Toon’s Spiderman spinning a web to Portsmouth? Toon ready to enjoy a bottle of Sol?

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Heading South for the season?
Heading South for the season?
According to SSN, Sulaiman Al Fahim has revealed Portsmouth are in talks to sign Jonas Gutierrez and Egyptian striker Amr Zaki. Whilst we’ll obviously be pretty disinterested about the Zaki link, Spiderman would be yet another hole in our ever decreasing squad and is something to ponder.

Of course, Al Fahim, a businessman out in Dubai, is yet to finalise a takeover of Portsmouth, but apparently he has lined up additions to Paul Hart’s squad. Pompey boss Hart, is eager to improve his numbers before the close of the transfer window and could soon have Jonas and Zaki in his squad.

‘Spiderman’ has been in the ‘fire sale’ catalogue since we went down and with high wages and having only briefly lived up to his potential, is a likely mover. Al Fahim has confirmed talks have been held with us over a deal for Gutierrez.

“We are in negotiations with Amr Zaki to bring him in on a loan deal with a view to a permanent transfer,” Al Fahim told Emirates Business 24/7. “We are also speaking to Newcastle about the possibility of bringing Jonas Gutierrez to the club.”

Personally, I like his enthusiasm, endeavour and it’s difficult to question his attitude but for me, Jonas flatters to deceive too many times. There looks like there’s a lot going on but nothing much comes of it at the end. For a good price and with the right replacement, I’d not lose too much sleep but I’m not convinced those two conditions will be satisified.

Also, there is rumour in the stands and on the grapevines of Central Station and lower Bigg Market that big Sol Campbell was in town today and letting fans know that he hopes to reach an agreement with the club for a short-term contract. Now it’s just about ‘better late than never’ and Campbell is still a very capable defender and more importantly a good organiser and steadying, experienced influence to have in the team and the squad. But does this mark the end for Stevie Taylor?

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11 Responses

  1. Guys, I wouldn’t bet on Spiderman leaving any time soon. Al Fahim hasn’t taken us over yet and I doubt he ever will. Another consortium is in pole position to take over. Spiderman and Zaki are entirely Al Fahims initiative and for one thing Hart doesn’t want Zaki at all……

    If you get Sol you will have done well..he was still able to do it last season, he just needs time off now and again, miss the odd game.

  2. Blue, sounds like you’re going through the same sort of painful takeover nonsense as us!

  3. Id take sol in a heart beat, to play with taylor nt as a replacement. As for jonas, wot duz he actually do? Cant pass, shoot or cross! Quite important 4 a winger i think…

  4. As you have said Bowburn, wouldn’t lose too much sleep over him going as long as we had a replacement.
    Good luck tomorrow by the way

  5. from what i’m reading on pompey they’re even more up the creek than us and it seems storie their chief exuctive might lead a consortium to buy the club so i really dont think its a runner

  6. That is right, we have been mucked about by this Al Fahim guy. He had some serious money behind him but they dropped out hen they realised the premier league would demand to know where they got it. Not dodgy money, but obviously money that had been on a tour of tax havens and which they wouldn’t necessarily want to publicly lay claim to and pay the tax on. Any road, Peter Storrie is leading a rival bid that has blind-sided him is what we hear.

    You might know Redknapp wanted Spiderman but Storrie couldn’t find a way round the ownership issues. Have Newcastle done that?

    Anyway, even though I think Storries consortium might be well heeled I think we will keep Paul Hart, and he is looking for young players who are physically powerful or senior experienced ones, and I’m not sure Spiderman fits on either account. Besides, we aint going to be paying mad wages any time soon.

    Good luck for the rest of the season!!

  7. Steve is spelt S T E V E.
    Stevie is spelt S T E V I E.

    Am I not allowed to call him Stevie?

  8. bowburnmag says:
    August 16, 2009 at 6:32 pm

    Am I not allowed to call him Stevie?


    Clearly not. I hope you’re truly ashamed and are planning a lengthy session of self-flagellation as penitence.

  9. Didn’t Penitence sign for Real Madrid?

    deb – cheers by the way. I expect to be in at the deep end but looking forward to it. If the wwtinterweb goes a bit wonky tomorrow you’ll know it’s just because they’ve let me loose with technology again……