How will Newcastle United do NEXT season?

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Never again, we hope!
Never again, we hope!
Newcastle United undoubtedly had an excellent season in the Championship, fulfilling all of their objectives, something that some people said would never happen. But how do you think they will do next season in the much tougher world of the Premiership? Will it be relegation? Will we just scrape though like, say, West Ham and Wigan in the season just ended? Will we confound the critics again and become doughty mid table battlers with the ability to punch above our weight like Birmingham and Stoke? Or even more?

Let’s look at the alternatives.


Probably lower than 35 points if the last season was anything to go by, though Toon old boy, Glen Roeder, was once relegated with West Ham despite having won 42 points, and had a brain tumour to boot. Not a good year for our ex-Captain there really, but I digress.

As you all know, there have been some huge amounts invested in top teams, and what used to be known as the usual “top four” is rapidly turning into the top five, top six etc, as teams such as Manchester City, Tottenham Hotspur and Aston Villa encroach on the usual suspects (Chelsea, Man.U, Arsenal and Liverpool), teams at the bottom are generally getting less points than they used to, while those at the top end of an increasingly top heavy Premiership get more. Just incidentally, when Newcastle were relegated to the Championship the year before, as many of you may know only too well, we checked out with a total of 34 points, with our points coming from seven wins and thirteen draws. This would have been enough to keep us up in the season just gone. Another point of interest (well, to me anyway), to get to the ‘Europa League’ in 2009/10, Fulham needed only 53 points, and, of course, they eventually made it to the final. On the other hand, to get into next years Europa League, Liverpool had to get ELEVEN points more.

Bearing this in mind, in this (nightmare) scenario, Chris and the lads would almost certainly win only a handful of games all season, nearly all at home. In the worst ever performance over a season in the Premier League, Derby County reached only eleven points at the end of the 2007/8 season, winning only one game, against Newcastle United of course under our magnificent supremo of the time, Sam Allardyce. Incidentally, though Derby manager, Paul Jewell, was taking the spankings ON the pitch that year, he was the one who was giving out some equally vigourous spankings OFF the pitch, to his mistress as revealed on film that year.

To take the Premiership season just ended as some kind of marker, Relegated Portsmouth won seven games and drew seven, reaching 28 points not counting a nine point deduction for going into Administration. Hull won only six games with no away victories whatsoever, but drew twelve, winning a total of 30points. Finally, the last relegated team, Burnley, weighed in with a mighty eight victories but only managed six draws. Even with our current squad with no additions, we should definitely be able to better these performances, and even the traditional 40 point safety margin which all bottom end managers look for to ensure peace of mind. Despite the much higher standard of opposition, our resilience at the back if nothing else should keep us out of this mess.

Just scraping through?

Once again using last season as a guide, anywhere between 31 and the record breaking 42 could see us through to fight another day in the biggest league. To put things in some kind of perspective, the lowest amount of points acheived by a team who survived was 34, I believe, by West Bromwich Albion under Chester-le-Street’s finest, Bryan Robson, who famously snatched survival from the jaws of relegation right at the death against Portsmouth in 2005. If this is the lowest points tally from a surviving team in the Premiership, and the above mentioned 42 is the highest for a relegated side, that’s quite a wide margin.

Going by last season’s example once again, this would put us in the same category as 17th placed West Ham with a total of eight wins, eleven draws and 35 points from this season just gone, 16th placed Wolves with nine wins, eleven draws and 38points, or 15th placed Bolton with ten wins, nine draws and 39 points. So we would would possibly need around eight to twelve wins, depending on how many draws we grind out to avoid the jaws of doom, something I suspect that Chris Hughton will be rather good out with his defensive acumen. This is where we should be at the very least.

Mid table battlers?

A much larger group of teams, from the Wearside vagrants with eleven wins and eleven draws, all the way up to Everton, with sixteen wins and thirteen draws. I won’t go into every team in the middle here, but if we are to settle into mid table mediocrity, these are the kinds of figures we would need to acheive. Stoke, who achieved promotion with a much poorer record than our own in the Championship, seem to have made this place their own without a huge investment, and they aren’t the only example by any means, so why shouldn’t we? Once again, it would probably be a question of defensive fortitude against some much better attacking players more than anything else.

Europa League.

We’re getting into ambitious territory now. The teams who qualified for next year’s Europa League were Liverpool, Aston Villa and moneybags Man City (the team who sound like a Gay anthem). This would be heady stuff for a team who have just been promoted at the beginning of the season. Once again, to give an idea from the season just ended, the mighty Liverpool won eighteen and drew nine, winning 63 points. Aston Villa meanwhile, though above Liverpool, won one less with seventeen games due to a surprisingly poor home record (only eight home wins). They made up this however with a better away record (nine away wins to Liverpool’s five) and thirteen draws to add to the pot, making a total of 64 points for them. Finally in this section, there’s Man City with 18 wins and thirteen draws.

Alas though, as mentioned above, qualification for the promised land of Europe is becoming ever harder since a brace of extremely wealthy benefactors have moved in, and though plucky little Fulham defied the odds in our own relegation season, it is becoming ever harder.

Champions League.

Well, what can I write about this? It would be something of a miracle if this were to come to pass. While we’ve qualified for the Champion’s League before, and even done it the year after being promoted, it would be much, much harder than it was under the likes of Keegan, Dogleash and St. Bobby. Once again, this would be for the reasons already mentioned twice above, the new money and top foreign talent which has flowed into several teams outside the traditional ‘Top Four’. If Chris and the lads managed it, Geordies all over the region, and the world would probably spontaneously combust with excitement. However, being realistic, and taking into account the financial position of the club in a league which is now chocka with owners who are richer than Croesus, this is almost certainly a goal which will have to be built up to over a number of years. Nothing’s impossible though, well, not much anyway.

Before I go, just a quick look at how the top four did last year. In a sign which offers some encouragement at least. It was Tottenham Hotspur who finally managed to break the top four monopoly, and not the vulgar, ill-gotten wealth of Manchester City as was widely expected. They managed fourth spot with a record of 21 wins and 7 draws, netting 70 points. Next up were Arsenal with 23 wins, 6 draws and 75 points. Then of course, we move from the world of the top four to the big two, who have collectively held the Premiership trophy for quite some time now, since the days when Arsenal had players like Dennis Bergkamp, Thierry Henry and Patrick Viera in their primes. Last Season’s runners up, Manchester United had no less than 27 victories, 4 draws, and a total of 85 points, with Chelsea just pipping them for the top spot with another 27 victories, and just one extra draw (5) which made all the difference.

So now it’s over to you. How do you think we will do next season? Vote now in our poll!

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85 Responses

  1. With mike Ashley and joey barton, I think we will make it into the Europa league piece of piss :cool:

  2. As I’ve said before, if we beat next year’s target (17th) by as many points as last years (23) then that’d put us 9th. I’d be a bit chuffed with that, but anything between the two would do.

    I’m thinking about 13th, on an expectation of an interesting but unspectacular transfer window. Hoping for some more nice surprises a-la-Williamson.

    In CH we trust, and all that! HWTL.

  3. Imo, despite the fact we won’t be spending anything i think we can just scrape through and survive. However it won’t be easy and we will need all of our players to fulfill their potential and possibly some of our younger players (Carroll, Ranger, kadar and KRUL) To improve even if they are just going to be bit-part players. There is also a few players that have some thing to prove,imo, this is mainly Barton, Wroutledge and Carroll.

  4. no body can answer the question asked, because although yes we have a premiership experienced spine to our squad, we don’t know what is going to happen between now and the beginning of the season, who will leave? who will come in? will we have a squad full of young inexperienced players or a mixture of both! I do believe if we keep the quality within our squad and add more quality in key areas esp.. Goal scorers we have a massive chance to stay up!!!

    Just hope Hughton signs quality with whatever he has or hasn’t got to spend!!

  5. I think our side is better suited to the task at hand than the other two promoted sides. West Brom will not be able to play in the same style without being battered so will have to play more defensively. Blackpool and Cardiff are miles away from us so I think either would definitely struggle. Hopefully that is 2 relegation spots out of the way. :D

  6. I just think a small investment of £20m would really push the team on,no investment and the team gets off to a bad start,manager gets sacked,heads go down,back to FIZZY…..but CH said the team is fit so Champions League it is Then :)

  7. I’ll hold you to that Allan.

    An interesting read, very much the facts laid bare.

    I think we will stop up with what we have, albeit only just. If we can add to the players that we have then we have the potential to finish higher up the table.

    Staying up is the objective although I would prefer it we assured our own safety with a few games to spare. If we get injuries or look like struggling I reckon Ashley will dip into his pockets in January to try to ensure we don’t go down. It would lose him more cash if we got relegate, and I don’t think he would like that!

  8. Reminds me of January when we needed new players and scrooge was too busy counting his money-Invest or Fail I say.

  9. 20m is a small amount if it keeps us up but to MA its a fortune.ile eat my hat if CH gets half that without having to sell.i think we,ll stay up.thats taking for granted the 2 sides coming up with us finish below us.i think brtween 14th and 17th is where we,ll finish. i just hope we dont go down again cos if we do i think it will be harder next time around,we managed to keep most of our squad together this time,but if it were to happen again the likes of Colo,Bull,Guitiarez and Nolan will be off,thats if they are,nt already. HTL

  10. newcastle will always be dreamers they think they have got a divine right to win anything but they never do they are not as big as they think they are they think they are bigger than any one else reality there no bigger than the championship and to little for the prem what have they won jack wor f all

  11. I think we can scrape it through as long as our key players stay injury free. I’ve said the same thing 2 years ago, but it wasn’t to be.

  12. Mitch. That is a bit rich coming from a Birmingham fan. Do tell what Birmingham have won..

  13. Good point Mitch. Newcastle were a shambles when they went down and nothing has changed. I agree that in most years Wolves and West Ham would’ve gone down. KRO

  14. Also need to factor in the financials. There are a number of Portsmouths out there who may not make it to the end of the season without a 10 point deduction.

  15. What with the blues fans giving it the biggun? I wouldn’t have thought that now they are so mighty they would bother their arse with a small club like ours?

    “We’ve never won f**k all”

    Hmm, I hate banging on about history but lets see.

    First class honours including league wins (top division), FA Cup, League Cup (and previous names of), Champions League (and previous names of), Europa League (and previous names of).

    Birmingham City – 0

    Newcastle United – 11

    Never won feck all indeed ;)

    You lads need to settle down and not believe everything you read in the press. Divine right lol. Come back next time you need made to look silly :)

  16. mid-table battlers pmsl you lot still have that deluded attitude. get real man. you’ll be lucky to scrape through.

    how about having a sponsored walk round sid james park in aid of hughton’s transfer fund. lol

  17. You know what I like best about our sites lads, is the fact that all the other twats from other Prem Clubs want to be on them as well, clearly their own little clubs sites are not that interesting sad so sad.

    Howay the Toon

  18. LOL at “Man City (the team who sound like a Gay anthem)”

    I’ll use that at a gobby homophobic Citeh supporter who’s decided that it’s time to profess his support for that club – albeit in a cockney accent!

    Hasn’t the Manchester accent changed!!

  19. Len says:
    May 14, 2010 at 4:24 am

    “Also need to factor in the financials. There are a number of Portsmouths out there who may not make it to the end of the season without a 10 point deduction”

    That Len is a very valid point.

  20. Mid table watched alot of premier league last year n standard isnt as good as ppl think we aiint gonna b plyin top 6 every week, n as for the scum u wanna hope bent dont injured or u will b goin down

  21. Got to say I find it mind boggling that almost half of those that voted think we will finish mid table!! Considering we have a worse team than the one that went down it really is quite incredible

  22. Europa League here we come~~~~

    It might be possible after all. (**Taken with lot’s of IF’s)

    1. If Liverpool situation now remains on next season,They might be worst off.Let’s say they still manage to gain a spot for Europa again,still left two more spots.

    2.Man city,Spurs,Everton,Villa will challenge the 4th.Let’s say Man city got 4th next season,we left spurs,Everton and villa.

    3.Spurs we somehow manage to win them last last season.Villa if we vs. them late in the month we might get a chance to win,since is basically the same squad. Everton,can’t really comment.

    So with those IF’s above,Who knows we might get 7thPosition. Hahahahahas. ;)

  23. Be carefull, it might just be you guys who get relegated Safc4eva… lets wait and see shall we.

  24. May 14, 2010 at 4:24 am

    “Also need to factor in the financials. There are a number of Portsmouths out there who may not make it to the end of the season without a 10 point deduction”

    Harry weird eyes will continue spending money his clubs dont have, it was him who put Portsmouth in their current state and the same will happen to spurs once he leaves them

    Unfortunatly Liverpool is also in dire straits and even the mighty Man Utd might have problems the day old Fergie leaves.

  25. we will be fighting relegation,we have to many champioship players in our squad,we need investment

  26. @24….what makes you say we have a worse team than the one we got relegated with mate? we have lost owen,duff, viduka, martins, zogbia of course. All of these are not missed at due to being either injured or arse attitude and not giving a shot about us, or in owens case, both.
    we lost milner which i agree was a blow but his money was used to off set colo arrival, so take your pick. No, the only ones we miss are beye and bassong. Thats it. And we have added routledge who i think is quality. Barton is back and we have a decent prospect in simpson. The massive plus is the unity we have now as there was none last season and also the season before that. Do not want any big names any more, cant afford em and dont want them. I think we are a better team than the one that went down in every way. We do need a wide man that can play left or right though as routledge and jonas will not make it through the whole season without injury.

    off topic, i think one of you lot should start off a blog regarding NUFC player of the season according to the official site and polled by 35,000 people. They have Butt second top, jonas near bottom etc, its all over the place. makes no sense at all.

  27. 31… You gotta take into account people comming here to take the piss m8… After all its only 2%.

  28. Impossible to answer for definite until we know what our squad will look like.

    Although as things stand I would say we would just scrape enough points – But that is if nobody else strengthens their squads.

    We might find it a bit tougher if the likes of Stoke, West Ham, Blackburn, Sunderland, Wolves and Bolton all add to their squads and we don’t.

    I hope some on here are right when they say nobody will be spending any money this summer – Cannot see it like but here’s hoping.

  29. the scum have already added to there squad,stoke,west spam,blackburn will too,and i would guess so will west brom,it will be a massive struggle for us next season,the prem is a diffrent beast to the championship

  30. we need 3 of the following finishing below us……

    west brom





    west ham


    with a few quid invested & the team spirit intact we could survive….probably a 50/50 chance in my eyes.

    ..mind 7/2 for relegation looks very tasty indeed.

  31. same old ashley,taking a gamble on 3 clubs being worse off than us..
    komfort from that list i carnt see us finishing higher than any of them,mybe west brom but thats it

  32. komfort says:
    May 14, 2010 at 11:05 am

    You can probably take Stoke and Birmingham out of that lot as they both finished top half this season.

  33. Hmm, im not so afraid to be honest… Sure, we wont have allot of new signings, but we have a decent team and more important, we have a team who have a really strong understanding. Add to that a hopefully successfull introduction of Vuckic and Kadar among others and we should do ok… If we sign and i think we will… A pacey forward and a very fast midfielder to our team we have a bit of everything since i feel we already have a very good hight/strenght threat from aerial play… Carroll, Nolan, Taylor, Colo, Ameobi storming in from a corner, who are they going to mark?

  34. craig chisholm says:
    May 14, 2010 at 10:34 am

    Craig – For starters we have lost Beye and Bassong, two of our best defenders. On top of that we don’t have Martins, Given and N’Zogbia. Martins may not have been so clinical in front of goal but his pace was a real outlet and he worried defences. Duff had his detractors but was still a decent player, and we have also lost our only adequate defensive midfielder in Butt. I’ll probably get stick for saying this but Owen had scored 10 goals by January, which of our current strikers will do this? He was poor second half of the season but you can’t rule out his contribution entirely. I won’t inlcude the likes of Viduka as he only made a bit part appearance, or Geremi. That is a lot of players though that we are missing, and in terms of who we have to replace them I agree that Routledge is a useful player, although rather unproven at the top level. I don’t rate Simspon that highly, and Williamson is an unknown element, but is not the fastest player around. Carroll has more experience but again is unproven. I really don’t see how anyone can say we have a stronger squad this time around. As for the so-called team spirit, lets see what it’s like after we have taken a few poundings. If we make some decents signings then we may do ok, but as it stands this squad is worse than the one that got us relegated.

  35. Macas on paper we had a better team , football aint played on paper tho is it?

  36. Johno Toon – It wasn’t on paper though, the players I mentioned were on the whole better and more experienced in the top flight than what we have now.

  37. Have i not just agreed with you they were better players? But my point is our team now is a better one now than it was when we went down

  38. Johno Toon says:
    May 14, 2010 at 12:06 pm

    Hard work and team spirit is great but that won’t win you the amount of games we will need to succeed next season. You need a bit of quality to unlock good defences.

    Having said that you then need a striker who can score.

  39. Johno Toon – Apologies, I thought you were saying they just looked better on paper. I have to say thoughI strongly disagree with all this new team spirit malarkey, last seasons team would have also took the Championship by storm.

  40. Stuart

    Who have blackburn got that have ‘bit of quality to unlock good defences.’

    I think we have a better team than blackburn as it stands now , Blackburn are well organised and well drilled in set plays by fat sam and they got 50 points last season. They r shit.

  41. I dont think that team would of stormed the championship , they didnt have the fight for it n that is why this team is better and this team will survive next season and with a bit of luck a few savy signings might push into mid table

  42. duff was crap for us without a doubt… it was his own goal that relegated us. as for owens goal ratio, i think (although i may be wrong) that ameobi’s ratio of goals to games played was higher than owens. owen did not give a wank for us and would not dig out at all. all your post did was repeat what i had actually said.. we miss beye and bassong. thats it, nothing else. besides what is the point in having a youth policy if you will never use the players. all of the very best players were already top draw by 18 or 19 and getting better year on year, owen, milner, rooney, walcott etc, all household names by time they were 19 at the latest. we have to blood our two best young ones into the first team now or they will leave anyway. Big names does not mean success. we are a classic example of that. And we will NOT miss butt at all. He is too slow now by miles, he was skinned alot in the ccc, imagine what the prem players will do to him. Butt was a utility player and nothing more. With Barton back and guthrie and smith and nolan i would put all four of them over butt any day of the week.
    Our main worry are the flanks…. right back and the wings. Thats it. We had about 500 managers last year, court battles, for sale every five mins, the dressing room was divided and this is not to be played down as you imply. Look at our first team last year…. half wanted to leave. Given had been trying to leave since 2008 ffs! People with big names and big mouths were wrecking the dressing room. Its a well known fact… you lead from the top, if your most senior players are sending out them kind of negative vides it filters though the ranks and poisons the whole club… and it did. we are better this season, even without adding a single player.

  43. macas… last years team would not even have played in the ccc, they all had their heads up their arses. if you get a whole team united nad playing with pride for you in makes a MASSIVE difference. i work with teams of blokes all the time in my job, its amazing how one supervisor can not get good results out of the guys and slags them all down but then when i get another supervisor in with the same guys it makes a massive difference and the team performs well. Spirt is not to be laughed off.

  44. Johno Toon says:
    May 14, 2010 at 12:19 pm

    Pederson, Dunn and N’zonzi are pretty good players who can create something.

  45. Craig @ 49 – Absolutely spot on mate. It’s how Stoke survive, as their manager can get his team to run through walls for him. They never stop.

  46. craig chisholm says:
    May 14, 2010 at 12:24 pm

    Craig – Even it just was two high quality defenders we had lost it would be a big blow, but that is not all that i said. And to say Duff is crap and then mention an extremely unlucky own goal isn’t really very fair on him. He didn’t perform his best while at Newcastle but was still a decent experienced pro who did a job for us.

    As for Owen, I’m not saying he pulled up any tress here, but that his goal record up until January was very impressive. If we had a striker that could guarantee that ratio of goals per games we would be over the moon.

    And to say we won’t miss Butt now is fair enough, but I was obviously talking about the Butt of two years ago. The fact is we don’t have a decent defensive midfielder in the squad, and that has to be a worry. While it was the in thing to slag Butt off, there wasn’t a player in the team who put in more effort than him in the season we got relegated, and he had more good games than bad.

    On top of that there was Martins who was always a threat when he played, and chipped in with 8 goals, and N’Zogbia who again is a very decent player.

    The likes of Nolan and Guthrie did very little for us in the relegation season, so why should that have changed just because we have been playing mickey mouse teams every week?

  47. I disagree with Martins being a threat like. A threat to row z as he smashed the ball as hard as possible.

    I think people are forgetting the amount of times he used to do well to run after the ball only for it to spoon off his feet, or for him to fall over, or shoot from a ridiculous angle, or misplace a pass.

    Sure, he scored some cracking goals, but they were by far the minority.

  48. Martins was a scorer of great goals – Not a goal scorer.

    If he had scored 1/3 of the chances he got last season we’d have stayed up.

  49. Toonsy – He was the only player we had up front with any pace, something that is sorely missing from our team. I’m not saying that he was prolific, but was a good outlet to have.

  50. Macas – A player can posess as much pace as Usain Bolt, but if he gives the ball away at the end, or spoons it out of play, then it is pointless having him as an outlet as the ball ends up coming straight back at us.

    Pace is fine, and Oba had it. But it was more a case of him wasting energy rather than using it wisely.

  51. Macas, to clarify my post at 60 (Mmm, I’m beginning to sound like the writer of official statements!!), I’m still to be convinced that Duff’s goal at Villa was an own goal!

  52. Afternoon Dave ;)

    It deoends if the original shot was heading on target or not before it hit Duff.

    Anyway, the record book says it’s an own goal regardless of what we say. It could have been scored by a Villa player for all it matters now.

  53. Toonsy – The problem is we replaced Martins with Best, is that an improvement or not? That is the only point I was making, we were better off with Martins in our squad. He could be extremely frustrating but unless you replace him with someone better then the squad as a whole is weaker. And to be fair to the lad he wasn’t that bad, for example he caused Man United problems when we played them at home.

  54. I think it’s a little unfair to say we replaced Martins with Best. There was half a season difference between the departure of one and the arrival of another.

    I fail to see the relevance of improvement to the squad at the time. We dropped DOWN a division, and didn’t Martins want out after the Orient debacle?

    Either way, it’s a pointless argument. The guy couldn’t finish the simplest of chances in my opinion and as Stu says, could have kept us up himself had he finished a third of the chances he had.

  55. The whole article is based on if we will stay up this season, so whether or not the squad is better than the one that went down is a very valid point, and Best is the only other senior striker we have added since Martins has gone.

    It is irrelevant if he wanted to go or stay, all that we’re concerned with is how well we will do this season with the current squad, and a comparison of the two squads is the only real measure we have at the moment.

    As for Martins, his goal ratio wasn’t too bad when he was here, and until he got injured last season he had scored 6 in 12 appearances which is not too bad!

  56. Aye, I suppose, Macas.

    I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree on Martins.

  57. I agree with you Macas that Martins could be scary. But like everybody else has said, he just couldn’t finish anything. He also wasn’t much of an outlet because he was so impatient with the ball that he would try to beat 3 men at once or shoot from absurd angles. We would all love to get a proven quality striker in before the season starts. But if that doesn’t happen, you have to admit that we actually have a team now, not a bunch of individuals who gather to receive a ridiculously huge pay check.

    That togetherness will stay even if we lose a few games games on the spin. We showed that in the CCC when we lost to Derby and the TEAM got together to refocus themselves.

  58. I wonder how MA’s 5 year plan to break-even reacts if we are relegated again??

    It would be very interesting to see the numbers behind this ‘plan’.

    IMO long range plans like this are worth about as much as Best…..

  59. Big Dave says:
    May 14, 2010 at 4:31 pm

    “Afternoon Toonsy I was doing a bit of work”

    Bullshit lol

  60. Nee problem Toonsy

    And Andrew T, still don’t think you can compare the two divisions, it’s a lot easier coming back from the odd defeat in the Championship to a number of crushing defeats in the Prem

    I’d like to think we can hold our own, but unless we get in 4-5 new players and add some genuine skill and pace to the team then I think it will be a real ask to stay up

  61. And by the way, I was never Martins biggest fan as he lacked consistency but I’d rather have him in the squad than not if we don’t get anyone else in!

  62. for anyone that’s interested asda’s selling beer cheaper than pop !……& that’s the way it should be.

    …fill your boots & enjoy your weekend.

  63. Like Martins or not.

    We don’t have any striker as good in the squad at the moment IMO.

  64. Dont know why people knock Duff, guy was a decent attacking winger or inside forward who unlike many in the side happened to track back and that being the reason for the own goal, becomes a put down.
    Well given my druthers would rather him and N`Zogbia in the side than Guthrie and (no finish) Jonas.
    Both having outstanding seasons with their respective teams.
    Yeah I know many wont agree, cause they cant get over that anyone would want to leave this club.
    Childish and unrealistic.

  65. chuck @76

    I can’t believe you’ve managed to say something good about Damien Duff to be honest mate.

    The guy took to the treatment table every chance he got. I don’t blame him for taking the ridiculous wages he was offered to come to us in the first place (no one in their right mind turns money down) but he really should have done a lot more for what he was given.

    He made it perfectly clear through his lack of commitment that he didn’t want to be here [b] long before he left [/b], and the ungrateful w*nker’s had nothing good to say about us since he left.

    A reasonably talented player – but a lousy human being.

  66. DarthBroon says:
    May 14, 2010 at 8:51 pm

    “He made it perfectly clear through his lack of commitment that he didn’t want to be here [b] long before he left [/b], and the ungrateful w*nker’s had nothing good to say about us since he left.”

    That has been said about so many Newcastle players. If it’s true, then why do football players hate playing at Newcastle United so much? And why do they play so much better, and feel so much more motivated after moving to other clubs?

  67. Chuck says:
    May 14, 2010 at 8:41 pm

    “Well given my druthers would rather him and N`Zogbia in the side than Guthrie and (no finish) Jonas.”

    Jonas will make you eat your words, Statler. Wait and see.

  68. Why is there no option to vote for “Champions”? Missing out the most obvious one there!

  69. workyticket

    “That has been said about so many Newcastle players. If it’s true, then why do football players hate playing at Newcastle United so much? And why do they play so much better, and feel so much more motivated after moving to other clubs?”

    Well, compare and contrast the words of the disaffected (Duff and the rest) with those of Fabrice Pancrate on learning that he wasn’t being retained for next season. Can’t be all bad.

    Anyway, who else are you thinking of? Are you including players who got a better offer and suddenly decided their wives ‘couldn’t settle in the North East’?

  70. after a good night out coming home for a couple of ice cold tetley smooth flow is a very nice way to finish off the evening……& just in case no one was aware of it the fat basturd in the picture wearing a white polo shirt & desperately clinging onto a betting ticket is…..WOR BATTY – THE BATTLE HILL BASHER..a nicer chap you couldn’t wish to meet as it happens.


  71. There’s a Mag-propelled theory that Newcastle United had a ‘one season blip’ and were relegated because of Ashley.
    What they conveniently forget is that they were rubbish the season before and the club has been in a mess for years.

    This will be a long and tedious season for the Mags.

  72. DarthBroon says:
    May 15, 2010 at 11:14 am

    “I certainly hope the quality of the banter picks up a bit.”

    Aye, lack of patter if officially shite :)