Toon seek French flair and goal poacher?

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Injection of pace?
Injection of pace?
In contrast to Chris Hughton’s recent statement that he was more than happy with the squad he has leading into the festive period, it’s being reported that Newcastle are interested in signing what be the latest in a line of French wingers.

Apparently following in the footsteps of David Ginola and Laurent Robert, Fabrice Pancrate could be joining us if rumours are to be believed. The reports are coming from France Football, who are generally well regarded in the game with regards their information. Basically, they won’t mention it unless there’s any truth in it.

Of course they are some French boots to fill as both Ginola and Robert offered something unique and exciting to the team. Admittedly, I don’t know anything about this fella but he’s described as a striker/attacking midfielder. He’s currently out of contract after his deal ran out at Paris St Germain, although he’s still training with them. He’s had a loan spell at Real Betis and is apparently being pursued by a number of French and English clubs. He was pursued in the summer by Portsmouth, Everton, Sheff Utd and Burnley.

The suggestion is that our pursuit has come out of the blue and that we now stand at the front of the queue with potentially a deal being struck quite quickly. He’s apparently like **** off a stick, so that could be the pace we’ve been crying out for this season.

Something else we’ve been crying out for this season, is regular goals from our frontmen, particularly since Shola got crocked. Most of our goals have come from the middle of the park and if it wasn’t for Kevin Nolan, things could be a lot different right now. Well the local press are suggesting that Hughton has targeted Jermaine Beckford as the number one priority for the January transfer window. Although whether these are just persistent rumours since the summer that will ultimately come to nothing it’s not clear. For the record though, I think he’d be worth a punt at a couple of million to test their resolve in keeping him in January.

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25 Responses

  1. Sounds just what we need. Does he look anything like Daveed Ginola? If so, sign him immediately mmmm.

  2. Nope, he doesn’t look like Ginola. Can’t imagine him getting an advertising contract for L’Oriel.

  3. Geordie Deb….I favorise PSG in the French League and all i can say is a big NO NO for this guy.
    If you think that Martins was a chance waster,this guy is 5 times worse.
    He couldnt even get close to the starting line-up cos of a 34 year old Pauleta.
    From what i saw from him,he could be a bench player for us at best.

  4. Like all the other rumours which have cropped up over the last four or five transfer windows, I’ll believe it when I see him in a black’n’white shirt. Until then it’s all speculation.

    The original article at isn’t even researched properly, it still says we are a Premier league club.

  5. Yeah, and the pigs have been seen flocking over the Town Moor prior to their migration flying to the south.

  6. i doubt he’d be out of contract  if he was a half decent player but like bowburn says in his article i dont know anything about the player either , one things for sure we dont need another sulking french tart or a headless chicken.

    …yes to beckford & he’s not a bad looking lad deb !.

  7. For those who want Jonas and Benayoun all in 1,i would think even for 1 second to sign this kid on loan.
    Arsenal is ready to go all out to sign him,but Pep is no fool….he wont let this kid to be another Fabregas scenario.
    His name is Guy Assulin and only 18 year old and plays for Barcelona.

  8. Komfort and Bownburn LOL. Great skill and definite eye candy factor – wor Daveed had it all. Remember his goal against Manure in the 5-0 drubbing?

  9. “I think he’d be worth a punt at a couple of million to test their resolve in keeping him in January.”

    if hes out of contract, then surely he’d be available to sign now not in january and also would mean that he is free?

    i think getting him on trail is the best idea so we can have a good look at him, realise hes cack, and send him back. if he cant hack it in the french league then what chance has he got over here? definately worth giving a trial though.

  10. WORKEY 19#
    On the ball to- day, sharrrp !
    Off to watch the Ireland vs. France game, for Geordies  thats, The Froggies vs. The Paddies.
    Hoping for a good game, lot at stake for both sides.

  11. BBM@11, your translation’s a bit weak innit? 

    My lass = wor lass or in the 2nd person, their lass.

    Call yassel a Geordie or what? 

  12. lesh – I must have been some way between wor lass and my missus.

    Talk about a ‘weak’ excuse…..

    Maybe Durham is starting to dilute me? Luckily I’m working back in town now so back I’m amongst the wheys, likes and divvn knas.

    I’ll get ribbed off  Toon_Factor for referring to the missus now.