Toon’s Steven Taylor looking to be Everton mint?

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Out me way, that's the 3.30 to Lime Street!
Out me way, that's the 3.30 to Lime Street!
Unfortunately, this article isn’t quite as sweet and palatable as the retro chewy mint and not just because of the quality of the writer. Despite writing about it twice already, I was fairly convinced of all the bad things to be visited upon my club this year, a home-grown talent like Steven Taylor leaving would be something I would need not worry about.

However, according to Sky Sports source, Everton are currently in talks with him over a proposed move to Merseyside.

Despite, being watched by several clubs, including Fulham, Aston Villa and Liverpool it’s claimed Everton have stolen a march on the others in their bid for Taylor, presumably in a bid to fill the void by the inevitable departure of Lescott, who was left out of his club’s recent squad to add fuel to the fire.

It’s thought that Everton representatives were at the game last night and discussions are taking place, though a transfer fee has not been agreed. It’s difficult, as ever, to know how much of this to believe but it’s disconcerting to think that of all the speculation so far, little or none has led to anything other than future reality. It’s been suggested that after the Reading game, Taylor looked fairly emotional and an extended gesture of thanks to the crowd implied a fond farewell although his involvement against Sheff Wed contradicted that.

But as previously mentioned, if we did let him go then of all the sales this summer, this one is the most troubling to the soul because if a young kid who bleeds black and white and is a regular in the team either is not, or can not be persuaded to stay at St James’, then despite an encouraging start to the season, the future looks pretty bleak. Let’s hope we’re worrying about nothing.

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5 Responses

  1. It just shows how desperate Ashley is to get some of his money back that he has put in. Wheres the money from the other sales gone? In his pocket??! It certainly hasnt signed replacements for a push at championship level, has it!
    Steven Taylor leaving Newcastle is a massive, massive blow to us. Hes a local lad, he bleeds black and white, and as said earlier – if someone like him is allowed to leave then its a sad day, and it says all you need to know about how the current regime runs things.

  2. Jesus Christ man, he isn’t Messi, do people not remember that he wasn’t actually that good in the Premiership? I mean, the best people can come up to pay tribute to him is that he is ‘a local lad’ or he ‘gives it his all’. If he goes, so what, it happens, dont forget though if the move does happen it is at his via consent i.e. he is happy to go! We have signed a centre half in Williamson who is just as good if not better for a sixth of the money we will get for him!
    On a different note, for all we know Ashley is on some beach somewhere not giving a damn about anything and all it has took is one article for the Ashley bashers to crawl out of their rocks to have another bigoted swing.
    Give it a rest man Jesus, im sorry like but all this narrow minded, short sighted hatred towards someone who has pumped hundreds of millions of pounds into the club for nothing back apart from vile insults is really becoming repetitive and boring.
    Everyone knows what the failings of the past have been, the club have acknowledged and apologised for them! What have now in our grasp is the beginnings of an era of stability the club has craved for so many years, get over it I say and lets see what next season has to bring! I cant wait …