So, where did our quiet summer go?

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Just where do we stand Mike?
Just where do we stand Mike?
It was supposed to be the perfect summer. On the back of a season that far surpassed the expectations of many a Newcastle fan, we should have been looking forward to a summer of planning ahead whilst avoiding the off field turmoil that has dogged us for a number of years now. A period of calm and stability in the maelstrom that is Newcastle United.

All the signs had suggested that Mike Ashley may have been learning a thing or two about this whole running a football club malarkey. The general feeling was of optimism, fuelled by an unexpected yet seamless transfer window back in January in which the team was strengthened sufficiently to ensure we finished top of the pile, and in some style.

But just a few short weeks after the end of a season that has given us so many memories, earned us so many plaudits, and broken so many records, that feeling of optimism has been dampened somewhat with the release of that sodding statement. Fans that were, for once, starting to sing from the same optimistic hymn-sheet, have now been pulled apart again, which is leading to trouble, confusion and, in some cases, anger. I can understand the frustration, although as many of you know I have a ‘wait and see’ philosphy and will wait until the at least the new season gets underway before making a judgement, others may not be so patient, which of course is their right.

So what went wrong then? The one thing that has moved to dampen sprits is that sodding statement, and the amazing lack of clarity and uncertaintly it has produced. Up until that point, the season just gone was very much a job well done from an Ashley perspective, and that left staunch opposition to the Ashley regime with very little room to castigate him. I’m not saying acceptance was on the cards, not by a long shot. But there was certainly a more wide-spread feeling of just letting Ashley get on with it, mainly because it looked like the bumbling and tomfoolery at our club had stopped.

But now this latest episode has undone all that work, and the accusations and insults are flying around again, not only regarding Ashley, but also between fans. Their has been a re-emergence of two camps, one pro-Ashley, one anti-Ashley again, with being called ‘pro-Ashley’ or an ‘Ashley apologist’ being deemed as an insult that gets slung around quite a lot.

But can I suggest a new camp? The camp where I, and I am sure some others, stand. The pro-Newcastle brigade. This is the club where nothing else really matters. Not cantankerous, molly-coddled footballers. Not owners. Not what other teams are doing. It’s about us supporting the team, promoting a region, the way it used to be. And after 41 years without a major trophy you have to ask; why has it changed?

In days gone by we weren’t so obsessed with money. We followed this team because we chose to, because it’s in the blood of some of us, or because one day an individual decided to buy into following us for whatever reason. Sure we all want our team to be performing at the top, thats only natural. But does it matter if it isn’t?

Will YOUR support wane just because we finish 17th rather than 4th? I have a newsflash for everyone, aside from a few flirts with the top of the league, we have been an average Premier League team with a big stadium and a lot of fans for the rest of the time.

These have been called dark days for Newcastle, seriously, howay man! As someone who witnessed us nearly slip into the 3rd (yes third) tier of English of football less than twenty years ago, I can assure anyone that times have been worse, and that is just in my lifetime.

So.. Pro-Newcastle then? Who is with me?

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138 Responses

  1. great article toonsy. it’s the norm to have issues with the board and chairman, always has always will, innit??

  2. Ashley is the worst owner in the history of NUFC and that matters. It matters more than the team because he is a cancer at the heart of the club and will eventually will destroy the club unless we can get rid of him. Its that simple and its bollocks to say I’ll support the team regardless of what else is going on. That something else is fundamental to the wellbeing of the club. He is tearing the club apart.

  3. Stuart79
    That number will go steadily downwards as long as the fat man is in control

  4. @4

    jim, shepard is by far an away the worst regime to manage the club by a considerable margin.

    Ashley us probably the second worst…that said Newcastle have a history of bad ownership…

  5. Toonsy as strange as it sounds, one of the seasons I enjoyed the most was when we almost got relegated to the old 3rd drivision. The fans just to the left of me in the Milburn singing we’ll suport you in the 4th. Simply the best being played after every game at home and dedicated to the fans. But that was a seaon when some of the young lads came good and we had a big turn around. I remember the game against Leicster, I was in the car in Sunderland, my Mam had gone shopping, the first goal went in and I jumped out the car running in circles, then straight back in as I thought it wasn’t a good place to be wearing a Newcastle top, can’t remember where we had been first. As much as I’ve enjoyed better seasons and far better football, that was a season where the fans got behind the team and gave it everything they had.

  6. Witters – Spot on, near enough an entire history of mismanagement.

    McKeag anyone? If he had stayed then we wouldn’t be where we are now! And people think this is shite!

  7. “Ashley is the worst owner in the history of NUFC and that matters. It matters more than the team because he is a cancer at the heart of the club and will eventually will destroy the club unless we can get rid of him. ”

    worst in history? possibly. there’s been a few in the past that could give him a run for his money though.

    nah, he’ll not destroy the club. never. we’ll all be here long after he’s gone.

  8. Witters @7

    Shepherd was the second worst but could have been a hero. He gave the managers dosh but his mistake was appointing the wrong managers. If only he had appointed a Wenger!! This owner is on the take and treats the fans with contempt. Easily worse than Shepherd.CH has saved his bacon because he got the team promoted but just the fans’ reaction if he invests nothing in the summer and we struggle. He will have to come to SJP in an armour plated suit!!!

  9. jimiley says:
    May 29, 2010 at 6:57 pm

    “He will have to come to SJP in an armour plated suit!!!”

    About sums up the maturity of some fans really. How old are you? Just curious..

  10. Mckeag was much worse….maybe before alot of bloggers time but trust me,Sir John had many faults but if he hadn’t ousted Mckeag we wouldn’t have a team to discuss.

  11. yes people say he is the worst owner but u are missing the point he hasnt gone yet. he might become the best ! what would u say then.

  12. would like us to spring a surprise and win something.carling cup at least.what happened to that intertoto cup that we won a few years back?

  13. Arka, it’s not really a cup in fairness. More like a swimming certificate :lol:

    Back to owners, Westwood? Rutherford? Could gone out of existance in the early 80’s under those.

  14. ok,but still something’s better than nothing,eh?actually the fa cup’s more possible,what with only chelsea playing strong teams.i’m dreaming again

  15. There’s been so many Toonsy,there’s been worse times than these alot worse.That’s still not excusing Ashley his mistakes though.He could do worse than get rid of DL and it would have been the decent thing to do if had come out and apologised for the lies after the KK tribunal.

  16. Prety much spot on there Rich. I dod have a site that detailed all the history of mismanagement, and it is depressing reading.

    If people think this is bad then god knows what their reaction would have been like in the past.

  17. Aye I remember when Carlisle was classed as our derby game so always had them on New Years day or Boxing Day and the likes of Shrewsbury,Port Vale and Grimbsy were our opposition…..oh for those days back ;-)

  18. “We are actually in the top 8 in the all time PL table.”

    Football was not invented in 1992, fecknuts!

  19. Arka nowt wrong with dreaming,
    As for previous owners we could have became extinct but we didn’t so I dont really think the previous owners are important anymore. Its the present owner I worry about I honestly think even after all the sh1te MA caused with relegation and the manager merrygoround, this last season as Toonsy touched on started bringing us together and making us UNITED in the believe that we we’re on our way back and I even thought that MA was starting to enjoy himself again. Then he brought out that STATEMENT that seems to have undone all that, which is criminal really but could that be our pay back for the abuse he got ??

  20. Can anybody tell me if we have signed a player yet, from all these rumours circulating everywhere. Wheater, Onuoha, Boyd especially,Aiden McGeedy.

  21. jimiley – our position in the top 8 of the Prem’s all time table has been dropping since pretty much the day FFS took control.

    A lot of people talk of our European campaigns as if life under Fat Fred was nothing but pure footballing bliss.

    The reality was an average league position between 12th and 13th.

    Of course we’d all take that right now, but people seem to have short memories when it comes to the fat cnut. Whether that’s because he’s a “Geordie” and different rules apply, I don’t know.

  22. dunno why I typed b says instead of just b…….could it be the few carlings I’ve had………now one is partaking in a drop of port ;-)

  23. TC – Of course there are different rules for Geordies!

    It’s ok for them to fleece the club and walk out the club with their pockets bulging. Remember, they are Geordies and have the best interest of the club at heart ;)

  24. Ow, Maxwell House! Read the the article before trying to be clever you think cnt!

    toonsy made comment of the fact that we’ve been an average PL team. I was referring to that comment in the article.

    What a Moby!

  25. asim says:
    May 29, 2010 at 7:11 pm
    yes people say he is the worst owner but u are missing the point he hasnt gone yet. he might become the best ! what would u say then.

    Titter Titter Ho Ho Ho Ho…

    we believe asim should be paid for keeping the .org troops entertained.

    Comments More Than Welcome.

  26. That’s Asim’s opinion Ed and he’s entitled to express it without someone taking the piss………don’t you have 20 more blogs to write tonight??
    commments welcome.

  27. No mate,in that case apologies to the real Ed…….and to the fake one…knobheed……….I blame this port Toonsy me heeds spinning ;-)

  28. stu79 is right…. when you take all the seasons, divide them all we come out officialy 8th best performing team in the prem since its conception… and that is including last season in the ccc.
    Nice article toonsy…. of course it is not as simple as agreeing with you from my point of view. A previous post said it correct, ashley is a cancer at our club and does many things with blantant disregard for us fans… why…. because he can. simple as. Lets look at this another way………….if our armed forces (the best in the world by the way by a long way) invaded another country and acted in a wholey unjust way with no respect for that countries inhabitants… would you still support the armies actions… just because the soldiers were our own blood? No you wouldnt. For me it is the same with ashley, although i will always support our club i will always also voice my opposition to ashley. the man is a king shit and does NOT deserve to have the best supporters bar none ‘just getting on with it’. Fcuk ashley.

  29. Jimiley

    Ashley is the worst owner in the history of NUFC and that matters. It matters more than the team because he is a cancer at the heart of the club and will eventually will destroy the club unless we can get rid of him.

    Out of interest, were you a fan in the Mckeag era?

  30. That’s definately the real Craig though,I think our last several chairman have done things with blatant disregard for us fans Craig.Let’s face it people don’t become multi millionares by being decent honest people(or not very often) they get there by screwing over the likes of us unfortunately.

  31. It would not be right to just plod along like sheep all in a line to ashley, it just would not be. it is very simple to me… to get respect you have to give respect. Can any one person please tell me where ashley has given any respect to us as fans?? pls tell me. Oh and before you bang on about pumping money bollox… that is not the same. I am talking about respect for the best and most loyal fans in the country. What has Ashely done to win my and your respect?

  32. Doubtful GeordieDeb……he was shocking and the others Toonsy mentioned.There’s certainly been far far darker days than now.

  33. I find it really distasteful when people describe anyone as being a “cancer”.

    But since that is the language people feel comfortable using I will add this:

    The club will not “die” under Ashley – that is guaranteed.

    Under Shepherd? Who knows. We were far from “healthy” though.

  34. Best supporters bar none my arse. More like architects of our own downfall at times!

    We are 8th in terms of points gained, is that average or not? That would be acceptable right now, but I guarntee the fans would get bored with that, much like the same fans who turned on Sir Bobby Robson and gave the fat Geordie shyster Shepherd the opportunity to get rid.

  35. Really havent got a problem wit the way ashly is running the n by the way some ppl r so thick on here all time ppl r saying he is gonna run the club into the ground get real plz when the day comes that he sells the club he will wanna b able to sell for 300 to 400 million coz lets remember he jus cares bout money so has he gonna make money if were yoyo club, plus i didnt hear to many of yous moaning about him when he brought keegan bk then, some of u need to get over the fact keegan left, if he his so tight think u shud look at signings since been here

  36. craig@51

    He did sack Fat Sam and appoint KK.

    That certainly didn’t earn my respect.

    In fact I’d rate those as two of the worst decisions he’s made since he bought the club. But many others were over the moon at the time.

  37. I’ve said before Craig he may have earned a little if he’d personally come out and apologised for the lies after the KK tribunal.I can’t forgive a liar unless he says sorry for telling lies.Even if we won the league,yes I’d be ecstatic and grateful but would still want that apology.I can forgive mistakes he’s made,but only when he learns from them.One huge mistake is continuing with DL,can anyone name 1 thing that man has done right??

  38. richietoon… of course you are right. its a really old saying… you dont buy a football club to make money. Its sad but true. Its a shame that ashley does not feel the same way. i dont care that ashley looses money (and i dontthink he does on us anyway). If we had his same point of view about newcastle we would not buy our season tickets etc. This whole profit thing is as mad as a box of frogs. I am my own little company for instance, my profit each yeat is my wages. I then spend around 1 12th of my wages on my season ticket, trains, transport, food etc every year. If i dont mind spending MY very own profit to the tune of a 12th of all my money every year why can ashely not do the same as he owns the bloody thing after all. The volume of money is not importqnt, its the ratio. I bet ashely spends less than a 12th of his profit on nufc. Bill Gates would in turn be spending such a small amount of his profit on newcastle that i bet he wouldnt even know he had spent it. Everything is relevant isnt it?? I pay pump more of my money into nufc that ashley.

  39. Toon Chicken says:
    May 29, 2010 at 9:14 pm

    “I find it really distasteful when people describe anyone as being a “cancer”.”

    You aren’t the only one TC.

  40. The difference is Craig you or I would want to spend our own money he may not want to.I wouldn’t like to say how much if anything he’ll give CH to spend,I’ll keep my comments about that to myself til the window shuts.He surprised me in January and hopefully will again.

  41. toonsy… what respect do you think ashely has given newcastle fans?? honestly mate, i can not think of any. he has owned us for about three years or so hasnt he? well, in that time, he has` tried to sell us three times, brought in and sacked three million managers, raised ticket prices by a whopping 10% at the begining of our last prem season, turned st james into a, lost us adidas after a solid 16 year partneship, got relegated, hired owl head and egged him on to run around st james naked, never – not once – has released a club statement that came remotley close to making sense, admitted at a public tribunal that he lies to the fans to shut us up, treats his managers like shite to the degree that he had to get in JK as 17 previous real managers had said no to the offer of working with ashley… seriously, the list goes on forever… please, tell me where we have been given any respect?? i am sure some pro ashleys will give me some but i just cant think for the life of me right now.

  42. Jay Jay – People can use what they want, up to a point. I have had this argument before about something being a “cancer” and got rounded upon.

    Fcuk it though, my sister was diagnosed with cancer on Thursday, and to hear something that matters feck all when compared to family being described like that is quite sad in my opinion.

  43. There we go, the old “pro Ashley” being flung around again.

    FFS man, grow up. Are we playing tig in the playground?

    “Your on the pro side and im on the anti side NA NA NAA NA NA”

    Craig – Seriously, what do you suggest we do about Ashley then? Really? I mean seriously?

  44. nowt wrong with saying cancer lads, i have had it twice myself nad dont take offense when it is said. it is a well used word in this context. lets not start going into that route, i agree that if it were said aginst someone with it or who has had it (like me) it would be bad taste. In this context, no.

  45. Jay Jay – Cheers mate :)

    There is still plenty to fight for yet, although the full extent is yet to be determined.

  46. toonsy… that is twice you have dodged my question… what repect has ashley shown us since he came in. I aint being funny and its a straight and honest question.

  47. Still poor taste Craig, regardless of context. Just because you find it ok, doesn’t mean others do.

    I also know another person who frequently uses this place that doesn’t think to kindly of using it either because of his Dad.

    Still, like I said, I can’t stop people using it.

  48. Craig – Im not dodging your question you prick, I was responding to Jay Jay the first time about my sister recently being diagnosed with cancer.

  49. toonsy…. you call me a prick on a blog… a blog you have written. and then when i reply to your insults you moderate my reply…. very sad man, you are a weak person. whatever happened to you banging on about its a blogg and people can have their own opinions?? And you tell me to grow up…. hahaha, look at yourself. In future i will only ever nod my head and agree with you… oh thats if i am not now banned…. prick!

  50. toonsy, i would suggest that in what you are going on about with the context of ‘that’ word that you drop it mate, as you are making it more of an issue than the actual statement itself when it was initially made.

  51. Craig carnt believe u said sacking allardyce was a bad desicion if ppl think we dont play good football now it a million times better than what we played like under allardyce worse football n tactics ive ever seen were still suffering now

  52. All the best to your sister Toonsy,My Grandads 80 diagnosed with lung cancer shortly before Xmas recently been given the all clear.She can beat it mate.

  53. Craig – Its called respect, you said I was dodging questions when I was replying to someone else.

    Of course I am weak, my own sister has not long been diagnosed with cancer and I dont know what to expect from it. So yes, I am a bit touchy at the minute. I didn’t really want to anyone to know but as you brought up something I, and others, found distasteful the I thoiught it best to say why.

    In answer tou your question which wasn’t originally directed at me, what has Ashley done to treat us with respect? Probably not a lot, Craig. Happy now?

    It’s also worth bearing in mind that Shepherd wasn’t exactly respectful was he? All Georide women are dogs? Newcastle fans are mugs for buying over-priced shirts? Slagging the players off?

    The point being, and Rich raised it earlier, is that these blokes dont get fortunes by being kind and caring. They get it at the expense of us. Not one of the can be a billionaire if there isn’t us at the end buying what they are offering, whether it be computer, tatty sports gear, or a car.

    I apologise for callng you a prick, but I am going through some shite at the moment. Even so I shouldn’t have snapped.

  54. Aye Rich, it just knocked me for six like. Especially when I never got told straight away, or even that there was potentially any problem, which is why it has been a bit of a shock like.

    Still, hopefully it will all sort itself out.

  55. Been following this blog for a while, but this article has made me want to really comment for the first time. I completely agree with everything said in it. Let Ashley get on with it – because let’s face it we can’t change anything, last season’s protests proved that – and pray for the best

  56. Also Craig, I dont moderate comments. Its done automatically, so you really cant blame me for being ‘weak’ on that one. So next time you want to call me a “fcukwit”, think about how it is spelt.

  57. this club is fked under ashley..yous can dice it anyways yous want,we will go no where under this man..

  58. Toonsy

    Really sorry to hear your news. Sure it’s a huge shock at the moment. But lets hope all works out well for your sister. I’m sure you will stay strong for her.

  59. Howay the Lads……totally agree mate whether ya like(does anyone really) or loathe him,theres nothing we can do.We are stuck with him ’til he gets his money back and can sell.I’ll continue doing what I have done since I was knee high to a grasshopper and follow my team though goodtimes and bad(mostly bad).I follow Newcastle United not the board or the owner and always will……..all together now….
    Some things in life are bad
    They can really make you mad
    Other things just make you swear and curse.
    When you’re chewing on life’s gristle
    Don’t grumble, give a whistle
    And this’ll help things turn out for the best…

    And…always look on the bright side of life…
    Always look on the light side of life…HWTL

  60. Cheers Deb.

    As I said, it’s just the shock, it’s kind of one of them things that happens to someone else, or so you think, until it happens to someone close to you.

    Still, hopefully they have caught it early enough to stop it.

  61. Toonsy – sorry to hear that about your sis mate. I really hope things work out. Stay positive dude!

  62. Cheers TC. Anyway, it’s off my chest now, and people wont want to hear about my shit so I’ll shut up abiut it now.

  63. I dunno, toonsy – Mebs i’m getting confused cos I read that blade runner was inspired by Middlesborough???

  64. Aye he’s a sandancer Toonsy………….Robson Green went to my school and Andy Sinton.

  65. If we’re going through famous connections…

    I used to be the paperboy for Micky Quinn, Kevin Scott, Kevin Brock and Roy Aitken!

    Beat That! :)

  66. TC…theres a guy works down me chipshop swears he’s Elvis……………I really have to stop drinking now

  67. Hmm, famous connections.

    I delivered James Beattie’s kitchen years ago.

    I had a word with Lee Clark some months back.

    Ian Beale, or the bloke who plays him (Adam Woodyatt), used to play golf at the same club I used to use.

    The bloke who played Greegrass in Heartbeat, Bill Maynard, drinks in a pub I go to. Brilliant bloke, and looks no different in real life. Does loads for charity.

  68. Don’t forget toonsy that you whacked the back off louise taylor as well mate :)

  69. Hey Toonsy you’ve met Selwyn Froggit…..legend…remember that??
    I met Bodie(Lewis Collins) in woolco’s in Killingworth,Steve Watson at Wembley v man utd,Suzi quatro in Germany,the bloke who used to play Gary Mallett in corrie fishing on Amble pier(he’s got a caravan up there!) oh and whilst pissed jumped on the lead singer from Showaddywaddys back and met Jim Davison twice in Kuwait

  70. me too mate,there was no tv in me Mam’s womb!! just heard about it fron the old folk

  71. Craig @ 62 – Not a bad summary.

    Spot on in fact!

    After Reading his tale of woes it’s difficult for anybody to defend the prick!

  72. There is actually some impressive claims to fame about where im living at the minute.

    Guy Fawkes’ rabble waited here for new of the gunpowder plot.

    Rugby School, with lots of famous people having gone there, like Salman Rushdie. I wonder if the kebab shop Salman has anything to do with him? ;)
    The game of Rugby was invented here.

    The radio frequency clocks are set from Rugby, and those same aerials sent the message to sink the Belgrano.

    Rugby, the game, was invented here.

    The gut who discovered Helium was born here.

    All pretty impressive :D

  73. I haven’t read all the comments, but where is anyone defending Ashley?

  74. oh and toonsy, sorry to hear about ya sister. Hope the prognosis is good mate.

    If you cannot come on here and vent your worries and frustrations where can you do it? Let’s be honest, you don’t know us and we don’t know you. What better place to let it all out…. ;)

  75. I’ve met two world cup winners in my time – Jackie Charlton and Nobby Stiles – Nobby was as humble as pie, Jack a bit more full of himself but still sound as a pound!

  76. TC – In Hexham? Nah, I was just born there. My first school was in Crawcrook I think.

  77. Aye Stu, your right about that. Things get heated on here at times but I guess its the best place for it.

    End of the day, we all want Newcastle to be at the top :(

  78. Forgot aboot Jack C,met him at the Eubank fight at Whitley Bay…he was good craic ‘cos I told him I was singing ‘Sack Jack’ at the pre season friendly v sheff utd…..he took it well(better than he did then)

  79. richietoon says:
    May 29, 2010 at 10:20 pm
    “We are stuck with him ’til he gets his money back and can sell.”

    agree richie, we all want him to sell up and ship out. trouble is who knows what the next owner will be like? it could easily be worse. who’d swap places with liverpool right now?

  80. malchick says:
    May 29, 2010 at 11:24 pm

    Let me think, what could be worse than Ashley – Kim Jong il? Gadaffi? Ahmadinejad (If that’s spelt right)?

  81. heh heh kim jong il goodun stu…

    have i missed summat? i thought we’d just won promotion? could be a lot worse………

  82. malchick says:
    May 29, 2010 at 11:40 pm
    heh heh kim jong il goodun stu…

    He’s the only man more secretive than Ashley.

  83. Howay The Lads Howay The Lads says:
    May 29, 2010 at 10:59 pm

    I haven’t read all the comments, but where is anyone defending Ashley?

    “We are stuck with him ’til he gets his money back and can sell.”

    agree richie, we all want him to sell up and ship out. trouble is who knows what the next owner will be like? it could easily be worse. who’d swap places with liverpool right now?

    i guess i can agree with above comment, its alot easier to knock pple innit. but the fact is hes here for awhile. but were back in epl. so were having a lean summer signing feed, well so is most the country. every1 is tightening there belts, lol.
    we did ok last jan when we weren’t expecting owt. CH seems to be on the ball with Ashley’s restrictions, but has pulled off a couple of shrewd moves, so lets keep a little faith. he might even have some cash already to play with, poss milner cash?
    so im not in any pro ashley camp, but i think there are alot worse scenario’s we could be in. with worse owners, like previously mentioned he is a multi millionare businessman, so he will protect his investment at NUFC.

  84. wise words johnny.

    with ashley is it his ego or purely business which drives him, or both? he seems to work in confrontational ways, antagonising the supporters, does he get a kick out of it? waddya reckon?

  85. on a different note, could the Blog be doing a piece on the new UEFA ruling about running footy clubs ?

    malchick, i only know about his NUFC biz, dont really know about his sports shops. i just honestly think his PR needs addressing, using biz talk in club statements was a high school media bungle. that will be numero uno, in the top 10 ways of “how not to run a multi mill pound football club” i wonder if he changed the PR set up at club, replacing with a cheaper inferior alternative. i doubt he does it intentially, so its prob just poor management. he is new to football, so u have to think his advisors are crap, or maybe he is so tight he hasnt or doesnt have any. its a puzzle eh. but im sure he learns by his blunders, nd if anything else he shows every1 else how not to do it ;)

  86. do people honestly believe that mike ashley is deliberately trying to wreck newcastle?i’m no fan of the man,but i’m not daft enough to think he’s on a mission to sabotage the club.
    i think what a lot of fans are worried about,are the similarities between the mckeag era,and what’s happening now.
    you have a board that pleads poverty,harps on about developing young players,then when they’ve had good players allowed them to leave,then proceeded to bring in inferior replacements.
    this rings a few bells with me when i was a kid during the mckeag era,i seem to remember ozzy ardiles being tasked with the same brief,to put together a team of youngsters and look what happened there andy hunt anyone.
    people arguing about who is the worst owner in history is a bit of a moot point,because in my opinion we’ve never had decent owners at newcastle for years.
    possibly for a brief moment under sir john hall in the early days,but non of us can deny the club went downhill when freddie shepherd came on board.
    mike ashley seems hell bent on doing it his way,are his actions to keep things chugging along until someone comes up with the price he wants,to relinquish control?
    is the man a pig headed buffoon surrounded by sychophants telling him how great he is?.
    the season newcastle went down,it seemed everyone was trying to give him advice on what not to do,but he ignored all unsundry and the inevitable relegation followed.
    i cannot blame ashley for everything that’s gone on before he arrived,but he did fail to arrest the development of the state the club was in.
    he made terrible decisions on the football side,and the club suffered as a consequence.
    the biggest disappointment for me in mike ashley has been his inability to market the club properly given his sporting sales background.

  87. TROJAN 69

    Much of what you say is correct. You have to realise that Ashley doesn’t understand the fame and exposure that comes with being a billionairre football club owner. For his entire life Mike Ashley’s philosophy has been I will buy that for £1 and sell it for £3. That is why he is very rich and you and I aint. he is never gonna blow it all on some primadonna football players. Look at the money that is being thrown around at Man City. They are not even in the top 4 and next season although it will be interesting I doubt they will still be able to catch United. Ashley is a business man. He wants to get the club at the stage where we are stable in the premier league and profitable, hence why he didnt sell, but he doesnt want to spend all his money. It will be interesting to see how much money gets invested but even if we had an owner that spent zillions I couldnt see us having a team that could challenge the top 4 tbh.

  88. I think Ashley will come good for this football club in the end though. Im not just saying that because we’re promoted either I have always been neutral even when people really hated Ashley. At the end of the day he is a successful businessman and he is shrewd. Someday I think he will get recognition for what he has done, but not for a very long time yet. The Shepard way of running the club couldnt have gone on much longer and thats why after Owen he dropped his arse. I think we can expect more Routledge/Williamson type signings from Hughton and Ashley which can only be good.

  89. Nah, no one thinks he is out to deliberately wreck Newcastle, at least in general.
    But put yourself in his position,
    Got screwed by the former owners,
    Following a great start, drinking with the fans doon the Quay Side, the KK/Wise incident turned everything brown.
    White bedsheets and anti Ashley chant`s at games,
    Wanted out but could`nt get his money back.
    Shit himself when the club got relegated(never thought it could happen)
    Still want`s to sell, but realises he has to get a good piece of change back each season, therefore the Stalinist-like 5 yr. plan.
    It`s a balance between avoiding relegation but at the same time getting some of that TV 50m.
    You think this guy gives a damn about NUFC or the fans ?
    Thing is i`m not prepared to watch shit teams for the next five tears, yeah the previous owners were nothing great either but at least they were smart enough to throw a bone to the fans, every so often.
    Dont expect that to happen over the next 5 years.

  90. As for him (Ashley)wearing the strip, it`s just advertising.
    Shows that even the Greg`s pastie`s and beer bellies can fit into one.

  91. Damn early summer was in the 90`s the other day, time to get outta town for the summer, maybe see you guys at a couple of games, Three Bulls, post game usually.
    So whats up with the club not doing a tour this side of the ocean.
    The smart clubs been doing it for years and pick up a few bob in the process.
    Wise up Ash !

  92. Great article. Lets just keep our fingers crossed that the fat man keeps his fat mouth shut or someone else comes in to run things.

  93. TROJAN – Great points. There is a massive difference between you or I have a billion quid and Ashley having a billion. If it was us owning Newcastle with that money, then I can pretty much whole-heartedly say there would be money for transfers. Not a great deal, as once it’s gone it’s gone, but certainly I would be giving Hughton the money to easily stay up. Whether Ashley does that remains to be seen, but then he doesn’t have an emotional tie with the club like a fan has, so he looks at it from a business perspective.

    Chuck – I have often wondered why we don’t, and never really have, explored the US or Asian markets. That is where the next level of revenue is in my opinion, as after all, we are only a tiny island with a limited amount of people. It would make sense to do a pre-season tour of one or both, just on the off chance that it could increase revenue. It wouldn’t hurt would it? And what would the club lose from doing it? If it doesn’t increase revenue, so what? It’s not going to lose any of it, is it?

    Interestingly, it’s something Chelsea have started doing, particularly in the US, so as it’s your neck of the woods, do you think it has had an impact? I mean is there a marked increase in the number of Chelsea fans that you have noticed?

  94. I think 99% of us on here are pro-club first and foremost but most people have an opinion on the way things are being run on Barrack Road. Some just shout louder than others. It’s a blog, so I guess that’s inevitable? During the games I tend not to debate with other people about Ashley. I watch the match and sing pro-Newcastle songs or occasionally anti-opposition songs. But I’ll call a bad decison by Ashley on here everytime or if he ever surprises me I might compliment him…

  95. BBM……..same as you,when I’m at the match I’m yhere to support the team and the politics of the club don’t come into it.
    Chuck I agree we should tour over there but you hit the nail on the head when you said ‘the smart clubs’ do it.

  96. Sure the SPL teams, Man U.even the Italian clubs have been touring in The States for years and yes if it`s the first EPL side you get to see live, buy the shirt and become a fan, at least the fans assume they care about them.
    And dont forget every side returns in the black.
    I recall just a few years back we had a program in regard`s to China, an area ripe for club association and an area that could bring in enormous revenue.
    All it takes is a relationship with a Chinese team and perhaps sign a national to play for us, dont tell me there`s not one Chinese player that`s epl class?
    Same goes for Japan and Korea.
    Think BIG !

  97. Not sure? Would there be any implication surrounding players who leave a communist country? I mean would it be allowed?

    Certainly Sth Korea has to have some as they always do well at tournaments.

  98. Toonsy
    Dont know what your idea of Chinese society is at present, there is no wall keeping citizens from leaving, neither physical or otherwise.
    We have had a number of Chinese players in the EPL at Citeh, Everton , perhaps you dont remember.
    There have been numerous Asian players with top European sides since the seventies, Japanese, Korean`s etc.
    It`s not something new, the problem for teams like Newcastle is it has`nt the W/wide marketing exposure that a Man U. has (and an Asian player)resulting in sell a lot less jerseys.
    Could you imagine the business we could do if we had a player from each of the following (China, Japan and Korea)
    Dont tell Ashley though !

  99. Chuck – If it involves making money the I am sure Ashley will be all ears :lol:

    I just wasn’t sure as to how easy it is to leave a communist country when bound for capitalist scumbags such as the UK. Purely as I have never lived in a communist state (although the UK can feel like it at times)

  100. Toonsy
    I have never lived in a communist state !

    some would debate that !

    No leaving the Peoples Republic of China is not a problem, we take in immigrants on an enormous scale each year.
    Being they have a population problem, Im sure they are more than happy for others to take their excess`s.
    A visit to China generally blows pre conceived attitudes as well as minds.
    Having modern designed Cities of millions with names many have never heard of.
    It`s not the backward, everyone dressed the same grey,depressing country of Mao Tse Tung.