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Guardian retracts NUFC racism accusation.

May 28th, 2010 | 82 Comments |

The Guardian: Even more garbage about NUFC.
The Guardian: Even more garbage about NUFC.
On Tuesday, the Guardian’s Chris Arnot and Chelsea’s ‘Head of Corporate Responsibilty’, Simon Taylor (no relation to the Guardian’s well known Newcastle hater, Louise Taylor incidentally) suggested that there were racist protests at St James’s Park against the signing of Andy Cole in their story “Search for a British Asian football star kicks off“, something which was completely untrue. The offending part of the story went:

“When Andy Cole made his debut at Newcastle’s St James’s Park, Taylor, then a student in the city, recalls: “There were protests outside the ground. But Andy scored a hat-trick that day and we heard no more from the protesters.” (more…)