon I have heard but must say its not 100% that the Teacher that used to tape her mouth up with sellotape was a Toon supporter from Lebanon. So she is now trying to get her own back as she blames him for leaving her looking like a horse, but then she should be thankfull as that lets her fit in better at the stadium of Sh1te. She is one of the most Vile so called reporters I have came across.

  10. Is this the same Louise Taylor who has written atricles for a Sumderland fanzine?


    Yeah, she used to write for ‘A Love Supreme’ a few years back.

  11. Superbly penned reflection Worky. Ms Taylor must have some “clout” at the Guardian when she can pen such dribble and still keep her job. Maybe her boss is a makkem as well !?

  12. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    April 11, 2010 at 1:09 pm

    But that will cause issues, CLiNT. You can never beat the papers. If you don’t co-operate with them or speak to them they’ll just cause havoc – That will have a negative impact on any club, eventually.

    Their the beast within the game I’m afraid. It’s the same with actors, musicians and policitians.

    They’ve ruined many person.

  13. I just love the way not only this mackem bitch but journos in general , hate it that no news comes out of the nufc dressing rooms and the board room these days . They are forced into throwing insults at the club , CH and the players too try and get a reaction , well it aint working and wont work in the future . The club has changed its ways about leaking everything to the outside world and long may that continue . No more letting others know about Transfer targets and intern fights , the club is on its way back to the big time and seems to have at last learnt not to let the daily rags stir up shit to derail the black and white train .

  14. You lot are right about me, i hold my hands up, i’ve been well and truly sussed.

    I’ll go back to turning tricks at Penshaw monument.

  15. I have honestly given up on most journalists and newspapers these days.

    I think its funny there all bleating on how the internet is ruining the sales of papers. Well i stopped buying papers a while ago, not due to the free content on the web, but due to rubbish written by the likes of Taylor and the trash that is the Daily Mail.

  16. Stuart79 says:
    April 11, 2010 at 1:45 pm

    You charge that much???

    Talk about a rip off!
    Never mind a rip off, if you go with me it’ll drop off!

  17. WELL DONE WORKY, what a bitch that female is and yes given the opportunity, I would love to tell her exactly what I think of her face to face, no worries there.

    Her spiteful articles are so inaccurate, poor quality and trashy the paper they are produced on is not even worth recycling.

    In fact you have to come to the conclusion that as a journalist (ouch – that in itself is a misnomer) she is certainly NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE, any purpose!!

    You could add the equally odious dennis, lidl, and syed to that illustrious band too.

  18. toonsy says:
    April 11, 2010 at 1:49 pm

    Tino 11 – At 50k a week, not me :)
    Aye but who’s going to take him? I hope we don’t have to sell a better player because we can’t get rid of him. Is Nicky useless Butt deffo retiring?

  19. Mags09 @34…you have the chance to tell he to her face…the canny lass has joined the blog herself @33…and also has a sense of humour…howay, more of it !!

    Louise what do you have to say about Steve Bruce’s closet makkem credentials ?

  20. John Anderson said on the radio yesterday that Hughton might have to sell before he can buy apparently.

    Interesting summer ahead.

  21. Tino 11 – Someone will take a punt on Xisco, even if we make a loss on him. Nicky Butt can do what he wants, he is out of contract in the summer ;)

  22. Louise Taylor says:
    April 11, 2010 at 1:43 pm

    “No Mr toonsy, i drop my knicks for £1.50.”

    £1 and your on ;)

  23. I just hope the club don’t feel like we need Butt’s PL experience and offer him a 1 year contract!

  24. Not sure about her being a muckraking hypocrite. Isn’t that one of the prerequisites of the job? She’s just a very poor journalist is all. Nothing to get too riled about.

  25. looks like a whiny little wench, who’s pissed because NUFC decided to deal with the Taylor/Carroll incident internally rather than give her something to report on; so she’s making shit up instead.
    Personally i’m over the moon that NUFC are dealing with this internally, rather than running the overpaid soap-opera’s of the past.

  26. A superbly reasoned and eloquent article Worky! Such a shame that that vile woman writes for a paper as respectable as the Gaurdian; her articles have comprehensively put me off that newspaper :( Were it not for her versatile vocabulary and clearly polished writing style, these articles would not be remotely out of place in one of this countrie’s plentiful red-tops.
    Five stars sir!

  27. The thing is, its blogs like this Worky that keep her & other crap-loid journo’s in a job because this story was almost dead & buried but now they’ll have even more ammo to aim at us……

    The best thing for people like her is to completely ignore her & hope she’ll crawl under the rock she came from, so that we, the Toon can get on & not worry about all the lies & rumours the gutter press keep posting/printing on their site/papaers….

  28. The real problem is she is just one of so, so many.

    These days there is no real journalism carried out by anyone. The sports and entertainment industries seem to suffer far more than any other due to this.

    The potentially really interesting and thought provoking stories, for instance, where do a clubs finances come from and go, what do supporters and players really think about the state of their club and the game, about the introduction of goal-line technology, etc. These are largely ignored because they require far too much work.

    The so called ‘journalism’ that goes on now consists of two basic factors, rehashing what you have read elsewhere (without checking the factual accuracy of the original piece) and offering your ‘opinion’, which can never be realistically challenged. Heaven forbid that these journalists should have to meet someone face-to-face and carry out an interview.

    There appears to me to also be a growing cult of celebrity within the journalistic circles. Many years ago, I suspect that a sports journalist would aspire to write regularly for the Times, or perhaps even the Guardian. Now they aspire to a sunday morning show on Sky or a record number of hits on their Twitter page.

    Louise Taylor is simply a product of that environment. She may or may not be the worst example of it, but she won’t be the last. What cannot be denied is she has a huge chip on her shoulder when it comes to all things Newcastle United. That bias alone should be enough for her employers to keep her away from anything Newcastle related.

    The Guardian would do well to remember what happened to sales of the Sun in Lverpool post Hillsborough. Although her drivel is not in the same league and the Guardian will not have a huge circulation among Newcastle supporter, allowing it to continue without check will allow it to grow until it gets to the point where one day the Guardian may have no option but to drop her.

  29. I don’t know anyone who wants hughton replaced with a big name manager, where do they get this crap from?

  30. she’s a horrible excuse for a woman , both in personality and horse faced looks . she’s scum and i hope someone swill’s her with urine

  31. ‘…and the Guardian will not have a huge circulation among Newcastle supporter(s)’

    Hold on Starkadder, are you not in danger of playing directly into the crass stereotyping of the Newcastle supporter that is at the root of the anti-NUFC journalese whether Ms Taylor or others like her?

    And Worky, I can’t help thinking that no matter how odious Ms Taylor’s articles of late have become (in direct contradiction to her earlier pro-Hughton purralongs in mid season which gained her favour with S Taylor, her admitted inside club source) this well generally directed tirade will probably have pleased her on the whole.

    Once again we risk missing the wider point that our education leaves us vulnerable to considering and often swallowing the bile of the ‘professional classes’ as if it a divine commandment. To even comment on her, at best, pithy prose is to give it more credence than it ever deserved. As the internet (potentially) undermines all middle class hegemony, so it is the power of the blog that directly unsettles the professional hack.

    The real question is, why should Ms Taylor’s comments matter at all? And it’s the moment they don’t matter that she effectively ceases to exist….

  32. toonsy says:
    April 11, 2010 at 1:55 pm
    Louise Taylor says:
    April 11, 2010 at 1:43 pm

    “No Mr toonsy, i drop my knicks for £1.50.”

    £1 and your on

    Can you not decide who’s going to be on top when you meet up??

  33. cyprus-toon,dont quite agree with you i think worky has done a top job here,yes a lot of times you can ignore things and let them go over your head,but at some point the worm turns,you cant let sh–houses keep beating you with a stick without crying enough is enough. good on you worky

  34. I find Louise’s articles quite entertaining….

    In a perverse sort of way, I’d rather be upset by Louise than be upset by the crawling articles written by the Ashley appreciation society in Thompson House……

  35. Spotlight Kid says:
    April 11, 2010 at 4:10 pm

    “Hold on Starkadder, are you not in danger of playing directly into the crass stereotyping of the Newcastle supporter that is at the root of the anti-NUFC journalese whether Ms Taylor or others like her?”

    Perhaps Spotlight, but I’m not making a living out of my statements and that is where the real issue lies. Statements by Ms Taylor and her ilk are published by Newspapers and so to some, will be considered NEWS and believed to be true and not simply as opinion.

    In my opinion, the north east is not a strong hold of Guardian readers. I might be wrong, but it’s simply my opinion. That may make me no different to Louise Taylor in that I have not checked my facts, or that I would only be repeating what I found elsewhere on the Internet if I could find a website to support my supposition. But this site does not present my statement as news. It is one opinion, among many others, some of which do not agree with mine. Those who don’t agree have an immediate right to reply simply by submitting a comment.

    Newspapers and their sister-websites are no where as accomodating in this.

  36. I love the fact the press have no idea how much Newcastle will have to spend next season in the transfer market.
    They have no clue what to write.
    Somewhere between 0 and 25Mil… I mean… really…
    No shit…
    Ashley was prepared to bankroll our players wages for a year and invest some six million pounds last transfer window.
    Now they are saying he may have to sell to buy…

    Sell who exactly?

    We cannot sell anyone in defense, we are short in numbers, same up front, same in the midfield!

    And the players leaving will be the ones out of contract.
    If they were willing to stay a year in the championship, I’m quite sure they are happy to stay in the Premier league.

    To me. Hughton has done a fanstastic fantastic job so far. He deserves our support and patience next year and at the very least! A Full Season in charge next year! Even with a poor start.

    I don’t think it’d take a lot of spending to get us a decent squad either.
    Say we get rid of Butt, Xisco, send Ranger on loan. Then we get in five reasonable priced young players.
    This would be a squad that could easy compete for top 10.

    GK: Harper, Krul, Forster.

    DL: Enrique, *Van Aanholt (loan).

    DR: *Hutton (6Mil), Simpson.

    DC: Coloccini, Taylor, Williamson, Kadar.

    Wingers: Jonas, *McGeady (8Mil), Routeledge, Lua Lua.

    MC: Nolan, Guthrie, Barton, Smith, *O’Hara (4Mil).

    AM: Albin (FREE), Vuckic.

    ST: Carroll, Lovenkrans, Ameobi, Vela (loan).

    (*’s) are just examples but just shows the kind of squad we could have with sensible investment. More than capable of staying up if you ask me.

    Just hate it when people like Louis Taylor try bring the club down in such positive time. Once again we feel the club is on the ascendancy towards something. Rather than falling down. We havn’t had this for 5 years! So lets not let idiot reporters ruin the good times!

  37. Anyone watching the Spurs Pompey game?

    Pompey actually look like a pretty good side and their bottom of the PL with or without the points deduction.

    Just shows how big the gap is between the PL and Fizzy league. Even the bottom of the PL.

    Hope this opens a few eyes.

  38. Not really, it just makes me think that Pompey are playing above themselves, or at least that is what my mrs and her family are saying as they watch the game.

    Their concensus is that if they played like this all season they wouldn’t be relegated already and want to know why they couldn’t perform like this to keep them in the league.

  39. JJ says:
    April 11, 2010 at 4:39 pm

    I like the look of some of them players, but we need a defender in my opinion. We cannot go into a PL season with only one proven PL defender.

    Also we will need a PL striker, Ameobi is one I think should be sold. 10 years he’s had to prove his worth and he hasn’t so I think it’s save to say he isn’t really up to the standard.

    You can also forget about Albin – He’s on a free so something tells me he will want wages higher than 30k a week (Our alledged ceiling).

  40. Quite right Toonsy.

    Pompey have been extremely poor all season but have started to play well now that they have no pressure on them.
    They can play with freedom knowing even if they go a goal down, it means nothing to them really.
    It often happens to relegated sides.

  41. toonsy,

    I’m sorry but if they can play like this it’s likely that they have played like this more than once this season.

    There is always the possibility that even playing like this isn’t good enough when you’re in the PL without a goal scorer.

  42. Just off topic but I’m glad to see Ronaldo is finding out that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side.

    There’s a chance he won’t win anything with Real Madrid and he’s been manouvering for a move there for the past two years.

  43. JJ – Yep, my mrs’s entire family support Pompey as that is where they are from and we (the mrs) decided to have a bit of a BBQ and invite them round to watch the game. As they watch them week in week out then I’ll take their opinions.

  44. Suart 79

    I agree our defense isn’t world class but I’d rather concentrate on getting a midfield that can create goals. Its takes a lot of pressure off the defense if they know even if they do concede one that the side is capable of winning the game.
    Our last season in the Premier league. We just had such an aweful midfield (Butt and Smith) that we were never going to score. And even when those two have played together in the Championship we have leaked goals, created nothing and played poorly.
    Our midfield was the reason for us going down that season. Not our defense. Midfield is crucial.

  45. JJ,

    Personally I think we need to strengthen all over the pitch – If we cannot afford to so be it but I personally think in the PL must clubs struggle because they have a poor defence or don’t score enough goals or even both.

  46. She works a standard journalism rib to spark interest and sell papers. The more people you piss off the better. Look how everyone is making a big deal about her articles. I guarantee she doesn’t give a rats ass about what we the Toon Army think. Its easy to write some drivel and anger up the blood of one of the biggest group of football supporters in the world.

    Its very hard to write insightful, informed pieces that provoke thought and positive discussions. A feat that I’d say you lads who run (and blog on) this site pull off very well.

    The best way to fight her is to ignore her. As if she never existed. Let her fade away into obscurity.

    Louise who?

  47. I think we need a RB and a striker as a bare minimum although we need to bolster the squad in all areas, not neccesarily replacements, more adding strength in depth. A cover LB would nice though.





    As I said, thats a bare minimum although I expect more.

  48. I really do think with good service, Carroll will get goals. He does need someone to help him though… I might get lambasted for this, but someone in Bellemy’s mould would be ideal (obviously not him, but that sort of player). But are there any out there?
    I do think Nolan and even Guthrie will chip in with goals from midfield. O’Hara would provide a good standard of set pieces. And Jonas and Routledge would provide pace and creativity…
    I’d say we’d be ideal to set our team up as a counter attacking side.

    As for our defence, who would improve it that we could bring in? Maybe Upson? But he’s getting on a bit.

  49. Thats what I miss about messes Robert, Solano, Dyer and Bellamy. They had the creativity and pace to turn an attack from one side of the pitch into a goal on the other side in a matter of seconds.

    I honestly think, Jonas, Routeledge, Lovenkrans, and say Guthrie could have that same potential! But I’d rather we had a real pacey harrier up front to really capitilize on the counter… but who?

    You might argue Dyer and Solano and Bellamy were far better players. But thats not true. At the time they arrived, they were nobodies. Solano who? Dyer came from the championship as a right back, and Bellamy came from a struggling Coventry team. So you never know! Robert was the only big money purchase. I think McGeady could fill in that role :-)

  50. JJ – See I have reservations about Routledge. I just think he will get bullied, I don’t doubt his ability.

    We need someone like Lovenkrands but better. Although I would like to see how he gets on. In my opinion, Carroll and Lover are about the only players that came out of last season with any real credit.

    Lets see if stability has been the missing piece and whether it helps.

  51. Robbie Keane would partner Carroll nicely :)

    I think we could get him for 60k a week.

    I really think 60k per week is ok for our top limit for our biggest players, our turnover can easily afford that. There were players on alot more when were in the PL, that’s what caused the problems.

  52. toonsy,

    There just must be a reason why Routledge has had 4/5 PL clubs but still ends up in the Fizzy.

    Don’t understand it myself, he has pace, skill and can see a pass, but there must be something.

  53. Hmmmm, just watching Portsmouth, two players that catch my eye are Dindane and Belhadj. Always do when I watch them actually. They both near 30 years old though.

  54. There is another young Ivorian I watched during the ACN that showed real promise.

    Gervinho – think he plays in France. But he has an incredible goal ration and is only 22, and very pacey.

  55. If Forest fail to win the play-offs, we could go there and probably pay a pittance for Perch

    (note the scandalously good alliteration there…..)

  56. Tino

    I like Keane a lot too but he is also getting on a bit, and on high wages. Much like Duff when we got him. I think I’d be a risk to big.

  57. JJ @72 i think the midfield we have now wiil create chances in the prem next season . we now have routlidge and he gives us pace , something we did not have in the relegation season .Him and jonas down the wings with Barton (if he stays fit for once) and Guthrie is as good a midfield as any outside the current top 8 prem teams . We need a top class striker , even if it takes up most of the transfer money that CH has too spend .any other positions we should make up with bosman deals or loan signings with a view to making them permanent .

  58. Tino 11 – Deal done with Villa, or so they reckon anyway. £10 million has been quoted.

    Stu – Routledge has admitted he had his head truned by off field antics and he was too young to make the moves that he did.

    Just been looking at his wiki page. He broke his foot at the start of his Spurs career, by the time he was fit again Aaron Lennon had established himself so he went on loan to Pompey and Fulham.

    I am concerend about his size though, as I said earlier. Mind you, he says he pwes Newcastle for a final throw at the big time so tes see what happens this time.

  59. We are unbelievably over reliant on Jonas to create chances – We really need to be looking at another option for creating goals.

    If Jonas gets injured in the first game it would be a disaster.

  60. Oh ye, there are two players I completely forgot about in that squad I mentioned that can definately go:

    So its Butt, Ryan Taylor, Xisco, and Leon Best.

    Should get about 5Mil total for that lot ;-)

    Use it to bring in Hutton.

    Then we only gotta get McGeady, *to play RW or cover for an injured Jonas.
    O’Hara to add creativity to the centre. And give us a left footed set piece taker.

    That leaves us just looking for a striker! Come on Arsene, loan us Vela!!!!! haha.

    Just look how strong it’d be:





    Krul, Lovenkrans, O’Hara, Guthrie, Routeledge, Kadar, Williamson, Simpson.

    Not bad eh! :-)

    Damn, the season isn’t even finished and I’m so impatient to see what happens in the transfer window!

  61. What ever happened to the Spuds fan that gave us so much shit last season! And that Tom Toon with all his unknown Russian players?

  62. If Krul isn’t first choice, he’ll be off

    To good to be a reserve keeper and has ambitions with his national side

  63. Can’t think of anything else to say about our Louise, so I’ll tell a joke…..

    A teacher asked her class how many of them were fans of David Cameron.

    Not really knowing what a David Cameron fan is, but wanting to be liked by the teacher, all the kids raised their hands except for Little Johnny.

    The teacher asked Little Johnny why he has decided to be different…again?

    Little Johnny said, ‘Because I’m not a David Cameron fan.’

    The teacher asked, ‘Why aren’t you a David Cameron fan?’
    Johnny said, ‘Because I’m a Labour supporter.’

    The teacher asked him why he was a Labour supporter.
    Little Johnny answered, ‘Well, my family is working class, Mum’s a Labour supporter and Dad’s a Labour supporter, so I’m a Labour supporter.’

    Annoyed by this answer, the teacher asked, ‘If your Mum was a moron and your Dad was an idiot, what would you be then?’

    Little Johnny replied, ‘A David Cameron fan.’

  64. UTD111 – Krul THINKS he is too good to be a reserve but in reality he has only made a handful of appearances for us.

    I don’t doubt he is a good shot-stopper but I worry about his ability to deal with crosses and high balls.

  65. toonsy says:
    April 11, 2010 at 5:49 pm
    UTD111 – Krul THINKS he is too good to be a reserve….


    Which is why I think he’ll be off.

    No shortage of admirers either….just hope his ability doesn’t come back to bite United on the bum in a few years

  66. Can someone tell me if the rumour that the winners of the Europa League really get a place in the Champions League next year. Because if so, it seems EUFA will do anything to prevent Liverpool not being in the competition.
    Which makes me hate Liverpool even more!

  67. Stuart79@60 it opened my eyes all right. They must be showing a different game on German tele because I think both Spurs and Pompey are garbage. With a couple of additions to our squad we can more than hold our own against this opposition.

  68. For goodnees sake, let’s put this into perspective – she’s a journalist who works for a 3rd rate (so-called) national left wing newspaper which over its long (and at one time illustrious) history had some credibility when it came to reporting on football.

    Here she is demonstraing the usual jounalist’s ‘let’s publish something and don’t let facts get in the way approach’ ( Mick Dennis on the Express does the same thing) and see if we can get a response.

    The Guardian’s circulation figures and demographics clearly demonstrate that:

    a). less than 10% of their readership would understand the offside rule;

    b). that percentage means that there’s probably about 150 readers who understand what she’s writing about; and

    c). most of those are probably the people reading this website.

    In summary – she’s a 4th rate hack, writing for a 3rd rate publication uttering words about a sport and a club and a game she doesn’t undersatnd for a readership (both in this paper and on a variety of websites) who do not give a toss about her views.

    That’s the real perspective.

    Let’s ignore the sorrt little madam who clearly cannot find an honest job that she could be good at.

  69. Toonsy@96…I’m curious too..is Krul is as good as he thinks he is ? Haven’t seen too much of him unfortunately. Or do you reckon Foster is the better prospect ?

  70. Well-written worky and I understand your frustration but I agree with those who care too little to give a monkey’s about Louise Taylor anymore. I’m fairly sure the number of morons who read her nonsense and are negatively influenced with regard their opinion of NUFC, are negligible.

  71. Munich – Both of them are good prospects, but that is all they are – prospects.

    The only real experience they have both had has been at a lower league level.

  72. A house full of Pompey fans getting a bit boisterous and playful. So I had to pull the ‘enjoy the championship next year’ card ;)

  73. Devon – Feel a bit bad like, pulling that card on the in-laws, but they have been asking for it.

    And now Im getting more stick. :(

  74. bowburnmag says:
    April 11, 2010 at 6:16 pm

    “Well-written worky and I understand your frustration”

    I’m not frustrated in the slightest, Bowburn. Now what happened with that match report?

  75. For all those people writing offensive remarks towards Louise Taylor, and at the same time criticising her for ‘spiteful’ journalism – get a grip.

    I do not agree with a lot of her journalistic opinion, I don’t think they are always a fair reflection on the goings on in the Toon – but to be fair there aren’t many journalists who do NUFC a favour are there?

    However, some of the comments on here are utterly disgraceful and people should know better. If you have to resort to foul namecalling such as ‘bitch’/’whore’ you are clearly mentally limited; you are unable to logically convey your argument so this is the only way you know how to express your dismay.

    It shows a distinct lack of intelligence. You are demonstrating a completely disproportionate amount of aggression which is shameful and to be honest, quite alarming.

  76. Have to agree, Louise Taylor and The Guardian represent a once famous news source now dumbing down in a race to the bottom with the tabloids.
    They represent New Labor as opposed to labor in a political sense, having moved considerably to the right.
    I was on their football websight yesterday, where they were shutting down their rumors section (due to verbal abuse by people commenting on it) understandably so, as it could have been written by ten year olds, with a blatant disregard for either readers or the game of football.
    The final comments were unbelievable (dont know what planet they are on)an arrogant condemnation of the readers and praise for themselves, a case of ignorance exceeding arrogance.
    I suggest every Newcastle fan mail the guardians editor demanding an apology from Taylor for her slanderous statements, with a threat to discontinue buying the paper (Newspapers circulation is under great pressure, and a substantial threat of reduced circulation could very well be effective)
    Dont cost anything, give it a try.
    Watched the Citeh Vs.Brum game to-day, watched Larson who came on late, guys talented, very good passer, aware and has an eye for goal, would be a decent acquisition as a free agent.
    The press are pushing the story on O`Hara coming, like to believe it.
    Hope our scout/scouts have and are still doing their jobs, as we need to make early and decent signings in order to bed in the newcomers and be ready for the step up in quality that is the EPL .

  77. Batty did you see Rod was entertaining himself last nite.

    Molar your saying some of us “clearly mentally limited” and your basing that on what exactly can you not logically convey your argument without reverting to name calling ? Pot calling the kettle :lol:

  78. I’m just not taking notice of most newspapers nowadays.
    Only one I find I can stomach is the evening chronicle.
    I don’t mind critisism when we deserve it but this season we are breaking records, we are being professional, the fans are showing we are some of the best fans in the country.
    We deserve praise and above all else CH deserves it and should be worshiped as a local hero.
    Him and calderwood have created a proper football team again and not a soap opera and if the papers can’t handle that I have no time for them.
    I also understand that stories on newcastle sell papers but if it results in derailing the toon we should ignore them, more toon fans should take a leaf out of hughtons football mentality and just concentrate on the football.

    In Hughton we trust.


  79. MoLar says:
    April 11, 2010 at 6:48 pm

    “If you have to resort to foul namecalling such as ‘bitch’/’whore’ you are clearly mentally limited; you are unable to logically convey your argument so this is the only way you know how to express your dismay.”

    MoLar, with all due respect, that simply isn’t true. Just one example: When I met Britain’s most famous playwright of recent years, Harold Pinter, he was swearing like a docker. He wasn’t the only one either.

  80. @ BigDave

    “Molar your saying some of us “clearly mentally limited” and your basing that on what exactly can you not logically convey your argument without reverting to name calling ? Pot calling the kettle”

    Well in your case my comment was justified by your poor use of English, lack of punctuation etc etc.

    There is nothing aggressive about any of my comments. If you think a bunch of blokes sat in front of their laptops calling a female journalist a whore/bitch is ok, then in my opinion, you are either mentally limited or overly aggressive – either way it’s appalling.

    For the other more reasonable bloggers who haven’t got the balls to criticise this behaviour, shame on you.

  81. Dont know whether Steve Ireland is injured or not, hav`nt seen him in the Citeh side (starting)lately.
    Wonder if he is available? (who knows big spending club like Citeh)
    Could imagine an inside pair of Ireland + O`Hara, playmaker scorer + box to box, who can also pass and score.



    Need real strikers

    Though a small squad ( no strikers) think with something like the above we could possibly be a top ten even an euafa side, certainly with a decent striker.
    Keep the kids and sell the rest.

  82. Its actually good to know she reads the blogs. Now I know she will get my message. Twat.

  83. Good article Worky. Louise Taylor was often the target for some sarcastic remark in my articles in response to whatever garbage she’d written on a particular day, but you’ve certainly gone for the jugular on this one!

  84. From Ed’s blog :) –

    NUFCELITE // Apr 11, 2010 at 12:40 PM

    Any seen that stupid workey blog moans about her but peddling it hirself, what a total idiot that plastic geordie is.

  85. MOLAR
    Looks like you got a few bites (pun intended)

    Sure were both retarded and mentally limited, that`s why we spend our lives on a football blog, whats your excuse ?

    Actually there are some pretty smart people contributing to this blog and to give a blanket condemnation to all, well you are obviously new to things.

    As for criticism of punctuation, we just communicate, it`s not an English exam.

    And as for no one coming to the defense of Ms. Taylor,
    guess you are a minority of one there pal,

    feeling lonely ?

  86. Molar > Well in your case my comment was justified by your poor use of English, lack of punctuation etc etc.
    Just incase you havn’t worked it out this is a footie blog not an English class, So I dont see what the lack of punctuation etc has got to do with it. So my advice to you is to run along to your English literature class and stop Boring bloggers with that sh1te then go get yourself a life ;)

  87. MoLar – Critcising other posters use of English and punctuation is laughable. It’s a ‘blog, not an English lesson or examination. I guess it’s hard to see from up there on your pedestal?

    What matters is that people can get their point across, and that it’s understood. As most can do that then there is no problem.

  88. Tino 11 – I shall return to Ed’s blog for a one off to give others the lowdown on him before I leave again ;)

  89. toonsy says:
    April 11, 2010 at 6:18 pm
    Munich – Both of them are good prospects, but that is all they are – prospects.

    The only real experience they have both had has been at a lower league level.

    But that’s exactly the type of player were supposed to be buying for our team in the PL.

    Is that not a risk then, buying prospects?

  90. Is buying established players a risk?

    There is always an element of risk in signing anyone.

  91. Well obviously there’s risk with every signing, but which signings have the highest risk factor?

    Established players or youngsters who may or may not turn out to be established?

    I make the point all the time that there has to be a mix or the two, surely?

    That’s why in my opinion this whole transfer policy of ‘have to be under 26’ is stupid.

    I would like to think that there will be a mix of youth and experience being brought in – Regardless of the division were in.

  92. Worky – He was going to be my prime example, although to be fair there are more established stars that never cut the mustard for us.

    Owen cost us a fortune for an established star, never worked out and left without a pot to piss in? Is that good business Stu?

    I agree with a mixture of the 2, but you cant have that in goal. It;s one or the other.

  93. Hugh de Payen says:
    April 11, 2010 at 7:50 pm

    “Good article Worky. Louise Taylor was often the target for some sarcastic remark in my articles in response to whatever garbage she’d written on a particular day, but you’ve certainly gone for the jugular on this one!”

    Thanks Hugh, and it’s great to see you commenting on here again. To be honest though, I haven’t quite “gone for the jugular” yet. ;-)

  94. Stuart79 says:
    April 11, 2010 at 8:42 pm


  95. workyticket says:
    April 11, 2010 at 8:44 pm

    “Thanks Hugh, and it’s great to see you commenting on here again. To be honest though, I haven’t quite “gone for the jugular” yet.”

    Careful, you’ll have MoLar on your back you big bully. Picking on someone who picks on people in the papers and on blogs whlst you sit at a computer.

    Because Louise Taylor doesn’t do that, of course.

    I haven’t proof read the comment yet as MoLar will pick up on my poor English and call me a knuckle dragger or say that I lack intelligence. All thinly veiled insults from beind a computer screen that he moans about but are somehow fit for him to do ;)

  96. toonsy says:
    April 11, 2010 at 8:42 pm

    It was impossible to predict the injury nightmare that he had – His scoring record when he ‘did play’ was pretty impressive, considering in the last season we made no chances for him.

    If we bought Messi for £17m, and then he had an injury nightmare, that’s football, cannot be helped.

    But then again we have bought Shearer, Ferdinand, Beardsley and Butt who were established and did a great job for us.

    There’s the risk you run with every transfer.

    Although in the past we’ve bought alot of young players who just haven’t worked out – Viana, Cort, Dyer and Huckerby to name but a few.

    The point is it’s not how old they are, or how much they cost, it’s who’s actually choosing the players and whether they have an eye for a player.

  97. Very entertaining discourse on the dreadful Ms. Taylor.
    I’d rather we didn’t stoop to sexist name calling.
    She cannot be considered a jounalist with her obvious red and white leanings though.

  98. Stuart79 says:
    April 11, 2010 at 8:52 pm

    “Although in the past we’ve bought alot of young players who just haven’t worked out – Viana, Cort, Dyer and Huckerby to name but a few.”

    A boffin who had just unveiled a new piece of analytical software for football managers / coaches etc once said that through using the application, he could confidently predict that Darren Huckerby was going to be the world’s first £30 million footballer.

  99. toonsy says:
    April 11, 2010 at 8:45 pm

    Martins was 21 when he signed.

    Bramble was 20 when he signed.

    Tomasson was 20 when he signed.

    So you’ve kind of just made my point for me thanks, toonsy.

  100. workyticket says:
    April 11, 2010 at 8:58 pm

    Obviously that piece of analytical software didn’t make it into the shops…

  101. What about the majority that you have omitted from your list, Stu?

    Are they convenient to forget?

    The point is it doesn’t matter how much we spend as long as they can do a job. Who had heard of Mike Williamson?

    Were you upset that we won yesterday Stu?

  102. Looking at the picture of Lou, she appears to like a pearl necklace………….lol

  103. @ BigDave

    “So my advice to you is to run along to your English literature class and stop Boring bloggers with that sh1te then go get yourself a life.”

    If I was boring people I wouldn’t have got this response would I?

    @ toonsy

    “What matters is that people can get their point across, and that it’s understood. As most can do that then there is no problem.”

    Totally agree with you, but I was asked a question by BigDave:

    “Molar your saying some of us “clearly mentally limited” and your basing that on what exactly.”

    So I answered the question. I couldn’t give a toss if people can spell or not really but what I do care about is that no one has got the decency to appreciate my original remark. I have got the guts to say some of the comments on here are out of order – have you? Has anyone?

    @ Chuck

    “Actually there are some pretty smart people contributing to this blog and to give a blanket condemnation to all, well you are obviously new to things.”

    Read my initial comment – I wasn’t condemning everyone, just the ones who think it’s ok to call a female journalist a bitch/whore in a FOOTBALL BLOG. Do you think that’s ok?

    I’m not defending Taylor’s articles. I’m defending her right not to be abused on a personal level by people who should know better. I’m embarrassed by some of comments on here. Again – not a blanket accusation.

  104. 152 toonsy says:
    April 11, 2010 at 9:03 pm

    The point is it doesn’t matter how much we spend as long as they can do a job. Who had heard of Mike Williamson

    Is that not the point I made in my previous post?

    On the others I omitted – Viana, he was 19 when he signed, another youngster.

    Owen and Luque were both bought by Freddy Shepherd – Souness wanted Anelka and Boa Morte.

    Like I said, it’s who’s doing the buying.

  105. MoLar says:

    “I have got the guts to say some of the comments on here are out of order – have you? Has anyone?”

    If people have opinions then they have a right to air them. Is it fine for Louise Taylor to sit behind a computer to spin her lines of hatred, without a format of reply? It’s really no different to calling Chris Hughton “weak” is it? An insult is an insult and if she can dish them then she should ba able to take them.

  106. MoLar says:
    April 11, 2010 at 9:06 pm

    I am living prove that people on here will say that comments are out of order – I get it in the neck everyday, just for being realistic…

  107. No Stu, you think your being realistic. Realistic is actually waiting to see what our owner will spend rather than plucking pie in the sky figures out of thin air.

    At the minute, you are just speculating that unless we buy players worth 5-10 million each all over the pitch then we wont survive in the EPL. That is not realistic as it is never going to happen.

  108. @ toonsy

    “It’s really no different to calling Chris Hughton “weak” is it?”

    Yes, hugely. Calling a journalist a bitch or a whore for her perceived poor journalism is ridiculous.

    Calling a football manager weak in the context of his job is legitimate criticism; it is not personally offensive as it is in context.

    “Is it fine for Louise Taylor to sit behind a computer to spin her lines of hatred, without a format of reply?”

    You can’t seriously expect that to wash as a comparison? She isn’t writing articles slandering anyone. You think calling her a bitch/whore is a legitimate, intelligent form of reply? People of course have a right to air their opinions, and my opinion is that this type of comment is an embarrassment.

  109. workyticket

    Spot on with the article.


    “You are demonstrating a completely disproportionate amount of aggression which is shameful and to be honest, quite alarming.” etc, etc.

    At the risk of having my fingers taped together – I think it’s pretty obvious that Louise Taylor wrote the ‘blog standard’ article specifically to cause offence to a significant number of people. People she considers to be not worthy of an opinion in the first place.

    She intended to offend, and she’s succeeded. She should’t be too surprised at the wire-brushing she’s getting for it, and neither should you be. Just as well there’s no harm done, eh? Sticks and stones, etc.

    Anyway, I reckon she’s nowhere near the sensitive soul that you seem to be. She’s probably at her keyboard now, bashing out the next shit-shower which she’ll wrap up with a few references to football things in order to justify its inclusion on the Guardian site – she’ll be doing this instead of directly responding to people who take issue with her articles, which is what just about any blogger worth their salt does.

  110. toonsy,@92 evening,heres me thinking you had canny eye for a player for me no way,then again one mans meat is another mans p—–,thought he was one of the poorer players today imo

  111. Louise Taylor doesnt work for the Daily Taylor, she works for a national newspaper, which should reflect national opinions.

    I’m all for freedom of speech, even when i disagree with it, but Taylor has a responsibility to write honestly and if possible factually.

    So to say Houghton has been a weak manager (never mind the rest of the rubbish written by her towards our club), when the rest of the country believe he has performed minor miracles at one of the most difficult clubs in recent years is certainly not true / factual.

    Therefore ruling out any ‘legitimate criticism’.

    I’ll refrain from personal attacks, but she is a very poor journalist and an even worse football journalist…now theres a legitimate criticism!

  112. big dave,alright m8,just on for little while off soon did i say you got that wrong about b/pool scoreing first ;)

  113. big dave,lol,half a pie is better than nowt, did i say you cost me money on best (twice),still think you have shares in 365 like :)

  114. The Entertainers

    I don’t agree that Hughton is a weak manager. I can however distinguish between that and calling someone a whore. If anyone else appreciates the difference, please speak up. Just because I find some of the comments on here beyond the pale, doesn’t mean I agree with LT’s opinions (I don’t).

    As I say, for those who think it’s acceptable use of language for the issue in hand – shame on you.

    “Taylor has a responsibility to write honestly and if possible factually.”

    Agreed. And all people have a responsibility to show decency.


    “she’ll be doing this instead of directly responding to people who take issue with her articles, which is what just about any blogger worth their salt does.”

    If people approach her in the normal way and she doesn’t respond, that’s one thing. But some remarks on here are totally out of order and offensive. That is and has been my only point.

    @ BigDave

    “JT watch your back Mr Molar is about and ye dont want to upset him as he might beat you with his riding whip.”

    You and toonsy are making far too many assumptions about me which is very predictable.

  115. big dave,hate golf, always thought reading was going to be our worst game,they still have small chance of makeing p/off,the best we will get is a draw imo.

    ps,do you know what the word golf means (no joke)

  116. Anyone know who actually called her a whore ?

    Icedog I was even thinking of taking up gambling with the way the predictions have been going :)

  117. MoLar,

    i dont disagree with many of your comments.

    But you must understand that this is not the first or the last time i dare say Taylor will write an article utterly worthless of print space. Due to that many Newcastle fans who prehaps are not as articulate as yourself in expressing their feelings have come across in a more colourful way.

    But they are no less passionate about the club !

    When Taylor writes these provoking articles she surely anticipates a response. Anyway a good way for all this colourful activity to stop, would be for Taylor to prehaps look for a different vocation, as i’m sure there is a job out there she is actually good at.

    One thing is clear Taylor is no fan of genuine blue collar football fans and the feel is mutual.

  118. MoLar – Look, your flogging a dead horse trying to get people to change opinion, or what they write, about Louise Taylor.

    It is their right to write as they wish, just as it is your wish to write what you want to.

    The preaching is only coming from your direction though.

  119. MoLar – Another thing, I write blogs on here, and people disagree with them and I even get called names from time to time.

    Is that any different or is that allowed?

  120. icedog – I thought he played well, or perhaps the mrs’s family convinced me he played well ;)

  121. The Entertainers

    “When Taylor writes these provoking articles she surely anticipates a response.”

    Yeah I agree. But some of the language on here is unwarranted and offensive. If it was racist, the administrators would have taken it off. I’ve made it clear that I don’t agree with the tone of some of the comments on here, that is all.


    “your flogging a dead horse trying to get people to change opinion, or what they write, about Louise Taylor.”

    I’m not trying to get anybody to change – when grown adults think it’s acceptable to use language like that on a football blog towards a female journalist, they are beyond change so what would be the point. My point is more that I find the whole thing distasteful.

    You fail to grasp that I have never defended any of LTs opinions, therefore I am not in support of her. I couldn’t care less that I’m in the minority by speaking out against the playground name calling either.

  122. jay jay – Your getting as bad as Cool DJ with your saying :lol:

    MoLar – I do see your point, but for a long while Louise Taylor has been sniping at us from the sanctuary of behind a screen to the point where people have had enough of her.

    Eventually people speak out, and whilst some may find it distasteful I very much doubt the name calling is very sincere and is more of a banter type thing. Doesn’t make it right, but if you live by the sword you die by the sword. As I said, I get sworn at on here sometimes and just shrug it off on the main. I don’t take it personally and neither should she.

  123. toonsy

    “MoLar – Another thing, I write blogs on here, and people disagree with them and I even get called names from time to time. Is that any different or is that allowed?”

    I don’t make the rules but I’m entitled to give an opinion on the blog as I see it. I guess it depends? Are the names you have been called sexist, racist, homophobic, related to your looks? Are they potentially offensive to other people reading the blog? It’s an interesting debate isn’t it. It’s difficult to make a definitive rule, but I will say that when I read some of the comments on here I was disgusted. Why is it such a problem for you that I didn’t like what I was reading?

  124. Stuart79

    Are you honestly even trying to compare Owen to Messi?

    Owen was never worth the 17Mil in the first place. Let me not get started on him. He was a world class player until the age of 21. After that, injuries cost him his pace.
    He couldn’t pass, had no first touch, offered nothing in the way of workrate or creativity. And generally, the team played badly with him in it. Same in his last few years at Liverpool.
    Messi is the best player in the world by a country mile!

    Owen was destined to be a failure. he’d been one for the previous four years! To spend 17mil on a striker, that only offers a fox in the box style and never in his career scored 20 goals in a season… well. To me. Owen is the prime example of a decent talent that went to waste. And now is completely useless.

  125. MoLar – It isn’t as such, but one of your first comments on this thread was being derogative about someones use of English, which is bullying of a sort and that kind of got my back up a little.

    Of course you don’t have to agree with everything, it is your opinion after all.

    Regards to me being called names. The way I see it is that I choose to use my spare time, for free, to do something I enjoy doing. If I write something that some don’t agree with and they decide to call me a name, no bother it is their opinion. I choose to put myself ‘out there’ so to speak so consequently have to deal with any consequences. On the whole, I try to stay fairly balanced when writing, something Taylor fails to do. She also puts herself ‘out there’ and gets paid for the privilage of writing anti-Newcastle drivel.

    Now when someone insukts something we all love so much, pretty much on a continual basis, then people will react.

  126. Toonsy I agree with you that most of it was said as a joke or a bit of banter, ok it might be a distastful joke But im 100% certain that half the vile that Louise comes of with is not a joke and she does mean everyword she says, but then she can get away with that because she puts the word ” alleged” in it. Im still trying to find who called her a whore do you know ?

  127. Dave – There has been a couple of bits and bobs. The only mention of whore is off you Dave, and you didn’t call her a whore.

  128. Its a shame you cannot block articles according to who wrote them. I think most of her articles are read purely out of indignation and she knows that writing trash will get her more clicks than a well written article with merit. At the end of the day a 5 year old could do her job.

  129. toonsy

    “…one of your first comments on this thread was being derogative about someones use of English, which is bullying of a sort and that kind of got my back up a little.”

    Point taken, but to be fair, that was in response to being asked a question directly by someone whose comments included labelling someone a whore. So I decided to have a cheeky swipe safe in the knowledge that this particular blogger didn’t appear to be the sensitive type.

    However, in general I don’t care about stuff like that; it was the content of some of the posts that bothered me. Maybe a lot of it was banter, but new people come onto this site every day…

  130. Toonsy your right I didn’t call her one I called a horse one ;) so Molar needs to get his facts straight before making scurrilous accusations. So I await his apology

  131. Its a fairly simple fix. Stop reading her column, stop buying the newspaper and stop talking about her.

    She got everyone commenting and reading her rubbish – which is exactly what the media machine wants.


  132. ….and the cast majority join in or can see it is only banter. I think there are enough caveats in the article content itself so that any newcomers can get the flavour of jsut how often she spouts crap about us.

    Plus Big Dave didn’t actually call her a whore, did he?

  133. Big Dave

    My comments have been based on quite a few earlier posts, yours was one of a good few.

    No apology is forthcoming


  134. MoLar

    Seems like you’ve misinterpreted a bit of vernacular from Big Dave as an affront to Ms. Taylor’s virtue!

    Good job Big Dave could clear that up :)

  135. Molar since I might be “mentally limited” let me get this right are you saying as I thought you were that I called Louise a whore or am I getting it wrong as im sure you were accusing me of that ?

  136. Look I’ve made my point as best I can. The rules of this blog have become clear. Nobody can make racist comments as banter, but it’s ok to dish out sexist ones.

    The debate has never been about how good/bad a journalist she is so that is irrelevant. It’s just about what people think is acceptable banter or not.

  137. Dave

    Yeah I’m saying you were one of the people whose comment I read and felt offended by.

  138. I wasn’t asking you were you offended I was asking a simply question, Were you accusing me of calling Louise Taylor a Whore ?

  139. Yes Dave, that was the impression I got, but to be fair your comment was mild in comparison to some of the other ones. As I say, if you think it’s ok for kids/women to potentially come on the site to read about football, and instead read these, and worse comments, fair enough.

    Looking back over the comments, it’s nice to see a small minority of bloggers who actually disagree with the level some of you have stooped to.

  140. MoLar

    “The debate has never been about how good/bad a journalist she is so that is irrelevant”

    That’s EXACTLY what the debate has been about.

    You may have taken offence at the remarks made by SOME of the people who’ve posted here, but it’s obvious that those remarks were made in anger – by people who feel that LTs articles are biased, provocative and generally unfair.

    It isn’t for you (or anyone else) to declare the ‘debate’ here null and void just because the whole thing doesn’t fit comfortably between your PC guidelines.

    Your Guardian-like PC guidelines, come to think of it.

  141. Molar > Yes Dave, that was the impression I got
    So now you know I wasn’t calling her a whore do you not think you owe me an apology for accusing me in the wrong ? no

  142. DarthBroon

    “The debate has never been about how good/bad a journalist she is so that is irrelevant”

    This comment quite obviously referred to the debate I have been having with some others about offensive comments – my point being that there is no disagreement between myself and anyone else about the merits of LT’s journalism.

    I’m not declaring anything null and void. And as for linking my personal opinion to the Guardian, please read my comments more carefully and you will see I am not a fan of LT’s journalism in any way. How many times do I need to say this?

    Just because I think some of the comments have gone too far doesn’t mean I’m living within PC guidelines – considering I am a lifelong Viz subscriber that would be pretty difficult. I just think this (a football blog) is a strange medium to use to, lets face it, denigrate someone personally. The debate was about her erroneous views on the football club and and quickly turned into something else less intelligible, which I didn’t like. That’s my opinion.

    I just know nasty irrelevant, out of context, sexist bilge when I see it.

  143. MoLar

    “This comment quite obviously referred to the debate I have been having with some others about offensive comments”

    Not obvious, really. But I’ll take your word for it. Perhaps you might phrase your points more carefully.

    “I just know nasty irrelevant, out of context, sexist bilge when I see it.”

    And I hope it’s made you feel better venting about it.

    “considering I am a lifelong Viz subscriber…”

    Well now, that’s just sad ;)

  144. DarthBroon

    Re: Viz – Local pride more than anything – not as funny as it used to be. But it blows your PC thing out of the water which you obviously don’t like. Considering your blog name, you’re not really in a position to call anyone sad though.

    Venting about it hasn’t made me feel better. I just wanted to put my point across. Not such a crime is it. Maybe the remarks about LT makes some of the grown men on here feel better. In that case – knock yourselves out. Again, was just making a point – just cos I don’t follow the pack doesn’t devalue me as a fan does it.

  145. MoLar

    “Considering your blog name, you’re not really in a position to call anyone sad though”

    The name’s a joke, mate. Really. I haven’t given it a great deal of thought to be honest, and you’re the first person to mention it. I’ll change it if that offends you as well.

    As for my Viz comment: I was trying to lighten things up.

    Perhaps I should practice my ‘people skills’. Maybe you should give it a go as well.

  146. You can’t really tell how light hearted anyone’s being on a blog though can you. For example my comment about your blog name was equally light hearted ;-).

    Just to be clear; the above was light hearted.

  147. MoLar

    “You can’t really tell how light hearted anyone’s being on a blog though can you”

    Quite right ;)

    I’m off now. Have a good night/day!

  148. Never heard of this arrogant ugly slapper. Not many women know anything about football and she is no different

  149. To be absolutely fair to Louise she does have a point with regard to the behaviour of a lot of people on message boards. Reply 219 by Stevie B is a very mild example of the things she is criticising.

    People write all sorts of crap that they wouldn’t dare say to someone’s face, or under the own real identity. Some of it can be extremely purile and disgusting. It shows their lack of imagination that they have to resort to abuse to get a reaction.

    That said she does come across as a bit hypocritical with regard to rumours etc. That hypocrisy does not invalidate her whole article though.

  150. Re Stevie B comments

    “Never heard of this arrogant ugly slapper”

    If you haven’t heard of her, how do you warrant calling her a slapper? It seems sexist namecalling is ok, so are we to assume racist namecalling is also acceptable? I hope not.

    “Not many women know anything about football and she is no different”

    That comment illustrates my entire point, especially with regards to new people coming on the blog.

    JB is right – her articles contain some stuff that angers people and that is understandable. She bases a lot of it on rumour which we all know. But some of the reactions on here are needless, and the irrelevant namecalling shows a total lack of respect or imagination, which was my initial point.

    @DarthBroon – glad we cleared that up ;-)

  151. Just skipped all the comments simply because I was drooling to write my own.

    “Weez Keez” Louise Taylor:

    First off, this story is comically bad. I mean, she sounds like a woman depressed out of her mind that she’s writing in the guardian about football. I think she’s a failed soap opera writer and this was the only job she could find (thus the reliance on drama and rumours that may or may not have basis in reality).

    Secondly, this is NOT journalism. This is muckraking opinionated editorial crap, and I’m rather awed that a story like this can even be published in the Guardian, a paradigm of great English journalism. Matter of fact, had a journalist working for the New York Times or the Chicago Tribune written a piece like this, a legal issue could’ve been made by NUMEROUS parties, not the least of which is Chris Hughton. This is damn close to LIBEL. *extends middle finger proudly in a easterly direction*

    Third- Have you SEEN those teeth???? HOLY CRAP!!! ROFLMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    That’s revenge enough right there. She LOOKS like she’s from Pennywell.

  152. Molar cant believe you had the balls to come on here and preach to us about what is right and wrong, then when I proved to you that you were accusing me in the wrong you didn’t have the guts to apologise, your just as spineless as she is.

  153. now now big dave chill pill, is he worth it m8 i think not, wonder if he forcast b/pool would score first ;)

  154. Dave

    You’re trying to worm out of it whilst labelling me spineless – interesting. If you were really opposed to the use of some of the language on here you’d speak out about it. In fact, it appeared you were one of the people doing it. It seems to me you have two scenarios:

    Either you didn’t label her a whore and you are opposed to such language – but you haven’t got the knackers to say some of the other posts are out of order. You are unable or unwilling to do this.

    Or you did label her a whore, in which case you think it’s acceptable to use those type of terms on a football blog.

    How am I spineless? I had the guts to say how I feel about the way some posters have behaved. I am in a minority for doing this, which doesn’t phase me one bit. I won’t apologise because I don’t want to. Surely an apology as an empty gesture is the most spineless thing of all (except possibly grown men sitting on a computer typing some of the above sexist abusive comments ON A FOOTBALL BLOG)

    As I say – racism bad, sexism good. What a consistent rule. How nice some of these posts must have been for new bloggers to read, potentially women and youngsters.