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Extended match highlights.

In what seems to be somwthing of a tradition now, Newcastle United faced their usual stiff test against one of the ‘top four’ clubs in their first game of the Premiership season.

Those who might have been expecting a repeat of the last fixture against the Gunners were to be disappointed. However, although our last game against Arsenal was a 4-4 rollercoaster and this was a fairly flat 0-0 draw overall, there were similarities besides both teams walking away with a point each. It was strongly arguable that Arsenal dominated the midfield in the first half with their 4-2-3-1 against our 4-4-2. As well as this, the Joey Barton show also played a key role in controversial circumstances resulting in an Arsenal player, the debutante, Gervinho this time rather than Abu Diaby, being sent off and changing the balance of the game somewhat. Plus ça change…

More on that story later though. Unlike that last memorable encounter, despite Arsenal’s control of the midfield with some of their usual slick passing, Newcaslte defended stubbornly in the first half but were ultimately unable to capitalise on the advantage given by the sending off of Gervinho. But after all, this was a draw with Arsenal, and if we found it difficult to capitalise on oppotunities that came our way, then so did they.

Things could have been much different had Arsenal’s Tomas Rosicky made more of a very good opportunity in the first minute. Fortunately for us though, he ended what was a good start for the Gunners with some good passing moves when he weakly sidefooted the final ball and was wide of the mark. More good opportunities fell to the visiting team early on, with a run by Arshavin resulting in a good pass to Van Persie who was lacking support to make the most of the move. Next, Aaron Ramsey put Van Persie through, however Arsenal’s failure to capitalise continued when the Flying Dutchman showed surprisingly poor control, letting the ball get stuck under his feet.

Another opportunity fell to the visiting side in the eighteenth minute, with Steven Taylor diverting a Robin van Persie strike at goal. Joey Barton started to make his presence felt as he used his commanding presence to try and drag Newcastle into the game. The Magpies were still tactically outmanoevered though as chances continued for the visitors, with Danny Simpson being the next to stand in the breach with a good block right off the line as Tim Krul spilled a Rosicky corner kick in what was perhaps the best chance of the half. Genarally, Gervinho cut through Newcastle quite nicely on several occaisions throughout the first half too, but dealt poorly with his final efforts overall in what was a microcosm of the game as a whole.

On the Magpies’ side, Demba Ba made a promising break before being chopped down by Arsenal’s Song, resulting in a free kick and a yellow card for the offending Gunner from referee, Peter Walton. A few half chances didn’t disguise that Arsenal were the team who were far more likely to score though. I hoped that half time would bring something of a tactical rethink from Alan Pardew.

Wrapping up the first half on a disciplinary note, Captain Coloccini picked up a fairly soft yellow card for a relatively innocuous challenge on Gervinho as the half drew to a close. Half time Newcastle United 0-0 Arsenal.

Second half

The second half saw Newcastle’s most recent signing, midfielder, Gabriel Obertan, come on in place of striker, Demba Ba in a possible response by Pardew to Arsenal’s bossing of the midfield. They did manage to work their way back in as the second half unfolded, especially when the Joey Barton show did what he did so well in our last encounter Arsenal, wind them up and exploit their frustration and immaturity. A sliding challenge on mouth almighty himself lead to another slightly soft yellow on Arsenal’s Kieron Gibbs. As I hinted though, Newcastle also started to get stuck in more generally, ruffling the North Londoner’s feathers and partially suceeding in knocking them off their stride. It was Arsenal who were picking up the cards though as Rosicky picked up another relatively soft yellow in the early stages of the second half. Shortly after that, Steven Taylor deserves another mention at this point for a good tackle which ended another tricky and fairly dangerous run from Gervinho deep inside the Magpies’ area.

The game was quite scrappy as Newcastle eventually started to disturb Arsenal’s flow after the restart. After around fifty odd minutes, Van Persie managed to land a free kick on the roof of the net, then the real fun and games started when Barton went down slightly easily when challenging Song for the ball. Once again, another immature Arsenal player lost his composure and stamped on Barton. Peter Walton was seemingly oblivious though and Song escaped what should have been a straight red card. To add insult to injury, the referee then proceeded to award a free kick to the Gunners, with Barton furiously remonstrating with the fourth official to no effect. Although Newccastle are back in the game more, as chances on both sides are squandered due to poor final balls on both sides. Pardew opts for a straight striker swap, with Leon Best coming on for Ameobi in the 73rd minute. He nearly managed to get on the end of a promising ball just after his entrance but it was a step too far.

It was just a couple of minutes or so after that when the real fireworks started though as the Joey Barton show really started to get underway in earnest. With Gervinho attacking down the left flank, he cut inside, only to be brought down after slight contact from his fellow Ivorian international teammate, Cheick Tiote, in the area. Newcastle were fairly lucky to avoid a penalty for this first incident. However as Gervinho lingered on the deck, Barton dragged him up firmly by his shirt. I think it’s fair to say that Gervinho wasn’t too impressed with Barton’s ‘gallantry’, and slapped his face like a big girl. Barton had managed to do it once again. The delicate flower from Huyton wilted to the floor, eventually recovering to get up grab Gervinho by the shirt once again. He picked up a yellow card for his part but Gervinho saw red for the slap. The much targeted Barton had once again turned the tables and succeeded in doing Arsenal up like a kipper!

With Arsenal now down to ten, it wasn’t long until Pardew tried to take the bull by the horns, reversing his earlier decision to take off a striker and replace him with a midfielder as Cabaye was replaced by Lovenkrands the striker as he boldly attempted to now take three points from a game where tha Magpies had mostly been on the backfoot. It certainly had some effect, though not, alas, the ultimate one in the shape of a winning goal. Although there were now two strikers on, it was that midfielder, Barton who had the best chance with a good shot from outside the box which was just over.

Ten man Arsenal continued with the odd promising opportunity, but their inabilty to capitalise was even worse with a man down. The Magpies certainly weren’t totally dominant with the advantage though, except perhaps in the final few minutes. Overall, it was a fairly ordinary game apart from the Joey Barton theatre. Final score: Newcastle United 0-0 Arsenal.

Newcastle United: Tim Krul (G), Steven Taylor, Fabricio Coloccini, Ryan Taylor, Danny Simpson, Joey Barton, Yohan Cabaye (Peter Lovenkrnands 76), Cheick Tiote, Jonas Gutierrez, Shola Ameobi (Leon Best 70), Demba Ba (Gabriel Obweran 46)

Subs: Fraser Forster, Mike Williamson, Dan Gosling, Gabriel Obertan, Sammy Ameobi, Peter Lovenkrands, Leon Best.

Arsenal: Wojciech Szczesny (G), Bacary Sagna, Thomas Vermaelen, Laurent Koscielny, Kieran Gibbs, Alex Song, Tomas Rosicky (Theo Walcott 84), Aaron Ramsey (Emmanuel Frimpong 90), Andrey Arshavin (Johan Djourou 60), Gervinho, Robin van Persie.

Subs: Lukasz Fabianski, Johan Djourou, Emmanuel Frimpong, Theo Walcott, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Marouane Chamakh.

Referee: Peter Walton.

Post match interviews

Alan Pardew defends Barton (a bit) and looks on the match as a “good learning curve” for new players.

Whinging Wenger fumes at Gervinho sending off, and says that Arsenal made a “solid perfomance” against a stubborn Newcastle defence.

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19 Responses

  1. Workey mate you got Arsenal substitutions wrong. Djourou did come on Chamberlain did not.

  2. Indian Magpie says:
    August 14, 2011 at 6:13 pm

    “Workey mate you got Arsenal substitutions wrong. Djourou did come on Chamberlain did not.”

    Thanks Indian. I vaguely recalled that, but when U checked from another source it said Chamberlain so I just prssumed it was my senilty creeping in again. Of course, you’re correct and I’ll change it.

  3. grats for having barton in your team ,what a tough guy he goes down with a slight tap,but is ok beating up guys in streets,with his friends.well nufc hes a credit to your club.

  4. oz says:
    August 14, 2011 at 6:25 pm

    “grats for having barton in your team ,what a tough guy he goes down with a slight tap,but is ok beating up guys in streets,with his friends.well nufc hes a credit to your club.”

    He was just doing what he does best oz, winding up Arsenal brats until they spit their dummies out and get sent off. :-)

    They really need to grow up and be more professional.

  5. oz says:
    August 14, 2011 at 6:25 pm

    “grats for having barton in your team ,what a tough guy he goes down with a slight tap,but is ok beating up guys in streets,with his friends.well nufc hes a credit to your club.”

    I suppose Barton was the only player in that match going down far too easily, Gervinho comes to mind? I even recall him going down without any contact what so ever to earn his side a free kick.

    think before you type. spanner

  6. agree

    raise your hands and off you go!

    thought barton should have gone at first glance but seeing it a again a few times over a booking seemed fair as he only grabbed his shirt which goes on thought games.

    oz you forgot to mention that little stamp from song? very ungentlemanly indeed!

  7. …just listened to Joey on 606 tonight. Been following him on twitter for last 3 months now.

    I have to admit that Barton has grown on me. I like the guy, sorry but I do. Yes he has the baggage, but I think thats down to his history, which he has now turned around.

    He hasn’t been in trouble (off pitch seen he’s been at Newcastle) – except Twitter, NO CRIME COMMIT.

    He is now using his experience and cunning in games to get players to try and wind him up. Yes, sometimes he does get wound up himself, but 99% of the time, it’s been water off Joeys back – oppositions get themselves into trouble.

    Reminds me of when Beckham was enemy no 1 after THAT RED CARD for England, every game after that Beckham would go in hard after any player who fouled him….

    ….he then turn himself around – kind of what Joey does. Lets his football do the talking.

  8. oz says:

    “grats for having barton in your team ,what a tough guy he goes down with a slight tap,but is ok beating up guys in streets,with his friends.well nufc hes a credit to your club”

    If you’re a Gooner oz then you should know better, especially after last season, to criticise Barton’s passion for the game and his pride in playing for the black and white shirt. Its a shame the same cant be said about Fabregas, Nasri, Arshavin and the rest.

    How many times have ex players like Dixon and Keown said that the current Arsenal side needs a Patrick Viera type of player to add some steel to their midfield ? As I said yesterday the Gooners could still buy him before the end of August !!

  9. anyone but joey barton and this wouldnt be such a issue at least joey is man enough to admit he was wrong unlike wenger who missed a stamp on joey 5 yards away but could see a incident 60 yards away and can i say oz joey might have done some thuggish things in the past but he never killed someone whilst drink driving he has tried to be a better person and in the last 2 years has been a consistent performer for the toon and repayed the faith we have shown him

  10. One Joey B says:
    August 14, 2011 at 6:43 pm

    “oppositions get themselves into trouble.”

    Well Arsenal certainly do One Joey B. It’s like taking candy from a baby!

  11. HAHA. Carrol getting stick from the Kop !!!!

    Love it !!

    I dont think anyone at Liverpool understands how he works !!

  12. Re substitutes @ 1 & 2…..Mr T was also introduced to the game on around 80 minutes ;-)

  13. Hey,
    did anyone happen to notice that when Tiote got his customary yellow, it was exactly at the time 66 mins & 6 secs.
    Oooo! Spooky!

  14. There seems to always be the colour yellow next to his name…

    ….I only notice when he DOESNT get booked.

  15. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    August 14, 2011 at 7:40 pm

    did anyone happen to notice that when Tiote got his customary yellow, it was exactly at the time 66 mins & 6 secs.”

    If that was a reference to the number of Satan, it should have been 61 minutes and 6 seconds Clint, as 616 is the real ‘number of the beast’, not 666 as most people believe.

    They made a mistake when deciphering the Book of Revelation, but by the time it was realised, the 666 number had caught on and still refuses ro go away.

    If you look behind Joey’s ear with that new mohican he has… ;-)

  16. TBF, its only been the whiney, weepy Arsenal fans who have been mouthing off, like “oz”.
    And they of course, like their manager conveniently miss what isn’t convenient.
    Most of them didn’t twig to the slightly p-taking Stevie Taylor’s amusing “I didn’t see it” comment.

  17. worky,
    aye, i know, but most don’t, so i was playing to the cheap seats mate.
    Popular held beliefs ‘n all that.
    (obviously, there is no satan, as there is no god… ;) )

    Saylor after-match interview was v funny & relatively clever for the average footballer. He would not be drawn into commenting, well done Steven.