Fulham boss Craven Duff.

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Cottage industry beckons?
Cottage industry beckons?
Reports in the media tell us that Roy Hodgson has confirmed Fulham are very close to clinching a move for Damien Duff. Apparently the London club are prepared to offer the mooted £4m for the Irish winger. Of course, Roy Hodgson knows Duff well from when he became a regular at Blackburn in the late ’90s, while Hodgson was in charge.

He rates him very highly and according to the rumours Duffer is more than keen to get back down south, knowing the area well after his Chelsea days.

“The clubs are talking and I hope the deal will go through. He’s a player that interests us,” Hodgson said. “Damien and I go back a long way from when we worked together at Blackburn. He wants to come back to west London.

“Damien had injury problems at Chelsea and has done well at Newcastle given the turmoil there. Every time he’s played for Ireland he’s consistently been one of their best performers. We know what we’d be getting with Damien – he’s an experienced and quality player.”

So one in and potentially another one out.
Anybody else slightly dizzy at all the recent activity? And not in a good way.

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13 Responses

  1. “Anybody else slightly dizzy at all the recent activity?”

    Yep, things are coming to an end one way or the other and – even it’s the lousy news that Ashley’s staying on, as is likely – at least it means an end to all the speculation.

  2. I’m surprised that reporters haven’t brought Dennis Wise back into the picture as a possible manager. If I was a mischeivious reporter for a scandal rag, that’s what I’d do, from a deep throat ‘close to the club’.

    That would probably bring the bedsheets out, and keep things running nicely for the NUFC Soap Opera. The NUST could issue a defiant statement about it, too.

  3. As I said above, Worky, at least all this nonsense will be over soon.

    Until January anyway!

  4. Hugh de Payen says:
    August 14, 2009 at 5:43 pm

    “at least all this nonsense will be over soon.”

    Don’t say that Hugh! This is Newcastle United, anything could happen. An asteroid could land on SJP, the squad could be abducted by aliens etc…

  5. In response to all this nonsense, all I have left to say is Ah Phooey.

    Wrong thread……

  6. Of all the nights for my lass to spend ages up at the in-laws after walking the dogs and there’s nowt really to read or chat about!! Bloody typical when I normally get bollocked for spending all my time looking at my ‘footy porn’ and I’d be quite happy downstairs and not knocking myself over the head with this turmoil!

  7. Fortunately my in-laws live a good 50 miles away, although that just means huge phone bills. I can never figure out what they can talk about for an hour every day.

  8. Stu – the grammar and spelling was horrific before. Someone has changed it since. Pure, unadulterated wind-up. Said so on Ed’s blog not ten mins ago.

  9. Other half is back so off for some respite (ooer missus). He says pointessly and irrelevantly, after all it’s not the 23rd yet.