Pardew hits out at Wenger over foreign football mercenaries

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Alan Pardew - West Ham.
Pardew: Fuming over foreign Premiership mercenaries.
Speaking from the year 2006, West Ham manager Alan Pardew launched an blistering broadside at Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger over the amount of foreign players in his side.

Speaking in the wake of a 1-0 Champions League victory for Wenger’s foreign mercenaries over Real Madrid, a game where not a single English player was fielded for Arsenal (though Madrid had two, Jonathan Woodgate and David Beckham), Pardew fumed:

“I saw a headline saying Arsenal are flying the flag for Britain, I kind of wondered where that British involvement actually was when I looked at their team. It’s important clubs, especially top clubs, don’t lose sight of the that. It’s the English Premier League and English players should be involved.”

While Pardew acknowledged the contribution foreign players have made to the Premiership, he feared that things were now getting out of hand, adding:

“Foreign players have been fantastic. We have learned from them and from foreign coaches. But, to some extent, we could lose the soul of British football – the English player. We have a young team at West Ham and we are proud we have so many Englishmen.

“The soul of this team will remain with at least three or four English players as long as I am West Ham. I think that’s important, I really do.”

Thanks to NUFC Blog user “Sir Jason Toon” for reminding me about this one :-)


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233 Responses

  1. They went to the bernabeu and won. And no, it couldn’t have been done with 11 Englishmen.

  2. To be fair English players back then weren’t as overpriced as they are now. It’s been proved this season that English players who have signed for ridiculous amounts are just a waste of money

  3. He does clearly say that he would like to keep 3 or 4 English players as the soul of the team?
    Even though he is bringing in lots of French, he still has Steven Taylor, Steve Harper and Shola as huge influences in the dressing room.

    That is 3 of the 3 or 4 he was looking for.

  4. If you look at the top of your column, before the grammatical error in the very first sentence you sum it up. “Speaking for the year 2006” the comments were regarding the state of English football at that time. If managers had stopped the influx of foreign players back then, Newcastle and other clubs would not be buying so many now.

  5. To be fair, looking at the team NUFC put out last week and the new signings, I think he was be ironic

  6. Says Pardew who has bought NO English players for Newcastle but spent millions on foreigners and now has a team almost entirely foreign. What a mug!

    PS Arsenal have more 1st team English players – and more English internationals than Pardew has ever had at any club.

  7. Tatty says:
    January 23, 2013 at 3:39 pm

    “To be fair English players back then weren’t as overpriced as they are now.”

    Aye Tatty, that Alan Shearer gadgie cost us next to nowt, and that Mickey Owen :-)

    Not that I’m comparing their respective contributions at NUFC!

  8. Wayne Rooney, Rio Ferdinand were also a snip at a combined £62 millions! What is tatty chatting aboot man?

    Nice one for digging this up/ Shows a complete hypocrite Pardew is.

  9. I’m not saying there wasn’t expensive English players then, but all the ones now are flops. Shearer, Ferdinand and Rooney definitely aren’t

  10. Seriously ive used this app for a year now. Been a newcastle fan for 20 years never seen need to comment but seriously can you stop with the constant barrage of negativity on this or im just gonna stop reading. Every day someone just wants to moan. We all know the situation were in and how Ashleys a joke but bringing up comments from 7 years ago is petty. Its gettin ridiculous now. You should be ashamed.

  11. In other news, San Lorenzo give up on Coloccini. Pardew will probably say it is like a new signing.

    Simple Tings: I am excited about our new signings but it does get a bit depressing when we lose 10 of 13. I think this blog is partly a reflection of that.

    It looks like we will have 5 new players who haven’t heard Pardew’s doublespeak and Brentisms so that may just dig us out of this hole.

  12. GS im totally with you and i have my own opions on Pardew but we could do far worse than have him in charge. From my outside perspective reading the blogs it appears certain people have a huge vendetta and weaken their own argument following it so viciously i.e. this post just coming across as petty. With the new batch of signings and Cabaye back ive got faith for the coming months. Its a question of form and finding it. Cisse will hit his best without Dembas selfish attitude around as shown by the promising performance against reading before we capitulated. Confidence, form and stability are what we need not another manager sacking.

  13. Simple-Tings says:
    January 23, 2013 at 4:16 pm

    “Been a newcastle fan for 20 years”

    I’ve been a fan for even longer than that Simple-Tings. So long in fact that I even remember when Geordies used to have something called a sense of humour, and even a sense of irony too. ;-)

    I will try my hardest to be “ashamed.”

  14. I never claimed English players weren’t overpriced in 2006. I’m saying its a lot worse now. The quality of the English players is terrible and the prices are much higher. Can you name an English player signed this season for a high sum who is actually any good? At least a few year ago you were paying the price for some quality.

  15. Worky. Many a true things are said in jest. Im just expressing my disappointment everday lately its the same thing. Why not a blog praising the signing of Mbiwa who looks an exciting signing. Constant negativity.We all know were in the brown stuff but lately these blogs are just depressing me more.

  16. Simple Tings: if you have read this blog as you say, you will know there is very little anger on here. And I think you might get an argument about there being a worse premier league manager than Pardew. Managing is about using your resources and there are some who would say that we have a top 8 squad that is 5th from bottom.

  17. Simple-Tings says:
    January 23, 2013 at 4:47 pm

    “Why not a blog praising the signing of Mbiwa who looks an exciting signing.”

    I was actually writing a blog on the club’s three most recent signings Simple-Tings, just as I did one late yesterday evening on Yoan Gouffran. Why don’t you start putting hours every day into maintaining a blog instead of just carping about other people’s?

  18. in this case i think the old saying is APPt, in this instance, “simple tings, please simple minds”.

  19. GS constant moaning is my problem. Not anger, Negativity. Also at times we have been poorly managed i.e. not playin the 4-3-3, poor subs. On the other hand we’ve been hit with injuries at crucial times stopping us gaining form and confidence and the drop in form of certain players like Tiote, Colo and cisse have hit us hard. As i say im not happy with Pardew but we could do worse given how we historically treat managers. If our first 11 had a uninterrupted run of games together we’d be looking much different right now but the situation is what it is. The squad depth/Signings are not down to Pardew as we all know so why not go back to moaning about the fat controller and Lambias?

  20. Lol personal insults Joe, sort it out.
    Worky calm down with the arists temprament im just giving my opinion on your piece. Just as you are. If i had the time i’d get my head down and write a blog however i leave my house at 6:30 and get home at 19:00 simply not enough time. Im not here to argue just state my opinion. Calm with the defensiveness and personal attacks.

  21. Simple Tings: Having injuries is the norm not the exception – ask Michael Owen :) We were lucky at the start of last year but that is the first time I can remember in a long time when our treatment room wasn’t full.

  22. One more “Ting” @16: why are you having a go at Demba Ba? He gave his all for us on the pitch and left to join a Champion’s League club for double the money. He would have to be an idiot to turn that down. Plus, we probably had the chance to sign him in the summer if we had offered “Colo” money.

  23. simple tings, that nutter alan pardew should be hounded out of football for good.
    the bloke is an absolute heed the baal, and was crap, long before he came here.
    me and my mates used to say, we felt sorry for who ever had the misfortune, of having that fruit loop manage them.
    you could imagine my dismay, when he turned up here.
    i’ve never supported him from day one, and not even when we finished 5th, did i support him.
    you call it negativity, it’s not, it’s just a view i’ve had for a long time.

    yes i blame ashley and llambias for employing the twat, in the first place.
    i thought we had seen the end of him, when southampton got shot of him.

  24. Demba gave his all for Demba not us. I cant fault his work rate or goals but i can fault his mercenary attitude and selfish nature. I dont hate Demba but the moment he started blatantly flirting with other clubs i.e. Arsenal and demanding to play through the centre when he was benefitting the whole team out wide last season he lost some respect from me. I dont blame him for wanting a pay rise however. I think the fact he had the clause and a similar one at West Ham said alot about his and his handlers agenda.

  25. Maybe Demba Ba had ambition to play for a club who actually win things and his handlers played their hand to perfection in that respect. Neither us or Wham are in that category.

    Usually, I like to see our ex-players do well. I want Demba Ba to score a boat load for Chelsea, except against us. But enough about Ba.

    I have to get back to moaning about Pardew :)

  26. GS says:
    January 23, 2013 at 5:33 pm

    “Maybe Demba Ba had ambition to play for a club who actually win things and his handlers played their hand to perfection in that respect. Neither us or Wham are in that category.”

    Or make as much as he can before his career ends, possibly prematurely.

  27. To some, the English character of a side can be preserved by an oft-injured but legitimately first XI player and couple of reservists (while overlooking our very solid English RB!). Why not mention Raylor, Nile Ranger and Gosling. Very English side, apparently. Hmmm…nah, I’m going with hypocrisy. If the shoe fits and all…

    Another thing: everyone also forgets the English bargains. Jagielka at 4M? Beats the hell out of-how much was it?-for David Luiz if you ask me. Cahill: 8M. Baines: 6M. Moses: 2-3M when first coming to the PL. Scott Parker has been sold four times for an average cost of 7.5M. Nolan for 3M for us turned out in the end to be a steal and our very competent English RB is rumored to have cost less than a solitary million. It’s a myth that English players are universally overpriced. Y’all just seem to like beating up on yourselves.

    I do agree that Demba was a mercenary. But since I always thought that, it didn’t sting so much when he left. Just worried me about where the goals will come from…I really don’t feel one way of the other about him. Just another guy who used to play for NUFC.

  28. GS says:
    January 23, 2013 at 5:44 pm

    “Worky @31: agreed, and who could blame him.”

    I couldn’t. I know that Ba was born in Sevres but I find it a bit rich when fat pompous English fans refer to African footballers as “greedy.”

  29. Well New signings today. It was never really the problem the players we had. We just have a poor manager that would be the biggest transfer we need.

    I am sure results will not change and Pardew will play the same team without our most of our new signings and then moan that they are not ready and we got them too late its not my fault these players need to jack up and get up to speed.

    Crap manager with only one strategy which is hope for the best.

  30. Very much enjoyed the article & imagine it was written with a wry grin. It highlights a real issue in a comical fashion without bashing the players we’ve signed who will be welcomed I’m sure.

  31. Michael12 says:
    January 23, 2013 at 6:38 pm

    “I am sure results will not change”

    They might Michael, but to be honest, I really don’t think that we’ll be headed for glory with the Silver Supremo at the helm. I never have for a minute since he was appointed, it’s more years wasted and I’m getting older now!

  32. What’s the point of dragging up something Pardew said 6/7 years ago.

    The trouble with British players is they all think they are good enough to play for a Champions League team and they are not. Overpaid, overpriced and overrated.

    Perfect example Andy Carroll

  33. Alreet: the Pardew quote was in the mediawatch section of football365 this morning. I think SJT and Worky were just passing it on to point out what a hypocrite Pardew is. He is all doublespeak, hyperbole, and c*cksucking. He should be a politician.

  34. Plus, Pardew looks like he is aging before our eyes as the pressure gets to him. His body language in the past few games seems to suggest that he is expecting the worst. Where are the fist pumps Alan?

  35. Worky: I know you hate when people are not socially aware or make insensitive comments, but here goes anyway. Is Pardew homeless in your picture?

  36. GS says:
    January 23, 2013 at 7:27 pm

    “Plus, Pardew looks like he is aging before our eyes as the pressure gets to him.”

    He does in the photo above too GS. I think it’s from that second Premiership season when he was found out at West Ham. He lost 11 out of his 17 Premiership games that season.

  37. i said the other day old pardew looks like a spitting image puppet.

    hold a gimp fist in the air,
    stick a deckchair up your nose,
    climb inside a dog, and behead an eskimo.

  38. ToonBano says:
    January 23, 2013 at 11:09 pm

    “Not come through yet…”

    I sent it nearly an hour ago now Bano. I wanted to ask if it would be ok to publish your “rant” on here, and also asked if you’d heard any more from the PCC?

  39. Not got it. Must have put wrong mail address in. Its nufcbano (old name) remember…

    If you like. Was just an off the cuff mail to F365 like. Not bothered with them for a while.

    No not yet. They will be in touch within the next couple of weeks.

  40. Ah! I sent it to the one I last sent an e.mail to. Never mind anyway. It was just a slightly more verbose version of what I wrote above.

    Let me know how you get on with the PCC thing anyway, I’m intrigued.

    Cheers Bano, it was indeed a good rant!

  41. Simple tings

    If you dont like what you read on this blog, why come on and comlain, just dont read it.

    And now that you are here , i see you are doing the exact same thing you complained about, resorting to negativity, bitching about poor old Dembe Ba, the geezer with the bum knee, who’s career may end next week.
    Calling him a greedy mercenary.

    Thats a bit naive dont you think, after all football is a business and the same rules apply as in any other form of employment.

    I mean, what is it? Up at dawn, home after sunset, hell you almost brought tears to my eyes.

    If you were offered a job at double the wage rate of your present up at dawn etc., you would turn it down due to loyalty right ? sure you would.

    Either you are a naif, or a self rightious jerk, have’nt made up my mind.

  42. Chuck your a blatant idiot. Re-read my posts, i never said he was greedy nor blamed him for going but remove your tongue from his ringer. He doesnt care about Newcastle. Your sticking up for him like your his abused wife. Im not even gonna spend alot of time replying to you. Im not looking for any sympathy. I’ll post where i want, i believe i made valid points none of which you address in your post. Jog on with your kiddie like scribblings.

  43. Just got this through the mail:

    “Chelsea’s problem last night is down to a punctuation error. Benitez told them to ‘Kick the ball, boys'”

  44. ToonBano says:
    January 24, 2013 at 11:50 am

    “Yea I think I may get a reputation of just bashing AP at any given opportunity…if I don’t already.”

    Nee botha.

    Like myself, I think you have already Bano. It doesn’t take much to upset NUFC fan’s answer to the Mary Whitehouse brigade.

  45. Well, I’m curious as to how good the Silver Numpties French is. According to Google translate, hoof the ball is “la balle sabot”, and the long ball is “la longue balle”

  46. The english soul, mercenaries blah blah – football has always been a mercenary profession so I cant see whats changed – you think Asprilla, Ginola etc came here for the love of the toon!
    We’ve always signed bags o shite english and foreigners – for every Shearer / Solano we’ve had an equivalent piece of crap

    Pards is a heed the ball, but frankly we are not an attractive proposition to any top manager these days – even Arry turned us down, so its either stick with PArds and get an unproven promising manager in…. please dont mention Lee Clark or local shite who couldn’t manage to down a pint

  47. Sorry about the server going down again for anyone who couldn’t get on before. We know what the problem is and wanted to see if it persisted. Now it has gone again, Hugh should fix it and it shouldn’t be a problem again (fingers crossed). Hope that made sense.

  48. pete_toon says:
    January 24, 2013 at 12:45 pm

    “According to Google translate, hoof the ball is “la balle sabot”, and the long ball is “la longue balle”

    Balle au sabot? La balle longue?

  49. If anybody has any doubt about footballers being mercenaries I would like you to point out any foreign or Southern English players who have stayed in Newcastle after their careers are over. Actually, I think the same might apply to Manchester, except they all live in Cheshire anyway.

  50. It’s a kind of prejudice GS. No one says much about fat bastards in the boardroom making millions out of football, but when it comes to the highly talented, primarily working class lads who make it all happen, the ones we pay to see, the ones who deserve a share of the spoils more than anyone else, they’re “greedy merecenaries”. People are brainwashed aspiring snobs, their thoughts are guided by a media run by the same kind of fat bastards who run the clubs.

  51. Worky: I have no problem with the players being paid. I also think that quite a few have a great affection for NUFC, the city and the fans. Ginola, Solano and Ferdinand come to mind. Still, they don’t stay. It is probably the bloody weather. That, and lack of employment opportunities is why I left.

    Mercenary is probably not the right word either as that has links with for hire soldiers. These guys are working for a living like the rest of us and are looking for the best deal they can get.

    If I had the talent I would do exactly what they are doing. And I would probably hire the snakiest agent as well, but I would keep an eye on him and wouldn’t let him manage any money.

  52. @workyticket – haha, workers unite and all that eh :)

    Define working class – working, single parent family and council estate – okay I qualify

    Non working family, dad a drug dealing thief – Wayne Rooneys in

    Trouble is with prem footballers is that they’re mostly a horrible breed who wouldnt piss on a fan if they were on fire, most dont give a shit about the club they pay for (although they’re happy to kiss the badge for a while)and they generally think they are a class above the general public and are some hollywood star rather than some kid who got lucky because he could kick a piece of leather around

    I support the club, not the players who play for it

  53. I am sort of liking all the references – the foreign legion, French revolution, garlic, baguettes instead of stottie cakes, changing the strip to horizontal stripes…

  54. Simple tings sez @24#

    Constant moaning is my problem, not anger, negativity…..

    Well simple, i guess you can now add anger to moaning.
    see post @ 62#

    Yes only kidding, i know you did’nt mean moanining was your prsonal, but posters on this blogs big problem.

    We have already established negativity as a problem with your rant on poor old Demba @ 29#

    And puleez enough with the artistic temperamen stuff and you are just not showing you are ashamed enough, over repeating those seven year old statements.
    Whatever they were?

  55. so sissoko on way and haidara just signed 5 new players in This window if pardew messes up now he only has self to blame

  56. Danny b: do you know anything about Sissoko? Another full French international. So with Ben Arfa, Cabaye, Mbiwa and Debuchy that’s five possible French national side starters. Our manager would have to be a blind monkey to f*ck this up.

  57. So! we gonna get Wolfswinkel too ?
    I somehow believe if we do there’s going to be a big cleanout during the off season.
    after all, cant have a bunch of sick notes and halfassed players hanging around on the payroll.
    Thats what the unemployment line is for.
    If we are going to have strength in depth, which is what this whole situation is about.
    The lack of it , that is.
    Possibly loan out our up and commers, actually better to sell them as i really dont hear much about them.
    Then do as other clubs do, buy established young players, the Roonys, Sturridges, Sahas, Moses, before they are out of reach pricewise.
    That and there established continental counterparts, not the guys we have, the Abeids, Amalfitanos, Moyos etc.
    The line between selecting a youngster who is the real deal and one who flatters to deceive, is a thin one and until they show they are capeable by actually playing in the PL over a period of time, is a risk.
    Look at the recently loaned out Striker Machada, with Man. U. who looked like a certainty, but just unable to make the breakthrough.
    Though how do you get a shot with RVP and Rooney available, hell even Berbatov had to leave.
    But you get the idea, it’s generally a waste of time buying teenies, the only ones who benefit are the coaches, keeps them off the unemployment line.
    And while we are on the subject, just how good are our present coaches ?
    We know our manager is possibly the leagues worst, but we never know exactly how good our coaches are.
    Hell maybe time for a clearout there too.
    If in fact we do end up with a new manager, hopefully he will access their abilities and if not up to snuff, under the bus.
    But my greatest fear is the hiring of another hoofball guy, which is why i call for a continental manager.
    Though Martinez, would be acceptable or Clarke (W/Brom Clarke)
    Lets keep our fingers crossed.

  58. never seen him play a full match only seen highlights he would be perfect with cabaye it will put some pressure on tiote who has been dreadful so far this season

  59. Seems Colo has stated he will never play for NUFC again,
    whats this about?
    Is he pissed he cant just Fcik off to Buenos Aires ?
    Or is it more than that, has the orrible trio, pissed him off so much, or is it a fit of pique on his part.
    The guy for the most part seemed to have a fairly calm dispositon, Strange ?

  60. Chuck says:
    January 24, 2013 at 6:43 pm

    “Seems Colo has stated he will never play for NUFC again”

    So where did he say that then Chuck? And why did he turn up for training this morning?

  61. Chuck: he was at training today so it seems that he has realised that if he buggers off he won’t be paid. It seems a very similar situation to Tevez. Coloccini’s wife and kids are supposedly back in Argentina, so that has to be hard for him.

    It is not that much different to people who work on oil rigs and they seem to cope. The 70k a week should help a bit as well.

  62. Danny B
    My point about NUFC coaches.
    Tiote has been here for a couple of seasons.
    During that period i have seen little change in his game.
    I have often mentioned, he tended to consitently hit hard , when to just lean on a guy would have been suficient.
    Sure i know the crowd like it when he sends guys into the stands and it creates a bit of concern for the opposition.
    But you can only get away with it so many times without being carded.
    The other part of his game that needs work, is his distribution.
    Some may quote statistics, to show he has a good record of completed passes.
    However, watch him, on recovering the ball, he usually dumps it to the closest player wearing the same strip, as soon as possible, the safe out.
    Instead of looking around for the best possible pass, which could make a tremendous difference to his game and possibly why (as far as we know) no big sides have come in for him, as many fans feared.
    So why has there been no perceptable change in his game,
    one can only ask the coaches, no?

  63. I’ve seen the quotes from Toulouse that said sissoko has joined us, but there has been no word on it that I’ve seen from Newcastle at all. I can’t blame the kid either like. The club suspended him this week for having the audacity to run his contract down. As far as I’m concerned all players are perfectly entitled to do that, that’s why they have a set time period, not indefinite.

    For what’s its worth, I’ve watched him a few times and I’ve always been very impressed. He’s a proper box to box action man who is a LOT more cultured in the tackle than Tiote is. I have to admit I was sceptical when we were first linked with him as I thought he’d end up at a top 4 club if he left. I’ll be well chuffed if we get him, but as ever, I won’t count my chickens til I see him holding his new stripes and beaming them pearly whites down a camera.

  64. GS says:
    January 24, 2013 at 7:38 pm

    “See below. A pretty harmless article on our French recruits. Look at the reply though”

    As you know GS, I’ve supported the Magpies for decades now, but sometimes I really wonder why I bother nowadays. When did we become so hateful, resentful, humourless and downright nasty?

  65. Worky: Ebb and flow, man. I was about as down about NUFC as I have ever been after Reading. I still can’t believe we lost that match. Now, I can watch the French national team every week with a bit of Dutch.

    Unless you know who keeps them all on the bench :) You know, like he did with Tevez and as Chuckles has pointed out, Ben Arfa (although I sort of agreed with that because of his injury).

  66. Scott sez
    ….hes a LOT more cultured in the tackle than Tiote…
    refering to Sissoko.

    Erm ! hows that work ?
    Does he say “excuse moi”! while putting his foot in, or what?

    Actually i would employ them both in front of the back four, where we will need cover for both Debuchy & Santon boming forward on either wing.
    Though i would give license to Sissoko to go forward as he has apparently been more of an attacking forward of late as opposed to how he’s generally been described as a DM or box to box.
    But let Tiote do what he does best.

  67. You misunderstand me GS. It’s not the football, good or bad. It’s more about Geordies.

    I still don’t understand what so “funny” about the video that piece of bearded ginger trash made about Nile Ranger either. Could someone please enlighten me?

  68. Worky mate, I got what you were saying. I thought Newcastle was the centre of the universe when I was 16. I soon found out it was not when I visited topless beaches in Greece and France :)

  69. GS oil workers and football players, thats stretching it a bit.

    But the fact our recent transfers have caused a certain stir in the French media, is interesting and could be good news for NUFC.
    Being there is no such thing as bad publicity, only publicity.

    That we (NUFC) gain the attention of the French public, may cause some to pay attention to the fortunes of their fellow countrymen, playing for an EPL side and possibly cause some to become fans of the club.

    Even going as far as perhaps springing for a shirt with their favorite players name inscribed on it.

    All due to certain French Managers venting their anger at the poaching of their most talented players.
    Or as an indirect result of a cheap EPL owner not wanting to pay the going rate in the UK.

    Nothing ever surprises, ah well !

  70. Great signings so far but would still like a proven goal scoring striker as it seems like Gouffran might not be that man and Cisse is out of form… Admittedly i’ve only seen Gouffran play once and that was against us but the stats suggest he isn’t an out and out goal scorer.

  71. Ah no great signs of euphoria from us Geordies at a few signings that we have been crying out for a couple of years.No we want to know what he is up to (he being Ashley).Conspiracy theories too eg.The team have been playing the way they have to force Ashleys hand etc.
    Hope oh yes we’ve had hope lots of times only to see him disapear over the horizon with his arse on fire!
    But still I feel a shade better than I did a week ago.
    Really this is as good as it gets for a Toon supporter.

  72. On second thought, happy as I am with getting some new players, I’m not that impressed yet. Unless the Colo situation is cleared up favorably, we haven’t improved any area of the squad where we had need at the start of the window. How many CMs can we field? Or fullbacks? I have a feeling a sale or two is coming before the end of the window.

  73. Worky @102: that was a good read. I think it might have been her editors that told her to tone it down about NUFC since then. She was obviously totally biased against NUFC.

  74. Chuck @101: the oil workers analogy is not a big stretch. Like Coloccini, they are away from their families for months on end is all I was saying.

  75. chuck @82
    established young players like saha???? when was he EVER an established young player?..very prolific mind wasnt he? NOT

  76. GS says:
    January 24, 2013 at 9:02 pm

    “Chuck @101: the oil workers analogy is not a big stretch. Like Coloccini, they are away from their families for months on end is all I was saying.”

    GS, this is where Chuck should go.

  77. tunyc says:
    January 24, 2013 at 8:56 pm

    “On second thought, happy as I am with getting some new players, I’m not that impressed yet.”

    A good manager would be a more cost effective investment in the long run tunyc, unless Ashley’s just buying livestock for his footballer farm.

  78. Since were undergoing another French revolution, can we sign Thibaut Courtois please? I dunno how many of you have watched him playing for athletico this season, but he looks absolutely cracking. One of the best young keepers I’ve seen in a long time. Just hope chelski aren’t too fussed on keeping him!

    PS can we buy Falcao while we’re about it please?


  79. Jack
    Either come up with something original or constructive, or Fcuck off, if all you have like a few others, is a constant criticism over nothing.

  80. God ! dont tell me you are a fan of Monty Python’s flying circus.
    With it’s dumbass supposed humor, that could only appeal to English twelve year old boys.
    FFS get a life.

  81. tunyc says:
    January 24, 2013 at 8:56 pm

    “I have a feeling a sale or two is coming before the end of the window.”

    I get the feeling that we’re going to see a token bid for Colo which we’ll accept cos we’ll get bugger all else for him.

  82. GS
    Yeeees! it’s not brain surgery i got it first time FFS.
    Argentina + thousands of miles away = seperation.
    Oil rigs + family= seperation.
    Rock buns = take your pick.
    What is this kindergarten ?

  83. There he is @112 and 113. I knew he hadn’t gone very far. There was a bit of humour and niceness in earlier posts.

  84. Scott says:
    January 24, 2013 at 9:51 pm

    “Since were undergoing another French revolution, can we sign Thibaut Courtois please?”

    He’s Belgian Scott, and Graham Carr doesn’t do Spain, just France and the Low Countries because he can get the Eurostar to Lille and check out three matches on the spin.

    It’s getting a bit embarrassing now and the likes of Houllier, Malbranque etc do have a very good point. Every player in the team should always have to speak in English whenever the squad are together.

  85. What’s the deal with Sissoko? Toulouse saying he’s gone. He’s a Newcastle player, deal done. But Newcastle refusing to comment. Seems a bit strange to me

  86. You are getting yourself worked up about nothing again. Here, take a look at your Northern Irish cousin:

  87. Re Courtois: It’s all the same man!

    Re Sissoko: That’s what I thought Worky, would certainly seem sensible, but the Toulouse statement says its all done and he’s joined us. Seems an odd way to go on if he’s only discussing personal terms.

    As some gadgy (possibly Shakespeare) said: There’s many a slip twixt a cup and a lip.

  88. Scott says:
    January 24, 2013 at 10:13 pm

    “As some gadgy (possibly Shakespeare) said: There’s many a slip twixt a cup and a lip.”

    Sounds like Bobby Thompson to me.

  89. Can someone enlighten me on something here?

    Various mooks on that there Bookface and presenters on Sky Sports News are intent on mentioning that this young lad Haidara has got the number 19 recently vacated by Demba Ba.

    Can someone please explain to me why this is relevant at all? You obviously can’t draw any comparisons between the two players’ respective performances as one is a left back, the other a striker; one a key player the other a youngster most likely bought as cover. And to the best of my knowledge, 19 isn’t a squad number with any specific history, heritage or reverence within NUFC, just another squad number.

    How exactly is this even remotely newsworthy?

  90. Scott says:
    January 24, 2013 at 10:19 pm

    “Can someone please explain to me why this is relevant at all?”

    No Scott. 1 to 11 used to be relevant because the numbers denoted the players position, starting (obviously) with 1, the goalie, then going through all the outfield positions which were a bit different back then because of different formations (two at the back, three in the middle and five at the front usually). Most people still know that 9 means centre forward from the days of one centre forward flanked by two inside players and two outside players.

    19 means bugger all to my knowledge though. Tea boy?

  91. Here we go Scott

    1. Goalkeeper
    2. Right full back (right side centre back)
    3. Left full back (left side centre back)
    4. Right half back (right side defensive midfield)
    5. Centre half back (centre defensive midfield)
    6. Left half back (left side defensive midfield)
    7. Outside right (right winger)
    8. Inside right (attacking midfield)
    9. Centre forward
    10.Inside left (attacking midfield)
    11.Outside left (left winger)

    Whoever played in one the positions named above got the number he was given for that position and that was that. None of this funny business that they have nowadays.

  92. Demba Ba did say that the number 19 was special to him in some way, but he didn’t say why. Maybe he just didn’t want the stupidly fetishised (on Tyneside) no 9 shirt because he knew he’d be moving on to better things fairly soon?

  93. Worky that list is like talking to me Granda!

    He never gives owa about “Back when they used to play PROPER football, they had proper positions, andthe buggers knew where they were meant to be and what their job was! And they played with a PROPER bloody ball (always mentions how the laces used to cut kids heads when they headed it and how it weighed about 15 ton when wet) and they wore PROPER bloody boots! Not like this lot kicking a balloon about in slippers!”

  94. And as for squad numbers, Jesus!

    “Look at him! Why is he wearing 20 odd? When they played PROPER football the number always went to the bloke in that position!” Then you’ll get a list reeled off pretty much like you’ve just typed.

    When I was a bit younger (Christ I’m only 28) there was at least some structure to it, even if there wasn’t the rigidity of the good ol’ days.

    You’d ROUGHLY have:

    1. Keeper
    2. Right Back
    3. Left Back
    4. Centre Back
    5. Centre Back
    6. Centre Midfield
    7. Right Wing
    8. Centre Midfield
    9. Striker
    11.Left Winger

    You can see how its an obvious evolution of the old list, and it was never that rigid, but they were rough guidelines. Now you’ve got all these blokes wearing 80 and whatnot. You’d think they’ve been watching the NFL!

  95. Who was that player (Jeff Astle?) who supposedly got brain damage from heading the wet 15 lb ball?

    “Granda Worky” :)

  96. Scott says:
    January 24, 2013 at 11:01 pm

    “Worky that list is like talking to me Granda!

    He never gives owa about “Back when they used to play PROPER football,”

    Back then Scott, they said that the greatest team ever was the fifties Real Madrid side of Di Stefano, Pushkas, Gento and other great players too. They won the European Cup five times in a row. However they also say that they wouldn’t even be able to beat Accrington Stanley nowadays with the way tactics and other aspects have changed over time.

  97. GS says:
    January 24, 2013 at 11:13 pm

    “Who was that player (Jeff Astle?) who supposedly got brain damage from heading the wet 15 lb ball?”

    It was a coroner who said that after he died GS, though I daresay that it was also true of many other players who went gaga in later life or whatever, like boxers.

  98. GS says:
    January 24, 2013 at 11:13 pm

    “Granda Worky”

    Less of that GS, I just know a bit about the evolution of football. I did not go down to SJP to watch the likes of Albert Shepherd and Hughie Gallacher with Chuck.

  99. now now chuck you fkin mackem.whats up?can you not take abit critism yourself?
    as for telling me to come up with something original,why dont you practice what you preach..also fk off yourself n be respectful to others..infact do most ov us readers ov this blog a favour n stay on .com or throw yourself infront ov a bus(prefrebly when its hitting 50mph)

  100. why hasnt my little rant at chuck the mackem been posted Worky?
    chuck wot is it with you n 12yr old boys? are u in jimmy savilles n gary glitters gang?

  101. jack72 says:
    January 25, 2013 at 2:20 am

    “why hasnt my little rant at chuck the mackem been posted Worky?”

    Well it has now Jack.

    That was a very rare one as I had to fish it out of the spam messages for some reason. That hardly ever happens, 99.odd% of unnapproved messages from genuine users goes into the moderation queue, not spam.

  102. Jack 72
    Perhaps you were not informed, but you are not required to post your IQ. with your nom de plume (er, thats pen name Jack)

  103. Anyone who thinks Accrington stanley could beat the great Real Madrid side of the fifties, is either joking or crazy.
    And if you doubt it just take a look at some of the old games still available on tape.
    I know the 55 FA cup final is available, you may be surprised, better football than this present Cnut has the side playing.

  104. And Jack
    In order to be printed, rants have to be above the jiberish level, but you being a special case n’all,
    Hey how could Worky refuse

  105. I don’t know about that, Chuck. The quality of the athlete is much higher today in most sports than 60 years ago. Look at American football, for example. The players are far, far bigger, stonger, faster, better conditioned, and skillful than those of the 1950’s. I’d be shocked if there isn’t a similar trend in football.

  106. anyone remember the young scouser in the milk advert?, “if i dont drink my milk, when i grow up, i’ll only be good enough, to play for accrington stanley, who are they”?

    i just hope these four signings dont end up in a similar disaster, as the one we had in 88.
    when we signed, dave beasant, andy thorn, john robertson, and john hendrie.
    these four were meant to kick us on, and if your old enough to remember, you’ll know how it ended up.

  107. swansea have added a cutting edge to their cultured passing game, under the “prince of denmark’s” stewardship.
    that’s the way football should be played, letting the ball do the work.

  108. Sky sports news have a story on breaking news that Nile Ranger has been arrested on suspicion of rape. Dear me…

  109. Just had a quote on from Northumbria Police. They’ve said it was apparently in a hotel in jesmond.

    Now I know its sticky ground this, cos that’s a very serious allegation. But how many times will it happen to these footballers that they take a lass to a hotel room and they cry rape? Its happened so many times now!

    Personally I think it always stinks of crying rape to cause shit/make money just like the van Persie one a few years back. I mean what are these lasses doing going back to hotel rooms with these players if its not for that? I doubt he’s dragging her kicking and screaming into the hotel, keeping her there at the desk waiting patiently while the lass on the desk sorts them a room, then carries on dragging her to the room.

  110. Tripp says:
    January 25, 2013 at 5:01 am

    “I don’t know about that, Chuck. The quality of the athlete is much higher today in most sports than 60 years ago.”

    They certainly have Tripp but with football alot of it is in the way tactics have developed. Real Madrid played with a 3-2-5 or “WM” formation, which was actually developed in the UK after a change in the offside law. Things have changed alot since then though.

    Below is the greatest team’s greatest game, beating Eintracht Frankfurt 7-3 in he 1960 European Cup final at Hampden Park in Glasgow. Pushkas scored four goals and Di Stefano 3. The video’s quite funny with the crowd shots and the dubbed in clapping.

    English highlights with Kenneth Wolstenhome commentatiing.

  111. I see that Colo has been training with the team today. He’s been warned he’ll have to stump up 7 mill in compensation if he tries to walk out now, and they’ll sue San Lorenzo if Colo retires and then starts playing for them.

  112. pete_toon says:
    January 25, 2013 at 1:27 pm

    “I see that Colo has been training with the team today. He’s been warned he’ll have to stump up 7 mill in compensation if he tries to walk out now”

    Who said that pete? Coloccini? The club? One of Coloccini’s representatives? Or was it just some hack in a newspaper?

  113. pete_toon @148
    couldnt agree more.ranger has brought shame on the club yet again.
    the kid is a waste ov a squad number.

    just because the lass never had to be dragged kicking n screaming to the hotel room doesnt mean she wasnt many men have pulled a lass,getting her back to wherever thinking she’s up for sex only for the woman to say NO?..
    you bleet on about my IQ.unlike you i dont claim or think im highly intelligent,yet your spelling is shocking at times.

  114. pete_toon says:
    January 25, 2013 at 1:39 pm

    “worky – it’s been reported in a number of papers today”

    But there’s no evidence in any of those stories Pete.

  115. GS says:
    January 25, 2013 at 2:37 pm

    “Worky @150: you have a “favourite” song about rape. You are a strange man.”

    Nowhere near as strange as Peter Wyngarde though GS. That whole album of his is just bizarre. How many songs can you name about rape?

  116. I don’t know why a certain is picking fights again. I knew an idiot from back in Newcastle who wasn’t happy unless he had a fight on a Friday night. It was usually in a pub, but he would try it on with club bouncers as well. He ended up in Durham Jail.

  117. Worky: what about Neil Diamond? “Girl you’ll be a woman soon”, and “Sweet Caroline” was about Caroline Kennedy when she was about 13.

  118. Sorry Worky: I didn’t listen before replying. I then listened to the first minute or so. That is an absolutely appalling song in every way.

    He wasn’t even a singer was he? Wasn’t he in some sort of spy show? Who cares though. If he puts out disgusting stuff like that he is better forgotten about.

  119. More interestingly Worky. What do you think of our new signings and will they make a difference? We don’t get the French league over here anymore so I haven’t seen much of any of them.

  120. GS says:
    January 25, 2013 at 2:44 pm

    “I don’t know why a certain is picking fights again. I knew an idiot from back in Newcastle who wasn’t happy unless he had a fight on a Friday night. It was usually in a pub, but he would try it on with club bouncers as well.”

    I know GS, he was trying to pick a fight with me yesterday too. I used to know someone who just liked to pick fights with squaddies for some reason. Maybe they both thought he’d extra brownie points for beating up squaddies, bouncers and so on. Either that or one of his birds must have run off with someone in the Army or something like that. I never asked him for some reason :-)

  121. GS says:
    January 25, 2013 at 3:03 pm

    “Sorry Worky: I didn’t listen before replying. I then listened to the first minute or so. That is an absolutely appalling song in every way.”

    I’m one of the world’s major authorities on bad music GS, and that whole album’s right up there with the best of the worst. It’s pure genius.

  122. GS says:
    January 25, 2013 at 3:04 pm

    “More interestingly Worky. What do you think of our new signings and will they make a difference?”

    Yes, eventually. But when you try to integrate a whole new group of players into a team they still might have to gel and we don’t have much time. You know as well as I do though that the real problem has been the manager.

  123. Jack 72
    I see you have decided to be both judge and jury in regard to Ranger.
    Already condemning the kid, who as far as most of us know has been arrested on suspicion.
    Smacks of a racist attitude to me jack.

  124. GS
    this is why for the most part i ignore you, you are nothing but a shit disturber, who seldom contributes anything of interest, other than sniping at others comments.
    Jack is much the same, but at least attempts to write something original.
    In which case rather than defend myself, i will just ignore both of you, ok?
    Now Fcuk off!

  125. chuck says:
    January 25, 2013 at 3:39 pm

    this is why for the most part i ignore you, you are nothing but a shit disturber,”

    There’s no need for homophobic comments on here Chuck.

  126. Fair enough Worky @167. There are plenty of other things to talk about.

    People have Ranger convicted already, although he does seem like an idiot. I liked that clip you put up yesterday where he was being pushed around by a 40 year old man. Oh, that’s Leon Best who was only 22, but looks 40.

    I don’t know if it is just that footballers are young and stupid or that their every move is watched. But they do seem to get into their fair share of scrapes with the law, especially in cars. Who was that moron who taped himself jerking off?

    Luckily for them they make so much money they can buy their way out of most of it. Another website is reporting that Ranger was posting himself spelling out his name in 20 pound notes. He is gangsta, he is.

  127. Workey
    Enjoyed the clips of what many call, the greatest ever European Cup Final.
    It’s difficult to judge sides from different eras, but i doubt if the Real Madrid side of that particular game, would look out of place in some of to-days leagues.
    A strange co-incidence is the fact they remind me somewhat, of the current Barca side, being none appear to be much over five and a half feet tall.
    I believe we tend to think of the football played during that era, as pre-historic, but apart from fitness levels and equipment, with possibly pitches included.
    The quality was pretty good.

  128. Only with you Chuck. I will say it again. You keep saying stuff about original comments but you haven’t had an original thought in months. Even your retorts are the same now.

    You might notice I don’t get into it with anybody else.

    It is just ridiculous. The guy goes out of his way to act like a jerk and then tells me to f off. Is there such a thing as a 70 year old bairn?

    Enough though. It’s really not worth the effort.

  129. Workey
    How bout getting off your duff and writing another, blog as this ones just aboot full.
    We need fresh meat richeah !

  130. One more thing. Chuck @169, for the most part you don’t ignore me. If you look back at previous posts you often say exactly what I had already said, in almost the same words. Maybe this is a senior thing and you had forgot that you had read it before. Anyway, it is hardly original when you repeat it, is it.

    This is a record, 2 f offs from Chuck in one thread and not just to me. I must be doing something right.

  131. worky @ 117: recently read an article on Mourinho where he explains that he learns the language (or already knows it) of each country in which he manages. When he’s working with the squad, that’s the language he speaks regardless of the squad’s composition. At one point at Inter he only had 3-4 first team regulars who were Italian, but always spoke in Italian in training and the dressing room. Funny thing, leadership. Anyone seen any of that around here recently?

    Trip @ 142: there’s also that touchy subject about how much deeper the talent pool is now that ethnic minorities and foreigners are more likely to be scouted and included in teams.

    That Ranger-ain’t he just a peach? I get your point about the story, worky but it seems relevant to point out that most of us have no trouble getting through life without even being accused of rape.

  132. GS @ 177: I read bleacher report, don’t mind it. But not for football. They don’t have anyone there who knows anything about football. I’ve occasionally read analyses of specific matches that make me wonder if their writers know even the most fundamental rules of the game. But according to this guy, hey, Wenger’s right-because the january transfer window is “unfair”…

  133. tunyc says:
    January 25, 2013 at 5:58 pm

    “worky @ 117: recently read an article on Mourinho where he explains that he learns the language (or already knows it) of each country in which he manages. When he’s working with the squad, that’s the language he speaks regardless of the squad’s composition. At one point at Inter he only had 3-4 first team regulars who were Italian, but always spoke in Italian in training and the dressing room. Funny thing, leadership. Anyone seen any of that around here recently?”

    Steed Malbranque cited the example of Jean Tigana at Fulham, a French manager who had quite a few French players there, including Malbranque himself. He said that that Tigana insisted that the only language spoken by the players when they were at work was English.

    “That Ranger-ain’t he just a peach? I get your point about the story, worky but it seems relevant to point out that most of us have no trouble getting through life without even being accused of rape.”

    But if you were a professional footballer in a Premiership team, the chances of you being falsely accused would rise hugely, and there have been many previous examples too. If you were a figure as notorious as Nile Ranger and fans were on a vendetta against you to boot, it would rise even higher.

    I’m not sure if he’s even been charged yet, let alone convicted, so let’s not have any of these pathetic lynch mob style cliches like “there’s no smoke without fire” and so on…

  134. Why is everyone so quick to judgement, after all the youngster (Ranger) has not actually been charged with anything.
    But the mob on this blog seem inclined to be judge and jury and are condeming him before he is actually accused or charged.
    It might be worthwhile if those pre judging were to examine their reasons.
    The kid because of a toy gun incident, has been called a gangster etc.
    I suspect that anything he does will be closely examined for negativity.
    Leave the kid alone, there are police, judges and possibly juries who’s job it is to determine, if he is guilty of anything.
    Not a mob with preconceived opinions.

  135. soi’m a racist now chuck,am i?
    get a grip ov yasell n stop showing yasell up..ya nowt but GS’s parrot.

  136. chuck says:
    January 25, 2013 at 6:21 pm

    “Why is everyone so quick to judgement, after all the youngster (Ranger) has not actually been charged with anything.”

    For once I agree Chuck, however weren’t you rather quick to judge yourself when you tried to suggest that someone on here was a racist when there no grounds for it whatsoever?

    It’s time for you, Jack and GS to put your handbags away now otherwise it’s naughty step time! :-)

  137. Worky I don’t have a problem with you know who, never really have.

    All of this PC stuff and jumping to judgment has certainly gone too far.

    The thing that really gets me is them putting people in prison for racist tweets, or chants from the stands. It is not good what they did, but the excuse for prison is that “they” want to make an example out of these people. That makes no sense. The law should be the law and not about making an example to deter someone else.

  138. sissoko has landed at newcastle airport..hopefully that deal will be done n dusted by tomorrow.

  139. tunyc says:
    January 25, 2013 at 6:10 pm

    “GS @ 177: I read bleacher report, don’t mind it. But not for football. They don’t have anyone there who knows anything about football.”

    I’ve noticed that they do tend to overreach themselves somewhat when they try to analyse the football itself. The thing that annoys the hell out of me on that site though is they way they spread out nearly stories over 15 pages or whatever just so they can have lots of ads and more hits on there. They don’t give a f*ck about the readers on there so I don’t give a f*ck about their site and hence I don’t bother reading it anymore.

  140. I don’t usually like the team predicting game that Ed’s blog plays but for once I am a bit intrigued by the side we will start on Tuesday. I am guessing Sissoko, Mbiwa and Gouffran will get starts?

  141. Worky
    I refer you to the reply i gave Jack, whether he’s a racist or not, is for him to decide.

    Are there different rules for different colored strikers ?

    As i seem to recall that Carroll broke his fellow teamates jaw, and glassed some poor guy doon the Big Market, not to mention other questionable incidents.
    But got little bad press on here.

    Some even praised him for doing a number on Taylor.
    And had he not been a toon hero, would he have avoided jail time for assault.

    And are you also suggesting that color has nothing to do with it?
    I know you are not that naive, in which case whats this about.

    And by the way, have you suddenly decided racism is a forbidden subject on this blog?

  142. How the hell did we get all of these players for so little money? We seem to do well in one aspect of the game (transfers) and badly in others (a streaking casino manager as MD).

  143. Hey Worky: I try not to go on a wind up but can’t help it sometimes, sorry. At least I try to be civil.

  144. I don’t think Colour has much to do with it. The difference between Caroll is that at the time he was a world beater (no pun intended) for us and he was a local lad. Ranger on the other hand is a striker who can’t score goals and is basically useless as a player for us…. People nearly always defend their teams best players. They save criticism of such things till those good players leave the team under cloudy circumstances.

  145. sissoko been giving the number 7 shirt..hope these new signings hit the ground running n get us up the table.need a result against villa on tuesday.just not to sure about Gouffran tho.hope he proves me wrong n can be a important player for us.

  146. So, I was reading another blog and he said he was going to buy a Sissoko shirt and put it on his wife and pound her. Isn’t that a bit gay? Not that there’s anything wrong with that…

  147. Cant help but think we have done some excellent work in the transfer window Ba going was a downer but we could not do anything about that, but I am still in shock that we have got sissoko and mbiwa and debuchy who will all be excellent for the club. Hopefully haidara and goofy will be too but I dont know enough about them to comment either way.Heres to three points at villa and a good laugh when they go down, what goes around comes around.

  148. jack72 says:
    January 25, 2013 at 7:25 pm

    “sissoko been giving the number 7 shirt.”

    So he’ll be playing in the outside right position instead of Benny then?

    Seriously, this shirt number crap is just for merchandising nowadays, it means absolutely nothing.

  149. GS says:
    January 25, 2013 at 7:29 pm

    “So, I was reading another blog and he said he was going to buy a Sissoko shirt and put it on his wife and pound her. Isn’t that a bit gay? Not that there’s anything wrong with that…”

    His wife’s obviously a very lucky woman GS. :roll:

  150. Paulos @ 194#

    Sounds more like a constructed defence, than a seriously
    felt belief. but who am i to judge.

  151. Sissoko should be eligible, as should Haidara.

    I believe Yanga-Mbiwa is ineligble (UCL – Montpellier), along with Debuchy (UCL – Lille) and Gouffran (Europa – Bordeaux)

  152. Very tidy business this transfer window. Sissoko is a significant buy and will add something special to the team. We now have a team with dimension and we are now top 6 squad. The manager is of course not capable of such.

  153. sammy d says:
    January 25, 2013 at 8:34 pm

    “what happened worky , couldnt get the blog for a while,got a bit of a sweat on!”

    Sorry about that, it’s an ongoing thing which has led to several periods of downtime. Our NUFC Blog server guru, Hugh, is working through it. He’s had a very, very hard time recently though with far more important matters so we must be patient and understanding.

  154. Aston Villa ?
    Where did it all go wrong ?
    A team much like Everton (which by the way has never been relegated from either the old 1st. Div., or PL)
    A usual top ten side who have had their moments, but appear to be on the downward slope.
    A series of (like ourselves) managers, combined with the same lack of real spending plus not winning anything in a number of years.
    Again a lack of success, plus a low revenue flow added to a lack of selling the brand name, has finally had it’s result.

  155. Sorry about the lack of blogs too. I’ve been communicating with Hugh on the abovementioned server problems when I’d usually be blogging and I also have a stinking cold so I can only type for a few seconds at a time between sneezes and blowing my hooter, which looks like a big radish currently.

  156. No worries worky patience is a virtue so they say.
    Can we all get off the race thing this is a football blog where everyone is black and white and everyone is equall unless you are red and white in which case I have to admit I am prejudice.

  157. Question is, if we cant beat AV on Tues. what does Pardew’s future have in store.
    Hopefully by now, following the good work done (with possibly more to come) by Ashley.
    Would he be stubborn enough to not get rid of the last impediment to some kind of success ?
    If it’s apparent to everyone else, that regardless of who he signs, that to continue with Pardew is to nullify everything.
    Even one of our signings has stated, that he was’nt concerned by our league position, because he had watched a number of games where (diplomatically) he though with a bit of luck we should have won.

  158. Chuck, I don’t dislike you. Villa seem to be going youth all the way even with an owner who has money. Remember Darren Bent though, they tried to buy success there. Wasn’t it like 20 million with add ons?

    I see everybody says stability is key, but is it? Great if you have Shankley/Paisley or Ferguson, not so good if you have Pardew.

  159. as long as ashley doesn’t get rid of anyone, then this is the sort of backing, we have been waiting for, from ashley, for five year.
    it is a gamble, and these players have to find their feet quickly.

  160. Smiler Swanson (the toothy one!!), is reporting Zaha to Man Utd as the biggest signing of current window!! What constitutes the biggest signing as £12m for a player who currently plays in the championship and is ‘one for the future’ to quote the purple nosed f*cker, only qualifies in terms of cost and to take the point of others at the top of this thread, we overprice players in England!! I would prefer to believe that NUFC who have purchased 3 full French internationals with considerable domestic experience and who are ready to fight for places at their new club (not be loaned back from wence they came!) are far more fitting as the biggest signings so far this window! As ever Sky Sports are up Fergies arse like a rat up a drainpipe!

  161. why couldn’t this have been done in the summer?, we wouldn’t have been anywhere near the relegation places, and these lads would be settled in now.
    despite alan pardew’s shortcomings the feel good factor, would have kicked him on for another year.

    finally a statement of intent from ashley, i just hope it’s not too little too late.

  162. the only player from villa who worries me, is benteke.
    i have been impressed by him, is he not worth a punt, to replace ba?
    he’s good in the air, and has good pace and strength.

  163. Worky, like most football fans I detest Man Utd and its not envy and the way that many of our media suck up to them!! If my message has over stepped the mark, let me know and I’ll be a bit more tactful in future!

  164. Mick says:
    January 25, 2013 at 10:55 pm

    “Worky, like most football fans I detest Man Utd and its not envy and the way that many of our media suck up to them!”

    What I don’t like about Manchester United is the disgusting way they treated some of the surviving members of the Munich air disaster, and the families of the victims too, yet they have mercilessly cashed in on it ever since. Some of the victims were immeditely evicted from their club houses as soon as it became apparent they wouldn’t play again, and they had to wait 40 years (the end of the 90s) to get any kind of compensation. Even in recent times when they put a large picture of the 58 Busby Babes team for an anniversary, the slapped a sponsor’s logo on it.

    I daresay that Mike Ashley would be little different though.

  165. Sorry if some of you couldn’t get on to the site again earlier, the server was off again. Looks like it could be being attacked by some Chinese in Fuzhou City.

  166. @worky we need a thread this thread takes ages to scroll down on me phone :)

    also we have signed a player every day for the last 4 days,i wonder who is 2morrow? :) i read ashley wants 10 new players by september! if he buys 6 more players and gets rid of the trash ( rapist ranger ) we could be back where we belong but we need hoofball pardew out! anyway things are looking abit better after the gloom this season!



    Chuck keep argueing with GS it interesting to read :)

  167. Also if we go down this season it will probably be the worst team to go down in premiership history! look how many internationals we have playing for us!

  168. danny b says:
    January 26, 2013 at 2:43 am

    “@worky we need a thread this thread takes ages to scroll down on me phone”

    Danny B, there is a link above the comeents which says “go to comment box” for that sort of thing. There’s been a pretty bad problem with the server and it’s kept going offline, hence the lack of blogs. Sorry about that.

  169. carefull danny b…chuck will accuse u ov been a racist,judge jury n excutioner for ur rapist ranger comment :-)

  170. I don’t get it with Chuck. He hates the British, thinks we’re all racist, imperialist slave owners (from a Yank???!!!), yet he reckons he’s lived over here for years in the past and has supported NUFC since 1892. I don’t get it.

    Seriously though, just because Ranger is slightly unpopular with the fans at the moment, it doesn’t mean he’s a rapist. That’s being “judge jury and executioner” too.

  171. Worky. Wrt the Ranger situation, I would have to agree. English jurisprudence is supposed to assume innocence. My dislike of Ranger has more to do with his comments over the last week and the arrog displayed with the photos of him spelling his name out in 20s.

  172. OK, we have a pivotal time in our history coming up and 5 new Frenchies. The club are insisting that English be the language of the dressing room. Sure, that’s good in the long run but why not have a translator in there and on the training ground to aid in the transition. The new garcons can have their English lessons but it is important that they know what is going on immediately.

    On second thoughts, the less they understand from Pardew, perhaps the better.

  173. droopy face and his boys are getting a caning off mk dons lol and the arse nal arent having it easy at brighton

  174. no worries worky was not complaining n thanks :) i swear everytime i come on i see some kind of arguement lol the pain of being a toon fan huh

  175. danny b says:
    January 26, 2013 at 10:24 pm

    “no worries worky was not complaining n thanks :) i swear everytime i come on i see some kind of arguement”

    It’s Chuck’s “time of the month” Danny. He’s lashing out at everyone, including myself.

  176. @worky haha i check blog everyday and always see chucks long comments, i hate arguing on the internet i get enough of that with the missus, and i learned over the net you never win, if you prove them wrong it just ends in insults can’t win lol

  177. danny b says:
    January 26, 2013 at 10:54 pm

    “@223 i cannot stand ranger this sums up my views perfectly”

    Not that ginger gadgie with the beard again danny?