Everton rivalled by Liverpool, Villa and Fulham for Toon’s Stevie Taylor?

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Looking forward to a pan of Scouse?
Looking forward to a pan of Scouse?
According to The Mirror (ahem), local lad, unfinished article and all-round top bloke Stevie Taylor has more than one suitor. It would seem the England U21 centre half is being pursued by Everton but they will be challenged to his signature by Fulham, Aston Villa and their Merseyside neighbours Liverpool.

The Mirror suggests his future has been thrown into doubt with recent open and negative comments about the current regime, which is probably not totally unfounded but let’s be honest, we won’t have much of a squad left if they keep selling those who speak up about the situation (oh hang on…..). Allegedly, Taylor was on Shearer’s list of ‘untouchables’ but considering Beye, Owen and Bassong were apparently also on it, that would seem to hold little sway within the transfer decision-making.

Everton are keen on Taylor to fill the void created when Lescott is inevitably prised from their grasp by Moneybags City down in Eastlands. However, Liverpool, Villa and Fulham are keen to increase the number of English players in their ranks and specifically Fulham will also potentially see Steven Taylor as a replacement if and when Hangeland goes to Arsenal.

Putting two and two together and hopefully not getting nine, these rumours also coincide with the rumours about Sol Campbell and the potential for him to join us on a short-term contract.

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5 Responses

  1. Well up to now it’s just the Mirror.

    The other thing we have in our favour is logic – United were supposed to be selling off the high earners…..

    Billy Bassong wasn’t a high earner but was determined to leave, and without a strong manager from Gosforth in his way, it came to pass.

    Steven Taylor is not a high earner and does not want to leave…..

    If this one happens, it will be the litmus test of whether the allegations about Fatboy are correct ie he is determined to asset strip the club and grind it into the ground.

    Wonder who will bid for stroller after his stunning hat-trick performance against, erm, Reading…..

  2. Taylor may not be a high earner but a fee around £8m (reported) is a large amount to bank and contains no hiddens like unpaid instalments on transfers.Not5 advocating his transfer but as in a previous post if Barclays are wanting the overdraft reduced this is sadly one of the only ways.
    Perhaps come wednesday this will all change

  3. Stan Hardy
    Agree. Sadly if the banks are putting pressure on, this would be an easy way to reduce the overdraft. Lets hope a knight on a white charger arrives with a decent amount of cash so that the sale of ST is unnecessary (refering to the Mirror’s statement of a late overseas bidder!)

  4. StanHardy says:
    August 16, 2009 at 8:14 am

    “Taylor may not be a high earner”

    £35,000 a week, Stan. He got a huge pay rise with his new contract a year ago.

  5. In which cash worky my comment applies even more so, high earner and no signing on fee.
    Just going by other comments that he wasnt in the high earner bracket.