Steven Taylor’s sweet tooth tempted by Toffees?

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Looking forward to a pan of Scouse?
Looking forward to a pan of Scouse?
Looks like a flashback to the ’80s as the notion of us being a selling club starts to become reality.This time it looks like Steven Taylor could be out the door. If not, then we face a battle to keep him as Everton are apparently prepared to pay £8m to offer him the chance of Premiership football next season.

Whether you rate him or not, Taylor represents everything that you want from a player other than ablility (obviously). Dedication and loyalty, which are borne out of his roots to the club. His exit at St James’s Park really would herald an era, in which anyone is prepared to love us and leave us for better things.

Perhaps in today’s game it’s asking too much of players to look beyond their own cause and instead put something back into the club. However, if one person symbolises the affinity you can have with supporters then it’s Stevie Taylor, who despite his flaws is always fully commited to the cause and loves the club as much as us because he was and remains a supporter as well as a player.

But is it fair to blame the players for looking elsewhere when everything is so unstable and uncertain and if the club are prepared to sell him then why not leave? Where do his amibitions lie if he’s not sure where our’s lie? Of course, other than what it symbolises, crucially it would leave us woefully short of a centre half with any pedigree within the English game. Everton are obviously lining him up to replace Lescott should he go to Man City and it seems City are putting their money with their mouths are, so there’s a good chance it will happen.

The alleged £8m probably represents good money for an unfinished product, even though he has grown into a more accomplished player to the extent he’s been on the fringes of the England squad. However, it just seems like another nail in the coffin. And is it just me, or is it quite frightening that in a week when we read rumour after rumour of more to follow the previous nine departures out of the door, we also hear Hughton is just thinking he’ll have to start putting a wish(ful) list together?

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14 Responses

  1. How much say do players have in these things anyway? I suppose they could fail to agree personal terms but I’m sure a club could exert certain pressures to force them to accept a transfer.

    What I’m saying is that Taylor may or may not actually want to leave (he’s certainly given no indication of wanting to so far) but I suspect that if the club wants him to go he will have little choice, regardless of his contractual situation.

  2. I see we’ve signed Danny Simpson on loan. Haven’t really got time to write anything as today is my last day here and I need to sort stuff out. This last 48 hrs has been a bit mad and I have a sneaky suspicion that ‘progress’ news from the club will make it a proper Freaky Friday.

    Monday could herald a new start for me and the Toon might be headed in some sort of direction (hopefully not down).

  3. What does this mean for the sale of the club then?

    Could mean anything I suppose. Although Keith Harris did say that players would be leaving and 1 or 2 would come in.

  4. Stuart, it could mean anything.

    On the one hand it might mean Ashley’s staying and this is all preparation for his new season … sell the higher wage earners and get in some players on loan.

    Or it could mean he has a buyer lined up and he’s prepping things for a takeover.

    I suspect the former rather than the latter, although I don’t know.

  5. Hugh,

    If it’s Ashley’s plan it’s a bit risky for sure.

    Loan players won’t get us back up will they? Which is what he ultimately wants.

  6. I just hope somebody in a managerial capacity – Hughton at least – is having some input to the players we either buy or get on loan and it’s not just Ashley and Llambias bringing players in at random.

  7. stuart79 says:
    August 14, 2009 at 12:04 pm


    If it’s Ashley’s plan it’s a bit risky for sure.

    Loan players won’t get us back up will they? Which is what he ultimately wants.


    I really don’t know what Ashley wants. I’m assuming he wants to sell the club, which might mean he wants to see it promoted, yet he won’t want to spend any more money on it than absolutely necessary.

    I had previously speculated that he might simply let it drift for a while, perhaps doing just enough the avoid relegation, until such a time as he decides what to do next.

    I would suggest that, either way, promotion is not a realistic option this season.

  8. What it honestly tells me is yet more lack of uncertainty and stability. If clearing down the outgoings and bringing in loan players doesn’t smack of a continued temporary regime, I don’t know what does.

  9. two issues,one,
    cover if he leaves
    and two,
    Steven Taylor isnt that good, 8mil is a good deal!