Toon stars will be backing Argentina this summer? Howay man!

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Spidey: Representing Tyneside in South Africa.
Spidey: Representing Tyneside in South Africa.
With the World Cup only a short couple of weeks away, it seems inevitable that the focus of many football fans across the world will be shifting towards what is happening in the biggest football tournament on the planet.

In a change from years gone by, Newcastle have only one representative at the World Cup after Fabricio Coloccini was cruelly axed from the preliminary Argentina squad by boss, and cheat, Diego Maradona.

That means that Jonas Gutierrez will be the only player flying the black and white flag when the tournament kicks off in earnest, and Wor Spidey reckons his colleagues back home on Tyneside would rather root for Argentina than England. Sounds a bit far fetched to me like, but then it is from an interview in The Sun, so who knows what snippets of information have hit the cutting room floor? After all, the press aren’t our friends at the minute, are they?

“My team-mates from Newcastle tell me Argentina is a big candidate to win the World Cup,” Gutierrez said. “They want Argentina to win it because they don’t like Fabio Capello – because he is Italian.”

“They want to have an English boss and that’s why they want Argentina to win the title. Although it’s strange, because they don’t forget the World Cup in 1986! They respect us and our history – but they still want to beat us all the time.”

Somehow I find most of this hard to believe, although it is hard to argue with direct quotes in fairness.. The lads back home may have passed on some well-wishes to their team-mate, but to go full bore and back Argentina sounds a bit sensational to me, nearly as sensational as our squad apparently not liking Fabio Capello. I mean it’s not like any of them are going to get the chance to show their dislike of him is it? Maybe Andy Carroll in the future, but that’s about it.

I wonder what the likes of Steve Harper, Danny Simpson, Steven Taylor, Mike Williamson, Wayne Routledge, Danny Guthrie, Kevin Nolan, Joey Barton and Andy Carroll make of this? Do they really want a team that is considered as an enemy of England, even nowadays to an extent, to actually win the World Cup over their country of birth?

Is Spiderman unleashing some mind games? Trying to unsettle things and put the seed of doubt into the England squad that perhaps the folks back home are not all behind them? Nah. As I said earlier, who knows what bits of this interview have been left out?

One thing is for certain, I need some football, and the lack of it is already driving me insane. Still, at least I have Millwall v Swindon to watch later on. Great!

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122 Responses

  1. in all honesty i don’t think colocinni even deserved to make it to the preliminary squad considering that maradona unbelievably left out two outstanding players like esteban cambiasso and javier zanetti.

  2. wow,first time with a first comment.
    still hoping jonas does well at the world cup.would silence those who still somewhat doubt his ability.

  3. if Jonas does well in world cup we’l be cashing in for 20 million

    Yup Argentina for me, I hate John Terry, Ashley Cole, Steve Gerrard and dimwit Crouch so until their dropped I refuse to support England

  4. Never really been a fan of England since about Euro 98 watch them down the pub with my mates during tournaments but apart from that I don’t feel a passionate buzz off them….don’t know whether it is the way they play or the silly expectations or disliking most of the big head players that never seem to find there premiership form…..Love the World Cup though and will watch as many games as possible and backing some underdogs :lol:

    That said I hope CH spies some great players that are cheap and as the tournament progresses they become more expensive til we can’t afford them…enjoy the trip Chris don’t forget the Cheque book.

  5. arka says:
    May 29, 2010 at 8:18 am
    wow,first time with a first comment.

    You are Joking Right?
    That is reserved for CoolDj otherwise known on gay networking sites as ToolDj :lol:

  6. sirjasontoon – there is no such thing as Euro 98… 98 was a world cup year…

  7. I think we will get wacked good and proper when we meet some decent teams.

  8. ashley has this club fked,we will be fighting the drop,the fat man should show some ambition but all he cares about is getting his money back,wake up you deluded fools ashley will relegate this club,and this time we will drop down the leagues…

    england for the world cup :) :)

  9. Germany or Italy will win it, I hope we don’t win it, don’t ever want to see that prick rio lift the cup

  10. Hitman we need to live within our means, Ashley has already said he won’t be taking 111 million pounds out of the club, what more do you want? He will make us stable and that’s what we need.

  11. live with in our means…fk that do you think the mancity fans are saying that, and dont 1 person on here say they wouldnt want to be in there shoes coz its total BS..what do you think this 5 year plan is its to get back his loan,lets here you complain when we get out spent by the likes of blackpool,west brom,yous are all full of it,ashley has your heeds up your ar$es…

  12. jay jay says:
    May 29, 2010 at 10:04 am

    Will we still be stable in the Championship?

  13. So carry on like shephard and cut our own throats you thick knobheads, stuart79 phone the Samaritans you depressing prick.

  14. “Will we still be stable in the Championship?”

    so stu, do u think we’re as good as relegated already?

  15. Absolutely not! As things stand I think we have a better squad than WBA and obviously Blackpool. I would expect to be competing with the likes of Stoke, Bolton, Birmingham, Wolves, West Ham and Blackburn.

    But it could look very different in Sept if we’ve only added a couple of loan players and all the rest have made additions (excluding Blackpool).

  16. jay jay says:
    May 29, 2010 at 10:19 am

    I suppose I could say something to you like “Do you want to stop taking them drugs you deluded prick?” But I won’t!

  17. Stuart79 says:
    May 29, 2010 at 10:28 am

    fair enough stu, that’s a fair assessment. just you sound like a bit of a defeatist at times.

  18. Anybody but England for me. Team is full of people I have no respect for:

    Ferdinand – deliberately missed 3 drugs tests, why?
    Gerrard – thug who lashed out when a night club wouldn’t let him “be DJ”
    Terry – model husband and father, aye right
    Rooney – little fat scouser who bonked a granny in a brothel and gave her a note confirming it
    Cole – little Tw*t

    And I can’t stand the media hype coming out of London – Terry Venables trying to sing, turnip heed in an old people’s home and that Crouch stuff all had me reaching for the bucket……

  19. The media hype is just incredable……and they’ve got the cheek to say we’re deluded!

  20. jay jay says:
    May 29, 2010 at 10:48 am
    Stuart79 I don’t take drugs you twat, don’t just make shit up you tool.

    Sorry. Must be booze then…

  21. jay jay,your living in a dream world lad,this club will go no where under ashley,he is gambling on 3 other clubs doing worse than us,like he did last time we were in the prem,this fat waste of skin has learnt nowt.

  22. Hitman it’s simple, we either weather the storm with the future in mind or spend the money we haven’t got, then you’ll complain that we are in ashleys debt, we need to tighten the purse strings and I have faith in the squad to keep us up, then we can move foward.

  23. what storm jay jay, its total shite.look at most clubs in the prem there in a much bigger mess,but they still spend money

  24. there is no sign of it is there,we have just went through a major world wide recession and there was only 1 club in the prem that went into admin,so i dont buy into that,ashley is doing this so he dosnt have to spend more money,all he cares about is getting his money back.

  25. And how is he getting his money back? Whether we like it or not, whether we like him or not, the man saved the club.

  26. In my opinion Ashley is only interested in getting rid of the club. He isn’t put anymore money into the club in the hope that someone will want to buy it.

  27. bollock$..look at manu and liverpool there debt is much greater than ours..ashley saved us from nothing,but he would like you to think he did..5 year plan jay jay thats how ashley is going to get his money back.

  28. it makes no odds wether mike ashley or the queen , mr blobby or sheikh monsoor owned our football club wed still be complaining thats all we seem to do these days whinge me included but im looking forward to new season i think we will stay up its about steps in right directions id rather get young players on board who want to provre they can play in prem than the geremis owens vidukas who are on massive salaries and legs are shot down right greedy ba stards i think the squad we have plus 2 or 3 new fces we will be sound all these people saying go get joe cole or guti need to have a word its not going to happen

  29. the problem is ashley wants this club run on the cheap,it just wont work coz if it did all clubs would be doing it

  30. danny says:
    May 29, 2010 at 11:40 am

    You cannot just buy young players who have never done it in the PL. If you buy 5 and only one turns out to be good enough, that’s not great is it? Also you pay a premium for good young players – Were not prepared to pay so either it sucks!

  31. Who would want joe cole? 100k plus for someone too injured to play, thank god we don’t have fat freddie any more.

  32. whether we think there’s money there or not whether Ashley saved us or not doesn’t matter……..If he won’t splash the cash there’s nothing we can do about it except hope we can survive with what little he gives CH.Ashley won’t be able to sell until he gets his loan back imo which is probably why he’s being so tight.Once he’s got his money hopefully he’ll sell up and f off.Until then we’ll probably have to rely on CH doing some shrewd business………..or Ashley might surprise us and give him more money than we think…….unlikely but heres hoping!!

  33. Icedog – Kind of puts the shitter on things though when you spend an hour writing something only for the talk to stay the same :(

  34. Well come on Ed, er I mean toonsy, I couldn’t care less if anyone wants the Argies to win the WC.

    England are our team, man!

  35. see zola (M.M.)been saying what a lot on hear have said that toon lack any c/m with pace and killer pass,seems we are all not dumb,but where will ch find one with limited cash loan/swap ?

  36. So Harper, Smith, Barton, Nolan, Willimason, Guthrie, Simpson, Carroll, Ameobi,Taylor(x2) and Butt are going to shout for Argentina?
    What a load of balls.
    Maybe if they spoke to the above for confirmation ( or not) before going to print, then the story might have some credibility.
    Ban the Sun from St James, that would be a story worth reading.

  37. also super-mac,we need to spend cash on good striker as he doesnt think carroll will get enough, again how

  38. Aye, SuperMac makes the point that a club who finishes with 102 points really should have a striker who scored 20 goals.

    Two ways of looking at it I suppose.

  39. I may start a big massive argument thread. Something along the lines of;

    “People trying to find bargain signings as they think we wont be given any money by Ashley, are they really deluded like others say? Or are they simply trying to work with what they think we have to spend?”

  40. TOONSY nay m8 ED just repeats local morn/evening rags (about 6 times) from what ive seen like,everyone to there own i surpose

  41. “Absolutely not! As things stand I think we have a better squad than WBA and obviously Blackpool. I would expect to be competing with the likes of Stoke, Bolton, Birmingham, Wolves, West Ham and Blackburn.

    But it could look very different in Sept if we’ve only added a couple of loan players and all the rest have made additions (excluding Blackpool).”

    Can’t really argue with that

  42. ~ El Toro ~ says:
    May 29, 2010 at 1:26 pm

    “Can’t really argue with that”

    Of course you can. It assumes that we wont be getting any players in, which could be very wrong of course and would mean that we have strenghtened aswell.

  43. The fact that we couldn’t beat WBA means nowt really tho.

    We finished 11 points, yes 11 POINTS, clear of them. Ergo, we are the better team. No question.

  44. Leeds beat Liverpool and Man U last season – it doesn’t make them better, just better on the day.

  45. There’s at least one English Toon player who certainly isn’t backing Argentina.

    But despite the quality of the opposition, Taylor is confident of a Three Lions victory in South Africa, and when asked for his top pick he says: “I’ve got to go for England.

    “Hopefully everybody will be fit, which is exactly what we will need because there are some strong squads in there.

    “Spain are an unbelievable team and you’ve also got to look at the likes of Brazil and Argentina.

    “It’ll be a tough draw no matter who England get after the group stage. We always seem to meet teams like Argentina in the quarters or the semi-finals.

    “But I’d love to see us win it and I think it’s about time we did and about time we produced the goods at the World Cup.”

  46. I honestly reckon 10 wins will be enough to stay up next season.

    Surely we can manage that with team spirit alone.

    Did anyone watch MOTD last season – there’s some right dross in the Prem.

    I said it a few weeks back and BBM pooh-poohed me but, after watching a few Liverpool games (sans Torres and Gerrard admittedly) I reckon we could even give them a run for their money!

  47. Lats season in the Premier League the 6 teams from 12th-17th managed 59 wins between them.

    CH is on the money when he says we don’t need wholsesale changes.

    If we get injuries we can strengthen in January, just like we did last season.

  48. TOON CHICKEN i know we were 11 points better than W.B.A.but its 6 points to play for in epl,if we couldnt beat them then what makes you think we can beat them now like,i just dont think we can take anything for granted epl,for me a lot of the players were not right in the heed when we got relagated,but put in right this yr,but we need some in m8 imo

  49. Portsmouth had an unbelievable team spirit last season and they went down, with or without the 9 point deduction.

  50. Portasmout also had massive stability problems, with players not knowing if they were coming or going, or the manager not knowing if he would be there etc etc.

    Sound familiar?

  51. “If Jonas does well in world cup we’l be cashing in for 20 million

    Yup Argentina for me, I hate John Terry, Ashley Cole, Steve Gerrard and dimwit Crouch so until their dropped I refuse to support England.”

    If anyone offered us 20mil for Jonas – I’d snap their arm off so quickly, I’d leave them with wiplash.

    Great dribbler, good work rate, but poor at finishing and passing and crossing… He’s worth about 7mil.

  52. Pompey focussed their efforts in the wrong place. ie; the cups.

    If they sacked that off on concentrated on the league they might have won a few more games that actually meant something.

    Good effort, Stu – but you’re gonna have to try harder than that! ;)

  53. toonsy says:
    May 29, 2010 at 1:52 pm

    But that obviously didn’t have any effect on their team spirit, toonsy.

  54. Toon Chicken says:
    May 29, 2010 at 1:55 pm

    Well as long as you know that for sure. You must know someone at Portsmouth.

    The PL games I saw they played really well, just couldn’t score and then the opposition scored and that was that.

  55. icedog – i don’t think we should get too hung up on WBA is all i’m saying there are plenty of other teams we can take points from. And like last season, I’m pretty confident we can beat more of those teams that WBA can.

  56. 89 Toon Chicken says:
    May 29, 2010 at 1:59 pm
    Feck off, Stu.

    That argument works the other way too you nonce.

    Good argument, TC.

  57. Toon Chicken says:
    May 29, 2010 at 1:37 pm
    Leeds beat Liverpool and Man U last season – it doesn’t make them better, just better on the day.

    aye and it stuffed them went about 8 games without winning,in the epl you have to do it wk in wk out that the prob m8

  58. Yes, icedog, same as you have to in any league.

    That’s why we finished 11 points of WBA last season, and that’s why I’m saying we should finish above them again – even if we draw twice with them again. Because over the course of a season we are a better team, as we have already proved once.

  59. Stuart79 says:
    May 29, 2010 at 2:01 pm

    89 Toon Chicken says:
    May 29, 2010 at 1:59 pm
    Feck off, Stu.

    That argument works the other way too you nonce.

    Good argument, TC.

    I concur.

  60. icedog says:
    May 29, 2010 at 2:01 pm

    Just ignore him, man!

    He thinks the PL is obviously about the same standard as Div 1.

    There’s nowt blinder than the blind!

  61. TOON CHICKEN@88,aye m8 thats more to the point,just dont think we should take teams for granted in the epl,but i agree we should beat more than them m8

  62. Two men are given a job pulling weeds out of a rich man’s field.

    One gets his head down and works his arse off for the day.

    The other stands around complaining all day about how he deserves better.

    Which one shows the most ambition?

  63. Haha – it does a bit doesn’t it, Toonsy! :)

    It was aimed at Stu really.

    He actually managed to get a rise out of me the other night with one of his comments (thank God he never gets personal eh BBM ;) ) but I think it just about sums him up…

    “Because I expect more and want more I’m castergated. I can only assume the ones doing the castergating have achieved absolutely nothing in life. Well with ambition like some guys have on here, who needs the opposition.”

  64. dont think foul mouth comments get you anything apart from a bad rep,everyone has there point,just respect it eh

  65. I agree with ya icedog – I just can’t help myself sometimes.

    I think being snide is far worse though.

  66. TC – Aye, I read that and though what rubbish it was, then I assumed he must know people personally to assume such a thing.

  67. might get a good scout in germany if things go in the right way like ;)might be some un-earthed diamomds eh toonsy

  68. They have them hats with points on the top dont they Ice? They were form back in your day anyway weren’t they ;)

    SCHNELL!! :lol:

  69. see ED has done a two part storey on a comment made by super-mac,in ev/chro,beats the makers

  70. Ice – I’m nee slouch ye know ;)

    I was looking for something original to write about ;)

    Wont be long!

  71. Just a quick spin on the roundabout before I go off to do something in real life.

    I have fancied the Argies for the the world cup for some time although if Maradona is leaving out a player like Cambiasso, then his thinking has to be sus.

    TC, sorry to be picky but do you mean castigated or castrated, I’d hate to think it’s the latter. ;)

    As for the proverb, I would say that providing the lazy, moaning git gets away with it he will probably end up with a better job in life. Good workers tend not to get promoted.

    As for new players and speculation, thats about all we can do at the moment

    For those who don’t want England to do well, I’ll bet they are jumping up and down with excitement when we are scoring and vice versa when we aren’t. And beware the Yanks!!

  72. And I would support England even if we had a team of monkeys playing for us. :)

  73. Aye Big Willy, it has to be done I guess.

    I just feel under-whlemed by the World Cup this year when compared to other tournaments.

    Having said that, I bet this time in 2 weeks I’ll be in a pub smashed out of my heed :lol:

  74. Did you not know Big Willy? I secretly watch what your doing and when I see your about post I put up a ready made blog just to piss you off lol ;)

  75. Toonsy, cheers mate, thats what I thought you would say. :)
    I don’t care what sort of reponse I get so long as I get one (occasionaly anyway). ;)

  76. Sorry, just been out with the dog and to the bookies to pick some winnings up.

    TC – I don’t really get your point. I expect more and want more from a club that has 50k fans at every home game in the PL. If you think that’s not fair, then that’s up to you.

    I’m sure you’ll get over it.

  77. Thatcher went for Argentina at a similar time she went for the miners……in both cases should have been worked out amicably, but lives were ruined, ours and theirs, just like the miners……just for f’ing vote winning. Historically it’s a country very close to England, if not geographically.

    Second team anyone?