Toon bits and pieces. Ashley’s new regime. No Sol. No Adidas.

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Appointed permanently
Appointed permanently
Who sang Twilight Cafe in 1981? Ah, hang on, not that sort of ‘bits and pieces’. No indeed, just some bits and pieces about Newcastle United from the last few days that haven’t managed to get their own article.

Much has been said of Hughton’s now permanent role as manager for the rest of this season and the next one, but it’s probably worth mentioning that Colin Calderwood has taken up a similar length contract as Hughton’s assistant. Calderwood recently turned down a job at Tranmere Rovers to remain at Newcastle working alongside Hughton. Hughton said:

Once I had my own deal sorted, the first thing I did was to get Colin sorted and he will continue now in the same role.

Colin has been fantastic. He is someone I have known for a long time and someone I trust very much. He is an experienced football manager and that is a huge help. He’s also a fantastic coach and someone the players respect. But we’re both delighted to have this opportunity and we’re fully focussed on achieving promotion.”

Richard Money – Academy Manager – has left though. He went off to join Luton Town, saying:

I thoroughly enjoyed my time working with the Club’s elite young players and given what I have seen I am sure that in the future a number of them will go on to become regular first team players. I thank them for their willingness and desire to learn and improve and wish them all the very best for the future.

Finally, I would like to thank the Board for the way in which they have handled this matter and for the support they gave me throughout.”

So this is Ashley’s new regime. Ashley, Llambias, Hughton, Calderwood and no Director of Football. Will Ashley and Llambias will maintain the usual form with poor communication and calamitous decisions or can we expect some improvement?

I’m pragmatic about Ashley remaining with us until we get promoted (if we do) and he puts the club up for sale again but that doesn’t mean I’m happy about it. In my opinion he is singularly responsible for the financial mess we’re in which, he claims, means he has to sell the rights to St James’ Park to raise some money.

On that note, Adidas have denied any interest in buying the rights to name the stadium. Adidas released a statement which said:

Following media speculation regarding Newcastle United and the naming rights for St James’ Park, Adidas can confirm that it has not been offered the naming rights to the stadium and would not wish to take the rights if they were offered.

Adidas remains committed to our on-pitch partnership with the club.”

Sol Campbell is definitely not coming to the Toon according to Hughton:

There is no truth in this whatsoever. The first I heard about it was when it was on the television in the morning. We are looking elsewhere and it is an ongoing thing. Sol is an excellent player but there is nothing happening regarding him coming to Newcastle.”

I quite agree. He’s too old and will demand too high a wage.

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34 Responses

  1. about sol i agree he is too old and his wages would be too high and if he did have his chance to come here before like it was reported then it just shows he wil go where ever the money is instead of picking a club he realy likes

  2. Im also pragmatic about Ashley, should Newcastle get promoted im sure a good offer could be on its way, if the price is right he could sell, as regards Sol on paper he would be ideal for both a promotion campaign and first Season back in Prem, a good defence that doesnt leak goals is ideal for every manager whatever the division, just ask John Barnes….

  3. Wtf Chris Buy Sol Campbell!, hes more experinced then any CB we have and as for Butt i hope he plays every game for us cause if continues his performence like this I can see us going up. But Smith is peice crap take the little peice of crap out of the team and put someone more experinced in his postion like Butt!

  4. If we go up Ashley will have another crack at selling.  Only this time he won’t do it publicly and on E bay.

    Still I’m looking forward to January.  See what we bring in.  We certainly need players.

  5. Totally off topic but I noticed over this weekend that a lot of teams had a poppy sewn on their shirts.

    Where was ours?  Could we not afford to get it done?

    Disgraceful in my opinion.

  6. Stuart79, Remembrance Sunday is this Sunday. I think on Saturday you will see poppies.
    Butt AKA anal. Are you talking about the same Sol Cambell, Butt and Smith as us? Hope you’re just being ironic and didn’t have a needle stuck into a vain while writing that comment.

  7. Stuart, you never miss an opportunity to moan, do y’mate?
    Who gives one if we don’t have flowers on our top, get a life dude! :)

  8. Interesting to see match reports describe Sheffield’s Chris Morgan as “a rugged defender” when violent psychopath might be more accurate.

  9. I think he got himself booked to avoid having to cross paths with Hume in his next game.

  10. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    November 3, 2009 at 12:51 pm
    Stuart, you never miss an opportunity to moan, do y’mate?
    Who gives one if we don’t have flowers on our top, get a life dude!

    If the club did thinks with dignity and class I wouldn’t bring these things to your attention.

    Would you rather we just said nothing and accepted it?

    Is that not what the Germans did in the 30’s?

  11. “Who sang Twilight Cafe in 1981?”

    Susan Fassbender of course!

    Walk down the high street, I’m in the neon lights, and pretty soon I’ll find my way, to the twilight cafe…

  12. Stuart79 says:

  13. workyticket says:
    November 3, 2009 at 3:15 pm


    As I’ve already said, in the early days of Nazism they were ignored, written off as head the balls, half wits who had nasty ideals.

    The point I was making was that when things are ignored and allowed to grow they get bigger, badder and think they can do what they want.

  14. Stuart79 says:
    November 3, 2009 at 3:31 pm


    As I’ve already said, in the early days of Nazism they were ignored, written off as head the balls, half wits who had nasty ideals. ”

    Yup, I suppose there is some kind of general truth in that statement, Stuart. In the very early days anyway. They always had influential support though.

  15. “The point I was making was that when things are ignored and allowed to grow they get bigger, badder and think they can do what they want.”

    Like the mob you mean?

  16. It’s cos they’ve grown bigger and badder and think they can do what they want.

    There are more unruly haircuts than you can shake a stick at.


  18. I had the single Worky. You’re one of the few people I’ve spoken to who actually remembers the song.

  19. Hugh
    Agree in general with your appraisal, apart from Campbell being too old, think he could do a good job, a bit of experience in a youngish side.
    Probably his wage bill will make him unaffordable, too bad as I think he could improve both the other defenders and the side with his experience and abilities.
    Rumored we are about to spend something in the neighborhood of 4m.for Kilgallon, which could possibly mean a move for Colo.
    Also appears Jonas is being targeted by Roma, dont regard either as great losses, as long as we bring in some quality replacements, their body language reflects neither one wants to be here, but the money is good!
    Managed to stumble through another game and lucked out in getting the points, hope this does`nt generate some  false sense of security that we are a cert for promotion.
    Dont get me wrong , happy to get the points, but this team needs help and to not improve it during the next two windows could be a big mistake.