Newcastle will stay up next season.

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Hughton can lead us to safety, according to YOU!
Hughton can lead us to safety, according to YOU!
It’s official, well almost official, that Newcastle will avoid relegation from the Premier League next season.

Votes have been cast in our poll which asked how YOU thought we would get on in the big league next season. The options were varied, with the most optimistic option perhaps being a Champions League qualification place, right through to the other end of the spectrum with the worst scenario being relegation.

I can tell you now, it has been the most popular poll in history, with 2,215 votes cast. And I can reveal that an impressive 92% of people who chose to vote believe we will be able to avoid the dreaded drop back into The Championship. Of course it is just a poll on the internet, but it does give a pretty good snapshot with regard to the general feeling of people who visit this site.

A vote for Champions League qualification managed to secure just 3% of the vote, whilst Europa League qualification is also deemed a long shot, rolling in with slghtly more votes, but still a rather low 5% of the vote. Both of those are pie in the sky options that have no real chance of happening though, even with my glass half full thinking!

Next is the nitty gritty, the real options in my view, the options that can be realistically achieved. A staggering 49% of votes cast place us confortable in mid-table, whilst another 35% have the opinion that we will just scrape through and avoid relegation, incidentally this is where I cast my vote.

Then we head onto the unthinkable, relegation. That catastrophic option managed to secure 8% of the vote total, and I sincerely hope that they are wrong, obviously.

At the end of the day though, it’s all about opinions I guess, and everyone has a right to their own. It’s nice to see a broader snapshot as to how people think though. At the end of the day, you can’t always get an accurate gauge of opinion by just reading the comments people leave whereas you can with a good old-fashioned poll.

Wanting to just survive isn’t being unambitious in my view, neither is the signing, or lack, of players who are already deemed not good enough because they don’t cost enough. It’s not about lacking ambition, or being pro-Ashley or anything like that.

It’s a realistic ambition when considering the restraints we are forced to work under at the moment. That is not to say investment wont go amiss, or that it wont happen before the start of the new season. Nobody knows that, nobody.

All we can do is wait and see I guess. And I, for one, am certatanly not writing my team off just yet.

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63 Responses

  1. whey ya knaa,whey ya knaa,whey ya knaaaaa, whey ya kna we’re Newcastle and we’re gonna win the league,gonna win the league,gonna win the league………..whey not for a good while yet but I can always dream. :-)

  2. going to learn german now,cannot have young whipper-snappers,trying to get one up on me swear words first like

  3. I think we be able to do it as is,but howay Ashley splash the cash man.I reckon £15-20m will make things so much easier and how much would relegation cost? the players that stayed this time wouldn’t stay again(imo).

  4. I don’t care how we survive, we ust need to make sure we do. If we get a few in then we can maybe push a bit further on, but I would snap someones hand off if they offered me a 17th place finish right now.

    It’s not exciting, but neither is the difference between 17th and 10th. Anywhere from 8th to 17th is a meaningless position and doesn’t really make any difference. Bit more money, thats all.

  5. True Toonsy,although some would say that’s a lack of ambition I’d call it being a realist.Survival first owt else is a bonus,especially if the pursestrings arent loosened.HWTL

  6. We’ll finish above Wolves and Blackpool. That much I’m fairly sure of… but West Ham, Blackburn, Stoke, Wigan, Birmingham… These are the teams we are more or less on par with. So it’ll be a scrap between these sides I think.

  7. Aye Rich, I can understand the whole wanting more thing, and our income is massive. But we are being told that we can only spend what we make.

    If or what we spend is a question that is waiting to be answered.

  8. dont know of any business that pays up front richietoon as ashley says they do,bullsh-t,bet he doesnt run his other business like that,even people like us dont do it that many houses would be sold if it was cash up front.only toonsy and big dave have that cash lol

  9. I think we’ll stay up with this squad we have now – But it’ll be a struggle.

    Does anyone wonder what happens the season after though?

  10. That’s right he may yet shock us with how much CH has,I doubt it but we won’t know until the window shuts.At the end of the day even if you make £100m a season profit it means nothing if the owner says you’ve only £5m to spend. If he’d spend £20m last Jan we probably would have stayed up and he wouldn’t have had to put so much in last season,surely he won’t let that happen again?….then again he’s not noted for his sensible footballing decisions is he…………….and bollox Millwall 1 up,Swindon not even in the game.

  11. I think it’ll be like this for a few seasons Stuart until he gets his cash back and sells.I just think he knows he can’t sell with his loan still there so he’ll release as little transfer money as he thinks he can get away with,clear the debt then sell imo.

  12. Aye icedog,hate Millwall not that I’m to keen on Swindon (the place) I once spent about 3 days driving around the ‘magic roundabout’ there.Have ya ever driven that thing? bloody terrible

  13. richietoon says:
    May 29, 2010 at 3:46 pm

    Ok, I can accept not spending too much money this season as we might have enough in the squad (Although it’s a massive risk). But surely not the next season and the next season after that?

    You cannot not spend any money every season and expect to progress up the league can you?

    Unless his only aim is to just stay up every season until he can find a buyer.

  14. Didn’t owl heed say a while back that money will be tight this season but should improve for next season?

  15. Richie

    “If he’d spend £20m last Jan we probably would have stayed up and he wouldn’t have had to put so much in last season,surely he won’t let that happen again?….then again he’s not noted for his sensible footballing decisions is he………”

    I’ve said the exact same thing every time last season about our boards decision making.
    “Surely they can’t be that stupid!”

    Yet everytime they’ve proved that they can be. The only decent transfer window since Ashley arrived has been last January for the simple reason that he spent about 3Mil on players rather than flogging three off.

    So I’m happy to take any positives there are these days.
    If we bring in two decent players – and don’t sell anyone besides Xisco then I’ll take that as a positive too.

  16. toonsy says:
    May 29, 2010 at 3:50 pm
    Didn’t owl heed say a while back that money will be tight this season but should improve for next season?

    That was pre the ‘statement’.

  17. RICHIETOON swindon aye lived there for a year while working down there severving part of my app for vickers

  18. Toonsy @ 19 yeah but we all know owl heed is a lying streaking mother fuker.
    Ice you say 14th what if we dont get bodies in ?

  19. That’s whatI mean Stuart,his aim may be just to survive,take his cash back and sell.I hope I’m wrong and he spends,he may well do and that’s why I’d rather leave it until the transfer window shuts before I get all doom and gloomy.Even then I think we’re good enough to stay up now but then I did last year so what do I know.

    I had to go there for a medical icedog to do some work for Thames Water..what fun.

  20. BIG DAVE we will stuggle in that case,but imo it depends what the fix-list throws up,if we get say man/u,chelsea,gunners ect in first six games we will might lose conf,couple of kind home games would be a good start

  21. Malchick – According to Workyticket, it’s pretty good at recognising multiple votes and not counting them.

  22. I am concerned about a few positions within our team but I still think we have a better squad than at least six teams in the Premier League.

    PS I hate Millwall but have £20 on them. I am impoverished so principles go out of the window.

  23. Toonsy no just wondering how many aliases some on here have :lol:
    Ice I have to agree with you on that, I think as we are we will struggle but should stay up, but with a couple of good buy’s we could be comfortable. I guess by the time sept comes we will all know what MA’s intentions are ;)

  24. BIG DAVE you agree with me,thats a first ;),you keep at that decking m8 it inproves your mind :)

  25. Toons meant to ask is there any truth in the rumor that you are thinking of deserting the land of the rising sun for the land of the block heeds ?

  26. 9 toonsy says:
    May 29, 2010 at 4:21 pm
    It’s a slow news day today mind, very slow.

    dont dare thinking to take a leaf out of ED book

  27. Rich – It will still be working in the UK, just with a German company instead of a Japanese one.

    Although their HQ is in Munich ;)

  28. You’ll be going to The Oktoberfest then?…which is mainly in September funnily enough………..bloody Wembley pitch just cost Austin a goal.

  29. Rich – Not after the last beer festival I went to, which was Peterborough ;)

  30. Aye Munich would definately make you scared of your hands and sway mate ;-)

  31. Looks like Millwal up :-( piy I like Danny Wilson…ever since he sung ‘Mary’s Prayer’ in the 80’s ;-) :-)

  32. Aye tis a shame that Millwall were promoted but at least I earned some pund chunks out of it.

  33. My scouting network tells me levan kenia would be a great signing, what do you think?

  34. Steady Worky, sounds like you’re getting excited already? Get in early for jelly and ice cream ;)

  35. Good young attacking midfielder who can play on either wing or down the middle, fast, skillful, great control and touch. Only 19, sign him up.

  36. I hope you will all appreciate my Winston Churchill type article/speech that will be upon us soon ;)

  37. I have only one thing to say on this matter…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….Toooooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. In my opinion, although i like newcastle, i think they will struggle next season, purely for the fact they have practically the same team they went down with. I hope they dont go down but without the money to spend where you gonna get the players from? i think the bottom three will look like this at the end.
    20th: Blackpool
    19th: WBA
    18th: West ham