Newcastle vs. Arsenal – Match Banter!

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Tiote the starfish.
Tiote: Can't touch this.
An early return for Arsene Wenger’s side after our last meeting ended up, deservedly, with a share of the spoils after Newcastle came back from 4 goals down – a first in Premier League history.

A late 5:30PM kick off for the Toon after an eventful first day of football. Bolton sit at the top of the table after trouncing newly promoted Queens Park Rangers 4-0, Wolves sit in second place after a 2-1 victory over Blackburn Rovers, followed by Liverpool, Norwich, Sunderland and Wigan – all of which scoring 1 goal a piece while Aston Villa and Fulham drew without finding the back of the net.

As it stands, Newcastle stand 14th in the league while Blackburn and QPR opening their season in the relegation zone.

Tioté had this to say regarding the new game that Arsenal fans are no doubt treating as a grudge match:

“That goal is still in my head! Sometimes football is crazy because I don’t score many goals. It was even with my wrong foot – and certainly you don’t get a comeback like that two seasons in a row!”

“At half-time, I thought we were in trouble, not just for that game but for the season. We’d lost Carroll, there was a lot of bad feeling around.

What was said in the dressing room stays there but I was thinking about the pride of the football club because it was being dishonoured, but we put it right the correct way.”

So it’s fair to say that we shouldn’t be in for a repeat of that incredible game second half and I think I speak for all of us when I say good! I’m not sure if my heart could handle that kind of pressure!

Ryan Taylor obviously slots in for Jose who today had a mediocre game for Liverpool – if that makes any of you feel better – and a supposed fee is agreed with PSV for Pieters rumoured to be in the region of £5-7m. This will also be Coloccini’s first game as official Newcastle United captain – what an honour for the Argentine!

Newcastle United:

Simpson, S Taylor, Coloccini (c), R Taylor;
Barton, Cabaye, Tiote, Gutierrez;
Shola Ameobi, Ba

Subs: Lovenkrands, Gosling, Best, Obertan, Sammy Ameobi, Williamson, Forster


Sagna, Koscielny, Vermaelen, Gibbs;
Song, Ramsey;
Gervinho, Rosicky, Arshavin;
van Persie (c)

Subs: Fabianski, Jenkinson, Djourou, Frimpong, Walcott, Chamberlain, Chamakh

Worrying news that Walcott is on the bench as I remember all too well his last visit. It’s also a first visit to what would have been Gervinho’s club had we agreed a free, or indeed, if we were even in for him in the first place.

Streams can be found in their usual locations and no doubt some of you lads will be sharing a few links to be on the safe side – remember that sharing is caring!

Howay the lads!

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104 Responses

  1. Even if Arsenal win, at least I’ll have some pisstaking material to throw back at my Arsenal supporting friend as we watch the game. It’s a really crucial season for them.

  2. No idea, Hugh. I was thinking the same thing.

    Looks like this might be Harps last season too unless we’re struggling to get shot of Forster for whatever reason.

  3. Groin maybe Hugh…

    So Ben Arfa is integral to us adopting anything other than 4-4-2, unless Ameobi is playing as the playmaker!

    Excited, ten mins to go!

  4. Must say lads, was watching the Wallet Snatchers and the Unwashed before and I’m not sure if the Unwashed were playing well, or if the WS were playing badly.

  5. Dunno like, Larrson looked fairly sharp and his equaliser was a bit tasty as much as I hate to admit that.

    Fox Soccer – Warren giving the banter :D

  6. Hugh de Payen says:
    August 13, 2011 at 5:13 pm

    “What’s up with Marveaux then?”

    If he wwas played, you could also say what’s wrong with Guti, Cabaye, Tiote or Barton, three of whom are far more experienced in the Premiership I suppose Hugh.

  7. Oh also, if you ever have to take in a Liverpool game, watch it with German commentary – they actually pronounce “Dalglish” as “Dog leash”.

    I knew I loved the Krauts for a reason <3

  8. Marveaux is injured then?

    The team line-up looks no better than the tail end of last season tbh.

  9. [[Link redacted]]

    Admins note: Nod32 went ballistic with this link and then a script went off alerting me to a hidden like link for Facebook. Sorry for the inconvenience.


  10. Anyone running at him scares me lol,don’t rate him much,luckily this Pieters is expected to sign soon

  11. Jimbob says:

    “So Ben Arfa is integral to us adopting anything other than 4-4-2”

    Staggeringly bland line up considering that we now have “wow” players at the club according to Dick Pardwho. Ba and Shola up front says bags about our threat going forward :(

    If we are to play a more continental style when HBA is in the team surely we should try playing someything like it even when he’s not available ?

    Why not play JB and Cabaye in central mid to combat Song and Ramsey, in front of Tiote and leave Jonas to roam with Sammy Ameobi and one of Ba or Shirley up front. As together they look as likely to score as Boris Johnson in a Kings Cross knocking shop :)

  12. AndyMac, they have an extra midfielder which is why they are totally out-passing us. If we carry on like this, we will be knackered come second half.

  13. Precisely so dispense with one or other of the two forwards, Ba and Shirley wont score in a month of Sundays when they’re both on the pitch, and then match them in midfield.

  14. Looks like Obertan’s gunna come on, if it’s for a midfielder I’d be amazed. Reckon Shola or Ba?

  15. I feel sorry for the poor sod Cabaye. He could be playing Champions league this season instead of working his balls off in Pardwho’s hapless black and white army.

  16. AndyMac, the gap between the forwards is massive. Arsenal are excellent at retaining the ball but the majority is self inflicted. We need to have a link between midfield and attack, hence deploying 5 in midfield. Everyone knew Arsenal would have 5 Midfielders, they always have played that way.

  17. Cabaye has put in some quality passes, Barton is STILL drifting in-field and Raylor is in all kinds of trouble. Not Raylors fault though, Gervinho would give most left-backs a good game.

  18. That was they key Hugh, overlapping each other etc. So many last-ditch tackles. I’m happy it’s 0-0! Arsenal’s defence is dreadful, we will get a chance. Gotta make the most of them free-kicks too. Come on Cabaye! :-)

  19. Obertan, apart from being useless IMO, is a right footed winger so maybe Anal has seen the light and will bring Joey in to the middle ?

  20. WTF’s Hall doing at the ground. I thought Fatman banned him and his band of merry brigands from ever setting foot inside SJP ?

  21. Thump says:

    “Obertan is a canny player, he just never got a good bite of the cherry at Manure”

    Charity bet Thump. Obertan plays less than 20 games this season and scores 3 or less goals ?

  22. Avatar Jimbob says:

    “Is that Arsenal’s pass count AndyMac? :-)”

    Tres amusant mon ami

  23. Final days play at Edgbaston (Highlights) on Ch 5 and Toon on Satellite. I love sport Me :)

  24. I see no movement, nobody working to exploit the spaces. Lack of confidence or belief ?

  25. I love that boy he’s B&W through and through. How could Pardwho not pick him ?

    There’s only one Joey Bartoon :)

  26. Barton needs to sort himself out. The past 8 months he’s changed from reformed man to borderline lunatic.

    …hang on, did he just make up with Song?

  27. Joey Barton is the epitome of the English Pansie. What a girl!! New Castle fans should be embarrassed!!

  28. Marine says:

    “Joey Barton is the epitome of the English Pansie. What a girl!! New Castle fans should be embarrassed!!”

    You could still sign him if you want a bit of balls in your side !!!!

  29. We were lucky that Nasri and Fabregas were not playing. We were also lucky because Anal Pardwho hasnt got a fecking clue about picking sides to combat better quality sides and finally we were also lucky that somewhere along the line the Fatman decided that common sense was better than pride and left JB in the team :)

    A point undeserved but a point nonetheless :)

  30. From your lads recent performance I reckon you would get better performance and match presence from Boy George. A slightly manlier man than Barton. Cheers Andy.

  31. Much better second half, but Barton can’t come out of this the good guy. You cannot do what he did, I thought he was off for sure. In hindsight Song should have been off to! But good result, better than what I expected. Still got to learn to pass the ball better, but we were up against a good passing side. See how we fair next week! Hopefully not another 4-4-2 with Ba and Ameobi, though I thought Shola did really well second half.

  32. “Hopefully not another 4-4-2 with Ba and Ameobi, though I thought Shola did really well second half”

    The problem is JB that Ba, Shirley and Best are all the same type of player. So when we play any two from three all we do is duplicate what we already have which is poor.

    Bring in a dynamic striker with confidence to lead the line and any of those three would be happy to play off him ! Although I wouldnt trust them to personally :)

    Sturridge you Fat Bastard ! Get him on loan now you feckwit !!!

  33. Danny had a cracking game, if I do say so myself. One thing that annoyed me was that long ball after the beautiful passing play between Barton, Cabaye and Jonas.

    Reckon Song will get a 3 match ban?

  34. PPS Tim Krul (apart from his first half flap) is OK by me. Did well with some close range shots and should be told by Dick that he is No. 1.

    The problem is that individually there are some good players at this club but IMO Dick Pardwho just doesnt have what is needed to take this club forward ?

    FFS Mark Hughes is currently unemployed, maybe if he went gambling at a casino for a couple of nights…………..

  35. I think Krul needs another season of rotational play before he gets number 1. I reckon this is Harper’s last season anyway, or at least he’s coming to the end of his playing career which is a damn shame, but that’s life.

  36. “But we are fully aware of the need to add further players to our squad and we will be working hard to try and bring the right kind of players in before the transfer window shuts in 18 days. Derek Llambias”

    Having seen a Ba/Shirley forward line perform lamentably today, that is the least I can expect from you, you slimey arse licking Nomark. You should really be in charge of tables at Aspers rather than a football club the size and stature of NUFC :(

  37. Like I said on .com – Ba would be great with a player who actually plays him in. Shola didn’t have a clue and missed so many open chances, wanting to take a second and a third touch before trying to pass it to him in a great position. By that point Ba was closed down, Shola was closed down or somebody had got in the way of the shot.

  38. Barton lover (i am gay 4 barton) says:

    “Only 1 joey barton, pride passion, good man, role model for every kid out there oooohh cant get over that bot in them shorts”

    Look you whingeing tosspot Gooners it aint my fault your manager doesnt know his arse from his elbow in terms of transfers ?

    If you’d had a full team out at SJP you’d have wiped the floor with us. Joey epitomises what you fecking soft southerners really dont get and that is PASSION.

    You can have have the Fabregas’s and Nasri’s of this world on display but when its 11 v 11, Mano-a-mano and all that shlte you Gooners often come up short which is why you’ll win nowt again this season you cry babies :)

  39. Hang on, Andy we shouldn’t be joking about this lot – they might have had some experience in the jovialities of London in the past week and might be up here!

    Just remember lads: the stadium can be located at postcode SR5 1

  40. I’m off to the Ristorante with my good half and I’ll take with me the good wishes of all true Gooners :)

    Get yourself a “team” before its too late ! We’re a basket case, thanks to the Fatman, but you still have time to make a difference !

  41. Ba was crap ameobi was crap unless we sign a proven goalscorer we are fcuked hoping ba gets his act together and ffs sign a goalscorer…. On another note our defence was outstanding captain colo all the way

  42. i was expecting us to get battered today with no natural left back and the likes of walcott and gervinho running at Raylor but i thought he did a very good job and we looked solid at the back.

    obertan had a few clever flicks and bursts of outrageous pace which is what we need. looking forward to seeing him again once hes had a bit more time to settle in.

    all in all a good start to the season – bring on the mackems…

  43. ps how pi$$edoff must gosling be? hes been one of the stand out players in preseason and then that bellend barton comes back in and keeps him out of the team

  44. Pretty easy 0-0 that.
    arse did all their passing in the middle 30 yds, pfffttt, whatever!
    Nice clean sheet.
    Not bad with our 2nd ‘keeper, RM in LB slot & arse diving like that bairn does for team GB.
    The ref give them a lot of benefits of a lot of doubts too.
    But no matter, a point will do.
    Colo & Saylor were prob motm, but the whole team did well & contained them, with virtually no clear cut chances for either team.
    Howay the Lads!

  45. nolan scores for west ham hughton gets his first win for Birmingham barton tweets about shearer not a dull day goes by for newcastle’s past and present

  46. i would have took a point beforehand,so in that respect it’s missione accomplished.
    a poor game in which arsenal dominated large periods of possession.we could have played until next week,and will still would not have scored.

    shola amoebi should be nowhere near any premiership teams first eleven,let alone ours.
    a poor player who offers very little during a season,apart from 4 or five games,didn’t deserve an extension to his contract imo.if we are not offering new contracts to barton,nolan etc,then why does shola get one?,defies all logic in all fairness…

    i dont know whether ba picked up a knock during the first half,but one thing is for certain,he ain’t no replacement for caroll.i dont want to be too unkind to the lad,it being his first game,but him and shola having a lethal partnership,dont make me laugh.he needed someone different to compliment him upfront,possibly obertan might have been a better option,due to his pace.

    collicini stood out “head and shoulders” above everyone else in black and white.he looked composed and marshalled his defence admirably.there should no possibility of him leaving this club.

    cabaye looked like a little boy lost,and the occassion got to him a bit.i think he was in awe of the crowd,the atmosphere etc…
    he did come to life a bit more in the second half,and showed glimpes of what he can do.he made a few good runs into the box,and does look like he possesses a good “football brain”.

    tim krul had another good display between the sticks,and made a couple of good saves.the only flap being when he went up for the cross,which resulted in danny simpson cleared off the line.

    speaking of simpson he did make a few telling important interceptions,and you couldn’t fault his performance too much.he needs to work on his forward play more,and try to link up more with the attack,where neccessary.

    joey barton well what can you say,brilliant;self destructive,influential;sublime,ridiculous all rolled into one.if referees are going to be consistent,then joey should have been shown the red card,as he was the intial agressor,and gervinho for can say what you like about him,but we could have lost that game,without his leadership qualities.he is right about shearer,that choice of wardrobe was a “crime against humanity.

    obertan came on to give a cameo performance,i have to say i was impressed with what i seen.he looks to have pace in abundance,i just hope he has some end product to reinforce that.he was attack minded and did add some cut and thrust,to which was severely lacking in the first half.

    steven taylor in the wrong game for me,why all the dramatics,in everything he does on a football pitch?
    will he ever make a first class football?,who knows but he may well think of RADA,when he retires.

    jonas the enigma still endures,he looks like a refugee from a “spaghetti westen”,and he plays like one also.
    whenever he picks up possession of a football,you get;”the good,the bad;and the ugly” all in one move.
    he always works his socks off,but at times,he just runs and runs and runs,until someone takes the ball from his toe.

    ryan taylor or “raylor” as he’s known to some,didn’t get “raped” as some thought he would.he made a couple of important tackles,he did okay without setting the world on fire.

    lastly onto our fearless leader “anal parnocchio” snigger snigger…
    his tactics were poor,his substitutions were uninspired,and changed very little.he continually spouts about the squad being stronger than last year,that would seem like a contradiction,when you looked at what was on the bench.he had very few options,and starting with amoebi was a mistake imo.watching him on the touchline,he looked out of his depth,as the paniced was etched all over his face.stewart robson called him a “long ball conman”,and it is not hard to see why,after yesterday.he has supposedly brought in players to keep better ball retention,and more of a passing game.
    although we were up against one of the leagues best passing sides,i think that was one of the worst arsenal sides’i’ve seen in a while.i think we could have had more of a go at them,but pardew just chose to sit back in an effort to limit damage,done by arsenals counter attack.

    all in all a good result,but i’m still not convinced by parnocchio’s ability to move this club forward.
    i watched sunderland yesterday,and their passing game at times was really good.if we play like we did yesterday,i think we could well face derby defeat,as we have given away a lot of the advantages we had over sunderland last season.they will be more prepared this time around for the game,we have quite a few new lads,who dont understand it yet.
    the worrying thing being we played like strangers at times,which in some parts down to parnocchio’s disasterous pre season.a lot of work to be done on the training pitch,this week.

  47. summerof69 says:
    August 14, 2011 at 3:53 pm

    “Anyone got any match clips ?”

    I was about to put some long ones up soon with my match report summer. Sorry for the delay.

  48. I only saw the highlights on MOTD but what I saw was not pleasing for Toon fans. I was pleading at the telly to see even one attacking move by us but none forthcoming. Don’t know if this was a true reflection of the game, if so I’m glad I didn’t have to pay to watch it live.

    If Arsenal had of taken any of their chances we could have been hammered. They were so much in control any thing done by Shola or Ba wasn’t shown, so I haven’t a clue how they played but from comments made I didn’t miss anything.

    Our mid-field prima-donna (who I can’t bear to mention by name) was a disgrace and should be shown the exit door forthwith. The difference in this game and the Brum one last year, he was given a reet going over and came up smiling, should have done the same again. How much more redemption is needed? Mind you that stamping was also a disgrace.

    And I think the trip was a penalty although I doubt it would have mattered the way they were shooting, ball would probably ended up up on the Town Moor.

    Roll on the Mackems and a big improvement by us.

  49. watching the man u west brom game think we missed out on shane long what a goal poacher ;)

  50. “Pardwho’s tactics were poor,his substitutions were uninspired,and changed very little.he continually spouts about the squad being stronger than last year,that would seem like a contradiction,when you looked at what was on the bench.he had very few options,and starting with amoebi was a mistake imo”

    Trojan – I feel your pain but I cant understand why you’re surprised at Pardwho’s performance ? Yesterday’s sterile performance was largely down to him keeping a tight midfield with very little width because he didnt want Arsenal to pass right through us.

    Let us not forget this is now 3 wins from 19.

    As for G-OT I understand your views on JB but if you saw the whole match yesterday you’d realise there was so very little quality on the pitch from an NUFC point of view that JB’s passion stood out a mile. I cannot guarantee it but without JB’s drive and determination we may very well have lost that yesterday.

    One things for sure after yesterday “Things can only get better” :)

  51. AndyMac, I don’t question his passion, just a pity he can’t step back a pace when the red mist forms.

  52. G.O.T,
    mate, we did have some chances, don’t expect motd to show it though.
    It’s their usual M.O.
    There were no clear cut chances mate, for either team.
    We contained then pretty well, with a makeshift right footed, midfielder at LB.
    They didn’t put us under much pressure & i never felt tense watching it live.
    They man-handled Shola throughout, they obviously had him targeted as a threat.
    Colo was motm, Saylor did ok too. Barton was off-cock with free kicks & corners & a few stray passes, as was Tiote (a few stray passes). But generally the team did well against a top team.
    Song shoulda been off, as should rosicky, he got let off a yellow early in the game then got one later. There was some terrible tackling from arse.
    We & they ran out of a bit of steam late on, as would be expected first game.