Would a Saudi led Newcastle United be allowed to compete in Europe?

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Would UEFA close the door on Newcastle?
When a football club takeover involves a cast of characters including the World Trade Organization, the United States Trade Representative, Amnesty International, Saudi Arabian Pirates, Neil Kinnock, a Middle East proxy war, the fiance of a brutally murdered journalist, a former World Chess Champion, FIFA, UEFA, AFC, The Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, the Bundesliga, Ligue 1 and many others it could only be for one club, Newcastle United.

At this time, the Saudi led consortium’s bid to take over the Magpies hangs on the (much delayed) decision by the Premier League as to whether the prospective buyers are ‘fit and proper’ people to take over a Premier League club. Many column inches and web pages (mostly drivel) have been wasted on it. However, there is another aspect of the deal which doesn’t seem to have been thought of at all. What I mean is that overcoming the Premier League hurdle will not necessarily be the end of the story if the new regime have ambitions for the Magpies to compete in UEFA competitions such as the Europa League and the Champions League.

It is well known that many of the world’s major football bodies (named above) have an axe to grind with the Saudi Government over piracy of Premier League games by government linked ‘beoutQ,’ and all attempts to take legal action have been frozen out by the Saudi legal system. The Premier League are one of those plaintiffs, but UEFA are another and of course, it is UEFA who are the body in charge of European competition, not the Premier League. Could the new consortium win approval (IF they win approval) only to find themselves banned from European competition?

In their recent judgement to ban Manchester City for two years for not sticking to UEFA ‘Financial Fair Play’ regulations, the European football body have shown that they are no pushovers when it comes to clubs who are backed by rich Arabian potentates, and Premier League approval does not mean that UEFA will also have to ‘kow-tow’ to the state which has been ignoring their quest for legal satisfaction for years now.

Of course, I don’t have the answers to these questions, only a handful of people do, but there has been so much speculation about the new consortium passing the Premier League’s ‘fit and proper person’ test and so little, if anything about a potential UEFA hurdle after that, that I feel that it is a question that is worth asking.

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8 Responses

  1. Can’t stop us unless we break the rules for FFP etc. After all, Newcastle United football club have not been involved in any of the said issues.

  2. Tony, maybe, but I wouldn’t be so sure. FIFA, UEFA, the Premier League, the Bundesliga, Serie A etc have said that as the Saudis have blocked their piracy claim, they will take action “by other means” including sanctions against Saudi teams. The Saudi PIF have made a hell of a lot of enemies in football over the last three years, largely because of their ‘cold war’ against Qatar.

  3. Worky
    You describe the present situation as being a Gordian knot type situation and I agree, I mean how could so many differing opinions
    by so many separate entities, manage to get a chokehold on such a simple matter as the sale of a football club.
    Since the formation of the EPL, a breakaway league, formed as an elite league, unwilling to share with leagues of less importance, but not entirely a disenfranchised entity, having retained the old promotion and relegation system.
    It takes the lions share of profits mainly from selling the rights to various broadcasters licensed to do so.
    However it’s a f****ng mess, the EPL, were fortunate in agreeing to accept what has turned out to be a windfall of increasing amounts paid by competing broadcasters, who compete price wise for the rights to broadcast the seasons games, with various side deals done, a complicated matter, that I only became aware of due to
    the fact different US broadcasting corporations have at different periods controlled the showing of games here in the US.
    Of course there has always been those who have the technology to steal and reproduce those broadcasts, strangely enough called a form of Piracy.
    As far as I know , few have ever been sanctioned or in any way punished, just a case of a slap on the wrist and a warning.
    So why the big deal , all of a sudden ?
    Look all of the objectors to NUFC becoming a wealthy club, from other EPL sides and other bodies who feel it’s their jurisdiction, that now it appears no one wants to become the final arbitrator, who no doubt feel if they reach a decision that doesn’t please the Saudis it could reflect badly on them further down the road.

    Well then,
    the Saudi’s, the Qataris, the EPL, etc, etc. are just too many fingers in the pie and it could entice those continental clubs , to organize a super league among themselves, which could see the EPL off and would no doubt have little trouble enticing some of the invited top sides to join.
    Being the continents leagues have not been doing so well since the
    EPL was formed, that and the fact they receive less tv revenues. well you know the story…

    Of course once the formation of such a league is introduced, there will be all of the worlds broadcasters fighting and bidding to get a piece of the action,

    What I’m basically stating is this ridicules system with god knows who is the governing body to make a decision on whether to allow the Saudi’s to buy the club or not, should be taken either by the WTO or the F***en UN, not some fall guy who though adequately
    rewarded may never make another such decision again.
    Actually can’t wait to read the bulls**t that comes out once the club is officially sold
    Obviously, there are too many bodies competing , broadcasters,
    owners, and the rest, competing on too many different levels with far too many useless organizations (read payroll) who have no real jurisdiction and should be eliminated.



  4. Chuck, the more I research the subject, the more complicated it gets. I’ve only mentioned a fraction and ever more emerge the more I look. It’s like Cecil B.de Mille with his cast of thousands! This Amanda Staveley vs Barclays Bank case could open up another can of worms too.

  5. Chuck, I know that you’re a big fan of Kim Kardashian and her ‘big booty,’ so what do you know about her friend, Carla diBello, who is another one of the cast of thousands involved in this crazy takeover bid?

  6. I know who the Kardashians are, well not really, they are I believe
    family members of a reality show, about which I know nowt

    as for Carla DiBello, no idea !

  7. What we do know is, the present controversy is centered around two super rich Gulf States , which appears to be about money and crime, however the reality is that it’s all about a religious schism that took place during the seventh century.
    One, “the Qatari’s,” who are it appears closer to Iran, who are the more liberal of the pair and former producers of Al-Gezera News and other tv programs. and of course known as Shia.

    Vs. the Saudis a more or possibly the most conservative religious
    group, known as the Wahabi sect of the larger group known as
    Sunni .
    Unfortunately, the relationship has soured over time and has been brought to Englands green and pleasant land, which is the last place anyone wants.
    And yes there may be a certain amount of desperation involved, the Qataris have for some time accused the Saudi’s of having pirated and rebroadcast certain football games, through streaming, now streaming is on the cusp of being illegal, Though it has seldom been punished and like all cutting edge technology the laws surrounding them have been somewhat tenuous
    Soh! the Qataris size their opportunity during the NUFC/Saudi
    sale and bring in all the big guns, Amnesty Int., The murdered Khasoggi , etc. etc. to bear until lately they were running out of witnisses and as the EPL were loath to involve themselves, they finally used the WTO, who were blistering in their assault on the Saudis and who have obviously to be pieced off with decent bribe.

    Then we NUFC can spend like drunken sailors and win both the league and European Championship I guess !






  8. Chuck, do your homework, I’m always having to correct you! Both KSA and Qatar are very much Sunni (90%+). The only majority Shia countries are Iraq and Iran, making most of your last comment a ‘write off’.

    Do you really still trying to suggest that Hatice Cengiz, Amnesty International etc are only doing this because they are under the influence of Qatar? If so that’s really sad. If that’s what a sniff of oil money can do to Newcastle United fans, count me out!

    ps. The ‘cold war’ between Qatar and the rest of the Arabian peninsula goes back to the Arab Spring. Most of the Arab states were behind the dictators who were clinging on to power but Qatar took a different path, they didn’t like the kind of stuff that al Jazeera was putting out either.